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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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You peek around the train car, watching the conductor’s flashlight beam dance away. Once it’s rounded the corner, you slip quietly out of the car, your feet making the slightest crunch against the gravel as they hit the ground. 

The air is crisp tonight, and it seems to make the starlight sharper. Train hopping isn’t the safest way of getting around, but some journeys require it. As you steal into the shadowed tree line, you cast one last glance at the train over your shoulder, and give a silent thanks before disappearing into the dark

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Adventurecore in the Winter

  • Wool cloaks with a hood, old boots with layers of thick socks
  • The silence of the once busy woods is somehow louder than the noise of the summer
  • Cold cheeks noses, and a runny nose as a result
  • Footprints in the snow, barren trees, and snow flying past you
  • Hearty soup and hot tea to warm you up after an expedition
  • Sitting by the fire, and even better, starting a fire from scratch. (The satisfaction is strong with this one)
  • Mittens. That is all
  • Something about how even though the world is grey and white, the reds and greens shine through.
  • Snowshoes are incredibly cool, not sure if they’re useful for everyday wear. The aesthetic is there though
  • If you’re brave and experienced enough, winter camping could be quite the adventure. (Always take proper precautions though)
a picture of a line tree forest in the winter

Feel free to add on and stay safe this winter season!

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