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Manon Blackbeak is going to be the death of me

- a series by me, co-written by Elide Lochan, excerpts from Dorian Haviliard and Abraxos, featuring an exclusive section by Aelin Galathynius, foot notes from The Thirteen and wyverns, quotes from the Crochans, and a literal obituary of the Matron

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An Insider’s Guide to Throne of Glass: Aelin’s Infamous Gold Nightgown, 3/?

She was still smiling when he asked, “Are all your nightclothes like that?”

“So curious about my negligees, Prince. Whatever would the others say? Maybe you should issue a decree to clarify.”

He growled, and she grinned into her pillow. “Yes, I have more, don’t worry. If Lorcan is going to murder me in my sleep, I might as well look good.”

“Vain until the bitter end.”

She pushed back against the thought of Lorcan, of what Maeve might want and said, “Is there a specific color you’d like me to wear? If I’m going to scandalize you, I should at least do it in something you like.”

“You’re a menace.”

She laughed again, feeling lighter than she had in weeks, despite the news Rowan had given her. She was fairly certain they were done talking for the night when his voice rumbled across the bed. “Gold. Not yellow- real, metallic gold.”

“You’re out of luck,” she said into her pillow. “I would never own anything so ostentatious.”

She could almost feel him smiling at her as she fell asleep.


Thirty minutes later, Rowan was still staring up at the ceiling, teeth gritted as he calmed the roaring in his veins that was steadily shredding through his self-control.

That gods-damned nightgown.


He was in such deep, unending shit.

- Chapter 29 of Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

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<div> Incorrect TOG Quotes </div>
We all have our demons.
Rowan *yanking Aelin towards him*
And this one is mine.
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During Queen of Shadows:

Chaol: I know a top secret place that nobody else knows about

Aelin: ‘sup



Originally posted by 9reactions99

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I have talked about how pregnancy and infertility are two subjects that hit very close to home here a while ago. Sensitive topics for me, and I found out that writing about it whenever it pops into my mind sometimes helps. This is a very small, very simple thing that just appeared in my head yesterday while I played Mahjong at three in the morning. I hope you guys find it is as beautiful to read it as it was calming for me to write it. 

Warnings: Infertility

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Remember when Aelin set Doranelle on fire and called out Maeve for the bitch she is? 

Yeah, that was cool. 

And then she freed Rowan from the bloodoath. 

That was even better. 

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Headcanons for the next generation of ToG, Part 1: Children

Aelin and Rowan Galathynius:

Rionah Galathynius, girl

Lucan Galathynius, boy

Iroh Galathynius (yes, like ATLA), boy

Entaŕi Galathynius, girl

Orvillius (Villy) Galathynius, boy


Manon Blackbeak and Dorian Havilliard:

Atlas Havilliard, twin to Asterin, boy

Asterin Blackbeak, twin to Atlas, girl


Elide and Lorcan Lochan:

Ragnor Lochan, boy

Kian Lochan, boy

Ronan Lochan, boy

Eliah Lochan, boy

Althea Lochan, girl


Lysandra and Aedion Ashryver:

Aydhan Ashryver, boy

Alvaro Ashryver, boy


Yrene and Chaol Westfall:

Thesyan Westfall, boy

Anais Westfall, girl

Cassia Westfall, girl


Nesryn and Sartaq:

Kaia, girl

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I can’t believe I’m back! It’s been a little rough these past couple of months but I’m happy to be writing again and hopefully will bring it back to my daily routine! Taylor released a new album so of course I had to write something! I hope you guys enjoy, it’s just a little silly thing.

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Dorian: guys, I have a question. If your leg got cut off, would it hurt?

Aelin: yeah.

Dorian: how?

Fenrys: cause… your leg got cut off.

Dorian: but where will you feel the pain—

All three, simultaneously: —if your leg is gone!

Rowan, staring from across the room: you guys are idiots.

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Hi! I wrote another fanfiction/drabble thing. It’s kind of bad, but I think I’m improving 😂. Anyways, hope you enjoy this little sickfic. I’m literally obsessed with them XD. (Yes, it’s Lysaelin. There will definitely be more Lysaelin content coming!)

Fanfiction Masterlist


Aelin woke up with a groan. She tried to sit up, but immediately slumped back as the room began to spin. As much as she hated to admit it, she should have listened to Lysandra when she had told her not to take on her court in a one against all snowball fight. At the thought of her girlfriend, Aelin realized that the other side of the bed was empty. Not being able to stand the thought of staying still, Aelin tried to get up from the bed again, slower this time, and managed to sluggishly trudge to the bathroom-only to sit back down on the bathroom floor. The cold tiles felt nice against her hot and feverish skin. Unable to stand again, she rested her head against the wall, and fell asleep. 

Aelin woke up to see Lysandra carrying her back to the bed. “Oh you’re awake,” she smiled sweetly, setting Aelin carefully, on the bed. Aelin tried to respond, and say yes, but a strangled croak came out. Aelin sniffled and frowned-she hated this. “I told you not to play in the snow,” Lysandra shook her head. Aelin, unable to answer without her throat dying, just pouted. “I went to the market to go get you some soup and I bought some chocolates to eat later.” She pulled out a bowl of soup, “But drink this first.” Aelin took a sip, but it just made her throat burn even more. “Drink as much as you can.” She drank some more, and her throat felt much clearer.

“Okay, that’s all. I am going to throw up if I take another sip.” Her voice was still strained, but it was better than before. Suddenly, she remembered that she had places she needed to be. 

She made a move to get off the bed, but Lysandra stopped her, “Where do you think you’re going, Aelin?”

“I need to attend the council meetings and I need to-”

“You’re not doing anything today. You need to rest. I have already told Rowan to take your place today, and come to me if he needs anything. All you will be doing today is getting better.”


“No buts. Now go back to sleep,” she said, sternly. 

“Fine,” Aelin reluctantly obeyed as she started to feel lightheaded again. She fell back to sleep, again.

After a couple hours, Aelin woke up, shivering, and saw Lysandra placing cool, wet washcloths on her forehead. “It’ll help bring down your fever, love,” she noticed Aelin shivering, and placed another blanket over her. Once the fever started to go down, Lysandra set the washcloths aside and laid down beside the woman she loved. “How are you feeling?”

Aelin turned over to face her, “Better,” she smiled, her voice was still a bit raspy, but much better than it had been in the morning. “I’m just a bit cold.”

“I can help with that,” Lysandra grinned, and there was a flash of light. She shifted into her ghost leopard form, as Aelin let out a breathy laugh. She snuggled into the ghost leopard, feeling much warmer. The two laid there for some time, having a silent conversation through their mating bond. 

Once Aelin started heating up a bit, Lysandra switched back and put her clothes back on. Aelin decided to get up, since she had been feeling better, and walked around a bit to get the blood flowing. “Do you want to go to the library, Lys?” 

“Sure. You may want to change out of your night gown though.” Aelin looked down at her clothes, damp with sweat, and felt her hair stuck against her face and frowned. “Here, I’ll help.” Lysandra picked out a comfy dress and helped Aelin get into it. Then she sat her down and fixed her hair.

“Lys, you’re taking too long, let’s go,” she sighe. “You don’t need to make my hair look all fancy.”

“Oh, stop fussing, I’m just braiding your hair, so it doesn’t get in your face.” She rolled her eyes. 

Aelin took a deep breath once they reached the library. She immediately went over to find a book that Dorian had suggested a while ago. Lysandra picked up a history book she hadn’t read yet, and sat down on one of the library couches. Aelin came over and laid down, so that her head was resting in Lysandra’s lap. 

“History?! Again? Lys, you should try reading some of the wonderful fictional books that fill this lovely place.”

“Everyone has their favorites. You know I love learning about the past. It’s quite fascinating, you should try it.” 

Aelin rolled her eyes, “No thank you. Reading about dead people seems boring.” 

Lysandra just shook her head, and they both read their books in silence. Lysandra ran her fingers through Aelin’s golden hair as she was reading. 

“Don’t stop,” she murmured. It made her feel a bit sleepy, so she put her book down, and just admired her exquisite girlfriend. 

“What are you thinking about?”

“How much of an absolute mother hen you can be.”

“Yeah right, you were way worse when I got sick a couple weeks ago. You wouldn’t leave the bed.” 

“You were dying.”

“I had a cold, literally the same thing as you,” she replied, rolling her eyes.

“Whatever,” she muttered, her cheeks flushing. “Thanks for taking care of me, Lys,” she said as she dozed off once again. 

“Anytime, love,” she whispered back, and gave her a soft kiss.


Feel free to comment constructive criticism! I know I a bad with details, though, and I make it move a bit too fast. I’m working on that 😅

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i honestly feel like rowaelin was like lowkey boring like they were enemies but like he tasted her blood and like immediately started simping for her 🙄 it wasn’t really a slow burn at all…

and lysaedion was just no❤️ do i even need to explain this one?

lysaelin would’ve been way better bc like they were enemies only bc of arobynn and then like there was a slow building of trust to the point where they were in complete sync by the end and like they were literally perfect and i could write an essay if anyone disagrees 💅

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this page has literally just turned into a lysaelin page 😭😂

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someone: are you a little spoon or big spoon?

aelin: i’m a knife

lys: *looks up from magazine* she’s the little spoon

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if you like lysaelin, can u comment please 🥺

it’s my otp right now 😭 and idk anyone who ships them

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aelin would never let anyone other than lys top her 😌🤚

(don’t fight me i could write an essay on this)

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playing truth or dare

fenrys: aelin, i dare you to kiss the most gorgeous person in this room

aelin: hey rowan

rowan: yes fireheart

aelin: move over, I need to get to lys

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