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#aedion ashryver

Originally posted by refugiopcional-blog

AN: Sorry for the two month wait, but we’re finally back!! I hope this chapter can make up for it! 

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Aelin had lost interest in the bowl of cereal sitting on the counter in front of her a long while ago. She twirled the silver spoon between her fingers, barely registering the clink of it against the edges of the bowl as her mind slumbered through the chatter between her two roommates. 

Aedion had been in the kitchen when she arrived, and Rowan had followed behind her a minute later. Aelin thought it was discrete enough that their timings could have easily been passed off as coincidence, as she had been hoping for the past week.

Concentrating on anything other than him had proven to be an impossible task when Rowan had slid onto the stool at her side, the scent of fresh pine that clung to him wrapping around her and stealing her focus as he murmured a greeting to herself and Aedion who stood across from her groaning at their sink. 

She hadn’t been paying attention to Aedion’s muttered complaints, lost in her thoughts of the morning she had spent in bed with Rowan, wrapped up in the hands that now rested on her upper thigh. The heady weight of his hand against her drew flashes of heat along her skin and she dropped any pretence of eating breakfast, the spoon chiming against the bowl as she dropped it.

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to anyone who thinks of elain not being able to have azriel’s children as some sort of red flag, i feel it’s time to remind you that sjm herself is adopted. she has incorporated an adopted kid/parent into every major series she’s written. in cc it’s bryce and her stepfather. she shows their relationship and how that affects bryce. despite not being biologically related bryce considers him her father. in tog, it’s lysandra and evangeline, the girl takes under her wing and adopts. you also see how aedion cares for evangeline as well and evangeline loves them. so despite the fact that it’s misogynistic to assume that elain could never be with azriel because she cannot (currently) have an illyrian child, it’s completely baseless to assume that sjm wouldn’t just use them to incorporate a kind of relationship that she clearly loves.

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Operation Ghost Leopard, Part 14

Lysaedion Spy au


Originally posted by geminiscene


Lorcan had phoned Aelin from Aedion’s line to ensure she was in her rooms, and within seconds, the two of them were walking swiftly toward her quarters. Come to think of it, Lysandra had never visited that area of the castle. Her time spent in Terrasen’s palace usually involved the war room, Aedion’s rooms, and the occasional common area. She focused her mental energy on guessing what Aelin’s living area would look like; the decor, the furniture, etc.

Anything to prevent the panic rising in her throat.

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“ But just remember that this fear of yours? It means you have something worth fighting for - something you care so greatly for that losing it is the worst thing you can imagine. ”

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Listen. Okay. In the most loving way, fuck you. These are my boys. I’d have them all at a one ranking tbh

1. Cassian

2. Aedion *I fell in love with Aedion the second he appeared in HOF.*

3. Hunt

Send me 3 characters/ship and I’ll rank em

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I feel like we don’t mention how Aedion shot that sea wyvern with one shot to save Lysandra’s life enough.

Like one chance and he got it. And also how Gavriel thought he was a legend for doing it.

Im crying again🥲

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i have more Aedion thoughts but what else is new

one of the reasons that people say they hate Aedion is because of the way he acted when he found out that Aelin gave the blood oath to Rowan

but to put it into context, literally the page before Rowan dropped the “Gavriel is Aedions father” bomb so emotions were already pretty high for Aedion and Aedion explicitly states in the text that Evalin, Rhoe and his trainers would have know about Gavriel and kept it from him (probably to protect Aedion from Maeve but i personally think that knowing the person you are supposed to stay away from would really help you to actually stay away from them but that’s just me)

so Aedion is already angry that he has been lied to his whole life by his family, then he finds out that Aelin also lied to him literally the night before when they were talking about the blood oath so that must have been the icing on the cake of family betrayal, which he found out all about in the span of a couple of minutes. especially considering that the blood oath has been promised to him since he was a child and he has made plans to help Terrasen the rely heavily on him being a blood sworn general because he would have more authority than just a regular general. i would also be rather pissed to find out this information. was breaking shit and swearing a bit much? yeah, but they’re fae and the fae just act like that. it’s not like Aedion in the only one to ever overreact to a situation. Rowan literally almost killed him in that scene, i would also call that an over reaction.

so anyways, stop slandering my boy. his reactions and emotions are perfectly valid. i’m sure most of us would act the same all things considered.

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Aelin : so everyone know what they’re doing?

Aedion : as in the plan or in general.

Aelin : the plan, Aedion

Aedion : oh phew.

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Rowan : we have to find some way to cut the expenses. what can we live without?

Aelin : Aedion, probably

Aedion : eXCUSE ME

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sjm really said “gavriel dies when aedion finially sees him again after pretending he doesn’t want him and wanting them there” MAN MAN GAVRIEL? GAVRIEL? WHY KILL him what did he do? and aelin giving gavriel the blood oath when he was dead, GODS her UNCLE 😭😭😭😭😭😭

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Aelin: Look Aedion, you have got to stop being such a bonehead.

Aedion: *starts sweating nervously*

Aelin: That wonderful girl actually loves you.

Aelin: And she could’ve had anyone she wanted, but she chose YOU.

Aelin: So IF YOU DON’T STOP BEING A SUCH COWARD and ask Lysandra to marry you, I’ll marry her myself!

Aedion: *visibly confused and scared*

Rowan: *slowly raises his hand*

Rowan: What about me, Aelin?

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Aedion : you’re just saying that to spare my feelings

Aelin : you think i care enough about your feelings to spare them?

Aedion : …

Aedion : can’t argue with that logic

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Aedion calling Rowan his brother and Nesta calling Rhys her brother hits differently, I don’t know why. But it hits. And it hurts in the best way possible.

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