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#aerospace engineering

May 5th 2020

Today was a suck-y day. I struggled to get out of bed and when I finally managed to sit down to study, I began to experience a lot of backpain. I tried doing short bits of studying at a time, but unfortunately it didn’t really work for me.

By now I know that I have these kind of days every now and then, but I still get so frustrated. If anyone has any advice on how to handle frustration like this, please tell me!

Stay healthy❤

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May 4th 2020

Today started out super productive, but as the day grew older my concentration started to fade away. I’m still very happy with what I got done and I’ll see how tomorrow treats me.

Stay grateful ❤

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June 2nd 2020

Today I got to studying again after the long weekend eith the two Whitsun days (apparently it’s not common to have two of those?).

Studying went great and I got a lot done. Tomorrow I’ll have a talk with my academic counselor about what my study plan will be for the next academic year. I’m both excited and nervous, but we’ll see.

Stay positive ❤

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May 28th 2020

Today, in stark contrast with the previous days, I did not feel like studying at all. I decided therefore to take a ‘weekend day’. Relax today and make up for it in the weekend.

As the day progressed I did feel like I was longing to study for a bit (idk where that came from). I ended up doing three hours of work!

All and all a productive but also relaxing day! I hope to have more of those in the future.

Stay fabulous ❤

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May 27th 2020

Today was the third good day in a row! Again, I was very productive. I got more hours of studying in than I had planned, I cooked my family dinner and finished a workout!

As you can see my study space did look a bit different today though. As the livingroom would be empty for a few hours I decided to study there for a bit. Also, I used my sister’s Chromebook during that time so she could use my laptop (apparently her uni chose a proctoring system for the online exams that can’t be used on Chromebooks? Idk).

Maybe I should change things up more often?

Stay healthy ❤

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Hi it’s your friendly neighborhood space nerd saying WATCH THE LAUNCH TODAY it’s a huge deal this is the first time American astronauts are launching from American soil in almost a decade (9 years)

Also I love being an aerospace major lol because the department chair sends out reminders like this :)

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May 26th 2020

Today I got a lot of things done. They were not necessarily all uni stuff, but I still feel great about checking a lot of things off my to do list.

I used to use to do lists back in high school and kind of forgot about them. I’m glad I gave it a try again, because I find it so satisfying to cross off tasks.

Stay focused ❤

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May 25th 2020

This first day of studying after a long weekend went extremely well and I got so much done!

I did accidentally fall back asleep after my alarm, but despite that I got a lot done in the hours between breakfast and lunch. My focus wasn’t as good after lunch, but with the occasional break, I managed tu o get a lot done.

Hoping that tomorrow will be as good as today!

Stay hopeful ❤

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USTAD CAYZADE @cayzade · 1d Allah tarafından kapatılmaya çalışılan ilk imam hatip T24 O @t24comtr Adıyaman'da okul girişindeki çatı çöktü; öğrenciler dersteydi…… .. in LISESI

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May 19th 2020

I sadly didn’t study as much today as I had originally planned, but it was mainly because I took a little longer coming back from a hospital appointment, so I think it is okay.

I finally started a new form of treatment for my chronic pain (this whole covid situation made the wait an additional 3 months), so I should be able to have longer study sessions soon! I’m excited!

Stay hopeful ❤

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Is that a tunnel under the missile silo? Has a ”Rogue elements of the communist Chinese army use fantastic burrowing machines in an effort to place atomic bombs under major U.S. cities. The U.S. Navy sends troops underground to combat them?” That of course is the plot of the hilariously bad movie Battle Beneath the Earth (1967) which I and my younger brother saw in the theater. In the end the villain is foiled because he forgot to put an Allen wrench he needed to blow the volcano back in it’s toolbox.

Aerospace Engineering Magazine 1961

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May 14th 2020

The last few days I’ve noticed more and more how linear algebra has become one my favorite subjects this quarter. Because of this, I’ve started to think that maybe I should split up the subject’s lectures into six parts. That way I could start all of my studying days by doing something fun before diving into the other subjects and I’m hoping it will make it easier to start my day in the early morning.

I’ll try it out and let you know how it went in a week.

Stay productive ❤

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May 13th 2020

I’ve been very distracted today because of road works in front of my parents’ house. Earplugs didn’t help, music didn’t help and neither did a combination of the two.

At least I got some work done and hopefully tomorrow they’ll be a bit less noisy than they’ve been today.

Stay positive ❤

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May 12th 2020

Today was an interesting day.

I had one 4-hour class, had a (digital) meeting with a uni-psychologist and I was almost reported to the Board of Examiners for suspected fraud (whoops). The first two, not that interesting/special, but the last did elevate my heartbeat.

So the fraud, it turned out to be one big misunderstanding, so I’m fine, but if you want ro know the full story (as I would want), here it is:

One of my exams last April was on Dynamics, which I’m terrible at. It had a set of strict anti-fraud rules, since it’s quite easy to cheat at because of the way they let us take the exam. It involved uploading multiple files, staying available for Zoom calls for 5 hours after the test ended, etcetera.

About 90 minutes into the exam, I realized that I wouldn’t come anywhere near a passing grade, so I decided to stop trying and I did not hand in my exam, nor any of the anti-fraud documents. I thought this wouldd result in less work for me and the lecturers. (But apparently the system submits your exam for you.)

Fast forward to today, where I opened my inbox (after a few days of not having looked at it) and was greeted with an email telling me to please be available for a call today at a set time for questions about my anti-fraud documents. It also kindly told me that if I would not attend, I would be reported to the Board of Examiners.

Now I had my psych appointment at that exact timeslot, which meant that I would not be able to be available for this anti-fraud call. I decided to email my lecturer this exact story, that I sadly couldn’t make it to the call and that I would like to see if we could reschedule my anti-fraud call. I quickly got an email back telling me no additional information was required and that I wouldn’t be reported as they would ignore my exam results, just like I wanted.

So yes, all turned out fine, but one thing I learned: NEVER FORGET TO CHECK YOUR EMAILS.

Stay healthy ❤

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May 8th 2020

Today was a messy day. I had only one lecture which was 4-hour Python instruction. For this class, they use a livestream because of the many questions students (can) have, which is fair. But it just didn’t work today.

It started out by lots of background noises on the lecturer’s side. Which was followed by the stream ending because of his poor wifi connection. Then when it restarted (after about 30 min), there was about a 10 seconds lag between the audio and the visuals, which wasn’t ideal either.

In all honesty, it was okay, but these inconveniences seem to affect me so much these days. I need to find a way to deal with it, so if you have any suggestions, please let me now.

For now, have a nice weekend and stay safe ❤

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