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#aftermath of car accident
whumpneto · 4 months ago
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Mads Mikkelsen as Mark in Move on (2012)
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scath001 · a month ago
Writing Prompt 039
"How do you plead?"
"Not guilty," Villain shrugged as a sheepish grin grew on their bruising face.
"Not guilty!" Hero hissed, a few pitches higher as their face shifted through a myriad of emotions before settling into disbelief and a hint of betrayal. (Not that they would ever admit to ever harbor any faith for their nemesis.)
It was like a stubborn thorn stuck to their thumb, bearable but sore and mildly infuriating- a frame just tilted by a few degrees from being perfectly straight. Hero swore they could feel their blood pressure rising the more they evaluated their situation.
"I don't see what's the issue," Villain sighed, still seemingly oblivious by the mess- in which at some point, Hero laid eight to five that Villain simply didn't care for it, in fact, they would soon find out with much disappointment that they were right along those lines. "I caught your thief as requested, " they stated, vaguely gesturing to the unconscious lump before them.
"Yes, well," Hero begrudgingly acknowledged, "And also recklessly crashed into their car-"
"It worked. They got out-"
"And proceed to chase them down the street-"
"Not my fault the rat was running-"
"Shut up Villain. You ignored my orders and proceeded to fight said rat who was armed by the way, may I remind you."
Villain's eyes squinted then for a moment, feeling a subtle hint of guilt settling in their chest. They stood up, bringing the cold compress away from their cheekbone. "Hero, do you," they trailed, taking a step closer to their sworn enemy.
Neither of them spoke for a while, staring into each other's eyes; Villain with an intense curiosity whilst Hero with defiance. It wasn't until Hero cooled down a little, did they finally took notice of how close they both were, did they promptly averted their eyes, coughing as they felt a growing blush on their cheeks.
Villain had considered teasing them for it only to decide against it, opting to apologize instead for their reckless behavior. Perhaps there was hope after all, they mused, allowing themselves for once to indulge in their fantasy for a friend.
"Dinner?" Their voice was uncharacteristically warm.
A soft smile grew on Hero's face. "I would like that, yes."
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Whumpee found unconscious, half hanging out from beneath the wreckage with one of their arms reached out in front of them from where they attempted to pull themselves free but still had one of their legs trapped.
Ok, car accidents are my jam right now and you keep sending me jars of it.  Keep it up.
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like other girls - in defense of lauren mallory (pt. 4)
it snows that monday, the first time in the new year.
lauren sticks to the indoor hallways as much as she can, because she knows her friends, (especially mike), and she is not walking around in a dripping-wet sweater all day.
jess comes into lunch bright-eyed, chattering with mike about plans for a snowball fight. her curls are stuffed under a knit hat and spilling out the edges, her smile wide even as she chatters, and--
bella swan is there too. still. she’s even less talkative than before, though--lauren wouldn’t have thought that was possible.
jess whispers something into bella’s ear as she slumps over the table, and lauren tries not to think about it. about how easily jess presses close to whisper to bella. she isn’t thinking about it. she isn’t--
the next day, tyler crowley’s van smashes into the side of the new girl’s truck, with her in between them.
lauren is in her car, hunting around by the gas pedal for an earring that she could’ve sworn fell into the cupholder, but there was no sign of it in there--and then she hears the crash. glass smashes. metal shrieks. and the screams--
she leaps out of her car so fast she almost trips, and when she sees it’s tyler’s van--when she sees him, through his splintered window, a shadow slouched over the steering wheel--
oh god, she thinks--
jess appears, gripping lauren’s arm so tight it almost hurts, and lauren repeats it out loud. oh god.
angela is crying, a few steps behind jess. a lot of people are crying--someone is shouting call the cops, call an ambulance, please, please, get a teacher, please, someone...
tyler, lauren repeats. jess nods--and replies, quietly, and bella swan. lauren’s stomach drops. she didn’t mean--she never thought--
they ditch, and jess drives them to the hospital, trailing the ambulance that carried off tyler and bella and, inexplicably, edward cullen. she grips the steering wheel far too tight, and silence winds through the little car heavily enough that the heaters hissing sounds loud.
lauren doesn’t know what jess or angela are thinking, but she can’t stop remembering the smile on tyler’s face when he invited them to the basketball game. the way his hand lingered on the back of her chair and it felt a little bit like forgiveness. the glass glinting in his face as they wheeled him out on the stretcher--
but he’s alive. they’re both alive, lauren thinks, sickeningly grateful. she may not like bella swan, but...yikes.
she asks her parents about snow chains when she gets home...and then she bites her lip and dials tyler’s number. it isn’t...she isn’t going to lead him on again. it’s not fair and she knows it. but she still...
tyler’s mom answers the phone with the air of someone who’s been fielding calls for hours. it’s lauren. lauren tries to make her voice softer than she knows it normally is. i don’t need to talk to tyler now, but can you let him know that i called, and i’m really glad he’s okay?
of course, mrs. crowley says, after a pause long enough that it can only be her putting together whatever stories tyler’s told with her name. thank you for calling.
it takes a week for tyler to come back to school, and when he does, he has bandages still wound around his forehead and over his cheek, and a brace on his left wrist. he sits on the bench at a basketball game for the first time that lauren can remember.
she talks angela into helping her make a sign with tyler’s jersey number on it for the next game--angela gives her an odd look, but lends out her sharpie collection anyways. at the next game lauren and jess crowd shoulder-to-shoulder in the bleachers, each with a corner of the poster, and holler until tyler glances away from the game and cracks them a smile. it looks only slightly pained.
on valentine’s day, jess laughingly buys angela and lauren each a little heart-shaped chocolate from student council’s folding table at the doors.
lauren’s stomach twists. she thinks about first grade, about diligently lining up more shiny gold heart stickers onto jess and angela’s valentines than anyone else’s, because they were her best friends and she wanted to make sure they had the best cards, even if they never knew they were from her--
she clenches the chocolate in her fist, feeling the edges go soft. ms. michaels keeps a trash can right by the door, and on the way into first-period french lauren hurls the little tin-wrapped heart into it. it thuds, and her stomach lurches again.
she skips lunch that day and drives to the little grocery store through the pounding rain. she buys jess her favorite donut, (chocolate coconut), and angela a plastic box of chocolate-covered almonds.
do you think i have a chance with mike? jess asks that night, voice crackling over the phone.
lauren leans her head against the cool marble of her kitchen counter, eye-level with her english notebook and the ring around her mug of coffee. breathe, she tells herself.
out loud, she says i think you’d have more of a chance with him if you’d stop dragging bella along to everything.
jess sighs so vehemently it sounds like static. that’s not her fault! you can hate her because tyler keeps asking her out, but i’m not ditching the poor girl just because of mike.
tyler’s asking her out? lauren props her head back up on her elbows--jess scoffs, and for a second lauren contemplates hanging up.
for the record, she says instead, my problem with her is because of something completely different.
there’s silence for a second--it’s cold and awkward and all of a sudden lauren is aware of all of her own edges. the sharpness to her voice, the stupid, nasal way it pinches.
i do think mike would be stupid not to want to date you though. she makes the words as soft as she can, and wonders if jess can hear the difference.
if she can hear it too well--
lauren swallows and focuses on the silence. lets herself picture jess, just jess, sprawled out on her bright pink comforter, tugging at that one curl like she always does when she’s worried--
i mean it. you’re--gorgeous, you make the best plans, you’re hands-down the smartest person in our grade--
oh, stop jess says, but lauren can hear her smile over the phone, so she twists her finger into the phone cord and keeps going. i mean, remember the time when mike ran out of gas halfway to port angeles and you convinced me to go get him because you didn’t have a license yet and i was fully ready to leave his ass to learn a lesson? if he doesn’t want to date you for that alone...
a week later, posters for the sadie hawkins dance start creeping up around the school.
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yet-another-heathen · 7 months ago
Direct follow up to Car Chase.
CW | death mention, setting broken bones, smoking
They shook their head, trying to blink the darkness from their vision. They looked around and...
...shit. Jameston was definitely dead.
Their limbs were sluggish and battered, head throbbing in pain. But they managed to unclip their seatbelt, and their body crumpled into the destroyed ceiling of the SUV.
They let out a single groan of pain.
Bloody fingers fumbled for the door handle, but they couldn't wedge the door open. They silently cursed God—they were so sick of the bastard putting them through this shit—then changed tactic.
They gingerly kicked the worst of the glass out of what was left of the window, and crawled out amongst the tinkling of shards and sound of horns and tires.
It took all their strength to get to their feet.
Then they straightened their back, cracked their neck, and tried to breathe through the pain as their broken arm, their mangled fingers crunched and snapped back into place.
They closed their eyes for a single moment, taking a breath, then they began to limp for the cement road barrier. Each step became more fluid than the last as the shattered bones of their left leg fitted back into place, until they were striding for the side of the road like walking down the sidewalk.
Icy blue eyes flashed the direction their quarry had disappeared in. They glanced down and brushed beads of glass off their clothing, before fumbling around in their pocket for a cigarette.
Their lighter sparked once, twice, as the dented metal tried to light, cradling it close to their face. Their cigarette caught, and they tilted their head back with a sigh.
Then they turned, let out a single breath of smoke, and threw the lit cigarette back toward what was left of the SUV. It bounced, rolled.
They didn't bother to look back as the vehicle caught, straightening their suit jacket. They just turned back the direction of their prey, and started walking as orange lit behind them.
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s-horne · a year ago
c27 for the dialogue prompts?
“Dad, please. Please just take something. Sleep. Here, take – Dad, this is–”
“No.” Tony thrashed against the nurse’s hold on his arm but kept his eyes on Harley’s face, flickering over him as though taking stock of every single line, every freckle. “No, I won’t. Don’t – get off me!”
Harley sighed deeply, worry etched all over his face. Meeting the eyes of the nurse over his dad’s body, he lifted his shoulders in resignation.
“Dad, please,” he tried again. “You need rest. You need these meds.”
“I won’t.” Tony’s voice betrayed the pain he was in. “I won’t leave you.”
“You aren’t leaving me, Dad,” Harley said desperately, ducking down by Tony’s bedside. He was almost on his knees to be level with his dad, hands hovering over Tony’s jerking body as he tried not to touch any of his injuries. “Please–”
“Not until you’re safe. You need to be safe.”
Harley swallowed back tears. His dad’s voice was almost a gasp, raspy and broken. It wasn’t his dad at all and Harley hated it as much as he hated the bandages wrapping Tony’s body.
“You’re hurt, Dad. Take the – let her help you. Please. The nurses are here to help you.”
“Not leaving you.”
“No, you’re not!” Harley said as soothingly as he could. “You’re not leaving me, I promise. I’m okay. It’s you that isn’t.”
“Won’t.” Tony let out a loud cry and ripped his arm from the nurse at his side, cradling it against his chest. “Not, ouch, not going. Need to be here. Not on your own.”
The nurse looked at Harley and shook her head. “I’ll have to sedate him, Sir. He needs to rest. This is only aggravating his injuries.”
“I can, shit.” Harley ran a hand down his face with a sharp exhale. “Give me a minute, please. Is there somewhere I can make a call? I’ll find out how far away they are.”
“Sure,” the nurse said kindly. She rested a hand on Tony’s arm and pulled it away from the cut on his chest, forcing Tony onto his side and trying to calm him down. “End of the hallway, please.”
“Right.” Turning back to Tony, Harley placed a hand on his neck, the only part with no visible injuries. “Dad, I’m coming back. It’s okay. I promise.”
 Harley tapped his foot on the hard floor, leg bouncing wildly as he stared at the clock on the wall. It ticked slowly as Harley waited desperately for footsteps approaching.
Finally, the door to the room flung open and Harley jumped up.
“Oh, God. Harl,” Steve rushed to Harley’s side. Reaching out immediately, Steve grabbed Harley in a tight hug. “Are you okay?”
Harley jolted when Steve pushed him back to hold him at arm’s length, Steve’s eyes running over him from head to toe.
“Pops, I–”
“I got here as fast as I could,” Steve cut him off, gaze still roaming over his body. “You’re okay, right? You’re not hurt? They only said there’d been an accident, only told me about–”
“Pops, I’m fine. I swear. I was in the back with Morg.”
Although Harley was bruised up and down his back from where he’d taken the brunt of the car door’s force to protect his baby sister, there was nothing seriously wrong with him. He’d been checked out quickly and allowed back to his father’s bedside until their emergency contact could be called to collect him.
He also had a headache the size of Canada, but it was nothing he wasn’t used to from playing college football.
Steve levelled him with a look as though he didn’t believe him, but pulled him close again without arguing. Cradling Harley’s head to his chest, Steve held him tight. “Shit. I was so scared.”
“Pops, I’m okay. It’s Dad that needs you now.”
Steve took a deep breath and let Harley go again, reaching up to cup his cheek for a moment. Turning to the bed, Harley saw that Tony was watching them. His face was contorted with pain, but his eyes were wide.
“Oh, sweetheart. What the hell did you do?” Taking a quick step to the bed, Steve reached out to stroke his fingers down the side of Tony’s face. “Oh, look at you. I hear you’re disrupting the peace?”
“Won’t leave them,” Tony muttered, fight still strong in his tone. “Can’t leave them.”
“He won’t take this meds, Pops.” Harley felt like he was all of six years again, telling tales to his parents. “He just keeps saying that.”
“Okay, okay. It’s alright. I’m here now,” Steve said, voice as soft as it always was. It reminded Harley of the times he’d sought Steve out after a nightmare, or when Steve sung Morgan back to sleep. Looking down at Tony, Steve smiled gently. “You’re not leaving them, silly. You just need to let this lovely lady do her job and give you your meds, okay, babe? Otherwise I’ll jab them in you and we’d really be in the shit.”
Tony thrashed again and the nurse shot forward to grab Tony’s arm.
“Watch them,” Tony rasped out. “Morgan was with me. I’m so sorry. I don’t know where she is.”
“Hey, hey, sweetheart. Calm down. I’ve got her.” Steve turned and held his hand out for Harley, beckoning him over. “Harl had her. They were in the back of the car – they’re fine. They weren’t hit.”
“She’s fine, Dad,” Harley reiterated. His headache was getting stronger by the minute, but he wasn’t going anywhere. “It’s just you. Morg’s with Peter.”
Tony finally seemed to hear what Harley had been saying to him. Taking Harley’s hand in his, he slumped back against the mattress. “Okay?”
“Yeah, Dad. We’re both fine. All fine. Peter’s fine as well – he came earlier to take Morg home.”
“And I’m here.” Steve called Tony’s attention back to him, stroking just underneath the deep, bandaged cut below Tony’s eyebrow. “Sleep. Please.”
“Promise? Promise you have them.” Tony’s hand let go of Harley’s and he wrapped his fingers loosely around Steve’s forearm instead.
“Yes, I’m taking care of them. They’re coming home with me.”
Tony let his arm fall back onto the mattress as he let out a gasping sigh. “Home. Safe.”
“Yeah, sweetheart. I’m taking them home. So you can take your meds now, alright? Let the nurses help you.”
“Take them. Watch them.”
Harley swallowed back tears as he watched Steve stroke Tony’s sweaty hair back from his face. Steve’s own tears were heard in his voice when he spoke again.
“They’re safe, Tony. I promise you. I’ve got all three of them, okay?”
The fight seemed to finally drain out of Tony as he closed his eyes at Steve’s soft touch.
“And you are, too,” Steve murmured, nodding over at the nurse for her to approach and prep Tony to receive his medication. Keeping his eyes on Tony the entire time, Steve pressed a kiss to the back of Tony’s hand. “All of you. I’ve got you all, my darling. You can sleep now.”
(this list)
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fuckyouforever · a year ago
I missed seeing a severe car accident collision by mere minutes, grateful I missed that 😭
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xoxoemynn · a year ago
So I wrapped up PT about a month ago, and toward the end of it I was definitely feeling some kind of imposter syndrome? Because my back felt fine, my range of motion in my neck had improved, so what was I doing still going to PT, injuries couldn’t have been that bad, I’ve even started going back to kickboxing and I can totally handle at least a modified workout, everything is fiiiiiiiiiine and wow what a needy brat to be playing it safe and easy for so long when there’s nothing really wrong with you. And maybe your friends who’ve had long-lasting issues after being in a car accident just had it worse than you, and you were just lying to feel included and so you could commiserate, how fucked up is that? You had it so much easier than everyone else and you can’t even appreciate it. 
So because of that I haven’t really been keeping up with my exercises because why should I have to??? I feel fiiiiine and I’m starting to work out again and it’s been four months everything is fiiiiiiiiiine. 
And then tonight my back has been in spasm for hours and I broke out my TENS unit for some hurt-so-good time and that helped but now I still have this ugly knot that will not go away and it’s just like....
Oh okay maybe I wasn’t faking it maybe there is actually long-term significant damage to my muscles maybe the reason I wasn’t in pain is because I was spending 90 minutes two times a week with trained professionals who were making sure I was doing all the exercises and gahhhhh this is all so frustrating I just want my old body back. :( 
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perlukafarinn · 9 months ago
It’s nearing midnight and they stop for fuel at some gas station in the middle of nowhere. 
Sam has been dozing in the backseat for the last fifteen miles and Cas, sitting shotgun, has started to nod off. Even Dean’s eyes are starting to itch and he knows he’ll have to stop for the night soon if he doesn’t wanna get into an accident.
But first, fuel. Dean inserts the gas pump and considers heading inside to pick up some snack to help keep himself awake for the last stretch of the day’s journey. He’s debating between red vines and mixed nuts when the door on the passenger side opens and Cas exits.
Dean looks him over as he stands and stretches, a familiar warmth blooming underneath his collar. He considers saying something to break the tension probably only he feels but decides against it; the night is too quiet and too lovely to be interrupted like that.
It rained earlier. The ground is still wet, small puddles gathered where the pavement is concave, reflecting the too-bright lights hanging above them. There's a faint smell of gasoline in the air but also that undefinable scent of the aftermath of rain, fresh and cool.
Cas finishes stretching and now he's the one looking at Dean, staring unashamedly. Dean stares right back, at Cas' hair sticking up where his head rested against the window, at the dark bruise forming on his cheek. His eyes have an almost eerie glow to them in this light and he’s so beautiful it makes Dean ache.
Dean should say something. Ask Cas if he wants something from the shop. Tell him they’ll be stopping for the night as soon as they come across a motel. Make small talk about the weather, even. 
He doesn’t. He keeps staring and Cas stares back and just when it seems that nothing can end this moment, Cas leans in.
Dean inhales sharply as Cas’ lips touch his, eyes closing on instinct. It’s barely a kiss, just a dry press of lips against lips that lasts for all of two seconds before Cas is pulling away, leaving Dean dizzy and wanting for more. It almost seems like it didn’t happen, the only hint in Cas’ expression the faint, pleased upturn of his lips.
"I'm going inside to buy beef jerky," he tells Dean.
Dean stares at him.
"Do you want anything?"
Dean wordlessly shakes his head.
Cas walks off and Dean watches him go, bewildered. He’s still standing in the same spot when Cas returns.
“I got you peanut M&Ms,” he says, handing Dean the bag and climbing back into his seat. 
Dean watches him for a beat, the turns back to the pump. It’s stopped, the tank long since full, and Dean puts it away on autopilot before getting in the car. He looks down at the bag of M&Ms in his hand, then at Cas, who looks back at him nonplussed.
“Thanks,” he finally croaks.
“You’re welcome,” Cas says.
Dean goes to turn the engine on. Then, considering, he looks over his shoulder to check on Sam - still out like a light. He turns back to Cas, something surging in his chest, giving him the courage to lean in and give him a quick peck on the cheek. It makes him feel strange and clumsy but Cas just gives him an unbearably gentle smile, eyes alight.
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malabu · 2 months ago
how to make a character’s death even sadder
kill them off while they’re at their highest, or when things are finally starting to look up for them
make their death a long time coming, such as an illness
bonus points if they’re sick and the story shows their friends trying their best to help them through it
give the character have plenty of screen time before their death
make their death unpredictable, even to the audience
kill them halfway through the story instead of the end to show how the death has affected the other characters
kill them in the middle of their character arc, as they’re about to change for better
make it so the villain means to kill X, but accidentally kills Y instead
have them killed by the person they have a secret crush on
make them fight against their cause of death
make them die in a hard to find location, while also showing their friends looking for them to try to save them
reveal important information about the death to the audience, but not to the characters, if your pov allows it
kill them via betrayal from someone or something they trusted
have them die right after getting married
give the dead character a goal/dream they were super passionate about that they never got to complete
have the toughest, most serious character break down during/after their death
have them confess their feelings to their love interest as they’re dying
give them important information they never got to tell the others, which causes conflict/difficulties during a challenge
have them accidentally kill another character at the same time
such as a car accident
let their death be something that could’ve been prevented
instead of a heroic sacrifice, make their death a cruel casualty, or purely accidental
have their friend convince them to do something they think is harmless at the time, which results in their death
have them die in front of their pet, who comforts them as they die
cause an argument/conflict between the dead character and another character right before the character dies
bonus points if you include another character saying “i never got to apologize/i never got to tell them _____” and then break down crying, being comforted by someone else
make the character who betrayed/killed them regret their decision and wish they could’ve done things differently
have the dead character know that they’re going to die, but not revealing it to the others
have them die right after another major character death
make their death scene long
force X, preferably a character they trust/love, to choose between Y and everyone else
bonus points if X desperately begs Y to kill them to save everyone
make their death during a misunderstanding when they’re completely alone because their friends don’t trust them
leave behind a strong love interest that never went further than friendship
have them killed by their best friend, accidentally or on purpose (both hurt)
kill them right after they found happiness
have them sacrifice themself for a character they had a love/hate relationship with
don’t describe their death, only the aftermath
as they die, have them say an inside joke to the person comforting them
show another character rushing to save them, but they’re not fast enough and they find them after they’ve already died
have them convince their friends they can do a dangerous mission, only for it to result in their death
show their funeral in great detail, the other characters sobbing
alternatively, show them covering up the death and finding somewhere to bury them
have them have to comfort another dying character at the same time
make it so that the other characters don’t know about it at first
make another character rely on them for something important
give them a tragic backstory that ends in a painful death
as they die they confess they never really hated their “enemy”, who says something along the lines of “i know”, or “i never hated you either”
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the-iceni-bitch · 5 months ago
Accidents Happen
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x fem!Reader (OTP)
Words: ~1.7k
Summary: You and Ransom get a couple of scares.
Warnings: explicit language, mentions of injuries, soft Ransom, mentions of abortion and aftermath but nothing graphic, fluff, very minor angst
A/N: This is pure self indulgence folks. For some reason I just really wanted to write this for these two idiots because they absolutely should not have children. Definitely took some liberties with how easy I made it to obtain said procedure but it’s fiction! Also have a follow up planned that’s a little more light hearted and I’m very excited about. Thanks to @msmarvelwrites and @sweeterthanthis for encouraging my weird ideas, love you sluts!!
Check out my masterlist and join my taglist if you want.
Dividers by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
Ransom ran through the automatic sliding doors in a blind panic, his eyes darting all over the hospital waiting room as he fought to control his breathing.
His anxiety was through the roof ever since he had gotten the phone call from your work. He almost hadn’t answered since he had been out with his idiot friends, but then he did, like an idiot, and his heart had dropped into his stomach.
Why would you make him your emergency contact? You knew he wasn’t good in emergencies. As evidenced by the fact that he had to have Logan drive him to the hospital while he constantly fought between laughing hysterically and vomiting up everything he had eaten in the past week. He hadn’t even let Logan slow down before he was diving out of the car and sprinting towards the emergency room.
“Dude, you need to calm down.” Logan said breathlessly, jogging to catch up with him and clapping a hand on his shoulder to keep him from bolting again. “People are gonna think you're here trolling for drugs.”
“I fucking can’t, man.” He felt like he might start crying. “Where is she?”
“Ok, we’re gonna go to the check in desk, and they’re going to tell us where she is.” His friend was eyeing him warily as he guided him towards the desk. “Hi, we’re looking for Y/N Y/L/N.”
“Sure honey.” The intake nurse was also giving Ransom a very worried look as she looked up the information. “Is he ok?”
“Yeah, he’s just freaking out.” Logan turned to see Ransom running his hands over his face as he did his best to take deep breaths. “First time the love of his life has been in the hospital.”
“You’re an asshole Logan.” He growled, finally starting to feel a little calmer.
“Aww, aren’t you sweet.” The nurse flashed Ransom a warm smile and gave him a reassuring pat on the hand. “She’s in room 116.”
It took everything he had to not just take off sprinting again, Logan’s hand on his shoulder holding him back as they made their way down the hall. Until he actually set eyes on you he didn’t think he was going to fully relax, he needed to know you were going to be ok.
They found your room quickly and Ransom let out a deep sigh when your eyes met his, your lips spreading in a warm smile when he walked into the room.
“Hey, baby… Ran, Ransom!” As soon as he’d gotten a good look at you he was rushing forward and cradling your face in his hands, pressing his lips to yours and letting out a desperate whine into your mouth. “Honey, careful, my shoulder. Logan, what are you doing here?”
“Our boy here had a fucking panic attack when he got the call and needed someone to drive him.” Logan smirked as he watched Ransom pepper kisses all over your face. “I think he thought you were dead.”
“All they told me was that you got kicked by a horse and which hospital you were going to.” He sighed, resting his forehead against yours and gazing into your eyes. “You’re ok though?”
“Yeah, I’m ok.” You smiled up at him and brought your unslung arm up to cup his cheek. “Just a couple broken ribs and a cracked shoulder. They just wanted to make sure I wasn’t in danger of going into cardiac arrest.”
“What?!” His grip on your jaw got a little painful as he started to panic again.
“Ow, Ran! I’m not!” Wow, he had not been lying about being bad in emergencies. “Baby, I promise I’m fine.”
“Good, good.” He straightened up and ran a hand through his hair to try to soothe himself. “You need to quit your job.”
“Excuse me?” You narrowed your eyes at him as he started pacing around the room.
“Uh, I’m gonna go find a vending machine.” Logan looked massively uncomfortable as he made a hasty exit, avoiding making eye contact with either of you.
“You could’ve died!” He could feel his hysteria moving to anger but he didn’t care. “You could’ve died, and that would’ve fucking killed me, baby.”
“Alright, I’m gonna give you a pass here, Hugh, because you’ve clearly had a day.” You watched his pacing with a certain air of affection, but if he thought he could tell you what to do he was out of his mind. “I love my job, I’m not quitting.”
“Honey, I cannot take another phone call like that.” He was wringing his hands as he leaned against the wall.
“Ran, I appreciate the fact that you are so worried about me, and honestly it’s really fucking cute.” You wished you could get up and wrap yourself around him, he looked so upset. “But maybe we should talk about this when we’ve both had some time to think things over a little more.”
“Baby, I…”
“Miss Y/L/N.” The doctor walked in at the moment and cut off whatever Ransom had been about to say, making your poor boyfriend pout like a toddler. “X-rays look good. As long as you keep everything immobilized for about 6 weeks you should heal up great. I’d love to get an ultrasound though, just to make sure the kick didn’t cause any harm to the fetus.”
Neither of you were prepared for that, you just stared at the doctor blinking like an idiot while Ransom shot an arm out to brace himself so he didn’t collapse.
“The what?” You murmured, taking a very deep breath as you made eye contact with the doctor.
“Oh, the nurse was supposed to tell you.” The poor woman looked slightly uncomfortable as she looked between the two of you. “Your labs came back and it looks like you’re pregnant.”
Ransom crashed into the chair behind him with a grunt and buried his face in his hands, he felt like he was going to fucking pass out.
“But you’re on birth control.” He mumbled, rubbing his fingers over his eyes desperately.
“Yeah, those aren’t 100%, Ran.” You muttered, barely paying attention to him. “Those tests are pretty accurate?” You didn’t know why you were asking, you knew they were.
“Yes, they’re accurate. Do you two want some time to talk?”
“No, can I get transferred to your OB/GYN department today, or do I need to make an appointment?”
Oh no. No no no. Ransom could not have a baby. His family was so fucked up and he hated kids. The dog was hard enough to get used to. He dropped his head between his legs and tried to keep from heaving.
“We can have the ultrasound done here, we don’t need to transfer you.”
“Yeah, I don’t need an ultrasound, I need an abortion.”
He couldn’t stop the hysterical laugh of relief that bubbled out of his chest, the rollercoaster of emotions not helping the nausea he was feeling at all.
“I really think I should give you some time to talk about things.” The poor doctor looked massively uncomfortable as she glanced at Ransom, who was trying desperately not to start cracking up.
“There’s nothing for us to talk about. Ran, do you want to have a baby?” You shifted your eyes to gaze at the man, who seemed to be in the midst of an emotional crisis.
“Oh god, no!” He grabbed the wastebasket and shoved it under his face when he felt his stomach heave, thankful when nothing came up.
“See, we are very much on the same page.” You grinned when you turned back to her. “Ran, are you ok?”
“I’m good, babe.” He finally felt a little better and managed to lift his head so he could look at you, beaming at the relaxed look on your face. What the fuck would he do without you?
“Ok, I’ll have an orderly transfer you, you’ll have to fill out some paperwork and there’s an hour recovery period, you have someone to drive you home?”
“Dylan should be here with the beemer soon.” Ransom hadn’t been sure how long he was going to be here, and he didn’t think you’d want to be stuck with Logan for who knows how long.
“Good, someone will be up for you soon.”
Tumblr media
Ransom was waiting for you when they rolled you into recovery, bouncing his knee nervously before standing up and giving you a warm smile.
“Hey honey.” You beamed at him when he bent over you and pressed his lips to your forehead, being extra careful not to jostle your shoulder at all. “How you feeling?”
“Fucking relieved.” He was cradling your face in his hands and you felt like you could melt. “Could you imagine us trying to raise a kid?”
“No. I like having you all to myself.” He molded his mouth to yours for a gentle kiss and then started to nudge you. “Scoot over.”
“Ran, I don’t think these beds are made for more than one person.” You still scooted though, letting him crawl in beside you and wrap his arms around you.
“I do not care.” He purred when you tucked your head under his chin and leaned against his chest. “Today fucking sucked, and I just want to snuggle with my girl.”
“God, you are soft, Drysdale.” You teased, nuzzling your face into his neck with a contented sigh.
“Yeah, because I fucking love you.” He pressed his lips to the top of your head before placing a hand under your chin to tilt your face up to his. “Hey, you know I do, right?”
“I know, baby.” You moaned when he caught your lips with his. “Fuck I love you too, Ran.”
And then he just held you in his arms for the next hour, running his fingers over your spine and trying not to think about the fact that the most terrifying thought he had ever had was when he thought he lost you.
Tumblr media
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teaspoon-full-of-sugar · 5 months ago
as of august 27th, 2021
✦ - denotes angst
✧ - denotes fluff
have any questions, comments, or just want to tell me i suck? great! click here
note: the “coming soon” fics are all ones that i have started, and unfortunately, i can’t tell you when they’ll be completed :/ i go at my own speed, so writing isn’t a source of stress and is instead cathartic :) i do have some of them close to completion, so i may start a schedule, but who knows? also, i don’t really take requests, due to past experiences lol... anyway, thank you and happy reading!
Tumblr media
dig it! ✧ — y/n wears her ex’s shirt, and jj does not get jealous (mature content)
Tumblr media
lovely — four times she reached for his hand, and the one time he held hers (coming soon)
Tumblr media
selfish ✦ — the aftermath of a breakup (mature content) 
time ✦ — part two
oak ✧ — part three (coming soon... maybe... who knows at this point)
mystic meadow and the sweet spot ✧ — harry hates working the farmers markets, but the girl in the kombucha booth is cute (mature content)
kissed by mist and can dew attitude ✧ — harry is an idiot, and y/n is a bit of a tease (mature content)
edge — harry and y/n are a cam couple (mature content)
sleeping on the blacktop ✦ — while harry is away on tour, his wife and baby get into a car accident 
tangled up in blue ✧ — harry has a rude encounter with a fan 
sober ✦ — y/n sells drugs at parties, and harry is looking for an escape
a flower for a flower ✧ — a walk on the beach leads to more (mature content)
lesson — he only has one rule, and she still can’t seem to follow it (or in which harry teaches y/n a lesson) (mature content)
tangointhenight ✧ — harry records erotic audios, and y/n is an avid listener (coming soon)
loving ramona ✧ — harry is a single father of an autistic girl, and y/n is her therapist (coming soon)
half-way happy ✦ — harry wants kids, and for y/n, that’s kind of a deal breaker (coming soon) 
moments ✧ — he fell for her in what little moments they had, but she can’t even remember him (coming soon)
the act ✧ — y/n and harry meet under less than ideal circumstances at a concert (coming soon)
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wondernus · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
the kids are going to be alright | masterlist
professor!seungcheol x baker!reader; sm au
Tumblr media
synopsis: life as we know it (2010 film) au | when an unexpected accident leaves you and your blind date from five years ago to become caretakers of your mutual goddaughter, you are forced to learn how to navigate parenthood all while trying to balance work and social life. 
Tumblr media
pairing: professor!seungcheol x baker!reader (gn)
genre: angst, fluff, humor
series warnings: car crash, cursing, death, consistent food and alcohol mentions
status: completed
started: 22.06.21 - 19.08.21
a/n: this au is based very loosely on the 2010 film life as we know it. the characters are all in their mid-20s or very close to their 30s to match the film + be age appropriate. please don’t mind me if you find grammar errors. I have no respect for the english language.
wondernus’ main masterlist
Tumblr media
profiles: [x] [x] [x]
0. prologue
1. dr. yoon
2. rabbit plushie
3. "yes" or "no"
4. free cake?
5. I think I won a cake
6. this your ta?
7. I love finals week
8. no ipad babies allowed
9. #jeonwonwoodilfagenda 
10. the plan 
11. the funeral  
12. we’re on a boat 
13. the aftermath
14. court case day 
15. we used to go out out
16. syllabus week 
17. the pediatrician
18. karaoke boys 
19. #yoonjeonghansugardaddy
20. social services 1/3
21. baby don’t like it (not the nct127 one)
22. overnight fame 
23. we’re going to be on tv! 
24. right person, right time
25. meetings and interviews
26. a fever
27. conflicting feelings 
28. enemies to lovers
29. social services 2/3 
30. it’s complicated
31. uncles 
32. aquarium date
33. midterms season
34. it hurts
35. jun's trap card
36. the fight
37. closure
38. lilies
39. he's not doing so hot
40. they need to bone
41. what's happening?
42. endearment
43. social services 3/3
44. goodbyes
45. end
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thepotentialof2007 · 3 months ago
Mercedes had Verstappen all-clear before British GP celebrations
Mercedes has explained it only went ahead with its British Grand Prix victory celebrations because it had been told by Red Bull and the FIA that Max Verstappen was uninjured.
Mercedes has now made clear that it received information from senior figures at Red Bull, plus the FIA, that Verstappen was okay, so it felt that there was no need to scrap its celebrations.
 Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff said: "It's important to understand all the feedback that we received.
"We had the feedback from senior management of Red Bull that Max was fine. Christian [Horner] mentioned it to [F1 race director] Michael Masi on the intercom that he's unharmed and fine, and the FIA gave us similar feedback.
"So at no point would we have celebrated if Max would have been injured. And I think that's very important to understand."
Wolff has confirmed that Hamilton was unaware that Verstappen had been taken to hospital for checks until it was mentioned to him in post-race television interviews.
However, he says that the world champion had made sure his rival was okay in the immediate aftermath of the accident – and the post-race update from Red Bull personnel and the FIA meant Mercedes saw no reason for them to give their driver updated information.
"Lewis asked, even in the car as he was passing the accident, whether he [Verstappen] was out of the car," said Wolff. "He got the response that he was out of the car himself."
Asked to clarify if Hamilton had been given [an] update before the podium celebrations about Verstappen being checked in hospital, Wolff said: "The only information we got was that Max was fine, and that's why there was no need to further elaborate to Lewis." [x]
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writteninsaturn · 2 months ago
eine ratte und eine maus [niki lauda x fem!reader]
Tumblr media
summary | ✏ after the accident people question niki and your marriage, putting doubts in niki’s mind. So you decide to settle everyone’s doubts once and for all
warnings | ✏ explicit language, oral sex (m!receiving), unprotected sex (be safe for goodness sake, this is a fiction), breeding kink, fingering.
word count| ✏ 5.7k
a/n | ✏ so this is my first time writing ever, much less posting. I don’t know the rules and protocols, so once you guys read this if you feel this needs more warnings let me know what they are and I’ll be sure to add them. This hasn’t quite been proofread so excuse any mistakes I’m sorry I’ll try better. Also if you have any feedback for me, my ask is always open so send through and I will get back to you. Otherwise, do let me know what you thought about it and please be kind, I’m losing my mind worried about how this turned out. and last but definitely not least, a massive massive thank you to chris (@creme-bruhlee​) and caz (@cazzyimagines​) for giving this piece a read and calming my nerves. You guys have no idea how much it helped me and how much I truly appreciate you guys.
“What did your wife say when she saw your face?” the interviewer asked and Niki hesitated for a second. You were watching from the sideline, furious by the question asked however your eyes remained on your husband.
Niki kept his gaze down before replied stoically, “she said sweetie, you don’t need a face to drive. You just need a right foot.” And the crowd of reporters laughed at his witty replies but you saw right through his mascaraed. Back at the hospital, when you first saw Nicky without the bandages, it shook you a little seeing your handsome husband with melted face. But you had to hold yourself together, for what the physical and mental pain he must be going through is much greater. Throughout the time at the hospital up until the press conference, you were by his side physically, however remained distant emotionally, equally coming to terms with the incident and the aftermath.
You did not fall for the man for his looks, because if it is looks that you were after why would you fall for an “Austrian rat”. Niki was plenty handsome in your eyes, but it was the man himself in his entirety that you fell for. You fell for his wit, his unique charm, his intelligence, his drive and the luscious curls and the innocent asshole face was a welcoming addition. Now standing on the side and watching your man doubting your vows have made you realise that you may have been a little selfish in detaching yourself from him through the recovery process not taking into consideration what he must be going through.
Just as you saw right through Niki’s phony reply, so did the reporter who has asked the question, persisting for a more serious answer to which Niki replied with an aggressive, “Fuck you!” and stormed out of the press conference. As he brushed past you hastily, you tried to grab at his hand which he shook off and continued to storm out. As you felt Niki’s physical rejection, your stomach dropped and you came to realise what Niki had been feeling for the past weeks. So without paying any further attention to the reporters, you hurriedly followed your husband. With the fast, angry pace, Niki was storming away with, you had to build up a jog to catch up to him. 
Once you caught up to him, you reached out to grab his hand and stop him abruptly. “Hey, hey babe, what’s going on? Talk to me,” you said as you gently went to touch his cheek only for him to shrug you off and continue on his way out to the car not waiting for you. You follow behind slowly to the car, hoping to give him a little time to himself before you eventually reach the car.
Once you reach the car and get into the passenger seat, you make sure to not to reach out to him absentmindedly, however slowly turning your head to the side to run your eyes over his beautiful yet frowned face, anger clearly written across it. The drive back to your home was eerily quiet and what should’ve been an awfully short drive, felt dragged out by the silence. Throughout the evening, you tried to approach him, but felt intimidated by his cold demeanour. It was not that you thought he would be violent towards you, because goddammit that man loves you very much and you know it too. You were more so worried that he wouldn’t feel your affection to him was genuine but rather an act of obligation after his earlier outburst.
That night, as Niki went to bed you followed suit, stripping to your underwear, getting ready for bed. Your action took Niki by surprise, as while sleeping in your underwear was normal, you had been avoiding doing it since Niki’s accident. And once again, while to Niki it seemed like you were withdrawing yourself from him, you had been doing it unconsciously, to give him space throughout his recovery period. But you’ve come to realise that all that may have been too much of detachment for Niki to handle.
Although Niki was taken by surprise, which he covered up very well, he switched the lights off and proceeded to bed without directly acknowledging you. Feeling slightly dejected by the lack of reaction, you called out to him in the dark, “Hey Niki? Can we talk?” and with just a hum from him in response, you sat yourself down on the bed and slightly pulling the blanket to cover your blank legs, sitting up with your legs crossed.
Niki was laying on his side facing away from you, and you leaned down on his shoulder, resting your chin on his upper arm and placing a soft kiss on his t-shirt covered arm. Niki hummed again before responding with a grunt, “Y/N what is it?”
Your continued to rest your head in silence for a little longer before speaking up again, “You do know that the reporter was full of bullshit right? You do know that I love you. Right?”
At this Niki shrugged you off a little and continued to lay on his side. But you weren’t having it any longer. You were not going to take his silent treatment a second longer. You gently pulled at his shoulder to turn him so that he was now laying on his back. You put one of your leg over his waist so that you were straddling his waist. You leaned down to look into his eyes, your both hands cupping each of his cheeks and forehead leaning against his. The room was barely illuminated by the moonlight which managed to enter the room through the slightly pulled back curtains, and your eyes had adapted to the minimal light. And even within that little illumination, you could make out Niki’s bright brown eyes which opened, feeling the sudden closeness from you.
“Y/N what are you doing? What is this?” Niki managed to get out before you completely levelled your face to his, placing a chaste kiss, still testing how Niki reacts. And as you pull away, Niki lifts his head faintly off the bed, trying to keep your lips connected a little longer, before sinking back down, eyes remaining closed.
You trace his bottom lip with your thumb before speaking up, “I’m sorry for the past few weeks. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” And as you said that, you bite at his bottom lips, giving it a little suck before letting go and saying, “I just wanted to give you some time for recovery, I did not for once think how you must’ve been feeling. Maybe I have been distant, it hurt to see you in pain throughout your recovery, and maybe it was a little selfish of me to withdraw like I did.”
 You kept your forehead against his after your little ramble, reaching out for his left hand, which was laying idle next to him. You dragged it, slightly brushing down your body, before guiding his fingers to lightly trace over your clothed core, which at this point was slightly wet. You see when you are with Niki, just the emotional connection was enough to arouse you, nothing overtly sexy didn’t quite need to occur. “You feel that my love?” you whisper against his ear as you give his earlobe a little bite. “This is what you do to me. Do you feel how wet I am for you? You really think what we have won’t last?” You move your hips, grinding lightly against his fingers before speaking up again, “I get like this just for you.” And with that, you crash your lips with his. You let go of his hand, which he keeps at your wet pussy and for the first time in a while, he takes initiative and moves his fingers slowly, tickling at your core, while you go to cup his face again.
 As the kiss heats up and you feel his length grow under you, you reach down to grab at the bottom of his pyjama top, gently pulling it up and over his head, careful to not nudge his still sensitive skin. Once his top was off, you start to go down instead of reattaching your lips with his. And within that split second, before you even get the chance to place a kiss on his chest like you intended to, he desperately calls out to you, “Maus come back” bringing one hand to grab lightly at your chin. It was a strange nickname to be calling your wife, mouse not exactly being a term of endearment, but it became your little thing, with everyone calling him a rat, you became his mouse.
 A smile breaks out on your face at hearing the nickname you haven’t heard in the longest before you look up at him. “I’m right here love, I’m not going anywhere,” you say as reassurance, giving his wrist a soft kiss then moving to give his nipple a light lick, looking up through your lashes to see his reaction. When you see his head lean back with his eyes closed and lips parted open slightly, and the hand which was once on your pussy now not as actively moving, you completely cover his nipple with your mouth giving it a suck as you let your hands roam gently down his body going to reach for his hardening cock. “Is that for me baby love?” and there is no definitive reply from him, only a slight grunt and that’s enough for you to keep going with your movements. You now move to his left nipple, giving it the same attention that now both his nipples are erect. Giving his now sensitive nipple a light bite, you trail soft kisses down his chest, down to his tummy, following the little stretch of hair on his lower tummy till you reach the waistband of his pyjama bottoms.
 Once there, you hook your fingers within the waistband before tugging it down, trailing your lips down his hips, thigh and legs as you are doing so. With his pants now completely off, you crawl back up to sit, straddling his waist, your back now facing him so that you can give your full attention to his semi hard cock. Wrapping your palm around the base of his length, you give the veined skin a kiss, licking up the length, letting your tongue feel the creases of his cock. At the tip, you let your tongue dip into the slit as much as you could, the going to wrapping your lips around the tip and giving it a light suck.
 You could sense Niki’s heavy breath behind you, as he reaches for your waist, grabbing your waist where it dips. You became aware of his anticipation with how hard he was grabbing onto your waist, so without teasing him any longer, you opened your mouth as wide as you could to accommodate his thick length, and brought your mouth down, taking in his entire length in one motion, gagging in the process. Niki was average on size with an impressive thickness, and despite being with him for quite some time now, you were still not used to his length down your throat. Niki loved that. Niki loved that even though you knew it was a struggle for you to take him in, you still tried, you gave it your best shot to make your man feel as good as you could make him feel. And when he feels the constriction of your throat, the top of your throat brushing against his length, it almost becomes too much for him to handle, so he just claws at your waist harder, which you know will be leaving a nasty bruise and pain for later as a reminder.
 With the harsh grip, you also became aware that he was edging to his climax, so you go a little further and start to bob your head up and down, taking him the best you can despite your struggle. With each move of your head, you feel him hit the back of your throat, drool know dripping from the corner of your mouth. When you feel his hips lifting off the bed to meet mirror the movement of your head, a tell-tale sign of him nearing his climax, you go to grab at his balls with your right hand, while holding yourself steady by grabbing onto his thighs with the other hand. Your squeeze at his balls while almost caressing them, coaxing him to a climax. With one last hard squeeze, and your head sinking down, and your hips pushed back further into his hands, you feel let go inside your mouth. You feel streams of warmth going down your throat, making you cough a little around his cock, but you stay out, taking his entire release in your mouth. Once you feel the shaking has died down, and he has had his release, you slowly lift your head, turn to face him, and gulp down whatever was in your mouth while keeping eye contact with him.
 At the site of your messy face, excess cum dripping down the side of your mouth, not trusting his voice, he reaches out with one of his palm towards you. You lean a little down into his palm so that it is now resting against your cheek. He wipes around your mouth, gathering the excess cum on his thumb and proceeding to slip his thumb in your mouth. You happily welcomed the thumb in your mouth, and with a little smile sucked his thumb clean and let it go with a pop.
 He moves his hand to behind your neck, pulling your head down to his level, letting the other hand rest at your bare waist. As soon as your lips are close, he leans up a little to capture your lips with an urgency, letting his head back down on the pillow, with your lips now completely melted with his, both caught up in a neediness, as if this was the first time either of you ever kissed another. To be fair, it had been a while time since either of you tasted each other’s lips. Niki immediately darts his tongue out and into your mouth, feeling you moan around his tongue as you slowly move your hips to grind on his stomach, wetting his skin with your arousal in the process.
 Niki lets his hand slip from your waist to the curvature of your back following the arch of your plump bottom, and letting it slip to the slit of your cunt from the back to feel your wetness for himself. He slips his middle finger into your warm centre, earning a grunt to escape your lips between the kiss. Niki pulls away slightly, lips still against yours, mumbling, “maus, sit on my face please. Let me taste you.”
 You smile at his need for you, happy that you were starting to see the same Niki he was before the accident, and the friction. However, you shake your head slightly, your nose squished with his. “No baby,” you whisper as if the non-verbal rejection wasn’t enough to deject his mood already, still awfully wary of how you feel about him post-accident. “It’s about you tonight meine ratte,” you coo against his lips as you bite down on his bottom lip and giving it a sharp suck into your mouth, sure to leave his already pink lips puffy and closer to rouge. “Let me love on you dove,” you continue with your reassuring whispers, letting your palm trace softly over his cheeks almost tickling him. “Please let me love on your beautiful cock,” you pleaded and as if to prove your need, you push yourself further down his torso, lifting your hips a little to sit back down on his cock which is now hard flush against his lower abdomen. You sit yourself down on the length of his shaft, your puffy, wet lips engulfing the underside of him. You continue to move your hips slowly, your clit getting sensitive from rubbing against the veined texture of his length. A low grunt escapes from you as you close your eyes from already growing pleasure, your head falling down on his forehead.
 “Open your eyes,” Niki speaks in a soft yet demanding voice, confidence creeping back in and wanting to see you pleasure yourself while pleasuring him. And once you open your eyes, you reach behind you with one hand, grabbing at the base of Niki’s cock, surprising him in the process. You lift yourself up once more, guiding the tip of his cock to your dripping entrance, very slowly sinking down. Feeling him stretch you after so long feels like the first time all over, so much so that your breath hitches as you try to sink further down to take more of him in you. As Niki is looking at you trying to take his length seeing the slight struggle in your face, getting hard for himself to contain himself feeling your tightness, he whispers to you words of encouragement, “You are doing so good lovie, already got me on edge.” He brushes your hair back with his finger, pulling you in for another tender kiss, and when you open your eyes as you kiss him, seeing him already looking at you with soft eyes, it is enough encouragement for you to let your hips sink down fully, letting out a loud groan against his mouth, your mouth gaping fully as you’re breathing heavily, face contorting in a pleasurable frown. Niki moves his lips to kiss and nip at your jaw to relax you as you hold yourself steady and let yourself adjust to him.
 Once you were a little more comfortable with him being completely inside you, you pushed yourself up, sitting down completely on his cock, taking back charge. You reach out to grab both his hands, bringing them to each of your naked chest, holding them flush against your aroused tits, nipples already hardening. You move your hips in circular motion, and whimper out “still doubt my love for you dove? Still think I couldn’t love you?” You give his hands a squeeze over his palms, urging him to play with your tits, “look how worked up you get me. Need you to be all over me. Can’t pleasure myself without you baby.” You start to lift yourself up and sink back down, and you can feel Niki playing with your tits all on his own. You let go of his hand, arching back a little from the growing pleasure as you continue to bounce yourself slowly on him. Niki starts to buck his hips under you as well and each times his thrust meets yours, your clit brushed  against the little stubble slightly above his cock, earning a groan from you. Niki completely mesmerised by how filthy you looked riding him, lewd noises escaping your lips he couldn’t control himself any more. He pinched your nipples, pulling you down by them, a pained yelp leaving your mouth from the assault on your already sensitive nipples.
 Niki kissed you deeply, engulfing your entire mouth with his as his hands traced down your back to your soft bottom, squeezing hard on them and guiding you on his length. He lifted his hand giving you a hard spank on your bottom, catching you completely by surprise, the vibration and the pain from the hit enough to draw out your first release of the night, him letting go of your mouth so that he could hear just how good he was making you feel.
 You rest your forehead against his, panting as you try to catch your breath. You look up at him with the softest most love filled eyes, enough to make all his doubts go away, if they weren’t already cleared out, and you whimpered out softly, “I didn’t make you cum,” almost disappointedly.
 “No, no lovie none of that. You know very well you did. And you know how much I love to see you come undone,” Niki scolded.
 You smiled a little at Niki’s words but was determined nevertheless to bring your man to another release. You move your lips towards his ear whispering, “We are not sleeping tonight until I feel you cum inside me. I’m going to need you to put a baby in me.” You gave his ear a bite then a slow lick. Pulling away, you see him take a little gulp, already feeling his hard cock stir a little inside you, causing you to smirk. “I can already feel you so hard in me baby.” You bring his hand to your lower abdomen, the slight outline of his cock can be felt as you keep bouncing on him. “Feel that baby? So big you make my tummy bulge. But I’m going to need you to make my tummy bulge in a different way baby. Can you do that?” You coax at him almost like you were trying to get a child to understand. You hook a leg around his waist, Niki getting the hint of what you are doing, so when you go to flip the both of you so that Niki is on top of you while still inside you, Niki lets you lead, but following through so that you don’t hurt yourself. And as soon as he is on top of you, he grinds his hips down with a hard and sharp thrust. “There you go dove, you know what you are doing,” you cooed with a moan. “Those reporters don’t know how good you make me feel do they my dove? Fuck me so good so that I can’t walk tomorrow. Mark me so that those little scheiße know who I belong to.” With each sentence you spoke, you knew you man was nearing his release.
 “Put a baby in me my love, so that I can never leave you.” And with that, he came undone, still moving his hips as he cums inside you. He reaches down between you two to play with your clit as his thrusts get lazy, the last of his rope shooting deep inside you. From the feeling of the warmth reaching the depths of your insides and him playing with your clit, it was enough to bring you to another orgasm as well. Just as Niki goes down to collapse next to you out of exhaustion, you don’t let him. Instead you pull him down onto you flush against your naked body as you wrap your arms completely around his waist, roaming your hand all over his back, scratching it lightly.
 However Niki is far too concerned about you. “Maus I’m crushing you,” he murmurs trying to hold his weight on his arms.
 “Shush dove. Just hold me please. It’s been so long,” You nuzzle into his shoulder, speaking into his shoulder, “I love you baby I love you so much.” You bite into his neck as a form of comfort. Aside from all the fear after the accident, you truly missed his presence for so long. “I’m really sorry dove. I would never want you to doubt us. I’ve never had any second thoughts.” Your voice comes out as a whimper.
 Now Niki is the one to comfort you. He slips off of you, but feeling you cling on to him, he brings you close to his chest as he lets his fingers going through you hair to calm you. “Lovie, come now. Any doubts I could’ve had, you washed it all away and you know that very well as I do.” He kisses the top of your head. With his words of comfort, you cuddle more into him as much as it was physically possible now, him holding you tight into his warmth and that’s how you both fall into slumber, comforting each other within each other’s embrace.
The next morning, when Niki woke up to an empty bed and his heart skipped a little. But then he remembered the activities of the night before, which etched a small smile onto his lips before he got up to put on a pair of pants before heading out to find which corner of the room his frau was hiding at.
It did not take him long to find you, with the household smelling like food you were preparing for breakfast. As he walks into the kitchen, the first thing his eyes land on is you in a shirt he was planning to wear today to head to the tracks, facing away from him flipping the pancakes on the stove. He walks up to you quietly, wrapping his arms around your waist taking you by surprise. With you still getting used to things going back to normal, lean your head back to lean on his shoulder, “Good morning dove. How’d you sleep?”
Niki kisses on the side of your face before replying, “Like a baby. I see that you’ve stolen the shirt I was planning to wear today.”
You turn the stove off, and turn around to face him, putting your arms around his shoulder as Niki’s slips further down resting at the back of your thigh. “Well you didn’t tell me that now did you?” You reply with a little sass.
Niki only smiles at that sliding his hands up your inner thigh, stopping at your core when realising you wasn’t wearing anything underneath. “And you’ve got a little surprise for me I see?” Niki shifts you to the side of the kitchen bench, away from the hot stove, pushing you against the bench with one hand resting between you and the bench and the other from your front side, finding your core, slipping it inside with one swift motion. You lean into him, clawing at his shoulder as he curls up his fingers in you.
“Meine ratte, we have to leave soon, come on we don’t have enough time for this,” You try to get him to stop, but the shakiness in your voice betrays you.
“It wont be late until I get there, and I’m not leaving until I can love on meine maus.” Niki says as he speeds up his fingers.
You nuzzle further into his neck, biting at his neck as little mewls escape through your teeth. And as Niki adds more fingers, one by one, you are cumming around his fingers, your sharp nails sinking in the back of Niki’s neck. However, he does not complain, enjoying the feeling of your warmth around his fingers. He pulls his fingers out, having your head resting on his shoulder from slight exhaustion, he licks his fingers clean as you are looking up at him heaving.
 “Mmm. Lecker!” he speaks with a little humour as he leans down to give your lips a chaste kiss. “How are you holding up? Can you stand alone?” he says as he lets you go slowly, still keeping his hand out as a cautionary, like teaching a child to walk. He smiles to himself a little as he sees you steadying yourself. “Now go on maus, get ready. We have to leave soon.” And as you face away from him walking off with the slightest pep in your step, he gives you a smack on the bum to which you only giggle. As you are halfway through the kitchen he calls out, “and I need that shirt for today.” As a response to him you only unbutton and shrug of the shirt as you are now running up the stairs completely bare. Niki just shakes his head slightly with a chuckle, looking around the kitchen at the forgotten food and walking towards the shirt to pick it up and heading up to get ready himself.
Niki has never been one for public display of affection and it was very apparent to not only everyone around him but also to the media. But that day, after you two grabbed a bite on the way where you two shared more kisses and giggles, and finally arrived at the tracks, the change in mood from the day before was very apparent on Niki’s face and actions. He has a constant arm around your waist as you leaned on his shoulder while your husband was his professional self interacting with the engineers and the mechanics ahead of the race. People while being professional talking to Niki, couldn’t help but steal glances at where Niki’s hand rested or how your head laid on his shoulder. Everyone quite taken aback by the entire situation.
 Before Niki got changed into his gear, the people around caught a glimpse of the large purple bruises, which looked quite painful to be honest on his neck, which however got covered up by the turtle necks he wore. However, after yesterday’s little outburst, people did not mess around with Niki even as banter today. While everything about the couple seemed out of the ordinary, no one questioned it. It was a welcoming change, whether the change was permanent or not was a different question all together.
 As race time nears, you give Niki a very gentle kiss on his forehead, whispering a good luck, letting his team members take him away to prepare him for the race. You walk slowly behind him to the pit as well, trying to not get between him and his team as the race today is very crucial for Niki to still stay in the running. The track may not be as dangerous as the Nürburgring, but this race being the first after the crash, you still worried about him. In fact the doctors also had advised against him racing so soon after the accident but you knew how much this meant to him. And you couldn’t stand in the way of him and his love for racing, so you swallowed your fear and let him go. You did not voice you fear and anxiety to him as his own worries were already eating at him so all you needed to do was support him.
 Throughout the race you were kept on your toes. Staying with the team and listening to the commentator to keep up with what’s happening in the tracks. “A terrible start for the Austrian. It’s perhaps too soon for him to be racing again.” You hear the commentator speak which does absolutely nothing to calm your worry.
 “Lauda’s off line. He runs wide onto the grass,” and as you hear that you heart drops, not being able to stand with the team, walking a little bit away to stand by yourself. Breathing to calm down. “He wrestles it back onto the track, but that was a bad moment for Niki. Niki Lauda’s the reigning world champion, but maybe in his current state, he’s a danger out there to himself and to the rest of the field.” And all you can really do is rest your palm over your mouth to hold your gasp with a permanent look of worry etched onto your face, praying to any and all god out there for your mann’s safety.
 “And Stuck has collided with Mario Andretti’s Lotus! Niki’s boxed in. He’s got nowhere to go.” Your heart starts to race, mind conjuring up the worst possible scenario that could occur next. And all you hear next is excited commotion in Italian from the foreign commentator, not understanding a word spoken and therefore still not knowing of your mann’s status. The commentators however soon start to speak of Niki’s progress, informing you of Niki’s safety. One by one, Niki starts passing the other cars, and the once sceptic commentators and everyone in fact, were now cheering on for Niki’s progress. The cheers helped to wipe the worry from your face and started to paint a smile across your lips.
 You couldn’t help but clap once, waiting in anticipation as you hear Niki pass few more cars. “Lauda closing on Carlos Reutemann, the man called in to be his replacement in the Ferrari team.” And when you hear that you knew Niki would be happy. He wasn’t the jealous type, but he had a point to prove. Point being he was the better driver than anyone else Ferrari could hire, and by crossing Reutemann he proved just that, making you proud of your mann.
 As you hear Niki crossing James Hunt who was stuck on the side of the track, you couldn’t help but let out a little laugh. And while the no one quite pays attention to the man crossing the finish line first at the track in Monza, there is loud cheers and everyone is off their seats across the track celebrating the man who miraculously came fourth. You ratte. “Lauda! Lauda! Lauda!” you hear the commentator speak and all you can see is people crowding on to the track covering Niki’s car. Eagers fans helping Niki out of the car and carrying him on their shoulder, make shifting a crowd surf for him. You looked on at him with pride, your inside feeling with happiness seeing a genuine smile on his face.
 He is enjoying basking in the glory for a while before he ends up making eye contact with you. And as he is put down onto his feet, you throw all your composure out the window, running towards him with all the speed you could gather, jumping onto him, almost taking him down with you, however he gains balance just in time. You wrap is arms around his shoulder and your legs around his waist while you face is tucked away by his ear whispering repeatedly, “You did it, you did it my dove.”
 Pulling your face away you cup his face with both your hand and land a big sloppy kiss on his lips. Something much too scandalous and unexpected of Niki. So much so that the cameras instantly start flashing in both your direction. None of you giving a damn, much too engrossed by each other. And maybe it is not common knowledge that Niki does not wear his wedding ring, never has since his marriage. But at that moment, as his left hand slides up to hold the back of your neck, you feel the cold metal against you, making you smile into the kiss. And with all the photos being taken of the couple, and the sun’s reflection on the ring making it very prominent, photographic evidence will remain of the first time Niki adorned his finger with the ring. And whatever doubt any one had of the Ratte and the Maus, never dared questioning the Laudas again.
a/n pt.2| ✏ @mypoisonedvine​ @nsfwsebbie​ @sinner-as-saint​ @bruhlsbees​  @rumblelibrary​ hiya guys so I am tagging you guys as well because I adore all your writings, admire you guys so much, have been following you guys for a while from my personal acc. And would absolutely love if you could give this piece a read and maybe let me know how it is. Any and all feedback is highly welcome and very much appreciated. Hope you guys like it.
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clearwater-hoe · 13 days ago
Can you do angst with Paul
He gets very angry and says bad things without thinking and his imprint gets very angry and sad leaves home and has a car accident carlisle finds her and takes her to hospital and then he calls paul bla bla bla ꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱˖♡
I would like to preface this with I am so, so sorry that this took so long to get out! But here’s something short and I really hope you enjoy it!
“I don’t know why you always have to be so possessive! All he did was smile, and you’re about to lose it?!”
Paul rolled his eyes, and I could see the taut muscles in his jaw tighten as each word passed through my lips. I could see that no amount of reasoning would get him to see things my way.
Tears rolled down my cheeks freely as I was blinded by a raging fury. I knew I was in no condition to drive, but I was also in no place to stay with Paul when he was like this. The fight that has just taken place re-enacted itself over and over in my memory, bringing me even closer to breaking.
The tone, the reactions, and especially the words Paul had towards me were a first in our relationship. Sure I had seen him irritated, and annoyed; but I had yet to experience such a blatant anger from him in person.
He had been so careful, so delicate in handling himself and his emotions around me; yet, tonight the control had slipped, and while I didn’t fully understand, I didn’t blame him entirely either.
It was just the words he had spoken, or more so yelled, to me that made me leave in a haste.
“Maybe if just for once, you could just think! Think about how your actions effect others, think about how they effect me!”
The statement left me nauseous, had I really been so oblivious to my own actions? Or had I just been ready to play the innocent?
Now I found myself driving down a twisty road, just barely going slow enough to keep from flipping the car in a curve.
My cheeks felt scorching hot, and the swelling of tears made the already dark sky even hazier. Broken sobs filled the interior of the car, echoing off of the metal frame and glass.
The drizzling rain evolved into a pouring storm, causing what little light I had to guide me to cease to exist.
As I started to take the next turn, I noticed the speed limit warning of twenty-five around the curve.
Without thinking I tried slamming on breaks as I was already going fifty, and to this, I felt the car pick up and lose traction on the slippery road. My breath caught in my throat as the steering wheel jerked aimlessly back and forth, and no matter what I did the car refused to straighten itself.
Fear shot through my body, electrifying every sense I could muster in the situation. I’m not sure how, or to what extend I could bring myself to be anything but instinctual; but as my body tensed, and my breaths quickened, Paul’s beautiful face passed through my mind.
The way his eyes would crinkle in the corners when he laughed, and the way his deep, rumbling laugh could bring a smile to anyones face. And that was what I thought about, before the thunderous slamming.
*Paul’s POV*
I was still upset from earlier, but more so at myself than at anyone else.
I shouldn’t have yelled, or lost my temper like I did. Rather than calling to check in, I just let her be.
I knew to be careful, but each moment became more difficult to not lose it. But yet here I am, alone and lost beside myself while the love of my life is dealing with the aftermath of my incapabilities.
The sharp vibration of my phone on my bedside dresser broke my focus, and I was curious to note the unknown caller ID. Ignoring the call, I went back to wallowing in my own self pity. For a moment the room went quite again, only for the vibration to start up again.
The same unknown caller.
Frustrated, I answered the phone.
“Paul, it’s Carlisle… I think you should hear me out…”
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