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Travelling Food
For legal reasons this is fantasy. Foraging, especially of mushrooms, requires knowledge, and there are laws around hunting and stuff :)
Oats, lots of oats. Porridge is good on any morning
Apples!! And carrots!! Fantastic for snacking on and you can put the carrots in a stew
Onions, the staple ingredient of any cooking
Butter or ghee or oil or animal fat, otherwise how will you cook anything?
A loaf of bread, buy a new one in every town you pass through. It goes faster than you’d think
Cheese, the harder the better so it won’t grow mould. (It’s not that kind of cheese).
Nuts and dried fruits, for snacking on between meals
Eggs! If you can find a way to pack ‘em raw, do so, otherwise boil them. They’ll last a good few days and they give you a hecking lot of energy!
Ginger, for a warming tea
Collect on the way:
Dandelion leaves, and other greens to keep you healthy.
Fresh meat if you have the skills to hunt.
Any berries and mushrooms you find that you know are good.
Non-Food Related Items:
A pot, light but a good size.
A wooden spoon.
You should already have a knife, but a backup never hurts.
A vessel halfway between a plate and a bowl. It can serve as both.
A cloth for wiping, and for grabbing hot handles.
A small spoon for eating, and a fork if you so desire.
A tinderbox! A cold dinner on a freezing night is no fun.
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emj-tolj · 2 days ago
Personalized "Adventure Attire"
Many times I see posts here about rangers and adventurecore/adventure hunters and I do love it so. It makes me feel less alone. However some of the images posted sort of get me down in that - the clothing, armor and gear seems less than original. In short, that everyone seems to be just donning garment and gear from the Jackson LOTR/Hobbit trilogies. Surely aside from myself, there has to be others that wear such articles NOT based off the Jackson films. At the very least, I would hope so.
Do not get me wrong, I do like the 2 trilogy films greatly (LOTR more than Hobbit) And the Rangers and Riders gear is 'cool.' But they are just not me. And I have seen much ORIGINAL fantastic yet very practical fantasy clothes, armor and gear. So it makes me wonder - how many adventurecorers, vagabondcorers, wandercorers, nomadcorers, adventure hunters and they like are really donning the gear and clothes they truly feel is them, or if the donning of LOTR vestments is just a "Settle for" situation.
Are there any other adventure hunters out there that made/bought/pieced together their own "original" adventure clothes, gear and armor?
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angiethewitch · a day ago
hey guys! this isnt really a proper walking video but its a compilation of clips I uploaded. if you guys could just watch it and let me know if it's uploaded and you can see and hear it fine that would be wonderful, thank you ♥️♥️ first youtube video! gonna try upload the longer one from my walk the other day later too!
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total-insect · 4 months ago
me: *lifts up big rock*
all the bugs underneath it:
Tumblr media
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sirkayleeofcamelot · 6 months ago
*becomes a knight strictly because the local bard is cute, and I want him to write songs about me*
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cryptidsandchaos · 11 months ago
might fuck around and walk into a thick fog and never return idk
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mushy and fluttery friends!
For those who would like to purchase the book where these stickers are from, the book is titled The Antiquarian Sticker Book!
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origamicrow · a year ago
Tumblr media
take a break while watching this little bunny cross your dash
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miikocc · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Explorer set 🦊 Sweater & shorts
Let's go on an adventure...
Hello! I was originally planning to make this month focused on base sims, genetics, overlays and such, but I was hit with inspiration for foxes, goblins and forest explorers (๑>ᴗ<๑)
Upcoming items in this set: butterfly-eyeliner, fox hair V2 (pictured!) + one more surprise
The Sims 4
Teen, YA, adult, elder
Base-game compatible
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I hope you like them 💚
Available for early access now, available for free Aug 2, 2021
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total-insect · 3 months ago
live laugh love ? oh I thought you said lift that log... anyway look at all these bugs I found
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The trees: *exist*
Me: nice
The trees: *rustle slightly in the breeze*
Me: nice
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my grandma embroidered little flowers on her clothes like i do and she taught me how to cook asparagus so it actually tasted good and she wrote about grief so simply that i could make sense of it when i was a child that had just lost a grandfather and sometimes i wonder how much of me is made of her and how much of me is my uncle and how much is my best friend and how much is my little sister. i wonder how much of them is me.
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