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gemrose · a day ago
Eating, laughing, and talking together with people you love or share affection with.. that’s all one needs to be happy. Isn’t it ?
Such a simple way of life, and yet we lose most of our years chasing careers or things that don’t last, or even matter in the end.
The years slip away, and we lose them in pain - from regret, anger, grudges, our own expectations. And with them we lose all the love and affection we could have shared. Those unable to love are angry and sad all the time, since the love that remains in our hearts and is never given away turns into bitterness. The love you hold back, wasn’t meant to be kept, but given away. Love given away freely, keeps our hearts tender.
~ Meeta Ahluwalia
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haly-reads · 2 days ago
I cannot emphasize how much journaling helps to clear and sort my thoughts and find peace in chaos. This is just one journal spread out of many I have made!
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minhamemoriasuja · a year ago
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It's Affection  @reveparty 
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clair-de-lunne · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
by humanlovers
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dyingaftersex · 5 months ago
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lavenderotpprompts · 2 months ago
Small signs of affection
Making a snack for the other one as they work
Going for a destination-less drive
Taking a nap together on the couch
Walking so close together they keep bumping into one another
Surprising the other with a cup of coffee/tea/a smoothie
Kisses on the nose
Communicating through eye contact in a crowded room
The taller person absentmindedly playing with the shorter persons hair while they’re standing in line
Going to the grocery store/running mundane errands together
Brushing hair out of the other person’s face
Ordering a sweet treat to be delivered to the other person at home/work
One person leaning their head in the others shoulder as they’re sitting/waiting
Making eachother playlists
Linking pinky fingers as they walk
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cock-dealer · 4 months ago
no little boy should ever be shamed or scolded for holding his friends hands or hugging him or kissing him goodbye. there is nothing more admirable in a child than their ability to love shamelessly. every time you teach a little boy not to be affectionate with others you are robbing him of his humanity
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justcatposts · 11 months ago
Kitty exhibiting some blinks of affection 
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devil-boyfriend · 7 months ago
just wanna suck you off while you plop down on the couch and stretch out and listen to you talk about your day 🥺 tell me all the things that happened today baby i wanna listen to you talk, and when you get close, i want you to go, “hold on just a sec” and hump into my mouth and throat and cum. let me take the stress off for you then we can cuddle while you finish telling me about your day.
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adioringly · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
by carajourdan
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allurest · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
by joandkemp
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