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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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I just want to play the Pokemon SWSH dlc but I won’t have enough time off til late December…. and even then I’ll probably be preparing to cram curriculum in for the last two quarters without overwhelming the students and somehow making lessons engaging but also making sure they have everything they need for the next level of math and 

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to people who ask me for adulting advice, while i may be over the legal age of adulthood, i am the farthest thing currently from an adult. i live with my parents, go to school full time, i don’t have a job, and i don’t pay any bills. i’ll try and give emotional support but i am severely under qualified for the job

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It’s so depressing looking on zillow at places to rent in my area because it is SO mfing expensive in the Bay Area!!!?!?? 

I know I want to move to Oregon or Washington one day, but not quite yet. I need to finish school first, (1 year left) and then I’ll be done. 

But I have been looking at places, I could never afford to move out alone atm, so a friend and I have looked here and there and it would be so neat to move in to a little place and have my own space and it would just be me, my friend (maybe her twin brother too, or even my brother too!) Thea, and Saoirse ❤️ 

Ugh, I want to be able to move out so so badly!!!! 

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13:10 - Getting yesterday’s laundry inside and putting today’s load outside. Yesterday’s load is still a tiny bit damp, so I spread it out around the living room, which I keep the warmest and also usually gets very dry air.

I air out the apartment again, then resume work.

16:00 - Can finally have my tea break, 30 minutes later than usual. I got all the invoices out that were scheduled for today, and today’s translation bit is finished. Still need to finish today’s bit of the post editing. Will probably watch some TV, while on my tea break. Just some idle zapping and scrolling through tumblr.

16:47 - Resume work. Need to get the Post Editing done for today.

19:09 - Work finally done. I am really knackered. I will probably just have some food, watch some TV, read and get to bed.

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Dude I seriously having a heck of a time deciding if I want to keep having two jobs next year. It’ll help me pay some things off sooner. BUT it means I’m still going to be fairly exhausted often. I hate my second job but there aren’t many part time gigs that pay $15 an hour. Not to complain guys being I’m grateful to have work.

But holy buckets I’ve had two jobs for over three years and its wearing ur girl ooooutt😭😭

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✨✨I just received my copy of My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising and the chrome All Might funko pop✨✨

|D I work from home (one of the positive things about this virus heh gotta see the bright side!) so I heard when the postal worker dropped it off at mah apartment!

😭 today is such a good day! The Hyrule Warriors demo was released today too! Anymoo, now I need to have a MHA double feature night. Thank God I live alone so I can scream throughout the movies~

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I just saved myself an annual amount of over $1000 in car insurance. 😱 I can’t believe they were charging me that much. Never again!

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