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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#aesthetic notes

April 2020: I hope you’re all doing ok in this weird time. not much has changed for me, I still have all the same classes + lectures, but this time online. Here’s a throwback of my semester 1 exam notes✨

IG: psychiex

YT: studywithanna

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Day 4/100; 4/3/20

Today, I took a biology & chemistry quiz. I haven’t reviewed anything, but I’ll start that tmrw, for sure!!

My thoughts 💭:

  • A while back, my friend once told me that if you feel that ur uncomfortable or are just always complaining, then remove that toxicity/negativity from ur life. I did just that & I felt comfortable & happier.

So I thought, maybe I need to remove these friends who aren’t really my friends from my life. And that’s exactly what I had done. Took the trash out, Bc it was overflowing & we don’t want a mess.

  • So, I blocked that friend(s). From my Snapchat. I reactivated my insta & Twitter just to block them on there as well
  • Originally, I was to reactivate it on 7th Bc of this, ill spend less time on social media. I’ll create a lil free time schedule to check social media during my break or after I’m finished with my studies.


Achievements ✨

  • I ran 2 miles today (on the treadmill) - just hope I keep this up on a weekly tbh.
  • I prayed 4/5 times, this is coming from a gal who rarely ever prays 😅
  • I ate somewhat healthy, I haven’t had dinner tho (so I might eat something an hour before I sleep).
  • Got a 100% on both quizzes 💪

Tmrw’s Goals:

  • Biology: Revise ch. 1 & ch. 2
  • Chemistry: Revise lecture 1 & 2 & HW 1 & 2
  • Glbh: Read & Annotate readings
  • Do not check & scroll in phone 1st thing tomorrow morning.
  • Gotta get up at 6AM & stay woke till 10pm
  • Start abs/thigh exercises
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-my april bujo spread

i ran out of pages in my bullet journal!! does anyone have recommendations for a new bullet journal?

i hope you’re staying safe, have a great day🥰

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giving the people what they want with some handwriting closeups ;) yeah, tumblr, you like that? that aesthetic enough for ya? (the mock sexiness jig is up now, I don’t think this is the sense of humour quite for me, tumblr). If this is your first time clicking onto my blog, oh gosh am very sorry pls like this picture anyway for the aesthetic….

and as always send me ur asks and questions and messages, love hearing from you wonderful people!!

♫ Florida Kilos, Lana Del Rey

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Sometimes I like my coffee black (like Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds of Summer [5sos]), like the Mint Mocha coffee by Barissimo, but any other coffee I need milk and cream or syrup to put in it. Anyway, here’s some notes on substance abuse disorders… it took me almost 7 hours to take 16 pages of notes, oof.

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my weird obsession with posting a collage has struck again. I JUST LIKE SEEING THEM ALL TOGETHER I CANNOT EXPLAIN THIS TO YOU.

as always, feel free to send in any asks/messages!

♫ Florida Kilos, Lana Del Rey

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April 1st, 2020

Happy April Fools Day! Today was a good day, but it was definitely hard to be productive. I had classes, as usual, and I took an exam for my Marriage and Families sociology class! I honestly feel like I nailed it, and I’m gonna stay positive about it. Other than that, I just worked on some Stats notes, which are above!

Hope everyone had an amazing day💕 Let’s start this month off right!

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Ok so I’ve been really afraid to start studying biochemistry, and with online classes I could procrastinate on it. Newsflash, I got behind.

I should’ve handled some paperwork yesterday, but I started studying today. Good news are I actually understood the subject, and self-tested with a test the teacher uploaded: I GOT 9/11

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Making dalgona coffee every weekend now until my right arm is like, SUPER jacked. Been enjoying this alone quiet time and using tumblr as a way to relax and interact with all of you awesome people!

As always, my ask box is reopened and I love reading all your lovely messages and comments so send em all in, you guys area always making me smile!!

♫ Norman Fucking Rockwell!, Lana Del Rey

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