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Of course! ❤️

The Magesmith: Unfortunately would probably be the worst at realizing this if they’re not told directly. Craves that affection as well, but may believe their desire isn’t shared. Eventually comes to a head when they ask you if you’re alright with cuddling or for them to hold your hand. At which point, once they realize you’ve been wanting all of that too, kicks themself for a full 48 hours, but tries to make up for all the moments they missed.

Oisein: Would be the best at reading your wants and needs, with or without magic. Reaches out to you when they realize that your shyness is holding you back from asking for more affection. But once they have your go-ahead and approval, you better believe they’ll never forget that you love the attention, and is more than happy to give it.

The Sage: Second to Oisein in being able to read your shyness for what it is, but is likely gentler and more tentative. Starts slow to see how you feel, linking their pinky with yours and eventually brushing their fingers over your knuckles. At your smile, from then on takes every chance they can get to show you how much they care.

The Healer: Is affectionate upfront regardless, and may accidently read your shyness as being uncomfortable with their attention. But is very open and direct about it, asking you if that’s okay or if you want them to try and rein in overt affection. When you confirm you’ve loved it this whole time, is sure to keep on giving as much love and attention as you can handle.

Thank you for the ask! ❤️

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Having your venus in  gemini, in my opinion, is such a blessing. People tend to say people with this placement can be shallow and disconnected when it comes to love. which i can admitt having one myself, i can only say is partly true. Yes it does help to be physically attractive to get the attention of these people but they can surprise you with who they chose to be their partner. Yes what initially catches their eyes is your looks but what keeps them is your mind. If you are mentally stimulating enough it can really be no problem what you look like. People with this placement are very verbally loving as well. They express their affection through their use of words. You will be told all the time if you are adored by us.  

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