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Hello, everyone! My name is Wren, I’m 24 and have been RPing for around 10 years now. I’ve got a bit more time to kill recently, so I’m interested in finding a new partner or two! I’m in the CST time zone (US) and will usually get to at least one reply a day. Occasionally it may take a few days. It really depends, but I’ll always let you know if there’s going to be a delay!  I’m looking for partners 20+ who are interested in literate, somewhat longer replies. I tend to get too excited about stories and end up writing a lot haha. I also love to chat OOC and gush about our characters, world build, send memes and share music that reminds us of our characters, etc! That’s not a must, but it’s a plus!

As far as writing goes, I write 3rd person past tense and, again, pretty long replies. I write at least 4 decent sized paragraphs, usually around 800 – 1,800 words. I can definitely write more, but most of the time I mirror what I’m given! I’m looking for at least 3-4 decent sized paragraphs from a partner. I only write m/m pairings and all characters must be 18+. Smut isn’t usually the main focus of my rps, but recently I’ve been craving it a lot more. I think a 50/50 split between plot and smut could be nice. My only kink limits are the more extreme things (toilet anything, beastiality, bloodplay, Mpreg, ABO dynamics, etc). I’ll always let you know if I’m uncomfortable with something! I prefer to let our characters develop naturally, but I don’t like strict top/bottom dynamics. If you only play bottoms, we won’t be a good match. I’m also down for having multiple characters and couples in one RP, if the story calls for it. Email only for the RP! I also have a Discord, if you prefer that for chatting.

When you email me, let me know a little about you and any plot ideas you may have or be interested in!

Now, onto the fun!


I have some basic plot ideas, mostly like a word bank at this point haha. If any of these seem interesting, let me know and we can start fleshing a more detailed idea out! I’d also love to hear your own original ideas, if you have any~

- Enemies to lovers, hate sex, awkward moments as genuine feelings start to form. They could possibly be business rivals?

-  A detective (YC) is put undercover in a seedy part of town and meets a surly ex-med student running a shady business (MC). They start up a strange, informant-with-benefits relationship while unravelling a dark mystery in the city.

- A drug addict (MC) looking for a new lease on life ends up striking a deal with a wealthy businessman (YC), who is an ex-addict himself. He’ll help this poor guy get clean and allow him to stay at his place, as long as he does whatever he tells him to along the way. Maybe this charming tycoon isn’t as proper as he seems to be on the surface.

- A futuristic, cyberpunk type world. The CEO of a company falls in with a rebellious thief? Two hackers enter a cyber battle only to eventually meet in real life? A futuristic Robin Hood ends up falling for the son of one of the city’s wealthiest men, who he was trying to rob? I’d love to hear your ideas, too!

- In the world of fairy tales, anything is possible. A knight is tasked with transferring a prince to another kingdom, only to end up caught in a wild adventure when they end up cursed together and must find a way to break it? A pirate and a mermaid/siren with a long history of bad blood must team up to find a list treasure? Two childhood friends have long since grown apart, but meet again under unusual circumstances? Let me know your ideas!

- The golden age of Hollywood (the 20s maybe?) was a whirl of opulence and drama, what insanity could two people get up to?  


Contact me at:

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Hello, I’m Maria, and to keep this simple I am searching for a partner to do an M/M roleplay with, but also I am willing to double, and also I can do a split RP with a different fandom on your side.

I want M/M on my side, but you can have M/F, F/F, anything you want.

I would prefer that you’re 18+ because I do kind of plan on at least some smut being in this. Not all the time, story comes first, but yeah some smut.

I usually play an OC against a canon crush, and since I double it means I will play a crush for you as well.

What I am looking for is I want to play a femboy in some series. If smut is involved my OC would be the submissive partner.

I will now list off series I can do and who my crushes could be;

DC - Okay for this I want to play Batman but instead tall, dark, and brooding I would play my own version. So due to this I’d be willing to accept a lot of people from the Batman comics as a potential crush. Bane, Nightwing, Red Hood, Joker

Marvel - My top crushes here are Spider-Man, Colossus, Taskmaster (I know a lot of Marvel people I don’t have a ton of crushes sorry)

My Hero Academia - (Characters may be aged up) Izuku, Kirishima, Kaminari, I have some from 1-B but decided to focus on the main people.

Dragonball Z - Goku, Original Crush

Black Lagoon - An aged up version of the male twin of the Hansel and Gretel pair.

Death Note - Near

Hellsing - The being a literal Nazi thing is a turn off but Schrodinger maybe an rp  set in an AU.

Ouran High School Host Club - Hunny

That is what I am interested in but please rest assured I know a ton of different anime series so there’s a possibility that if what you want is anime related I know of it.

My email is

My only real rules are;

1. I love to talk OOC. I want to be friends.

2. I do want us both to give at least 300 words per side. An ideal of 300 to 500 words per side.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who is interested.

Again my email is

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The reading of chapter two from TruHeart, the first book in the upcoming @lady_darkiss Mistress Of Fantasies series. If you enjoy these highlights come listen to the full reading on Twitch (Cheeky_B_Radio) link in bio.
#LadyDarkisMistressOfFantasies #TruHeart #Alasdair #JackFrost #ManInTheMoon #BloodMoonChild #DarkFrost #AudioBooks #Fantasy #SciFi #Mystery #Adventure #Romance #Magic #ChapterTwo

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