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I still haven’t stopped thinking about that damn quote from the Umbrella Academy: “I’d take my year with you over a lifetime with anyone else”. What’s a quote from a piece of media that will stick with you forever?

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so in the final episode its being told in past tense as a story told by BMO to the new reincarnations of finn and jake. But somethhing that had always irked me about the final episode was that BMO repeatedly mentions that it was the end of OOO despite nothing really bad happening to OOO at all. So after thinking it over or maybe finially figuring it out because im dumb, i have come to the conclusion that the reason the finial episode was the “end of OOO” was because it was the end of OOO as BMO knew it because after the events of that day EVERYTHING had changed. In almost all adventure time episodes there are very little consequences to finn and jake’s actions, as they have their adventure for the day, have their fun, never really lose anything, and most importantly go back home to the tree house. The tree house is one of the most important components when it comes to piecing this togther because the tree house has quite literally been part of he show since the very beginning, and represents everything finn and jake stand for, adventure, love, challenges, friendships etc. so when it all was destroyed, it was quite literally the end of an era. And so many other happening in show happens in just one episode that after that the protagonists can no longer go back to normal, as it no longer exists, like the tree house.

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Yall please interact with this post if you’re in any of these fandoms or follow me cuz I loff seeing people enjoy fandom content as much as me. So this is another fandoms check.



-black butler

-violet evergarden


-highschool dxd

-any studio Ghibli film.

-Tokyo ghoul.

Tv shows:

-rupauls drag race (all stars, uk, celebrity, ect)

-American horror story



-end of the fucking world.

-sex education

-miraculous ladybug

-adventure time

-amazing world of gum ball

-call the midwife


La la land


Mamma Mia


Harry Potter (fuck jkr tho)

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