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retropopcult · 16 minutes ago
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"Daytona Beach, Fla. street scene in Midway. McGill's Fish Market and Fann Lunchroom, Pine Street and 2nd Avenue."  Photographed 1943 by Gordon Parks.
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theydreamtheydream · 17 minutes ago
Y’all college is so dumb my classes next semester do not make sense or correlate to each other in the least🥴
Like tell me how elementary japanese, african american literature, and intro to contemporary dance (just to name a few classes) are getting me closer to my ANTHROPOLOGY degree in an organized manner. Please. Someone tell me. I’m weeping this schedule is so fucking weird.
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eclectus-mom · 30 minutes ago
Truly the most neglected bird
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souf-afrikan-kween · an hour ago
I'm actually filled with rage every time i see another person in the global north get a vaccine.
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gay-curator · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Romiti Fani-Kayode (Nigerian, 1955 - 1989)
Left: Half Opened Eyes Twins (1989)
Right: Untitled (1985)
Rotimi Fani-Kayode arrived in Brighton aged 11 in 1966, having fled Nigeria’s civil war. After coming out as gay, he left the UK and studied fine art and photography at New York’s Pratt Institute. Returning to the UK in the mid 1980s, he began exhibiting his complex and emotionally raw work.
The Kayode family were the keepers of the Shrine of Yoruba Deities and priests of Ife. Rotimi Fani-Kayode (1955–1989) understood his cultural heritage. He did not have an ‘identity crisis’. He knew exactly what he was and what he represented, and how his lifestyle and work would affect those around him.
‘On three counts I am an outsider: in terms of sexuality; in terms of geographical and cultural dislocation; and in the sense of not having become the sort of respectably married professional my parents might have hoped for.’ He was aware of the systems he was trying to penetrate and that he was someone who occupied contradictory spaces. He wrote, ‘Europeans faced with the dogged survival of alien cultures and as mercantile as they were in the days of the Trade, are now trying to sell our culture as a consumer product. I am inevitably caught up in this.’
— Tate Etc. issue 44: Autumn 2018 Rotimi Fani-Kayode – Desire In Exile
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auroraluciferi · an hour ago
I was having a rough, stressful day - then I saw this, and it just really warmed my heart.
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wallflowerstories · an hour ago
Silent Desires
I am tired of,
drowning in new love so good all the time.
I am tired of,
losing myself in long conversations that never end.
I am tired of,
sweet promises that sound like wind chimes.
I am tired of,
love spells binding lost souls for a destructive end.
I do not want any of it.
Candle lit dinners
Bouquets of red roses
Boxes of chocolates
Material gifts gratifying instant desire.
Let's just skip to the end.
An end where,
love is pushing past tides to weather storms.
An end where,
conversations are brutally honest and sincere.
An end where,
destruction builds lost souls through love.
I want...
Dinners under candlelight at home.
A basket of clean laundry to iron.
Moving boxes of furniture to fold.
A bag of groceries to hold.
The minimalistic love often frowned upon.
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premimtimes · 2 hours ago
Innocent Chukwuma: You Fulfilled Your Purpose and Died Empty, By Omano Edigheji
Innocent Chukwuma: You Fulfilled Your Purpose and Died Empty, By Omano Edigheji
Inno, in your life, you lived a life of purpose.  In the short time you lived in this world, you clearly identified your life purpose, fulfilled it and died empty, after given it your all. Inno, like Apostle Paul, you fought the good fight. You finished the course and you kept the faith. Your integrity and dedication to humanity were unquestionable. The goal of life is not to die old but to die…
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2redpills · 2 hours ago
The axe forgets what the tree remembers.
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loveomhh · 2 hours ago
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mothersonnews · 4 hours ago
Elephants 'trample' rhino poacher to death in South African park - Times of India
Elephants ‘trample’ rhino poacher to death in South African park – Times of India
JOHANNESBURG: Breeding elephants trampled a suspected rhino poacher to death at the weekend in South Africa‘s famed Kruger National Park, an official said Monday. Rangers on routine patrol spotted three poachers who ran into the elephant herd while trying to flee. The rangers later discovered a “badly trampled” man who had succumbed to his injuries, according to South African National Parks…
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