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#aftg trilogy
crazy-fangirl2524 · 2 days ago
Put your head on my shoulder
Wordlessly, Andrew gently put Neil’s head on his shoulder. “Thank you,” Neil whispers, exhaustion clinging to his every being but Neil will always have enough energy to thank Andrew for every thing he does for him. “Sleep,” and Neil sleeps better than he for the past few nights. The upperclassmen and the rest of the monsters know better than to look at the back of the bus and give them the privacy they need to be vulnerable to each other.
“Neil, oh my god look, are you watching-“ Nicky cuts off abruptly and has to bite back a grin. Neil’s cheek is pillowed on Andrew’s shoulder, though Neil has to slouched slightly to rest his head on Andrew’s shoulder, they do make a adorable sight. Not that Nicky will ever say that out loud. Nicky has enough common sense left to turn his attention back to the movie, turning down its volume and ignoring the glare Andrew is giving him.
“I never really looked at the stars,” Neil says laying his head on Andrew’s shoulder, “we were in the countryside a lot and the sky’s always clear but yet I’ve never really look at them.” Andrew offers after a few moments of comfortable silence, “I read a few books on stars, but I see no point in looking at them. They are just fiery ball of gas in space that had already died.” Neil only hums in disagreement, he is wise enough to not point out that they have driven all the way out of palmetto just to star gaze.
“Tell me what you need Andrew,” Neil says calmly, his voice not betraying an ounce of concern he is feeling right now. Andrew continues to stare blankly at the wall, breathing small quick breaths. Neil has no idea how many minutes have passed before Andrew gestures at him, beckoning him to come closer. Neil sits down on the couch, leaving a few feet between them. “Andrew, You have to tell me what you need.” Neil asks once again, gently. After gods know how long, Andrew croaks out, “Put your head on my shoulder,” without a word, Neil slowly rest his head on Andrew’s tense shoulder. It takes a long while before Neil feels the tension slowly seeping out of andrew and then Andrew’s head slumps against his. Andrew’s breaths have returned to normal and Neil closed his eyes.
“Can I rest my head on your shoulder?” Neil asks, tucking his feet underneath him on the sofa. “Yes.” Andrew relaxes almost immediately, “I wrap an arm around you, yes or no?” Andrew asks. “Yes.” They cannot feel more at home.
+1. Andrew’s eyes are drooping and can feel sleep creeping up on him. “You can put your head in my shoulder,” Neil says. Andrew thinks about it, it is taking every effort of his to keep his eyes open and they still have six hours before they will arrived to palmetto. Andrew rests his head on Neil’s shoulder. It took an hour before Andrew falls asleep and he only slept for two hours, but Andrew has never felt more safe.
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I'm always fluctuating between "their relationship evolves to Neil being like Kevin's brother and Andrew his (unadmittedly) best friend" and "Kandreil should've been endgame and Nora was a coward"
oh, which one do I prefer?
Tumblr media
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allforthe-gays · 2 days ago
kevaaron fluff
before practice aaron and kevin have a very intense stretching routine they do together. it takes them a solid 20 minutes to do every time but they refuse to practice without doing it first bc they dont want to sprain a muscle. neil complains about his legs being sore once and kevin then forces him and andrew to join them too.
pre-kevaaron stretch routines were absolute hell for andrew and neil bc they had to deal with kevin and aaron being flustered when they were watching each other do some of the stretches, or when they had to do the ones where one of them was lying on the ground and the other was pressing their leg into the air for them. andrew had never been happier that he ended his deal with aaron, bc now he could bully kevin into asking his brother out bc jesus christ he didnt want to see that much unresolved sexual tension involving his little brother.
kevin steals his dad's sams clubs card to by big multipacks of sports drinks and bulk buy healthy food. he always drags aaron with him, and theyll get churros in the food court to eat while theyre shopping. aaron complains to kevin that they dont go on enough dates and kevin goes "dude, we literally went to sams club last saturday" and aaron realizes how dumb his very pretty boyfriend is. "andrew i just realized im dating a himbo" "kevin's not a himbo he just forgets he's not straight sometimes"
aaron and kevin use hand warmers for their sore joints after practice, or will keep them in their pockets for when their hands are sore. they have the ones with adhesives to put on the inside of their clothing, and will use those on their legs when they have long classes after practice. matt walks in on kevin putting his arm down the front of aaron's pants to help him put the adhesive in the right place and is scarred for life. he sends kevin a 3 page word document titled "god i wish i were blind: a guide on how to have a healthy sex life when you have roomates who arent into voyeurism"
aaron sprains his ankle when kevin accidentally pushes him off of his bunk bed when they're making out bc he thought there was a wall behind him. kevin decided that it is too risky for him and aaron to kiss during exy season so from now on his relationship with aaron will be completely chaste until summer break. the decision lasted exactly 47 minutes, until aaron came back from his morning class.
sometimes kevin forgets that nicky is related to aaron and will start talking about how pretty he is and be offended when nicky doesn't agree with him "have you seen him stretch to get my cereal off of the top shelf? i want to have so many babies with him. dont you think he's great too?" "no lol" "fuck you, you have awful taste" "im literally his legal gaurdian" "oh, yeah."
aaron loves halloween so he 'forces' kevin to go to pumpkin patches and haunted houses with him. the twins used to work at one of the haunted houses so aaron knows all the hiding places in the building so he makes kevin hide with him to scare the actors and other people going through. they only go once, because an hour in andrew and neil show up and try to take their hiding place because they were gonna try to scare people too. aaron is horrified that his brother had the same date night idea that he had and never takes kevin to that haunted house again.
aaron makes kevin use his interview personality to get them discounts when they go out to eat. kevin and aaron are both broke college students so kevin very berdugingly will go along with aaron's plan. "babe i only have $3 for coffee but i wanted a bagel too~" "im not doing the thing" "come on you love doing it" "no i dont. im not doing it." "ok. guess ill just starve. you dont have to do the thing." "fine." "i just said you dont have to~" "im doing it. stop looking at me like that" "thanks babe i knew you loved me"
aaron is majoring in chemistry and has to take 8 different chem classes before he graduates, so kevin knows way more about chem then he needs to. aaron will take pictures of the cool reactions he gets to do in lab and send them to kevin bc kevin likes the colors. for his history major, kevin has to write a big paper so he writes about famous chemists so he can have aaron help him. aaron isnt really much help though bc theyll read about a discovery one of the chemists made and then go down a science rabbit hole and realize that kevin still doesn't know anything about the chemist.
this post is dedicated to my lovely besties with kevaaron requesties: @/lena.h.w @/kaaaaarts @abundance-ofemilys (@/aftg.bois) @allfourthefoxes @/ukumushu_the_bibliophile
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automated-snorkeling · 29 days ago
Things that I’ve seen in the ✨psych ward✨ that remind me of Aftg characters-
Andrew- He Snitched on someone because the reward for telling was ice cream
Andrew (again)- Someone says “Andrew seems like the type of person to not snitch if someone murdered someone” and He deadpanned and said “I already have” and everyone was scared.
Aaron- Studied a shit ton in school (yes long term places have schools) because he wanted to be the “psych ward valedictorian”
Dan- there was a structure where we have a floor leader that has to be elected and she got to the top in 2 weeks
Allison- she pulled up in a Lambo and had a whole suitcase filled with makeup.
Nicky- tried drawing squidward in a drawing exercise but ran out of time and he got in trouble because it looked like he drew a penis
Nicky (again)- Requested mean girls to be played every night during free time
Neil- He Tried running from the cops after they told him he would have to stay there for 6 months
Kevin- He taught younger kids how to shuffle cards but criticized their shuffling skills until they got it right
Renne- During lights out she gathered the younger girls in her dorm in a circle and just let them vent, then she gave the most motherly advice I’ve ever heard of. 100% the ward mom.
Matt- He Needed to be taught how to fold his clothes by a floor leader.
Seth- He threw a chair at me because I told him his math homework was wrong
I can and will do a part two- just say the word. Cause I have many stories
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kevindayisafrog · 3 months ago
Neil: *getting endless love from the foxes after spending two weeks in the Nest*
Kevin after spending his life in the Nest and getting labeled a dramatic coward by the Foxes:
Tumblr media
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unpredicted-bees · a month ago
You ever think about the reason why Nicky recognized the panic attack so quickly when Neil was first given a phone?
You ever think about how he probably recognized it from his cousins? Cause no matter how cagey Aaron and Andrew are they couldn't quite hide all of the signs. They could avoid talking about it, but no matter how much they tried they couldn't quite hide how Andrew flinched away from all touch in the beginning, no matter how small. Or how Aarons eyes would glace over as soon as anyone yelled, becoming quieter, making himself smaller. Nicky Hemmick knows how trauma looks like in a person.
You ever think about how Nicky saw this kid? Getting a panic attack over the mere idea of having a phone, and wondered just what kind of shit he'd been through to cause that reaction.
You ever think about how from that point onwards Nicky has taken in Neil and considers him family, wanting to give him that one thing, just a single thing that he hopes, gods he hopes, helps. How from that point onwards he makes it his personal quest to ease Neils panic around at least this one thing. Cause it's the only thing he can do.
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unholy-goddess · a month ago
Guys this isn’t an aftg account BUT I can perfectly sum up Andrew and Neil in two quotes from my kids at work
Andrew: “Congratulations, you’re a liar. “
Neil: “My favourite colour is none of your business.”
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bambazzle · 4 months ago
I know that Andrew and Neil never have kids, that they never adopt or foster or anything, but there’s one thing in my head you can’t convince me of.
You can’t tell me that one year, there isn’t a fox that reminds Wymack so much of Neil or Andrew. And it kills him to see this kid struggling, rejecting their role on the team, fighting him at every turn. You can’t tell me that after trying his best, never gaining their trust, Wymack doesn’t decide that they need a mentor and call Neil. And you can’t tell me that Neil wouldn’t try to help. That he wouldn’t see this kid, so terrified and untrusting, and feel it in his soul that this was himself when he joined the Foxes too.
And sure, the kid is in college, and to them it doesn’t need to be said- but they welcome this kid into their home, and let them know that they are always welcome. There’s an open invitation to every holiday, they get mailed a key to the new house whenever they move after the pros. And they come home. For every holiday. Because they feel safe there, maybe Neil and Andrew were the first people who made them feel safe and protected, maybe Andrew and Neil never say ‘I love you’, but this kid knows that this is what love is really like. So maybe, they don’t adopt or have kids, but they change some kid’s life forever. And that kid becomes a part of their family, and sees them as fathers, because they may be dysfunctional and a little abnormal and they are totally weird and complex, but they look out for this kid when no one else does.
Anyway, you can’t tell me otherwise.
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allforthe-gays · 2 months ago
obsessed with neil josten for successfully hiding from the yakuza for years without even knowing they were after him
he really went "it sure is weird how much more powerful my dad is than i remembered. oh well, my mother would never lie to me. this is normal :)"
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oliviasillustrations · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I have aftg brainrot honestly 😪 I debate on re-reading the books everyday.
find me on ig: @/oliviaillustrations
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darlingbudsofrae · a month ago
Remember Chapter 14, TKM— that scene in the hotel when Andrew bursted in, slowly peeling the bandages off Neil's face— his face still devoid of emotions.
Tumblr media
Reading that, all I could think about was that scene where Neil asked Andrew to break his deal with him, having no idea Neil said that because he was going to get kidnapped and die and didn't want him involved because he is the martyr no one asked for, how Neil told him he wanted to go back for him and Andrew repeating pipe dream, pipe dream, pipe dream over and over in his head to ground himself. He tells Neil to not go back to him crying with a broken face, probably expecting him to run away from him now that they weren't bounded by a deal.
But Neil did came back— covered in bandages and gauze, a new set of wounds and scars and a huge nasty burn by his cheek almost nearing his eye, and Andrew plays that memory on the bus on loop as he stares at his rabbit, he probably remembers all those tics he took note of that seemed out of place, how Neil gave him that stupid smile when he considered and gave in, breaking a deal and a promise for the first time in his entire life— and he couldn't stop his mind from playing it over and over as he stares at him because when has his eidetic memory ever been so forgiving?
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