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#advanced placement

var originalCost = “itemCost”;

var newPrice;

var discount = “discount”;

onEvent(“startBtn”, “click”, function( ) {



onEvent(“itemCost”,“click”, function() { 



onEvent(“continue”,“click”, function() {



onEvent(“calculate”,“click”, function() {



  setText(“finalPrice”, newPrice);


onEvent(“resetBtn”,“click”, function(){



/// something isnt working here, I keep getting NaN “not a number as my result when i calculate”

function calculate() {


 newPrice = originalCost - (originalCost * discount);


function percentage() {

  discount = discount/100;


function reset() {

  onEvent(“resetBtn”,“click”,function() {




I am working on an app for my AP Computer Science Principles Create Portion, and I cannot get the app to run without the end result number showing as NaN, which I assume means “Not a Number”. If anybody could help that would be amazing. 

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ap euro exam discussion?

I just finished my ap euro exam! I was talking to my friends and we all had different questions. So anyways, how was your exam? I would love to know! I got fairly lucky with my prompt (I got the French Revolution enlightenment vs economic one). I think I did fairly well. Love to all that read this :)

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may 11 2020 - apush

ap exams start this week and im trying to study as easily as i can–im trying not to burn myself before my first exam, friday. so, today was sushi, crash course, incense, and just letting myself be calm before i go into cramming mode. just three exams between me and the end of junior year. 

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