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#aenocyon dirus

Continuing in the style of my simplified “Archovember” drawings, I was gonna do some non-mammalian synapsids first, but then we got new information on the Dire Wolf so I just HAD to draw it.

In case you haven’t heard yet, some Dire Wolf DNA was able to be examined and it was found that Dire Wolves are actually not just larger, bulkier gray wolves… in fact they’re not even wolves at all! They belong to their own genus, Aenocyon, and would have probably looked like older species of dog and been more suited for temperate climates rather than tundra.

For this one in particular, I combined coloration of bush dogs, jackals, African wild dogs, and maned wolves. Though it sorta ended up looking like a long-legged wolverine. 😅

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Fun Fact of the Week: A new study revealed that “Dire Wolves” weren’t actually wolves at all and belonged to their own genus known as “Aenocyon Dirus” rather than “Canis Dirus.”

art by Mauricio Anton

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