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I scroll through tumblr, my POSITIVE/HELPFUL facebook groups or YouTube

I make sure to stay away from things that can pull me down further

I work on bringing myself into the current moment

I do research , I try to search hashtags that can be similar to my situation

I talk to myself or write

The best way to help yourself is by pretending like you are talking to someone else

It is total human nature to give GREAT advice to literally anyone but yourself lmaooo

We can never take our own advice, so I think we should trick ourselves to

You can get creative. You can write a letter to yourself pretending to be someone else but having the same issues. It can cause you to look at your situation differently

You HAVE to remind yourself you ARENT alone, the world is SOOO over populated there ARE PLENTY of people going through the same things as you. It’s just hard to meet new people right now Bc of quarantine.

You HAVE to remind yourself THERE IS A BIGGER PICTURE, this hard moment in life is just a tiny paint stroke in your life’s masterpiece

Feel free to explain further if you feel comfy to do so or whether or not this was helpful ❤️ I hope I can be of some aid and I am wishing the best for you my love

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hello ! my name is anatasia and today i have decided i’m going to start an advice blog.

using this advice blog , you can send in questions regrading any of your issues and i’ll respond asap. i’m no professional and i’m sure you have friends to help but sometimes a strangers advice will suffice. i’ll try my best to help you and give you my mediocre advice <3

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Yes, it is. Funny you say that actually, because he first introduced himself to me as a spirit guide, using a different name, to me when I was 13 or so. I never knew anything about Loki or the Norse pantheon until I was in my 20s, and when I saw people sharing images of what he actually looked like, that’s when it clicked. I had to ask him directly before he told me who he actually was. And that is what has lead me to where I am today. So yes, that is very possible. All spirit guides are are people on the other side you have chosen to be with you this life and have had written into your soul contract. Deities can be spirit guides as well. So if he is there to be your spirit guide, it seems you and I are in a very similar boat.

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🌟 Building Self-Confidence 🌟

This is something I’m still working on, but I’ve found some things that have worked for me and thought I’d share.

• take a few minutes each day to remind yourself of what you are already good at. Maybe you’ve recently improved at a new skill, maybe you’ve always had a knack for something, or even just acknowledging the personality traits you like about yourself

• make a list or mentally go over what you accomplished today. Whether it be a task you’d been putting off, or a whole lot of cleaning. Congratulate yourself for this.

• remember to take care of your physical appearance. Brush your teeth, clean your body, stay hydrated, eat well, and move your body in some way.

• take time to make a list of things you like about yourself. Physical and non-physical. Post it somewhere you can look at it every day.

• have even just one person who can and will remind you how great you are when you can’t. It means so much to me when my husband reminds me what a great mom I am on my hard days.

• remember that you are human. You are not perfect; no one ever is or will be. You are one person trying to live your best life.

• if you want to become good at a new skill, or start a new hobby, you need to practice, practice, practice.

• it’s okay to say no. Get comfortable with it. Set boundaries for yourself. You don’t have to subject yourself to people, places, or situations you don’t want to be involved with. And you don’t need to feel guilty about it.

• practice giving yourself pep-talks. “I’m capable of accomplishing this. I am smart, and I have faced a similar situation before.” “I am strong, and determined. I know I can do this.” Become your biggest cheerleader.

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Hello dear,

Actually, I didn’t have any resources starting out. I was focusing on meditation and lucid dreaming when it happened. The first instance of astral travel I can remember was when I finally got into the Akashic Records - which I was doing a guided meditation for. I had been trying for a little over a month to get into them, and when I finally did, I realized I wasn’t exactly asleep but I wasn’t awake either. It was a bit of a trance, but it was so real that I could have sworn I was literally teleported there.

I thought at first that it was in fact a lucid dream, until I realized that after that, I could go there at will from wherever I was as long as I went into a meditative state. I could even do it in broad daylight from my kitchen if I wanted to - which I had never been able to do before.

After focusing on that for a few months, I had a conversation with Loki, and he told me that I could go other places at “home” as well. He asked me if I’d like to try, and walked me through a meditation-like routine to try and come see his house - which he gave me the image for. After a few days of trying and focusing on the image I was given, I was then able to do the same thing there that I did with the Akashic records.

Since then, I’ve been able to go and see many places and people on their realm. I didn’t start looking at resources until after I had already been doing it for a little while - so essentially I did it the first time by accident. I started using Google to look up information on it, and I found a lot of stories similar to mine. It happens a lot when you aren’t meaning to, but mastering meditation and lucid dreaming are key.

Once you are able to meditate and will, and you are able to lucid dream at will, it becomes a lot easier. It won’t happen overnight, and it will be frustrating for a while. But the base premise that I have found has worked for me is to focus on a place, realm, or person/soul that you know is in the astral realm, and meditating/lucid dreaming while focusing on that anchor. You will know when you’ve done it, trust me. It will be as if you are experiencing it in your waking life even though you will essentially be tranced out or asleep. It’s also harder to accidentally “wake up” from than normal meditation or dreaming.

If you work with any deities or spirit guides of any form, I would ask them for help. I don’t think I would have learned as quickly as I did without Loki. And they’re all more than supportive when it comes to visiting our true home, so I’m sure they could help if they feel you’re ready.

If you have any more specific questions I’d be happy to answer those - my starting experience was a bit unorthodox seeing as I wasn’t actually trying to do it. But that was over a year ago now and I have learned a lot since then. But as far as resources go, I would just look up posts from other people somewhere online that gave done it and look at the different methods they used and find one that works for you. Like meditation, everyone will do it differently depending on what works for them.

I hope this helped a bit. Thank you for reaching out, and may the gods bless you!

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-sad student here. I also wanted to add that it felt humiliating because he said “you’re a third year student, you have to be more detailed when you explain something”, always referring to that single part that I hadn’t done in detail because I wasn’t there for the lesson.

Hey there sad student,

Being a university student can definitely be tough no matter what year you may be in. It sounds like you are going really well with your studies though minus missing that lesson and so not being able to be as detailed as you needed to be when answering your professor and explaining things! I am not sure if your professor does this but when I was at university, our lecturers would record the lecture/ class and out it up online and especially for the students that were studying online. Is this something that you could do or talk to your professor about doing in future for students not being able to attend the odd lecture/ class and especially if you know you may not be able to make one in advance? Just an idea!

Another idea in case you may not be able to attend a lecture in future, is asking if your professor can supply you with some notes or at least bullet points on what was spoken about and/ or discussed. At least if you knew this information then you would know what you need to go over and study in your own time before your next class!

In terms of learning how to deal with embarrassment, this is a tough question as everyone deals with it differently and so what may work for one person may not work for another! It can though be helpful to keep in mind that from time to time everyone gets embarrassed and this is just a normal part of life. Try your best not to let it get the better of you though and try not to let it eat you up inside. All you can do in life is your very best and do what you can to know what you need to know for your classes beforehand. Life is never simple though and things will come up to make this impossible. This is OK though and normal, I mean that’s the whole point of university or even school in a way, you are learning about what you would like to do/ be in life and so sometimes we may make mistakes or may have an off day in class or not completely know or understand the information we need to, but we are learning and practising life skills and this is really important to try and remember.

In regards to what your professor said to you in regards to being a third year student and needing to go into more detail when explaining things, did he say this to you in class? I get and understand how humiliating this must have been if he did say this in front of everyone and signalled you out, but again, in life we will feel embarrassed or feel like we didn’t do something ‘good enough’ as expected at times, this is normal and is nothing to feel ashamed about, if anything it just allows you to sympathise with others when they are feeling this way and this will ultimately make you a better person in life!

I really hope that this has been helpful and please know that I am thinking of you and wish you all the best with not only your studies but in life in general!

Take care,


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Hey there,

Firstly, I think that you are being a great big sister to your little brother! Not all siblings will go to this extent for another so I think that even though you are not helping much right now, that your heart is definitely in the right place and your little brother is very lucky to have you in his life!

It can be so hard to see someone that we love and care about greatly struggling so much and especially if we feel like we don’t have a great connection with them or feel like we don’t relate to them as much as we would like too. Have you tried talking to your little brother about what interests him and what he likes/ enjoys doing in life? I know this might feel a little awkward to ask and especially as you are brother and sister and may feel like you should already know these things! It is completely OK to ask though and you may even find that you guys may have some similar interests, so is this something that you can give a try?! Sometimes even just going for a walk together or a walk can be helpful too. It’s important to know that you don’t always have to talk to fill in the silent times, sometimes just being there and being present with another can be so helpful and help the other person feel less alone. Just an idea!

In terms of helping your brother, just be yourself and do what feels right, what you feel most comfortable doing. You don’t have to go out of your way to form a connection with your little brother, being siblings already gives you somewhat of a connection between the both of you so just try to get to know him a bit better, let him know a bit about you and what you like and enjoy doing in life. Perhaps you could even both talk about your hopes and dreams for the future, anything to get the conversation started!

I hope that this has helped a bit and that your little brother is going OK! Please know that I am thinking of you both!

Take care,


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Hey there,

It can be really hard and quite frustrating when someone is continually sending you following requests and especially if it is from multiple fake accounts. I cannot speak for why this person is doing this to you but sometimes it may be related to just wanting attention and wanting to just be seen and/ or heard.

Do you by chance have some idea who this person is that is sending you these following requests from fake accounts? Perhaps it may be an old friend of yours and they are wanting to resume contact with you but are unsure of the right way to go about it and especially if you keep on rejecting their following requests. Of course these are just ideas on why this person is doing this but for a more definite answer, maybe you could reply to them and ask why they are doing this to you? Just an idea!

It’s completely understandable that regardless of the reasons, this is making you feel anxious. Do you have anything that you can do that may help you to feel less anxious and more in control? Perhaps you can just take some time out to just focus on yourself and having some much needed and deserving ‘you’ time! Just something to think about!

I really hope that this has helped in some way and that you are doing OK!

Please know that I am thinking of you and wishing you all the best!

Take care,


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