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Genshin Impact 2022 Birthday Artworks & Character Shorts: Rosaria
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Y/N: *visiting the 4nemo boys* Hello, I just came to-
Y/N: *sees Xiao shoving Venti into the washing machine while Kazuha records and Aether watches*
Y/N: *retreating* Something suddenly came up.
A/N: Welp. Time to be alive again,, but aren't they just cute <3
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Illustrations and Wallpapers promoting Zhongli's and Ganyu's banner reruns!
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The Reader is a female! Sorry I can't write non-binary :,)))
No warnings! Just a little fluff
Kazuha x Reader fic
Hunter Kazuha is on the chase! (Windtrace Event)
It鈥檚 another festive year of Mondstadt and everyone in Teyvat is welcome to join Windblume Festival. It holds tons of exciting events such as Windtrace. Some people didn鈥檛 payed much attention on the game since they would never won against the vision holders but luckily for them, the game is separated to 2 category鈥檚 and one is for the vision holders while the other are the opposite.
Now what happened here, Aether and Paimon were about to do their dailies but to meet with empty room of Adventurer鈥檚 Guild Help Counter. Catherine is not on sight. 鈥淲ha- where did Catherine gone?鈥 Paimon asked. Aether then remembered that today鈥檚 the Windblume Festival since the atmosphere is full of dandelions and windwheel asters so there will be no commissions withhold but Catherine鈥檚 disappearance seems something new for him. 鈥淚t鈥檚 Windblume Festival, Paimon鈥︹ Aether said as his eyes wonders around for people to ask about Catherine鈥檚 sudden disappearance. Surprisingly, only few people are around Monstadt as many gathers corners by corners so he decided to ask that is closer to them. 鈥淓xcuse me, Flora. Have you seen Miss Catherine around?鈥 Aether asked the young girl. She chuckles in response as the girl settles herself from organizing flowers, 鈥淢iss Catherine hosted the event of Windtrace, only few blocks away from the city.鈥 The two didn鈥檛 waste their time and decided to attend, expecting that there will be more people from Liyue and Inazuma would attend the big event.
Aether and Paimon are now wondering around the crowds to see if some of his friends joins the event but they were greeted first by a gloomy Reader who seems to isolates herself on the entrance but accompanied by Childe and an unconscious Venti. 鈥淓rh鈥 what happened to them?鈥 Paimon asked the ginger head. He himself, looks beaten up but he is present to his consciousness. 鈥淭hey鈥檙e uh鈥raumatized over something from our match.鈥 Childe eyed the two besides him and patted the reader鈥檚 shoulder, expressing relate to the situation they鈥檝e gone through. The adventurers were quite shock of Childe鈥檚 sudden behavior since he鈥檚 a competitive type of person. 鈥淓hhhh Childe. Should you be the one act like mighty than accepting defeat or something? You look like someone beats your pulp like these guys over here.鈥 Aether teases the male as Childe only sighs in defeat. 鈥淭he thing is鈥︹
鈥淎lright Everyone! The teams have been selected are shuffled to nations by nations and now we have Venti, Childe and the Y/N as Rebels and Kaedehara Kazuha as the Hunter!鈥 Catherine announced. The location was set to Inazuma, Amidst Autumn Trees at Yashiroi Island and the players prepare themselves for the match. 鈥淣ow pay attention dear players, the disguises are wooden basins, vases and water tanks. The dilapidated houses, scattered items and the vision obscuring red leaves provide ample rooms for covering one鈥檚 tracks! I remind you again to not use your visions during the match and you must rely on your tactics and agility. The game starts鈥.. Now!鈥
The Rebels began to search for a possible place to hide to every corners but鈥 not Childe. Childe hides on the tree and disguises himself as a wooden basin so that he conceal his presence to the hunter. As a seasoned warrior of Tsaritsa, he knows how to cover his own tracks. But the downsides are鈥 he鈥檚 dealing with an experienced adventurer and Kazuha can sense people from afar with or without his vision. As the hunter released, Kazuha鈥檚 eyes wonders around the area. Childe observes the hunter鈥檚 movements from above. The ginger head couldn鈥檛 help but begin to pounder. He observed Kazuha from early match and he holds an impression to the short male. He has kin senses of his surroundings and knows how to ambush people from behind as what he thought. While Childe is busy himself thinking of an escape plan, he didn鈥檛 noticed that Kazuha was behind him with bloodshot scarlet eyes. 鈥淭hink fast, Childe.鈥 Kazuha sneers at him. Then Childe jumps down and screams in fear of getting caught by the samurai. 鈥淗OW TF DID YOU KNOWWW-鈥 Now both Childe and Kazuha are running around the area. Childe鈥檚 girlish screams were heard to every corners of the Yashiroi Island. 鈥楿gh鈥 This man.鈥 The reader tsked in annoyance.
Time passed, Childe has been caught sadly. Rebels only sigh in dismay from the news. Kazuha is now searching for the other rebels. The rebels shivers of the wondering scarlet eyes in fear of getting caught and chased, like the predator hunting its preys. They both knew that this isn鈥檛 a normal hide and seek game anymore but horror game.
The reader accidentally moved from her spot which it was her biggest mistake. Even Kazuha is only few steps away from her hiding spot, she knows that a slight movement from a person can alert him. As what the reader predicted, Kazuha slowly walks to corners, pretend that he didn鈥檛 notice it until to her hiding spot. But as he look for the source of the noise from the winds, he got empty handed. Kazuha slightly smiles to himself and decided to look to the other part of the area. This what reader alerts even more since she鈥檚 only on the same spot, disguises as a wooden basin and hides underneath the bridge. 鈥業s he鈥-鈥. Another scream was heard on the other side of the map. Venti, who disguises as a water tank, is now running from his life from Kazuha. 鈥淵/N I KNOW WE DON鈥橳 KNOW EACH OTHER BUT HELP MEEEEE YOUR BOYFRIENDS IS A MONSTER YOUR BOYFRIEND IS A MONSTER-鈥 Kazuha was indeed a born beast when it becomes to chasing people and Venti as a god of Anemo himself, scared the shit out of him. 鈥榊OU IDIOT! YOU SHOULDN鈥橳 HAVE GONE TO GET THE FAVOR!!鈥 The reader cries out in dismay. 鈥淪CARY SCARY SCARY SCARY-鈥. The sign of Venti is being chased is her time to move and luckily for the rebels, they only have 1 minute and a half left.
Then another time passed by. The match lays on reader against Kazuha. The reader is now hiding on the new spot with the same disguise, hanging on top of the door somewhere on the houses. She knew it was a worst spot when dealing with Kazuha and as she expected, he鈥檚 now on the roof, looking down at the weird hanging wooden basin. 鈥淗ello love.鈥 Kazuha greeted her with a cherry tone. 鈥淗OLY FUCCCCCCCCCC-鈥. The reader takes off her disguise as she fell off the house, surprised that he found her so fast. 鈥淐-CAN U LET ME BREATH FOR A SEC- YOU ONLY SAVE ME FROM THE LAST SO THAT YOU CAN HAVE YOUR FUN CHASING ME.鈥 She exclaims and looks around to search for escape route. 鈥淚鈥檓 afraid you鈥檙e indeed right darling. I guess I just love to play cat and mouse with you at the end.鈥 Her lover chuckles at her reaction. He really do enjoy teasing her this much. Then Kazuha looks back at her, smiling mischievously. 鈥淣ow love, you have to think fast since you only have 30 seconds left~鈥 The reader recklessly ran to the other side of the map, not clearly thinking on where she should go. 鈥淔OR ARCHONS SAKEEEEEE-鈥
Them chasing around the map, really consumes the time but it seems Kazuha has other ideas. Reader become tired from all running around so she hid behind the house as she catches her breath. She thought that Kazuha lost her tracks but a familiar voice slowly made his way to her hiding spot. 鈥10鈥 9鈥 8鈥︹ His voice is getting nearer as the reader were frozen to her spot. She should have run away to consume the time and win but there鈥檚 no avail on her worn out. 鈥..7鈥6鈥.5-鈥. When the timer too hits on 5 seconds, the Reader is greeted by Kazuha鈥檚 lips. The samurai worries little things about his lover鈥檚 being so he maybe be sound cliche but he have to calm her down before sending her to the lobby. 鈥淭he Hunter have won the match!鈥
鈥淎hh鈥 We would be the same on your position if we are there...鈥 Paimon shivers on imagining Kazuha chasing her. 鈥淏eing chased by Kazuha is the last thing we want to see since his familiarity of the nature鈥︹ Aether also on the same state with Paimon but hers are much worse. The poor duo shrieks when Kazuha pops out of nowhere beside them. 鈥淗ello Traveler, Paimon.鈥 He greeted the two as if nothing happened. Childe begins to flee out of his sight while the reader tries her best to hide on the corner. Kazuha slowly made himself besides her and attempt to comfort her. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 want that kind of face would be the last one to remember on my dying breath鈥︹
鈥淚 said I was sorry, love鈥︹
'I even question myself if I were an archon or not...'
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鈹 PLOT 釤羔煾 4NEMO gets an award. 鈹 CHARACTERS 釤羔煾 4NEMO ( venti, xiao, kazu, aether )
鈹 DALLA DALLA 釤羔煾 modern au. gn reader, sfw. reblogs are appreciated. more here.
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venti . would tell you about it all night, on the phone. he won't let you go unless you absolutely have to. somehow he makes everything about the award, " ah, see the clear skies tonight? you know what else is clear? my reflection in this trophy. "
xiao . all he really cared about was avoiding the microphone. sure they just one a grammy but he sees it as another item venti uses to kiss his own reflection? really appreciates if you take him out to celebrate or you make him something but it really isn't necessary.
kazuha . much like xiao, he doesn't really care all that much. he was probably in the restroom when they were called up to accept the award. he invites you to anything they do privately to celebrate. unlike venti, he never brings it up. he will send you photos of venti bringing the award around like it is his girlfriend.
aether . venti made him speak, poor thing. he left early to call you for moral support. he dissed venti on twitter the next day until he got scolded and had to take it down. however that doesn't stop him from writing venti a diss track to celebrate. it was 40 minutes long.
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will you grant my wish?
an (over)dramatization of my rolls for xiao constellations drawn as a thank you and goodbye to his rerun banner
open for better quality || no reposts || image desc under the cut || ko-fi
[Image description: A three page comic about wishing for Xiao.
The first page depicts Wangshu Inn with the mountains, moon, and clouds in the background. There is a panel of a chibi Aether standing on the balcony of the inn as he looks wistfully at the scenery. The text at the bottom of the page reads, 鈥淧lease.鈥
At the top of the second page, there is a panel with the Primordial Jade Winged Spear and the Staff of Homa. The text states,聽鈥淚 don鈥檛 have the best weapons for you.鈥 The next panel contains an Intertwined Fate. The text in this panel says,聽鈥渁nd I don鈥檛 have enough wishes to guarantee you鈥檒l show up for me.鈥 Below this panel is a shooting star and a chibi Aether, eyes closed, head turned down, and hands in a prayer position. The text is broken up into parts as you move downwards, and it reads,聽鈥淏ut even so, can I see you again... Xiao?鈥
The third page begins with a panel of Aether with his eyes opened in surprise. The text states,聽鈥淪illy mortal. I told you already, did I not?鈥 Below this is the text,聽鈥淎ll you have to do is speak my name.鈥 The bottom of the page shows a backlit Xiao with a small smile on his face as he lands on the balcony railing. He is gazing down at Aether, who has a surprised expression.]
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I want to travel to other worlds with you again
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Who did you pick?
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A Sketch A Day 1-24-2022
(Something something hydro damage after defeating Oceanid sorry I got distracting halfway sketching this)
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Djsjkdd I forgot I only posted this on insta-
Anyway, one day I'll get Klee and also Mr Fatooey
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Hulian AU ft. XiaoAether 馃惏馃
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"Shh! Be quiet!"
"Rosaria, Paimon and I have specially prepared a meal of Dandelion Wine stew鈥 eh? Where did Paimon go?"
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Genshin Men as Hunters in Windtrace (1)
*eyes gone red in flash when he sense noises or movements.
*has that creepy smile when he chase people.
*eyes really said "you better run and hide."
*you against him? ahhhh idk it depends on his mood really if he let you win or not. He either pretends that he can't see you anywhere or challenging you on the game.
*mostly wins the game because... he's the legendary traveler after all!
*mans got much tricks on his sleeves.
*caught people without dealing with them.
*but oh boy.
*teaming diluc and kaeya on the same match would be a bad idea.
*kaeya forgot that they're still playing the game.
*mans never even let you win but he can be nice once with you.
*it depends on his mood if he wants to win or not. but...that match where he's in with diluc. (both of them were kick out of the match)
*mmmmm yeahhh... He would win most rounds.
*what I mean most, he accidentally or purposely cheats.
*but Venti as a hunter could run shivers people's spines.
*especially the people who knew him as the God of wind.
*You against him? You would lose smh. Mans a god of wind and he can't let you escape
*kinda bad at it?
*been quite a while playing this game
*yeah he was forced by kaeya and klee
*he doesn't put much effort on catching the rebels.
*eyes like a falcon if he sense some movements nearby.
*ehh when he caught the noises coming from you and decided to chase you, you still have multiple escape routes on your mind and cover your tracks so you would probably win against him.
*but sometimes, you made some errors on taking action of some of your escape routes and he caught you! and that would be fair
*sometime wins! unluckily for him to be matched mostly with skilled people on escaping such as venti, kaeya, kazuha or sayu...
*mans bad at this at first.
*one of the reason was because he didn't give efforts to the game like diluc.
*was forced by klee ofc. maybe with kaeya
*mf once sits down and draws.
*this man-
*but hey! at least he managed to catch people with use of his little tricks
*but he losses most matches...
*ehhhhh not until he's on the mood to catch mice..
*yeah once albedo is on the mood to play and give his all, hunter albedo will be scary than you thought.
*yeahhhhhhh he losses almost all rounds.
*this boy really needs help.
*sadly, you guys separated to most rounds so he didn't have a chance to ask you for help.
*even kaeya was still busy bantering diluc.
*but on the bright side, he managed to catch all rebels! his unluckiness can be helpful after all.
*I don't think we should start with him...
*passive aggresive hunter that almost killed some of the participants of the rounds... especially you since you tried to tease him.
*yeahhhh he was kicked out of the room.
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a flash before lightning strikes
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Venti: Rules are meant to be broken
Jean: They鈥檙e made to be followed. Nothing is made to be broken
Kaeya: Uh, pi帽atas?
Lisa: Glow sticks
Diluc: Karate boards
Klee: FISH!
Paimon: wha-
Traveler: Spaghetti, when you have a small pot
Venti: Rules
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Lantern Rite Hang out memory with Xiao 馃巻
Edit by me.
Tumblr media
Here are original pics down below before edit.
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I just think he's neat
Tumblr media
bonus angry/annoyed venti
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Stick by em
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bro your hcs are so funny the ringtones one cracked me up so you have any on the papa and ghouls social media ????
im SO glad you asked and thank you聽
Papa I still doesn't know about cell phones and they're worried if they tell him he'll go into such a deep state of shock they'll have to put him down like a horse with a broken ankle. hes still coming to grips with the reality of phones as a concept. so dont even ask him
Papa II: Doesn't understand social media and doesn't really care to. III made him an instagram and he posts over filtered and blurry pictures he took at the club with captions that don't make sense. only follows models and comments weird shit but somehow his dms are stuff chock full of bitches.
Papa III: influencer. periodt. He runs a perfectly curated instagram, twitter, facebook page, snapchat, and tiktok. (he doesn't use tumblr anymore for obvious reasons (they took down the p*rn)) He has a closet in his house specifically dedicated to ring lights and stage mics. posts fit updates on his story, all his tweets are funny and a little bit tacky in the perfect humanizing and loveable old man way, he does tiktok dances that are lowkey thirst traps. posts pictures of girls hes with but only like their elbow or something like never their face. constantly checking his analytics. knows his audience.
Copia: Only does band related stuff on social media, except for the occasional personal tweet, which makes absolutely no sense. he's completely tone deaf. theyre all hilarious because theyre not supposed to be funny. im getting dril vibes from his twitter. accidentally leaks shit all the time because he doesnt know everyone can see what he posts
Swiss: Perfect on social media in the way that he doesnt post a lot to look sexy and mysterious. stage manager for the rest of the bands videos/posts because he doesnt want to be embarrassed by association if they're cringe. private accounts all around because his empty ass instagram is exclusive content
Rain: Doesn't post a lot anywhere because he doesn't have a lot to say but he's always on his instagram explore feed. only follows people he knows in real life. probably private account. sends an annoying amount of animal videos to the ghoul group chat.
Dew: i cant tell if hes total frat boy on social media or absolutely feral. all his pictures are either him standing w the boys in a row looking absolutely boring or he only ever posts videos of the most dangerous bat shit insane stuff they do. his tiktok is dedicated to what he can set on fire and get away with. every other video is obnoxiously filming and making fun of Aether. posts everyones private moments online because the people wanna see.
Aether: Regular and professional. tweets updates, guitar videos, the occasional funny moment. he blocks anyone who comments about dews videos. really just incredibly boring. thinks everyone has better things to do than sit on their phones all day, but it shuts them up, so can he really complain
Mountain: doesn't have social media and doesnt care. still watches vine compilations on youtube and thinks tiktok is a dumb waste of brain cells. has a facebook but he hasnt used it in ten years.
Cirrus: tiktok star. does all the dances and trends and makeup tutorials. Swiss films everything for her. instagram has a whole b&w artsy theme going on. ruthlessly judges everyone else's social media. always trendy and relevant and posts fun tour montages and vlogs. catches the best moments of everyone. really the place to be for peak ghoul content.
Cumulus: extremely regular posts, occasional selfie and group photo. follows a lot of serious news pages and reads scientific articles and always finds new recipes of shit to make for everyone or crafts to entertain rain with.
- Rosie, who will now use this time for shameless self promo of her instagram and twitter
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