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I did a thing and filmed a whole video about this & this is just MY opinion and I have no problem with being transparent!

How are you doing? What’s your opinion about mental diet aka mental efforting? I have nothing against affirmations but when you start living in your head and becoming afraid of your thoughts then that’s a problem. Thoughts are meaningless unless you attach meaning to them. So relax and ENJOY your life in every moment ✨

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I love how healthy I am, how stable I am, I see the beauty in the little things, I am grateful for so many things, I am filled with love and joy and finally I have places to put it, I am loved, I am blessed, I feel happy and content whenever and wherever I am. I’m so grateful. My day to day life has gotten so much better, restlessness fades and I find myself in peace and quiet no matter what.

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I’m doing my best and that is enough.

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Mind of the Prophet: The Love Letter

Is God real? One day, I wondered,

While lost in a trance in an intoxicated posture,

I had anger in my heart because my life felt so hostile,

My life felt heavy and the pressure felt colossal,

My life was circling the wrong way on the spiral,

My prayers weren’t working so I threw away the Bible,

And started to depend on clove smoke in my nostrils,

And the feeling I’d get from downing a…

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today’s affirmation: it is okay for me to slow down. taking time to reflect how i feel and my surroundings will result in a more sufficient outcome. just breathe, and let the day flow.

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i am at the best point of my life so far

i have more money than i ever had

i have more opportunity

i have more love to give

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Daily inspiration quotes - strong affirmations for success 😃

Daily inspiration quotes – strong affirmations for success 😃


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8 lessons from the month with 28 days-

1. make note of small things you love about the people you’re closest to— be it their handwriting or the way they pronounce a word — find it, and speak it. the world is filled with people ready to find faults in everyone; instead, try finding the beauty.

2. not everyone will like you, and that’s alright. they don’t have to like you, just as you don’t have to like them. shift the focus to whether you like them or not, and work from there.

3. pay close attention to where you feel your energies rising and falling; it’s the clearest signal of who to stray from, and who to have by your side.

4. Allow the good to enter. allow yourself happiness; because you are worthy of it. Sometimes, the good co-exists with the bad. there’s a little of the other in each; allow the both to just exist.

6. people are not judging you by the same standards you judge yourself by. very often, they speak out of their own past experiences and biases. it isn’t as personal as it may seem.

5. Believe wholeheartedly that everyone you meet is just trying their best in this world. Because they are. Because it has always been about getting better; the arrow points upwards, always.

7. there is a kind of joy in things not going your way. It hurts; but there is almost always a reason why it didn’t work out the way you wanted it to. almost as if the universe wants what’s best for you.

8. the universe wants what’s best for you.

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