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#aftg hc
jensen57 · 23 hours ago
daily aftg hc: neil secretly hates the color orange. it was too bright when he was on the run, so he always avoided it and eventually grew to dislike it but didn't have an option when he joined the foxes. he doesn't tell anyone but andrew, and it's when they're trading a truth for truth and andrew says something about a rare good memory from when he was younger and neils just like yeah i fucking hate this color
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andrewsleftknee · a day ago
the Foxes make a multi-player minecraft world
she makes a big community house for everyone. they all have their own rooms, and she gives them spare materials so they can survive. she gets a dog that her and Matt name together, and it has their own bed in their room.
spends the entire time underground. he spends the first day gathering wood and food, and then explores for caves and ravines. he ends up thousands of blocks away from everyone and significantly more rich when he decides to make his house.
he just fucks around honestly. he’d be the first to find a village and just massacre them all and steal the cats. he shares materials with Neil, and he helps Neil build their own house in a flower forest (per Neil’s request). he teaches Neil how to tame animals so Neil can have his own pets.
he helps Dan build the community house. when it’s done he mines for materials for them. the first diamond he finds he gives to Dan as a minecraft proposal.
he runs away from everyone. he wants to find cool blocks and biomes, living as a nomad of sorts. a while after they start the world, he makes a mansion inside of a giant mountain. he’s also really good at redstone.
she doesn’t really know what she’s doing. she probably has a texture pack that makes all of the blocks very pretty, and she builds a house out of her favorites. it looks very ugly in the default texture pack.
he’s a minecraft veteran that’s so bad at the game that it’s sad. he is terrible at fighting mobs, so he opts to strip mine until he can get diamond armor. he’s terrified of the nether, and has only beaten the ender dragon in creative.
she makes a huge wheat farm and eats primarily bread. she has pens of cows and colored sheep by her house by the lake. she has a dock built where she likes to fish for treasure. she donates all of her fish to Dan and Matt at the community house.
he also doesn’t know what’s going on. he follows Andrew around mostly, joining him in his chaos. when he starts to understand the game better, he enjoys upgrading his materials and getting enchantments on his gear to have the best stuff. he often builds little gifts for Andrew too.
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iddragyouwithme · 2 days ago
Nothing going on in my brain except for this silly little headcanon that Jean hates having his back to anyone. He’s always got his back to the corner or against the wall, refuses to be in positions where someone could approach him without warning, will not sleep with his back to the door. Obviously there are situations where he can’t control it and it doesn’t really concern him when he’s on the court but in general day to day life he tries to avoid situations like one of the Trojans sneaking up behind him and tapping him on the shoulder.
Jean can’t really pin point why it’s such an issue for him. Logically he knows someone can still hurt him even when he sees them coming. And he never says anything about it but the Trojans notice.
Jeremy, who rooms with Jean, is the first one to start this little system. If he has to come up behind Jean he’ll always say something before he gets too close. Usually it’s just something like “incoming” and even if Jean doesn’t turn his way or move at least he knows Jeremy is there. Laila and Alvarez catch onto it next and pretty quickly the whole team is doing it for everyone. It’s not even just for Jean anymore, all the Trojans start warning each other if they’re coming up behind someone.
Jean eventually reaches the point where he trusts the Trojans enough that they wouldn’t have to warn him. In general he still doesn’t like people coming up behind him but he doesn’t mind it as much as he once did. Still the Trojans keep up with it and keep getting more and more creative in the ways they announce their presence. Laila once tried to do a pirate impression and ended up doubling over from laughter halfway through a sentence. A few of the Trojans have “signature” sounds which are really just them trying and failing at making animal sounds but they keep doing it anyway. Jean does it for the other Trojans when he comes up behind them and most of the time he says something in French that no one understands but hey at least they know it’s him (Jeremy is 99% sure that he’s insulting them at times)
Basically I just like the thought of this being a random unspoken thing amongst the Trojans. Idc how stupid it is it makes me happy.
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allforthe-gays · 2 days ago
kevaaron fluff
before practice aaron and kevin have a very intense stretching routine they do together. it takes them a solid 20 minutes to do every time but they refuse to practice without doing it first bc they dont want to sprain a muscle. neil complains about his legs being sore once and kevin then forces him and andrew to join them too.
pre-kevaaron stretch routines were absolute hell for andrew and neil bc they had to deal with kevin and aaron being flustered when they were watching each other do some of the stretches, or when they had to do the ones where one of them was lying on the ground and the other was pressing their leg into the air for them. andrew had never been happier that he ended his deal with aaron, bc now he could bully kevin into asking his brother out bc jesus christ he didnt want to see that much unresolved sexual tension involving his little brother.
kevin steals his dad's sams clubs card to by big multipacks of sports drinks and bulk buy healthy food. he always drags aaron with him, and theyll get churros in the food court to eat while theyre shopping. aaron complains to kevin that they dont go on enough dates and kevin goes "dude, we literally went to sams club last saturday" and aaron realizes how dumb his very pretty boyfriend is. "andrew i just realized im dating a himbo" "kevin's not a himbo he just forgets he's not straight sometimes"
aaron and kevin use hand warmers for their sore joints after practice, or will keep them in their pockets for when their hands are sore. they have the ones with adhesives to put on the inside of their clothing, and will use those on their legs when they have long classes after practice. matt walks in on kevin putting his arm down the front of aaron's pants to help him put the adhesive in the right place and is scarred for life. he sends kevin a 3 page word document titled "god i wish i were blind: a guide on how to have a healthy sex life when you have roomates who arent into voyeurism"
aaron sprains his ankle when kevin accidentally pushes him off of his bunk bed when they're making out bc he thought there was a wall behind him. kevin decided that it is too risky for him and aaron to kiss during exy season so from now on his relationship with aaron will be completely chaste until summer break. the decision lasted exactly 47 minutes, until aaron came back from his morning class.
sometimes kevin forgets that nicky is related to aaron and will start talking about how pretty he is and be offended when nicky doesn't agree with him "have you seen him stretch to get my cereal off of the top shelf? i want to have so many babies with him. dont you think he's great too?" "no lol" "fuck you, you have awful taste" "im literally his legal gaurdian" "oh, yeah."
aaron loves halloween so he 'forces' kevin to go to pumpkin patches and haunted houses with him. the twins used to work at one of the haunted houses so aaron knows all the hiding places in the building so he makes kevin hide with him to scare the actors and other people going through. they only go once, because an hour in andrew and neil show up and try to take their hiding place because they were gonna try to scare people too. aaron is horrified that his brother had the same date night idea that he had and never takes kevin to that haunted house again.
aaron makes kevin use his interview personality to get them discounts when they go out to eat. kevin and aaron are both broke college students so kevin very berdugingly will go along with aaron's plan. "babe i only have $3 for coffee but i wanted a bagel too~" "im not doing the thing" "come on you love doing it" "no i dont. im not doing it." "ok. guess ill just starve. you dont have to do the thing." "fine." "i just said you dont have to~" "im doing it. stop looking at me like that" "thanks babe i knew you loved me"
aaron is majoring in chemistry and has to take 8 different chem classes before he graduates, so kevin knows way more about chem then he needs to. aaron will take pictures of the cool reactions he gets to do in lab and send them to kevin bc kevin likes the colors. for his history major, kevin has to write a big paper so he writes about famous chemists so he can have aaron help him. aaron isnt really much help though bc theyll read about a discovery one of the chemists made and then go down a science rabbit hole and realize that kevin still doesn't know anything about the chemist.
this post is dedicated to my lovely besties with kevaaron requesties: @/lena.h.w @/kaaaaarts @abundance-ofemilys (@/aftg.bois) @allfourthefoxes @/ukumushu_the_bibliophile
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as a former soccer goalie, here are some very specific things andrew minyard does while playing exy
he has crazy good aim. that cone drill kevin and neil keep doing? andrew's an icon at that
he's gotta hit the balls directly at the strikers (or whoever else needs the ball) from a static position so his aim is probably better and stronger than most people on the team
andrew's literally shit at cardio. man literally doesn't run aside from normal conditioning (and chasing after neil) plus he smokes so his lungs do be constantly dying
also, i feel like people really underestimate how boring being in goal can be
like if the ball's not near you, there is nothing. to. do.
honestly, he probably just puts his racquet down or straight up sits on the floor when the action is on the other end of the court
(this is coming from someone who literally left the field for a few minutes because she had nothing to do)
another thing: the man can jump.
like, put him on a trampoline (not that he'd ever do that lol) and he'll fly above everyone else, no matter his fear of heights
especially because he's so short compared to the goal, he's gotta stretch in every direction to be able to reach the ball
he's mad flexible, is what i'm getting at
penalty shots are his worst enemy
idc how good of a goalie he usually is, most of the catches/blocks he makes are pure luck
and like. his height doesn't help with this at all
most of the sweating he does comes from his extra armor rather than the game itself
again. goalies literally don't move most of the time. for the longest time, nicky just thinks that andrew has some kind of magic deodorant he isn't sharing with the rest of them
(there have been more than a few raids into andrew's toiletries looking for it)
i literally used to get those misty fan water bottle things bc everyone else had one and it looked cool, not because i was ever tired after games lol
he likes interlocking his fingers to see how obtrusive the goalie gloves are
idk it's a thing that all goalies i know do, for absolutely no reason. it do be fun though
goalies have to do a lot of agility and reflexive drills. one of these is kinda like quickly running in place and jumping/rolling to the side to catch a ball someone throws at you
i'm just imagining andrew doing this bc it looks so. funny.
like the person doing the drill looks like some spider on drugs with how fast their feet are moving
(also it makes lots of goalies pretty good at dancing/stuff that requires lots of feet coordination. i'm not saying... but i'm kinda saying, if you get what i mean)
this isn't during exy, but sometimes catching things is so reflexive
once i caught a glass full of water before it shattered on a restaurant floor, and i imagine andrew does shit like that too
but the difference is that he gets so annoyed whenever it happens
being unintentionally helpful is andrew's least favorite thing (but neil finds it so goddamn funny)
sometimes neil randomly drops things near andrew just to watch him get annoyed at his reflexes
(also, i'm just imagining the foxes randomly throwing things at andrew. he's stuck between two situations: catch things and have the foxes laugh at him or let things hit him in the face and have the foxes laugh at him)
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bambazzle · 7 months ago
Andrew really hit Neil with the “I’m down to hate-fuck” and Neil was like “🥺🥺 so you love me?”
He was spot on but man how did he jump to that conclusion so easy when he had spent months ignoring the signs.
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cezaraq · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
drawing inspired by that one audio 😭 It just fits them too much
my instagram: cezaraq
my art insta: moth_fae
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jensen57 · 27 days ago
daily aftg hc: andrew continues to break into wymacks apartment for various reason, but he also starts bringing neil with. wymack has come home late to see neil watching tv and andrew baking some sweet in his kitchen. they usually just nod or wave like it's nothing. the first few times he says something along the lines of 'great you're multiplying' or 'you do know you don't live here, right?' but eventually he just gets used to it. once he heard the door handle jiggling at midnight and grabbed a bat, only to find andrew and neil standing in pajamas on the other side carrying pillows, blankets, and a few dvds because the player in the dorms broke
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andrewsleftknee · 10 hours ago
Neil loved lazy mornings.
he loved waiting for Andrew to wake up and press himself into Neil's back.
on mornings like that Andrew would kiss his neck until Neil rolled over to face him. he’d look at him and see his blond hair a mess and his eyes still partially closed from just waking up. they’d lazily kiss like that for a while, taking in the warmth of being so close under the blankets.
sometimes on good days Andrew would position Neil with his back on the bed so that he could straddle Neil’s hips. he’d lean down and gently kiss Neil, eventually deepening the kiss into something more heavy.
when they break apart to regain their breath, Andrew slides down and rests his head on Neil’s chest right above his heart. he’d listen to Neil’s heartbeat slow down to a normal rate, lightly trailing his fingers down Neil’s sides. Andrew would move up slightly so his head could sit in the crook of Neil’s neck. Neil would scratch his scalp while Andrew’s body relaxed.
sometimes Andrew would fall back asleep. Neil would feel his breathing even out and the hand on his side stop moving. he’d press a soft kiss to his hair and whisper a soft goodnight. he let him sleep on him, happy that Andrew trusted him enough to do this with him.
when Andrew would wake back up a little while later he’d continue his soft kisses with Neil. they would stay in bed until the afternoon, only getting up so they could get something to eat, or to take a warm shower together.
these types of mornings didn’t happen too often, but when they did, Neil cherished them.
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iddragyouwithme · a day ago
now is definitely the time to start sharing your kevjerejean headcanons (ᕗ눈̃ ‿‿눈̃)ᕗ
One itty bitty headcanon before I go to bed. Cause I probably should go to bed.
Kevin is always on the bottom of cuddle piles and is absolutely getting squished by Jean and Jeremy every night. Jean is half on top of Kevin on one side and Jeremy is basically fully on top of Kevin aside from maybe an arm or a leg. Jean's got his arm flopped over Jeremy and Kevin's got an arm around Jean and his other arm around Jeremy.
Now they're not too big on PDA in front of others but this cuddle position becomes such a habit for them they kind of just stop thinking about. So give it some time and now they're all playing pro for the same team and let's say there's this big Exy event sort of similar to the banquets Nora described and so they're sharing space with their old teammates for the time being. And Jean doesn't even think about it when he just flops down onto Kevin who is laying on the floor wishing for death as he watches the same game over and over again and five minutes later Jeremy is joining them and their old teammates and their new teammates are just sort of there staring like "wtf is going on?? Okay Jeremy is sunshine personified so this makes sense for him but Kevin and Jean??? They're dicks??? Where'd they learn affection???"
Anyway Laila ends up snapping a picture and she sends it to Jeremy who later ends up printing it out and keeping it in his wallet. Kevin sees it and decides to print it out and keep it on his desk and eventually Jean (though he'll deny it if you ask) ends up printing it out and sticking it on the fridge with a magnet.
Idk this one is legit so random but for some reason it's been in my head forever so yeah.
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allforthe-gays · 2 months ago
obsessed with neil josten for successfully hiding from the yakuza for years without even knowing they were after him
he really went "it sure is weird how much more powerful my dad is than i remembered. oh well, my mother would never lie to me. this is normal :)"
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nemsix2 · 3 months ago
at some point in their relationship, andreil eventually trust each other enough that they are each able to let their guard down in more public settings because they know the other will protect them
they become sort of a shield but also something sturdy to lean on
like, when the foxes are around and Andrew is having a tough day, he is comfortable zoning in and out, knowing Neil is sitting right next to him and will make sure nothing bad will happen to him or let the foxes say or do anything to Andrew while his guard is down-just a little
they feel safe becoming just a little less aware on hard days, because they know the other will make up for it and protect them
the foxes can never tell when Andrew is having a hard day
and sometimes Neil just wants to scream in their face to be just a little more careful, announce your presence before you approach him, don't make sudden movements
but Neil would never do that to andrew
but it makes his blood boil that Allison can't see the way Andrew jumps when she barges into their dorm
she didn't see the way Andrew was zoning out, eyes drooping just a smidge because he hasn't slept properly in weeks
she doesn't see the flash of panic and terror in Andrews eyes when the door swings open suddenly and Allison appears in front of them
but Neil does
that night, at the foxes weekly movie night, andrew's eyes begin to droop again
the lights are turned off and he and Neil are sitting on the couch of matt and Aarons dorm
everytime something happens suddenly on screen or someone in the room shifts positions, Andrews head snaps up and he looks around, bracing himself
"drew," Neil says quietly, to get his attention
Andrew glances over at him
"I'll make sure nothing happens," he promises.
Andrew knows what he's saying
understands that Neil will look out for him if Andrew wants to let his guard down, maybe doze off during the movie
he doesn't reply
but ten minutes later, Andrew has slouched into the couch and leaned his head against the back of the couch, eyes closed, so it looks like he's still watching the movie in the dark of the dorm room
neil knows better
when the movie ends, and right before everyone gets up to turn the lights on and clean up the snacks, Neil asks aloud "Andrew, ice cream?"
Andrews eyes snap open, but only Neil catches it
he nods once before getting up to raid the fridge
neil follows
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thespineoftherighteous · 2 months ago
I feel like Andrew would be vaguely amused watching the earlier stages of Aaron and Neil's relationship--from the initial animosity through their wary-of-each-other period--because he looks at these two assholes, two of the select few people he cares about, and sees so much of them in the other
and it's smaller things, like the particular, biting way they use sarcasm and the faces they make when they're unimpressed and how they can't be bothered with things like tying their shoes (Aaron just tucks his into the sides and Neil leaves his loosely knotted together all the time)
but it's also more significant things, like the way they have the same calculating distrust towards new people, and things he himself doesn't get but still sees reflected in the two, like how they were both utterly screwed over by their mothers and yet continue to mourn them
and that's why he almost seems to expect it when they don't get along at first and yet is also the only one who isn't surprised down the line when their relationship develops into one of mutual understanding and grudging acceptance
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fortheloveofexy · 5 months ago
Andrew Sitting Alone on the bus;
For as long as he can remember, Andrew has always sat alone.
Even with his family, even with Kevin - he knows whenever they have the option, they'll sit somewhere else.
Andrew is used to it, being by himself. His presence not really being wanted, outside of the utility his protection provides.
But then, there's Neil.
And at first, Neil avoids him too. For good reason, they didn't exactly have an easy start. Neil is right to be wary.
Even after their nothing starts, Andrew doesn't really expect that to change
Sure, Neil might trust him more now, but Andrew still doesn't expect to be chosen.
Everyone (except Aaron, who avoids them all) loves Neil, they all want to sit by him.
So when Neil says no to them, and instead comes to sit by Andrew
Andrew is just, stunned. He doesn't know how to respond, so he ignores it
Because why would Neil choose him?
He can feel Neil's eyes on him for what feels like forever, until Andrew finally has to look
And he just... looks so fond?? What the fuck??
And not only does Neil sit by him, and stare at him, but he talks to him too. Tells him stories about his life, his experiences. Without the guise of their truth game, free from the trappings of a deal. Just because he wants to.
Because he somehow wants Andrew, of all people, to know him.
Andrew doesn't know what to do with this. He doesn't know what to do with Neil
So he kisses him.
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