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#agatha all along
bluerose0fart · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So, I finally get my hands on it after watching "Wandavision"
This is "House of M" of bnha-world, lol😅
Special gift for @tunafishprincess
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smokeywhalee · 20 hours ago
I’m sorry for this but...
Tumblr media
Don’t get me wrong, I have no means for dog slander and defending the bad guy from John Wick who killed his dog but I’m kinda pissed with how ppl often go from love to hate a villain after they revealed that they killed a dog.
Say whatever you want to me, I’m just stating my opinion here
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megthomas24601 · a day ago
If WandaVision had come out three years ago, I definitely would have made a fast food slashers blog for Agatha.
Hell maybe I still will.
Anyway follow @laurieathardees
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satxnsupreme · a day ago
Tainted love: Dark!Wanda Maximoff x fem!reader/Agatha Harkness x fem!reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Alright so this starts as a Dark!Wanda Maximoff x reader and then it turns to be Agatha Harkness x reader (I really like the idea of Agatha helping and saving reader)
Summary: You´re living an unhappy marriage with Wanda and you neighbour Agnes decides to help you to get away from the person who makes you suffer.
Warnings: Toxic relationship, angst, Wanda maintains you captive inside Westview, mentions of kidnapping, Wanda manipulates and alters reader´s memory, gaslighting, mentions of blood.
Word count: 12.1k Grab a snack because once again I wrote a lot 
Author´s note: Hello again! So I´m sorry I haven’t posted anything in five days and I´m sorry I didn’t post chapter five of Alluring delusion, I really wanted to finish this because it had been in my drafts for more than 3 days also my classes started and teachers keep sending more homework than before, anyway.
If you want to feel sad while reading this you can listen to the cover song by Hannah Peel tainted love, BUT if you want to feel as a fighter you will prefer to listen to the cover song Tainted love by Holy wars, BUT I recommend you and if you want to of course, you can start listening to Tainted love by Hannah Peel and when you´re halfway the lecture I recommend you to change the song to the Holy wars cover, both covers are great! But one sounds more badass than the other, this is the case of the cover by Holy Wars.
I hope all of you enjoy this!🥺💕💕
Based on the cover song Tainted love by Holy Wars and Hannah Peel´s cover of the same song
Agatha Harkness Taglist: @agathaharkness-simp @sarahp-stan @paulawand @mochamoff @midnight-lestrange @celasteria @escapetodreamworld @booklovinbi @sxfwap @eddieboi23 @scruffyumbreon @upsidedowndanvers@the-scarlet-witch-22 @notsosecretlyalesbian @manonmg @philippaharkness @screamsin-gay @sapphiclyartistically @agentbrownierso​ @wandas-whore​ @luvsunx @idekwtiltf @razorscooteer @powerfulmagicalgirl  @farahs-faeling @ymzki-haruki @emril-osvigne @hayhaythegaygay @shinkomiii​ 
Wanda Maximoff Tag list: @kaykitty292 @manonmg @philippaharkness​  @sapphiclyartistically​ @wandas-whore​ @madamevirgo​ @idekwtiltf​ @ambria @farahs-faeling @ymzki-haruki​  @agathaharkness-simp​  @cristin-rjd​ @hayhaythegaygay
All marvel women Tag list: @marrymemcgrath​ @indigo-nextdoor @sapphiclyartistically​  @wandas-whore​ @idekwtiltf​ @ambria @farahs-faeling @ymzki-haruki @hayhaythegaygay
(Also I'm sorry, I don´t know why I can´t tag some of you, but I´ll fix it 🥺💕💕)
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 Sometimes I feel I've got to
“Printsessa you don´t have to worry about anything! You´re fine here with me, what´s outside doesn´t matter to us, there´s nothing important outside here!” You remembered Wanda hissing at you all of those words, but you didn´t understand why it felt like a dream, as if it wasn´t real, you were sure she had yelled at you the day before today but, then why it felt as if you had dreamt about it, the memory was a little blurry but you could remember her frustrated face, was it real? If it was, why were you discussing about? You couldn’t tell.
You couldn’t remember what had happened yesterday, had you gone out for some groceries? Had you gone to Dottie´s place? Why you couldn’t remember?
You sat up in your bed, and more questions came to your mind, at what time had you gone to sleep yesterday? Why you couldn’t remember simple things like that? You started to feel frustrated and tried to focus on your mind, what was all of these images of Wanda and you discussing?
“Why do you want to go outside so bad? Here you have everything you need, I´m giving you everything you want, I don´t understand why you want to leave, it doesn’t make sense to me!” Was this a memory? Have you dreamt about it? Wanda would never yell at you right? She wouldn’t never yell at you; she had told you that many times, you repeated yourself in your mind.
“Printsessa? Are you alright?” You heard Wanda asking beside you, you felt her hand passing around your waist
“I don´t know” You said while closing your eyes.
“Are you having nightmares again, my love?” You frowned
“Nightmares?” You asked with a confused look on your face
“Yes, don´t you remember? You´ve been having nightmares for the past days, you always wake up in the middle of the night, and I have to calm you, did you have nightmares again?” Wanda was really concerned, so they were just nightmares? That had to be.
But why were you doubting? You believed her right? She couldn’t be lying, could she?
“I don’t remember having them, but-“ Wanda suddenly moved herself to get closer to you and her sudden action made you feel scared, unconsciously you moved to the side and you blinked, why had you done that? You weren’t scared of her, then why did you do it?
You could see the hurt in her eyes, and you couldn’t help but feel bad, you had wanted to touch her hand to say something, but you felt there was something wrong, you couldn’t shake the feeling off.
“I can make them go away if you want lyubimaya moya” You saw the worried look on your wife´s face, there was something missing in the way she spoke, her soft tone was still there but you couldn’t tell what was missing, it felt different, and you felt frustrated, why couldn’t you remember anything from the other days? You only had some glimpses of some things, but you weren’t even sure if they were memories, dreams or nightmares.
“No!” You hastily said, you were surprised with your own behaviour, why were you suddenly feeling so afraid of her magic?
“Can I hold you?” Looking at her face the only thing you saw was sadness, but why? You felt the need to let her hold you and rest your head on her chest but there was this part of you, a voice in the back of your head that told you to stay away, but you didn’t get why, she was your wife, you didn’t have to be afraid of your own wife.
Deciding to ignore that unnerving feeling in your heart, you slowly nodded and Wanda started to come closer to you, this time she did it slower, her hands up in the air as if she was letting you know she wouldn’t do anything to you, oddly her action made you feel a lot more comfortable about what she was doing, she passed her hand around your waist, her grip was soft but firm at the same time, you started to relax in her arms and slowly you pressed your head onto her chest, for a moment you felt calmed again, you felt the love she promised you, the heat of her body against yours made you remember of how a home felt.
“I´m really sorry printsessa, I just want us to be happy, but you don´t let me help you, I will make these nightmares go away, nothing will ever make you feel this way, I just want you to be happy” Before you could separate yourself from her, her grip around you became stronger, it wasn’t soft anymore, you could feel her hand on your waist, holding you tightly against her but in a harsh way, you wanted her to stop holding you so harsh but she was stronger, before you could do something else she put her fingers on your temple, you couldn’t do anything else, closing your eyes you felt unconscious in her arms.
Wanda held your unconscious body against her, she hated doing this to you, but the real memories were messing with the fake ones she had put in your mind, she couldn’t lose you, no one more time, she was not going to let that happen, you had been gone for so long and now that she had you back, she was not planning on letting you go, after all you were alright with her, nothing could hurt you anymore.
“I´m doing this to you because I love you y/n, you´re safe here with me, just with me, I would never hurt you” Wanda whispered into your ear, her eyes closed, her grip on you started to become softer and with her free hand she softly caressed your face, Wanda hoped you would understand why she was doing this, it was all for you.
Get away from the pain
 You woke up to an empty bed, where was Wanda? Frowning you stood up from your bed, you couldn’t help but feel as if you had already woken up hours ago, was it in the morning or in the middle of the night? Or maybe you just hadn’t slept well, and that was why you felt so sore.
Maybe taking a shower would help to ease the pain in your head, your headache was growing and you just wanted to lay back in bed again, but you felt as if you had already slept for many hours, you really didn’t want to go back to bed.
Physically you felt exhausted, the constant headaches were awful and the tiredness you felt almost all the time was unbearable, you wanted to go out to do something else, but at the same time you didn’t feel like going out.
This made you feel conflicted you just wanted the pain to stop, but you didn’t know how.
You were supposed to be happy; you were sharing your life with Wanda, you were her wife she had given you everything you had asked for, a family, you were living peacefully with her, but then why you felt so miserable? It made no sense at all, you felt so alone in this big house, there were so many rooms and you felt like every single thing hid something inside them.
A piece of paper on your nightstand distracted you from your thoughts, you knew it had been one Wanda the one who left the small paper, taking it into your hands you saw Wanda´s handwriting, she had gone out again, this time she told you it was something about her job? Last time it had been something about a committee, it was alright, you started to relax a little but, why? You missed her terribly but at the same time there was this part of you that made you wanted to get away from her, she had never yelled at you or hit you, but whenever she was close to you, the way her hand gripped you a little too harsh, the way she told you everything would be alright, made you feel a little uncomfortable, there was memory of her in your mind, a memory of a loving Wanda who used to hold you against her chest, singing Russian lullabies into your ear when you were afraid, her touch used to be soft, now her touch was severe.
A bunch of new thoughts started to come to your mind, Wanda said they were nightmares, but were they really nightmares? You tried to focus on these thoughts, how her behaviour had changed, all the little things that she now did, you remember she has always been a jealous person, but her new possessiveness scared you.
If she saw you talking to someone, she would get so jealous, so jealous that you even feared her reaction.
What she used to do was what made you stop talking to everyone who was just being nice to you, you didn’t understand her harsh tone against the others, but what made you feel more confused what that the others didn’t mind Wanda talking to them the way she did, like that time when Dottie had asked you how your days had been going at the supermarket, you were sure Wanda was on the other side of the store, she had told you she would go check for some fruit and you wandered around, you bumped into Dottie near the cereals isle, Dottie only asked you a simple question and before you could even answer, Wanda appeared out of nowhere, telling Dottie to go bother someone else, that she was not in the mood to deal with her, your wife didn’t even gave Dottie time to explain herself, you couldn’t even hear a word Dottie said, because your angry wife took your wrist with such an angry and harsh grip, guiding you to the entrance, you didn’t even buy anything!  
Wanda dragged you to your house, all the way to your home she didn’t say anything to you, you felt so scared to even talk to her, Wanda didn’t notice she was hurting you, you tried take her hand off you but that only made her angrier.
You blinked several times, here there were those memories again, at this point you were pretty sure they were memories, but when had they happened? You just wanted to know what was going on, Wanda told you that she loved you, but why it didn’t feel like that anymore?
Trying to ignore all of these thoughts you decided to go for a walk, now that Wanda wasn’t at your home, you had the chance to go out without her constant surveillance, maybe you could even talk to someone other than just your wife, it didn’t matter who, you just needed someone else to talk about anything, at this point you didn’t even care what it could be, you even wished you could find Dottie to just hear her talking about her meetings.
After changing your clothes you went downstairs, looking around everything you felt there was something so strange about this house, and you couldn’t even put your finger on what it was, you felt awful, frustrated, you couldn’t even remember many things, and this only made you feel worse.
Going outside your house you notice how everything was so nice, the day was really pretty, the sun wasn’t too bright and the wind was refreshening, it was good to be outside, you didn’t even remember when was the last time you had been outside alone, it felt like it had been days since you were on your own here outside.
Walking through the streets you notice there wasn’t anyone outside, what was going on? Why nobody was in the streets? Not even Dottie was in her garden, there weren’t children playing in the street, how was that even possible? You tried to think If the other times when Wanda and you had gone for a walk, there were people a lot of people for what you could recall, you even went to some houses to try to see if there were people in there, but you couldn’t see anything, and fear took over you, your lips started to tremble, everything was quiet and you found the silence unsettling, there was definitely something odd happening, after some more minutes of wandering alone through the solitary street and with your pounding heart you decided to walk back to your house.
“Y/n sweetheart?” A voice distracted you from your thoughts, you turned yourself around too look at the person who had called you.
 “Agnes!?" You exclaimed with a happy tone, you were happy to see someone else, and Agnes was a gentle person to you, so you felt really happy to see her
"Thanks you're here, it seems like you're the only person around here"  You said, with your voice trembling a little.
Agnes noticed your agitated state and felt concerned about you, you were really upset and she could see it, the way you were constantly rubbing your hands against your clothes, the way you were looking your surroundings as if you were afraid of something appearing, she was sure it was because Wanda wasn’t near this place, she was sure Wanda had gone to the limits that was why no one here was moving, but she didn’t want to scare you or upset you more.
"Oh darling it may be because it's Sunday and everyone must be watching that show that airs on Sundays" She tried to reassure you with a smile on her face, her answer seemed to calm you a little bit because you stopped biting your lip as well as you stopped turning your head to look at your surroundings, your shoulders also seemed to relax a little more, and that made her feel a little calm, she didn’t like seeing you in such a distressed state.
You think a little about her answer and it made sense to you, you remember that show that Wanda liked to watch on Sundays, but another thought came to your head, if it's Sunday then why Wanda told you she had left for something related to work?
"Isn't Wanda with you?" Agnes noticed how you shake a little at the mention on her name
"She's not home, she left for-" You thought a little about whether was right to tell her or not, Agnes wasn’t a bad person, you couldn’t remember interacting a lot of her, but at the same time you felt you had already talk to her many times, she made you feel calm, her presence was recomforting and there was this feeling that made you trust in her.
"She left for something related to work" You saw how Agnes frowned at that.
It didn’t make sense to her, Wanda didn’t even work? She was going to ask you more things but the way you looked, she felt bad, you looked too tired and the sadness and you had In your eyes, she couldn’t see you like this, It was clearly you were suffering.
"Would you like to come home with me? You can help me with a new recipe I've been wanting to try for some time doll" She softly asked you and you liked the idea, you really wanted to do something else so you nodded, you saw the way she smiled and you smiled too, she waited for you to start to walk and the two of you walked side by side, arriving at her house she opened the door for you and a quick memory of Wanda opening a door for you in a complete different place came to your mind, you blinked a little, what had been that?
"Are you alright sweetheart?" Agnes noticed how your expression changed for a confused one.
"I'm alright" you told her in a rush and she let you in, you slowly entered and you felt different, it was a different feeling to be inside her house.
Agatha knew you weren't alright, she knew what Wanda was doing, she knew everyone else was under Wanda´s mind control, but why would she do it to the person the red-head was supposed to love? Her first plan had been to take Wanda's powers, but now her plans had changed, she wanted to take your suffering away, she had tried to wake you up many other times, using her powers and it didn't work, Wanda's powers were really strong, the only thing that could wake you up was that you went outside Westview, but she knew Wanda wouldn't let you do that, so she had to think of something else. She needed to do it quickly you were really suffering and she was sure Wanda's magic had started to mess with your head, you didn't know what was real and what wasn't. For now she could only try to make you feel a little better. She had to try to make you feel a little happy in all this messed up situation.
"Alright doll, so wanna start with the fun?" She asked you with her cheerful tone.
"Sure, yes, I love cookies, I want to help you bake them, where do we start?" You asked her trying to ignore the intrusive thoughts that came to your mind.
"First you will need an apron, you don't want to get yourself stained with eggs and chocolate powder, right darling?" You nodded and she showed you a really pretty apron, she handed it to you and when you were about to tie it, she took the laces that were in your back.
"Let me do it for you darling" You felt shy at her action, you knew she used to be like that all the time, so you let her tied them for you, it was a nice gesture.
"Alright darling there you go" Agnes winked at you and  shyly smiled.
"Then let's start, shall we doll?" You nodded and she grabbed different bowls, spoons and containers and placed them on the kitchen Island.
You came closer to her and she asked you to start pouring the eggs on the bowl but when you were about to do it, she stopped you.
“Wait darling, aren´t you going to take your pretty ring off your hand?” She inquired eying the ringer in your finger.
You blinked your eyes and slowly turned your look to your fingers, you didn´t think about and a question came to your head, when did Wanda and you got married? Why couldn’t you remember it? You frowned a little thinking about that, why couldn´t you remember that? It was supposed to be an important moment of your life and you couldn’t recall that day.
“Are you alright doll?” You heard Agnes asking behind you.
“Yes, yes I´m alright” You said slowly to her, and took off the ring of your finger
“Do you want me to put that in a safe place so you don’t lose it?” You gave the ring to her and she took it in her hand, you saw that she put it in a small box in one of the shelves.
“Alright doll, now you can keep doing what were going to do” Agnes said walking back to the kitchen island with her typical smile on her face.
You smiled and started to mix the ingredients in the bowl, you were really grateful to do something new, you couldn’t even remember when had been the last time you had done something else than just stay at home with Wanda and sometimes go out with her for some groceries or a short walk, Wanda was always with you now that you thought about it, but it was more like if you were under her surveillance, you shook your head, you were really enjoying your time with Agnes so you tried to push aside these thoughts.
Agnes was a really sweet person, she was attentive all the time you were there with her, if you had a question on how much of something you had to add she would explain you carefully, step by step, her perfume was really sweet you liked the vanilla smell that came from her.
“Honey you have some, let me help you” First she gestured to your face and when you try to clean whatever it was in your face Agnes laughed because you had just spread more the flour in your face, so she came closer to you, and with a napkin on her left hand she softly removed the flour off your face, her touch was so delicate, you wanted to stay like that a little bit more, but you quickly thought about Wanda, so you quickly separated yourself from Agnes and kept cleaning the kitchen island.
Agatha pouted a little, she would have liked to keep caressing your face, but she wouldn’t do it if you were uncomfortable about it.
You had a lot of fun with her and you enjoy your time with Agnes, she was hilarious, you felt happy here with her, she made you feel good and you liked the feeling.
The older woman put the cookies in the oven and when she closed, she went back to help you put everything you had used in the correct place.
“Can I put some music?” You asked shyly
“Of course darling” She answered you and you happily went to turn the stereo on, the music started and it was your favourite song playing, so felt happier, at home you didn´t listen music at all, or did you? You couldn’t even tell, not again the thoughts.
“Hey doll would you like to do something else while the cookies are ready?” She asked you because she saw the distressed expression on your face, she just wanted you to be busy with something else.
“Yes” You blurted out, you didn’t need to think twice
“We can play a boardgame, would you like that angel?” You nodded and felt your heart melt at the endearment, it felt so different, the way Wanda used to call you scared you, and you didn’t even know why.
You saw that Agnes went upstairs and minutes later she came back with a boardgame, you helped her placed everything on the living room´s table and when finally everything was placed and you had your tokens you started to play, it was awesome, Agnes had always a funny remark to say, you couldn’t stop laughing at her comments, you really enjoyed playing the game with Agnes, you were at peace, you felt inner peace, you didn’t feel like you needed to stay away from her like the way you felt with Wanda, you felt genuinely happy here with Agnes and you loved the feeling.
You played with her many rounds until you heard the alarm Agnes had set thirty minutes ago and you and her stood up from your sits to go for the cookies.
She took the cookies out of the oven and she placed them on the kitchen counter to make them cool a little, they looked really great and they smelled delicious.
“These look awesome Agnes” You said to her while pointing at the cookies with the pretty different shapes.
“That´s because you helped me, that´s why they look so good sweetheart” You couldn’t help but feel a little shy, you smiled at her biting your lip a little, you waited some minutes until she told you could start to eat them now that they weren’t too hot.
You were excited and you took one in your hand you were about to start eating the cookie you were grabbing in your hand but you heard a harsh knock on Agnes´ door.
You and and Agnes frowned, who could it be? You saw how Agnes burrowed her eyebrows and she gestured you with her hand to wait for her, you understood and she went to answer the door
When she opened the door you heard an angry Wanda and at the sound of her furious tone you instantly tensed in your sit.
“Where´s y/n?” You heard Wanda asking in an angry tone, fear took over you, you knew she wasn’t happy she was mad, really mad, maybe it hadn’t been a good idea to come into Agnes´ house, you started to regret your decisions.
“Calm down darling, she´s here with me, we baked some cookies” You were to scared to even turn around when you heard quickly steps getting closer to you.
“What are you doing are you here?” You heard Wanda´s voice really close to you and you tensed more.
“I just, I helped Agnes to bake cookies” You said in a fearful tone, why were you so afraid of her?
“But you could have baked them all by yourself at home, you could have waited for me to arrive home and we could have baked them, you didn’t need to come here” You didn’t know what do or what to say, you just stared at the table in front of you.
“Oh darling, why are you so angry, I´m pretty sure she just wanted to get some fresh air, we haven’t seen her outside in days” Agnes said I a light tone, but when you heard she had said days, you lifted your head to look at your wife and you saw how her eyes went wide.
“Where´s your ring?” She asked you in a harsh tone changing the topic.
“I took it off so it didn’t get stained” You quickly said to her, you didn’t know where the courage had come out.
“Where is it?” She asked you again
“It´s here darling I put it in a small box so she didn’t lose it” You saw how Agnes sent for the small box and she took the ring out of it, she was giving it to you but Wanda quickly took it from her hand, she took it And you saw how Agnes burrowed her brows.
Wanda stretched her hand out to you with the ring on her hand and you got confused.
“Put it back” Wanda demanded, Agatha felt her blood boiling, how could she treated you like that? You deserved more, but she had to wait, she couldn’t risk it, she had to think carefully what to do next so Wanda didn’t hurt you, or mess with your mind again.
You were doubting, she was your wife yes, but she didn’t have to talk to you like that, you slowly took the ring from her hand and put it back on your finger.
“Let´s go” She said and started to walk towards the door, you turned your head to look at Agnes, and she saw the fear and doubt in your eyes.
“It´s alright doll, you have to go, don´t be afraid” She told you and that made you feel better, you nodded and she gave you a quick squeeze to your hand.
  The love we share
 Wanda and you arrived to your house and after you entered you flinched when Wanda slammed the door.
“Why did you go outside?” Wanda demanded to know; you didn’t want to turn yourself around to see her angry face
“Why did you go outside?” You heard asking again
“I just wanted to! I can´t stand being here all the time” You blurted out
“But we go outside! You can go outside when I´m here with you!” She answered back
“Bu why can’t I go outside alone?” You started to raised your voice a little, you didn’t understand why she was acting like this
“Just look at what you did today, you went to Agnes´ house and you even took your ring off!” She was being irrational
“I didn’t do anything! I just talk to you, you don´t let me talk to anyone else anymore”
“How do you remember that?” Wanda quickly inquired
“What? What do you mean? What are you implying?” You started to question and you saw how Wanda´s expression changed, that scared you a lot.
“I´m sorry printsessa, I didn’t want to scare you, I just, I´m worried about you” Wanda started to walk slowly and her sudden change of behaviour made you fear her.
“Can I give you a hug?” You didn’t want to, you knew she was thinking something, you really didn´t want to let her hug you, there was something off, you just knew, unconsciously you stepped back
“Please my love I just want to hug you, like I always do” She started to walk faster towards you and you just felt the need to run.
You started to run towards your rooms but she used her magic to stop you from going upstairs.
“I´m really sorry my love, I can´t let you go, you´re mine, I´m only doing this to you because I love you”
“Wanda, please you don´t have to, this is not love, you don´t-“
“That´s not true! I love you; I DO love you, never said the contrary!” Wanda yelled at you making you close your eyes, you were trembling, at this point you were sure she had been the one messing and changing your thoughts.
“Please, Wanda you´re hurting me!” You squinted, it hurt, it hurt physically and mentally, you couldn’t keep with this.
“I´m sorry, I´m really sorry my love, I have to, If I don´t do it, you´ll get away from me, and I can´t let that happen, not again” She had tears in her eyes and you didn’t know why, you were the one who was in pain
“I swear to you, I won´t go away from you, I swear it, just please don´t do this again” You were pleading but she didn’t listen, Wanda came closer to you and she pressed her fingers against your temple, and once again Wanda caught your unconscious body against her.
“I´m really sorry for this printsessa, but I don´t want to lose you again” She whispered into your ear
And I've lost my light
That night you dreamt of a different place from this one, you saw many people you couldn't recognise, a tall blonde man who smiled at you kindly, a red-head woman hugging you and telling you that everything was going to be okay, a man with a serious expression and a metal arm saying comforting words to you, you couldn't tell who they were but all of them seemed concerned they were worried, but why?
After that you started to had nightmares, there was a war, a bit man, many people fighting against some type of creatures, and then you saw Wanda her eyes glowing red she was using her power to lift something big, but also you saw her crying over someone, that was really blurry, she was holding someone on the ground and then you didn't see anything more.
 When you woke up again, you were surprised you remembered everything that had happened the day before, how could it be? This time you remember what Wanda had done to you, how she had used magic on you, it had been real, everything she had done was real, now you were aware, Wanda had been using her powers to erase some events and things that had happened.
You were relieved that Wanda wasn't in the bed with you, there was another piece of paper on the nightstand and you quickly took it.
-I'm going out for work printsessa, I hope you slept well, I have a surprise for you, we can go outside if you want when I arrive home, love you-
Her small letter made you feel angry, how could she do this?
What caught your attention was the ring on your finger, she hadn't taken the ring off your hand, but what surprised you was that the little diamond wasn't white anymore, now it was completely purple, you thought about whether it was a good idea taking it off or not, but in the end you did it and left it on the nightstand.
You started to be more scared, now that you were sure Wanda was manipulating your thoughts so that you didn’t remember what she had done to you, you started to doubt more about her, what else had she changed in your mind? What was this place? Why where you here? What had she done to you? You couldn’t even remember more about your life. You needed to calm down a little, if you think about it, Wanda wouldn’t be back until noon, you didn’t know where she really went and you really didn’t care, you just needed to get out of this place, you couldn’t take it anymore, you used to love Wanda you were sure about it, even if you couldn’t remember you were sure you used to had something beautiful, what you and her used to have was like a dream, but now it had turned into a nightmare for you.
You really wanted to take a bath, but you didn’t even feel safe in your own house, there was no one else who could help you, everyone here seem to live just to please Wanda, no one dare to contradict her, as if everybody was scared of her.
You went downstairs, you had the same clothes of yesterday, you weren’t even sure if it had been yesterday or not, did you even have a phone? You didn’t know, you were sure if you had one Wanda wouldn’t even let you use it.
The only important thing you needed to do was to get out of this house as possible as you could, running to the front door you took the doorknob to open the door.
“Damn it” You cursed under your breath, why was the door locked? Where were the keys? You started to look for them, but they weren’t anywhere, you didn’t find them on the bookshelf, they weren’t on the table, they weren’t on the kitchen on counter, not even in your drawers of your room.
Wanda had locked you in your own house, how could she have done that? You couldn’t believe it, why would she do that? You were terrified, this wasn’t supposed to happen, maybe she had just locked the front door, so you went to the back door of your backyard to try to get out.
“Dam it, it´s closed too” You hit with your palm the door, this wasn’t fair, you needed to get out of here, Wanda knew you would try to go out so she did this, what else could you do?
The windows! You quickly went to look for the windows in the first floor but they were closed and even if you tried using all of your strength you couldn’t open them, this was wrong, this was all wrong.
Going upstairs to check on the windows you notice they were locked as well as the ones in the first floor, when did Wanda had the time to lock them like this? How had she done this? What if she had used her magic to lock them? You were feeling desperate you really needed to get out of here, but how?
You´ll have to break a window, it was the only thing you could do at this point if you wanted to get out of this prison.
You took some of the decorative medium size rocks that were around a potted plant, you didn’t need to think twice your next moves, so you threw the rocks aggressively against the window and you cover your face when it crashed against the big window, pieces of glass went flying and when the crashing sound you turned yourself to look at the now broken window, you smiled at the sight now you could be free from this house, you didn’t want to hurt yourself so you took your jacket off and placed it on the edges of the window so that you couldn’t cut yourself, after making sure that all the sharp edges were covered, a little insecure you pressed you hands on the edge of it, this was not the time to be scared, you needed to do this.
Taking a deep breath you pushed yourself to be able to jump over the window of the first floor, half of your body had already passed but you didn’t notice there were some sharp edges at the sides of the table until you felt an awful pain on your left hand and arm, you tried to get out faster but your foot got stuck a little and a piece of glass teared part of your jeans, it got to your skin and you hissed, the pain was awful but you needed to get out of this.
You fell onto the grass and grunted a little, you would have liked to just lay there a little bit more, you felt exhausted but you needed to keep going.
“y/n? Oh god, what happened to you darling?” You heard Agnes´ worried voice, lifting your head to look at her she saw your tired eyes and the state you were in, she felt really guilty, she had done something earlier, Agnes stretched her hands to help you stand and you gladly accepted them, she carefully took your hands carefully not to hurt you more.
“What happened sweetheart?” Agnes saw the broken window and some pieces of glass were covered in some blood and her heart jumped.
“y/n doll are you hurt? Let me see” The woman in front of you softly took your face in her hands looking for wounds on your face, you could see how upset she was, the worry in her eyes and the troubled expression she had, her eyes were so pretty and you felt a warm feeling growing inside your chest.
Stop, you thought, this was not the time for that, not now.
“I´m alright Agnes, I´m not hurt, you need to help me, Wanda locked me inside the house and I had to break the window to get out” You blurted out and you saw how Agnes clenched hr jaw in ager, you couldn’t take it anymore and started to cry, you were desperate, you just wanted Wanda to stop, why couldn’t she just let you go? You threw yourself into Agnes´ arms and she carefully hugged you back, your sobs were breaking her heart, it had taken some time to understand what was going on with you and Wanda, at first when she arrived at Westview because of Wanda´s magic and she saw you, she just thought you weren’t having a great day, but your confused stare at what was supposed to be your house raised her suspicions, then the way she saw how Wanda dragged you to different places with harsh grip on you or the way she talked to you when someone else got near to you to start a nice conversation, she knew what had happened to Wanda,  but she didn’t knew anything about you, she didn’t know why Wanda had brought you here but she felt awful for you, your constant tired and sad look on your eyes, the way you would always look down at the ground, not even daring to look at Wanda, what had she done to you? Why did you look so scared of her? Agatha started to suspect there was something more going on between you and her, because sometimes you didn’t even get out of your house for days, the first time that she remembered that happening was two weeks after she had arrived for the first time.
All of you were in one of Dottie´s meeting, during the meeting you had been sitting next to Wanda all the time, with her hand on your waist and you even looked as if you were afraid to move, from time to time she kissed your cheek and you just stayed there, tensed the entire time, she had wanted to do something to make you feel a little less tense, maybe talk to you or made you laugh but Wanda didn’t let you alone until she found the perfect opportunity, when the meeting was over everyone dispersed and went to talk with different people some women were chatting with the others and she saw how Wanda told you something in your ear and you just nodded looking at the ground, then Agatha saw how you walked to the deckchairs and you sat down in one of them she followed you to talk a little with you, when she got near you, she saw how you just were staring at the water not even moving at all, and she frowned, why were you always so quiet?
“Hi doll, are you bored?” She asked you sitting next to you in the other chair, she saw the way you jumped a little at the sudden voice of hers.
“Hi Agnes” You shyly smiled and gave her a quick glance to her, turning your head quickly to look at the water again.
“I´m just a little bored, I would like to go now, but Wanda keeps talking to Dottie” You admitted to her, in that moment she frowned why wouldn’t just leave then? Maybe you didn’t want to go alone, she thought
“What if I accompany you to your house?” She kindly asked you and she saw how your eyes lit up for a moment.
“That would be great, but I have to ask Wanda first” The blue-eyed woman saw the way you thought about it for a moment and she nodded, you were Wanda´s wife after all.
“I´m going to ask her, wait here” You kindly smiled at her and she nodded again at you, she saw how you stood up from the chair but what disconcerted her was the way you walked towards your wife, as if you were scared of getting too close to her, she saw the way you hesitate to touch her arm, when you finally did it, you never dare to look her in the eyes, you  just stared at the glass Wanda was holding, Agatha knew there was something wrong, why would you be afraid of your own wife? She saw the way your lips almost trembled to her while you spoke and when you stopped talking to her she saw Wanda smiled at you and how she hugged you, you didn’t return the hug you just stayed still, after separating from you Wanda said something to Dottie and your wife took your hand to start walking towards her, when Agatha saw your face again she could swear you were scared, Wanda and you walked until you were standing in front of her.
“Thank you so much for offering to take my wife home, but I will take her home, you shouldn’t have to worry, I was almost finished, but thank you for the offer, right y/n?”
Agatha saw the way you quickly nodded and you didn’t even dare to lift your head to look at her.
“It was good to be here, but we´re leaving” Wanda was smiling at her but she couldn’t shake the strange feeling about her.
After that day she didn’t saw you for four days in a row, she saw how Wanda came out of your house and entered again hours later, the fourth day Agatha hadn’t seen you she decided to ask Wanda what was going on, so when she was in her garden and she saw that Wanda had arrived to your house she quickly went to say hi to Wanda.
“Hey darlin! I hope you´re enjoying your day at all, isn’t y/n with you? I haven’t seen her in a while” Agatha asked with a smile on her face, her expression didn’t match with the real emotions she was feeling, Wanda turned herself slowly from her front door and walked towards her, her annoyed expression changed into a fake smile just in the nick of time.
“Oh hi Agnes, I´m enjoying my day yes, I was just going to pass a lovely evening with my wife, she´s been feeling a little under the weather, that´s why you haven’t seen her, she decided to stay at home, but don´t worry, she´s getting better, so you don´t have to worry about her”  And with that Wanda went back to her door and entered to your house.
The next day she saw you, at the centre of the town, Agatha had the unsettling feeling that there was something else behind all of this,  you were smiling and letting Wanda hug you as if nothing had happened days ago, you were holding hands with her and this time, you seemed to be happier, but Agatha had the feeling that was not the real way you were feeling inside.
And now that she was seeing you here, holding your trembling body against her she knew she had to help you, she couldn’t keep seeing you suffering.
Agatha had to do something, it had been so wrong to wait to do something, now you were here physically hurt because Wanda had locked you in your own house, your body was shaking with fear, this time she wouldn’t let that Wanda messed with your head again, not again.
“You´re safe with me doll, it´s alright, I won´t let Wanda get near you again, she won´t ever hurt you again” She was holding you tightly against her and for the first time you felt safe, you just wanted all of this suffering to end.
She took your hands in her and looked at you straight in your eyes, your beautiful eyes were red from all the crying, she needed you to explain things to you first, but she needed to do it quickly before Wanda came looking for you again.
“You´ll be fine” You heard Agnes say to you and she took your hand in hers waiting for you to walk, she guided you to the back door of her house and you followed her, she was holding you hand with a soft grip on yours, it felt so different as the way Wanda grasped your hand.
 Once I ran to you
 Agnes guided you inside her house and once again you felt at peace, you didn’t feel tense or afraid here with Agnes, the older woman made you feel safe.
“Sweetheart first I need to clean these wounds, would you let me?” You nodded and she made you sit in her couch.
Agatha couldn’t stand seeing you this way, you looked so broken, she knew there was more behind this, she wanted to make you smile, the times you had shared with her, the times you didn’t remember because she was sure Wanda messed with your memories, she was happy that you had asked her for help, she was sure that the spell she had put in your ring the day before had helped you, that spell at least helped you a little so that Wanda didn’t altered your memories, she wanted to tell you everything, but first she needed to take care of your cuts.
“I´ll be back quickly, I need to get some alcohol and cotton gauzes” She caressed your face a little before going to her bathroom, for what she needed.
You started to relax a little in here, you didn’t feel any pressure, it was good to be here with her.
You her quick steps coming closer to you and the sound of her rushed steps didn’t scared you as how Wada´s had made you feel when she came to your side demanding to know what you were doing with Agnes.
“Angel, let me see the cuts, I´ll be as gentle as possible, I don´t want to hurt you more than you already are” You felt touched by her words, so you showed her your arm and your hand, those were the ones that hurt the most, she applied cleaned the cuts and applied alcohol on them, then she put the cotton gauze and she did the same with the cuts in your leg, you really liked her gentle touch against your skin, it felt so nice to know that she didn’t want to hurt you, when she finished she placed everything in the small table in the living room and looked at you.
You saw how she brought her hand to your face and she softly caressed your cheek, unconsciously you lent into her touch, it was so nice to feel how she treat you with such delicacy, you were not expecting when she suddenly knelt in front of you, her hand were resting carefully in your knees and she was looking at you with almost pleading eyes.
“Doll I need to tell you the truth, but I promise you that you don’t need to be afraid, I just want to help you get away from this, you deserve so much more and I can´t let Wanda keep doing this to you” You said yes with your head and she took a deep breath and closed her eyes before speaking again.
“My real name´s Agatha Harkness” You had thought she was joking but when you saw the serious look on her face you realised, she wasn’t lying.
“I´m a witch, at first I came here, because I felt Wanda´s magic and I had wanted her powers, but my plans changed, I´m not interested in her powers anymore, I just want to help you, I can´t stand seeing the way you´re suffering” She felt some tears threatening to fall at the corner of her eyes, when Agatha saw that you weren’t saying anything and that you just stared at her with a blank expression on your face she started to fear the worst, she didn’t want to scare you, she needed to tell you the truth.
“Doll, I´m sorry I didn’t tell you this before, but please you don´t need to be afraid of me, I don´t want to hurt you, I just want to help you, I put a speel on your ring yesterday so that Wanda´s magic didn’t affected you, I was sure she was going use her magic on you, and before she took you back to your home days ago I knew she would do it, so I planned on coming to see you but in these two days she didn’t leave your house, she was constantly there until now, I saw she had gone out and I decided to go see you but then I heard a loud crash and when I arrived at your house you were laying on the ground that´s when I-“ She didn’t finish her sentence because you had hugged her, you passed your arms around her shoulders and when she felt how close you had pulled yourself to her she passed her arms around your waist, you started to sob again and she quickly removed a little from you to take you’re face in her hands and with her fingers she wiped the tears away from your face.
“You really did that to the ring?” You asked between sobs but with a smile on your face, you were amazed, thanks to her you got the chance to go out of that house, she nodded and you hugged her again.
“Thank you so much, you don´t know how that helped me, thanks to you I can remember the day you and I made cookies, you don´t know how much I love that memory, I can´t remember a lot of things but I can remember this and it makes me so happy that you did that for me”
“You don´t need to thank me sweetheart I want to help you, I´m so sorry I didn’t do anything before to help you, I tried to wake you up before but Wanda´s magic is too strong, her magic is tied to her emotions and when she´s angry her magic becomes stronger, I don´t know how is that even possible, but I assure you Wanda won´t hurt you again” She took your hands in your and gave them a soft squeeze to them, you nodded and closed your eyes, Agatha pressed her forehead against yours and you felt happy, you felt really happy that you had someone who wanted to help you.
“We need to go sweetheart; we need to leave as fast as possible” You whispered a small “yes” and the two of you stood up.
“Wait I´ll give something to cover yourself sweetheart, it´s could outside” You felt a warm feeling growing inside your chest and when Agatha came back with one of her jackets, she helped you to put on the jacket.
“Thank you” You said shyly and she smiled, you were so beautiful, you deserved to smile and be happy.
“Let´s go darling” Agatha took your hand in hers and she guided you to the door, the blue-eyed woman held the door open for you and she let you go out first, you really loved this gesture of her.
“We need to hurry darling; I don´t know if she can feel you or not, I promise I won´t let her get near you again” Agatha said to you and she started to guide you towards the other side of the street.
“We will have to go towards the other direction” You nodded and the two of you walked down the street.
This tainted love you've given
 After what felt hours of walking you finally arrived to the limits of the town and you felt horrified when you saw the people who were frozen on the street.
“What´s all of this?” You asked Agatha while covering your mouth, you couldn’t believe what you were watching.
“I didn’t want to have this conversation with you, I don´t want you to feel scared, but now that you´re seeing all of this, it´s necessary that you know the truth” The two of you stopped walking and she turned herself to look at you.
“This place is an illusion, Wanda created all of this, she´s using her power to make all of these people do what she wants, they can´t help but do everything what Wanda says, these people are frozen because Wanda´s not here, It doesn’t affect me because her magic isn’t able to affect me” She said and you quickly hugged her, it was awful what Wanda was doing.
“I´m really sorry you had to see this sweetheart” Agatha pulled you closer to her body and she softly stroked your hair.
“We need to keep going darling, we´re almost outside” She was right you could almost feel the freedom.
Agatha grabbed your hand again and the two of you walked towards the entrance, when you were close enough you saw something weird in front of you and you turned your head to gave Agatha a questioning look.
“This is the magical field that covers Westview, doll, I want you to know that once we cross this field, all the memories Wanda locked inside your mind, you will be able to remember all of these, I know you´re strong enough to handle them, but I will be with you all the time alright?” You were scared you were going to remember everything you couldn’t and that scared you a lot, but you knew Agatha wasn’t lying she made you feel protected and you trusted her.
“Alright, I´m ready” You said to her with confidence, you really wanted to go away from this place.
You felt her hand squeezing your and she nodded to you, you and her walked at the same time and while you started to cross the magical field, you felt some pressure over you, but when you touched the other side the uncomfortable weight on you disappeared, the next thing you knew, a bunch of memories of your real life came to your mind.
You saw your old life back in the Avengers compound, the way your family had vanished into thin air, how Natasha had died for the soul stone, the battle against Thanos, how Tony had died for all of you, you remembered every single thing Wanda had blocked from you.
You also remembered how Wanda had cheated on you with Vision, the way you had felt when you saw her kissing the synthezoid.
You remembered what had happened that day, everything was clear now, she had proposed to you years ago, she used to be a loving and caring girlfriend, but that had been years ago, she used to loved you and you used to love her, you had thought you would be sharing your life with her, years ago she told you how much one day she would love to live with you in a beautiful house of two floors in a really pretty neighbourhood, she had sworn to you that she would make everything to protect you from everything and that she would make you happy, but that day when she broke every one of her promises you gave her the ring back, she had pleaded you not to leave her, she had begged you many times to make you stayed with her but you didn’t accept it, and then everything happened so quickly, you didn’t even got time to mourn on your feelings, earth was attacked and after that you had just lost all of your family.
“Are you alright doll?” You heard Agatha asking you, you blinked many times and you noticed tears streaming down your face, you felt Agatha pulling you closer to her and once again you let yourself express all of your pain by crying into her chest, Agatha soothed you and stroked your hair, now that you were finally outside she could see your thoughts and she felt the same pain you were feeling, you deserve to be happy and she was going to make sure of that.
  Tainted love
 Stay away from her” You jumped at Wanda´s voice, there was that accent, you knew there was something missing when she talked to you inside Westview, and now you realised it had been her accent.
“No, you stay away from her” Agatha placed herself in front of you
“Who do you think you are?” You could see Wanda´s eyes glowing red just as well as her hands, for a moment you feared the worst, but when you saw Agatha´s hands glowing purple.
“You´re hurting her Wanda, can´t you see it?  this is not healthy" Agatha said to Wanda
"That's not true! I'm doing this for us, I need her and she needs me! We are mean to be together" Wanda yelled and it made you feel angry, she was hurting you and you were exhausted, you couldn't believe what she was saying.
"You need to stop Wanda!" You yelled back at her, you placed yourself next to Agatha and all of the anger started to come out of you.
"You hurt me! You made me feel awful, you were manipulating my memories, you used you Magic to make me believe a false life!" You were gesturing at her and you saw how her hands stopped glowing red.
"I love you!" She yelled and you bitterly laughed at that, you wiped some tears that had fallen down your face and you felt Agatha's hand caressing softly your back, that made you feel better.
"That's not true Wanda, you don't love me, this is not love, love is not supposed to be painful, love is not supposed to make you feel exhausted, love is not supposed to scare you, you don't love me and I don't lo-"  You were cut off by the read-head
"That's not true! You love me just as much as I love you! I did this all for us, I did all of this for you, this is our dream, the one we share-"
"You kidnapped me Wanda! You took me away from my home! You kidnapped me and brought me here! That's not love!" You interrupted her
"That's not true, that was not your home, this is our home, we can go back to it, we can live peacefully we can go back to our amazing life and forget that all if this ever happened" Wanda started to walk slowly towards you and before she could touch your arm you quickly stepped back.
"Don't touch me!" You quickly said and Agatha placed herself in front of you.
"You heard her Wanda, you better back off" You saw Wanda's expression changed into a really angry one
"I won't repeat myself y/n you better come with me; I love you" You couldn't understand why Wanda kept saying the same.
"No, I won't go back to you, you just made me feel awful, you made me feel exhausted, you looked in that house, YOU DON'T LOVE ME"
"We are married" she quickly said
"That's not true, you know that's not true, we were going to get married years ago but you cheated on me"
You argued back and you saw the way Wanda flinched at the mention of what she had done.
"It was a mistake, I really love you, I don't want to lose you again, please, you're breaking my heart, I need you" Wanda knelt in front you she was holding her arms in the air towards you, she was sobbing in front of you, but this time she couldn't manipulate you, not anymore,  Agatha looked at you and she smiled at you, her smile was comforting, she made you feel safe and now that you could finally remember every single moment you had interacted with her inside Westview, you realised that was how love was supposed to feel.
 Now I know I've got to
Run away, I've got to
Get away
 You came a little closer to Wanda and you knelt in front of her, Agatha was next to you making sure Wanda wouldn't do anything to you.
"I'm sorry Wanda, but I won't go back to you, you don't love me and I don't love you, you have to accept that, I can't be with you, this is not love, what we used to have years ago is over, you have to let it go" You said looking into her green eyes, you didn't recognize the old Wanda, the person in front of her was full of rage and hatred, you couldn't blame her at all, she had lost everyone but, this was not fair to you, she was hurting you and you didn't deserve it, you didn't feel the same for her.
"Love is supposed to make you feel happy, as if you're floating on air, love makes you feel safe and protected, love makes you keep going, it doesn't stop you" Looking back at Agatha she smiled at you and you smiled back at her, she had risked herself to help you get out of it, and you knew that was how love was supposed to be, with Agatha you were sure you could have it, a real love.
"So, you fell in love with her?" Wanda's voice was louder and you could hear her accent coming back, this time it was more present than ever, you could tell she was really mad, her fists clenched and her eyes glowing red in anger, she hastily stood up from the ground and Agatha pulled you closer to her.
"Answer me! Is she the reason you're leaving me?" You saw Wanda's jaw clenching and her left eye twitching a little
"She's leaving you because you just inflict pain into her heart, Wanda you've been messing with her mind! She was feeling anxious she didn't know what day it was, you held her captive inside a place she didn't want to be, you just made her suffer, she doesn't deserve this, you're hurting her, why can't you understand?"
Agatha was shocked at how Wanda couldn't see what was the real problem.
"That's not true, you're the one who is manipulating her, you're a liar, you're not even who you said you were" Wanda kept talking and you felt desperate
"Stop, just stop, I don't want to listen to you anymore" You said to Wanda while holding your hands in the air, you pressed your fingers against your temple, a headache started to form and it felt awful, you closed your eyes and  you put more pressure of your fingers into your temple.
Agatha came closer to you to softly touch your arm
"Are you alright sweetheart?" You hears Agatha asked you
"Don't call her like that, you don't have the right, she's mine, and she will just be mine" Wanda had started to come closer to the two of you.
"Don't come closer Wanda" you heard the blue-eyed woman warned Wanda.
"What? Do you think I'm afraid of you?" Wanda asked with a mocking tone
"Oh dear, I could easily destroy you with a flick of my hand" the dark-haired woman next to you scoffed, you could almost sense the smirk Agatha had on her face.
"Stop right there" Those were new voices; you lifted your head to see who were they and you saw many  soldiers pointing their guns at the three of you.
"Not you again, not this time" The red-head started to move her hands in the air and she made all of the soldiers point to the sky, but the moment you felt you couldn't move, you realised she was using her magic on you as well.
"Y/n!" You heard Agatha calling your name, purple magic enveloped you and you felt yourself being released, she used her magic to stop you  from falling harshly against the ground.
"You need to stop trying to take her, she doesn't want to be with you, y/n doesn't need you!"
"That's not true! She needs me just as much as I need her, I love her-
"STOP!" You snapped and didn't realise the wave of magic coming from your body, your magic was f/c and when you opened your eyes again you saw Wanda covered in a new different magic, you saw your hands and your eyes widened when you realise it was you the one who this time stopped her from moving.
You gasp and this time you saw all the soldiers on the ground, they were covered with your magic too and you started to panic a little, but when you felt Agatha's hand on your shoulders you started to relax a little.
"It's alright sweetheart, I know you can do it, focus on what you're feeling, don't let the fear consume you"
Slowly you nodded and focused on what you wanted, you wanted the soldiers to go away, so you moved your hand and when you heard noised this time you opened your eyes to see all of them started to walk away from where they had coming.
"I'm so proud of you darling, you did it amazing, I will make sure they don't come again" She caressed your cheek and you smiled at her, she stayed with you making sure no one else came to where you were.
"You think you she loves you y/n?" You heard Wanda's laugh and turned your head to look at herk kneeling on the ground with her hands behind her back and all of your magic over her, she didn't stop laughing for some minutes, you just couldn't believe what was happening to Wanda.
"No one will ever love you the way I do" Wanda said back to you when her she stopped laughing, you looked straight into her eyes and the only things you could see in them was madness, you felt bad for her for a minute, you knew what she had passed through but all the things she made you passed through as well, you even doubt your own sanity, you couldn't forgive this, she had kidnapped you and she had messed with your mind, you didn't even know how many time you were inside with her.
"You don't love me Wanda, this is an obsession Wanda what happened-
"What happened was a mistake, let me make things right this time printsessa, I really love you, you're the love of my life! I need you!" She begged you again, but you this time you weren't going to fall for it, not anymore, you closed your eyes for a moment and took a deep breath before speaking again.
"You don't really want any more from me, to make things right, Wanda, you can't make things rights, this is messed up, not only you hurt me, but you're hurting thousands of people, let them be free, let me be free Wanda, please, I want to be free" Tears started to fall down your face
"You need someone to hold you tight printsessa and I'm the one who can do that, I can-
"You can't Wanda, you broke what we had years ago! You broke me, and there's no way you can fix this! If you want to make things right, you'll let me go with Agatha, if you love me, you'll release me"
"I can't do that printsessa, you're mine, you're just mine I won't let her or anyone else take you away from me" You saw how Wanda’s eye's started to glow red and you moved your hands to stop her hands from moving behind her back, she wasn't going to use her magic on you again, not anymore.
"I'm not yours, I'm not yours, the problem is Wanda that you think love is to pray, but I'm sorry, I don't pray that way, you won't get to me again, I don't love you" You whispered to her loud enough to hear you, Agatha took your hand in hers and you used your magic to pull Wanda back inside Westview.
"I will find you y/n and I will make you mine again, you belong to me" You heard her yelling and Agatha pulled you closer to her.
"I will come for the both of you and I will make you pay for taking y/n away from me, you will pay and I will make sure of that" Wanda tried to break free from your magical ties but you didn't let her.
"You can't get away from me y/n I will always be with you and no matter what I will find you-"
Finally you put Wanda inside the town and Agatha started to make movements with her hands, a purple mist covered the entirety of the town, the magical field Wanda had created was replaced by Agatha's purple magic.
"This will only keep her inside for some weeks, maybe some months until she realises how to go out from this, I tapped her inside Westview but this won't last forever doll" You felt the older woman's hands taking your face in her hands.
"I'm not afraid" You answered to her and you saw a proud smile on her face
"I know you're not afraid, you're so strong and brave, I will be with you, no matter what, I will be with you, I know you can protect yourself but I will protect you too, and when the time Wanda comes for us, I will be by your side, she won't take you again doll, I promise"
You felt safe with her, she made you feel alright and you couldn't help yourself, you took her face in your hands and slowly leant into her, Agatha passed her hands around your waist and she pulled your body close to hers, you felt her soft touch on you and that made your heart melt, this is how love is supposed to feel, you knew it, you presses your lips against hers, she captured your soft lips, it was a soft but needy kiss, she needed to feel you and you needed to know she was there for you, you needed to know this was real.
When the two of you broke the kiss, she pressed her forehead against yours her hands never leaving your sides.
"I know it will take a time for you to get used to this, but I promise I won't hold you back, I want to make sure you're alright, I want the best for you y/n" You trusted her, you knee she was saying the truth, and you were grateful with her, without her help you wouldn't have been able to get out of your prison.
"I believe you Agatha, I want to be with you, I know you will help me to heal" You whispered to her and she smiled, she hugged you again, the feeling of your body against her made her feel alive and you felt the same, you weren't free at all from Wanda, but you knew that Agatha would there for you to help you.
You felt something bothering in your pocket, there was something in it and when you pulled your hand inside it you felt shivers down your spine, pulling out the small piece of metal you saw it was the ring Wanda gave to you because of your "marriage" you were Wanda had been the one who placed it in your pocket with her magic, you eyed it for a minute before throwing it against the grass.
"We have to go doll" She was right, you had to go now.
Taking your hand into hers, Agatha guided you towards the forest, you didn't know where you were going but you were sure that Agatha would make everything, she could to protect you.
The two of you walked through the forest, between the tall pines, the sound of some branches breaking because you stepped on them was some of the only sounds you could hear, the night was a little cold and from time to time you still feel a little afraid, but when you felt Agatha's hand softly squeezing you hand to reassure she was there and she wasn't going anywhere made you feel strong.
You knew Wanda would come for you, you were sure she would do everything she could to find you, but you were sure you wouldn't be alone this time, you weren't afraid of her, she didn't have that power over you anymore.
When Wanda comes for you, you were sure you were going to be prepared, just as Wanda wouldn't let her take you, you were going to fight Wanda, you're not afraid of her.
Now I'm gonna pack my things and go
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nerdyanon · 2 days ago
Just started on the next chapter of It Was You All Along (my Agatha Harkness x Fem! OC fic series) - if anyone wants adding to my tag list so that you can easily follow the chapter updates, please do let me know, I want to make sure it’s as easy for people as possible to follow along ☺️💜
Tumblr media
(gif credit: @rosalie-starfall)
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philippaharkness · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Had to share as I couldn't get this out of my head..
I don't know but I just really felt like the mother hardly resembled Agatha at all, I've heard her name might be Evanora from some fanfics I've read? if Marvel didn't actually have Agatha say it I would've never realised.
So Evanora, if it could've been possible I would've loved to see Meryl Streep cast as her, but like her with Into the Woods witch vibes. They actually share quite a few similar features and has previously played a witch :))
Nothing against who originally played Evanora though, I think she played the role really well
Also I just really love Into the Woods and Meryl Streep aha :DD
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dreamywlws · 2 days ago
fluff prompt 19 please..... reader is wearing a silly looking outfit while trying to blend in with th era...... wholesmomem
here you are xD this was fun to write.
Don’t we just look cute? 
Prompt: “I’ve never seen anyone look so cute and ridiculous at the same time.” 
Synopsis: In which Agatha and the Reader try to blend in.... During Halloween. 
Tumblr media
“Love are you ready? We are supposed to be at the vision household soon…” your wife, Agatha called out to you and all she heard was an irritated groan. 
Tonight you and Agatha (well Agnes) had been invited to go trick or treating with the twins and Wanda and her brother Pietro. But the only problem is that you didn’t know what to wear at all and you only found different types of outfits and paired them both together to form something… Scary? Or more so silly and stupid…
Halloween is a night where people would dress up in costumes that were considered scary Agatha had tried explaining to you when she told you about it. 
Obviously, she is going as a witch. 
Truth be told, you have never been trick-or-treating before. You didn’t find any reason to since it seems like it was just for children but since you couldn’t say no to Wanda’s twins you decided to try it out. 
Agatha sighed and walked back to your guys' shared bedroom and gasped, she saw you by the mirror adding the last touch to what you think you call a ‘zombie styled look from your brilliant idea after when you watched the ring movie one night when it looks like the ring lady and the apocalypse mixed into one and had a baby.
The elder witch couldn't contain her laughter as she tried covering her mouth up but it was no use. She was always supportive of you and she did say you could have simply worn a witch costume like what she was going to do but you were a stubborn one and you said being a witch while you were also a witch was just going to be plain and boring for your liking. 
“Whatever the hell is that costume, doll?” Agatha asked, chuckling as she leaned against the door and you frowned at her. 
“This is my zombie look! Duh,” you said, pointing at yourself and going back to adding more makeup to make your bloody eye look real. 
“Love it looks like the ring lady who did turn into a zombie, it is terrifying what you’ve come up with” she laughed amused. 
You’ve always had a hard time picking out a certain outfit or style to blend in with all the different decades with this ‘sitcom’ life and you always unintentionally wear something utterly ridiculous or silly. 
And Agatha thinks it's just adorable.
“I’ve never seen anyone look so cute and ridiculous at the same time,” Agatha laughed, grinning at you and she walked closer to you. 
“You really think I’m cute?” you asked, looking up at her with a smile and she nodded. 
“You look cute always, doll. In anything silly you wear or dress up in” she replied, and was about to lean in for a kiss but stopped herself. 
“Hey, why no kisses” you pouted. 
“Because I really don’t want to ruin my awesome makeup and witch look with all that fake blood and whatever else you do with your look” she simply said, and you rolled your eyes. 
“Whatever you say, honey” you replied trying to look unbothered when getting rejected from kisses.
“Wow, Aunt Y/n your outfit is…” Tommy began, looking at you up and down and Billy tried not to laugh. 
“Cool!” Billy said, nudging at him and Tommy nodded quickly. 
“Yeah. More like bloody mary just stole the show” Pietro piped up, looking impressed yet scared with whatever was going on with your outfit. 
You needed to work on your blending in skills…  At least everyone else here doesn’t even look that ridiculous as you do. 
“Well, I think you look just fine” Wanda cuts in, smiling at you. 
“Happy Halloween…?” you simply said, feeling a little embarrassed as you smile at them all and your wife shows up next to you. 
“Don’t we just look cute? Why don’t we take some photos mhm?” Agatha smirked watching your eyes go wide at her suggestion. 
“No. I will not let you torment me about my Halloween look years from now!” you said, shooting a glare at her and she just laughed. 
“Did you forget who you married?” she teased. 
 “No. Photos and that’s final.” 
But then you heard a camera flashed and you were now screwed. 
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I’ve been really sad lately I think it’s time to rewatch wandavision
Tumblr media
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gay-fromspace · 3 days ago
Kay so i just started to watch WandaVision (yes i just started, shame on me) and damn. I have QUESTIONS. I'm only one and a half minutes in and i am QUESTIONING MY WHOLE LIFE
Five minutes in I'M SO CONFUSED?!
I mean i already knew some things but i- i don't know.
End of second episode. What the fuck. What. The. Fuck. Is. Going. On.
Okay so...I'm done now. It's 01:11am and...well yeah
I'm crying
I'm confused bc what was that in the credits
I'm horny for Agnes/Agatha
Fanfictions here i come, wattpad you better have my tea ready and Ao3 i expect cookies or/and cake
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nerdyanon · 4 days ago
One Funko Pop figure is not sufficient. Sort it out.
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island-in-the-shadows · 4 days ago
No one:
No one at all:
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nerdyanon · 4 days ago
Good morning & welcome to another tumblr milestone! Thank you to all of my 150 followers! 😍☀️
Super grateful for all of you following me as I essentially deal with my love for Kathryn Hahn, defend the honour & write a sad backstory for Agatha Harkness, write weekly posts about The Falcon & The Winter Soldier and throw in a few Mandalorian/Baby Yoda gifs for good measure because he is just the cutest. Oh and of course thank you tumblr for giving me somewhere to dump all of my wallpapers/lockscreens I make during a procrastination sesh ✌️
Happy Thursday you lovely lot! ☺️💜
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goagells · 4 days ago
I’m having one of those moments I’m having one of those moments I’m having one of those moments I’m having one of those moments I’m having one of those moments I’m having one of those moments I’m having one of those moments I’m having one of those moments
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