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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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I was tagged by @ravenpaganmetalhead to do this meme. It’s simple: pick the last 4 albums you listened to and insert them with this template.

But it wasn’t simple. I don’t really listen to whole albums all that often, and most of the last ones I did listen to in entirety weren’t available in the template. So I had to think back pretty far.

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‘so i wrote to her

letters i’ve never sent

letters i threw in the gutter or flushed away…

…i think i wrote a thousand letters that time.’

—Luke Hemmings (talking about Arzaylea, way before dating Sierra)

Source: this post

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I know this is a long shot but maybe the Gravity Falls Fandom can help. There was a very popular Gravity Falls AMV post going around where the video used an AFI song that was super incredible and spooky and just.. Perfect. I saw the post on Tumblr and showed it to my cousin and we both have been on and off searching for it over the years. Does anyone know if the video got taken down or became private? Or that perhaps I am not searching in the right taglines? I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the video or the creator. If it’s still around, can someone link it to me or to the post? Thank you!

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Michael: he looks like a pharmacist

Crystal: MiChAeL

Michael: goblin lookin ass

Source: my dad about my principal while watching my graduation livestream yesterday

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Calum (while eating McDonalds pancakes at 2am); pancakes, they’re fancy bread burritos unfolded

Rest of the bois; *dead silence*

Calum; unpuffed soufflés

Luke; *giggles*

Source: me eating pancakes, trying to make my mom laugh

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Hold up.

One of the newest AFI shirts available has a set pre-order date of June 26th. The shirt says “Missing”. Jade had hinted at the possibility of new music in either June or July (can’t remember)


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Luke; if you’re pissing off Gordon Ramsay then you’re definitely doing something right

Ashton; LUKE, NO

Luke; *whispering* Luke, yes

Source: my bitch ass who has the life goal of pissing off Gordon Ramsey but not to the extent of the restaurants he helps

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