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Hi I requested Nick Jackson smut because he deserves me love 😍
• caught on camera — nick jackson •
Tumblr media
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{ summary } — what with nick out of the house and not due back for the next couple of days, it allowed you to experiment with your new found profession. with a new camera and an empty house, the possibilities were endless !
{ warnings } — 18+ { minors do not interact }, fem!reader, camgirl!reader, sex work, filming, use of sex toys, female masturbation, voyeurism, facefucking, throatpie, breath play, hair pulling, male + female orgasms, squirting
{ word count } —2.1k
{ genre } — smut
{ taglist } — @boutmachiness @thewrestlingbitch @omg-im-such-a-masochist @baysexuality @chrisdickinson @cuzimacomedian @wardlow @sammiejane22 @april-jeanette-wagner @im-just-a-mississippi-girl @omegasluvbot @damnnhausen
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it's finally here! quickly you rushed to the front door, nothing but a sheer blush pink robe to cover your barely concealed modesty. an excited gasp audibly left your lips upon confirming what the package was. once within the safety of your house, and more so, the privacy of your office, practically tearing open the box, the remnants of which flying all over your office floor, silently making a reminder to clean it up later. 
“hello my beauty…” you pried the item from its cardboard prison, revealing a brand new camera. the design was sleek and simple, yet the quality could be compared to the ones used in hollywood! and it was sure to capture all your assets beautifully!. with nick on the road so often and for so long, sex was few and far in between, your frustrations grew and so did your neediness. but you would not turn to other men for pleasure, oh no. you had come to adore your body and all its wonders from the months of lonely nights at home, touching and toying with yourself like no one else could. 
it started with a few selfies, still clothed but lewd enough and left little to the imagination. but the praise from stranger’s online seemed to only boost your confidence more. it then transferred to lingerie, how the material would hug your body, wrapping and caressing your lovely curves, the praise only increased, about two months in, fully unclothed, confidence reaching its peak. you’d never felt sexier.  
it had peaked your interest for a while, might as well make some money from it? people seemed to enjoy your bare form. you had your first stream a month or so ago, the sight of yourself on camera was nothing new, nick and yourself had already filmed such encounters before. the audience you had garnered over the last several months seemed to show, gathering in the stream chat anxious and waiting for such a lovely show. 
would you say it was a career? it was definitely making you more cash than you would at your regular job, and who could blame you, sex sells after all. 
you propped the camera down gently on your desk, careful not to damage your most prized possession aside from your wedding ring. it certainly matched the aesthetic of your office. baby pink lined every surface, accentuated with white, monitor on the left hand side of the desk, displaying the waiting screen and the awaiting chat feed, tripod next to it. with gentle hands you placed the camera atop the tripod plugging it in, admiring your work for the moment before hitting record. slowly comments from your admirers began to flood in, all begging for you to reveal what good you had stored underneath that rope. you gave a seductive wave to the camera, watching the number of viewers increase with each movement. bending over, pretty ass in the air, cunt glistening for the camera, a flurry of comments rushed in all complementing your form in explicit detail. 
you retrieved a thrusting dildo from your drawer, the white cupboard filled with various sex toys you’d use on stream, and alone with nick. you made sure the dildo was in full view, displaying it to the camera for a moment before dragging it lightly up your thigh, the feeling was featherlight, reminding you the way nick’s fingers would traverse across your skin, dipping into each crevice of your body, teasing and toying with your sweet cunt. 
you continued to drag the toy upward, resting it in the valley of your breasts, accentuating your cleavage by leaning forward slightly, preparing the toy as your tongue glossed spit along the head. with your free hand, slowly beginning to loosen the ties of your robe, teasing your viewers for a moment before fully exposing yourself to their gaze, giggling when the amount of likes your received shot up with a few explicit comments complementing your breasts. 
you leaned back into your chair, one leg propped up on the arm rest, cunt in full view of the camera, slowly beginning to circle small shaped onto your clit. the silicone was warm against your skin, allowing you to sink back into the feeling, small moans and whimpers left your lips, pretty pussy glistening under the studio lights you had set up, loving the way you looked on camera. 
you pushed the head of the dildo past your folds, an exalted sigh left your lips, such relief flooded your veins as you filled yourself to the brim, turning on the toy feeling it begging to pulse and thrust deep inside you. 
you could not help but think of your husband. he’d been on the road for so long you almost forgot what his cock felt like. you missed the way he’d tease you, with his tongue especially, stretch and fill your cunt up, they way he’d have you completely and utterly cockdrunk within seconds, have you screaming and begging for release, making a mess of the bedsheets in the process, all the while he relished in it, in your orgasm and his, drinking you were an oasis in the desert and he a man dying of thirst. there was nothing to compare to it, not even the countless amount of toys stashed away in your bottom draw
“fuck…” you whimpered absentmindedly, soft and under your breath. eyes now closed, envisioning your husband. you could see him clear behind your eyelids, how his cock fucked you out, filling you up with such precision and absolutely ruining you with the force of his thrust. you could hear him, the sound of his moans ringing in your ear, echoing, the phantoms of his voice so dangerously close, edging you onward to release. 
you pealed your eyes open momentarily to gaze at your monitor, views going up, donations flooding in, your viewers loved what they saw, pussy spread for them, toy fucking you out, thrusting deep into your cunt. a moan ripped through your lips, throwing your head back in pleasure as a particularly rough thrust from the toy caused your hips to jolt. eyes now fixated back onto your monitor, squinting slightly when you noticed the door left partially ajar. you’d sworn you’d locked it before hand and you weren’t exactly going to stop your show for something as simple as that. it was what was behind the door that had caught your attention. 
“n-nick…?” you questioned, noticing your husband now standing in the doorway, his figure clearly visible in the stream, to which only heightened your viewership. you weren’t going to question how he had managed to sneak into the house without you knowing, more importantly how he did not tell you that he was going to be back earlier than you expected. peering down you noticed the prominent erection in his sweatpants, slowly palming himself as he met your gaze. 
“don’t stop…” he muttered simply, stripping himself, his clothes gathered in a messy pile in the doorway. he peered around the room, having never set foot inside your office before, he found the new sight rather arousing, especially your set up, the way you sat poised in front of a camera, cunt dripping, exposed for the world to see, most of them unknowing that your pretty cunt belonged to him and that he was the only one who would ever be able to fuck it, fill it up with his seed, it turned him on. 
his cock this, resting in his palm as he made his way towards you, his head out of frame, cock dangerously close to your lips, you were practically drooling at the sight of him. god, you missed him, in a way you were kind of relieved that he had caught you at such an opportunistic time, so willing to share your new found career with him. 
“look at you, sweetheart. such a good little cockwhore…i bet you enjoy all those eyes on your pretty cunt” his words condescending, yet nothing seemed to turn you on more. the toy, still firm between your thighs, pulsing and pumping itself deep into you. nick watched the monitor, smirking when the comments begged for him to fuck your throat. he grabbed you by the chin, making you look up at him, though innocent doe-eyes you yearned for him. “let’s give the people what they want then, shall we”
he parted your lips with his index and middle fingers, pressing down on your tongue, your spit coating his long digits, lathering the appendages as he pulled away, smearing your spit across your puffy lips. his cock resting heavy in his palm, pushing past your lips with a content sigh as his tip rested snugly in the back of your throat. 
“good girl…” he grunted, using your mouth as a makeshift fleshlight for the moment, loving the way you already struggled to breath around his size, spit bubbling around the corners of your lips. he adored the sight. he gave a rough thrust, unexpected to you, leaving you gagging and sputtered around his size, still keeping himself firmly down your throat. he chucked, loving the way your viewers praised you for being a good little cockslut. 
he peered down for a moment, noticing how you were still ruining yourself with the dildo, he loved the way it pulsed, fucking you out so deliciously, albeit a bit jealous since it should be his cock ruining you, but guess he’ll have to wait until later tonight, can’t have all your viewers get too jealous of him now. 
he gave no warning he was about to move, a rough assault on your throat began within seconds. he was feverish, needy. it had been months without the feeling of your pretty lips wrapped around his shaft, he did not want to savour it as much as he wanted to cum. his hand was no match for your mouth, sure he could make himself cum but it never felt as euphoric in comparison to you. 
“fuck baby…missed your pretty mouth…” his hips met your lips with violent thrusts, small moans vibrated against his shaft, in response to his praise. “look at the camera baby…show them how well you suck cock”
he tugged your hair, shirting your position so that your face and cunt were still in view, your eyes flickered between him and the monitor, watching yourself take his cock and the toy. it was a new feeling, you’d never felt sexier than now, your husband ruining your throat for thousands of people to see. you’d often made small talk of your husband on streams, often comparing his size to your toys, he was bigger obviously. it got your viewers curious, who was this so-called husband of yours? the one who gets to claim their queen’s sweet pussy each and every night? thankfully their prayers, and most likely worries had been answered tonight. 
your body began to twitch in your seat, pussy quivering around the toy, peering up at your husband who was in total bliss, head thrown back in pleasure, mouth hung open, heated groans leaving his lips. you moaned around him, a signal  that you were close, the pitch of your moans increasing, the speed of which you fucked yourself out did the same. you could not hold back much longer, sweetness spilling over, coating the toy in your warmth. 
donations went up even further, sky rocketing to heights you’d never seen before. your chair now drenched in your wetness. nick praised your orgasm, although it was hard to hear him due to your brain being clouded with pleasure. nick gave a few final grunts, holding a death grip on your skull as he buried himself deep down your throat, hot cum filling your cheeks. he pried his cock from your warmth, grabbing your face before you even had the chance to think, bringing to towards the camera, your viewers watching on with excitement as you swallowed his seed. 
quickly you turned off the stream, turning off your toy in the process. turning to your husband who stood with a smug smirk, leaning against your chair. 
“i see you got a new hobby” he remarked with a chuckle, you merely rolled your eyes at his statement. 
“why didn’t you tell me you were coming home early? i wouldn’t of streamed tonight and we could have just fucked?” you tried to alter the conversation slightly. nick made his way over to you, placing you in his lap as he sat back in your chair, kissing you roughly, still tasting his cum on your lips. 
“i wanted to suprise you” he muttered against your lips, moaning softly into the kiss “and who says we can’t still fuck?”
“round two in the shower?”
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#21 intimate moments with Hook? Absolutely adore your work!
So I had a good number of prompts that worked really well for a full Hook one-shot so I hope it’s cool that I combined all of them. It’s my first time writing Hook so I hope y’all like it and that I got his voice alright! I’ve been staring at this for three days; sorry for any errors! ;; Thanks so much for y’all sending in your requests and for your patience. <3
Pairing: Hook x OFC. Prompts: Reader is a member of Team Taz; her and Hook have feelings for each other and they’re conned into admitting it + cuddling in the first morning light + soft kisses while cuddling in bed. Requested by: @moxleygirl11x Rating: M. Warnings/Content: Fluff and smut! Word Count: 4309.
Tag List (asked to be added/removed!): @alyhull @boutmachines @chrisdickinson @crowleysqueenofhell @lghockey @rubyred1980 @sillynilly27 @simoneinside
(I don’t own gif; all credit to hoodyhoo!)
Tumblr media
“Oh shit. That shirt looks damn good on you. What do you think, Hobbs?”
Ricky grinned at her and Will shot her an approving thumbs up when she stepped out, brand new Team Taz shirt pulled over her ring gear. The run in that sealed the deal that she was with them had happened last week but in an hour, it would be made official. The big announcement where she’d stand side-by-side with Ricky, Will, Taz, and…Hook.
Oh hell, she would be right by Hook.
The man in question was leaned against the wall, one foot planted against it as he dug through his Mary Poppins bag of chips. Hoodie pulled up over his untameable hair and just as cute as the first day she had come across him. Granted, that day had involved suplexing a man into the shadow realm but still.
“Hook,” Ricky said as he slung his arm around her shoulder and turned her towards the younger man. “What do you think? She looks good, right?”
Hook picked his head up, expression unreadable when her eyes met his. Ricky blinked rapidly at him, brows raised but with the height Ricky had on her, she missed it. Hook gave an affirmative nod before he busied himself again with folding his empty chip bag into intricate shapes.
“Might be my new favorite,” she said with a small spin and a smile away from Ricky. Hook’s eyes slipped up to watch her. The corners of his mouth lifted some but then it was gone as soon as Ricky caught it. “I’m nervous but I’m not nervous. Does that make sense?”
“Sure it does,” Ricky answered. “But you got no reason to be nervous. You know you’re good, we know you’re good, and you’re with us because not only are you good, you’re damn good. And you’re gonna show up every woman on this roster until you get that belt. Get what I mean?”
Gratitude swelled in her chest.
“Uh-huh,” Will said with a supportive hand on her shoulder. He shot Ricky a look. “‘Sides, you’re not gonna be alone out there. Ricky and I might be busy sometimes but Hook will be out there with you. So, yeah, nothing to be nervous about. We got you.”
Shit. That was everything to be nervous about. She freeze-framed and Hook’s foot slipped off the wall. He caught himself in time and glanced at the clock. Mumbled something about it almost being time and then he was out the door. He didn’t go too far because he fell in step with her when she was the last one through it. 
She didn’t pick up on what the two ahead of them were saying, too focused on not tripping over her own feet just because her crush–there it was, that word loud in her head–was walking right by her. Or that he would be ringside for every one of her matches. That they’d be sharing a space more often than not now. He was only a year older than her but there she was, doe-eyed. The embarrassment would be right on her heels no matter what.
“It does look good,” Hook said suddenly, closer than he had been before. He stared straight ahead, brows drawn together as he lowered his head. “The shirt.”
“Oh,” she said, cheeks warm and her chest tight. “Thanks.”
He smiled at her, the small one that lifted one corner of his mouth.
“They’re right, y'know,” he said as they approached the roar of the crowd. “We got you. You get nervous just…look at me or somethin’, alright?"
Before she could answer, she was led up to the tunnel and out to a wall of sound as Ricky's music hit. But she wasn't nervous, a smug smile on her face as she proudly displayed her new alliance. Hook kept an eye on her, cool as ever, and when she met his gaze from the middle of the ring, hair slightly in her eyes and a bright smile on her face, it took everything in him not to smile back. 
The crowd didn't get to see that.
Will hadn’t been wrong at all. While he and Ricky were dealing with the hectic and heated tag team division, she and Hook took turns coming out for each other’s matches. Something that Taz was exceedingly proud of every time they walked through the tunnel together. It had been a little awkward at first, neither too sure how to step around each other but they managed it just fine. Cold-hearted was a good descriptor for how he treated his opponents but around her?
He could be downright precious sometimes.
She discovered early on that wrapping his non-dominant hand before a match proved to be a problem. As she did the finishing touches in the mirror of the Team Taz dressing room, he huffed and swore to himself behind her. His knee bounced, his fingers curled into loose fists.
“You good back there?”
She peered at him through the mirror and he frowned at her, hair in his eyes. Then he blew his hair out of his face and tried again to wrap his hand. Hook paused at her small giggle long enough for the wrap between his fingers to drop and lose tension.
“Hold on, hold on,” she said as she crossed over to him and crouched down to offer her hand. He blinked at her and swallowed but gave her his hand without hesitation. If she hadn’t had been focused on helping him, the feeling of his hand in hers would have had her head spinning. “Let me get it. Geez, who did this before I got here?”
“Dad did.”
It was a small tease but he answered her earnestly. The fact that he hadn’t shrugged her off spoke volumes and she couldn’t help but look up at him. Her face went hot as she crossed the wrapping across his palm and his fingers twitched towards hers. Ticklish, maybe? She made sure it was snug but not too tight then let go.
“Is that good?”
“Yeah,” he said as he tested it. “You’re good. It’s good. Yeah, it’s good.”
He rolled his toned shoulders and stood up, a few inches taller than her as he stretched out. One brow raised at her, he gestured towards the door. She hesitated, her attention fixed on the warmth of his eyes as he looked at her. The softness of his face, the way he took a breath and softened as he shifted on his feet. Not an ounce of hurry to him.
He wasn’t all that cold.
His voice brought her out of it.
“Oh! Yes. Always.”
Her voice lowered in a tease and he turned it back on her with an amused uh-huh. Oh god, she wasn’t ready. Not with the way her stomach did flips and tricks but she smirked through it and he walked with her. Let her ego and his calming but nerve-wracking presence carry her through it.
Within weeks, that awkward first time was far away in the rear view. Hook supported her and she supported him. Hook was there with a bag of ice or two after her hard-hitting matches against Statlander and she always made sure to have fresh tape to wrap his hands. He trusted her enough to do both after the first couple months. Ricky and Will were thrilled at the development but perhaps none more so than Taz himself.
Proud and giddy was a way to describe the head of Team Taz when he psyched the pair up for their matches. She had expected Hook to look embarrassed or want to get away as quickly as he could but he didn’t. Sometimes she could hear Taz’s proud yelling from the apron and she would grin at Hook, just to get the tiniest hint of a smile before he went back to ruining his opponent’s day.
Then they would find some diner to dig into and quietly laugh amongst each other, just the two of them when the night went long. And it was perfect. They became as constant as the sun in each other’s days and really, she felt better for it. She hoped it was the same for him and every time that little smile of his brought out his dimples or he raised an amused brow at her antics, she was convinced it was.
At the end of the day, the rush of a victorious night for the team still in her blood, two thoughts crossed her mind.
Hook was her best friend. No question about it.
And she loved him.
“Hey, got a minute?”
The diner not too far from the arena of the week was the last place she had expected to see Ricky Starks wander into, let alone dressed in a casual shirt and sweatpants combo he would have never been caught dead in. Maybe that was the point, shades and all. Suspicion set in. She set her coffee cup down and squinted at him.
“Ricky, did you follow me here?”
“Maybe, don’t worry about it,” he said as he slid across from her. “I just wanted to run something by you real quick so here I am.”
“Oookay,” she said. “What’s going on?”
“Alright, cool, so, me and Taz got this idea,” he started. He was committed to the incognito aspect by keeping his designer shades on, she thought with a snort. “Baker and Cole are the power couple around here, right? King and queen, all that shit. We all hear about it, we all see it. No one’s doing anything about it though.”
She nodded. Took a sip of her coffee.
“Well, we got to talking,” he continued. He watched her closely as he talked. “We think we got something like that too. Or, well, we could. Present it that way, at least. Potentially. I don’t know. But the idea is there.”
“What do you mean? Like…me and you? Or me and Will? Where are you going with this?”
Ricky shook his head and she squinted harder. Another sip of coffee.
“While I’m very flattered,” he said, hand to his chest. “No, sweetheart, not me. Not Hobbs. You and our boy Hook.”
Her coffee betrayed her and sent her into a coughing fit. Ricky deftly crossed to her side of the table, one hand on her back. As she regained her breath, he kept on and moved back to the other side.
“Think about it, you already do everything together, right? You two might as well be the cold-hearted king and queen of this whole damn place, title pending, and we figure there could be something there.”
He framed his hands around the thrown together name for emphasis. She blanched. Something there?
“Ricky, that’s…I don’t know. I don’t think that’s a good idea. I–”
“Why not?”
She took a deep breath and leveled Ricky with a serious look, fingers tight around her mug. She couldn’t beat around the bush on this. Not with Ricky Starks.
“It’s…I like him, Ricky.”
“Yeah, I do too. He’s got my back and I got his. What’s that got to do with it?”
“I–God, this is embarrassing,” she said and put her face in her hands. “Ilikehimalot.”
“Can’t hear your ass when you’re muffled like that. The youth these days. Y’all lucky you’re cute,” Ricky huffed. But then he started up again and she swore there was a smile in his tone. Brow wiggle and all. “So you like him? Like…like-like him?”
“Don’t say it like that,” she groaned. “But yeah, I really, really do and I don’t think doing this power couple thing is a good idea because it just–” Would hurt too much. “It just wouldn’t be good.”
Ricky set his chin in his hands and whistled.
“Gonna be real with you, I’m not hearing anything yet that’s telling me it’s all bad.”
“Because he doesn’t like me like that! We’re just friends. Really good friends and that’s…that’s okay and this might hurt that somehow. I don’t know!”
“Uh-huh,” Ricky said and she couldn’t help but feel like she was being dismissed. She frowned. “Just friends? You two? Really?”
Flustered, she shoved more coffee into her mouth until the cup was empty. 
“Fine, whatever you say,” Ricky said with a slight smile. “I’m just saying though, you should run it by him. Do that for me, okay?”
“What, if we’re just friends? Are you crazy?”
He lowered his glasses and fixed her with an amused look.
“The power couple, king and queen thing actually but hell, you two talk about whatever you need to, sweetheart. I gotta jet but let me know how it goes.”
Then he was gone and she was left with the angry butterflies in her stomach. That sneaking suspicion that Ricky knew something she didn’t crept into her head and didn’t leave.
It stayed with her all the way back to the hotel, to her room to freshen up and speak affirmations into her mirror, then to her final destination: Hook’s room. Ricky’s words didn’t leave her head and she almost missed Hook’s answer when he opened the door. Gray hoodie unzipped over his bare chest, hair damp from a shower. Looked good enough to fall into but she held steady.
“Hey, I was about to call you,” he said as twisted some of his hair between his fingers, then pushed it back from his face. Then he took in the sight of her, jaw clenched and eyes not quite on him. “You good?”
“Yeah, I just wanted to, um, ask you something,” she said. “Can I come in?”
He frowned and straightened some. He knew her too well by now to not realize something was up and his warm eyes ran a careful path down her from head to toe. It was hell to remember how to breathe.
“You don’t gotta ask,” he said as he stepped aside. “I wanted to ask you something too.”
The easy air that had surrounded them the last few weeks was gone, both suddenly as awkward as that first meeting. She wound her hands together and paced in front of the bed as he sat down on the edge, eyes on her. 
“I talked to Ricky.”
“I talked to Will.”
They spoke at the same time, then fixed each other with suspicious looks.
“What’d he say?”
“What’d he say?”
They did it again and she couldn’t help but laugh, a sound he mimicked with his own low chuckle. A crack in the nervous tension between them. Right, she had a point to get to. She sat down in the corner armchair and cleared her throat.
“He told me about this…idea that he and your dad had about, um, you and I. Or presenting you and I as this, this…”
“Power couple thing, right?”
Hook didn’t seem surprised in the slightest.
“Yeah, actually,” she said. “Wait, how do you know about it? And second question, how do you…feel about it?”
“Will,” he said with a shrug. Another pass of his fingers through his hair before he leaned over and set his elbows on his knees. “He told me a little bit about it. Enough to give me an idea, at least.”
Words came out of her mouth before she could stop it. Before he could answer her second question, the one she dreaded his response to.
“For what it’s worth, I said it was a bad idea! Like a really bad one because, because…”
Hook pressed his tongue against the inside of his bottom lip as he looked at her and she stopped herself short. He sat up and shrugged.
“I didn’t.”
“...you didn’t?”
“Nah,” he said. “I mean, it’s you and me, what’s bad about it?”
She didn’t have an answer for that for a long moment, her jaw momentarily dropped before she got it working again.
“It’s just–I know you don’t think of me like that, like as a…a partner. Girlfriend. Or queen! Whatever.”
“You do?”
“Yeah, you’re my best friend and you, you…”
It was her turn to look down. Hook stood up from the edge of the bed and went over to her, knelt in front of her like she had to him that time before. His fingers under her chin lifted her eyes to his. His warm brown eyes settled on hers. Compelled her to speak. There was the slightest tremble to his calloused fingers. 
Not cold. 
Nervous. Like her.
“I like you,” she confessed. “So, so much and I trust you but I just…I don’t think I could do it because you’re my best friend and I don’t want to ruin that by getting my feelings involved. What we have is good right now.”
“Ricky gave you the runaround,” Hook said with a frown. “Will just said fuck it and gave it to me straight.”
She blinked at him and he continued. It was a very Will thing to do, she had to admit, but she wasn’t entirely following.
“I like you too,” he said and he pulled her up with him as he stood. His body heat permeated her skin and she went to him, close as two people could be. Her hands on his chest, his on her face. “As my best friend, as my partner. Girlfriend. Whatever. Queen’s kinda corny but sure, that too I guess.”
He shook his head and playfully rolled his eyes before he settled his gaze on her lips. His crooked heartbreaker smile punched a hole in her heart and she gasped quietly. He leaned towards and she tipped her head back instinctively.
“Tired of talkin’, I wanna kiss you.”
He kissed her gently at first, a cautious press of his lips to hers as he wrapped a solid arm around her lower back. A dip of their toes into the water until realization hit for both of them and she opened up to him. To the curious press of his tongue. He gathered her up against him and her arms slid from his chest to around his neck. His fingers flexed around her waist. 
Hook cheekily sucked on the tip of her tongue then pulled back, barely even breathless.
“That answer your question?”
His breaths against her lips, his hands on her back then on her hips. A heat pooled in her lower belly and her breath hitched. He leaned back in but she beat him to it, a fevered clash of lips and tongue that burned away any doubts that lingered in the back of her mind. Emotions high and his skin so warm, she slid his hoodie off to run her hands along the strength in his shoulders, his arms. His abdomen went taut when she ran her fingertips down the front of his chest. His hand circled around her wrist gently as he pulled away, breath heavier than before. 
Darkened eyes fixed on her face. Asked her a question and she answered by turning her hand in his to take it, leading him back that handful of steps to the bed. Getting to it wasn’t perfect, both so eager and nervous and hungry, but they made it. Hook moved her up the bed and hovered above her, one knee between her thighs and his forearms by her head. His head dipped toward her neck, his breath hot against it as he spoke.
“We don’t–”
Her thighs tightened around his and he edged his knee further up the bed, brushed up against the ache between her legs. Her gasp was answered with a small groan from him and she could feel the tension throughout his body.
“I want to.”
It was all Hook needed to hear. He busied himself with kissing her again, sliding his hand under her shirt to palm her breast through her bra. Under her shirt wasn’t good enough and she moved with him to tug it off. Her bra didn’t last long and he looked at her. The tops of his cheeks were tinted red and his breaths were heavier than she had ever heard in the ring. He held her eyes as he lowered his head.
“Fuckin’ gorgeous.”
His tongue teased against a nipple before he completely encircled it with his lips. Her fingers immediately slid into his hair as he lightly pinched and pulled at the other. He wanted to see what she reacted to and it warmed her whole body, the attention he paid to her. The same attention and care he paid to her everywhere else. Her heart swelled and she gently pulled him back up to her face, fingers still locked in his hair, to kiss him completely.
It was hard to get eachother bare with how lost they got in simply kissing but they made it there, her knees loosely locked around his slim hips as he braced himself above her again. Her stomach fluttered, a sensation he chuckled at, when his fingers moved down her stomach and he leaned over her. That slight nervous tremble was there in his hands again but she could hardly tell as his calloused thumb circled around her clit and one finger started to press into her. He worked her up slowly, added another.
“Doing so good,” he said to her, his low voice a catalyst for her to tighten around his fingers. He curled them inside her. “Yeah? That feel nice?”
She came with a sharp gasp and her face buried in his shoulder, body unbearably warm. He took his time taking his fingers out of her and she pulled her head off his shoulder in time to watch as he wrapped his slick hand around himself. Then he shifted them up the bed and slid her legs higher up on his hips, closer to his waist before he reached over to his nightstand to grab a condom from the drawer. He fumbled with it some but then the head of his cock brushed against her and her legs tightened around him. Hook breathed heavy above her, then gave her that boyish smirk with his hair in his eyes that made her knees weak.
“Love you, princess.”
He fucked into her slow, breathed through his nose as he pressed into her until they were hip to hip. The stretch, the weight of him, drew out a long, low moan from her. Hook grunted and gave an experimental roll of his hips. He was being careful and she appreciated that but as far as she was concerned, neither of them had a match tomorrow. She gently turned his face to hers and brought him into a heavy kiss.
“Fuck me,” she panted against his lips. “Please.”
His hips jumped against hers and her words sparked a volatile reaction in him. Hook wasn’t talkative but he was noisy. He grunted an affirmative, then pulled out of her for a second to hook his arms under her knees.  Then he slid back into her with an urgency that took her breath away. The stretch in her thighs, the relentless pressure against her clit from the angle he had her at. His attention on every sound she made and twitch of her muscles to get her to do it again. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she buried her face in his shoulder to cover her moans and whines.
“Look at me, baby. Look at me.” 
She obeyed and she looked up into his face, his lips swollen and his hair in disarray. He swore to himself under his breath and the steady, relentless pace he set started to falter. He was close and he groaned as much to her, his eyes shut and his brow pinched with focus. She rocked her hips with his and squeezed around him. Made sure to meet his eyes.
“Love you too.”
Hook chased his end and kissed his hips fully against hers when it came. He panted wetly in her ear as his breath came back to him gradually, his chest pressed against hers. Her head turned to catch him in a small kiss as he pulled out of her. He muttered that he would be right back and he didn’t waste time getting back into bed with her.
Warm hands squeezed and massaged her aching limbs. The rush of the day was starting to leave them and she could tell, a laugh to her voice as she told a sleepy Hook that they might want to get under the sheets before they got cold. She snuggled in close to him and looked at him with a smile.
“Queen’s too corny but princess isn’t?”
One eye cracked open before he wrapped his arm around her and pulled her tight against him.
“Mhhhhm. Said what I said.”
Couldn’t argue that. Sleep came quickly and the morning took its time. During the night, they wound up on their sides, his chest to her back and his arm slung across her waist. He stirred first and she woke up to kisses along her neck, her shoulder. The morning light was soft and the gentle ache in her thighs brought a smile to her lips as she stretched and turned in his arms.
His hair was an absolute mess but a mess he made work. She was used to his bedhead by now, just not in such an…intimate setting. The man looked soft in the morning light. She could look at him forever. A slow onslaught of gentle kisses interrupted her viewing before a good morning squeeze brought her against his chest and she curled into him.
“So, what do we tell Ricky?”
“Sure he already knows,” Hook muttered into her skin. “Dude’s got a way of knowing. I’m not worried about it.”
She wasn’t either. With her best friend beside her, around her, worrying was the last thing on her mind.
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allelitesmut · 3 months ago
Don’t Bet Against the Devil
When she strikes up a deal with MJF , the stakes are impossibly high, and they spend the night locked in a battle that neither can afford to lose.
Pairing: MJF x OFC
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Smut (minors dni), Rough Sex, Degradation, Oral Sex (Male Receiving), Spitting, Slapping, Choking, Spanking, Hair Pulling, Semi-Public Sex, General Filth
Tumblr media
“Go to Cole’s wedding with me.” It was a demand, not a request, and she bristled. She was sitting at the bar by herself when he slid into the seat beside her.
“Not a chance.” She said with a laugh, not taking her eyes off her phone. Max snatched it from her hands and she struggled to take it back but his arms were stretched high above her head. Glaring, she folded her arms across her chest.
“What I meant was, ‘you’re coming to Cole’s wedding with me.’” He was unfazed by her reaction; he knew this was going to take some convincing. But he had all the liquor that Philadelphia had to offer, and they had late flights tomorrow, so he was fully prepared to push the idea.
“That’s not gonna happen, Max. I’m planning on getting laid at this wedding, and coming with a date is a pretty big cock block.” She shifted her weight, leaning back in her bar stool, finally looking him over. Cocky, as usual, but it was covering a thinly veiled earnestness that she hadn’t expected. She traced the tip of her middle finger around the rim of her drink before lifting it to her lips, hoping a little more booze could help her unsee what was hiding behind his bluster.
“If you had any game, that wouldn’t make a difference.” He tried not to let his face show any of the irritation he felt, knowing it didn’t even occur to her that they might sleep together if they went as dates. “I promise you, I’d have no problem getting laid if you came with me.” She raised a brow, lips curling at the corner and dragging his eyes to them.
“Is that right?”
“Easy.” The word floated on his tongue and she shifted effortlessly toward him, crossing one leg over the other, her knee bumping his. It pulled his attention for just a moment, heat flaring out from the spot. “Guess you just don’t have as much game as me.” Her brow furrowed, lips pressed into an agitated line. He ate up her reactions to his button pushing every time.
“Bullshit. I’ve seen you with women. I’ve got ten times the game you do.” She was walking right into the trap he’d set. He gave a derisive snort, tailor made to push her right to the edge.
“You wanna bet?” He raised, and she wet her lips, challenge sparkling in her eyes. Max pulled his shoulders back, taking a swig of his drink, brow raised; he knew she couldn’t resist. “A little wager. Come with me to the wedding and prove how much more game you have by getting laid anyway.” She studied him for a moment, a flicker of caution crossing her delicate face.
“And what, exactly, do I get when I win?”
“Laid.” He retorted. She let out a lilting laugh that he couldn’t stop from smiling at before shaking his head. “What more do you want?”
“I could get laid way easier without you there. That’s hardly a reason for me to take this challenge on.” She said and he waved her off.
“Okay, fine then, if you win, I won’t go to NXT.” That comment stopped her cold. He knew it would but he didn’t expect how quickly the color would rise to her cheeks. He’d caught her off guard and she was visibly rattled.
“What?” She choked and he raised both his brows.
“Yeah, your dad made me an offer last week. An unprecedented type of offer for the fastest rising star in professional wrestling.” He was laying it on thick, blowing on his knuckles, but it seemed to be working. “But win the bet and I will stay right here in AEW with you.” She stammered for a moment before finally clearing her throat and shaking her head, desperately ignoring the pit in her stomach.
“What makes you think I care that much about where you wrestle?” It was unconvincing but Max played into it nonetheless, clutching at his chest as though she’d shot him.
“First of all, ouch.” He pouted at her and she stifled a laugh. “Second of all, I know you. And I know you don’t want me to leave.” Rolling her eyes, it was her turn to wave him off. “Alright fine, we’ll pretend you don’t care. Let’s raise the stakes, then. If you win, not only will I stay, but I will let ole TK know that I’m not going to re-sign unless he finally gives you your shot at the title.”
That had the gears turning in her head. She had been working her ass off since the moment she stepped through the doors but nothing seemed to be enough. No matter how great her matches were, no matter how hard the crowd rallied behind her, she couldn’t even make it into a qualifying match. But it wasn’t in her nature to let Max off the hook without teasing.
“Oh, so you don’t think I’m talented enough to get a title shot on my own?” But her teasing didn’t hold; he just gave her a knowing look.
“Please. We both know it’s not your talent that’s kept you from holding that title.” He watched closely as she sipped at her drink, hiding her expression behind the rim. “Khan still doesn’t know that he can trust you not to pull a Medusa.” That got a sharp, single laugh from her, directly into her drink. “He’s worried that the second he puts the gold on you, you’re gonna take that belt straight to the fed and dump it in the garbage.”
“That’s not my style.” She said. “At the very least, I’m gonna be original.” That tilted smile of hers made his stomach hurt. The smile slowly faded, though, as she mulled over his words. She couldn’t deny there was likely some truth to them. “You really think you could get me a shot?”
“I’m positive. With the amount of money your pops is offering, I’ve got all the leverage in the world. And, hell, I’ll even offer to take a pay cut from my current contract if that’s what it takes.” His expression seemed as genuine as was possible from him but she still wasn’t sure she believed him. Her and Max were friends - they had been since she came to AEW. She had been a member of the Pinnacle until they disbanded and now she was one of the only friends he had left. She trusted him...maybe only slightly further than she could throw him, but that was still more than most people trusted him.
"So what do you get if I can’t manage to get laid?" She was sure it was going to be steep if he was going to gamble his career decision over it. Max cocked his head, a crooked smile hanging broadly across his face.
“If I win, you come with me to NXT.”
“No.” Her voice was sharp and the bite alone should have had him backing down but he didn’t scare easily. “No way.”
"What? Doubting your ability to win?" He watched carefully as her tongue traced her bottom lip before she pulled it between her teeth. Swallowing the lump that threatened to rise in his throat, he pursed his lips in a faux-bravado. “If you're as confident in your game as you say, you’ve got nothing to worry about.” Face stony, she held his gaze. She didn’t back down from a challenge. And she was fairly certain that she could win if she really put in some effort.
“I’m not worried.”
But the stakes were undoubtedly high and the tension higher in the air between them as they studied each other, silently considering if they really wanted to do this.
“Great, so it’s a date, then, Princess?” He extended a hand toward her and her gaze dragged from his thick fingers up to his eyes.
She slipped a reluctant hand into his, ignoring the way her skin buzzed. His grin, sparkling and mischievous, stretched across his handsome face, and she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was making a deal with the devil.
Max slipped his arm through the sleeve of his pressed shirt, the fabric clinging to his bicep. He watched in the mirror as he fastened the bottom three buttons before his eyes snagged on the reflection of a bookcase across the room, a glimmer shining atop a stack of books. Abandoning his task, he turned to take a look.
He had flown in earlier that day for Adam and Britt’s wedding and, because his date only lived ten minutes from the venue, he was getting ready at her house. She had been guilted into letting him take the guest room when he forgot, maybe not quite as mindlessly as he let on, to book a hotel room. It took a bit of conjoling, and the promise that he would find somewhere else to crash if she did, in fact, get someone to come home with her, but he inevitably got his way.
Truthfully, though, he was getting a little worried this bet was counter productive. He had asked her to the wedding because he wanted to spend more time with her. Since the Pinnacle had disbanded, he hadn’t seen nearly as much of her and it had caught him by surprise, how much he cared. He found himself thinking about her far more often than he wanted to. He couldn’t even really put his finger on why at first - she was hot headed and difficult and poked fun at him more than he tolerated from anyone else. All he kept coming back around to was the idea that he should be glad to be seeing less of her. And yet.
Lost in thought, his finger trailed along the top of a row of books before spotting a picture frame that was facedown on the top of the bookcase. Picking it up, he took in the photo staring back at him. She was wearing the NWA Women’s Title, tucked between Hunter and Stephanie as they sported their proudest looks.
A knock at the door startled him and he hastily tucked the photo back on the shelf. He didn’t get the chance to move further from his spot when the door open and she stepped inside, arm tucked behind her as she fiddled with the zipper of her dress.
“Can you zip me uhhh…” Her request trailed off when she saw him, stopping in her tracks, halfway across the room. “Up.” The word was just an exhale. She’d seen Max shirtless plenty of times but something about him, half dressed, in the confines of her house was setting her off kilter.
Max’s breath had caught in his throat the moment he spotted her, dark dress pooling on the floor, draping from her body where the zipper was undone. He struggled against his eyes’ natural draw to the plunging neckline but failed spectacularly. Any embarrassment he might have felt quickly abated when he saw the hungry look in her eyes, though, glued to his bared chest.
He padded across the room toward her, heat ratcheting higher with every step, and he thought she might just start backing away from him but she seemed to be plastered to the floor. Coming to stand behind her, he stopped close enough that he could smell her shampoo, and brushed her hair over her shoulder, fingers grazing her skin. She shivered at the feeling and he relished in it, letting the pads of his fingers trail down the line of her spine. Goosebumps raised along her soft skin as his breath fanned over the back of her neck.
“I hope you know, I’m not going to make this easy on you tonight.” His voice was a low rumble against the shell of her ear, his lips nearly making contact. Her belly tightened in response and it took everything in her not to press her ass back into him.
He took his time, dragging the zipper up into place while she held her breath. Despite their time together, she had never allowed this kind of closeness between them before and the feeling was knocking her legs out from under her. She wasn’t prepared for the way her skin tingled at his touch. Though, if she was being honest with herself, she thought it might be the case - there was a reason for the distance. And with the tonight’s challenge ahead of her, it was too real.
His hands, manicured but still rough from his time in the ring, smoothed over her shoulders. As he went to move them around to her collarbones, her hand came up to stop him in his tracks. He was getting too close. Too close. Too real. That wasn’t how they were - it couldn’t be. She needed to get her composure back. She couldn’t let him get in her head if she was going to win tonight.
She spun on her heel to face him but found herself much too close to him, their breaths mingling between them. Her eyes slowly drew up to meet his, finding a need in them that made her mouth dry. Swallowing the lump in her throat, she forced a confident smile to her face - she was going to get back on track no matter how badly her body was betraying her.
“I have no intention of ending the night unsatisfied.” Control. She needed to get back in control of this situation. Reaching down in the tight space between them, she nimbly fastened the buttons of his shirt, one by one, his chest rising and falling with his breathing. He watched her, heat palpable in his expression, and she began to wonder what he really wanted out of this night. Fastening the final button, she patted his chest twice and took a few steps back. “Finish getting dressed. We need to get going.” She scurried out of the room; god, she was in trouble.
Heat crept up Max’s neck as he watched her from the bar. He’d just gone to get the two of them drinks and she had immediately slipped into the crowd, quickly finding some piss poor excuse for a man to sidle in a step too close to. She was batting her lashes and working harder than a girl as beautiful as her should need to work.
“Can you speed it the fuck up?” Max spat at the bartender, hand curled into a tense fist, but instantly regret the venom, wondering if he was now just going to end up with spit in his drink. He could hardly stop himself, though. It wasn’t that he cared about losing the bet - he knew he could succeed damn near anywhere at this point, and he had guaranteed that she would be wherever he ended up so it was a no lose situation…but as he watched her flirt across the room, it became increasingly clear to him that there was definitely a way for him to lose.
He was out of his seat the second the drinks were finished, pushing his way through the crowd until he reached her. She was cozied up, doe eyed at a slimy looking man in an ill fitting suit. Max refrained from rolling his eyes. Slipping an arm around her waist, he yanked her in close, careful not to spill the drink in his hand. She froze up under his touch, heat swimming up her spine.
“Got your Bellini, Princess.” Max delighted in the way her suitor’s face fell, taking a step and a half back from them.
“Max, I -“
“Yeah, I know, babe. Prosecco not champagne.” He directed his attention back to the uncomfortable face across from them. “Nothing to be done about bad taste, am I right?” Max ran his tongue along the back of his teeth with a pointed grin, watching as the guy grimaced, nodding.
“I didn’t realize you had a boyfriend…I’ll uh…see you around, I guess.”
“No, no, he’s not-“ She tried to defend but he was already backing his way into the crowd to find some other hapless girl lowering her standards.
Max released his grip on her waist, leaving her colder than expected and with a full understanding of what she was up against tonight - he wasn’t afraid to play dirty. He was already laughing before he caught sight of the boiling anger on her face. Color flooded up through her cheeks and brows knitted, she snatched her drink from his hand.
“I should kill you.” She meant her voice to come across more menacing but fell short and Max responded with a patronizing smile.
“You’re so cute when you’re all worked up.” He ruffled her hair and she smacked his hand before smoothing it back into place. “If this is the best you’ve got, winning this bet is going to be even easier than I thought.”
“I wouldn’t have agreed to this bet if I thought you were gonna play dirty.”
“It’s not playing dirty- it’s playing smart.” He clarified. “If you don’t want to play anymore, you can feel free to give up.” Wetting his lips, he took a sip from his drink.
“Not a chance. Now that I know what I’m up against, I can adjust my strategy.” She squared her shoulders, shooting back the rest of her cocktail before shoving the glass back into Max’s chest. “Nothing I can’t handle.” He stifled a smug laugh, nodding with raised brows.
“Yeah, I’m sure.”
The song that was playing slowed to a stop and she attempted to slip back into the crowd. Max was close on her heels, though, and she blew a sharp breath out her nose. Spinning abruptly on her heel, he bumped into her chest, not bothering to step back out of her space when her eyes panned up to his. She ignored the subtle smell of his aftershave and the way heat flared in her chest.
“I’m going to the ladies’ room. Don’t follow me.” She could feel his eyes on her as she walked away and fought against the smile that tugged at her lips.
As the night wore on, she found herself beginning to enjoy their game. The cat and mouse act was becoming a routine. He’d spent the majority of the evening with an arm wrapped around her waist, whispering taunts in her ear that looked far more salacious to any onlookers - though she couldn’t deny the way goosebumps raised up her spine every time.
She had managed to slip away again, Max nowhere to be seen as she chatted with a man that she had already forgotten the name of.
“You really are gorgeous.” He wasn’t unattractive, perhaps a bit over manicured, but still conventionally handsome. But even as he complimented her and brought her one step closer to winning her bet, she couldn’t help but glance around the room, searching for that cocky grin.
“Oh, thank you.” Noticeably distracted, she offered an apologetic smile. She hated that she was thinking about him; that she was enjoying playing with him - it was knocking her off her game and the stakes were too high for her to lose.
“Do you want to dance?” He really was trying to serve her victory up on a plate to her. But, damn it if she wasn’t the worlds worst dancer. The song playing faded into nothing and he offered a hand to her. Swallowing a grimace, she accepted it - she didn’t have much of a choice if she wanted to win tonight.
He led her further onto the dance floor as a slower song began, floating across the room. With his hands settling at her waist, she moved in a step closer. But the moment her hands landed on his shoulders, she spotted Max, standing just behind him. Their eyes met in a fiery, silent confrontation before a malicious smile rose to his face. He tapped the guy’s shoulder, quickly righting his expression.
“Are you seriously dancing with my girl?”
“I’m not your-“
“Who the hell do you think you are, pal? Disrespectful sack of shit. Trying to dance with another man’s girl. Especially when she could not have been more obvious that she wasn’t interested in your lanky ass.” He spoke over her protestations, leaving no room for either of them to object. He’d been watching her from across the room; he saw her looking for him instead of focusing on this guy, and he knew that the guy saw it too. It wasn’t a stretch to say she looked disinterest, which played right into his hand and, if he was being honest, bolstered his already inflated ego. “I should hit you. Get the fuck out of here”
Skittering away, he left the two of them alone, and Max quickly slipped into the space he’d left. His arm roped around her waist, pulling her in tight to him, as his other hand clasped hers at their sides. She attempted to pull away but he tutted, shaking his head.
“As my date tonight, I’m pretty sure you owe me at least one dance.” His assertion typically would have rubbed her the wrong way - she didn’t owe anyone anything - but something in the pit of her stomach was softening to Max in a way that she was struggling to fight against. Rolling her eyes, she let her muscles relax and looped a hand up over his shoulder, fingers dangling just below the back of his neck.
“You’re really making tonight impossible for me.”
“That’s my job, doll.” That stupid, cocky grin. God, it made her crazy.
“Okay, well I don’t know who hired you, but you can consider yourself officially relieved of your duties.” She said, and he snorted, full lips curled up.
“If that’s your way of saying you quit, you can just say that.” He wet his lips as he lead their steps, making their motions effortless. She hated that dancing with him came so easily.
“You wish.” Rolling her eyes, she scoffed. His fingers thrummed against her lower back and chills ran up her spine. Their eyes connected and she let out a heavy breath before pulling her gaze away. “Why do you even want to go to NXT anyway? You know they’re just going to make you tone yourself back.” Her eyes flicked to his and then away again. “And you’ve certainly got it made for yourself here. You’re on track to be the youngest AEW world champion ever.” He went to open his mouth but she stopped him. “And don’t say it’s because of money. We both know you’re not nearly as shallow as you pretend.” He licked his lips and paused as he considered her.
“I mean it’s the dream, isn’t it?” He shrugged. “Win the Royal Rumble, go on to win the title in the main event of Wrestlemania. I’ve been dreaming about it since I was old enough to walk.” His sincerity sat heavy in his gut and he kept his eyes trained at the wall beyond her as they moved. “AEW has been amazing. It’s been…I mean it’s a dream come true too, in its own way…but I guess that’s always been the big dream. What I’ve been working towards since I was 10.” He shook his head, quieting. “I almost gave up on it once, I can’t do that again. I won’t let myself give up on it twice.”
She allowed herself to study him while his gaze was elsewhere. Heavy brows furrowed in a serious, reflective expression. She knew about his time in college but he generally didn’t like to talk about it - an uncommon time of weakness in his life.
“So all of this,” she waved circles in the air behind his head, “is all to appease ten year old you?” His eyes drifted back to her, a tender, innocent smile on his face.
“Shouldn’t it be?” He held her gaze and her chest squeezed. She didn’t have an argument for that. Laying her head on his shoulder, she allowed herself a moment to slip, but it didn’t last. “Honestly, what I don’t get is why you don’t want to go to NXT.” His voice drew her back to the present. “I mean, would it really be that bad?” It was hard to miss the cloud that passed over her face but she tried valiantly to redirect it into humor.
“Going to NXT with you?” She scrunched her nose. “Yeah, that would be a nightmare.” He gave her a measured look, finally meeting her eyes again, and she knew he could see right through her. He really was one of the only people who could and she hated it. As much as she teased him about being the only friend he had, she was, admittedly, a bit lacking in that department as well.
“I’m serious. Talk about having it made.” He shook his head ruefully. “You would’ve been giving my fastest rising star shtick a run for it’s money.” She sighed and tilted her head from side to side before blowing out a breath.
“I mean, that’s part of the problem though, you know?” She hesitated, holding his gaze. “I spent such a long time in the indies because I needed to prove myself. I have put so much effort into trying to show people that I’m willing to work for it; getting their support…it means everything to me.” She shook her head, eyes stuck on his. “I’ve seen what happens when the fans think you’re getting something that you don’t deserve. All that goodwill that I’ve earned, that I’ve worked so hard for, could be undone in the span of a few months.”
“Fan support is overrated. You’re seriously going to let them stand in the way of your dreams?” He tried not to be distracted by the feeling of her thumb rubbing against the nape of his neck.
“That’s crap and you know it. You can say what you want on TV but don’t think that I don’t notice how much you eat up every bit of their reactions.”
“Right, being booed and universally hated is great. You know I get spit on in public?” He rolled his eyes and she lightly smacked the back of his head.
“Yeah, and you love it.” She gave him a scolding look and he tried to smother a smile. “Come on Max, let’s not pretend that you don’t have some of the best reactions someone could hope for in this business.” He looked at her with a hint of the sincerity that was so uncommon to see in him, the sincerity that made her chest ache. He wanted to argue her point but he knew that he couldn’t. “I’m going to prove to people that I have what it takes to make it in this business on my own. On my own merit. That’s just not something I could do in WWE.” She was quiet for a moment, reflecting on the thoughts that brewed deep in her head late at night. “I needed to prove to myself that I had what it takes to make it on my own. Because sometimes…” she paused but couldn’t stop the words from coming out. “…sometimes I’m not sure that I do.”
Max stopped them in their tracks, forcing a couple dancing close by to swerve to avoid them. His full lips parted, brows drawn.
“You can’t be serious.” He was nearly glaring at her, her gaze averted and cheeks flushed, until he brought a hand up to her face, gripping her chin between his fingers, and forced her to meet his eyes. “Listen to me. Your name wasn’t going to be the only reason you made it to the top in WWE. You’re undeniable.” She tore her chin away but it didn’t stop him. “You’ve got more star power in your pinky finger than anyone in the last decade.” Squirming, she grimaced, uncomfortable hearing his sincerity out loud. He wasn’t one for compliments and it made her stomach warm.
“I’m just not sure that’s true…” She trailed off, breathless under the the intensity of his gaze. “Let’s be honest, Tony never would have signed me if it weren’t for my parents.”
Struck by the sudden vulnerability in her whispered words, she pressed her face into his chest, hoping to avoid whatever expression was on his face now. This entire night was turning out to be a bit too much for her. Max nudged his nose against the top of her head placing a delicate kiss against her hair that she tried to pretend she didn’t feel, but the quiet smile smothered into his shirt said otherwise. He wanted to tell her just how special she was, but he was starting to worry that he was going to send her running if he pushed any further. So they stayed like that, pressed close to each other, and his hand ghosted down her frame, back into place by her hip. He urged her back to their dancing, swaying and circling to the lilting music that floated all around them, blissfully unaware that the song they’d started dancing to had already ended. His chest was ablaze with the feeling of her skin on his. He could smell her shampoo, overwhelming his senses. But as the moments ticked by, he couldn’t physically stop himself from continuing.
“So, when we were at your house earlier, I may have been snooping a little…” His voice had her glancing back up at him. She chuckled, the noise immensely pleasing to his ears.
“No kidding,” She was immediately back to her amused teasing - it was so much easier, “you mean to tell me, that when I walked in on you scrambling to put the picture of my parents back where you found it, it wasn’t just because you were using the glass as a mirror?” He sucked at the inside of his cheek; he was really hoping she hadn’t noticed that.
“Okay, maybe I’m not as slick as I thought. But that picture got me thinking…”
“I was so hoping it wouldn’t.” She cut in, but he continued on regardless.
“It’s just…you don’t really talk about them. I’ve known you for a while now; I’d like to think we’re…friends.” He swallowed as she tilted her head from side to side as if weighing the accuracy of his statement, but her smile told a different story. She wasn’t used to this stammering, nervous version of him. “But I don’t think I’ve ever heard you, even once, talk about your parents.” She wet her lips, eyes fluttering closed as she decided how honest she wanted to get with him.
“Since I came to AEW, we don’t talk much.” She paused and he was quiet, waiting for her to continue. “As in… Not at all.”
“At all?” He echoed incredulously. “Not even at the holidays? Or on your birthday?” She gave a minuscule shake of her head and he narrowed his eyes. “You told us you couldn’t come out with us on your birthday because you had plans with your family.”
“Yeah, that amounted to staying home with my cats and feeling sorry for myself.” The words slipped out before she could stop them and she winced. She hadn’t needed anyone to see her like that. She didn’t need the pity and she certainly didn’t need anyone feeling like they needed to fix her. And based on the mixture of devastation and anger in his eyes, she’d made the right call.
“That is fucking unbelievable.” He scoffed and she chewed at her bottom lip. She would have given anything to escape this conversation. “What kind of backwards ass shitty parenting is that?”
“You’re one to talk. I saw the signs your parents brought to your hometown show. ‘We’re MJF’s parents and we think he sucks too’?” It was a blatant diversion tactic but Max wasn’t taking the bait. Jokes weren’t going to dig her out of this conversation
“Please, you met my parents. You know that’s all done out of love.” He shook his head. “My parents are, and always have been, my biggest supporters, your parents should be doing the same for you.” She sucked in a breath.
“Well let’s just say, my decision to come here was a divisive one for the family.” She raised her brows, lips pressed into a tight line. She didn’t even know why she was telling him this. “Gramps didn’t appreciate my need to strike out on my own, and he writes the paychecks that pay for the house.”
“You’re kidding.” Max was incredulous, shaking his head as if it would change the truth.
“I wish.”
“Shit, I’m sorry.” He wet his lips and she pulled her eyes away. “I can’t believe I didn’t know that.” The way he was looking at her was unbearable.
“It’s not even worth talking about.”
“It is, though. It’s not something you should have to deal with alone.” He brushed a thumb over the small of her back and it warmed her from the toes up. She couldn’t summon a response, her gaze trapped on him, drawn to his lips. Leaning closer, he pressed his forehead to hers and she let her eyes close for a moment before turning her head to rest it on his shoulder.
They were quiet again for a moment, moving seamlessly across the floor. And for just a moment, she found herself wishing this song would never end.
“I would think this is just another reason you’d be happy to move to NXT.” He said, breaking her spell. “You go back home, you can put all this behind you. You get your family back.” She chewed at her lip before letting out a big breath and shaking her head.
“My parents didn’t support me doing what I needed to for myself. I’m not interested in derailing my life for them. If they want a relationship with me, they know where to find me.”
As the music slowed to an end, so did their dancing. They stopped, only a breath away from each other. She looked up at him, deep chocolate eyes looking back at her, full of the understanding she’d been missing for the last year. The feeling in the pit of her stomach jolted her out of his arms and back a few steps. She swallowed hard and shook the feeling from her head, running a hand through her hair.
“Okay, you got your dance, now I…I have a bet to win.” She tried not to focus on the way Max’s tongue smoothed across his bottom lip. He, truthfully, had nearly forgotten about the bet in the course of their dance. By now, he was largely regretting having raised it in the first place. He sighed, giving her one last sincere look before reverting to the confident sneer she was so used to.
“May the best man win.”
With the night drawing towards it’s end, guests were beginning to filter out, right alongside her hopes at winning this bet. As important as winning was to her, she wasn’t about to abandon her standards just for a bet. She had found a few more men to talk to throughout the course of the night but Max was always right there, just around the corner, waiting, poised to strike.
His latest interruption was nothing short of a performance. He’d made quite a show of confronting her with allegations of cheating and betrayal that swiftly drove off a promising option.
She was, admittedly, starting to get a little nervous. She had been surveilling the remaining guests at the reception and her prospects were getting slimmer and slimmer. With her nerves, came a bit of a temper - her patience for Max’s antics was withering down to nothing. So when he chased off one of the last viable options in the room, she snapped.
Snatching him at the elbow, she dragged him off the dance floor, and he raised both brows with a grin, fully satisfied knowing he was pushing her over the edge. She led him through the double doors, into the hall by the restrooms, before shoving both his shoulders hard against a wall.
“What the fuck is your problem?” She demanded but his smug, false innocence, written over every inch of his face, only ratcheted up her anger.
“No problem here, Princess. Just playing the game.” But his shoulder blades colliding with the wall more forcefully told him she wasn’t satisfied with that answer.
“You’re making a god damn spectacle! You’re fucking enjoying this!” She was seething - flushed from her hairline down into the plunging neck of her dress. Max was struggling not to acknowledge the way his stomach tightened with her standing this close, pushing him around, and swearing. He couldn’t let himself get distracted by how badly he wanted to flip her around and put his fingers in that bratty mouth. Fuck. “I had a serious chance with that last guy until you put on your little show! And it could have ended up being more than just an end to this stupid bet!” His patience for this situation waned; she was lying to both of them if she was going to pretend this latest guy was anything more than a sorry excuse for a win. “This isn’t what I fucking agreed to!” She shoved him again but this time he snatched her wrist, holding it tight in the space between them. Her eyes blew open, finally taking a breath and realizing just how close their bodies were. Max’s jaw shifted, eyes ablaze and fully set on her - it wasn’t quite anger in them but she couldn’t place that intensity.
“If he was such a catch and you were so close, then why are you here with me?” He shot back and she only gaped at him. “Why didn’t you chase after him and explain the situation? Why not run him down and tell him that I’m some crazy stalker who won’t leave you alone? Or that I’m your cousin, playing a prank on you? There were a million ways to explain me away if you wanted to. But instead you’re here with me.” She tried to form some kind of response - any response - but couldn’t focus much past the electricity pulsing down her arm from the spot his fingers were wrapped around. “In fact, this entire night! You could’ve started off every conversation you had tonight with a warning about me so they knew that I was nothing to worry about when I came along but you didn’t. You just waited for me to interrupt and then stammered like an idiot every time.” Pressure built in her chest as Max careened toward a point, “You didn’t even try to make excuses for me. You didn’t do a goddamn thing; you let me chase every single guy away tonight. And we both know why - it’s because you’re enjoying yourself!” He finally dropped her wrist with a bit of force and her focus came flooding back alongside a wild need to deny how right he was - how much he knew her.
“You’re out of your goddamn mind!” She shouted back at him, shaking her head petulantly. “What the hell is there to enjoy about tonight? All I fucking wanted was to get laid!” But he didn’t let up, he’d gotten started now and he knew that if he was ever going to do this, the time was now.
“Then why is it that you smiled more tonight when I was bothering you then you did in any other moment?” He knew he needed to slow down and take the time to get this exactly right but he was too keyed up and heat was threatening to escape out his ears “Why is it that your eyes lit up every single time I interrupted you? Why did you spend every minute that I wasn’t next to you, looking around the room for me?” He demanded and her eyes were nearly blown out. “You could’ve gone home with any one of the guys that you talked to tonight but you didn’t. In spite of me, you could have gotten laid tonight. But you didn’t want to.” Her brows pushed together in a haughty, barely restrained anger. “Because you were having too much fun chasing me off and playing this game! Maybe it’s time you admit that you blew this bet because you’ve got feelings for me.”
“Oh, fuck off, you narcissistic piece of shit.” She hissed. “Maybe it’s time you admit that the reason you can only get one night stands is because anyone that gets to know you realizes you’re the most insufferable son of a bitch on the planet.” He tried to remind himself that she was lashing out for a reason but it didn’t lessen his desire to fuck that attitude out of her.
“That’s really something coming from the person that knows me better than anyone else.”
“Maybe that should tell you something, Max.” She said with a sneer. “What does it say when thats what the person that knows you best has to say about you?”
“It says she’s in denial.”
“You’re delusional!” She snorted derisively and he could feel himself barreling over an edge.
“And you’re a coward.” He shot back and she recoiled like he’d slapped her. Her gaze held his with a steely intensity, heat charging in the space between them.
“Max, you had to bribe me to get me to come here as your date tonight.”
“Oh please, it wasn’t a bribe. It was a bet. Because, once again, I know you.” He said matter-of-factly and she rolled her eyes, crossing her arms over her chest. “I know that you can’t turn down a challenge. Do you really think that I would have made a bet, getting the person that I have feelings for to sleep with someone else, if I wasn’t confident you were going to spend the entire night looking at me instead?” She swallowed hard, lips parted, painfully aware of the way his eyes flicked down to them. “Okay? And now I’ve said it. Not that I’ve ever been very subtle, but I have feelings for you.” Her breathing faltered. “So maybe it’s time that you grow a pair and admit it too.”
“I’ve got nothing to admit.” It came out childish but she couldn’t help it.
“God, you’re so fucking scared!”
“What exactly do you think that I have to be afraid of?”
“I think that you’re afraid to admit that you’ve got feelings for the most insufferable son of a bitch on the planet,” he spat her words back at her, “because the last big decision you made ended up costing you your family.” She blew out a sharp breath, jaw shifting.
“Oh, fuck you, Friedman.” She shoved him hard against the wall.
“Just admit it.”
“No.” She shoved him again.
“You’re only lying to yourself, princess.”
“I don’t fucking like you, get it through your thick skull.” Another shove and she could feel herself unraveling.
“Aren’t you tired of running?”
“No! Enough!” She pushed him multiple times in a row and he just shook his head.
“Stop being a god damn coward!” He prodded, knowing full well she was hurtling toward an edge.
“I’m not a fucking coward!” She slapped his chest a few times and he finally snatched both wrists in his hands, holding them up in front of her.
“Then prove it."
With an exasperated huff, she surged forward, pushing up onto her toes, and met him in a violent, needy kiss. Their teeth gnashed and he dropped her wrists so he could slide a hand into her hand, the other gripping tight on her face. Her body molded into his, heat flaring through every inch of her. There was no room for thinking; her entire body was too wired, every hair standing on end. She wound her arms around him, palming the broad, muscled planes of his back, digging her fingers into the fabric of his suit jacket. When she ground her hips into him, he let out a throaty groan that made her core clench.
In an instant, he flipped her, pinning her back to the wall, hands flat on either side of her waist, caging her in. He towered over her, catching his breath, eyes locked with hers, hungry and desperate, but waiting for her admission. Her mouth was dry, lips parted, breathless and needy and head floating ten feet above her. She couldn't deny that every part of her wanted him - hell, she was aching for him at this point - but even in her dizzied state, she hated to let him win.
"God, you're unbearable." But her arms were already looped around his neck, pulling him back into her. He rocked into her, one hand coasting down to squeeze her ass and urge her closer. Raking her teeth over his lower lip, she dragged an inhuman noise from him. She could feel his growing insistence pressed against her thigh as his hand made its way up her waist. He kneaded at her chest, thumbing over her pebbled nipple while her tongue explored his mouth.
His hand trailed further up until it settled firmly around her throat, and he pulled back, leaving her panting. Wide eyed and scorching under the heat of his gaze, she let out an involuntary whimper.
“Admit it, Princess.” His voice was a low rasp. “We both know it. So just admit you’ve got feelings for me and I’ll give you what you need.”
“Screw you, Friedman.” But the tilted smile on her face told him she was just trying to push his buttons. He gave a test squeeze to the sides of her throat and her hips bucked toward him.
“What was that, brat?” He snarled, his free hand skating up her inner thigh, toying with the slit of her dress, and her legs parted automatically. His cocky smirk made her want to continue pushing but the pooling between her legs was starting to get hard to ignore. “Tell me, if I were to reach up into those sweet little panties, just how wet and needy is that pussy going to be for me?” The pad of his finger brushed the lacy edge of her panties and she let out a belabored breath.
“Max…” It was a whispered plea, her head tipped back, body poised to ignite at a moment's notice. He paid no mind to the people shuffling out the door behind them, whispering about the pair of them, tangled in each other. If she'd had any chance with the remaining guests, it had slipped away now, along with all rational thought. She tried to rock her hips into his hand, desperate for friction, but he pulled his fingers back.
"Ah, ah, ah." He tutted, giving her thigh a sharp slap. "Stubborn little brat, you don't get to just hump my hand like a desperate slut." She let out a pained whine, warring with her deepest needs and her pride. Nothing he'd said had been wrong - whether she liked it or not - her feelings for him had a life of their own.
He readjusted his grip on her throat, leaning in so close, she could feel his breath fanning over the nape of her neck. His lips brushed the shell of her ear and a chill ran down the length of her spine, culminating in a powerful ache between her thighs. Her head was spinning with need and he'd barely even touched her - an unfair reminder of her lack of control over her body...and her mind.
"I'm just looking for a bit of honesty, Princess." His gravelly whisper only furthered her body's betrayal. "I promise, you'll like the good girl treatment much better. Just admit what we both already know." Trailing his fingernail up and down the soft skin of her inner thigh, he could feel her turning to putty in real time, her body begging to melt into his hand. But when his knuckle brushed over her lace clad core, her entire body shuddered, and the thin string that was her composure finally snapped.
"Fine!" It was shouted but her voice cracked with need, and Max smirked against the skin behind her ear. "You're right, Max, fuck, you're right. I have feelings for you. Jesus, just please." He eased his hand off her throat, tangling it up in her hair as he let their lips collide. Bending his knees, he hitched her up so her legs wrapped around his waist, her dress bunching up.
Peeling her off the wall, he stumbled the few steps away, through the restroom door. His thick arm wrapped firm around her while he locked the door behind them before carrying her to the countertop of the sink. Stepping between her legs, he brushed a hair from her face, his fingers trailing back, winding around her hair, close to the root, and tugging hard so she couldn’t look away.
“Now, was that so hard?” He whispered, his lips a breath away from hers. She rolled her eyes before hooking her heels behind his thighs, urging him to close the distance between them.
"I really can't stand you." But she was all talk and they both knew it. Max gave another sharp tug to her hair and she moaned, eyes fluttering closed. Heat rushed to her face; there was no end to the ways her body would betray her. "Such an egotistical mo-mmf"
Max pushed two thick digits deep into her mouth, silencing her in an instant. Her eyes blew wide as he gagged her with his fingers, his brows drawn and lips pressed into a scowl.
"You just can't keep that bratty mouth shut, can you?" He urged her back, shoulders pressed against the mirror as he loomed over her. "You know, I was going to just let all that attitude go - chalk it up to a bit of denial - but now..." He pressed his tongue into his cheek, shaking his head. "No, now I'm going to have to teach you what happens to mouthy little sluts who don't know when to shut up."
As he slipped his fingers out of her mouth, she closed her lips around them, laving her tongue over them on their way out. His eyes flicked up to meet hers with a dangerous heat, his cock throbbing in his slacks. With a half step back, he gripped around her thighs, yanking her down off the counter and urging her to her knees with a hand on her head. His fingers, gripping the hair at the top of her head, pulled her in, pressing her face against his crotch, his erection evident through his pants.
“Think its time you show me what that mouth is actually good for.” He could feel the vibration of her purr all the way down to his bones, making his cock throb beneath the tight confines of his slacks. Trying not to let the reality of the situation hit him and throw off his game, he fumbled to undo his belt. Holding her in place, he used his free hand to shove his pants down, his thick erection sitting heavy against his stomach. Wetting her lips, she reached up, keeping her eyes locked with his while she wrapped her delicate fingers around his length. She gave a teasing pump but he wasn't looking to play, using his grip on her hair to drag her mouth to him. "Tongue out, doll. Open wide for me."
She did as he said, sticking her tongue out flat. He tapped the head of his cock against it a few times, gauging her reaction. He wanted to savor the moment but seeing her on her knees, ready and waiting for him after all this time, was heady and gnawing at his ability to be patient. Sliding past her lips, he hissed as he rocked his hips up. He gave a few shallow thrusts first, his hand tight on her hair to keep her where he wanted her, then roughly surged forward so his crown brushed the back of her throat and his eyes rolled back. Easing back out, he gave her a moment to breathe but she just smirked.
"Gonna blow your load already?" She said, and he scoffed. "Should have known you wouldn't be able to handle me."
Max ground his teeth, tongue sliding behind his top lip as he crouched down closer to her level. He grabbed her cheeks forcefully between his fingers, urging her mouth open and spitting into it before giving a warning smack that left her cheek buzzing. She let out a shaky breath, eyes pinned on him as a delicious smile crept across her face.
"You have no idea what you're getting yourself into." He slowly straightened up to his full height, never loosening his fingers in her hair. "Hands behind your back, mouth open." The pulse between her legs was starting to overpower her brain and she couldn't help but do as he said. His voice, demanding and gravelly, was a kryptonite she didn't know she had. "Lets see if I can't fuck the brat right out of you."
Without any further warning, he thrusted completely into her mouth, making her gag. Holding her head flush against him, her nose pressed into his skin, he watched as her nostrils flared, trying to breathe through him. He waited until she began to squirm before pulling her off, strings of saliva connecting them as she gasped for air.
"What, can't handle me?" He taunted, echoing her words, before thrusting back into her mouth and quickly pulling off. "All fucking talk?" Back in and out. "Pretty little whore can't even take a little throat fucking?" He held her head steady as he fucked her mouth, gagging her each time until her eyes started to water. "Nothing else to say now, huh?" Tears streamed down her face as he kept an unrelenting pace. His taunts turned to groans, his brain unable to keep up as he moved faster. Drool dripped down her chin and he thrusted particularly hard, pushing past her gag reflex.
Feeling himself getting close, he pulled her off him and used his grip on her hair to yank her to her feet. Letting her steady herself for a moment, he wiped his thumb through the spit pooled on her face, rubbing it across her lips. He smoothed his hand over the hair he had severely rumpled. His touch drifted down her face and gingerly grazed over her neck as he stepped into her space, urging her against the edge of the countertop. Her heart hammered in her chest as she pressed her legs together to ease the waves of need she'd been ignoring. Reaching up, she tugged at the knot of his tie, loosening it before nimbly working her way down the buttons of his shirt. He watched her while his hands migrated to her hips, squeezing, hoping to mitigate the way the fire beneath his skin was threatening to take him over.
Shrugging off his suit jacket, he slung it over the dividing wall of the nearest stall. Her fingers trailed over the firm lines of his chest, electricity sparking with every inch. She held his gaze, intense on her, reflecting a need that reached well past lust and struck her hard in the chest. He leaned in close and met her in deep kiss that was meant to tell her the things he wasn't saying aloud, pressing her flat against him. But as quickly as he had moved in, he tore away, using his grip on her hips to flip her around to face the counter.
She met his eyes in the mirror, the meaningful look on his face replaced by a look that was all fire. He rolled his hips against her ass, one hand snaking around her, up her stomach. She shuddered when his lips connected with her neck as he placed open mouthed kisses at the nape. Her body moved on its own, working back against him, his fingers curling around the neckline of her dress, ripping it down over her chest. Roughly squeezing her breasts, he sucked at the thin skin of her neck and she let out a breathy moan that made his cock twitch against her ass. His fingers tweaked her nipples as he gathered the fabric of her dress, pushing it up over her hips. Kicking her legs apart, he nipped the shell of her ear, holding her gaze in the mirror.
"If you're going to tap, Princess, now's the time." A final chance to back out before they crossed a line there was no coming back from - as if he hadn't already flung himself a full football field over the line. If she walked away now, he was fairly sure he would never recover.
She tore her gaze away, wrapping an arm back around his neck and turned her head. Pressing up on her toes, she pulled him into a uncharacteristically sentimental kiss that eased the fears he was trying so hard to ignore. When she pulled back from it, her softened eyes reverted to the feisty, bratty eyes he was becoming accustomed to.
"Like I'd ever tap to someone like you." She'd fired the starting shot and Max didn't hesitate.
His hand pushed on her back, pressing her face down onto the cool stone countertop, he used his free hand to rip her panties down. He squeezed the thick flesh of her ass before letting his palm strike, the noise reverberating off the tiles of the restroom. She squeaked, lurching forward against the counter and he soothed a hand over the welt instantly rising to her skin.
"That right?" He thumbed over the slick of her folds, chuckling as she fluttered. "So wet and desperate for my cock." His hand collided with her again and she yelped. "Not that you deserve it." She tried to grind back against his hand and he tutted. "Lucky for you, i'm a very generous guy." Gripping her hips with both hands, he rocked into her, his cock dragging through her soaked pussy, teasing. "All you have to do is tell me who this pussy belongs to."
"God..." She groaned, pushing into him but he pinned her hips against the counter.
"No, but close. Try again."
Picking her head up, she looked into the mirror, her makeup running down her face from her tears and spit, her hair messed beyond saving, and Max standing behind her looking smug as ever - he'd wrecked her and he hadn't even fucked her yet. Not that she'd ever have the self control or pride to walk away now...or even later. She'd let the door crack open for him and there was no turning back now, he owned her and she'd have done anything in that moment to feel him stretching her open.
"You, Max. You own this pussy. You own every god damned inch of me - now please, for the love of god, just - " But her plea was cut short with a relieved cry that echoed around them when he pulled her back onto his cock, making her take every inch.
He groaned nearly as loud as she did, pushing her face down so she wouldn't see how unraveled he'd instantly become when he felt her walls squeezing him. If he owned her, she certainly owned him right back. His fingers dug into her hips hard enough to leave bruises as he savored the feeling of finally being inside her.
Sucking in a breath through grated teeth, he pulled back before rutting back in just as deep. She gripped the edges of the counter hard as he began to work up a rhythm, his cock splitting her open, thick and hard as steel. He worked faster, grunting and tugging her hair so she would look up into the mirror.
The sound of their bodies colliding echoed through the bathroom and he wrapped the length of her hair around his fist, yanking it back so her back arched high. Thrusting up into her, he wrapped a muscular arm around her stomach, urging her upright so her back was flush against his chest. He watched their reflections in the mirror as he groped her breasts, pinching hard at her nipples, intent on the way her eyes rolled back.
"Open your eyes. I want you to watch while I fuck this perfect pussy - while I give you exactly what you wanted." His voice was deep and strained as she squeezed around his cock.
"Fuck, Max, don't stop, please! Fuck!"
He hammered in and out, the sound of her moaning his name driving him to move faster. Her brain was frazzled and completely melted when his fingers drifted down to circle over her clit. Her mouth hung open with shallow pants, her walls constricting, and she tipped her head back onto his shoulder as pressure grew out of control in her belly. Max released his grip on her hair, moving his hand down to squeeze the sides of her throat. He urged her head back to the mirror, his hips stuttering.
"I want you to watch how fucking sexy you are coming apart on my cock, Princess." He shifted his angle so his tip brushed exactly right with each thrust and her body began to shake. Moving in tight, quick circles over her clit, he kept his eyes locked with hers in the mirror, her mouth hung open in a drawn out series of cries. Her head swam and crashed into her as she toppled over the edge.
“Shit! Max!” She clung hard to his arms, nails digging into his skin. Her walls fluttered around his length and he didn’t slow down. He drove harder and harder into her, hooking her knee and urging it up onto the counter to get as deep as he could, bottoming out.
Drawing her arms behind her back, he looped his arm through hers. Pistoning into her, he grunted with each thrust, his orgasm coming faster than he wanted.
“God, look at those fucking tits bouncing for me. You’re unreal.” He growled, spearing up into her. Her whines echoed off the walls, desperate and broken as Max brought her back to the edge. “That’s it, baby, let everybody hear what I do to you.”
His hips stuttered and he bit down on the nape of her neck. With a few wild thrusts, her legs buckled, body melting into his grasp as she screamed out his name. She pulsed around him and he roared out, spilling into her, slamming a hand on the wall to steady them.
He rocked into her a few final times, releasing her arms so he could wrap both of his firmly around her. Peppering kisses over her neck and shoulder, he eased her leg back to the ground. He squeezed tight around her as he pulled out, burying his face in her hair. She turned in his arms, resting her hands on his chest and slowly letting her eyes pan up to meet his. Her mouth opened then closed, struggling to know what to say now.
“Well shit, doll. That’s one hell of a way to win a bet.” He cupped her cheek, stroking a thumb over her. She blinked back at him, waiting for her brain to process the words coming out of his mouth.
“Got laid at the wedding.” He finished her sentence and she shut her mouth, brows drawn. “Guess that means we’re staying put.” She wet her lips before a slow smile finally rose to her face. Her arm looped around his neck, dragging him in for a breathless kiss. He yanked her closer with his hands on her hips.
He finally pulled back, taking a half step away, and tugged her dress back up into place. Smoothing down her hair, he gave her one final brief kiss.
“So…since you apparently know better than me…tell me, where do we go from here?” She gave him a crooked smile and he pursed his lips, pretending to think hard.
“We…go back to your house.” The corner of his lip quirked up and she rolled her eyes. “I’m dying to find out what it takes to make my girl tap out.”
“Your girl, huh?” Her lips curled up, raising a brow. Max used a hand on the small of her back to yank her in.
“Yeah. My girl.” He confirmed, ego fully in place. “Got an issue with that, brat?” She wet her lips before tugging at her lower lip with her teeth.
“You’re not gonna be able to get me to tap.” She prodded and he cocked his head with a grin.
“You wanna bet?”
Breaking free from his grasp, she entwined her fingers with his, pulling him after her. He scrambled to grab his jacket and sling it over his shoulder.
“If you win, I’m all yours.”
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sydsaint · 2 months ago
Send softie!HOOK
Tumblr media
Summary: The reader turns to her best friend HOOK for comfort after a confession to her crush goes horribly wrong.
"I think that's it's time for you to go home, Y/N." Eddie looks at you with little emotion on his face.
Never in your life did you ever think that one simple sentence could ruin your whole life. You take a small step backward and your arms hang at your sides limply. Your chest burns like you got hit by a car and you can feel a burning in your throat that signals tears are sure to start flowing freely down your face.
You turn on your heel sharply and hurry off before you humiliate yourself any further in front of the man you've got a hopeless crush on. But you still can't believe that he doesn't feel the same. Not even a little bit.
"Damnit," Eddie mumbles as you rush away from him. "No. Come on, Kingston. It's for the best." He tells himself. "She's better off far away from you."
You woke up today with all of the enthusiasm and energy in the world. You woke up and decided that today was the day you'd finally tell Eddie how you feel about him. Unable to keep it to yourself any longer.
Heartbroken and not thinking straight, you make a B-line for one of your closest friends' locker room. Even though he's working tonight, you know that Tyler aka HOOK would never turn you away. Not like this.
You knock sharply on the door of Team Taz and try your best to hold back your tears. "Yeah? Y/N, what's up? You look like crap." Ricky answers the door.
"Is Tyler in there?" You sniffle with a pathetic look in your eyes.
Ricky disappears behind the door and you hear him shout Tyler's name out. The door cracks open again and HOOK stands at the door. "Y/N? Oh my God?! What happened to you?" Ty sees your red and tear-stained face.
"Can I come in?" You sniffle again.
Tyler nods and quickly ushers you inside the safety of the locker room. He leads you over to the bench on the far side of the room and you both sit down. As soon as you sit it doesn't take long for the dam to break and tears start to flow.
Tyler sits and puts a hand on your back for comfort as you cry into your sweater sleeves. "Y/N, come on. What happened? Who did this to you? Are you hurt?" He asks you softly but still presses you for answers.
"I'm a fucking idiot, Ty." You whine and shake your head.
"What? No, you're not." Tyler scoffs at your statement. "Y/N, sweetie, come on. Tell me something." He asks you again. "I can't help if you don't tell me anything."
You sniffle and peak out at Tyler from behind your hoodie sleeves. "I told Eddie about my crush on him..." You explain and feel more tears on their way out.
"Oh." Tyler nods in understanding. "And he doesn't feel the same I'm guessing?" He sighs and pulls you into a hug.
"He told me to get lost." You bury yourself into Tyler's chest and continue to cry.
A hint of anger flashes across Tyler's face but he stays still and lets you cry until you've got it all out of your system. When it seems like you're done crying for the moment Tyler gently pushes you off of him so he can see your face.
"Feel any better now?" He offers you a small smile and wipes away a couple of lingering tears on your cheek.
You shake your head and look down at your lap in shame. "Not really, no. I feel like a fucking idiot, Ty." You sigh deeply. "What was I even thinking? I mean why in gods name would Eddie ever in a million years be into me?"
"Hey! Come on, Y/N." Tyler grabs your hand from your lap. "You're a wonderful person. Sweet and pretty, and not to mention kickass in the ring." He reminds you. "And if Kingston is too much of a fucking moron to see that, then that's his problem."
"Pfft, I'm not so great." You roll your eyes. "I barely even make it off of Dark and Elevation every week. You've got millions of fans dying to see you every week." You point out.
Tyler sighs and pulls you in for another hug. "That might be true. But you want to know something? I'd tell every one of those fans to kiss my ass if it meant you'd feel better." He grins at you.
"You mean that?" You sniffle and pull away from your hug to look at your best friend.
Tyler nods and smiles at you again. "Who needs fans and fame when I've got you at my side?" He shrugs.
"Thanks, Tyler." You crack a small smile and hug him again.
"Anytime, Y/N." Tyler hugs you tightly. "Now come on, let's go do something to take your mind off of all of this. Ricky, if you see my dad, tell him that I'm busy all night." He pulls you up by the hand and walks you over to the door.
You let Tyler pull you but stop when you get to the door. "Don't you have to work tonight?" You blink at him.
"It's just a photo shoot." Tyler shrugs. "This is more important. Come on." He grabs your hand again and pulls you out the door.
Ricky and Hobbs share a look while you and Tyler exit the room. They've been listening in this whole time after all.
"Well, it looks like the kid finally bagged his girl." Ricky jokes with a laugh.
Hobbs nods in agreement and gets to his feet. "Those two are good for each other. Now come on, let's go visit Eddie Kingston." He walks over to the door with a scowl.
"Right behind you, buddy." Ricky nods and follows him.
HOOK might be able to take care of you in terms of your feelings. But Hobbs and Ricky can make sure that Eddie gets a little punishment for hurting you on behalf of HOOK.
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cuzimacomedian · 4 months ago
💛 Kenny Omega x Reader for snuggles?
our sweet nerd boy - yes i will
|remember to leave feedback and i love all you heathens|
‘I Love You More Than Video Games’ Kenny Omega (Tyson) x fem!reader
Tumblr media
^reader is in dire need of cuddles and attention from her boyfriend.^
I watched him stare at the screen for what felt like an eternity. I walked into what he calls the ‘Nerd Cave’; one of the spare rooms we had that was decked out with posters, figures, props and all kinds of stuff from our favorite shows or films. It was a sweet thing he had come up with when we moved in together. I stood in the doorway for a while just admiring him. It’s always nice to see him in one of his elements: dressed comfy, sat in his gamer chair, glasses on, and playing video games; truly peaceful. Though I adore to see him like that, I was so desperate for his cuddles. One thing many don’t know about the great Kenny Omega is that he is a cuddle king! And I needed them BAD! I walked into the room carefully so I didn’t startle him. A habit we both adopted was not to scare each other when they had headphones on. I gently put my hands on his shoulders and leaned over the chair, kissing his cheek. He paused his game and lowered his headphones so they rested around his neck, “Hey honey. Wanna join?” he asked. “I actually was hoping for some cuddles. Pleaseee Ty?” He smiled and leaned his head to kiss my hand. “Aw, is someone deficient in Vitamin Me?” Another thing people don’t know is that he makes terrible but cute puns. “Let me finish this level, then you’ll get all the cuddles. Okay?” I nodded and went to the bedroom; knowing his skill, he’ll have the level beat in minutes.
After another half hour, I got annoyed. I went back to the Nerd Cave and noticed he’s started a new level. He must have heard me come in somehow and pulled his headphones down. “I’ll join you in a second baby.” I decided I had enough and turned the chair slightly, climbing into his lap and clinging onto him. “Now Tyson. If I don’t get snuggles in the next five minutes, I might die” I joked. He laughed, “We can’t have that now, can we?” he wrapped his arms around me and resumed his game, “You stay like that, I finish the level, then we go to bed and snuggle.” I smile into his chest, “Dobbie too?” I feel the vibrations from his chuckle, “Yes, babygirl, Dobbie too.” He kissed the top of my head and went back to his game. 
He was a man of his word and after this level, he took his headphones off and picked me up to go to the bedroom. Like the king he is, Dobbie was already on the bed. We settled in bed under the covers and I immediately laid my head on his chest, his arms wrapping around me tightly. Cuddles with Ty always boosted my mood. We didn’t have to talk, just our bodies close together. His hand went up to play with my hair until he tilted my head up to kiss my lips. “I’m glad you didn’t die. I do think you laying on me while I game is absolutely adorable and you should do it more often.” I couldn’t help the smile on my face, “Of course you do, dork.” “I’m serious! You close to me while I kick virtual ass? Makes it even better.” I roll my eyes playfully, “I’ll keep that in mind. I love you.” He kisses me again, letting the feel of his lips on mine linger for a moment, “I love you too.” I decided to poke fun at him: “More than video games?” “A billion times more than video games.”  From then on I made sure to sit in his lap while he gamed more often. It’s, how you say, ‘killing two birds with one stone’?
lovely taglist babes (dm or comment to be added) @josiewrites @rubyred1980
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Ride or Die, ‘Til the End of the Line
Pairing: Eddie Kingston x wife wrestler!reader
Category: Fluff
Word count: 967
Summary: When the Jericho Appreciation Society pushes Eddie too far with comments about you, Eddie enlists you and some friends to help him execute his plan. 
Warnings: Swearing, written with female in mind but no description of reader, Daniel Garcia gets kicked in the groin, implied violence and vandalism. 
You were sitting in catering at the latest Dynamite show when your husband came storming up to you clearly pissed off with your two best friends in tow, the two men looked just as pissed off. You looked up from your phone at the three men, eyebrows furrowed in confusion. You went to open your mouth to ask why they were so pissed off, but you were cut off before any words were formed. “Grab your keys. We got some business to handle. Mox is gonna meet us there.” Your husband, Eddie commanded, and when you looked at Santana and Ortiz you knew that they were all serious about this. You could tell these three men, along with your other best friend, Jon Moxley, were going to do something drastic and chaotic.
“Alright.” You nodded, standing up with your phone. “Let me grab my keys then you boys can lead the way.” You didn’t bother asking questions because truth be told when it came to your husband you were down to help him with whatever he needed no matter how dangerous or illegal. Honestly your down for helping out Santana, Ortiz, and Mox the same way. You’ve known those three men as well as your husband for the better part of fifteen years, only marrying Eddie six years ago. 
After retrieving your keys from your purse in the locker room, you head to your car with the pissed off men hot on your heels. You could tell they were still stewing over whatever was said or done. You still weren’t sure what or who caused this type of anger from them as well as Mox, but you had an idea: the idiots that claim they’re ‘sports entertainers’. Jericho and company were definitely pissing you off more and more each day, but thankfully you didn’t anger as easy as Eddie. You were calm unless pushed too far, where Eddie was more easy to anger as everyone had seen on Dynamite and Rampage. 
You’ve had your fair share of run ins with the Jericho Appreciation Society and while you hated seeing them come around the corner and ambush you or pop up after or during a match, you kept your cool and your mouth shut for the most part. 
Daniel Garcia was the one who mainly targeted you and Chris was always quick to agree and back him up. You mostly rolled your eyes shoved past them, but your greatest moment was last week on Dynamite when the group appeared at the top of the ramp after your match. 
You remember the cheers you earned from the sold out crowd as you single-handedly delivered the best one liner to the obnoxious men. Upon meeting them halfway up the ramp, Daniel made a comment about how he would be the best lover… if you could handle him. That earned him laugh in the face along with swift and hard kick to the groin, one that elicited the loudest cheers and various chants from all around the arena. 
You easily slipped past them as they all tended to the little baby boy of the group. You had made it to the tunnel when you turned around to the crowd with a massive smirk on your face and threw a wink to JAS and sauntered through the tunnel to be met with Eddie, Santana, Ortiz, Mox, and to your surprise, the rest of the Blackpool Combat Club. All the men greeted you with applause and complimentary pats on the back and a chorus of “Atta girl.”
You assume what went down last week between you and JAS as well as them running their mouths is why the guys were dripping with anger. 
Once you reach your destination thanks to Ortiz’s directions, you all exit the car and head towards Mox, and judging by the fact he’s not alone, it seems Jon convinced the rest of BCC to join in on the destruction. You hang back and grab your husbands arm causing him to give you a look that let you know he wasn’t in the mood to talk as he let out an irritated sigh, but stopping for you nonetheless. 
He doesn’t say anything but rather motions for you spit out whatever it is you’ve got to say. “You have to tell me why we’re committing a felony before we do it. Not that it’s going to stop us, but at least I’ll have all the facts.” You state, reminding Eddie of the fact you don’t know the whole story or any of it actually, and if you get questioned you need to know what to say. Eddie chuckles, “Come on doll. You know all the facts. Those sons of bitches crossed the line saying shit about you and they’re the reason it’s come to this.” He gestures towards the fancy limo that without a doubt belongs to Jericho and his crew thanks to the massive JAS decal on the hood. Who were you to argue with that explanation?
“True. They did royally screw up. I suppose this is a good punishment, but my only condition is that I get to set the fire to that obviously expensive limo.” You negotiate with a sparkle of mischief in your eyes. Eddie chuckles, “You got it, doll.” He smirks dipping his head down to capture your lips with his. “God, I love you.” He murmurs against your lips before giving you one last peck. He then grabs your hand and the two of you head off towards the others, who were impatiently waiting while Mox yells at the two of you to “Get your asses over here! You can make out later!” You laugh not only at the remark from Jon but at the fun you and your boys were about to have.
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daddyhausen · 3 months ago
holy shit can i request a mox size kink hc? because phew 🛐🛐🛐
hehehe sure thing hun !!
• headcannon request — size kink — jon moxley •
Tumblr media
{ masterlists } | { aew masterlist } | { jon moxley masterlist }
{ warnings } — smut, 18 + { minors do not interact }, size kink.
{ word count } — 262
{ genre } — smut
{ taglist } — @boutmachines @thewrestlingbitch @omg-im-such-a-masochist @thebestintheworld @chrisdickinson @cuzimacomedian
{ comment if you want to be added to the taglist }
he is literally a giant in comparison to you! like he towers over your frame, trapping you against walls whenever he want a kiss.
he’d make fun of you for your height, often giving you head pats and saying how cute and small you look
he finds it cute whenever you need to reach high places, often chuckling at the sight of you jumping up to reach the top shelves without the assistance of a ladder
you’d eventually give up asking for him to help, which he greatly enjoys. sometimes picking you up so that you could reach it for yourself
you wear his clothes often, more specifically his shirts, they’d sit just above the knee on your frame. for one is a real turn on for him!
he adores how small you are to him, your hands are evident of the fact, he’d find himself measuring them against his just for the comparison
when it comes to sex he’d often joke that you would not be able to take his cock, it was practically the size of your forearm after all.
he loves the sight when you jerk/suck him off, your mouth barely being able to fit the head of his cock, hands just managing to work their way around his shaft. it’s one of the more pleasurable experiences he enjoys
it would be a struggle to fit him in the first few times you fucked, eventually getting used to it as it naturally progresses
you’d be able to see the bulge of his cock in your stomach, something that aroused the both of you very much so
he’d be able to contort and fuck you in as many postions he’d see fit! sometimes he would just hold you up and ruin you in the middle of the living room. or any room of the house of that matter
he’d adore the way you’d curl up against him after the fact, looking so small in his arms, it gives him the overwhelming urge to protect you.
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wheeler-beretta-harwood · a month ago
Public Nuisance (Cash Wheeler x Reader)
A/N: I feel like daily life with Cash would be wonderful. He's a sweet and funny guy, so everything would be entertaining with him. Even running errands...
Tumblr media
"What else do we need, Darlin'?" Cash looked at you as you checked the shopping list on your phone.
"Hmm, milk, eggs, we need some fruit and vegetables, Pawla needs a new toy, your protein powder, I need tampons...and if you want me to cook that recipe for duck breast with dumplings, we need potatoes and...duck breast."
"Baby, don't take it personally...but please don't cook any of your family recipes for me for a while. The past three days have been wonderful, you know I love your cooking, but please stop. I'm gonna get fat. And we both don't want that, right?" He tried to reason with you, and rubbed your back in order to appease you. You knew you may have overdone it, but you were so excited to have him all for yourself for a whole week - no AEW appearances, no interviews, no meet and greets. Just Cash and you, for seven days.
Your response was a soft hum, followed by a smart remark. "Cash, Sweetie, you're not gonna get fat. It's just your body desperately trying to adjust itself to the size of your butt."
He did a little mullet flip before putting both hands back on the shopping cart and sticking his ass out as far as he could. "Oh come on, you love my butt. That's just your jealousy speaking now." With those words, he pushed the cart further down the aisle, comedically wiggling his ass with every step he took. You chuckled a little before answering him with a whistle. He laughed out loud at your reaction before rounding the corner to make his way over to the produce aisle.
As you were getting all the stuff you needed, you heard him clear his throat from a few feet away. "Darlin, what do you say...This could be your new body goal, huh?" When you turned to look at him, he stood there, two massive watermelons in his hands, functioning as the biggest rack you had ever seen. He turned to the side, so you could check out the side view. A mischievous grin spread across your face. "Sure, everything you want, Babe. Once you have reached this body goal, we're gonna take care of my boobs." You retorted while holding up the biggest cucumber you could find. Before he could react, the two of you heard an indignant gasp and turned your attention to a lady in her fifties. She mumbled something about scandalous indecency and then rushed off. You looked at each other before bursting into a fit of laughter.
There was just something about his laugh that, after all these years, still got you. The sound of pure joy leaving his mouth, the little giggles in between louder cackles, all combined with the most adorable wrinkles around his eyes was almost hypnotizing to you. Even if you wanted, you couldn't take your eyes off of him.
He walked over to you and took your hand in his. "Come on, Darlin, let's get moving before that fine lady gets us kicked out."
Once you reached the aisle with the drugstore items, you got stuck by all the fancy bath bombs. Cash patiently waited for a few minutes, but when you still roamed through the various fragrances, he moved a bit further to where another man was standing in front of the ladies' section...and seemed completely lost. Cash stood next to him and looked around.
"It's overwhelming, right? Why are there so many different tampons?" The man said.
Cash chuckled a little and then took a box off the shelf. "My girl always uses these. They seem to be good." He said while shrugging.
The other man nodded and, after giving it some thought, took the same box and thanked your boyfriend.
He hadn't noticed, but you had finished your bathbomb session and were now standing behind him. You wrapped your arms around his waist and rested your head on his shoulder.
"Did you just help out a fella in need?" You asked him, completely flattered by the fact that he knew which tampons you used. He paid attention to so many little things that had never mattered to anyone before. But he cared.
"Yep." He answered as you pressed your lips on his cheek, a meek smile spreading across his face.
You continued your shopping and got everything you needed, until Pawla's toy was the only thing missing. You both stood there and to any other person, you must've seemed like two crazy people: pressing each and every toy, dismissing the ones that didn't squeak, debating whether or not she would like the feel of the fabric, if it was her color and so on. But Pawla was your baby, as you didn't have children of your own. Yet.
When you finally had all your goods, you made your way over to checkout. The cashier seemed to be really into Cash, asking him about his day, talking about the stuff he/you bought, and generally flirting with him. Poor Cash, however, was completely oblivious to all her attempts. It was only when she asked if you were his sister that he slowly realized what was going on. He looked at you, uncertain on how to react. You just smiled at him, and to his surprise, you nodded your head at her question. He furrowed his brow, but didn't dare ask why you'd said that. He quickly paid and moved away from the young woman as fast as he could; the whole situation confused the living hell out of him. When you were out of earshot, he turned to you. "Why did you do that?"
You smiled up at him. "Turn around, Babe. I'm pretty sure she is still checking you out, drooling all over herself."
He did as he was told and noticed you were right. Her eyes were glued to him, and when he caught her looking, her face turned a bright red.
He couldn't stop the smile that spread across his face and his cheeks turn a soft shade of pink, but he was still confused. "That doesn't answer my question, Darlin."
As you were now in the parking lot, walking over to your car, you finally explained to him. "I just feel you have no idea of the effect you have on women. It's funny to me how you have this really physical job where fans are fantasizing about all the things you would do to them. You just don't know how handsome and hot you are. So let me boost your ego a bit, Baby." You rubbed his back while you continued. "And I'm not gonna lie, it kinda turns me on when other people lust after you...knowing that I'm the one who's living out their fantasies."
Cash snickered at your explanation as he loaded your belongings in the trunk. "Y/N, you have the weirdest kinks."
You just shrugged at his comment and pulled him closer by his hips. Your lips were so close to his that they were almost brushing against each other. With another grin, he gently pecked your lips. You deepened the kiss when you felt his hands on your waist, but soon broke away from him when you heard someone huff.
"Scandalous, these two." When you both turned into the direction of the voice, you saw the elderly lady from before again. You giggled and pressed your face in the crook of his neck. "She's going to get us banned here, Baby."
Cash laughed and ran his fingers through your hair before pressing his lips to your forehead.
"Then let's go home, Darlin, where we can make out without causing a public nuisance."
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windhamsrotunda · a month ago
Mr. Mayhem Would Like To See You Now ***He's Kinda Hot - Wardlow (Michael)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Wardlow (Michael) x You
Summary: You really can't think straight when it comes right down to Michael himself. You just can't think when he's around you or when you hear his voice.
Warnings: Smut, Language, Michael in a suit, Pure Filth, Mentioning of MJF at the end. (I don't know what to call this lol), 18+ Only!
Word Count: 1.4k+
Tagging: @abadamn @hungmanhorsecarriage @princessminjikwon @prtty-grrls-mak3-grv3s @cuttingedge708 @demonqueen29 @feralmox @xxghostnappaxx @lghockey @cuzimacomedian @kennyomegrrrr @sethrollns @hockeyjunkieblog (anyone else that wants to be tagged <3)
‘’Mr. Mayhem would like to see you now.’’ The lady backstage with jet black long hair down past her back greeted you, persuading you to go inside of Michael’s locker room.
You gave a brief ‘’thank you,’’ to the lady before entering inside of his darkened locker room with a little light shining in the distance. You followed the light to where it was coming from, soon to realize the light was coming from the barely cracked opened bathroom door. Butterflies began to swarm your stomach with mixed emotions, you felt yourself physically inch closer to the door, slightly turning the door handle and peaked half of your face inside to look.
‘’Um, Mr. Mayhem, sir? Are you there?’’ You pondered, the room was dead silent. Not a breath was heard, not even the sound of ants crawling onto the floor.
‘’Are you expecting someone?’’ a deep, male voice startling you, which made you fall back into the 6’2 man’s heavy arms.
Your heart battered inside of your tightened chest, Michael was still holding onto you in his arms. He pulled you into the bathroom, hemming the door tightly shut.
‘’Shh, don’t make a sound.’’ He verbalized in your ear, his large fingers tracing figure 8’s across your collarbones, making your mind race. You nod, not questioning him because you trust Mr. Mayhem, the only man to make you weak in the knees and fantasize about every silly little scenario there ever was with him that you made up tattooed inside of your head.
But he doesn’t know half the shit you think about when it comes to him. You were in desperate need of a man like him to take care of you, and him making sure he does it the right way. You scrutinized his every move, how he handled your perfect frame under his touch, his hands glided down to your black silk skirt, slowly pulling them off of you.
Cold air hitched between your legs, your legs managed to cross as Michael grasped onto one of your legs to spread them apart.
‘’Michael,’’ You whined to the larger man, looking up at him.
‘’What did I tell you? Don’t make any noise.’’ He warned, as a slap landed on your thigh.
He lifted you off of the ground your two feet were standing on, carrying you like a rag doll to the shower. You bit the bottom of your lip slightly, he placed you down onto the white shower floor, lifting your chin up with his index finger.
Michael leaned in until his lips met face to face with your collarbone, the most sensitive part of your body. His teeth grazed over your fragile flesh, you winced a little as the back of your head hit towards the marbled shower wall. You gripped around nothing, eyes focused on him, you knew you couldn’t make a sound. If you did, it will probably be the end of you for good.
He let out an evil laugh, his lips pulled away from your red collarbones.
‘’I truly don’t think you’re aware of this already, but you’re the first one who has entered this locker room, so unaware of what you were going to get yourself into,’’ Tsking, Mr. Mayhem let his fingers lazily drag across your jawline, his face inched closer to your’s, smelling the little of fear you had leftover swirling inside in the pit of your bottomless stomach.
‘’Can’t wait much longer.’’ He confessed, his large hand rested on the side of the shower wall by where you were standing like a badass would do — he is a badass in his own way though. Pupils growing dark like an ocean in the night, he lifted you again, but this time effortlessly by the hem of your shirt.
‘’Wrap your fucking legs around me, darlin’.’’ Michael growled, you insisted to snake your legs around his large waist, fuck he was wearing a fucking suit. He let his head fall into the crook of your neck, dragged breaths blew across your neck, his dark hair fell mercilessly into his face like something out of a slow motion mesmerizing movie.
‘’I’m going to fuck you right in this suit since you’re admiring it so so much.’’
Your cheeks flashed a crimson red, before you were about to bundle up the courage inside of you to verbalize something to the tall man, you physically felt him link his fingers inside the fabric of your black lace underwear that matched your skirt that was somewhere thrown on the bathroom floor, tearing them right off of you.
‘’F-fuck.’’ You cursed, not thinking about what you did. Suddenly, his hardened bulge from his dress pants poked on your inner thigh.
‘’Did I say you can speak?’’ His glistening, glossy eyes spearing right through you, you shook your head ‘’no’’ as a response. It was hard to keep quiet, but you were only doing it for Mr. Mayhem. Afraid you were going to get caught by MJF. Who was more afraid, actually? You or him?
He didn’t waste anymore time than he already shouldn’t have, he swore the promise that he was going to fuck you with his suit on. Michael Wardlow wanted you to carve this moment that you’re about to have with him in the back of your mind.
Letting out a low sigh, the sound of him unzipping his pants was such a pleasing sound to hear, you focused in on his hand wrapped around your throat, enough for you to feel the pressure applied to your throat. Michael’s eyes drew onto yours again, he turned you around for your face to be pressed into the shower wall, with no warning ahead, the head of his cock slipped into your heat with ease. You began to clutch around nothing until your knuckles turned white, your body jolted up while his arms were tightly gripped around you to hold you into place.
‘’Fuck, pretty girl. I love the feeling of my cock pounding in your tight little virgin hole. Don’t you love that feeling? God, fuck.’’ He whispered, his hips snapping up, with a large palm clamped over your mouth.
You wanted to make some noise or at least verbally speak, tell him how much you loved him ruining you, after all of those daydreaming days about him fucking you on the spot, you finally got him. A few minutes had passed, and you were slowly getting weak in the knees.
‘’No, we’re not done yet.’’ Michael growled, propping your leg up, your other leg now resting onto the flooring to get better access. That was a sign to ‘’not give up on him’’. But you were about close to cumming all over his cock. You needed to scream something! He let go of your mouth, finally encouraging you to scream out.
‘’O-oh my fucking god! I’-I’m cumming, sir!’’ You blurted out loud enough so that the other people that were walking around outside of his locker room could hear.
‘’Fuck Y/N!’’ He joined in, pulling out and cumming off to the side.
A long, dragged breath escalated out of the big man, who was still wearing his suit.
‘’Wardlow!’’ a snarky voice came from outside of the locker room.
Oh shit it’s MJF, you thought.
‘’Get dressed, darling. I sadly need you to leave the locker room, and act like this never happened between us,’’ He planted a quick kiss on your forehead, throwing you your clothes.
You nod, throwing your clothes on, you scurried out of his locker room.
‘’There you are, buddy! How are you?’’ You heard MJF greeting Michael, you looked back, Michael saw you leave, giving you a wink.
‘’Oh, I am fine. Doing just fine.’’
‘’Wardlow, you’re acting kinda funny. What happened?’’ MJF waved a hand in front of his face, who seemed to be daydreaming for just a second there.
He rubbed the back of his neck, hiding his face.
‘’Nothing. Hey, um. Maxwell, I got some business to take care of with Shawn Spears. Catch you later.’’ He patted MJF on the back, and left.
He’s kinda hot though, yeah he’s kinda hot, though.
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darkorderaf · 5 months ago
could i request “frustrated kisses” friends to lovers with danhausen please? i have such a crush on him haha
Oh man anon lol I got hit with a crush on him too and I’m just gonna ride that wave. I blame my love for the band Ghost on that one. Anyhow, enjoy some tension and fluff with Danhausen! I hope I got his character right and I hope you like it. <3
Pairing: Danhausen x OFC. Prompts: Frustrated kisses. Rating: T. Warnings/Content: Fluff! Word Count: 1628.
Tag List (asked to be added/removed!): @alyhull @boutmachines @chrisdickinson @lghockey @rubyred1980 @sillynilly27 @simoneinside
(I don’t own gif; all credit to allelitewrestlings!)
Tumblr media
Things weren’t looking well and she wasn’t feeling too hot. She hadn’t thought much of the way she landed from the top rope but it was becoming clearer and clearer that this match wasn’t going in her favor. Damn it. She smoothed her hair out of her face and dodged out of a heavy boot in the corner just in time. She was slowing down but not by that much. Under the rope and out of the ring. She just needed a quick breather and she would get back in.
It didn’t matter. Her opponent was quick on her heels and into the ringpost she went. Down onto her knees she fell. Well, she was getting her breather but not the way she wanted. Her hand planted on the ground, she started to push herself up. Right until a hand slid out from under the ring to settle on top of hers.
“This isn’t going well. Not at all,” a voice said. She knew that voice. Trent had warned her about it and she had run into him every now and then. In stranger and stranger occurrences, now that she thought about it. “Are you alright?”
“Danhausen?” She squinted into the dark and there he was, a pale face smiling warmly at her. “What are you doing under there?”
“Yes, yes, it’s me,” he said as he oddly patted her hand. “Oh, she’s coming. One moment.”
With an agility that surprised her, he climbed out from the ring just behind her opponent. Then he was up like a wraith, fixing them with a stern glare and a harsh point of his fingers. He was cursing them? Their confusion was enough for her to take advantage of it and get them back into the ring. Head a little light, she managed to pull off her finisher and get the pin.
“Ah, you did it. You are victorious!”
She had seen him curse people before, only to leave like a phantom. Escape to the rafters or wherever it was that he went to. Instead, he had gotten into the ring with her and took her hand in his to help her stand. He was warmer than she expected and then his hand was on her back. The referee wasn’t sure whether to step in to raise her hand but Danhausen waved them away and did it himself. He helped her out of the ring and brought her to the back to a confused gaggle of Best Friends.
“I’m watching you, spooky pervert,” Trent said as unfolded his arms and stepped towards them. Her friend eyed the strange man warily then turned his attention to her. She stood weakly on her feet. “Come on, let’s get you to the doctor.”
“Danhausen can take her,” Danhausen insisted and she looked at him with raised brows. Then a wave of fatigue hit her and she slumped against him. He was stronger than he looked. “It’s on the way to where he needs to go.”
“Oh yeah? Where’s that? Your spooky pervert house?”
“Noooo, not my spooky pervert house,” Danhausen said with a shake of his head. “To get teeth from the Baker, of course.”
“To get tee–Oh.”
Her thoughts went unfinished as she blacked out against him.
He began to appear more and more during her matches or just wherever she happened to be. She never knew him to be especially touchy but that seemed to change when he was around her. A strange, primordial vibrancy always followed him and she couldn’t deny that she was starting to grow fond of him in spite of herself. The slightest touch against her side, his hand around her wrist to raise her hand. His hand against her back as they walked. The crinkle at the corners of his eyes when he grinned at her.
He crossed her thoughts more. Innocently and…admittedly not so innocently. She started to look forward to finding his slightly stooped silhouette under the ring and she couldn’t quite pinpoint when that happened. When he had cursed her opponent one match? A horrible thought occurred to her and she couldn’t break out of it. Was it a curse? It had to be why her heart raced so hard at the sight, let alone thought of him.
“I think he cursed me.”
Trent stopped eating and stared at her. Chuck put his phone down and even Orange seemed to stir from his upright rest. Kris turned in her chair to face her. Trent spoke first.
“You think he cursed you?”
“Maybe? I don’t know,” she said as she rubbed at her temples. “When he’s not at my matches or not popping up wherever we are, he’s always on my mind. Like, living in my head rent free I guess? I really don’t know what to think of him but I know I think about him a lot and I think he might have inadvertently cursed me or…or something…”
She trailed off as she took in the way her friends looked at her. Kris startled to crack a smile and Trent took on a haunted look. He put his face in his hands.
“This is way worse than a curse.”
Chuck glanced at Trent then piped up.
“Dude, you’re not cursed,” he laughed as he reached across the table to pat her hand. “You just got a crush.”
Kris nodded emphatically.
She didn’t have a crush. She didn’t do crushes. Her chair screamed against the ground as she stood up.
“I’ll go ask him, see if he can remove it or something.”
Orange gave her a supportive thumbs up a little too late.
It was hard to find him when she was the one looking for him. No one seemed to know where he was and some, namely MJF, took offense that she would even ask. Hands on her hips, she decided to look in the more unorthodox places. Half under a table and peering into the dark, she was about to cut her search short when the tablecloth fluttered against the back of her legs.
“This is a strange place to be,” Danhausen said as he crawled beside her. “I like it. Who are you looking for?”
His pale face was almost a beacon under the table and she bumped her head on the table with a startled squeak. He made a worried sound and before she could start to rub the bump, his hand was there. Oddly patting it like he had her hand before.
“I was looking for you,” she hissed in pain. “Where were you?”
“Why, Danhausen was looking for you, of course.”
That frustrating feeling was back in her chest and she sighed. She didn’t understand him, not all the time, but she wanted to. Really, really wanted to. She gently removed his hand from her head and met his eyes.
“Did you curse me?”
His eyes widened and his lips parted into a small ‘o’.
“Curse you? Why would I curse you?”
Deciding that underneath a table wasn’t a place to have this conversation, she pulled him out from under it and smoothed her skirt out when they stood. He held his hands in front of him and switched which hand held the other.
“I’m asking because…” She paused, thinking back on what Chuck had said. “I think you might have cursed me during that one match a few weeks ago. Because I’ve been thinking about you a lot. Like, a lot a lot and not just as a…friend. Ally. Whatever. That didn’t really start up until then so I just…Thought that might be the case. Or something.”
“I think about you too,” he said plainly as he gestured at her. She wet her lips and looked away, her face warm. “That’s why I was looking for you. Danhausen hadn’t considered the tables but then he did and there you were.”
All she knew about breaking curses was from what she had seen in the movies from her childhood. Princes and princesses. Not people like her and not someone like Danhausen. And there wasn’t anyone else like him. Emboldened, she took two steps towards him and grabbed the front of his shirt. His hands went out to his sides and he watched her with wide, dark eyes as she crowded him back against the table.
“I swear, if you cursed me…”
Frustrated and confused, one hand went from his shirt to settle on his face and then she went for it. Her lips touched his and a surprisingly low sound resonated in his chest as his hands went to her hips. Nothing felt different. Maybe she had to kiss him more. Her lips moved against his and he reciprocated eagerly, his kisses sweet and soothing for how frustrated she was with what he made her feel. One hand settled on the thrum in her neck and he angled her jaw to kiss her deeper. A heat lit up in her belly and she ripped herself away from him.
She took in a heavy breath.
Nothing. It was exactly the same.
“You…didn’t curse me?”
Danhausen’s eyes went from her lips to her eyes, his own chest moving hard under his loose shirt. He shook his head and spoke to her quietly.
“No,” he breathed out. “No curses.”
“Oh,” she said lamely. “I…think Chuck was right then.”
He angled his head inquisitively. Encouraged her to continue.
“He said that it was a, um, crush. Not a curse.”
Then Danhausen grinned and she didn’t feel quite as silly anymore. Not a one-sided curse but something more. She smiled with relief, the feeling in her chest no longer a panicked and agitated bird.
“I like curses, we know this,” he admitted. Grabbed her hand. “But you? I like you more than curses.”
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cuzimacomedian · 2 months ago
im breaking my own rules for this chronicle. i have hella smut requests for wardaddy so im gonna bust out something more sweet to get my thinker to thunk some new concepts.
|remember to leave feedback and i love all you heathens|
‘Feel Invincible’ Wardlow (Michael) x fem!reader
Tumblr media
^after max and ronnie beat up on michael after his lashings, michael’s fiance stays by him^
- you can bet your hot asses im playing with the video of when it happened to cody - mjf (max), shawn spears (ronnie), danhausen (donovan), hook (tyler) - you read that right, donna is playing GOD bc i loved wardaddy and danhausen’s twitter interaction - what’s kayfabe lolz
3rd Person POV:
Today was the day. Michael had to take his 10 lashings at the hands of Max. When the stipulations were agreed to, Tyler and Donovan had watched on the screen with Y/N. Donovan knew how much this made Y/N anxious as she had her tell-tale signs: fiddling with her engagement ring, biting her nails, and the constant need for him and Tyler to prevent her from going out to the ring and laying waste to Max herself. The same thing tonight, the newly formed HookHausen standing with their friend. 
Michael got in the ring and Y/N shuddered when Max spit his gum in her fiance’s face. They all knew that if he hit the little prick, it was over for Michael. When Max started hitting him repeatedly, she let go of Donovan’s hand and walked out there; the two men hot on her trail so she didn’t do anything stupid. She came out silently as the four men in the ring turned to look at her. Michael shook his head, trying to mouth for her to go back to the locker rooms; though he knew she won’t listen. She slid in the ring and went toe to toe with Max, “Hit me.” She said with fire behind her eyes. Max just smirked at her. Michael knew the little shit wouldn’t hit her but he still moved to block him from her. Max taking the opportunity to lash Michael once again. He grunted and lifted his cuffed hands to her face to sooth her. She put her hands on his wrists with tears in her eyes, “Go back with Donovan and Tyler.” “No.” she shook her head. “Baby, go. I don’t want you getting hurt.” She shook her head again, “I’m not leaving. I’ll stay at ringside. I’m not leaving you.” He kissed her forehead and their two friends helped her out of the ring. 
Two more lashes then this was over. Ronnie took one then gave the belt back to Max. The kid look directly at Y/N then hit Michael with a low blow and the two started attacking him. She fought off the grip her friends had on her and got in the ring, she slapped both of them and went to her lover on the canvas. “Michael baby, talk to me.” he just groaned. She took a bobbypin out of her hair and picked the lock on the handcuffs. They got out of the ring and went back to medical. 
~ back at the hotel
When they got to their hotel room, he changed into sweatpants and she helped take the upper part of his suit off. When she saw the red marks that covered his back, she had to prevent herself from crying again. “Oh Michael~” She ran her fingers over them lightly and kissed over them. He winced at first but felt at ease for the first time that night and melted into her soft lips. He turned around to look at her. One thing he hated most in life was seeing how this was affecting his girl. She wanted nothing more than to get in the ring with Max herself and put an end to this bullshit. The woman would have taken the lashes herself if she could. Little Y/N could handle pain better than most of the men on the roster. “Do they hurt?” she asked him softly. “It’s uncomfortable but bearable.” “I think I can help. Can you lie on your stomach for me?” He looked at her confused but he trusted her. She went to her bag in the bathroom for a bottle of aloe lotion, knowing it would help. She got on the bed and straddled his hips, “Please tell me if anything hurts.” He hummed in response.
She massaged the lotion into his skin gently in hopes to relieve his pain. As time went by, his breathing became calmer due to her sweet actions and the words she said, “You’re going to beat his ass. Honey, you have no clue how proud I am of you. When you’re done with him, I’ll destroy him myself.” The last statement made him laugh. “Well, I’ll get my hands on him if you don’t powerbomb him through the ring and arena.” She continued. “Maybe use that weapon on your finger?” She glanced down at her engagement ring “Nooo I can’t ruin this. He’s not worth it.” She felt him shift under her. “It would be hot to see you take him down, puppy.” “Mmhmm I’m sure.” Y/N got off of him to wash her hands and change.
Michael’s eyes never left her figure as she walked back to bed. “The guys are asking how we are. I told them we’re okay and that- What are you staring at?” Y/N had changed into one of his shirts. She stood there in just that and her panties with a bare face and side braid. Even like that, she was the most beautiful woman in the world to him. “I’m looking at my gorgeous wife.” She crawled into the bed, laying by his side. “A few more months, husband.”  A few minutes of comfortable silence passed before Michael spoke again, “Baby, thank you for everything. You’ve been making this whole situation more bearable” “My love, you don’t have to thank me. From the moment you turned on him at Revolution, I knew there would be hell to pay but that didn’t change anything. And just think: two more weeks and you are free of Max, in a few months we’ll be married, you will definitely be in the title picture. And who knows; maybe we’ll have a little one by then to watch Daddy win a title?” The last thing she said had his heart beating a little faster. “Maybe? We will. Everything will be worth it if I get to start a family with you.” The two shared a sweet kiss as sleep started to take over. “Michael, I love you so much and I will be by your side until the end.” “I love you Y/N. More than you know.” Peacefully in each other’s arms, they drifted into their dreamlands of their wedding, future family, and the happy couple taking over All Elite Wrestling.
lovely taglist babes (comment to be added) @josiewrites @rubyred1980 @chrisdickinson @xkennyxomegax @night-of-the-living-shred @wwenhlimagines @ecarroll1978 @plentyoffandoms @auburnwrites @heavymetalgirl420 @cesarosbalor​
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The Most Interesting Date
Pairing: Wheeler Yuta x female!reader
Category: Fluff
Word count: 1,562
Summary: When Wheeler Yuta finally asks you on a date, will it be everything you thought it would be or will unexpected guests ruin your date?
Warnings: Swearing, female reader but no description of reader, she/her pronouns
Tagging: @rubyred1980 & @sheinthatfandom
Gif is not mine. Credit to owner.
Tumblr media
Over the last few months, you and Wheeler Yuta had finally started talking after stealing glances from across the room at one another and quickly looking away, a blushing mess, when caught. The pining from afar slowly turned into little conversations in passing. “Great job out there!” and “I grabbed you a water. That match looked brutal.” were the transition sentences that finally led to a short conversation in catering before a Dynamite show went live.
You always thought Wheeler was cute, but when he left Best Friends, Orange Cassidy, and Kris Statlander to join the Blackpool Combat Club, you didn’t think he was cute anymore but hot. Something about him going all out and bleeding during matches, all the things he didn’t do before; he was more serious, but you could still see the glimmer of fun in his eyes.
After you two began talking, Yuta discovered he liked a lot about you; you were fun, kind but wasn’t afraid to fight, always supportive of him, especially when he made the jump to BCC. He always enjoyed coming through the tunnel seeing you waiting for him with a bottle of water and towel regardless of the outcome of his match.
A few weeks after Yuta joined BCC, the pair of you talked more, and you noticed the confidence he gained, before he was more reserved. As you talked, you found yourself liking him more and more, and he felt the same way which resulted in him asking you out to dinner one night after Dynamite.
You agreed to the date, blushing as you did; not failing to notice his slight blush as you agreed. You couldn’t believe this was happening, and neither could Wheeler. You spoke with a small group of your girlfriends about it, hoping they would be able to help you decide what to wear and how to do your makeup and hair. Even though it was going to be a simple dinner date and not a five star restaurant, you still wanted to look your best. The ladies agreed to help you get ready and immediately began excitedly discussing Wheeler and how cute you two would be together should things go good tonight.
Once Dynamite came to an end, you met up with your friends to all head to your hotel room to get ready. The girls had your clothes strewn everywhere. Athena was helping you with your hair, Kris Statlander was helping you with your makeup, and Willow Nightingale was teaming up with Ruby Soho to mix and match your clothes for a cute outfit. You laughed to yourself as the girls occupied themselves with their chosen tasks. You loved these ladies with your whole heart and knew they’d make you look great.
As time for the date grew nearer, your stylist team put on the finishing touches. Walking to the full-length mirror on the bathroom door, you stood in awe, taking in the magic they worked. Behind you, the girls were all huddled together, holding their breaths as you examined their handiwork. You turned around, huge smile on your face. “I love it! Thank you girls!” You exclaimed, rushing to them and gesturing for a group hug.
The knock at the door caused everyone to fall silent, glancing at your phone you saw the time — this is it. You opened the door and froze, seeing Wheeler standing there in a nice button up shirt and equally nice jeans. When your eyes met his, you couldn’t help but blush. He looked handsome, and you were sure how you would be able to form any sentences. “You look….” You trialed off, attempting to gather your thoughts. “Handsome.” You finished, blush still evident on your cheeks.
“You look stunning.” Yuta complimented, grinning with more confidence, the blush long gone from his cheeks. He couldn’t stop looking at you, even though he knew it was probably getting creepy.
The girls were watching from across the room, giddy at the stunned reactions the pair of you were having. They knew they should excuse themselves to let you two get on with your date, so they did just that despite wanting to whisper amongst one another about the cuteness in front of them.
Once the girls exited the room, Yuta stepped aside to let you out the door. The pair of you talked about Dynamite and a few other things on the way to the restaurant, and finally being shown to your table, Yuta, ever the gentleman, pulled your chair out for you. “What gentleman.” You playfully teased, casing a laugh to leave his lips. “This might be too soon to say, but I love seeing you smile.”
Yuta smiles, a light blush dusting his cheeks. “I don’t think it’s too soon. Honestly, you read my mind.” He would have said more, but the waitress arrived to take your orders. After the orders were placed and drinks were in hand, you and Wheeler fell into a fun conversation, sharing funny stories and your favorite childhood memories.
“What did you say? I can’t hear you!” A quiet shout rings out a few tables over, the voiced sounded unmistakably familiar. Surely it’s not who you think it is. “Hold on! Let me move somewhere else.” You and Yuta both look around the restaurant in search for the man who’s not just disrupting your date, but everyone else’s.
“You’ve got to me kidding me.” Yuta says in disbelief. No sooner than the words leave his mouth, you spot Jon Moxley as well, standing up with his phone in the air a couple tables over from the two of you.
“Should we go over there?” You ask, curious on why Mox is here alone…. or so you thought.
Yuta nods and the both of you get up from your table, making your way over to Mox who’s still quietly shouting into the phone, clearly bad connection between himself and whoever is on the other end of the call.
As you approach the table, you and Yuta notice Claudio Castagnoli and Bryan Danielson trying to keep their cover and whisper yell at Mox to shut up and sit down. “You three on a date or something?” You tease, suppressing a giggle and Yuta stifles a laugh as well.
All three men’s heads whip around to see you and Wheeler standing there with amused looks on your faces. “Damn it, Jon! We told you to be quiet!” Bryan shouts as Claudio rolls his eyes.
“Who’s idea was this?” Yuta questions his teammates.
Bryan and Claudio immediately point to Moxley. “He drug us along. Said we should make sure the kid’s date passes the test. Whatever that means.” Claudio shrugs while Bryan nods in agreement.
Jon doesn’t confirm nor deny the claims, instead he pats Yuta on the back. “She’s a keeper. Just don’t fuck it up.” He states.
“Now that you blew our cover, let’s go. Leave the lovebirds to their date.” Bryan reasons. “You said she passed whatever ‘test’ you had.” He emphasizes test with air quotes, know that Moxley didn't have a real test for you but just wanted to spy on the two of you.
Begrudgingly, Mox agrees and the trio leave while you and Wheeler head back to your table to finish your dinner.
Once the dinner is done and you leave the restaurant, Wheeler suggests a walk in the nearby park to which you excitedly agree. You loved the park, even at night. It was more peaceful at night, you could see the stars on good nights. You were in luck because this is one of those good nights.
Arriving at the park, you and Yuta begin your peaceful walk, chatting and telling jokes along the way. As you both make your way around the park, your hands occasionally brush against one another making you blush. You want to hold his hand but don’t want to get ahead of yourself in case that’s not what Wheeler wants, but your worry disappears soon.
“Can I hold your hand?” Wheeler asks a little nervous.
“It’s like you read my mind.” You laugh causing him to laugh as well, nerves vanished.
He gently intertwines your fingers with his, a smile on both your faces. You continue to walk hand in hand, admiring the peace and quiet, hands lightly swinging between the two of you. “Thank you for tonight. I’ve had fun despite the unexpected guests.” You admit, turning your head to face him. He looks at you, smile wide and a cheerful look in his eyes.
“I’m glad. I did too and I swear I had no idea they were following us.” He promises.
A rustling sound in a nearby bush catches your attention followed by a string of swears. “I guess they’re still spying on us.” You laugh tugging Yuta over to the bush and parting some branches, revealing Jon but this time he didn’t have Bryan and Claudio with him, but none other than Eddie Kingston.
You and Wheeler share a laugh once more and leave the two men, looking like deer caught in the headlights. “I gotta say, this is the most fun and interesting first date I’ve ever been on.” You state as you hear Eddie and Jon bickering like an old married couple and following you and Yuta back to the hotel, not bothering to try to be sneaky anymore.
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cmpunkhausen · 6 months ago
Good Intentions
hook x reader 
warnings; a few cuss words, injury
requested by anon!
I hope you enjoy!! 🥺🖤
*I do not own this gif!*
Gif credit to @backfliptopancake​
Tumblr media
You and Hook had both debuted recently and the fans loved to ship you two together. You never really interacted that much backstage, but you were very similar in many ways, especially with how you both carried yourselves in the ring. Which had led to Tony suggesting you join Team Taz, thinking it would be something the fans would enjoy since they obviously thought you and Hook were a good match already.
At first it was awkward with you having more of an introverted attitude, but eventually you got along with the boys pretty well. You and Hook found the shipping of you two quite entertaining, eventually deciding to see how far the two of you could push it just to mess with the fans. Hook started to do subtle things on camera like step closer to you when other guys were around, putting an arm around your shoulder during an interview, or even holding your hand on the way to the ring.
Inevitably, you and Hook started to catch real feelings for each other. Everyone could see it, Ricky, Hobbs, most people backstage, even Hooks dad could see that the two of you were deeply in love with each other. You and Hook were always together, wherever one of you went the other followed, even constantly holding hands or leaning onto each other. After a while the guys got tired of how oblivious the both of you were and put together a plan.
After some convincing the boys got Tony to put together a match, you and Hook versus Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti. You were excited and nervous at the same time about wrestling with Hook, you knew together you would be undefeatable so you had no worries going into the match. The match was going smoothly until Tay hit you with a roundhouse kick that immediately made you nauseous, the whole room was spinning and your body fell down like a bag of bricks. Hook could tell something was wrong and jumped into the ring, shoving the ref out of the way when he attempted to hold him back.
“Hey, hey talk to me baby girl, are you okay?” Hook asked you worriedly. He could see the pain in your expression and it only confirmed his worries when all you could do was barely shake your head no. Not knowing what was going on Sammy hopped into the ring, pulling Hook away from you and slapping him. Hook slammed Sammy to the mat with fire in his eyes, glaring daggers into the man beneath him.
“She’s hurt you fucking idiot.” Hook shouted, immediately redirecting his attention back to you and helping you out of the ring, making the fans awe and adding more fuel to the shipping flames. The bell rang and Justin announced the match would be counted as no contest due to injury. Once in the trainer's room you kept apologizing to Hook for costing the match, but he reassured you every single time that he didn’t care and your health was more important to him.
“You called me baby girl out there.” You spoke quietly after a moment of silence. You liked the nickname and you were worried he only did it to keep the facade up. You couldn’t help but giggle at Hook’s cheeks turning pink in response. Hook looked down and took a deep breath.
“I watched the girl I love get kicked in the head extremely hard and fall to the ground, I panicked. Can you blame me?” Hook chuckled. You couldn’t hide the smile on your face at his response. Hook gently pulled you into his side, kissing the top of your head. He was in the middle of telling you about the moment he realized his feelings for you when the boys entered the room, giddy looks on their faces. Looking up at them you were confused until Ricky opened his mouth.
“Ok listen, we had good intentions and we didn’t think (Y/N) would get hurt, but we convinced Tony to put together the match in hopes you two would finally realize your feelings for each other and it looks like our plan worked!” Ricky exclaimed.
“Minus your concussion of course, we're really sorry.” Ricky apologized, making you laugh. Even though you were concussed and not cleared to wrestle, you couldn’t be happier. You had the best group of friends and now the best boyfriend you could ever wish for.
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