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witcherfan · 28 minutes ago
Henry Cavill Affection l TC
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cherriesandcharms · 33 minutes ago
im so tired n i really wanna be subby for someone n do what im told n be looked after
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haskamadoneanythingwrong · 44 minutes ago
Top 10 servants that fill the older brother shaped wound in Leonie's heart:
1. Ryouma
2 ~ 10: Siegfried.
Thank you for coming
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fieldsofbone · an hour ago
the minute hayden christensen appears in the obi-wan disney+ series reprising his role as anakin i am IMMEDIATELY bursting into tears
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asta-lily · 2 hours ago
You're one of the kindest, most loveliest souls I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. You've picked me up plenty of times with a kind comment and more recently with your goddamn amazing humour and class news anchor skills.
The sads are normal and you should let yourself feel them! But don't let them tell you any lies because you're simply wonderful and my life is so much more enriched by knowing you 💕
I'm sending my boys to look after you, rest well tonight love and talk soon 💙
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And you'll be glad to know that the boys looked after me so good last night. (Thanks for sending Poe too btw I expected it to just be Pedro's but he's always a welcome addition, you know me so well).
As did the pocket wives - I cannot with any of you... Such raw untamed power, beauty and sweetness should not be allowed to exist in the world unchallenged, let alone all in one place. But I am grateful for every ounce of it.
And you Rach, truly are a cinnamon roll. So unbelievably sweet (and moist am I right?) And look good enough to eat (and I would lick your icing off).
Thankyou for being a part of my life, I love you truly.
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shachihata · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
for real for real for real i haven’t drawn anything in like two fucking weeks but this sss chapter is boutta make me act up
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ask-grellesutcliff · 3 hours ago
How would you react to your s/o having a love language of physical touch? Meaning they always need to be held or near you because it brings them comfort.
Considering you basically described me, I'd be perfectly fine with that💖
Aside from the fact that Bassy and I are officially dating, of course
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taeminfucks · 3 hours ago
i wanna see kim dong hans attempt at taemin pop. he should quite whatever band hes in rn and go solo again
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cuteteacakes · 3 hours ago
//hush, as i said you're one of the top fans & the rest of what i said, case closed since you're a cute yuuri even if you don't think you're good enough ~ :3
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This gif is exactly what is happening right now. 
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batshit-birds · 3 hours ago
omg.. bog my beloved.. SO TRUE U ARE MY NOTES APP !!! but this blog is so spezial to me mwah 🧡💫💫
no no bestie you're special to me ✨🍈✨
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rawyk · 4 hours ago
⚡✨The power of hugs✨⚡
So, when we hold someone's hand or hug them, we feel every bit of them and our brains react. When we reach out, a chemical called oxytocin — also dubbed the “love hormone” — kicks in and makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside.
Tumblr media
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meteortrails · 5 hours ago
obsessed with the fact that my sister watched me slowly lowering my boot onto my littlest brothers face while saying goodbye and went “I think this is the most earth and air sign display of affection I’ve ever seen”
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belacedia · 5 hours ago
A TYL!Haru gift to Belphegor
(Hello! You’ve requested a gift from Haru and I’m here to deliver. Thank you for indulging me in my MoodTM. Feel free to do as you like with this drabble thing. Ie you can treat it as a standalone, post it as is, keep it in the inbox, etc )
The woman’s eyes couldn’t help but roam the chaotic halls as she was being led to where a specific Prince resided. Somehow, the base looked a lot like what she imagined it would look like. She wasn’t sure if that meant it was a good or a bad thing.
Anyways, what was she doing at Varia HQ? To deliver a gift. No no, that isn’t some codeword for something crazy. She truly was here to deliver a gift. She travelled all the way here from Japan just to deliver a gift. She had the ability to, so she was going to deliver it in person rather than tasking it to someone else. That’s why she’s here. How she managed such a feat?
She had done something called the, “Hey, I want to deliver a gift to someone in the Varia, can I do that? You’ll deliver it for me? Absolutely not, that ruins the heartfelt notion of the gesture! Do you have no sense for the romance of gift-giving? Who doesn’t want to see the expression of the recipient when they open the gift? That’s like opening a present your child gives you without them being around! Uncouth. No delicacy. Certainly you understand what I mean? You’ll let me deliver it myself, right?”- plan.
A long name, for a plan, but it was quite fitting, she’d say. Anyways, long story short, she’d stubbornly badgered Tsuna and Gokudera until they gave into her whims and arranged for her to be at Varia HQ so she could then find Prince Belphegor and give him a small gift.
Unless there was no other way around it, Haru preferred to deliver gifts herself rather than giving the task to someone else. It wasn’t as fun finding out the reactions of the recipients by a phone call or a letter.
Sure, her gift may not be much compared to what gifts a Prince could get or be entitled to, but she was a firm believer in giving gifts with a lot of thought put into them. If there was one thing that she was good at, it was crafting.
What was the reason behind her gift, you ask? Hm… yeah, she did have a reason. A pretty good reason, actually.
She felt like it.
Plain and simple, no? You don’t always need a reason to give a gift to someone. As long as the will is there, that’s all you need. In reality, it’s because she found a little crown while perusing a crafting store one day and an idea came to mind.
Absolutely nothing can stop Haru when her creativity starts roaring. She instantly bought the small crown along with fabric and other materials. She made a little mink plush with a crown atop its head. Did she make a plush version of his box animal, or did she just make a Prince Minkegor? That’s a secret she won’t tell anyone.
Though, considering she had the mink plush wearing a Varia uniform, maybe the answer was too obvious? Well, should he feel offended, she’ll use the tried and true: “Hahi! Are you saying that your mink is not a part of the Varia? Look at how cute it looks wearing a uniform. How could you reject such cuteness? Illegal-desu.”
She was led to a door which opened to reveal the Prince they all had the fortune (debatable to some) of knowing. Behind him was a… well… never mind. Haru was going to erase that from her memory. She’d never seen such a… hectic room before. A nudge at her side reminded her of where she was.
That chaotic room was almost hypnotic in a way. She had the urge to barge in there to clean it, but she felt that she’d start… and never come back out alive. She’d get buried alive. A brief shiver ran down her spine, but she quickly shook her head free of silly thoughts. If she were to get crushed under an avalanche of stuff, surely someone would save her! Yeah!
There’s no way she’d die! Probably.
“Bel~ It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I came to visit because I have something for you.”
She reached into her bag and pulled out a decorated box. One that looked like a box animal could come out of. Yes, the mink doesn’t come out from a box, but she can’t perform miracles. This was the best that she could do. “Look, I decorated the gift box to look like a storm box, pretty good, isn’t it?”
She’s quite clever, she won’t deny this fact. She held out the box for him to accept. Once he opened it, he’d find a mink plush wearing a Varia uniform and a crown atop its head placed inside the box.
“Get it? Inside of a storm box is a mink! It may be a humble gift, but I did my best to make it myself.”
It did come to mind that gifting someone from the Varia a plush of all things might be a bad idea, but Haru thought that he might find the gift amusing at the very least.
“Haru did try to think of a gift that would be useful, but if the Prince were to need anything, couldn’t he simply get it? As such, I opted for a gift that is special. The only one in the world. If you don’t like the Varia uniform, you can take it off, same with the crown.”
While she isn’t the strongest fighter or the most useful operative, she had confidence in her crafting skills. Plush making? Easy. Making clothes and costumes? Also easy.
“I found the crown while I was out shopping one day and thought of you. I was grateful towards you for being kind to me before, so here’s a gift.”
It would’ve been easy as breathing for him to tell her to go back home, but he allowed her to come along for a mission in the past and it always stuck with her.
“So—Thank you, Bel. I hope you like the gift, though humble it may be.”
That’s all she came here to do, to deliver a gift. She promised she wouldn’t stick around for too long so she had to go. The one who lead her here was waiting off to the side to escort her back.
“Maybe I’ll see you again, bye bye~ See you again-desu!”
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artificialashley · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Read this love confession on Facebook and thought I’d post it to ask if anyone wanted to write it in a fanfic and realised that it’s literally already the plot to one of mine 😭😭😭
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