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i have so much respect for self-publishing authors. their work is always so unique because it’s not made to be a “best seller”. their work is written with so much heart and always promise a refreshing read compared to the dull overdone stories i’m used to in YA fiction. it’s also incredibly inspiring to me (who writes as a hobby and never seriously thought i could ever get published).

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think it’d be funny if kevins knowledge of music was limited to the old school bangers his mum played around him when he was younger but Also the music from 2014 grunge phase everyone went through and he just doesn’t know any other music so he loses his shit when he hears 505 and idk fucking uptown girl but he hears despacito on the radio and is like what’s this 😐

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Do you ever think about how andrew really pulled off all those bandages in that hotel room (even though they were basically the only thing holding Neil together at that point) like some kind of feral mama bear needing to SEE exactly what happened to his pipe dream not-boyfriend and Neil let it happen, just staring at him bc he didnt think he’d ever get to see him again

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Bet you thought you saw the last of me @nikothespoonklepto lol Another @aftgexchange Jeaneil for you! ^v^/

I loved the 30+ jeaneil prompt spring cleaning, and they’re here going through their old jerseys and making a game of it, to see which ones still fit. And Jean’s bulked up since college, so his Ravens Jersey is a touch too tight. Feat. Neil’s Olympics jersey, Neil’s Palmetto Jersey, and Jean’s Trojans Jersey (and their calico cat lol) 

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I keep forgetting how tiny Andrew reall is but my cousin who is the same height as him came by and let me tell you I was not prepared to learn the fact that I am allegedly a head taller than Andrew Joseph Minyard. I am considered short by my countries standards this man is a genuine tiny baby how can anyone be intimidated by this he is just….. so tiny…. if that came at me wielding a knife I would be more concerned over the fact that this alleged midget even HAS a knife I would have to ask him “does your mommy know you have that?” And then I’d get fucking stabbed because the man is in his 20’s and he is short and fueled with rage…

For some reason I can totally accept that Aaron is that tiny but Andrew? Can not wrap my head around it :/ (sorry Aaron)

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fic: balm after violence

all for the game • neil josten/andrew minyard • 1,061 words


this was written for @knox-knocks for the @aftgexchange !! i’m gonna be real w u chief: u suggested a flower shop au, and this………isn’t that. though the garden + domesticity vibes stuck w me, so this is a cowboy outlaw fic that ALSO involves andreil growing a garden. hopefully it’s to ur liking!!

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Nicky: i sleep with a dagger

Matt: i sleep with a bat

Aaron: i sleep with my racquet

Neil: U r all weak.

Matt: why? what do u sleep with?

Neil: Andrew.

Nicky: he wins.

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