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#adventure time obsidian

I’ve gotten some messages from customers saying that they’ve given this sticker to their partners and YALL THAT LITERALLY MAKES MY DAY??? 💕💕💕I’m so happy the Bubbline sticker is so well loved. I had such a fun time designing this one. I’m planning on making some more stickers/charms like this one. What are some ships you’d like to see? I’m making one of Moxxie and Millie from Helluva Boss today because those two are a tooth rotting level of cute.

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Adventure Time did a great job with Monster, but it kinda sucks because now I know I will never be able to write a love song or romantic poem as good as it

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“I’m just your problem” makes SO much more sense after obsidian.

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I know woke up is an angsty breakup song but the amount of serotonin it gives me is wild

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“Monster” Adventure Time Obsidian- Cover by Alyss Eiz

I made another trash :3 So, the sound quality is not good but i hope you like it!

And subscribe :3

( this is first and the last im gonna post something like this…. ;W;)

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Watched BMO and OBSIDIAN the other day and was inspired to draw my myself (persona) in Adventure time format and i love how it turned out lol. I might draw some bubbline art later.


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Ok who was the person who decided to remove the lyrics from the monster demo. The song slaps but it would’ve been even better with those extra lyrics

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