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#aedion ashryver
ganseys-jane · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Aedion Ashryver Galathynius
Throne Of Glass by Sarah J. Mass
Model: Austin Butler
Taglist @ghafa-dale @writeforjordelia @iambecomeyourvillain @neil-perry-the-platypus @agnesandmina @ninacarstairss @wafflesandschemingfaces @adams-left-hand @ganseymaboi @icycoolslushie @herondalesunsetcurve @buttcrflys-rose @revvs-trash @thomas-thedavid-lightwood @dark-artifices-only @coffee-fandoms-and-chaos @chrysalism-sonder @dustandshadowsworld @reyna-herondale @matthias-is-alive @darkshadowqueensrule @willothewhisper @untowardflower @clockworknights @im-someone-i-guess @chaos-is-my-king @fandomsandmess @nightshade3465
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yabai-korra · a month ago
Requested by @reader50505
Some heights are strictly canon, others are based on character descriptions so about 90% accurate
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bonus for the end, all of the heights compared (Elorcan hehe)
Tumblr media
Heights in order:
Lorcan - 7 feet / 213 cm (possibly a bit more)
Rowan - 6"4 feet / 193 cm
Aedion - 6"3 feet / 190 cm
Chaol - 6"1 feet / 185 cm
Dorian - 6 feet / 182 cm
Manon - 5"7 feet / 171 cm (personal hc that she is 1 cm taller than Aelin, they're said to be about same height)
Aelin - 5"7 feet / 170 cm
Lysandra - 5"5 feet / 165 cm
Yrene - 5"4 feet / 162 cm
Elide - 5"2 feet / 157 cm
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artsmaddie · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
✨•𝚁𝚘𝚠𝚊𝚗 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝙰𝚎𝚕𝚒𝚗 •✨
“I spent centuries wandering the world, from empires to kingdoms to wastelands, never settling, never stopping—not for one moment. I was always looking toward the horizon, always wondering what waited across the next ocean, over the next mountain. But I think … I think that whole time, all those centuries, I was just looking for you.”
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im-a-boomer · 3 months ago
I’m sorry but Aelin and Rowan reuniting in Queen of Shadows will always be my favourite moment in the whole series.
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highqueenofelfhame · a month ago
Tumblr media
masterlist // rowaelin // 3.9k words // fafs playlist
follow my writing blog @highqueenofelfhamewrites and turn on post notifications for fic updates!
It had been two days of damn near radio silence.
Rowan’s phone had only pinged a handful of times with texts from Aelin, all of which he followed up to ask if she was okay. Each and every time, she insisted that she was fine, but Rowan knew better.
This was a woman he had seen at highs and lows, and right now, she was at a low. He thought that maybe if he gave her space, she would pull out of it like she so often seemed to, but when he’d stopped by to bring her dinner last night, she hadn’t let him stay.
The circles under her eyes had been the most prominent he’d ever seen them— worse even than after Aedion was killed and she’d spilled her secrets like ink on a page. Rowan knew that she would come to him when she was ready, but she looked like the very essence of her being had been obliterated to nothing. There was no spark and fire behind her eyes, no quick wit in their banter. . Instead, Aelin had accepted the kiss he placed on her mouth with heartbreaking delicacy and told him she was exhausted and just wanted to sleep, insisting that he go back to his apartment and she would see him in the morning.
Now, in the car on the way to the office, the only sound was the low chatter of morning radio shows and the humming road noise that threatened to drown it out. Her eyes stayed fixed outside, as though she was counting the colors in the trees or the windows on the skyscrapers. Aelin kept tapping her fingers over her legs anxiously, which was an unusual sight. He so rarely saw the assassin break her swaggering mold that any sign of anxiety was foreign and displaced. It took him longer than he cared to admit to realize that she was playing out a melody in her mind.
“What are you playing?”
“What?” Aelin looked over at him for the first time, her tired soul reflected in her gaze.
“Your hands. It looks like you’re playing the piano.”
“Oh.” she looked down at her lap and laced her fingers together.
“The Stygian Suite?” He asked, recalling the time she’d taken him to the old theatre, and she’d played a beautiful melody that haunted his dreams. Shock pulled at Aelin’s eyes before she nodded.
The rest of the drive remained tense and so silent his ears were ringing. The mental gymnastics it was taking him to figure out how they’d gone from being completely tangled up in his bed for an entire twenty-four hours was exhausting. The math didn’t add up unless he factored in how badly saying I love you had royally fucked everything up.
At the time, she hadn’t seemed put off by his declaration. It appeared she’d welcomed it with deep kisses and her nails dragging over his body, soft pants and moans falling from her lips. Rowan could still hear those sounds vividly, the way she had begged him for more, and whispered that she never wanted to stop.
Then he ripped it all up by telling her he loved her, those words now scattered over his sheets. He couldn’t escape the way he felt any more than he could escape the smell of her shampoo on his pillow. Aelin consumed him, managing to tuck herself into every facet of his life that only made it shine brighter. Even going to work couldn’t keep his mind from wandering to the assassin, considering half the conversations he’d had over the last few days had been about her.
Not that he wanted to escape from her. He just wanted her to talk to him. He wanted to know what she was thinking and feeling, wanted to kiss whatever scars were hurting and make her promises that he was hell-bent on keeping if only she would let him.
Rowan was the first to exit the car, the slamming of the door echoing through the parking garage. By the time he made it around to her side, she was still sitting and staring at her fingers in her lap like they were the answers to a riddle she couldn’t crack. Aelin even startled when he opened the door and reached over to unbuckle her seatbelt, her blue eyes finally meeting his.
“I can’t help you unless you let me, baby,” he said softly, brushing a loose piece of hair behind her ear. One of her thumbs was near vibrating; it was tapping against her thigh so quickly as her bottom lip began to quiver.
“Can we just— can we just stay here for a minute?” When Rowan nodded, she sighed, cheeks puffing out on her exhale. It took about thirty seconds of hesitation on her part, but she finally turned, her legs hanging out of the car. Rowan stepped between them, and Aelin leaned forward to rest her forehead against his chest. While she took several long, deep breaths, he rubbed his hands up and down her back.
“Can you tell me what’s going on?”
“You and I were never a good idea. And I’m sorry that I pulled you into this hell with me. I never should have started it in the first place as Lillian, and I never should have let it come to this now, and I—”
“Where is this coming from?”
“We both know I’m going back to prison,” she said, pulling her head up to look at him. Fresh tears lined her cheeks as she wiped at her nose. “We both know they’re going to try to prosecute me to the fullest extent. And we both know that no matter how much you want to, there is little to nothing that you can do to stop it. All of this is putting your job at risk—”
“I don’t care about my job.”
“You used to, and you should. Because once I’m in prison for the rest of my life, Rowan, what the hell is going to happen? We’re not going to be able to get married and have a family or any semblance of a normal life. And we both know that life in prison is the lesser of the hand I could be dealt. You know that.”
He did. He did know that. It had been keeping him away from the very first moment he realized the extent of his feelings for her. Maybe he had been slow to admit it, but gods, was he aware of it now. It had ripped him from sleep several times over the last few nights without her in his bed. In nightmares of what she would choose for her final meal and beige jumpsuits. Nightmares of standing on the other side of the glass while she was lethally injected. Nightmares of not being able to do anything but watch her heartbeat dwindle on the monitor until it flatlined and she was pronounced dead. It was eating at him the same way it was eating at her— in dreams of white dresses and jewel-toned bouquets. In the first cries of an infant as it makes its debut into the world, a dazzling emerald twinkling in the fluorescent lighting while she adjusted the blanket.
“I’m not going to let them—”
“You know that you can’t do anything to stop it,” she said softly, letting Rowan brush tears from her cheeks with his thumbs. The silent tension from the car ride came back in full force, this time with their eyes locked. Maybe he did know that there wasn’t anything he could do to stop it, but he knew he would try anything and everything in his power to lessen the blow for both of them.
Instead of speaking, Rowan bent down to press several soft, salty kisses to her mouth. Despite everything, she relaxed into him, if only just, and let them have this quiet moment. One that Rowan had a sneaking suspicion could be their last.
Walking through the glass doors that led into the violent crimes unit had Aelin’s anxiety on edge. More than ever, she wanted to be able to hold Rowan’s hand, if only to know he was with her. He stayed relatively close, even keeping their pinky fingers linked while they rode up the elevator. But as soon as the doors pinged open, he’d had to withdraw his hand from hers, and everything about her felt hollow.
The conversation in the car didn’t help that feeling. If anything, it had made her feel cold all over to voice the thoughts that had been swirling in her mind for the last few days. The thoughts of things that could never be, along with the acknowledgment that her execution was likely around the corner, did nothing but make her feel empty. Rowan’s warmth was the only thing that had kept her from shivering when they were downstairs. But now, while her boots padded along the carpet, her hands were beginning to shake all over again.
Maeve stood at the top of the mezzanine, leaning against the black banister while she chatted with Lorcan about a file he held in his hands. However, as Aelin and Rowan climbed the stairs, Lorcan made himself scarce and left the hesitant couple standing before Maeve alone.
“Whitethorn, you can join Salvaterre in his office to go over a few things. Ms. Sardothien, if you’ll come with me, please.”
Confusion washed over her, nervous eyes glancing behind her at Rowan. His face was tight; jaw clenched as he tried to casually slide his hands into his pockets. She wasn’t sure how well Maeve knew him, but Aelin didn’t miss the tight fists that his fingers curled into before disappearing into his black suit.
“I thought she was meeting with Lorcan.”
“You are meeting with Lorcan. Celaena is meeting with me.” There was a finality to Maeve’s voice that told Aelin that Rowan couldn’t argue. Not really. She could tell he wanted to, though.
Despite the blossoming nerves throughout her body, Aelin gave him a small nod accompanied by the tiniest of smiles. It would be okay. Nothing was going to happen that they weren’t already anticipating. They knew where the road of her life was leading. There was next to nothing that anyone could do about it. So when Maeve once again gestured toward the conference room to her right, Aelin slipped inside without incident and settled in one of the leather chairs.
The door snicked shut, and it took a handful of heartbeats for Maeve to settle in across from Aelin. Her long, dark hair was twisted into an elegant bun at the nape of her neck, a few loose strands framing her face. Aelin hadn’t spent much time with the woman— most of their exchanges happened in briefings before or after crime scenes. There was the odd way that Maeve seemed to watch Aelin every time they were in the same vicinity, but she tried to push that to the back of her mind.
Now that they were alone with nothing more but a table between them, however, Aelin couldn’t ignore it. She couldn’t keep pretending that this wasn’t the woman that had solved her parents’ murders— a job that had launched her into the job position that she held today. With Maeve sitting so close, she wondered if she recognized how her face resembled her mother’s so strongly, if she noticed that she shared her father’s nose. She wondered if Maeve was aware that she was staring into the eyes that had been glassy and cold and at the center of not one but two murder cases that Maeve had been overseeing: her parents’ and Aedion’s.
“For years, it felt like you were slipping through my fingers,” Maeve finally said, leaning forward to rest her forearms on the table. Aelin arched a brow almost on instinct, curious where she was going with this. “And then Agent Whitethorn found you half dead after being so thoroughly beaten, and it felt like I was catching another big break.”
“What do you mean?”
“Do you know how I got this job?” Maeve’s head tilted like a bird watching her prey, dark eyes boring holes into Aelin’s. Aelin licked her lips and leaned back in her chair.
“I don’t know much about you, I’m afraid.” A blatant lie. Aelin knew plenty about the FBI director, from obscure details about her career to her rise in stardom, from her address to what coffee shops she liked to frequent. Aelin knew about her former lovers and that she bore no children, that she’d lost her fiancé, Athril, because she was married to her job.
“It was a very high profile case. Perhaps you remember at least hearing about Vice President Galathynius and his late wife?” Aelin did her best to remain neutral, but it was difficult to stop the blood from draining to her toes. She wasn’t so sure that all of her blood hadn’t emptied onto the floor based on how cold she suddenly felt.
“I suppose everyone has,” she said carefully.
“They were murdered in their beds in the middle of the night. Likely because the Vice President had radical views that many disagreed with. They didn’t want him to become President is what we managed to deduce. I cracked the case and put the man responsible behind bars, and it was the case I needed to secure this job.” Truth mixed with lies. Sure, some of her father’s views could have been described as radical to some. Universal healthcare and human rights were typically frowned upon by the party that didn’t care about anything but money. As a child, she hadn’t understood any of it. But as she grew, she fell into the same line of thinking that her parents did.
“I applaud your detective work, then.”
“They had a young daughter that went missing that same night. Some think that the murderer couldn’t bear to take the life of a child. Some think she ran away and never looked back. I think I know what happened to her.”
“Do you?”
“I think she’s sitting right in front of me. Don’t you agree, Aelin?” At the sound of her name in a false, sickly-sweet tone from the woman across from her, she turned to ice. Her eyes darted to the wall and fixed there, willing her body to remain calm. Through several deep breaths, she managed to ease the shake in her hands to tiny tremors, but nothing could stop the dull numbness that echoed through her bones.
“Whatever it is that you think you know—”
“I’ll admit that when Agent Whitethorn came to me with the information, I was skeptical. What are the odds, after all, that the daughter of Rhoe and Evalin Galathynius, missing for twenty years, would wash up on my doorstep as a lowly assassin? Hiding in the darkness for two decades, dismantling everything her parents ever stood for. It seemed unlikely. But the more he kept talking, the secrets and whispers he told me that came directly from you, it became unavoidable.” She wasn’t sure when she stopped listening, but all she could hear was a sharp ringing in her ears.
Part of her wanted to outright deny the claims falling from Maeve’s lips, each one hitting like an atom bomb on her soul. But it made sense, didn’t it? Aelin had wholly betrayed him; why wouldn’t he be out to get his revenge? Why wouldn’t he lure her into a false sense of security just to fuck her over when it became necessary?
She twisted in her seat, eyes cutting through the glass wall to locate Rowan, but he was nowhere to be seen. After everything, he couldn’t even be there to see her lead to her death? Were they all laughing that the one thing that finally brought Celaena Sardothien to her knees was her heart, of all things?
Unable to look any longer, Aelin twisted to look back at Maeve. The woman’s smirk said it all. Everything had been a lie. Every shared secret had been a nail in the coffin, leading her to sit at this table and escorted back to prison. Now she wondered if Rowan had been recording everything they’d ever said to each other, if they’d sat around this very table and laughed at her naivety while she spilled her soul to him.
Maeve had kept talking, but Aelin couldn’t hear her anymore. Not until she refocused her eyes and managed to catch the tail end of her statement.
“You’ve been a thorn in my side for twenty years. I’m glad to finally be rid of you.” The door behind her had opened up at that point, and she felt a massive hand close over her bicep. The too-tight grip as she was pulled from her chair told her it was Lorcan, and she didn’t bother removing her eyes from Maeve as he all but dragged her from the room.
“Nothing to say?” Salvaterre inquired, elevator doors dinging shut. Aelin said nothing and instead chose to watch the floor numbers tick down to one. Even when he started to lead her through the lobby, likely to his cruiser where he would transport her back to the high-security prison, she didn’t utter a single word. Just like he’d told her minutes ago, anything she said could and would be used against her in a court of law.
Lorcan had just paused in front of the doors, fumbling with a pair of handcuffs, when she heard Rowan’s voice shouting her name paired with heavy footfalls as he ran across the lobby. The handful of agents that had been milling around, along with the two receptionists at the front desk, paused to watch the spectacle.
“Celaena,” he breathed, reaching out for her. Aelin didn’t let him get close enough, jerking her shoulder back before he could touch her. A dry, twisted laugh tumbled from her lips before she could stop it, eyes looking up to the elaborate chandelier that hung from the ceiling.
“I think the jig is up on that one, don’t you, Rowan?”
“What are you talking about?” Confusion clouded his features, but Aelin saw it as nothing more than a role he was playing. Just like he’d been playing her. A new surge of anger pulsed through her, a wave crashing against rocks. Stupid. She had been so stupid.
“Was it all just payback for you? Petty revenge because I lied about my name the first time we met?”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about. I forgave you for that a long time ago, I—” Aelin’s emotions were toeing a fine line between anger, rage, and wrath.
“You told Maeve everything. If you think I’m going to believe anything that comes out of your mouth at this point—”
“You were holding out on me?” Lorcan drawled behind her, and Aelin’s head whipped around to look at the brute. “Were you saving information to testify against her at the trial?”
Aelin laughed again, and it sounded nothing short of crazy. It took her several moments to calm herself down, bringing the free arm Lorcan didn’t have a hold on to shove her hair out of her face.
“I didn’t tell Maeve anything, much less anything to use in her trial,” Rowan said flatly. Lorcan snorted, believing him as much as Aelin did. There was no other way for Maeve to know those things about her. Rowan was the only living person that knew her true identity, that knew she was the lost daughter of long-dead politicians. Nox didn’t even know her real name. She had spent so long running from it, burying that person and distancing herself from her, that it had been too high a risk to let anyone in on that secret.
Until Rowan. Until she had let him manipulate his way into her life and her heart, until she had wanted him to know everything about her. The stupidity she felt standing before him now, heart throbbing in her chest, was enough to elicit another strong wave of rage.
“Go ahead and testify against me, Rowan. It was your game the whole time, wasn’t it? To destroy my life from the inside out? As if you don’t know the truth about me, about what I have been fighting against my entire life.”
And she had been fighting her entire life. Fighting all the monsters that roamed in her closet and under her bed. She had spent two decades sprinting through the darkness, twisting and turning to avoid anything that might reach out and snatch her, that might drag her further into the underbelly of Rifthold, of the world.
Why should she stop now?
The fire that had never been able to be extinguished roared in her veins as she twisted hard and fast enough out of Lorcan’s grip. She shoved the heel of her hand up into his nose the same time her other darted out to pull his gun from the holster. He tried to stop her, but the gun was locked and loaded, pointing at his face as she staggered back. The man had been a complete idiot for not cuffing her immediately.
Rowan lunged for her as the other agents in the lobby moved toward her, but she fired the gun before he could get too close. Aelin’s hands stung with the aftershock of the shot, reminding her once again why she hated guns in the first place. He grunted in pain, doubling over as he grabbed his shoulder. The unmistakable sound of guns being drawn and pointed at her almost made her hands shake, but she was too far gone to the anger to let that get to her now.
“Don’t fucking shoot,” Rowan hissed, his fingers dripping crimson. Aelin pointed the gun at the next target, who happened to be Fenrys. The only person in the room that didn’t have her staring down the barrel of a gun. The golden blonde merely lifted his hands in surrender, a slight shake of his head like he was telling her he wasn’t willing to try her in her rage. At least one person in the room was smart.
With one final glance at Rowan and the physical pain etched all over his face, she turned and ran. Aelin twisted and spun through the remainder of the lobby, making herself a more difficult target to hit as she burst into the bustling Rifthold morning.
And then she began to run.
By the time the other agents had followed Aelin out onto the street, she’d vanished like smoke in the wind. There were too many people filling the streets, and when they pulled her tracking information, they’d found her cut anklet two blocks over. It had been chucked deep into a dead-end alley, and there was no trace of her.
Hours later, Rowan was sitting in a hospital bed, groggy from the surgery he’d been required to have the bullet removed and tissue repaired. White-hot pain ate through the medication, nothing able to dull it down to embers. Maybe he deserved to sit and feel his wound fester while Aelin disappeared into the sunset.
The door to his room opened, and Rowan looked up from his hands, meeting Lorcan’s depthless black eyes. His colleague and former friend leaned against the door jam, hands in his pockets jingling his keys and loose change.
“I guess you know what you have to do,” Lorcan finally said, eyes zeroing in on Rowan’s shoulder.
“Yeah,” Rowan replied, the word bitter like black coffee on his tongue. “I guess I do.”
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justreadertings · 5 months ago
I dont know what so hard to understand about this
Aedion's wife is Lysandra who is dating Aelin who is married to Rowan who is dating Lorcan who is married to Elide who is dating Manon who is dating Dorian who is in love with Chaol who's wife is Yrene.
It's simple.
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manonx13 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
If you repost it on Instagram, please give full credit to @_manon_blackbeak(me), thank you🖤
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yabai-korra · 2 months ago
The reasons why we're getting Manorian book
There has been a lot of speculation whether SJM is going to favor us with book/novella about Manon Blackbeak and Dorian Havilliard, recently I saw some fans doubting it, so here's a list of logical reasons why it's happening.
1. It's SJM
This woman writes two 500+ pages books per year, for her it would be a piece of cake.
2. There have already been books focused on side characters
a) Chaol and Yrene - Chaol was one of the most unpopular characters before Tower of Dawn (which made me love him hehe) and she still wrote a 600+ pages long book about him, just imagine what she'd do with the most popular character (Manon) and one of the most popular ones (Dorian).
b) Nesta and Cassian - this is ship is the closest to Manorian equivalent in ACOTAR series, aka starting from a physical relationship that develops into a sentimental one. Also 6th ACOTAR book will be focused on a new characters (most probably Elain)
3. Favoritism
SJM has talked multiple times about her love for these two. When asked about her favorite TOG character, she said Aelin, but Manon was a close second place and she said that she absolutely loves writing her.
In another interview, when asked who she would go on a book tour with and a few similar questions, she answered Dorian.
Now, I haven't seen all of her interviews ever and I'm not sure how much she loves Nessian and Cahorene (seems to love Nessian a hella lot tho), but it's definite that Manorian are some of her favorite characters and it's just logical that she would write about them.
4. Unfinished story/Unresolved feelings
Ships at the end of TOG:
Rowaelin - married
Elorcan - engaged
Lysaedion - engaged
Chaorene - married with a baby on the way
Nestaq - engaged
Manorian - hug and "we'll see"
All the ships basically got engaged in the last chapter (it's not like I didn't like it hehe) and their stories, romantic-wise, were pretty much finished and they have no unresolved tension between them. Manorian on the other hand, have enough of it for all the ships lol.
KOA spoilers ahead!
Keep in mind, Manorian relationship was mostly a sexual one, and they don't quite yet have a way of communicating their feelings properly. So there is a lot of unaddressed between them, even though they obviously care a lot about each other.
The unresolved things between Manon and Dorian:
"“And if I asked you to stay?” / “I’d need a very convincing reason, I suppose.” / “Because I don’t want you to go.” - they just fucked and Dorian left for Morath later, which impacted Manon a lot but they haven't discussed it
"I even care about you." - Manon got up and left
"There is only one witch who will be my queen." - Manon doesn't know about this
Manon saved Dorian from Valg demon even when Aelin couldn't. It was the worst thing to happen to Dorian and he still bears scars from it, yet he didn't have an appropriate situation to thank Manon for it
Dorian knows that Erawan lusted after Manon, which got him pissed of course, and he didn't have a chance nor time to ask Manon about it. It might be nothing, but if I were Dorain and my girlfriend who doesn't show feelings was locked up with a crazy guy who has a thing for her, and have seen the way he treats women, I'd be concerned. Erawan was a Valg king, a tough opponent even for Manon. If he had done something to her, and he had plenty of means and opportunities and wish to do so, Manon would never openly tell anyone (maybe Asterin) about it, because it would imply opening up and being weak, which is Manon's worst fear. Again, SJM, as the Queen of Foreshadowing, wouldn't just randomly throw in the main villain having a thing for an important character, everything in her books always has a meaning and purpose.
"Would you miss me if I didn't [come back]?" - Manon didn't reply
This is how SJM described Manorian marriage: "She would be his wife, his queen. She was already his equal, his match, mirror in so many ways. And with their union, the world would know it." - and you're telling me it's not deserving of its own book? Not just that, Manon asked Dorian for marriage and they, again, just had sex, with Dorian loving the idea but deep down knowing that Manon would feel caged in a marriage. And that attitude won't just change out of the blue. It takes time and development which is something SJM writes amazingly.
With the Thirteen gone, beside Abraxos Dorian is the only creature Manon cares about.
Dorian's mortality (although as you'll see in point #6 I'm sure he's not human)
The dreaded "You could just marry each other." / "We'll see." (Thanks Yrene :)
5. Foreshadowing
Listen here, SJM IS THE QUEEN OF FORESHADOWING. She thought of a detail (Dorian's dad's name) in the first book that would matter in the last book. Of course, there are many many many more examples of that, but if we got "We'll see." then we'll fucking see it happen.
6. Unresolved things about Manon and Dorian as individual characters.
Manon and Dorian and both pretty broken at the end of KOA.
Manon lost the Thirteen, the only people she cared about. That is a huge trauma that needs to be addressed, especially with someone so reluctant to show feelings and heal like Manon.
Dorian can't be human?? He has fae abilities due to his relation to Gavin and Elena even though he's not even called a demi-fae. He possesses powers no one else does, phantom hands for example, which he didn't steal like shape-shifting. And Maeve pointed out that due to his father being possessed by Valg when Dorian was sired, it's possible he got some of the Valg abilities. (Also she said that he's stronger than Aelin) The main villain, especially written by Queen of Foreshadowing, wouldn't just let drop it there and that's it. Also not to mention Dorian's own struggle with depression and self-worth.
They have both just become rulers of their kingdoms, completely new to it. Dorian has spent a big part of KOA imagining what kind of a king he wants to be (one that will have a witch queen hehe) and it was a major point of his character. And addition to that affecting them as characters, the future of Adarlan and Witch Kingdom could make a good plotline.
7. Other TOG characters
Although pretty much all the readers would die to see Chaorene baby, Lorcan in Perranth, Aelin and Rowan ruling Terrasen, Lysandra and Adeion officially adopting Evangeline, Nesryn and Sartaq becoming Khagan and Empress of Antica, all of these don't make enough of a plot on its own. They are great side-plots.
We know all of these characters love each other and are happy together, there isn't that much to be added to their personal stories other than kids. (same way Feyre and Rhys got a baby in Nessian book) Manorian however, they haven't even kissed without it leading to sex, they hugged at the end of KOA and it was the pique of their relationship. Their relationship is merely at the beginning, whereas others have pretty much reached their ultimatum (ofc SJM can decide to add some drama with betrayal, kidnapping, pregnancy etc. but for now everyone is good and settled beside Manorian)
Not to mention the way other relationships would affect them. Chaol, Dorian's brother, and Yrene, Manon's wannabe bestie and Manorian shipper, would bring their baby to meet his/her uncle Dorian and aunt Manon, and imagine Manon with a baby lol.
SJM loves Aelin and other characters way too much not to give us an insight on them as married couples, but since her books are huge and it's her, it needs a plot with drama, addressing traumas, repressed feelings, worldbuilding, and sex, and Manorian's got all of that.
8. Abraxos
We need more Abraxos, that's just a fact.
Wow that was a long one. Anyways, in conclusion, we're getting that Manorian book. Pretty sure it's gonna a book rather than a novella (TOD was also planned as a novella but then guess what) because there is just SO MUCH possible content.
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Contacts in Aelin's phone
Rowan: Buzzard
Aedion: Cousin.
Lysandra: Sexy shapeshifting bestie
Dorian: Witchfucker
Manon: Witchqueen
Chaol: 🥬
Elide: Elide
Lorcan: Elide's bitch
Graviel: Uncle Kitty cat
Nesryn: Weapon lover
Evangeline: Lysandra's cutie
Fenrys: Wolfy boy
Yrene: 911
Rolfe: ay ay captain
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cloudywriter · 21 days ago
what happens in the dark
rowaelin month - september 3rd
Tumblr media
prompt: secret relationship 
i love grey’s anatomy which i know is so basic but i can’t help it. anyway, i really like this particularly piece, i wanted to make it a whole au for a while but that was a commitment so this prompt was kind of perfect for at least giving it a cameo. enjoy! 
masterlist, AO3
Dr. Rowan Whitethorn was a rule follower. Throughout his entire career he adhered to the outlined protocols, he didn’t overstep any boundaries, never made questionable decisions, nothing. He was a military man through and through after serving as a trauma surgeon in Doranelle’s army for a few years. Now, he’d relocated to Terrasen and was living a comfortable life working in a regular hospital setting. 
There was one person, however. A single being who made Rowan throw caution to the wind and damn the rules. Aelin Ashryver Galathynius. There wasn’t a thing he wouldn’t do, a rule he wouldn’t break to see her smile, to make her happy. 
Their relationship had started out rocky. Aelin had taken the hospital by storm, breezing in as a new intern with an air of superiority and brazen confidence. She was the opposite of every other intern that had walked through the doors of Galathynius Memorial Hospital; there was no trace of insecurity or hesitation to be found in Aelin. 
Somehow, despite her cocky attitude, all of the residents and attendings came to love her very quickly and enjoyed having her on their service. Some even went as far as to request her (Fenrys claimed she was the life of the party even in the O.R.). 
Rowan, however, had not been so easily charmed by the dazzling golden blonde. He found her to be arrogant and didn’t appreciate her know it all attitude. 
It wasn’t until he found her crying in a dark storage closet over the traumatic death of her parents that that began to change. She had become a surgeon to honor their memory after all. After seeing that other side of Aelin, the sensitive side, a side not many ever got to see when Rowan had developed some semblance of understanding. They were more similar than he’d ever thought. With that, they’d fallen into a comfortable almost friendship. 
Until that friendship grew, turning into heated looks. That intense infatuation turned into lingering touches, then into stolen kisses. Now, almost a year into their established relationship, Rowan wouldn’t change a thing.
Aelin was no different than she was from the moment she began her internship to now two years into it. Somehow, that cocky attitude had turned into a self-assured aura that enthralled Rowan. 
Aelin was casually walking down a hallway after doing rounds in the pediatric wing of the hospital. She was on her phone fiddling with a messed up Amazon order when a door opened and she was suddenly yanked into a closet. 
She gasped as soft lips pressed against her own but quickly melted into the touch, recognizing right away who her kidnapper was. She hummed into the kiss, wrapping her arms around the perpetrator’s neck as he folded her body into his own, her curves meeting the hard lines of his body. He cradled her as though she were the finest china. 
Aelin reluctantly broke the kiss with a soft chuckle. “You’re getting rather bold now.” 
“I missed you,” Rowan murmured, nuzzling Aelin’s neck, nipping playfully at her pulse point. “You saw me this morning,” Aelin reminded him; she’d woken up tangled in nothing but his sheets as she did nearly every morning now. 
“That was almost five hours ago,” Rowan groaned, his forehead resting against her clavicle.
“There could have been someone in the hallway who saw you steal me away though,” she warned him, running her fingers through his silvery blonde hair. Rowan was a stoic man with everyone but herself. When it was just them he turned into a pile of loving mush, always touching her or praising her. 
Their relationship, sadly, wasn’t exactly ideal. They’d kept it under wraps for nearly a year now, not even daring to tell their friends in fear of the information somehow circulating around the hospital. It didn’t matter that they were both consenting adults, the imbalance of power and teacher-mentor association meant their relationship would be frowned upon. It annoyed Aelin to no end. She wanted to be a general surgeon, Rowan wouldn’t even be in charge of her then. Despite that fact, she knew people would still disapprove. That the nurses would gossip and sneer while other interns would complain of favoritism whenever Aelin was given a privilege. She didn’t think the chief of surgery, Dr. Maeve Valg, would be very forgiving of their relationship status either. 
“Nobody comes down this hallway,” Rowan defended, dropping another sweet kiss to Aelin’s lips. She wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of the day exchanging languid kisses with Rowan in the dark, but work and the worry of someone noticing her absence had her ready to pull away and retreat before she no longer had the willpower to. 
Aelin let herself drown in Rowan’s kisses for a minute longer, their tongues lazily twisting together. She groaned as Rowan began to nibble on her bottom lip.
“You’ll come home with me later, right?” Rowan pulled away, asking. Aelin nodded, letting her head rest against Rowan’s firm chest. 
Rowan’s pager buzzed in his pocket, breaking the lovers’ bubble. He sighed, pulling back from Aelin and reaching for his pager. 
“I’ve got to go,” he frowned as he fiddled with it and returned it to his pocket. Aelin nodded in understanding, giving him one more quick kiss, “I’ll see you at home.” Rowan smiled before ducking out of the closet leaving Aelin in the dark. 
Aelin ventured out of the closet only a few minutes after Rowan’s departure and continued on with her day, impatiently waiting to be back in Rowan’s arms later tonight. 
Rowan was exhausted. A big trauma came into the emergency room not long after he left Aelin and he had been stuck in the O.R. for the last few hours. The man he was operating on made it but barely. He wanted nothing more than to go home and cuddle up in Aelin’s arms but he had to wrap up a few things first.
He picked up a tablet and updated his patient’s chart, noting any possible complications and specific directions for his care. He sighed as he realized the time displayed on the top. It was late, much later than he’d anticipated getting off work. He frowned deciding Aelin likely had already left without him, maybe she’d gone back to his home to wait on him. Rowan could only hope, carving the comfort and closeness she’d bring him. 
Rowan wasn’t sure how he’d dealt with his demanding and often emotionally draining job before she came around. She kept him grounded when the world became too much. 
Dr. Fenrys Moonbeam approached from Rowan’s right and picked up another tablet clicking around on the screen. 
“Did you hear about the crazy patient that came into the E.R. earlier?” Fenrys asked, keeping his eyes on the tablet while making small talk. 
“No,” Rowan grunted. “I’ve been in the O.R. up until 3 minutes ago.”
“Well, he was hopped up on all kinds of drugs, screaming bloody murder whenever someone came within two feet of him,” Fenrys explained. Rowan wasn’t all that impressed, interesting people made their way into the E.R. all the time. 
“He got Aelin pretty good when she tried to give him a sedative,” Fenrys continued. At that, Rowan perked up. 
“What do you mean got Aelin pretty good?” He ground out, worry washing over him. 
“Well, she’s down in the E.R. right now -”
Fenrys didn’t get to finish his sentence before Rowan was dashing off towards the elevator. Fenrys blinked a few times, utterly confused as to why Rowan was displaying any sort of concern in regards to Aelin. His dislike for her wasn’t exactly secret.  
Rowan couldn’t bring himself to care about whatever Fenrys thought about his sudden departure. He just tapped his foot as he impatiently waited for the elevator. His mind was racing, running through all of the possibilities. He was terrified that the man had done some damage and really hurt her. Aelin could handle herself he knew that, but how far would she go to defend herself against a patient? He groaned, internally cursing the elevator. It was too gods-damn slow. Rowan turned and jogged down the hallway deciding he’d bound down the stairs instead until he reached the bottom ground. 
Nurses and doctors alike gave Rowan a curious look as he rushed past them. His usually stoic and calm manner was wholly panicked now. A state they never saw him in even when a trauma involving a pile p and eight rigs entered the E.R. bay. 
As soon as his feet hit the landing Rowan was in front of the nurse’s station.
“Where’s Ae- Dr. Galathynius?” He demanded, his eyes sweeping the area for any sign of her. 
The nurse looked up at him with wide chestnut-colored eyes. She was a nice woman, Lyria, if Rowan could remember correctly, but he didn’t have the time for pleasantries. 
The nurse pointed to a bed over in the corner where the curtain had been pulled around it for some privacy. “Thanks,” Rowan breathed as he turned away. 
Rowan ripped the pale green curtain back and saw Aelin sitting upon the white bed, clutching a blue ice pack to her cheek. 
He rushed to her, cupping her face and brushing the stray blonde hair away from her face. 
“Are you okay?” He asked, his eyes searching her face for any distress. 
“I’m fine, Buzzard,” Aelin insisted. Rowan gently pulled the ice pack from her face and was met with the sight of a bruise forming across her cheekbone. “Oh, baby,” he breathed, running his fingers softly against her cheek. 
“It’s okay. It was just a good right hook, nothing I haven’t dealt with before,” Aelin stated. Rowan didn’t want to ask what she meant. He was just so glad she wasn’t too badly hurt and was trying to calm his anxiety. 
Rowan pressed a tender kiss to her forehead. “Okay,” he conceded. She smiled, knocking her forehead into his. He tried to slow his racing heart, the thought of Aelin in pain did things to Rowan. The possibility of her ever being in a dangerous situation opened up a can of scary, intense feelings. Feelings he’d never had with anyone before. 
A throat cleared from behind them. 
Rowan turned his head and saw Aedion, Aelin’s cousin and a 1st-year resident, standing next to the open curtain. Rowan knew pretty quickly that this was not exactly an innocent position they were caught in. 
“Feeling better, Aelin?” Lysandra’s voice approached, tugging the curtain a little farther open as she entered the space. The anticipation in the air must have been palpable. “What?” Lys asked.
“Is there something going on?” Aedion finally broke his silence, crossing his arms over his broad chest. Aelin and Rowan only exchanged a guilty look. 
alright, part 2? yay or nay? this was just the best place to end it without going on a tangent but i feel like it’s incomplete. anyway, have a wonderful day!
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readerdogxdorian · a month ago
✨Fenrys x Reader✨
Ask submitted by anonymous: A Fenrys and reader imagine where he finds his mate and doesn't wanna leave her alone because he's very excited to have a mate. She is like the female version of Azriel and it has to be super fluffy.
Summary: Fenrys is feeling lonely and out of the blue, he finds a girl he decides to follow and finds out that she's his mate.
Ref: Y/n - your name
H/c - your hair colour
Artwork: @morgana0anagrom
A/n: First of all, whoever submitted this, I'm so sorry. Your ask got deleted accidentally and I can't post this as an answer. I hope you see this and leave me a dm or something to indicate you've seen this. And thank you so much for this ask. When I tell you I almost screamed✨ because I loved this idea so much. That's why I decided to make it a two part story (also because I've got exams and wanted to give you atleast half of what you requested 😅) I've tried something new and I really hope everyone likes it. Xoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️
Forever with you
Tumblr media
Fenrys' Pov:
Fenrys was sitting on the tallest building he could find. He let out a deep sigh. It was at times like these that he wished he could freeze his heart numb. He was terribly missing his brother. He missed his silent yet loving company of his brother. If he was here- That's the point Fenrys, he's not. Rebuking himself, he looked up at the blue morning sky. His heart warred with itself. This is not Connall would've wanted. He would have told Fenrys to get his head straight and feel happy on their success, to not focus on the past. His stupid gentle minded brother. He squeezed his eyes together and willed back his tears. Now's not the time. He had a hell lot to do and yet here he was, balking around. He pressed his palms to his eyes and tried to calm his breathing. I hope you're seeing my agony, you ass. For leaving me hanging in this world alone. He let out a shaky sigh and removed his hands from his face. Okay. Time to get back to the castle. But something made him look down at the bustling street down. It was crowded and filled with vendors and merchants alike, buzzing with energy. His sharp eyes could even make out the delicate detail on the hand woven basket, a vendor was selling. Annoyed at himself for being distracting, he turned back to the terrace. But a tug made him look back down again. Observe.
Y/N's Pov:
She was currently being pulled by her hand in the throng of people and she hated it. "Where are you taking me?", She had to raise her voice to make it heard over the crowd. But it was left unanswered by her friend. "Oh I can't reveal it to you yet! But it's gonna be a-mazing!" She shouted. Y/n mentally sighed as she let herself be pushed and pulled. Like she has been all her life. She silenced the rogue voice in her head and focused on the back of her friend's head. That's how it always was. The voice talking to her and keeping her company when she was lonely or anxious. The latter being her current feeling. She shook her head to herself. Finally, her friend pulled her to a stop before a big clothes shop. She stared at her friend blankly. She grinned. "Remember when I said I'm getting you a spidersilk dress for your birthday?" Y/n raised her eyebrow. "Yes but the there are no more of them since Queen Aelin slayed Maeve" Her friend's grin became wider. "Correct. This specific place has somehow learned to recreate the silk through explicit magic and knowledge by the cloth designers" She looked at the shop with a calculating gaze. "I see" Her friend clapped her hands excitedly. "I commissioned it for you! This is going be awesome!" She looked at Y/n expectantly. She willed a sparkle to her eyes and smiled at her friend. "You didn't have to do that for me..." She shook her head. "It's really nothing. That's what friends do for each other. Now come on and let's check how those silks are coming" Her friend proceeded to pull her into the shop and she complied, lips upturned at the other girl's enthusiasm.
Fenrys' Pov:
He still didn't know what he was looking for. But he kept searching for that invisible tug again. His eyes fell on a pair of females heading towards a store. The first girl appeared to be pulling along another girl by her hand. He looked more closely. The second female was beautiful, in a picturesque sort of way. Her pretty H/C hair swayed in the wind, catching everyone's attention but she seemed oblivious to it. He watched both of them enter the shop. A tug at his heart again. What was that? He wasn't sure, but he wanted to find out. So he jumped down from the building in a smooth motion to the ground. A few people looked up in surprise but mostly went on with their work. He entered the shop he saw earlier, in hopes of finding that beautiful brooding girl.
Y/N's Pov:
Her friend showed her the dresses they were making and they were especially gorgeous. They didn't get to try it on though. It was only halfway done. But they did look at other dresses and jewels. Her bubbly friend was very excited to be there and kept gushing about this and that. Y/N was silent but content to be in her constant chatter. For once she didn't retreat back into herself where the voice kept her company. They were still looking at some of the designs when the shop doorbell tinkled. She didn't bother turning to see but her friend giggled. "Ooh look at that, he's really handsome" One corner of her lips turned up amusement as she looked towards the entrance. 'Handsome' was an understatement. He was freakishly attractive with his bronze skin tone, onyx eyes and high cheekbones. Half of his golden hair was tied up in a simple knot which left his sharp jaw in her focus. His body was in par with his features, muscles rippling under the shirt he was wearing. Wow. She blinked when she realised she was staring at the stranger and hastily went back to looking at the designs. She couldn't help the light blush on her face as she fiddled with the sketch. She had never felt this enamored by anyone. Even stranger, she could feel his presence behind her, as if it was calling to her. "Did you see what I saw?", Her friend whispered, smirking. "Hush" she shushed her. An unfamiliar tug startled her, making her drop the papers. She felt clear somehow. something had fallen into place, claiming the constant emptiness in her mind as its own. Her heart sped. What was it? Did the stranger do something? She turned around abruptly only to find the him with the same expression as her. Shocked, her mind answered. She was too aware of the male to even shut it down. Her friend looked worriedly at her. "Y/n?" That seemed to bring him back. He blinked once before whispering. "Mate" She inhaled shakily. "You're my mate"
Tumblr media
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live-the-fangirl-life · a month ago
“ if you asked me to marry you tomorrow, i'd say yes. “ “ what about today?” for elorcan cause…..i am nothing if not predictable <3
What Happens in Vegas... Part 1
Elide Lochan x Lorcan Salvaterre - Answered Prompt
“If you asked me to marry you tomorrow, I’d say yes.” / “What about today?”
Tumblr media
Part 2 | Masterlist | Read on Ao3
848 words
The loud chimes of slot machines filled the air of the Vegas Casino that Elide was sitting in. She was on her third—or was it fourth?—drink and laughed at whatever Aelin was going on about.
All their friends had taken a trip to Vegas for a joint bachelor/bachelorette party for Aelin and Rowan. It’d been a day and so far, everyone was having a blast. Aedion won big on some machine and walked away two hundred dollars richer, only to lose it all at Blackjack. Lysandra scored the girl's tickets to a Magic Mike show. Aelin and Rowan were happily occupying the newlywed’s suites, despite not being married yet, because Fenrys convinced them to pretend so they could take advantage of all the amenities.
Elide felt a heavy arm wrap around her shoulders and pull her into a hard chest. She knew it was Lorcan without having to look.
“Lor! There you are!” It took her a moment longer than necessary to get out the words…maybe it was the fifth drink?
She beamed up at him and he flashed her his own broad smile, a rarity to everyone but her, and kissed her forehead.
“El, babe, I’ve been looking for you.”
She giggled as he lifted her from her chair, sunk down in her seat, and set her on his lap, wrapping his large arms around her waist.
“Did…did you know,” Elide said as Lorcan tucked his face into her neck, “that I love you? Like really, really love you.”
She felt him grin against her skin before bringing his mouth up to her ear and whispering—or, whisper-shouting—“You’re my favorite person, ‘Lide. I love you too.”
Elide gasped and spun in his lap to hold his face between her hands and squish his cheeks together. She furrowed her eyebrows and asked as seriously as she could, “I’m your favorite person?”
Lorcan nodded, his face still gripped in her hands. His eyes held the same glazed, fuzziness that hers did.
Elide beamed and released his face to wind her arms around his neck, “You’re my favorite person, too, Salvaterre.”
Lorcan’s arms tightened around her waist and pulled her in for a searing, sloppy, kiss.
Elide tore her face away to take a breath as Lorcan kissed down her neck. She was half sure that she’d find hickeys there tomorrow.
“Lor,” she felt him hum against her skin, “Lor, baby, If you asked me to marry you tomorrow, I’d say yes.”
He stopped sucking on her skin and pulled back to look into her eyes. His own were wide and his mouth hanging open. Elie couldn’t help but giggle again at the stunned look he was giving her.
His hands gripped her waist as he searched her face. When he didn’t see any joke or teasing, just determined sincerity, he rested his forehead against hers and ran a hand up her back.
“What about today?” he asked in a low voice.
“What?” Elide asked, running her fingers through his hair that’d long since fallen out of its messy bun.
“What about today? Would you marry me today?”
Pulling back to look at him, Elide felt herself sobering up a little. She cupped his cheek and frantically nodded. “Yes, I would.”
After another frenzied kiss, Elide pulled back once more and said giddily, “Let’s go find one of those twenty-four-hour chapels, I wanna be married by Elvis.”
Hand-in-hand, Elide and Lorcan ran out of the casino and found the first all-night chapel they saw: A Hunka Hunka Burning Love.
Lorcan slammed his hand down on the receptions counter, almost missing it, and declared “I want to wife this woman. Can you please get Elvis over here so I can be Mr. Lochan?”
Elide laughed and gripped his bicep with one hand while holding his hand with the other. “Yes, please, we want to marriage—marry to each other.”
She gasped loudly and whirled to Lorcan, “Lor, I need a ring!”
He looked around quickly, not seeing anything before his eyes lit up and he reached for one of his earrings. Once he removed it, he practically fell down to one knee and said, “Elide Lochan, will you marry—” he paused and squinted his eyes at her. “Wait, how drunk are you.”
“Drunk enough to do this, not so drunk I’ll regret it.”
Lorcan grinned broadly. “Nice. Okay. Okay, Elide Lochan, will you marry me?”
“Yes, Lorcan, I will marry you right now!”
He slipped the earing onto her finger, it surprisingly fit, and they stood back in front of the bored receptionist.
“Chapel number three, on the left.”
Elide and Lorcan stumbled towards the right door. Just as they were about to go in, Lorcan let out a bellow of a laugh.
“Galathynius is going to be pissed that we got hitched before she did.”
Elide rolled her eyes but laughed with him as they walked into the chapel.
The next morning, Elide and Lorcan woke up with killer hangovers, dozens of texts from their friends, and a marriage certificate hanging off the bed.
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wessa1880 · 3 months ago
Rowan: *cool and collected, badass, level-headed* I got this under control.
Aelin: *gets a paper cut* Ouch
Rowan: *panics, crashes into everything in his haste* OMFG ARE YOU OK?! YOU'RE BLEEDING! THAT'S IT, WE'RE GOING TO THE HOSPITAL!
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