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IDK if you still take alvareider song recs but I’ve been listening to Agape by Bear’s Den on repeat and it’s really hitting me

I still love Alvareider song recs, anon!! And this one is amaaaazing. I’m in love with it. It has such season 3 and beyond feels, all the pain that came along with their deeper intimacy: 

Well even though
Your words hurt the most
I still wanna hear them, every day
You say let it go
But I can’t let it go
I wanna believe, every word that you say
For I’m so scared of losing you
And I don’t know what I can do about it

I’m hoping we see more of the complicated bond they have now in S4 at some point, rather than the show moving on as though that’s all in the past and they’re silly besties or bickering relatives, depending on the scene. (Time will tell.)

Either way though, I put this on my Alvareider mix immediately and I’m gonna have it on repeat too for a while, I suspect. It has great lyrics I can borrow for the episodic fic I’m working on. Thank you for sending me it!!

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Pulpit Commentary on Galatians 5:22
…True Christian love has its root in “a pure heart, a good conscience, and genuine faith.” The soul cannot be free for the activity of genuine love, towards fellow-believers and towards fellow-creatures in general, as long as it is restrained in its emotions toward the supreme common Father of all; the inward vice of mind, whatever it may be, which darkens the spirit towards heaven must inevitably cramp and benumb benevolent action universally. In truth,聽[Christian love] means a loving temper of mind which, like the love which God bears towards us, is in a degree irrespective of merit, welling forth聽towards all being, so far as circumstances permit; though with greatest intensity towards God and those in whom it can recognize the image of God. Hence Saint John is able to reason as he does in聽1 John 4:20, “He that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, cannot love God whom he hath not seen.”
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The past few days Ive been spending time talking with a friend who just recently lost someone very dear to him. It’s so easy to say, I’ve been there, because I have. I know what it’s like to lose people you love. More importantly, I know what it’s like to lose myself. Theoretically that is. Lord knows I’ve been lost more than I’d like to count. Why do you think we do that?


Love, you’re saying to yourself. That’s her answer. Yes, love is my answer. Do you love yourself? Do you think you’re truly capable of loving others the right way. Yes, there is a right way to love someone. There’s all kinds of love. Bet you didn’t know that.

Let’s look at the different types of love.

1. Mania - this one is easy. Mania isn’t necessarily a good type of love. It’s obsessive. This can lead to anger, jealously and sometimes madness. Just don’t go there.

2. Ludus - this is known as ‘playful love.’ A better way to describe it is the feeling of infatuation in the early days of a romance. If you’ve ever been in love before, you know what I’m talking about.

3. Pragma - the ancient Greeks define pragma as a ‘enduring love;’ Pragma love is the type of love that has maturity and took a long time to develop between two people.

4. Storge - this can simply be defined at ‘familiar love.’ It’s a strange term, I know. This type of love looks and feels a lot like another type of love I’ll get to in a moment. However, this type of love is the type of parent-child love. This is just a strong bond between two people.

5. Philautia - this is self-love. In this day and age, most people would consider this to be narcissistic, stuck on yourself, selfish. This is not what the Greeks meant, but it is necessary to be able to love yourself before you can love others. Self-love is not negative or unhealthy. It is necessary to be able to give and receive love. We cannot give love when we don’t feel it. If we don’t truly love ourselves, how can we truly love others?

6.Philia - The Greeks defined this type of love as “affectionate love.” This is the kind of love you feel for you friends. Oddly enough, the Greeks thought that this kind of love was better than Eros (sexual love), because it represented love between people who consider themselves equal.

Plato always argued that physical attraction wasn’t necessary for love and I 100% agree with that. That’s why there are different types of love.

7. Eros - this is romantic love. This type of love is named after the Greek God of love and fertility. It is usually associated with romantic, passionate and physical love. It’s an expression of sexual passion and desire.

The Greeks were actually very fearful of this type of love. They thought this love was so powerful and it would result in a loss of control. Some people today believe this is the type of love that ‘burns hot and bright, but it burns out fast.’ That’s why its considered dangerous, imo.

8. Agape - This is my favorite type of love. This is an altruistic, selfless, unconditional love. The Greeks believed this type rarely happened because so few people are capable of feeling it long term. 

Some of us consider this a spiritual love. I believe Jesus exhibited this kind of love for ALL HUMANS! Jesus was selfless and sacrificed Himself so that others could be rid of their sin.

Now that I’ve given you these definitions, I will tell you it took me a while to love myself. I do love myself and I’m capable of loving others. I love my kids. I love my parents. I love my friends. I don’t have anyone to have a romantic love with at the moment, but that’s okay. It’s just not my time. And who knows, maybe I already know this person. Only God knows who He has in mind for me. I’ll just be patiently waiting right here being my fabulous self! *wink, wink* Do I have agape love? If you want my opinion, yes, I feel like I have agape love to share with others. It depends on how much I trust you, to be honest.

Going back to my friend, we’ve been friends for almost five years now. We met through mutual friends. I’ll admit when I’m struggling. Even though I have my own struggles, I reached out to him, because God told me to. One of the things I told him the last time we talked was that it’s okay to struggle with things, even with grief. I told him I loved him, because I do. That’s that Philia love right there! *wink, wink* I think it’s important for us to hold one another up through hard times. Grief, depression, anxiety, whatever it may be. We are all broken people, we can be broken together. It’s the FAITH AND LOVE, that will get us through.

To all my brothers and sisters, I LOVE YOU AND I’M HERE FOR YOU!

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 Welcome again to the study of 1 John, before starting the study I would like you to turn to God in prayer asking to be attentive to his word, to prepare your heart to receive his word that when reading this blog you will be confronted, that you can understand what does God want from you today and that you are ready to obey the will of God, that you can once again enjoy the glory of the gospel and be thankful that God continues to have mercy with you and me, also pray for me, pray that I write wise words, pray for me to write the words of God and not my opinion.

‘Whoever says he is in the light and hates his brother is still in darkness. Whoever loves his brother abides in the light, and in him there is no cause for stumbling. But whoever hates his brother is in the darkness and walks in the darkness, and does not know where he is going, because the darkness has blinded his eyes. ’ (1 John 2: 9-11 ESV)

In the previous blog we covered a bit of verse 9, but this time we are going to focus on it, again John uses the word “light” as in the previous verses of chapter 1 and the verses of the previous blog, we already know that light is doing the will of God, praising and obeying Him, that darkness is the opposite, not following his ways, showing rebellion before God and putting our hope in what is not convenient; In the previous verses he spoke of a new commandment that at the same time is old that we heard from the beginning, in the following verses he makes it clear that this commandment is to love our brothers if we do not love our brothers we are in darkness, but why is it so important to love our brothers? Is not loving them so serious that it means that we are in darkness? Do we stumble in not loving our brothers? How serious can it get? How do we know it is so important?

Before answering these questions I would like to say a few things. My brother is a very interesting person, he studies to many topics (seriously, tons) most of the things that I know are because my brother tells me, but the one that concern me mentioning today is this, my brother has told me many times that it is very difficult to define some things, among them, love, this is difficult to define in front of the world because the world is subjective (nowadays), any definition of love that you can give to any person will not fit their definition of love.

To continue with the blog I will tell you the story of a couple of brothers; (Genesis 4) the eldest was called Cain, he was a worker of the ground, his brother’s name was Abel, he was a shepherd. On an occasion both brought an offering to God, Abel brought fat and firstborn sheep, and Cain brought the fruit of his land; God welcomed Abel’s offering but not Cain’s, the Bible says that Cain was angry to the degree that it was visible on his face and God warns Cain about the desire to sin that haunted him:

If you do well, will you not be exalted? and if you do not do well, sin is at the door; With all this, it will be his desire, and you will rule over him. (Genesis 4:7 ESV)

But sadly Cain falls into sin, invites his brother to go out into the field, and kills Abel.

'Whoever says he is in the light and hates his brother is still in darkness. Whoever loves his brother abides in the light, and in him there is no cause for stumbling. ’(1 John 2: 9-10 ESV)

Saying that we are in the light means that we are already children of God who are part of the vine, that we already bear fruit, the fruit of LOVE, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, etc. (Galatians 5: 22-23) If we say that we walk in the light we must produce the fruit of (with) love.

Anyone reading the verses in 1 John might say, “I do not HATE my brother,” but you can come to love him less and this lack of love leaves us vulnerable to sin, hatred, anger leaves us susceptible to sin against them, but most importantly against God, in the case of Cain, he killed Abel, Cain lacked love, he nowhere in the Bible regrets having killed his brother, in fact, God asks Cain “Where is your brother?” Because He knew what he had done and Cain instead of repenting, he simply answered to God “Am I my brother’s guardian?” and then God said to him “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to me from the earth” but those words did not resonate in Cain’s ears, not even on his heart, instead the ones that did concern him were the following ones.

'And now you are cursed from the ground, which has opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand. When you work the ground, it shall no longer yield to you its strength. You shall be a fugitive and a wanderer on the earth.’ (Genesis 4: 11-12 ESV)

(Parenthesis) Cain did not feel pain for having killed his brother, he did not regret having sinned against God, however, what hurt Cain was the punishment for having sinned; Cain and anyone who does not walk in the light will never feel pain for having sinned against God because they love when he sins, they canot find any sinfulness on what they do,  because he does not believe to sin against God when they do what they do, they can lie, they can love someone less, they can dishonor his parents but they do not feel bad because he is doing evil in the eyes of God but because they would be exposed to the wrath of God and they have every reason to fear God’s judgment because it is terrible, but to be in the light is to remain in God’s ways and hate our own, seek to glorify God and make his Will, walking in the light does not mean trying to save yourself from punishment, because you are certainly going to stumble, you are going to discover that in reality, you were in darkness and when you realize that it will be too late.    

'Whoever loves his brother abides in the light, and in him there is no cause for stumbling. ’ (1 John 2:10 ESV)

Cain was not in the light, he hated his brother and there was a stumbling block in him, those who do not walk in the light and do not love or love their brothers less stumble, just like Cain, but to avoid stumbling you need what he mentions a little earlier, “To remain” to remain means to stay, it means that you have to continue walking as Christ walked, loving unconditionally and not ceasing to love, to show love, not to hide your love for others, to serve those you love (Mark 10:21, John 15:13, John 13: 1-20, John 11: 5) If you do not love your brothers even with Jesus as an example to follow, you are faced with a serious contradiction.

'If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen. ’(1 John 4:20 ESV)

How can you proclaim that you love God if you don’t love the one next to you? How can you love less? Do you feel uncomfortable loving your brothers less? Do you seek to do the will of God in what you do?

'But whoever hates his brother is in the darkness and walks in the darkness, and does not know where he is going, because the darkness has blinded his eyes.’ (1 John 2:11 ESV)

Do you know where are you going? if you are in darkness you will be running in the dark without a path because in reality you have not yet been led to the correct path, you have not yet been renewed, you still do not belong to Christ, if you cannot see where you are going, fear because you have probably been running tirelessly for not being punished by the wrath of God and you have not received his grace.

The greatest sign of love was demonstrated on the cross of Calvary, Jesus gave himself as a sacrifice for many, he gave himself, he sweated blood for those whom he loved, he cleaned the feet of the one who was going to betray him, He loved those who denied him; when people screamed and mocked him while he was on the verge of death he begged to the father for their forgiveness, I don’t know what are you thinking but this is the greatest show of unconditional love I’ve ever seen and experienced in my life, a love capable of sacrificing himself, of supporting the mockery even of those who love him, who is capable of continuing to love even if they betray him and even despise him, that is the best definition of love that you are going to find in your life.

If you have experienced this love you must be a reflection of it, you cannot look and see that Christ gave his life for you and dare you to love your brothers less, that is simply impossible, seek to love your brothers, seek forgiveness of God once again for loving your brothers less and seek again to glorify God; if you find yourself in darkness, if it turns out that you have done everything possible not to deserve God’s punishment and realized that you are running to the wrong side if you realized that you are simply not moving or that you have already stumbled and you are stil on the ground, you are on time, it is time for you to repent and seek God’s forgiveness for your life, not for fear of God’s punishment, but for belittling his sacrifice, because you want to be a partaker of this love, because you want to glorify his name, because you do not want to continue in darkness, because he is irresistible to you, seek forgiveness from God, he is slow to anger and great in mercy, seek to love your brothers more, you cannot run the good race alone, we need our brothers to be polished, to obey God and to continue growing, communion with saints is important and reflecting God’s love is essential

'If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. If I give away all I have, and if I deliver up my body to be burned, but have not love, I gain nothing. ’(1 Corinthians 13: 1-3)


Thanks for reading, I hope it has been a blessing for your life, pray in response to what God has told you today, praise his name because he is merciful and is a God of love, again pray for me because I will continue working to love Increasingly my brothers and my family, there are people who are difficult to love but we have to persevere. The question box is still open in case you have any questions you can ask, I do not have all the answers but I will investigate what you need, you can also use that space if you need me to pray for you for any reason

Now that we are free in quarantine I will take the opportunity to write for the blog on Wednesdays, the blog will continue on Saturday after the quarantine, God bless you, I will see you on Wednesday.

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Bienvenido nuevamente al estudio de 1 juan, antes de iniciar con el estudio quisiera que nuevamente se dirijan a Dios en oración pidiendo por estar atentos a su palabra, que prepare tu corazón para recibir su palabra que al leer este blog seas confrontado, que puedan entender qué es lo que Dios quiere de ti en este día y que estés listo para obedecer la voluntad de Dios, que nuevamente puedas gozarte en la gloria del evangelio y agradece porque Dios sigue teniendo misericordia contigo y conmigo, también ora por mí, ora porque escriba palabras sabias, que no sea mi opinión la que se plasme aquí sino las palabras de Dios.


El que dice que está en la luz, y aborrece a su hermano, está todavía en tinieblas. El que ama a su hermano, permanece en la luz, y en él no hay tropiezo. Pero el que aborrece a su hermano está en tinieblas, y anda en tinieblas, y no sabe a dónde va, porque las tinieblas le han cegado los ojos. (1 Juan 2:9-11)

En el blog anterior abarcamos un poco del versículo 9, pero esta vez vamos a centrarnos en él, nuevamente Juan usa la palabra “luz” como en los versículos previos del capítulo 1 y en los versículos del blog anterior, ya sabemos que la luz es hacer la voluntad de Dios, alabarle y obedecerle, que las tinieblas son todo lo contrario, no seguir sus caminos, demostrar rebeldía ante Dios y poner nuestra esperanza en lo que no conviene; en los versículos anteriores hablaba de un mandamiento nuevo que al mismo tiempo es antiguo que oímos desde el principio, en los siguientes versículos deja en claro que este mandamiento es amar a nuestros hermanos, si no amamos a nuestros hermanos estamos en tinieblas, pero ¿Por qué es tan importante amar a nuestros hermanos? ¿Es tan grave el no amarlos que significa que estamos en tinieblas? ¿Acaso tropezamos al no amar a nuestros hermanos? ¿Qué tan grave puede llegar a ser? ¿Cómo sabemos que es tan importante?

Antes de responder estas preguntas quisiera decir unas cuantas cosas. Mi hermano es una persona muy interesante, estudia sobre muchos temas (en serio, demasiados) muchas de las cosas que sé son porque mi hermano me las dice, pero una de las que concierne mencionar el día de hoy es esta, mi hermano me ha dicho muchas veces que es muy difícil definir algunas cosas, entre ellas el amor, esta es dificil de definir ante el mundo porque el mundo es subjetivo, cualquier definición de amor que puedas darle a cualquier persona no encajara en su propia definición del amor

Para seguir con el blog les contaré la historia de un par de hermanos.

La historia trata de dos hermanos (Génesis 4) el mayor se llamaba Caín, era labrador de la tierra (agricultor) el nombre de su hermano era Abel, él era pastor de ovejas. En una ocasión ambos llevaron una ofrenda a Dios, Abel llevó una oveja gorda y primogénita y Caín llevó el fruto de su tierra; Dios aceptó con agrado la ofrenda de Abel pero no la de Caín y dice la biblia que Caín se enojó al grado de que era visible en su cara y Dios le advierte a Caín respecto al deseo de pecar que le acechaba:

Si bien hicieres, ¿no serás enaltecido? y si no hicieres bien, el pecado está a la puerta; con todo esto, a ti será su deseo, y tú te enseñorearás de él. (Génesis 4:7)

Pero lamentablemente Caín cae en pecado, invita a su hermano a salir al campo y mata a su hermano.

El que dice que está en la luz, y aborrece a su hermano, está todavía en tinieblas. El que ama a su hermano, permanece en la luz, y en él no hay tropiezo.  (1 Juan 2:9-10)

Decir que estamos en luz significa que ya somos hijos de Dios que somos parte de la vid, que ya damos fruto, fruto de AMOR, gozo, paz, paciencia, benignidad, bondad, etc. (Gálatas 5:22-23) Si decimos que andamos en la luz debemos producir fruto de amor.

Cualquiera que lea los versículos de 1 Juan podría decir, “Yo no ODIO a mi hermano”, pero lo puedes llegar a amar menos y esta falta de amor nos deja vulnerables a pecar, el odio, la ira nos deja susceptibles a pecar en contra de ellos, en el caso de Caín lo llevó a matar a Abel, Caín carecía de amor, él en ninguna parte de la biblia se arrepiente de haber matado a su hermano, de hecho Dios le pregunta a Caín “¿Dónde está tu hermano?”, porque Él conocía lo que había hecho y Caín en lugar de arrepentirse de lo que había hecho simplemente le responde a Dios “¿Soy yo acaso guarda de mi hermano?” y luego Dios le dijo “¿Qué has hecho? La voz de la sangre de tu hermano clama a mi desde la tierra” pero esas palabras no resonaron en los oídos de Caín, en cambio las que sí le preocuparon fueron las siguientes.

Ahora, pues, maldito seas tú de la tierra, que abrió su boca para recibir de tu mano la sangre de tu hermano. Cuando labres la tierra, no te volverá a dar su fuerza; errante y extranjero serás en la tierra. (Génesis 4:11-12)

(Paréntesis) Caín no sentía dolor por haber matado a su hermano no se arrepintió por haber pecado contra Dios, sin embargo lo que realmente le dolió era el castigo por haber pecado, tanto Caín como cualquiera que no anda en luz nunca sentirá dolor por haber pecado contra Dios, porque realmente ama cuando peca, porque no cree pecar contra Dios cuando hace lo que hace, puede mentir, puede amar menos  alguien, puede deshonrar a sus padres pero no se siente mal porque está haciendo lo malo ante los ojos de Dios, sino porque estarían expuestos a la ira de Dios y tienen todos los motivos para temer al juicio de Dios, porque es terrible, pero estar en la luz es permanecer en los caminos de Dios y aborrecer los nuestros, buscar glorifica a Dios y hacer su voluntad, andar en luz no significa tratar de salvarte del castigo, porque ciertamente vas a tropezar, vas a descubrir que en realidad tú estabas en tinieblas y cuando te des cuenta de eso será demasiado tarde.

El que ama a su hermano, permanece en la luz, y en él no hay tropiezo. (1Juan 2:10)

Caín no estaba en la luz porque odiaba a su hermano y en él hubo tropiezo, los que no andan en luz y no aman o aman menos  sus hermanos tropiezan, justo como Caín, pero para no tropezar es necesario lo que menciona un poco antes, “Permanecer” permanecer significa quedarse, quiere decir que tienes que continuar andando como Cristo anduvo, amando sin condiciones y no dejando de amar, de demostrar amor, no esconder tu amor por los demás, servir a los que amas (Marcos 10:21, Juan 15:13, Juan 13:1-20, Juan 11:5) si no amas a tus hermanos incluso con Jesús como ejemplo a seguir, te encuentras ante una grave contradicción.

Si alguno dice: Yo amo a Dios, y aborrece a su hermano, es mentiroso. Pues el que no ama a su hermano a quien ha visto, ¿cómo puede amar a Dios a quien no ha visto? (1 Juan 4:20)

¿Cómo puedes proclamar que amas a Dios si no amas al que está al lado de ti? ¿Cómo puedes amar menos? ¿Te incomoda el amar menos a tus hermanos? ¿Buscas hacer la voluntad de Dios en lo que haces?

Pero el que aborrece a su hermano está en tinieblas, y anda en tinieblas, y no sabe a dónde va, porque las tinieblas le han cegado los ojos. (1 Juan 2:11)

¿Sabes lo que haces? Mira bien, si estas en tinieblas vas a estar corriendo en la oscuridad sin camino porque en realidad aún no has sido llevado a la senda correcta, aún no has sido renovado, aun no le perteneces a Cristo, si no puedes ver a dónde vas teme porque probablemente has estado corriendo incansablemente por no ser castigado por la ira de Dios y no has recibido su gracia.

La mayor y más grande muestra de amor fue demostrada en la cruz del calvario, Jesús se dio a sí mismo en sacrificio por muchos, se entregó a sí mismo, sudó sangre por aquellos a quien amaba, limpió los pies del que iba a entregar, amó a quienes le entregaron, cuando la gente gritaba y se mofaba de él mientras él se encontraba al borde de la muerte el clamó al padre por perdón de ellos, no sé ustedes pero definitivamente, esta es la muestra de amor incondicional más grande que he visto y experimentado en mi vida, un amor capaz de sacrificarse a si mismo, de soportar la burla incluso del que le ama, que sea capaz de seguir amando aunque le traicionen y aunque lo desprecien, esa es la mejor definición de amor que vas a encontrar en tu vida.

Si tú has experimentado este amor debes de ser un reflejo de ello, no puedes mirar y ver que Cristo dio su vida por ti y atreverte a amar menos a tus hermanos, eso es simplemente imposible, busca amar a tus hermanos, busca el perdón de Dios una vez más por amar menos a tus hermanos y busca nuevamente glorificar a Dios; si te encuentras en tinieblas, si resulta que has hecho todo lo posible para no merecer el castigo de Dios y te diste cuenta de que estas corriendo hacia el lado equivocado si te diste cuenta de que simplemente no estás moviéndote o que ya tropezaste y sigues en el suelo aún estás a tiempo, es tiempo de que te arrepientas y busques el perdón de Dios para tu vida, no por temor al castigo de Dios, sino por menospreciar su sacrificio, porque quieres ser partícipe de este amor, porque quieres glorificar su nombre, porque no quieres seguir en tinieblas, porque él es irresistible para ti, busca el perdón de Dios, él es lento para la ira y grande en misericordia, busca amar más a tus hermanos, no puedes correr la buena carrera solo, necesitan a sus hermanos para ser pulidos, para obedecer a Dios y para seguir creciendo, la comunión con los santos es importante y reflejar el amor de Dios es esencial

Si yo hablase lenguas humanas y angélicas, y no tengo amor, vengo a ser como metal que resuena, o címbalo que retiñe. Y si tuviese profecía, y entendiese todos los misterios y toda ciencia, y si tuviese toda la fe, de tal manera que trasladase los montes, y no tengo amor, nada soy. Y si repartiese todos mis bienes para dar de comer a los pobres, y si entregase mi cuerpo para ser quemado, y no tengo amor, de nada me sirve. (1Corintios 13:1-3)


Gracias por leer, espero que haya sido de bendición para tu vida, ora en respuesta a lo que Dios te haya dicho hoy, alaba su nombre porque el es misericordioso y es un Dios de amor, nuevamente ora por mi porque yo seguiré trabajando en amar cada vez mas a mis hermanos y a mi familia, hay personas difíciles de amar pero tenemos que perseverar. El espacio de preguntas sigue abierto por si tienen alguna duda pueden preguntar, no tengo todas las respuestas pero indagaré en lo que necesiten, también pueden usar ese espacio si necesitan que ore por ustedes por cualquier motivo

Ahora que estamos libres en cuarentena aprovecharé para escribir para el blog igual los miércoles, el blog continuará en sábado después del tiempo de cuarentena, Dios les bendiga, los veré el Miércoles.

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12:51 AM EDT March 21, 2020:

Lantlôs - “Bliss"
From the album Agape
(October 28, 2011)

Last song scrobbled from iTunes at

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When I see you, the “Agape” instrumental plays in my head. I love you more than unconditionally. I loved you yesterday but somehow I love you even more today. When you hurt, my body aches. I’ve cried for you more than I’ve cried for myself. I am yours completely. I don’t see anyone else but you. You bring my life together even if everyone else sees it as falling apart. This love is one I pray everyone experiences. But most importantly, I pray it’s one no one loses.


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Michelle Francl-Donnay (Not By Bread Alone 2020: Daily Reflections for Lent, March 2nd)
I note, too, that Christ puts no limits on who we should be serving. We are not asked to visit those imprisoned unjustly, but anyone imprisoned; to feed only those who are hungry by no fault of their own, but anyone who hungers; to welcome just those who have their papers in order, but any stranger in our land. We are asked to love without limits, so we might grasp that God’s love for us is limitless.
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