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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#after work

just finished work, haven’t eaten all day (i’ve been up since 5am) and would love to buy some nasty food but NO, i‘m not gonna ruin this again! i’m gonna have salad at home, maybe some sweet potato as well and i can drink as much green tea as i like 😌

edit: also, if i‘m gonna be good today, tomorrow my weight will probably drop below 45kg again finally 🙏

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March 13th 2020 I just got off of work and I’m driving 2 Casas house and I would like to update you on what happened to the past two days on March 11th we had a team meeting in which I found it very difficult to not laugh together with Danny John Mateus and rub we were all laughing and Rolando we were all laughing at Morris a large man who use for grammar and kept falling asleep during the meeting it was so funny that it reminded me of being in grade school and a situation where you’re not supposed to laugh and that only makes a funny situation funnier. Yesterday I said the day that just passed March 12th there was a lot of concern over coronavirus with the clients at work and I didn’t actually produce very much however nobody else did either the load has been heavy and the going has been slow so tonight I’m thinking about my to do list and unfortunately it seems that I forgot why I wanted to start writing this message I’m thinking that what I wanted to do had something to do with going to Argentina as I’ve been researching a trip there very heavily for the past few weeks with an uptake and interest in the past two days due to the cheap flights resulting from the coronavirus outbreak however I’m still finding it very hard to remember what it was specifically that I was thinking about. Actually I think I remember semicolon I wanted to remember to change my oil price out the parts I need for my car and the work that it would take to get them installed so the ball bearing on the front left wheel maybe the CV axle a set of new tires other things such as not spending my money before I even make it there for not open casting my account to pay the $35 fee to Bank of America every single paycheck and also not taking out any loads to which I also pay over 10% feet and just between those two things I will have made myself $70 extra every paycheck and then I’ll be able to pay my student loans very easily

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