broresteia · a day ago
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more tfc doodles from my reread
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mayhaps-to-dream · a day ago
i don't know if it's projection or not, but all my favourite characters are cool, likeable and in desperate need of therapy
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I wanna be loved like Andrew loves Neil, and like Neil loves Andrew
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rnch · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
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jensen57 · 2 days ago
daily aftg hc: no matter how hard aaron tries not to give a shit, he really cares about andrew. he cares about his goals, his hobbies, his stupid fucking boyfriend. he just wants andrew to have a good rest of his life and he's shit at expressing it but andrew knows and that's all that matters
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purpleshadow-star · 2 days ago
Highschool AU where Neil can read minds and he's in class one day and all of a sudden he hears loner Andrew Minyard who sits in front if him's thoughts saying "I know you can hear me. I know you can read my thoughts. I'm onto you. I know your secret."
Cue Neil silently panicking in the middle of class and wondering if he should leave town and move on but he likes it here he has friends now and he is safe his father's people are finally gone for good he doesn't want to leave but someone knows his secret how how did he find out how how how
Meanwhile Andrew is just doing that thing that kids do when they think things like "I know you can read my mind" to like, catch a secret mind reader off guard I guess, but Andrew doesn't actually think anyone can read his mind and he's just messing around with himself.
Andrew's just amusing himself while Neil is having a whole mental breakdown in the seat behind him.
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the-high-queen-emory · 2 days ago
Neil: Oh, here’s my award for the most rules broken! Andrew: That’s not an award, it’s an angry letter from our coach. Neil, hanging it on the wall: Well, it has the word ‘most’ in it, so I’m calling it an award!
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skye-draws · 15 hours ago
neil josten since the second he was born :
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neil-jortsen · 20 hours ago
nicky, looking at neil: he’s hot, do you think he’s seeing someone?
andrew, reaching for his knives: yeah, very powerful, jealous type, big bloke. you wouldn’t want to cross him.
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306saint · a day ago
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praising-the-foxes · a day ago
it’s pretty well established that andrew is someone who loves books
fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, maybe even children’s books
he’s a voracious reader
(call it a symptom of trauma if u will)
neil, on the other hand, is a case of a literate illiterate
he’s the type to do anything in his power to not read
whereas andrew eats up classics by the day, neil spends the majority of his time on sparknotes and the occasional schmoop
where there’s a will, there’s a way— and the way for neil is anything that will ensure he doesn’t have to read
of course, andrew discovers this unacceptable behavior by chance
neil, taking some random lit class with a gun held to his head, hates the class
it’s not even taught by a good teacher, it’s just read this book and write an essay— rinse, repeat
he’s barely passing, since he refuses to read a book
(still pretty impressive that he’s passing at all given that fact, but give him credit where it’s due— he can write a mean essay)
andrew catches him in the act the week he has a big essay due
he comes in, back early from a class that ended earlier than usual
and he sees neil hunched over his laptop, eyebrows furrowed to hell and back
“why the fuck do you look like that”
and hunchbacked neil looks up in surprise, hands already pushing down the lid of his laptop
“answer the question quasimodo”
(the reference flies over neil’s head of course)
“just doing research for an essay, but i can’t find shit”
and andrew, eidetic memory and all—
“research? you’re not taking any classes that need research like that”
and neil, caught in the midst of a tiny lie, has the audacity to look embarrassed
“not research research, i was just on sparknotes”
and andrew isn’t a stranger to sparknotes, but he knows what neil looks like when he’s close to a deadline
this isn’t it
“when’s your essay due”
“in a week”
“a week”
“yeah, thought i would get it done early so i can focus on the game next week”
“you have a week. why aren’t you reading the book”
and this is when it all unfolds
it’s a game of back and forth honestly, with neil unwilling to admit why he won’t read the book and andrew pressing further because somethings clearly up
and neil
poor neil
he never actually stood a chance with andrew questioning him like this
he finally admits it
“i don’t like reading. i basically can’t, actually”
“neil what the fuck does that mean”
and of course he explains it— that he can read sure, but his eyes wander or the words blur or he just simply can’t focus
(okay mentally ill king 😍 we see that trauma)
and of course andrew finds this unacceptable
“have you ever even read a book this year?”
“what about a single book since you started college”
and when neil admits no, andrew is ready to leave
“wait andrew—“
“i’ve listening to long excerpts before it that counts”
“more like whatever is available on youtube and then i fill in the rest with sparknotes”
and andrew doesn’t respond
just thinks about this new information about neil for a few minutes
minutes neil spends worried with doubt
“you’re an abomination”
and maybe neil’s worry would be worsened if it weren’t for the fact that andrew’s coming closer to the bed
takes a seat
“well what, andrew.”
“where’s your book”
and of course neil is all ??? but pulls out the book anyway
and neil is still confused
until andrew flips open the book and starts reading from the first page
“You will rejoice to hear that no disaster has accompanied the commencement—“
“don’t interrupt me”
“babe, you don’t have to do this”
and exasperated, andrew finally closes the book, leaving his finger as a temporary book mark
“it’s either this or watch as you try to bullshit this entire essay for a week”
and hey, if andrew’s insisting on this, who is neil to deny
and so neil gets comfortable as andrew reads to him
and neither of them mention it after andrew finishes narrating the book for him, a few days later
not a word, even when neil proudly shows off his A- essay to andrew
but andrew always reads for neil from then on
even starts to read books to him that aren’t required for his classes
they settle into it, even have a few cute habits
like neil laying his head in andrew’s lap as he reads
or them falling asleep together, both sleepy from reading and being read to
and of course, honorary a-fox-catches-them moment
normally their reading sessions happen alone
they don’t intentionally plan it that way, it just so happens that they end up alone anyway
but aaron really needs to borrow some notes from kevin one day
so he just barges into the dorm, not really expecting anyone to be there
and he catches them in the act— the act of reading
and when he sees the two of them, he doesn’t register the entire scene at first
at first, he’s just scared he walked in on them messing around or something
and he’s about ready to dash until he catches a glance at what’s in andrew’s hands
a book
“i don’t even wanna ask”
“fuck off”
(a kind word courtesy of neil, of course)
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kevindavidday · 2 days ago
this was my multiverse of madness
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play-exy-be-sexy · 2 days ago
random ass(sad) hc: kevin is constantly talked over and ignored. it’s not always intentional. he’ll say something and people will just not reply or even look his way. they just keep on with their conversation.
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tiimmie · 2 days ago
cakes for the foxes
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softlegs · a day ago
When Neil was on the run, he probably wasn’t eating well—always going and moving. Then he played exy for years and went on his morning runs every day.
So imagine some years down the road: Neil and Andrew are retired from pro exy, they live together, they have a good life. Neil is genuinely content. He only runs once or twice a week now because he prefers to spend his mornings cuddled in bed with Andrew and the cats now that he can just relax. The need to *run* isn’t constantly nagging at him anymore—he run purely for the fun of it.
Andrew has developed a love for cooking, and he’s very good at it. (And baking. He bakes something sweet once or twice a week and always manages to get Neil to at least taste what he makes) they cook together and make amazing food that Neil definitely goes back for seconds almost every night.
They’ve been retired for a year or two at this point and Neil gets up for a run one morning after nearly two weeks of closing morning cuddles instead. It’a the longest he’s gone, ever, without going for a run in the morning. The weather is great and he’s excited to watch the sunrise on his run. He grabs his Apple Watch to time the run and heads out. It hasn’t bothered him that he’s gone that long without running until he gets home over an hour later. He’d put a genuine effort into the run since it had been awhile. But his Apple Watch confirms that this run was his slowest ten miles in… years. Neil tugs his sweaty shirt off and looks at himself in the bathroom mirror. His scars are still there, faded from the years passed but still prominent against his tanned skin. He barely notices them anymore. What he does notice is that he has more fat around his middle than he ever remembers having. That, combined with his slow run time, it bothers him.
Neil skips second helpings and gets up and goes for a run every morning for three weeks before snare says anything. He finds Neil looking at himself in the bathroom mirror after another early run, frowning at his reflection and pinching his stomach.
“What are you doing?”
Neil drops his hands to his sides and Andrew steps closer to him. Andrew holds Neil’s embarrassed gaze until he cracks. Neil tells Andrew how he’s gotten too lazy since they retired. what if he needs to run again?? His Mike time is slower than it’s ever been, he’s not eating as healthy as he should. Andrew takes Neil’s hands and rests them against his own bare stomach.
“You never have to run again.” Andrew promises. “Only for fun now.” He cringe at the idea of running for fun but continues. “You are safe. You are free. This—“ he reached for Neil and rests his on Neil’s hip when he nods in confirmation. “—this is healthy. Your body is supposed to change.”
Neil gives him a little smile and whispers a “thank you”. He lightly pinches Andrew’s tummy where his hands is still resting.
“Ok. Enough. Junkie.” Andrew pushes his hands away from his stomach but doesn’t let go, instead he curls his fingers in between Neil’s as they head out to the kitchen
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jensen57 · a day ago
daily aftg hc: when neil and andrew move in together they finally have to acknowledge all the annoying shit the other person does. in the dorms they never gave a fuck but now they have their own apartment. it's theirs and theirs alone, but then there's neil fucking josten throwing his dirty socks on the coffee table, or making smoothies at 6 am, or never turning off the hallway light. and andrew, leaving cabinet doors open, letting his clothes sit in the dryer until neil takes them out and folds them, and never rinsing out his dishes. andrew just passive aggressively picks up neils things and glares at him until he gets the hint, and if he doesn't he makes sure to tell him. neil just never fixes any of it until it piles up and andrew finally sees it. of course there are things they just do for one another, but they definitely have that first moving in together phase
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chard3 · 2 days ago
aftg memes part 1 (trk spoilers)
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fortheloveofexy · a day ago
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Sneak peek of a WIP before I pass tf out
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sunriseabram · 2 days ago
Andrew: *putting five sugars into his coffee*
Kevin: Andrew, your diet is disgustingly unhealthy. You can’t seriously want to drink that.
Andrew, holding direct eye contact: *dumps even more sugar into his coffee*
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paradoxolotl · 23 hours ago
Mark Me Yours (poem by Mackenzie Campbell)
Andrew stared at the orange marks on his own arm, the ink smudged and broken, skipping over lines that couldn’t quite hold it. Maybe he should have been embarrassed at his state, more aware of his still sticky and flushed skin, should move to hide his scars and his body. But Neil still lay beside him, head propped on his elbow looking down at him with that odd expression, and his fingers were still gently tracing the expanse of Andrew’s back.
Neil pressed the first piano keys into the knobs of his spine. “Dove,” he whispered, and Andrew’s muddled brain almost thought it sounded like a plea, “stay with me now.”
Closing his eyes, memorizing the song pressed into his spine, Andrew recited, “if you could cut me open, i’m sure you would find, a whole museum of every word, you’ve ever spoken to me.”
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