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vvirgovixen · 2 days ago
today's affirmations
❝ I am the god of my reality.❞
❝ Logic doesn't apply to my desires.❞
❝ Limiting beliefs do not exist.❞
❝ I have a perfect self concept.❞
❝ I always feel confident and capable.❞
❝ Everything I desire is already mine.❞
❝ I love myself.❞
❝ I am magical, extravagant and incredibly gorgeous.❞
❝ I am alluring and desirable.❞
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❝ I am beyond beautiful.❞
❝ I exude charisma.❞
❝ Everybody loves me.❞
❝ I am the most beautiful girl on earth.❞
❝ It's ridiculous how good I look all the time.❞
❝ My skin is clear and flawless.❞
❝ My scent is sweet and captivating.❞
❝ I am THAT bitch.❞
❝ I succeed in everything I do.❞
❝ Everything always goes my way.❞
Tumblr media
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yslovely · 14 hours ago
Massive tip:
manifest out of love for yourself.
You want a perfect body? Manifest it because you love yourself and you know you deserve it, not because you hate your current body and you desperately want to change it.
You want more money? Manifest it because you love yourself and you know that money will help you take better care of yourself.
Want a perfect relationship? Manifest it because you love yourself and a healthy, perfect relationship with your sp is the only kind of relationship you deserve. You're worthy of being loved and having someone who treats you with respect.
This doesn't mean that you have to love your life and everyone and everything in it. Hell no. You have every right to hate the reality you're in right now. But you shouldn't hate yourself. It's not your fault if you believed for a really long time that life isn't fair, that all the rich people are selfish and you don't want to be like them, that you have no control over your life. So don't punish yourself for that.
Of course, self love isn't necessary. You can still manifest even if you hate yourself. It just gets so much easier when you understand that you deserve all the good things in the world. You shouldn't be your own enemy. Give this a try, it's really really worth it.
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godofmanifesting · 2 days ago
“hold fast to your ideal in your imagination. nothing can take it from you but your failure to persist in imagining the ideal realized.” —Neville Goddard
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culturalresetshawty · a day ago
☆。i do not stress over the outcome of my manifestations bc i know for a fact that there’s only one choice, one truth and one option: getting all i want when I want 🎀
☆。i know damn well I'm capable of achieving every single one of my goals, i already achieved them all! ✨
☆。negative assumptions , emotions and affirmations got no room out here ! they all powerless, they nevaaa interfere my manifestations. 💌
Tumblr media
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selfcare-journey · 2 days ago
Trying new things can be really scary! But, you can’t experience new things that you might enjoy without trying them.
I think you’re so brave for trying new things and you’re doing so much work for your future self! It will pay off, I promise!
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loveaffirmations · 2 days ago
I let go of fear and I’m ready to realign.
I’m ready to lift the veil of the spiritual realm.
I’m willing to learn through love.
I always let love lead the way.
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positivelypositive · a day ago
mental health help... not just for those experiencing mental health issues.
keep yourself aware on how you can care for yourself and keep yourself happy. you need not wait for a problem to arise, to finally notice yourself.
you matter. you are important ✨
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222barbie · 3 hours ago
“no it isn’t ! it’s hard, let’s be honest.”
no the fuck it isn’t. it’s easy, and you decide to make it harder for yourself by assuming that it’s difficult. if it’s that easy to say it’s hard, then it’s that easy to say it’s easy.
the law of assumption is simple, don’t get it twisted. whatever you assume to be true, is true.
meaning that if you assume that you are someone that you don’t want to be, then you ARE.
meaning that if you assume people treat you the way you don’t want to be treated then they DO.
meaning that if you assume that the world is unfair and life is so hard for you then it IS.
you make the rules, you call the shots. you have the power. you’re in control so take control. stop sabotaging yourself and start using the law of assumption to benefit you. it doesn’t operate by itself !
we manifest every single second, whether we like it or not. you can’t turn the law of assumption off, so use it to your advantage and don’t look back.
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444daira · 16 hours ago
When you truly stop chasing your desires, it chases you. Stop trying to control it. Trust the process and let it come to you.
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angelrayne888 · a day ago
Tumblr media
i have the most perfect life!! i have so much money!! im so pretty!! i’m living the dream <3
Tumblr media
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astroloshai · 14 hours ago
A quick lil rant because I am feeling mildly annoyed right now:
Some of you in this spiritual/tarot/divination community need to stop pressuring people into rushing their healing process. I'm talking about when y'all just assume someone hasn't taken their time to deal with the aftermath of something that left them severely distressed if not traumatized just because they still have some toxic habits, have their bad days, have a negative mindset.. fuck even for feeling rightfully upset about something horrible that happened to them. The truth is that healing takes so much time, you can't erase months/years worth of trauma by just being positive. No one is going to heal from a traumatic childhood just because they repeat a few affirmations every morning, practice mindfulness, meditate everyday, etc.
What you're doing by invalidating people's struggles, all of the terrible things they had to go through, and all of the effort they've put into healing is teaching them that they're a failure because they have yet to be "fixed". You're teaching them that they shouldn't feel their feelings, that they should bury them deep within. Which prolongs the process of healing, making it take longer to heal than if they were told that sometimes the only thing you can do is cry, be sad, feel everything. You need to feel and release these feelings in order to move on with your life and actually heal.
Spirituality is an amazing tool to help one in their healing journey but it should -never- replace therapy or professional help.
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geeeeezzzzzzz · 2 days ago
more random affs
my aura is magnetic and addicting
my vibe is unmatched
i give people butterflies whenever i look at them
people think i'm perfect because i am
every single person who knows me knows i'm perfect
people wish they could be in a relationship with me
attractive guys find me so hot
attractive guys always slide into my dms
i'm always getting asked out by cute guys
hot boys love taking me out
i attract rich and good looking men all the time
my beauty turns heads
everywhere i go i stun people because of my beautiful face and body
every day i wake up more and more beautiful
i get more beautiful every second
changing my face is so easy for me
i look exactly the way i want to
everytime i breathe i get results
i manifest so effortlessly
i do not chase i attract
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