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demons & daimones + lucifer in horror
• the cleansing hour - lucifer • hereditary / paimon • the last exorcism / abalam • hell house llc / abaddon • the exorcist / pazuzu • the nun / valek • the crucifixion / agares • drag me to hell / laima • marianne / beleth • the possession / abyzou
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amonsstuff · a month ago
"Make an effort if you desire something, there's no easy road to taking it easy"
- Agares 2022
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Fellow humans lemme give you sa same advice Agares tried to imply.
The people who you view as smart, talented, and some other bullshit, did not take everything for granted, no one can be smart or talented if they didn't worked hard for it, if we ever view and label others as a teacher's pet, it means teachers admired how hard they worked, for being an over achiever, it means they worked hard to get this far in life and we should take that as an inspiration to better ourselves.
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jpechacek · 7 days ago
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Agares // Belial // Paimon // Stolas
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immortal-tale · 3 months ago
To forget chapter 516 ever happened, I shall wash my eyes with jokes 🤡🤣
And then I remembered Metatron and Agares dying together to make the Ark...WHY IS LIFE LIKE THIS!?
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(Also, looks like Kim Dokja knows how many Yu Junghyeoks like him 😏🤣)
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Happy Valentine's Day from your favourite traumatized OCs
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eirikrjs · 3 months ago
Is there any demon that has never been 3D modeled that you'd like to see in a recent game in the franchise? Morrigan and Israfel are on the top of my list.
The following are brought to you by the Don't Mention Rune Odin Challenge:
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Behold... my demons... 😭
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narutosidebitch · 10 months ago
Look at Agares protecting the kids
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abybweisse · 20 days ago
This is just a thought, but remember Mr Phelps from the mansion murders arc (the one killed by the snake)? He was the owner of the Blue Star Line company, the one that created the Campania. Do you think Phelps was an Aurora Society Member, or did the society just purchase the company and commandeer the boat?
Mr. Phelps' role
He wasn't the owner of Blue Star Line but a board member. Please see this post from December 2017 (which has links to three older posts) and this post from October 2018.
I used to think our earl and Sebastian accidentally caused harm to real Ciel's and Undertaker's efforts, but I actually have a new theory:
At the end of the circus arc, Sebastian has Baldo cart the bodies of Jumbo, Beast, Dagger, Wendy, and Peter to the back gate, where Undertaker will presumably pick them up for disposal. The murders arc happens as a direct result of the queen not being pleased with our earl's report about the circus assignment. Phelps is an unintended casualty, but since he died at the manor, his body was probably also set aside for Undertaker to collect.
It's possible that one of two things happened:
Either Undertaker turns Phelps into a bizarre doll about as reliable as Agares (given the time period) and sends him back to the Blue Star Line in order for Undertaker to gain some control over the shipping company.
Or Undertaker doesn't reanimate Phelps (technique might not be strong enough yet), but he sees the empty seat in the board of directors as an opportunity to infiltrate the board himself and gain some control over it. He would then show up to the board meetings looking a lot like his image as the Weston headmaster.
Anyway, Patrick Phelps was on the board and in the trading division. His death, if Blue Star Line suffered from the loss, would have been a boon to Lau's shipping business.
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My little meow meows
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I do be liking centuar like creature huh
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kei-stellar · a year ago
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I kinda ship Lied and Jazz together
And I made Agares very pretty and I liked it
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ror-art · 2 months ago
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i just think agares deserves to be a bear i think he gets to be hairy and fat and hot <333
[ID: Digital fanart of Agares from Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint. He’s a fat, hairy man with shoulder length curly dark brown hair and lighter brown eyes. He’s smirking with pointed fangs. He’s wearing a brown fedora with two holes (for his horns) and a plaid yellow shirt and tan cargo shorts. He has his shirt half buttoned with lots of hsi curly chest hair showing. The first image is his “human” form and the second image is the same but with 2 pairs of wings and a pair of horns. /end ID]
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greenbeansartgallery · 3 months ago
The Black Demon of Arca demonstrates his power.
What a menace /j
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aomitois · 6 months ago
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agares unleashing their full power
(context under the cut, ch 404 spoiler)
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narutosidebitch · 11 months ago
Just agares being blindingly beautiful
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Agares (2)
Tumblr media
“The second spirit is a duke called Agares, or Agares. He is under the power of the east, and cometh up in the form of an old fair man, riding upon a crocodile, carrying a Goshawk upon his fist, and yet mild in appearance. He maketh them to run that stand still and bringith back run-aways. He teaches all languages or tongues presently. He hath power also to distroy Dignities both spiritual and temporal, and causeth earthquakes. He was of the order od Virtues. He hath under his government 31 legions of spirits. And this is his seal or character which thou shalt wear as a lamen before thee.” - The Goetia
Rank: Duke
Dates: March 31st - April 10th
Element: Earth
Planet: Venus
Metal: Copper
Colours: Green
Tarot: 3 of wands
Plant: Carnation
Incense: Sandalwood, myrph
Zodiac: Aries
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abybweisse · a month ago
hiya! loooove ur acc, I find myself regularly going on several hours long reading sessions into all ur old posts XD
I just wanted to ask about when you said this:
Tumblr media
do you think this could have anything to do with why the r!ciel and the other dolls need to "drink" blood? and why they seem saner/actually conscious compared to the ones on the campania?
like maybe there's trace amounts of a humans soul in their blood? and so since the campania dolls didn't get blood transfusions (I'm assuming) from UT, they went out trying to gain what they don't have.
but if there are parts of souls in human blood, then that mindless need to find a soul can be subsided bc the more advanced dolls actually HAVE bits of souls in them? but it runs out eventually which is why they need to keep having more transfusions from living people. (maybe the blood isn't going bad or anything, there's just no soul left in it)
my personal idea/hc for the kuro universe is that a soul is like a kind of energy source for consciousness, and the cinematic record is powered by it. UT can edit the record, but he can't get it up and running again, and making new memories without something to power it.
so a human is like a computer, a soul is like the electricity in it, the brain is the hardware (UT can't bring someone back if the brain is destroyed), and the cinematic record is the software if that makes sense?
love to hear your thoughts! 💖💖
Oooh, thank you, but I hope you are getting enough sleep!
How bizarre dolls work
You make some good points, but there's one thing missing up there: the bizarre dolls that are the link between the mindless ones on the Campania and these highly advanced ones he calls "lords of the stars". Agares, Derrick, and his pals are the first bizarre dolls we meet who are capable of speech. The students weren't particularly good vessels for this technique, since they didn't seem to have many "episodes", but Agares was better. Before he resorts back to the mindless, speechless, biting variety, he knows something is wrong and that he isn't going to hold onto his mind much longer.
They were not receiving blood transfusions, so no injection of "trace amounts" of soul, as you say. And yet they were talking, and Agares could actually think for himself a little bit; Agares might have even been creating new memories to store on his cinematic records. Don't know that I can say the same for Derrick or the others, though.
Anyway, somewhat advanced bizarre dolls (like Agares) can go just fine on "episodes" alone, and Undertaker says real Ciel is "chock full" of such episodes. What's weird is how the most advanced bizarre dolls wear out (and can even collapse) when their blood levels go down or run out of nutrients. The less advanced bizarre dolls moved around without fresh blood... and sometimes big chunks missing. So, what makes these most advanced ones so reliant on the blood? Is it like an addiction?! Layla biting people because her cravings are so strong kind of suggests so.
Truth is, we don't know much about all the different techniques Undertaker is using now, on top of altering cinematic records and transfusing blood. There could be meds/drugs involved, since there was previous talk about a group doing drug development. Didn't Stoker say that's what the Osiris group was, a drug development organization?
So, the soul or "trace amounts" of soul aren't needed to keep the cinematic records going. It isn't even needed to make bizarre dolls talk and create new memories.
I'm not entirely sure blood has "trace amounts of soul" in it, despite what I said in the screenshot you captured. More like: what if the demon sucked up the blood seeping through and that drew the soul out, turned the blood into a conduit for the soul? Does that make any sense?
Idk. Perhaps the blood "naturally" has something in it that makes bizarre dolls feel like they are getting something soul-like out of it. Even Sebastian has been seen licking his own blood (circus arc), and s2's Claude reacts rather oddly to tasting the blood that splashes onto his face. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Whatever that something is, it definitely doesn't last. Perhaps if Undertaker could get their kidneys working again.... Maybe blood and soul interact within the body, and blood collected for transfusion doesn't take away from the donor's soul in any way, so not even trace amounts being removed, but that blood has some residue of another kind or some special quality, simply from having recently been in contact with a living soul. Again 🤷🏻‍♀️. There sure is the phrase, though: "heart and soul".
But the soul definitely has the essence of someone's true personality. They can be conscious without it, but they have no real conscience. Without that essence, their driving force (provided by episodes) is two-dimensional or superficial. They need souls for their full depth of character.
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