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Fractional Yacht Lease!

No stress, no fuss. All of the details are taken care of. Come aboard and enjoy your yacht with your friends and family. We make it simple and fun.  

In case you need additional information or instant answer feel free to call us at 561 570 4301

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we finished Hamlet in class today and i am A Little Upset bc i didnt get to read the “to be or not to be” soliloquiy like im sorry ms B but it is my god given right to be dramatic and gay and you robbed me of that

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Julian makes a Friend

Earlier this month I played my first ever D&D session with friends in a server and boi lemme tell you it was a TREAT
I had so much fun and the adventures had were just gr e a t

I ended up doodling this bit of my elf girl Gaielyn (who I made an Elven Beast Master) and her pet Flying Snake named Eti, befriending Julian, a Life Cleric who belongs to Monipue Lemme just say Julian is an absolute Babi and I would protecc him with my l ife o k a y-
anyways I had a blast with this and am very excited for our next adventuree GHJHSJDH

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