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sheslikealostflower · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston at NJPW Strong, 2300 Arena, Philadelphia – photographed by Earl Gardner
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c-2-0-h-2-5-n-3-o · 2 days ago
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backfliptopancake · a day ago
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malakai says fuck your eyes
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unique-opportunity · a day ago
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sheslikealostflower · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston at NJPW Strong, 2300 Arena, Philadelphia – photographed by Earl Gardner
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brittsdmd · 2 days ago
Kenny Omega: I’m only a fool for you, and I can’t give you up.
kenny omega x gender neutral! reader
genre: fluff
warnings: none
summary: kenny has a big crush on the reader and would try so many times to get their attention, failing each time. what happens when he finally succeeds?
requested by: @sillynilly27 (hope you enjoy!)
tag list: @bellalutionn @cutierocker202 @elitehunter @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @sillynilly27 @im-just-a-mississippi-girl
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find my previous work here!
*I do not own this gif!*
Tumblr media
Kenny sighed as he watched you talk to someone else with your bright smile and soft eyes, wishing that he was the one in your presence. He pined over you, entirely too much.
He can’t recall when his crush on you began, but you’ve been tearing at his heart ever since. It was almost as if everyone knew, at this point, that he liked you and that didn’t make rejection any sweeter.
“Oh, Kenny.” Michael laid a hand on Kenny’s shoulder, his eyes following and settling on you. “Are you going to try again?”
Kenny shook his head, the overwhelming feeling of defeat hugging him. “No, Nak. Why should I?”
“Because you like them,” Michael shrugged, “You just haven’t gotten their attention yet.”
“Yeah, me not getting their attention should be an obvious no. Every time I try to talk to them, something always stops us or interrupts me. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something.”
“Well, the universe is wrong! Now I have to go do something and when I come back, you better have good news for me.” Michael said sternly, clicking at the headset that was placed on his head and muttering answers as he walked away.
Kenny furrowed his brows at Michael’s sudden departure, especially knowing that his headset was fake and that Michael never has anything to do. His fingers pinched at the bridge of his nose as he looked down at the ground, knowing that he was worried about the wrong thing right now.
You’d think with his large level of confidence that talking to you and getting your attention would be easy, but it wasn’t. The first time it happened deflated Kenny’s ego, which immediately made him want to give up. Though, advice from The Elite and a snarky Don Callis made him try again.
“Just because they didn’t notice you this time doesn’t mean that’ll happen again. And if it does, then maybe it’s just not worth it.” Adam shrugged, The Bucks and Brandon nodding in agreement behind him.
Don scoffed and shook his head. “If they don’t notice how great you are, Kenny, then maybe they’re just an idiot and you shouldn’t be pursuing them.”
Kenny still cringes from Don’s “advice” and though he was trying to help, Kenny couldn’t believe that Don insulted the person that he liked the most, but maybe Don was right.
Kenny shook his head at the thought, it wasn’t true. He didn’t think you weren’t an idiot for seeing his potential or never being the first one to initiate things with him. If anyone was an idiot, it was him. His crush on you had started to affect him to the point where it was all he thought about. Maybe it was time for him to give up.
The thought of giving up made him feel queasy, like a loser. Kenny was good at everything he’s ever done and he’s going to quit this... because he can’t tell you that he likes you? No, it was unacceptable.
Because of his inner monologue and realizing that giving up on his crush would make him feel more defeated for not accomplishing this, it was almost as if this had given Kenny an epiphany. And well, he couldn’t disappoint Michael either.
His sudden boost of confidence and new revelations had made him hopeful. With those things giving him a positive outlook, Kenny began to look for you.
The more he asked the backstage hand and others on the roster if they’d seen you, the more he began to lose that hope.
No one had seen you and it was starting to make Kenny feel discouraged all over again. There was no way they could’ve left already, he thought.
Kenny began to walk back to The Elite locker room when he finally saw you come out of nowhere. He quickly jogged over to you and then, his hands grew clammy.
He had finally gotten you alone and now, the nerves were settling in.
“Hey, uh, Y/N. Can we talk really fast?” Kenny said, trying to sound as confident as he could, but he knew that if anyone looked deep inside him enough that they’d know he was a nervous wreck.
Your soft smile made him melt and he mentally let out a sigh of relief when you nodded. “What do you wanna talk about?” You asked, your voice was gentle and full of concern.
Here it was, the moment that he’d been hoping for a long while. The chance to finally tell you that he likes you and man, was Kenny thanking the universe right now.
“Well, uh. I just wanted to tell you that I think.. you’re incredibly talented and so.. beautiful. I like you and I was hoping that we can go out on a date.. soon?” Kenny asked, his clammy hands beginning to shake as he lifted a hand up to scratch the back of his neck from nervousness.
You were silent for a few moments and Kenny could tell you were thinking, but his mouth couldn’t stop him from the embarrassment that flew out of it. “Please say something, my hands are sweating so bad cause being in your presence makes me nervous.”
You let out a laugh and grabbed his hand, not even caring about how sweaty it was. “I would love to go out on a date with you. I just hope we have enough napkins for your hands.” You teased, caressing the back of his palm instinctually to help him relieve his nerves.
Kenny let out a breath and smiled at you, happy that he hadn’t given up.
The two of you worked out the details and before you walked away, you pressed a kiss against Kenny’s cheek that made him blush like never before.
As Kenny walked back to The Elite locker room with exciting news to tell Michael, he gave himself a pat on the back.
He landed a date with the person he wanted so badly, after failing each time to speak to you and make something happen... it finally happened.
Kenny was overjoyed and now? He had something else to never shut up about.
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Tumblr media
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