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#african poetry
darkagelibrary · a month ago
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“Give your daughters difficult names. Names that command the full use of the tongue. My name makes you want to tell me the truth. My name does not allow me to trust anyone who cannot pronounce it right.”
Warsan Shire
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bellsofatlantis · 7 months ago
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Ijeoma Umebinyuo, from Questions for Ada; “Confessions”
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lionofchaeronea · 7 months ago
“Leopard” - Anonymous, from the Yoruba (trans. Ulli Beier)
Gentle hunter his tail plays on the ground while he crushes the skull. Beautiful death who puts on a spotted robe when he goes to his victim. Playful killer whose loving embrace splits the antelope’s heart.
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Leopard, Jean-Baptiste Oudry, 1741
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sweetsoftwaters · 11 months ago
First, erase your name, unravel your years, destroy your surroundings, uproot what you seem, and who remains standing? Then, rewrite your name, restore your age, rebuild your house, pursue your path, and then, endlessly, start over, all over again.
Andree Chedid 
Who Remains Standing?, from The Heinemann Book of African Women’s Poetry. Translated from French by Samuel Hazo and Mirene Ghossein.
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coinywords · 2 months ago
how they are, in fact, dying stars on the verge of becoming black holes.
Caleb Femi
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oiroegbu · 2 months ago
august is a beauty, an aura and energy like a robust apple on the calm sun ripe august is a feeling, craving for winning past songs, no regrets the verge of an onset
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summerfly-lesbian · 9 months ago
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You who bend, you who cry You, my brother, with the fearful and anguished face Rise up and shout: No! –David Diop, Défi à la force
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iambrillyant · 15 hours ago
“when you measure your growth by your own growth and no one else’s, you allow your flowers to bloom at their own pace and open space to attract the peace that comes with being unbothered with what doesn’t concern you.”
— iambrillyant
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avoidintellect · 6 months ago
they call me names
like bleak, burnt and too dark
but when was black anything but opaque
and then the woken preach their fake
“see, I'm not like that” when 
I speak of black hypocrisy
Yea, I  am beautiful
me and my grandma, and ma five yea old niece
all cos we look similar
beautiful, yea I know what that means
“strong, powerful motherly beauty” 
You wouldn't actually want to get with an image like me
don't try lie, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable
I’ll just stitch on this smile
and say thanks, but im sick of being quiet
and when I speak im labelled as overly aggressive
nothing can drive me more crazy
than a darkskin woman
saying we’re lucky, they making us feel pretty.
the fuck is wrong
with your own self image?
why? can’t you see the darker you are
the more indigenous you are looking
the deeper your features 
the more you carry on a legacy
that was whitewashed
that’s why they look different
they tried to erase you
and your here, still... they cannot
cannot physically hurt you
so they throw shade at your uniqueness ,
get the mind and 
the body shall follow
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yasniger · 5 months ago
In days old and long gone by, A young Goat, still with speech, Asked humans as he went by Their old time wasting pitch. “Have you seen my wives go by?” “Wives?” They jeer and returned. Enquires to, the grown kid comply. “Wives,” he so proudly confirmed. “No laddie,” their answer did fly. “We only saw your full mothers And your many sisters walk by.” “But they’re my wives, my brothers.” @YasNiger
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barrygene · 9 months ago
Many say they can't live without those they are in love with
I always imagined that I could never die without her
Now I think I understand why she never stays for long
Coming and going
Staying briefly and going for much longer
It's a touch and go situation
That I may live forever, undying till she's no more!
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darealprisonart · 6 months ago
Dear God - Poets In Autumn (Cape Town)
Dear God – Poets In Autumn (Cape Town)
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xayaatloves · a year ago
you got headphones?
cs he said he hears the willows
while i hear the forest
i hear cats purring
while he hears waterfalls
i opened my eyes to see myself in a tent,
i heard footsteps in the snow
before the timbalands kneeled down
&his hands opened to have mine rest in his
i hear the forest
i hear the snow
he said he’d travel
w/me anywhere
listen to my voice
&any other sound i make
i was always afraid of love
but he sounds like the water in the cavern
he sounds like honey
like safety
like quiet conversations in the morning
soft smiles
i never knew my ears knew what all of that looks like so,
you got headphones?
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mesogios · a year ago
“He dresses in his old army uniform, tells you the name of every man he killed.”
— Shire Warsan, Teaching My Mother How To Give Birth
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coinywords · 2 months ago
00:05:03 those great long corridors reduced people
Caleb Femi
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oiroegbu · 3 months ago
Serenity Is Vitality
Serenity Is Vitality
Not everybody appreciates a loud and garrulous setting. Let’s assume that people are apples. Accordingly, we come in different hues and sizes and so do our likes and dislikes. The differences become the leverage, our various flavours and uniqueness.
I adore relaxed and silent settings, especially the beautiful countryside. It’s strange to know that whenever I make mention of…
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