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‘Titus Interactive - ‘SNES Lineup’’

[SNES] [USA] [MAGAZINE] [1996]

Titus the Fox introduces a line-up of cute, family-friendly platformers for the SNES! You can rent them all at Blockbuster Video, which is probably best suited for such offerings anyway!

  • Source: GamePro, September 1996 (#86) || RetroMags; Phillyman
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Did You Know ? .. #history #historyoftoday #didyouknow #lotusmedia #brandcreator #marketing #advertising #outdoormedia #digitalmedia #unipole #billboard #hoarding #patna #bihar #indian #todayinhistory #indianactor #filmdirector #amolpalekar #actor #director #producer #bollywood

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Pada kesempatan yang baik ini, kami akan mengulas dengan ringkas mengenai apa yang dimaksud dengan iklan elektronik yang perlu untuk kamu tahu.

Semoga dengan ini akan membuat khazanah pengetahuan kamu semakin meningkat khususnya mengenai periklanan.

Tentunya kita semua sudah familiar dengan yang namanya iklan, bukan begitu?

Ya, salah satu iklan yang ada disebut dengan iklan elektronik, ini adalah iklan yang tampil di media-media elektronik.

Media-media elektronik yang ada seperti Televisi, Radio, Podcast, Youtube, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, dan yang lainnya.

Nah itulah info dari kami seputar iklan elektronik, semoga bermanfaat ya.

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Aiken’s Artifact
[aka: ‘Sanity: Aiken’s Artifact’]


“Dr. Joan Aiken had discovered a way to inject a special serum into the human brain, which will grant this human powerful psychic abilities, known as “talents”. Since only little babies were able to absorb the serum properly, it was injected to twin brothers, Cain and Abel, in a scientific project called “Children of Tomorrow”.

When they grew up, the children took different paths. Cain joined a special law enforcement group, while Abel walked away and stepped into the world of crime. Years later, a radical organization known as Eye of Ra emerges, with the only goal to sabotage Children of Tomorrow project - according to them for ethical reasons. Cain’s first mission is to infiltrate their headquarters and deal with their leader.” ~MobyGames

Source: PC Player (DE), March 2001 || Internet Archive; chris85

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Thank you @plus81magazine for this Sports Graphics & Brand Stories issue.

It’s always a good feeling to touch and smell a new print out book. Especially it’s a design contents.

Big ups +81 Magazine for keep the design scene alive!
#81magazine #plus81magazine #tokyo #kualalumpur #plus81academy #graphic #design #branding #advertising (at Plus81 Academy)

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