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fandom · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
The Tumblr community’s core values? Cottagecore, farmcore, goblincore.
Dark Academia
Light Academia +4
Fairycore +6
Farmcore -1
Chaotic Academia +29
Naturecore -4
Romantic Academia +32
Lovecore -2
Grandmacore -5
Weirdcore +10
Goblincore -8
Forestcore -1
Kidcore +3
Webcore +4
Classic Academia
Vaporwave -7
Anime Aesthetic +7
Cozycore -10
Angelcore +1
Gardencore -10
Grunge Aesthetic -9
Soft Aesthetic
Art Academia
Dirtcore -16
Scenecore -11
Cryptidcore -13
Study Aesthetic -3
Fall Aesthetic
Old Web
Faecore -13
Cottage Witch -15
Frogcore -9
Macabre +1
Gremlincore -4
Pastel Aesthetic
Red Aesthetic
Honeycore -19
Medieval +1
90s Aesthetic -11
Emocore -17
Goth Aesthetic -17
The number in italics indicates how many spots a title moved up or down from the previous year. Bolded titles weren’t on the list last year.
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vantegotic · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ㅤㅤㅤ𝗹𝗶𝗸𝗲 𝗈𝗋 𝗿𝗲𝗯𝗹𝗼𝗴 𝗂𝖿 𝗎 𝗌𝖺𝗏𝖾. 𝗱𝗼𝗻'𝘁 𝗿𝗲𝗽𝗼𝘀𝘁.‹3
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tentacion1999 · a day ago
Russian acting president - Alexander Rutskoy and his followers with AKS-74U's during the Russian constitutional crisis. Moscow, 1993
Tumblr media
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chloelapomme · 2 days ago
NaruHina month 2021 - Day 1: Soulmates
(Click on the pictures for better quality)
Tumblr media
Pillowtalk by Linisen
Soulmate au where if you're both in bed thinking about each other you can hear each other’s voice.
Tumblr media
Fate by Linisen
Where, on the youngest soulmates 18th birthday the soulmates swap one eye color.
Tumblr media
Sunshine by Linisen
A soulmate Au where, when you meet your soulmate you start seeing colors in a world that was previously black and white.
Tumblr media
Promise by Linisen
A soulmate Au where what you write on your body turns up on your soulmates skin
Tumblr media
Ghost (touch) by Linisen
A soulmate AU where you feel where the other person is touching their body and thinking about you - like a ghost touch.
Tumblr media
Dreams by Linisen
A soulmate AU where you dream of your soulmate on the night of your eighteenth birthday.
Tumblr media
Yesterday by Linisen
A soulmark AU with an elfen magic twist.
(I swear I do write fanfictions. I just love artists, amazing stories and pretty pictures. So please, accept my attempt at making moodboards for some prompts of this event. NaruHina Month 2021, let's go!)
(Click on the pictures for better quality)
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movielosophy · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Luoyang - You’ve eaten at more than 70 food stalls in Luoyang. More than 20 are acceptable. Only one is excellent.
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vaporwavecorp · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
The moment when two beautiful souls met.
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