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#aftg headcanons
andrewsleftknee · a day ago
Andrew often paints his nails when he needs something to do. it's always a cheap drug store nail polish that looks a little bit streaky, but he doesn't mind. he'll wear it until it's almost completely chipped off, taking off the little bit the remains and repainting his nails until they chip again.
he'd never let anyone paint his nails. he typically paints them when Neil and Kevin are winding down. they usually watch a game on Kevin's laptop, sharing a pair of earbuds while they lay on their stomachs on the living room floor. Andrew pretends not to notice when Neil's eyes stray over to him, distracting him from what they're watching. but with Kevin visiting Jeremy and Jean at USC during an off week, it's just him and Neil the next time Andrew paints his nails.
Neil watches Andrew get up to grab the acetone and nail polish from his desk and walk into the bathroom to get a cotton ball to remove the excess polish from his nails. Neil didn't want to stare at Andrew while he did this. he didn't know if it would put stress on him if someone was watching him. Neil decided to ask so he could leave if Andrew wanted him to.
"can i watch you?" Neil asked. "paint your nails i mean."
Andrew nodded, and Neil sat beside him on the floor. he rested his head on Andrew's shoulder, and watched as he painted his nails, waited for them to dry, and then started on the second coat.
"interesting?" Andrew asked.
"not entirely," he responded. "i just like watching you, like, exist. it's calming."
Andrew nodded because he knew what Neil was talking about. there was a weird sense of calm watching Neil live.
"do you have other colors?"
"no," he responded. "why?" he asked, finishing the last coat on his last finger. he looked up at Neil.
"want to paint mine too? you don't have to, but it looks fun."
"Renee and Allison have some," he said. he started waving his hands back and forth to get the polish to dry before he touched anything. "want to ask them for a color?"
Neil got to his feet, letting Andrew know he'd be back in a minute, and walked out of their dorm. he returned a few minutes later with three bottles of nail polish. he lined them up the on the table in front of them.
"i thought these ones looked the nicest. i don't know which one i want."
Andrew looked at the bottles Neil put in front of them. the furthest on the left was a periwinkle blue, the middle was lilac, and on the right was a coral or orange color.
"you can have all of them if you want," Andrew said.
"do you think it would look good?" Neil asked. he pushed the bottles of polish closer together to further examine how they look next to each other.
"i think it'll look fine."
Neil nodded and let Andrew paint his nails. he swapped between the three colors, making a bright pattern on Neil's nails. the girls' nail polish was more opaque than Andrew's, and went on in one coat plus some touch ups. once they dried, he brought the nail polish back to the girls room. Dan begged him to see his nails and squealed excitedly when she saw the colors he picked. Renee also commented on his nails and Allison stayed quiet, preferring pale colors herself.
Andrew didn't do Neil's nails every time he did his own, but on occasion Neil would join him. Andrew would sometimes buy a nail polish color he thought Neil would like. soon they had a small basket with the stuff for painting nails that they kept on Andrew's desk, most of the space being filled by the array of colors he picked out for Neil.
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pipebomb-malewife · 11 hours ago
The most unrealistic thing about aftg is Andrew only threatening Katelyn once. I'm surprised he didn't steal aarons get up and arrange a "date" so he could sus her out before giving her the okay to date Aaron.
It would be funny if she acted like everything was fine to fuck with Andrew, so when Andrew went back to the dorms he'd be huffy about how Katelyn couldn't spot the difference between him and Aaron and Aaron just tosses his phone at Andrew with it showing a conversation eith Katelyn asking why Andrew was pretending to be him.
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knox-knocks · a month ago
i love the headcanon that neil and andrew will lowkey cuddle during fox family movie night. like not Overtly, but they might be holding hands out of sight or leaning against each other. maybe neil even rests his head on andrew’s shoulder.
but i just had the thought, what if neil falls asleep against andrew’s shoulder mid way through the movie, and in his sleep he just sorta...snuggles closer to andrew. and he keeps doing it until he is basically wrapped around him.
and then you have a very disgruntled andrew gently patting his hair while he glares at various foxes trying to take pictures of them
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allforthe-gays · a month ago
obsessed with neil josten for successfully hiding from the yakuza for years without even knowing they were after him
he really went "it sure is weird how much more powerful my dad is than i remembered. oh well, my mother would never lie to me. this is normal :)"
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Can we talk ab when the monsters brought Neil to Columbia for the first time??
Specifically the part where Neil, while he was in the process in running away through the bathroom window, stuffed his clothes down the toilet??
Like, imagine Nicky being like, 'hey Neil, you're taking your sweet time', only to discover that he was. Gone??? Just like that???
And then, after arriving to the conclusion that, yes, Neil had apparently made his way through the window and just,,,,, vanished?? They would have had to deal with a plugged toilet.
Just imagine. Andrew, Kevin and Aron unplugging a fucking toilet. This is SENDING ME, LMAO
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fortheloveofexy · a month ago
I’m curious, how do you see sub Andrew being supported by canon? (I’m not leaning either way, that’s just not a take I’ve seen before and it’d be interesting to get your opinion)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Since a few people have asked me now, here are a few scenes in particular from canon that support sub Andrew, followed by some of my own thoughts
While there's obviously nothing in canon that says "Andrew has to be a sub!", there is also ample subtext that he could be, if only there were someone he could trust enough to not hurt him or take advantage, someone who respects him enough not to touch without permission, who would follow his boundaries to the letter and care for him while he was in a vulnerable state. And there's plenty of subtext about his character to imply that it's something he'd be open to, given the right circumstances. Let's take a look at a few instances:
This scene from the hotel in Baltimore:
Andrew shifted as if to get up and Nathaniel knew he was going to shut Browning up for good. Nathaniel knew better than to touch Andrew yet but he got as close as he could and framed Andrew's face between his bandaged hands. Andrew could have easily pushed him aside, but after a short pause he got settled again. Nathaniel flicked him a quick look, grateful for that compliance, before leveling another icy stare at Browning.
Neil looks at him and frames his face with his hands, and what does Andrew do? He settles down and stays quiet.
Despite the stressful situation, despite the fact that he's already so on edge from what has been a very emotionally fraught few days, he listens without question. Andrew, who notably barely listens to anyone else, especially when it comes to protecting his people. Just one look from Neil and he puts the claws away and lets him handle it, perfectly obedient.
There are more scenes like this throughout the series, of course, where Andrew listens to Neil and nobody else, such as getting him to agree to Thanksgiving with the Hemmick’s or to stop targeting his teammate's ankles during practice, so I won't list them all here.
Basically, once he decides that he trusts Neil, he'll pretty much do whatever Neil asks him to. He's not above submitting to what Neil wants (within reason, of course).
This bit of dialogue between them in TKM:
"Good," Neil said at length. Tugging a sleeping dragon's tail sounded like a good way to die a painful death, but Neil would be dead before Andrew's protection wore off. "I want to see you lose control."
Andrew went still with his hand halfway to the vodka. "Last year you wanted to live. Now you seem hell-bent on getting killed. If I felt like playing another round with you right now, I would ask why you've had a change of heart. As it stands, I've had enough of your stupidity to last me a week. Go back inside and bother the others now."
Neil feigned confusion as he got to his feet. "Am I bothering you?"
"Beyond the telling."
"Interesting," Neil said. "Last week you said nothing gets under your skin."
Now, initially, it's very easy to just read this as classic Andreil flirting (which, to be fair, they are blatantly flirting here). But as always with these two, there are layers of subtext happening.
The minute Neil suggests Andrew lose control, that he wants to see Andrew when he's not in control? Andrew freezes, clearly caught of guard. And then reverts to his typical tactic of pushing things he wants away with threats and insults.
Now what does that tell us? One, that he wants Neil, of course, but it also tells us that it's highly likely some part of him wants to lose control too. Maybe even willingly give up control, if only he could trust someone enough not to take advantage of him.
And then there's this little bit too, just a few paragraphs prior:
"I warned you not to put a leash on me."
"I didn't," Neil said. "You put that leash on yourself when you told me to stay no matter what. Don't be mad at me just because I was smart enough to pick up the other end of it."
"If you pull it again I will kill you."
"Maybe when the year is up, you will," Neil said. "Right now there's not a lot you can do about it, so don't waste our time threatening me."
Again - another scene that's very easy to read as just Andreil flirting (which, they are). But look at the metaphor Andrew chose - he told Neil not to put a leash on him.
We know he's in part referring to Neil manipulating him into releasing Allison and stopping him from injuring a teammate, but it's also a pretty blatant innuendo.
And then Neil reminds him that Andrew is the one constantly tethering himself to people with deals, that he keeps giving others power over him with promises. Neil is simply the first person to actually realize it and use that power, and Andrew doesn't quite know what to do with that.
So, of course, in typical Andrew fashion he follows up by trying to threaten Neil, pushing away the things he wants again. And Neil is clever enough to call him out on it, because he knows Andrew. He knows the threats are bullshit, he knows Andrew is just showing his teeth as a means of self-protection.
Additional thoughts:
Many people in the fandom view Andrew as exclusively a dom because of how he initially has to maintain strict control over his sexual partners and cannot tolerate being touched in return. 
I, however, disagree. I think he and Neil are both switches, personally, and here’s why:
Andrew doesn't fiercely maintain control of all his sexual interactions because he's inherently a dom. He maintains rigid control because initially that's the only way he can engage in sexual activity at all. But, we already know based on the progress he makes in canon and Nora's extra content that his need for rigid control eventually relaxes with Neil, and over time he's more comfortable letting Neil touch him back.
Essentially, my theory is this: Control for him was never a preference. It was a survival tactic. A necessity of his circumstances, a reaction to a childhood full of abuse, and he needs it less and less the more he heals.
And as he grows more comfortable accepting his own wants, he's able to accept that maybe, sometimes, what he wants is to give control to Neil, to let go and allow himself to be taken care of for once.
Just think about how potentially healing that could be for him too. Andrew, who clings to control in his daily life because for so long, control meant safety, finding a space where it's okay to let go. He can give up all control to someone he trusts not to hurt him, and nothing bad will happen to him because of it. He can let go, and he will still be safe, because Neil is there to look after him, and Neil would never hurt him.
Genuinely, I think its a part of his character and his healing that is so underexplored in the fandom, and I'd love to see more people dive into it.
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youknow-igetit · a year ago
during the height of the minyard-josten rivalry, a tiktok account is made titled “andrewminyardshusband”
At first it’s believed to be a stan account or something similar, since all they do is post clips from his games and interviews, half the time zoomed in on his arms with a ridiculous commentary dubbed over it
No one knows who makes the videos, mainly because they always use voice filters
But then the account starts posting videos of andrew?? Like at home?? And they’re not like reposted Instagram stories, it really seems that this person is living with andrew
(these videos coincidentally start posting around the same time that neil josten joins andrews team)
Even weirder, they actually seem to be andrews husband, which astounds literally everyone because how did no one know about this???
The account blows up, obviously. Like, millions of followers, gets verified, the whole shebang
And it isn’t always Andrew, half the time it’s videos of their cats doing cat things (he tried out the tinfoil thing to get them to stop jumping on the counters and eating his sandwiches, king got so scared by it that she hid on top of the fridge for an hour. Meanwhile, sir didn’t give a single fuck and layed down directly on the tinfoil)
The account’s most viewed video is of a slow zoom of andrews biceps with the careless whisper intro played over it
He starts answering questions in the comments while pointing the camera at andrew
“‘How did we get our cats?’ we found them in a dumpster. As far as we can tell they were raised together and fell in love. I’m 99% sure they’re lesbians”
“’why does andrew wear armbands?’ because his forearms are too powerful to be viewed by the general public” *the video is a slow zoom up to andrew’s glare*
“‘are you and andrew actually married?’ yes. fuck you.” (andrew flips off the camera with his left hand) “wrong finger, dumbass”
“‘how did you two get together?’ he threatened to kill me and I thought that was hot"
“’can you two kiss?’ like, physically? yeah. right now though? i dunno, i’m comfortable sitting on this table and andrew is all the way over on the couch”
“’whats your opinion on neil josten and the whole rivalry he has with Andrew, especially after he joined his team?’ I really don’t give a single fuck and neither does andrew”
“Have you met neil josten?” is one of the questions he gets asked and no one knows why he’s laughing so hard or why andrew rolls his eyes when he answers with “yeah he’s pretty cool”
Sometimes the other foxes make appearances in the videos, like Renee baking in their kitchen while Andrew is filching cookie dough or Nicky, Aaron, and Andrew all sitting on the floor and feeding the cats catnip.
the speculation on who andrew minyard’s husband is is astronomical. it grows beyond the exy sphere and practically every comment is “who is this guy??”
People keep asking but all he answers with is “I’m andrews husband, can y'all read?”
People ask the other foxes (who don’t say shit cause why would they), comb through their social medias to see if he’s in any pictures or videos
It is then believed that andrews husband has to be one of the foxes from Andrew’s sophomore year, and due to half of them being related to him, one being married, and one being neil josten, it is then believed that andrews husband is Kevin
At least it is until the account posts a video of kevin being asked “thoughts on being andrews husband?” “like of you being his husband?” “no, you being his husband.” “what?? Ew, no, gross” “I cant tell if that’s more insulting to Andrew or to me”
So everyone is back to square one
there’s a new video on the account
And it’s of andrew on the couch reading a book and he gets asked “what’s it like having me as your husband?” but!!! There’s no voice filter?? And it sounds vaguely familiar, like they’ve heard it before?? And he wasn’t even answering a commenter question. and then Andrew grabs the phone and turns it to show neil josten, neil josten!!! sitting on the other side of the couch in a bright orange sweatshirt and a smirk while Andrew says “fucking infuriating”
Needless to say, all four million followers implode upon seeing it
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anonknown · 7 months ago
Andrew is the kind of guy to break into someones house unnoticed and steal all the batteries out of everything, shift the furniture two inches to the left and only steal every third bottle of alcohol to confuse and trouble the homeowner for eternity, whereas Neil is the kind of person to break into someones house with a hammer and smash everything inside because fuck you. Not sure where I was going with this but...
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ask me about:
matt and dan (and how neil fits into their relationship while dating andrew and kevin)
renee’s sexuality
the monsters’ neurodiversity
kevin’s love for astronomy, classical music, and chess
andrew’s acceptance of katelyn and aaron’s acceptance of neil
my characterization of jeremy knox
jean moreau’s connection to trauma, grief, sexuality, and his relationship with kevin day
the operation of the nest and the normalcy of it all
kevin’s sexuality
movie night with the foxes vs movie night with the monsters
the relationship between riko and kevin as they grew up
betsy adopting andrew (and nicky’s and aaron’s reactions)
seth’s untimely demise and my opinion of him as a whole
aaron minyard’s homophobia (or lack thereof)
neil’s personal label for his sexuality vs the label everyone gives him
allison reynolds’s character and her development as i see it
the reasons i like kandreil so much (and don’t believe it to be as toxic as it was in the first drafts)
abuse vs bad behavior (as seen in the foxes)
tilda minyard and the kind of mother she happened to be
nicky’s and renee’s battles with trauma and religion, and more specifically a view into nicky’s beliefs (seeing as so little of this was shown in the series)
the last-name business (and the concept of marriage for andreil)
andrew showering with kevin vs kevin showering with neil vs neil showering with andrew
love languages (as shown by the foxes)
receiving touch and bad days
how nicky took care of the twinyards and why andrew didn’t like him for a while (with comments acknowledging aaron and nicky’s relationship pre-andrew)
aaron’s behavior according to me (and the things i dislike about fanon aaron)
age, maturity, trauma, and the reason the foxes are a developmental wreck
the perfect court and what it could have been (and would have)
andrew and aaron’s relationship
andrew’s relationship with masculinity and presentation
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kevindayscrown · 4 months ago
Kevin Day and his life without a romantic partner.
Because not everyone wants or needs to end up with someone to have a happy life.
Okay so, I was going through my posts yesterday and, while I love my boy Eric and the ship I have created, I also want to explore a bit more the idea of arospec Kevin. Maybe it's me self projecting again but yk, let's ignore that.
(You can revisit the other post I made on this if you want here)
So here are a few more headcanons/random ideas about the whole thing:
At first, everyone thinks that Kevin is just too much of an asshole to be in an actual relationship.
(This sometimes makes Kevin think so too).
Slowly, Kevin starts realising that he had never been interested in people that way. Sex, sure, that was fine. But other than that, he had never felt any sort of romantic attraction before.
Of course, he wouldn't sit down to ever discuss this with anyone. He doesn't think much of it, he knows he is perfectly fine with the career he has.
However, people will not stop bothering him about it. The media, the press, everyone is asking nagging questions.
Eventually, during one press conference, Kevin decides to clear this subject once and for all.
"I am not interested in being in a relationship, now or in the future."
Everyone is a bit surprised by that but, for the most part, they respect it.
(Except from those delusional fangirls who are, admittedly, a bit disappointed).
Some believe he is just too young and will eventually change his mind. Surely, he will find someone to love and start a family with.
Others start speculating the labels. Although Kevin thought he didn't really need to label himself, some of them do provide some sense of comfort.
However, eventually Kevin finds that he is perfectly happy and complete the way he is. After having gone pro and then to Court, his career is at its peak, where he wants it. And even after that, when he retires with lots of golden medals, and becomes a coach, he is still happy.
The kids love him and that's a surprise to everyone, even himself. He doesn't really want kids for himself but he is always proud when he is able to help one find their potential and play better.
He is happy with the relationship he has built with his father. He is happy when the two of them can finally stand together in a room and not feel awkward or feel the weight of Kayleigh's presence.
They eventually make it tradition to meet up at least once a week to catch up. Kevin will subtly ask for advice on coaching and Wymack will be more than happy to provide it.
During Wymack and Abby's wedding, Kevin is yet again asked when will he stand at the end of the aisle. He only smiles and dismisses the question.
He is happy when he takes in a small German Shepherd, a pup beaten and starved on the sidewalk. He grows up to be Kevin's most loyal friend.
Kevin hates morning walks normally, but when he takes Max (he is not really original with the name) out on a walk, it's not nearly as bad.
And when Max grows to trust him, Kevin finally realises what a joy it is to have someone be solely devoted to you, to care for you unconditionally and never judge you.
The first night when Max sleeps by his side is probably the most peaceful night Kevin has ever had, ridden of all nightmares.
He doesn't ever heal completely or gets over his panic attacks and anxiety, but he doesn't think a romantic partner would have changed that either way.
He retires in Ireland. In a small town where his mother was from, where all the locals know him but not just because he is Kevin Day. Because he is Kevie, Kayleigh's son who would run around the neighbourhood with a little exy stick on his hand right before his mother took him to America.
He grows old, or as old as the years that have worn out his mind and heart let him. His death is a much more peaceful one however, than he would have imagined years ago.
He is perfectly happy with the life he has led. Fighting and living to the fullest until his final breath.
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kevingayimeanday · 4 months ago
Weird AFTG headcanons I have (pt. 2)
PART 1 || PART 2 ||
Kevin’s history professor tries to sign him up to be a tutor approximately once and Kevin goes on this thirty minute long spiel about how he doesn’t have time for it and they never try again
Neil becomes a hoarder as he gets older. He’s not going to run, so he’s allowed to have personal belongings. By the time he retires it is very much out of hand
Allison and Nicky end up bonding over gossip because they run in different circles. Allison had all the frat/sorority gossip and Nicky has all the generic campus gossip about the professors and improv club drama
Matt and Dan both have super mean resting faces and they play a really violent sport so when they wander around campus together everyone is a little bit terrified but they’re little balls of sunshine on the inside
I imagine Renee to be a really arty girl. She likes painting and arts and crafts. She’s got one of those big container things just full of bits of material and glitter and knits things to give as presents
Kevin tries to hide Andrew’s cigarettes a minimum of once a week but Andrew always finds them within an hour and doesn’t bother to open the window next time he smokes indoors. He also wonders why Kevin doesn’t know that if he didn’t find them, he would just buy a new pack
Neil at some point masters the art of making ridiculously sweet cocktails for Andrew to drink, complete with tiny umbrella and all
The foxes have a whiteboard in the foyer that on which they keep tallies of things that happen. Top hits include: Kevin is told to shut up, Neil stares at the corner of the court Blair Witch style, Matt bangs his head, etc. There is a lot of tallies
Speaking of Matt banging his head, that’s something I think he does a lot. Low light fixtures are the worst for taller than average people
Neil is a wanderer. He’ll be there one second and another second he’s disappeared to look at something. Andrew is considering getting him one of those toddler backpacks with the leashes. Maybe he can find one with foxes on it
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andrewsleftknee · 14 hours ago
it’s Neil’s third year at PSU and they signed on four new freshman, one of which is incredibly rude towards Neil and his scars.
he picks on Neil for never taking his shirt off in the locker room and staying late at the court so he can shower alone. Neil doesn’t let it bother him too much, but some days he can’t help but let the words seep under his skin, letting the feeling sit there until it simmered away on its own.
Andrew was never really around when the freshman picked in Neil, but the first time he heard the remarks he made about Neil’s scars he was up so fast that Neil barely noticed. Andrew had the freshman shoved against the lockers, showing no mercy when his head bounced aggressively against the metal. he pulled one of his knives out and held it against his ribs. it reminded Neil of his first few days at the Foxhole Court, when Andrew did the very same thing to Nicky.
Neil walked over and put his hand on Andrew’s shoulder. “let him go,” Neil said in German.
“he can’t say stuff like that,” Andrew responded, keeping up the language foreign to the other Foxes.
“i know. hurting him doesn’t solve anything.”
“teaches him a lesson.” Andrew pushed the knife so it’s now touching the freshman’s shirt.
“and you’ll get kicked off the court,” Neil said. “Kevin will bitch about it for weeks. save us both a lecture.”
and with that, Andrew stepped back, sliding his knife back into his armbands.
the next day after practice while Neil showered, Andrew waited in the lounge, one by one sharpening his knives against the bottom of one of Wymack’s ceramic mugs. when the freshman walked past Andrew, Andrew made eye contact with him, sending the freshman scrounging to get his stuff together and to get away from the lounge.
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khaenriahs · 10 months ago
small things i think the foxes do that make my heart go brrr
whenever kevin steps on any object thats usually not supposed to be on the floor he always apologizes and then puts it back where it was
he also blows on hot food/stirs hot beverages before consuming them but always forgets that they’re hot like 5 seconds after and tries drinking them only to burn his tongue
aaron counts things by counting each individual joint of his finger (so 3 per finger/2 per thumb) & uses that one trick for multiplying by 9
andrew hates licking envelopes so he buys various little stickers and uses those to close them instead
matt keeps hair ties on his wrist in case anybody needs them & at this point he feels weird without them on
neil ties his shoes the bunny ears way & andrew always says it’s stupid and takes up too much time but finds it kind of endearing
renee’s hair is too short to fully put up into a ponytail so she pins it back with various colorful barette clips
dan memorizes everyone’s coffee order and always brings them coffee if they have early morning practice
allison loves watching absolutely terrible movies & thinks they’re all cinematic masterpieces
nicky always buys the broken or “ugly” merchandise because he feels bad for it which is ultimately what leads to there being a tiny crooked christmas tree in the foxhole’s lounge area
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mitskibetsonlosingdogs · 21 days ago
TFC: Modern!au
I’m obsessed with the foxhole court happening in 2021 so here are my personal headcanons
Matt would be a fem boy. he’d work at femboy hooters if it were a thing.
Andrew would hate egirls and simps but if Neil ever got on twitch you bet your ass he’d donate in absurd amounts
“Andrew, why’d you give me 15 thousand dollars? Where did you get that money?”
“Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answer to.”
Neil later finds out he sold the maserati 
Dan would wear chunky filas exclusively
Andrew would purposefully wear black air force one’s to banquets
“You look like a criminal” aaron would say
Andrew would simply smile. “Thanks for the compliment.” 
Aaron would wear those turtlenecks with a chain as his formal outfit. Sometimes he and Andrew would match. 
Renee would be an egirl. The only one Andrew tolerates.
Allison would constantly speak twitter language. (actual slang like ‘lives rent free in my mind’ not aave) 
Kevin cannot stop using the word “Chad” 
“If you chads don’t get your sorry asses to the court in t-5 minutes-”  
Matt would say that anything is t4t. 
Nicky is constantly posting on tiktok. He’d do trends ranging from “finish the lyric” to “waking up my deadly teammate” pranks.
He tries to catch Neil and Andrew being cute. It almost always ends with Andrew confiscating Nicky’s phone. 
Seth would be cancelled so quick on Twitter. Someone take this boy’s phone.
He’d be an Army tho so he has the fanbase backing him up and causing ww3
To be continued 
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i-did · a year ago
I've been sitting on this theory for about a year now, ever since I reread the first book and knew to pay more attention. And a scene very early on caught me
Tumblr media
Nicky never would abuse pain killers since they are what Aaron was addicted to and Andrew would have never allowed it, his rule was nothing stronger than crackers. I believe this was a test set up by Andrew to see if Neil had any drug addiction history or remaining relapse potential that put Aaron's own sobriety at risk.
Nicky was acting on Andrew's orders to test Neil in this scene, and it's done so casually I haven't seen anyone else point it out (I could be wrong though). Rereading the series is kind of amazing how many Easter eggs in the monsters behavior can be found.
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leia-imogen · 5 months ago
aaron minyard headcanons bcs i love him <3 (ft. kevaaron)
starbucks is a guilty pleasure of his. probably loves all things caramel ( he just gives off those vibes ) and his favourite is caramel macchiato.
has a southern accent that's usually pretty mild but becomes stronger when he's drunk or sleepy
aaron, early in the morning, pouring coffee, wearing one of kevin’s oversized jerseys, hair ruffled and eyes sparkling: hey, darlin'
kevin, disintegrating:
can dance decently. c’mon, we all know he's on the dance floor with nicky every weekend at eden’s, and he’s definitely not the type of person who’ll dance if he’s not good at it so-
speaking of nicky!! he and aaron have a really awesome relationship after aaron works on his internalised homophobia. that was a huge setback in their relationship, and aaron realises how wrong he was and apologises to nicky ( who cries and hugs him )
loves andrew even tho neither of them ever show it. after going for therapy together, their relationship improves so so much and they know they can always rely on each other, even if they’re both super reluctant to ask for help ever
eventually becomes friends with neil. they bond over having shitty mothers that they still loved maybe a little bit, and neil gets injured a lot ( he is not fine ) and aaron helps abby with patching up injuries, so they're stuck together lots of the time
andrew would never in a billion years admit it, but he’s happy that two of the most important people in his life get along
will never ever ever let himself be taken care of. he’s going to be a doctor, he can handle it by himself. tilda never took care of him, and he managed alright, so fuck off, kevin
kevin always takes care of him anyway, and he always relents, bcs maybe there’s a part of him that wants to be fussed over and coddled
oh even tho he’s gonna be a doctor and everything, he still eats like, shit. this irritates his health-freak boyfriend to no end. his eating habits aren’t as bad as andrew’s but seriously aaron, you’re gonna give kevin a stroke
also, can we talk about how awesome he is. like, he’s literally a med student, which is hard enough as it is, and a backliner in class 1 exy. that’s like so badass i'm going to cry
has the highest grades in the entire team. kevin's pretty close behind him. i know nora said something in her extra content about him having second highest but fuck nora's extra content tbh. aaron’s the best med student in his class, bcs he works for it
he probably had friends before andrew came along, right? well, they obviously drifted apart after he and andrew's deal, but after they break it off, what’s stopping him from reconnecting with them?
he used to practice exy with them, so a few went on to play in college, and they’re all shook that he went on to date the son of exy when he was like the least exy-obsessed in their little group
“you? you’re dating kevin day? the kevin day?”
“aaron ‘i’m only doing this shit to avoid my mom’ minyard is dating the kevin fucking day? the son of exy?”
“well i mean he's hot so why not.”
makes stupid science puns all the time. andrew threatens to disown him. he does not stop
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anonknown · 7 months ago
Allison intentionally booked the cabin in a way that she could force the “there’s only one bed :/” trope on Andreil. She had more bets to win. 
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aftgandotherbooks · 3 months ago
First time Neil cries in front of the foxes- Nicky
TW- Mention of blood (Only a small drop of it though)
Nicky, unfortunately, has a bad habit of listening in on conversations in the car when he hasn’t been involved.
After overhearing Andrew and Neil’s conversation on how deprived Neil is on the best type of desserts, Nicky jumped in with a gasp, “you’ve never had cheesecake? Have you even seen a cake in your life? Have you ever even baked anything?” In which Neil responded with “no? I’ve never baked before”.
After having to remove himself from the conversation before he got too high pitched and heated, Nicky decided that it will be his lifelong mission to teach Neil to bake every existing sweet dish (within reason).
Thus, every time Nicky went grocery shopping, he bought ingredients for a new dessert each time.
They’ve made so many dishes, even some of Nicky’s favourite German desserts because it reminded him of Erik.
On the day Nicky first witnessed Neil cry, it started out innocent, and dare say even fun. Nicky and Neil were baking choc chip cookies to cheer up Andrew who was still recovering from a concussion.
Nicky was chopping up a slab of chocolate into smaller pieces with a knife because it’s so much cheaper than buying a packet of chocolate chips.
Because Neil was still quite new to the whole ‘baking’ thing, Nicky had to check on Neil every few minutes to make sure Neil wasn’t somehow lighting the kitchen on fire (“it happened once Nicky, and it was mostly Kevin’s fault!”)
He looked up to where Neil was kneading the dough (“fold it in from the sides Neil! It’s not a piece of hot ass, you don’t need to slap it!”) and saw that Neil was digging his fingers into the dough, instead of using the heels of his hands.
So, Nicky (knife still in his hand) stepped behind Neil and without thinking, grabbed the hand still in the dough to try and adjust it to how he should be doing it.
In an instant, Nicky swore it only took less than a second, Neil grabbed the knife from Nicky’s hand and held it to Nicky’s neck.
Nicky quickly breathed in, and tried to stay still as possible.
Nicky was used to Andrew threatening him with a knife, but he always knew Andrew would never really hurt him. However, this time, Neil’s eyes didn’t hold a blank type of anger (or pure joy from his manic times) that Andrew’s eyes held. Instead, Neil’s eyes held fear.
It was like Neil wasn’t even in his body anymore, the real Neil had floated away when he felt threatened by the unpredicted touch, and the sight of a knife.
The Neil that was holding the knife too hard to Nicky’s neck was glazed over, and so so afraid.
Nicky tried calling his name, even using “Abram”, which Nicky heard Andrew use a few times when Neil’s anxiety hit peak, to bring him back.
But it didn’t work.
Neil’s hand eventually started shaking, and due to the movement of his hand and the heavy pressure of the knife to Nicky’s neck, a small cut opened when the knife met skin.
It was the sight of the deep red blood pooling at the top of the knife and dripping down Nicky’s neck that bought Neil back with a startled jump backwards into the bench where the long-forgotten cookie dough sat.
“Nicky” Neil breathed, repeating the name as if reminding him that it was Nicky standing in front of Neil, and not his father.
Nicky took a step closer to Neil, but Neil shook his head and moved to the side and stepped back more, away from Nicky.
“Neil it’s okay. I’m okay. It’s just a small cut” Nicky gently said, hands out and keeping his voice calm in attempt to soothe Neil’s panic.
Neil shook his head again.
What stopped and broke Nicky’s heart more than the knife that was held to his neck a minute ago were the tears building up in Neil’s eyes.
Nicky is not afraid of emotion. He refuses to hide who he is and what he feels after living through what his parents put him through. Eric has taught him many things, one of which is that it’s okay to cry, even especially if you’re a man. Emotions are a part of the human condition, and to hell with anyone who claims that men aren’t meant to cry. So seeing Neil in such a state of panic and fear and guilt broke Nicky’s heart. From what he knew about Neil’s shit excuses of parents, he gathered that they most likely punished Neil badly if he showed any kind of emotion or ‘weakness’.
So, seeing Neil crying, Nicky slowly stepped closer to Neil.
This time, Neil allowed it, but he started crying harder.
With his arms still held out, Nicky slowly took the knife out of Neil’s hand, put it on the counter next to him and then turned back and asked “can I hug you Neil?”.
After the incident at Eden’s the first time Neil went with the group, and Nicky non-consensually kissed a drugged Neil, Nicky felt so much guilt, regret and self-hatred. He swore to himself to make sure he has to try harder in getting consent before making a move on anyone.
Today, he forgot to do so- hence knife incident.
When Neil nodded his head, and muttered a weak “yes”, Nicky hugged him.
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry Nicky, I didn’t mean it. I wasn’t fully there. The knife... I... it…” Neil then sobbed into Nicky’s shoulder. “No Neil, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have just touched you, especially with a knife in my hand. I should have known better” Nicky says, apologetically.
Nicky stroked his back in a soothing manner, saying “shhh, it’s okay, I’m okay”. After a few minutes of hugging, the two broke apart, and Nicky, went back to his usual happy self (he was obviously still upset, shocked and sad, but he wanted to move past the intense moment and get Neil back to a calm and happy place) and said “okay! Let get back to it. Let me quickly clean my neck and wash my hands, and then I’ll show you how to knead dough with your hands, not your fingers you imbecile.”
And that’s how Andrew ended up with a box of choc chip cookies on his bed when he got home from an early session with Betsy.
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