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#african poet
xayaat · 7 months ago
i’m a soft soul at heart
&i can’t even pretend
i am the way i am
i would’ve been me regardless of what did
or what didn’t happen in my life
i gifted myself a shield
instead of velvet
instead of fur
instead of all these things that could’ve worked better for me
the world needs both confrontational
&empathetic people
there’s so much we can learn from each other
we can teach the confrontational ones that not everyone is trying to hurt you
&they can teach us that not everyone has good intentions
if someone who’s the opposite of myself tried to be like me,
they’d have the same experience as i once did when i tried to be like them
energy is drained when you pretend to be someone you’re not
&for me personally,
i preserve my confrontational side for situations when i absolutely need it
i’m a soft soul at heart
&i have to stop thinking i’ll be disrespected
bc of what i am
i can attract butterflies,
but i can also attract pesticide
that’s not something i should ever hibernate over
just like how the cactus people taught me,
i always need to make sure i keep my thorns on me
cs i can’t let pain
or disrespect be sprayed on me too easily
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knotnotknowing · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
photo by @laysiaprincess
to the hue of u, n i verse with blues to blue which blew what eye turned to view, huemans who knew indigo is the rope tied to shoes filled, drew from what grew still, tuned to pewter, renewal, shout out to the shooter, to earth, gratitude to the latitude of returning to natural, across the board, this is lateral. golden in pattern, sol, sewn to gather both, paddle, boat, we in the same, as it goes. - G. ©️2021
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🚹 - $afromagnetic
🚺 - $malaysiaparris
^ artist and muse 🧬
posted videos which i’ll link so y’all can catch the vibes 💙💜
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thenotoriousself · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
i started to believe in divine timing; i had no choice
sometimes things happen so that you can see yourself for who you really are.
this past week has been emotionally difficult. as i was struggling, many of my core wounds resurfaced and i was confronted with a picture of myself that i didn’t recognize. the irony lied in the fact that i wasn’t seeing a stranger, just who i had been all along.
i began doing research, tracking down my history with mental illness and came to the conclusion that all these years, i had been misdiagnosed. 
i have since gotten in contact with my family doctor and will meet with her to begin the process of getting properly diagnosed for quiet/high functioning Borderline Personality Disorder. 
many people with quiet BPD go undiagnosed because their chronic emotional volatility is directed inwards instead of towards others, unlike in other types of BPD. no angry outbursts, just a lot of shame, impulsivity, dissociation and/or depersonalization, substance abuse, emotionally shutting down and self-harm*ng behaviour that we brush off as regular coping mechanisms. in the past, i would often applaud myself for being so good at “turning off” my feelings, pretending like nothing is real including myself, conceptualizing myself as “someone else” in order to be able to address my needs, never getting angry at other people, and people-pleasing, i thought these things made me a good person instead of seeing it for what it is: a consistent pattern of self-abandonment because it is too difficult to face my emotional instability. Meanwhile, years of unstable family relationships that went from really good to really bad every few months exacerbated my fear of abandonment whilst making me deeply mistrustful of others. I constantly crave intimacy yet fear it at the same time and take it out on myself when people aren’t able to conform to my fundamentally flawed perception of what it means to be loved.
 most mental health professionals tend not to diagnose BPD until people have reached their twenties, given that teenagers are volatile by nature. However, it is important to give a proper diagnosis once they’ve entered their adult years because it becomes harder and harder for people to handle high levels of emotional stress. Quiet BPD increases susceptibility to other mental illnesses, so a lot of people will also struggle with depression, anxiety, EDs, addiction, NSSI, etc. 
Having all of these issues resurface was a wake up call, and i am proud of myself for realizing what’s been going on and taking action before it is too late. i already came close to losing my life once and i do not want to be in that place again.
i’m also proud of myself for crying a shit ton in the past week. i feel so free and sensible and in-tune with myself. phew !
also, i’m writing poetry again. i wrote a poem for me and it felt beautiful.
i do not have many friends on here, which is fine, i just needed to get this off my chest and the other blue app just wouldn’t do. 
gonna start reading Sula today, hopefully it will inspire me to write more poems.
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oiroegbu · 3 months ago
Muse: Love Song
Dear, If I said my mind, many things won’t matter, Your eyes glitter in this warm embrace We create love by exchanging poetic vows, You always make me write a love song
Tumblr media
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xayaatloves · a year ago
you got headphones?
cs he said he hears the willows
while i hear the forest
i hear cats purring
while he hears waterfalls
i opened my eyes to see myself in a tent,
i heard footsteps in the snow
before the timbalands kneeled down
&his hands opened to have mine rest in his
i hear the forest
i hear the snow
he said he’d travel
w/me anywhere
listen to my voice
&any other sound i make
i was always afraid of love
but he sounds like the water in the cavern
he sounds like honey
like safety
like quiet conversations in the morning
soft smiles
i never knew my ears knew what all of that looks like so,
you got headphones?
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quitepossiblyknot · 2 years ago
You'll outgrow, vibrate to where you might not know why no thing resonates, you may stay for familiarity, this a casualty if you hesitate, never wait in comfort, a danger zone for lovers, what hurts is stagnancy, seek passion and compassion, deed, encompassing, a lasting lead, grasshoppers have to leap. Student, naturally, if you're asking me, practicing your craft is feat, cast to freedom, matching heat is feeding fire, desire remastering writer. We're wired to evolve, if there is such a thing at all. - afroknotical ©2019
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ibrahimazhar · 2 years ago
         “if you gave me half a moon of a chance i would kiss the incisors out of your mouth, clean and hold them in my own, like chippings from an old mug then pray my tongue into a bowl of holy water and ask god to never leave you thirsty.”        ―      Warsan Shire  
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sopalinsopalin · 2 years ago
La lune est triste Les étoiles malades La nature folle Je ne suis plus moi-même Le silence qui m'habite N'est pas de paix Au cimetière repose L'enfant de ma mémoire rebelle La nature est folle De colère folle Je ne suis plus moi-même
Koumanthio Zeïnab Diallo, Séparation
Koumanthio Zeïnab Diallo, née en 1956,est une poète guinéenne. Elle écrit en français et en peul.
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she-pilgrimist · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tear me apart Walk in my cracks only if you can plant flowers in them she-pilgrimist
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iambrillyant · 14 hours ago
“when you measure your growth by your own growth and no one else’s, you allow your flowers to bloom at their own pace and open space to attract the peace that comes with being unbothered with what doesn’t concern you.”
— iambrillyant
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coinywords · a month ago
October's quenching tongue, & you- you, who can't be made again in the best work of the night.
Caleb Femi
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yourdailyqueer · a month ago
Tumblr media
Michaela Coel
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight - Aromantic
DOB: 1 October 1987
Ethnicity: Ghanaian
Nationality: British
Occupation: Actress, producer, director, screenwriter, poet, singer
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quitepossiblyknot · 2 years ago
First layer, a prayer, "I hope this works", verse, interspersed betwixt fits, bouts, doubts, clouds of judgment, but in a coating, without sugar, you took earth into palm, calm, all in all, the chaos, the resolve, losing yourself in watercolor, uncomfortable comfort, just dessert, what it serves to do, disturb, strike a chord, pluck a nerve, move you from inert, invert, reverse dis-ease, at ease, soldier, both brush and paper, Atmos, vapor, saved for rainy days, sun rays, at most, a stroke. - afroknotical ©2019
Tumblr media
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darkagelibrary · a month ago
Tumblr media
“Give your daughters difficult names. Names that command the full use of the tongue. My name makes you want to tell me the truth. My name does not allow me to trust anyone who cannot pronounce it right.”
Warsan Shire
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iambrillyant · 2 months ago
“there will be days when disappearing feels lighter than showing up, days when silence shifts you more than words, days when solitude fills your cup more than anyone else’s presence. there will be days when you need you more than anything else, and there is nothing wrong in that.”
— iambrillyant
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