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#agatha harkness
german-demon · 2 hours ago
WandaVision: best show Elizabeth Olsen: best performance Teyonah Parris: best hero Kathryn Hanh: best villian Wanda vs Agatha: best fight
go vote!
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sapphiclyartistically · 2 hours ago
,So I was minding my own business, looking for stuff to play, when I saw THIS. God I was so excited lmao.
Tumblr media
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zafirosreverie · 4 hours ago
Must be the eyes (Teacher!Agatha x Fem!Student!Reader) part 7
Tumblr media
(part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5) (part 6)
a/n: This is short and feels rushed and I’m sorry for that. I really didn’t like this part too much, at least not like i enjoyed the others, but i hope you would!  and to that anon in particular...I hope you’re happy now. You win.
Warnings: Nsfw at the beginning
- - - - - - - - - - -
You bit your lower lip while throwing your head back for the fifth time in 15 minutes. Damn that wicked woman!
Agatha smirked against your collarbone, enjoying the way you were completely undone under her. Her hand traced a slow, merciless path down your slit again, not pushing too hard or giving you what you really needed.
"Are you okay love?" she asked mockingly, pulling away from you.
The woman felt her own arousal grow looking at you from above. You were covered in sweat and saliva, with small bruises covering your body. She was an artist proud of her work. But she wasn't done yet.
"You look beautiful queen" she murmured, running her nails down your thighs and stomach. You groaned under your breath, trying not to be too loud.
"Please" you whispered.
You wanted so badly to be able to move your hands, to relieve a little of the pressure between your legs, but the older woman had made sure you didn't have that option and the first thing she had done after undressing was to tie your wrists to the head of the bed.
"Please what?" she scoffed.
Really, she didn't care what you were going to say, she wasn't interested in making you beg (that was a nice bonus though), she wanted to make you pay.
"Please" you said again desperate
Agatha leaned over you, sending a shiver down your spine. She straddled you, letting her wetness press against your belly. You groaned gutturally and she giggled slightly when you tried to move your hips.
"15 minutes and you already forgot what I told you?" she asked.
She leaned in to kiss you before whispering against your lips.
"I told you clearly, Y/N, from now on, you are mine" she bit your lower lip "And you want to know something?"
You nodded eagerly, earning another almost cruel laugh.
"I'm going to make you pay"
You frowned slightly, not really knowing what she was referring to. Pay? Pay for what? The woman must have seen the confusion on your face because she caressed her cheek tenderly.
"Oh, you really don't know, do you?" she whispered "Okay, let me show you, be a good pet, will you?"
You gasped when she resumed her macabre dance. Her mouth felt hot against your skin, even when you felt like you were boiling. Her teeth scraped your nipple and your back arched.
"You have to pay, Y/N, for what you did to me." her nails marked the inside of your thighs, drawing closer to your center.
"For every time you put on a skirt and sat in the front of the class" a pair of fingers parted your lower lips
"For every cleavage you wore, every time your fingers brushed mine when you handed me something" she pushed two fingers into you suddenly, making you scream.
"Shhh" she shut you up. She didn’t move her fingers, but she left them inside you "You are going to pay, for each and every one of the fantasies that you made me have"
"Please" you mumbled "I'm sorry"
You really didn't know if your apologies were worth anything, you didn't even know if you were supposed to apologize, you really had no way of knowing what she was feeling! You were too busy with your own fantasies. But the brunette didn't really seem to mind.
"I-I didn't know" you said, trying to move
"Oh, I know you didn’t, love" she whispered "I know you didn't know. You didn't know how much I wanted you. You didn't know about the times I had to lock myself in the bathroom in this very room, imagining that my own hands were the yours"
You gasped a little at that and blushed when you imagined all the times that this beautiful woman was locked in that bathroom, with her hand between her legs, thinking of you.
"Oh, don't make that face, doll" she told you, sticking another finger inside you, this time she covered your moan with her mouth.
"We are going to settle accounts"
It was a wonderful night, but the next morning you couldn't even sit properly. Agatha took this fact with great pride. You really looked forward to tonight.
"You understand that nobody can know about this, right?" she had told you while she hugged you from behind and kissed your neck
You had nodded. Honestly, you hadn't even thought there would be something beyond it, you thought it was a one-night stand. But she had laughed in your ear.
"My dear Y/N, now that I have finally tasted you, I want more" she had whispered, snaking her hand back to your intimate area "Besides, you belong to me now ... we just have to be careful"
You had shuddered at the possessive tone of her voice.
"Are you okay miss Y/L/N?" she asked, snapping you out of your thoughts.
All morning, the brunette had acted as if everything was normal. She hadn't even kissed you when you woke up together.
You guessed it made sense. The nights, she had told you, were hers.
"Are you okay princess?" Nick asked when he noticed how carefully you sat on the bench
"Yes" you lied, blushing
"Looks like you've been riding a horse" he joked.
You almost spat your water and cursed him under your breath while he laughed at you.
"Idiot" you muttered
"Oh come on, you know you love me" he said and you rolled your eyes. "So what happened?"
"What happened with what?" you asked
"With the horse" he winked at you
"There is no horse Nick" you growled "And if you keep saying that, I'm going to strangle you"
"okay, sorry, sorry" he laughed
You sat for a while in silence, enjoying the few free minutes before you had to return to the tour.
"You know that you can trust me right?" he whispered to you suddenly. There was no judgment in his voice.
"I know" you nodded "Just ... give me time" you asked
He nodded and let you lean on his shoulder.
Agatha pressed you hard against the wall, almost growling wildly.
"Explain" she demanded
"wh-what?" you asked, cursing yourself for being so excited by her rudeness
"You and Jadu" she said "I saw you sitting under a tree. And you didn't let go of his hand the whole tour. I thought I made it clear that I didn't like that you were so close."
"You said we should be careful" you frowned "Don't you think that if I start acting distant with him, he will be suspicious?" you said
Actually, you were sure that if you told Nick, he would support you, even find ways to cover you and not get caught. But that was not the point. The point was, you didn't like the tone in which she said it.
There was a huge difference in the jealousy that Agatha had shown you the night before and the possessiveness that she radiated now. You weren't sure you liked it.
The brunette seemed to think about your words for a moment and must have felt you tensing under her. She finally sighed and pushed a little from you, caressing your cheek.
"I'm sorry" she said "you're right" she smiled weakly at you.
For a moment, you felt relief. You gasped when she pulled you onto the bed and tried to erase that scene from your mind. But you couldn't.
Even with her head between her legs, even when she made you hers again and again, even when you saw stars behind your eyes. Even then, you couldn't forget the dark glint in her eyes.
There was something very wrong with it. Something dark and dangerous. Alarms rang in your head, memories of a dark past and scars on your heart returned. And still, you ignored them.
For that night, and the following. For two weeks, you ignored everything. Her jealousy, her apparent obsession with controlling you, her violent kisses, her orders, the dark in her eyes. Everything.
You ignored it because she made you feel good, because despite all that, you loved her. And because, you had agreed that you would end everything when the trip was over. That you would simply be a student and a teacher again when you returned to Westview. So you had enjoyed everything she gave you.
And above all, you ignored the voice that told you that you had fallen again, that you had stumbled again and with the same stone.
That you were a toy again.
- - - - - - - - - - - - 
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weemilfsimp · 5 hours ago
Little Purple Perfidious Hood [Agatha Harkness xFem!Reader]
Tumblr media
A/N: hello! This is my first time writing and posting on Tumblr I hope you enjoy this first chapter. You can also find it on ao3 under the same name.
Summary: The town of Westview was already filled with mystery with the arrival of Wanda Maximoff, you simply added more especially with your relation with Agatha Harkness. You come to town with the witch to investigate but once entering the Hex something occurs and it changes you.
Chapter 1: Carve My Heart Out
Salem, Massachusetts [February 7, 1692]
The dreary night was frigid, the chilling breeze hit your skin as you were being dragged into the desolate forest by your father. You desperately try to pull away, yet his crushing grip is firm around your now bruised arm. His filthy nails mixed with dirt dug into your bruised skin, rustling you around as he quickens his frantic pace. You hadn’t seen him this angered ever in your life, and it terrified you more than you would ever admit out loud. You grew extremely concerned not just for yourself but also your mother, you had heard yelling early that day. And that worry was amplified when your father forced you against a tree with one hand forcibly restraining you there. His bloodied hand around your neck with a firm grip, merely allowing you to breathe barely. The torch that he had held to see whiles their journey into the deeps of profound darkness, was now mere inches away from your face. Feeling the heat from the flames, your body grew tense, leaning more against the tree to prevent a possible burn.
But with the fierce light of the torch, your fearful eyes widen at the terrible sight of your father. His bloodied face smeared by nearly dried up by the crimson color. You hadn’t noticed the condition your father was in due to the sudden wakening of being pulled off the bed and being led outside in the dead of the pitch-black night.
“ Father…” your voice cracked, the fear was consuming you. All you can do was stare at him, and his eyes if were daggers would kill you right then and there.
“ Shut your mouth devil spawn! ” his tone was harsh, even as he spoke the grip on your neck increased.
You gasped for air, feeling it was difficult to grasp air into your lungs. With the little bravely you conjured up you used your hands to try to break free from his hold. Yet that attempt was deemed a failure because immediately your arm felt the flame from the torch burn your flesh.
A scream of analogy escaped your lips, tears soon began to form. The tears pooling in your eyes, a point away from rolling down your cheeks as if they were a waterfall.
Even if the first attempt was a failure, your hands were still locked around his arm. Tugging his arm with all your strength to remove his grip. Once again you felt flame once again brushed against you, this time you didn’t scream. Instead, you bit down upon your bottom lip and squeezing your eyes completely shut. You won’t allow him to get satisfaction for hearing your cries of pain that he is causing.
Your father leaned in close to you and began to whisper into your ear.
“ You are like your whore of a mother. She had done the exact thing before I killed her. ”
An expression mixed with fear and disgust came upon your face, your thoughts raced. Without hesitation, you struck your father between his legs with the heel of your shoe. In seconds the firm grip that had you pinned against the tree was gone. Immediately you ran away from his direction, deeper into the forest. Every foot you took the less amount of moonlight you could see helped guided you.
The screams of your father calling out your name encouraged you to run even faster. The dress you wore was surely now ruined with each time. You had tripped falling onto the ground or the branches on the ground pulled on the fabric.
It hadn't been long before you grew tired of all the running, your breath was hitched. Leaning against the tree, you could feel how fast your heart was beating. It was as if your heart would escape your chest.
That’s when you heard a branch break near you, and can quickly bend to grab a rock in case you needed to throw at whatever it could be and walked towards where you had heard the noise from.
“ You know I wasn’t expecting to find a young maiden like yourself out here at this late hour. ” You heard the voice from behind you and immediately turning around about to launch the rock in their direction. You had your hand in mid-air but you locked eyes with the person, a woman to be exact that had spoken and lowered your hand.
“ Who are you? ” you tilted your head as you stared at her, you still had the rock in your grip.
“ Who are you? ” she returned the question with what you heard was sass in her tone.
“ Y/N, Y/N YL/N ” you replied, you have no idea if that was a good idea or not to have told her your name but you did.
It was as if she was thinking about telling you her identity as well, and raised an eyebrow as she heard your name. “ Agatha Harkness, a pleasure to meet you Y/N .”
Current Time
Westview, New Jersey [2023]
You gasped for air, jolting up from the floor. You inhale and exhale as if you had run an entire marathon. Looking around, you stood up from the wooden floor. You stared at your hands before your eyes widen.
The color from your body slowly vanished and your clothes changed into what appeared to be the dress that could have been worn in the 50s. Looking up your eyes roamed the entire room noticing that all the furniture was also losing its color turn and morphing itself into completely different pieces.
None of this was ‘normal’, then again nothing in your life was normal but something was wrong with her.
That’s when you heard the door open, turning around to find Agatha nearly frozen at the doorway. You saw that she had also gotten her outfit changed and color gone. But neither of you spoke, it was as if you both were trying to understand what was happening.
Her gentle eyes stared and promptly locked with yours, and a gentle smile appeared on her face.
“ Y/N ...” she barely whispered before she carefully made her way towards you.
Gently wrapping her arms around you in a tight embrace, you practically melted into it. You dearly missed this. You consistently do since what happened to you. . .
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originallyororo · 5 hours ago
‘You are an ancestor to one of the previous Sorcerer Supreme’s. Magic is somewhere inside of you. ‘
‘I am just fine without using my magic. I am a mutant with divine power gifted from the goddess. I do not need to practice it.’
‘At least try, Ororo. ‘
‘Fine. I will seek a teacher to help me with this magic you say I may possess.’
Ororo Munroe, member of the X-Men found herself soaring quietly above Westview. She didn’t quite like the idea of what she was about to do but she had made a promise to a friend, one she would keep even if it killed her. She contacted Stephen Strange first. He was the closest of all her choices, but unfortunately he could not aide her. Wanda Maximoff was currently missing and wanted fir capture. So she was left with one choice. Ororo did some quiet questioning which led her to Westview. It was around six in the evening. The sun had barely set on the town and the street lamps illuminated the quiet streets.
She supposed it would be a nice place to settle down. Surely that’s why Wanda picked it. She lowered herself onto the empty streets and went towards a house close to the edge of town. She saw light illuminating the curtains and heard the mumbled sound of a television. She took a deep breath and knocked softly on the door.
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theparkerfamilysblog · 6 hours ago
Universilia: Ohhh boy!! ;3; the crossover with Natalie and Agatha
Tumblr media
When Agatha finds Out Natalie Parker Almost Dating with Dean Venture...
(Me: Plus... This is called... "Crossover for Marvel and Venture Bros with AU" ;3;))
Universilia: Like Almost they friends... ;3;
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scarletharkness · 6 hours ago
harkximoff is canon and this is their song
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stuckylokanefan · 7 hours ago
I thought that WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier would be good, but I didn’t expect them to be as amazing as they ended up being. They are both great shows and I am now super hyped for Loki now.
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bryzharkness · 8 hours ago
Never Ever (agatha x daughter!reader)
Request: Hey! I just wanted to say that I love your work and you are super talented! Safe to say that you are definitely one of my comfort writers on this app (: Oh, also... if you don’t mind, could you do an Agatha x Daughter!Reader fic? I don’t mind what it is but preferably angst. Maybe reader and Agatha get into an argument that blows out of proportion so she stays at Wandas house until her and her mother (Agatha) fix things between them? Thanks for reading this, I hope that makes sense and have a nice day 💕
A/N: Hiya hun! This made me tear up im honored to be your comfort writer and when I saw this request I was abt to go to sleep but I wanted to get this done for you. Tysm for your kind words and I hope you enjoy it, I had a blast writing it!
Warnings: Angst, arguing, cursing, fluff at the end i promise
It was later in the evening around 7pm and it was starting to get dark out with the sun only minutes away from fully setting. Your mom was downstairs in her basement, which you were never allowed in and you knew that. Agatha, your mother had made it very clear that she didn’t want you anywhere near her basement nor the dark forces that lingered in it, so it was off limits. 
It was now 7:30, you were hungry so you just made yourself some heat up mac and cheese you found in the cabinet and sat down on the couch eating it. You finished it in less than 20 minutes, and even then your mom still hadn’t come back upstairs. She normally would work until around 7, but this past week she had been working later and later each night, and since she was “at work” all day you didn’t see her as much. Only in the mornings when she would say her goodbyes and leave a loving kiss on your forehead.
At this point you were getting annoyed, yes yes your mother was a powerful witch, blah blah blah, but at the end of the day she was still your mother. Sometimes you questioned weather she cared about her work more than you, but you never let it get to far into your head, you knew she loved you...right?
“Mom!” you yelled down into the basement waiting for a response, when nothing came you tried again.
“Mom!” you yelled louder this time, still nothing.
“MOMMA!” you screamed annoyed that she still hasn’t given you a response. Still nothing. Now you were really ticked off. Without even thinking about what you were doing you walked down the stairs of the basement not stepping off the last step but just lingering there letting your eyes adjust to the darkness.
“Mom” you said not yelling but not quietly either, annoyed at her for ignoring you. But this time there was a response.
“Y/N!” Agatha shouted as she came out of the darkness to be right in front of you.
“What the hell are you doing down here?! I told you to never enter the door of this basement!” she shouted a little more loudly making you lean back a little.
“I called you three times momma! And you ignored me!” you whined the first sentence and raised your voice more on the second one.
“Watch your tone young lady” your mother growled at you.
Before you even realized what was happening your mother grabbed your arm tightly practically dragging you back up the stairs as you stumbled on a few steps.
“Mom! Your hurting me stop it!” you screamed and she just rolled her eyes and once you both got to the top of the steps she forcefully let go of your arm which now had a slight red mark. You looked at the mark and held it protectively, not like that would do anything. Tears started forming in your eyes as you looked up at your own mother in fear.
“I have told you many times to never ever enter my basement especially when I am working and you disobey me?” she yelled sending a jolt of fear through your body, she had never yelled at you like this before.
“Momma I’m sorry! I just- you- I’ve barely seen you all week you have been locked up in your basement, or at work whatever the hell that means. I mean mom this town isn't even real what is so important- so much more important than me!” you screamed now tears streaming down your face. 
Agatha just looked at you blankly without words to say but broke the silence after a moment of thought.
“Do you even understand what is at stake here Y/N! My whole life everything I have worked for is just around the corner and I can’t be having little girls like you distracting me from my goals! Especially little girls who dont listen to their mother!” she screamed at you only making you cry harder.
“Oh stop it Y/N! I dont want to see your pitty tears I have enough problems.” Agatha rolled her eyes at you, turning around about to head back down to her basement, and that was it for you, you were crying and shaking with disbelief and you ran out of the house with your hands covering your face and ran to the only other house you actually knew in the neighborhood. Wanda’s.
You were still sobbing when you rang her doorbell and she opened the door with a smile before seeing the state you were in and quickly went into mom mode having two children herself.
“Oh Y/N, what’s wrong? Did something happen?” she said softly as she guided you to the couch rubbing your back in soothing circles. It took you a few moments to calm down and collect yourself the harsh words of your own mother still running through your head.
“My mom- she said that I was a distraction and she said that I was causing her problems and she just she doesn’t love me anymore” you choked out starting to cry again leaning into Wanda’s shoulder as she ran her fingers through your hair.
“Im so sorry Y/N, your mother is a very difficult woman but she does love you she really really does I promise you.” you sighed and pulled back from her shaking your head.
“No Wanda I think I really messed up this time, she hates me now! I’m just a disappointment that is all I ever have been to her. I barely saw her at all this week and when I finally get a single moment with her it turns into a horrible argument and I just im, I should have just kept my mouth shut and stayed in my room and maybe my mo- Agatha wouldn’t hate me” you cried wiping tears from your cheeks as more fell. You couldn’t even call Agatha your mom right now it hurt too much it felt like you were calling an enemy a friend. Not only did Agatha hate you, but you hated yourself.
Agatha didn’t even realize you had ran out of the house until she heard the door slam shut and she turned around and you were gone. She saw you enter Wanda’s house and once she saw that she knew she had pushed it. She had been just so busy with her plan trying to find out how the hell Wanda was doing everything that she forgot about what truly was more important to her than anything in the world, you. God she loved you so much and she just wished she had showed it better. She made a grave mistake yelling at you, and hurting you. God she left a mark never in a million years would she ever dream of laying a hand on you but tonight her mind had been racing all day and she lost control.
She knew what she had to do so she grabbed her coat and walked to Wanda’s taking a deep breath before knocking on the door. 
You jumped at the knock, having it startled your comforted state in Wanda’s embrace. Wanda got up and went to the door and you stayed on the couch. When the door opened you saw Agatha there with a weak smile and tears in her eyes leaning her head in to see you on the couch. Your hair half fallen out of your ponytail and dried tears all over your face. Wanda let her in and she timidly made her way over to the couch sitting next to you. Wanda looked at you and smiled before exiting, giving both of you a moment alone. 
Agatha stared at you a moment but you refused to make eye contact keep your head down until you felt a light touch on your arm where the mark was and you yanked it into you very quickly and your head shot up to meet Agatha’s eyes and your eyes were filled with fear. Agatha felt so much regret when she saw her own daughter seemingly afraid of her.
“I just want to heal it honey, can I?” she asked shyly holding her hand out but not touching you just yet until you gave her a slow unsure nod but still an agreeing force for her to lightly grasp your arm again and hover her hand over the red mark making it disappear. After a moment of looking at your arm and looking at Agatha’s eyes she broke the silence. 
“I am so so sorr-” before she could finish she was pulled into a bone crushing hug from her daughter with you wrapping her arms around her and nestling your head into her chest. She instinctively hugged you back pulling you closer and running her fingers through your hair shushing the small crys that withered from you due to all the emotion coursing through you.
“I am so sorry baby girl, I never ever in a million years want you to ever feel like I don’t love you. I am so sorry I put work before you I promise I will never do it again. You are my world and you are my most precious creation and the greatest thing to ever happen to me. I love you so much sweetheart. Please if you ever feel I feel other wise come talk to me, and you don’t ever have to be afraid of me ever. I will never hurt you. I love you” she said over and over until you pulled back from the hug smiling at her with tears still in your eyes.
“I love you too momma. I am sorry I went in your basement I know i’m not allowed down there and I won’t do it again, but promise me one thing?” you asked shyly and your mom just smiled and nodded.
“Anything.” she said waiting for a response.
“Promise that you will never ever put work before me again.” you looked at her worried that she would hesitate on an answer because she couldn’t promise. But she did the opposite she smiled and hugged you once more before pulling back an pressing a kiss too your forehead.
“Never Ever” she smiled hugging you tightly again.
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arianscorpio · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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zafirosreverie · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For @p-nymph
a/n: sorry this is short. But i hope you like it!
- - - - - - - - -  You weren't really thinking when you did it. It didn't even occur to you to close the bathroom door, after all, it was almost natural for you at this point, so you just didn't take the other person inside the house into account.
You didn't do it very often, not really, but every once in a while, when you felt like you couldn't take it anymore, you would press a sharp metal blade against your skin. You knew it was wrong, it was dangerous, but you couldn't help yourself.
When you saw the red liquid forming a hot path on your skin, you felt that all your problems were going away, as if the emotions that were too strong for you were leaving, carried away by that precious vital liquid, out of you.
"Y/N?" you heard a whisper behind you.
You froze in place, slowly looking up until your eyes met Agatha's through the bathroom mirror. She had a hurt look and covered her mouth with her hand.
Neither of you moved, you just looked at each other in the mirror.
Slowly, you lowered the razor, setting it over the sink, blood still dripping from it. The sound of metal hitting ceramic seemed to wake her up.
"Y/N" she whispered again, approaching you carefully
You sighed. You should have closed the door, you should have been more careful. You cursed yourself internally. You hated worrying her, after all she'd been through at Westview, the last thing she needed was to have to deal with you.
"I'm sorry" you mumbled
Agatha looked at you for a moment. She didn't speak, she just leaned closer to you and carefully took your arm. You saw how her eyes traveled the same path as your blood.
"You don't have to explain anything" she told you "just...let me"
You tensed a bit when her eyes turned purple and you felt a tingle of magic run through you. You watched in amazement as the blood returned to you and your skin closed, without any trace of having been damaged.
"I love you" she said suddenly.
You blinked a little. She said in a hurry and was almost desperate, but it felt a little out of place, considering the whole situation. The witch must have seen the conflict on your face because she caressed her cheek tenderly.
"I love you" she said again "And I'm not going to judge you ..."
There was a but there, you knew it. But you didn't say anything.
"You know ... it was a very fine line" she said, smiling shyly at you.
"What?" you asked
Agatha looked at you and conjured a pen in her hand. Taking your arm again, she drew a fine line where your court had been before. She didn't need to tell you anything, because you got the message right away.
You smiled a little and hugged her, enjoying the sound of her heartbeat. Agatha kissed your head and let her hands run down your back for a moment.
"Oh that's beautiful love" your girlfriend said, peeking over your shoulder
You smiled. You had to admit that your drawing was amazing, even if you said it yourself. You turned your head and kissed her tenderly, before she broke away from you and took a picture of your arm, scrawled in pen ink.
Agatha's phone was gradually filling up with pictures of your arms in different patterns, but at least she didn't have to hide the house knives anymore.
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kathrynhahnsource · 10 hours ago
kathryn has been nominated for an MTV movie & tv award!
Click below to vote for her two categories! BEST VILLIAN: AGATHA HARKNESS
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scarletharkness · 10 hours ago
Monica after Wanda and Agatha spent the night at her house: so, how was the pullout?
Wanda spitting out her drink: W-WHAT?!!
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harkximoff · 15 hours ago
Wanda: Name one of your best qualities
Agatha: Just one? I have like 9,000,000,000
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visl0ki · 16 hours ago
Agnes: I just ended a four year relationship.
Wanda: Oh, I’m so sorry. Are you okay?
Agnes: Hm? Oh yeah, I’m fine. It wasn’t my relationship.
*Vision and Loki fighting from across the room*
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annie-mit-ie · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ugh, she is even prettier than I thought she would be. 🥺✨💜
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scarlets-maximoff · 18 hours ago
Hello! For the W x A prompt, kinda of a sleepover where they are still just friends and wakes up a lazy sunday morning in each other arms. Nothing sexual though, just everything soft, sweet and comforting. TIA, I love LOVE your writing! <3
heyy, thank you so much for your prompt! this one is extremely soft so BEWARE LOL I hope you like it, dear <3
"That is enough for today, hon." Agatha puts a hand on the small of her back, gently guiding Wanda away from the unsettling presence of the Darkhold. It does not seem like the younger witch has heard her, for her gaze is still profoundly empty. Unfocused. This damned book takes a toll on anyone who dares read it. Agatha knows this better than most.
As they reached the small sofa in the living room, the older woman had already vanished the book back to its place: another plane of existence entirely. Agatha worries that Wanda might not be able to snap out of its effects any time soon, for the woman doesn't even respond to the soft hand resting on her shoulder.
"I'm gonna go brew us some tea, okay? Be right back, dear." She gives Wanda a smile, which is not reciprocated. Yet no response. Trying not to hover as to not overwhelm the witch, Agatha steps away and into the kitchen, a million thoughts racing through her head. She has come to care for the younger witch quite a bit, ever since they had compromised. A deal not to hurt each other again, in any way. A deal where Agatha would teach the Scarlet Witch everything she knew, in exchange to have her magic back.
Their beginning was rocky, at the very best. Wanda would avoid her as much as she possibly could, while Agatha would try to do the same. As one can imagine, it is also impossibly difficult to achieve such a goal in such a small cabin. So, as the days passed and the seasons ran, both witches had discovered something new in each other. Something neither of them could ever imagine finding.
Affection. Companionship. Solace.
Agatha has come to care deeply, strongly for the young witch. A part of her regrets the wrongdoings she had committed back in Westview, but at the same time, if it weren't for them she would have never met Wanda. And now, as Agatha looks over her shoulder towards her, she realizes that she can't ever regret it.
If it weren't for Wanda, she'd be alone and would continue to be alone until the end of her days.
"Here, hon… Chamomile tea is known for calming down our nerves." She extends the cup to her apprentice, relief sweeping through her as she watches Wanda slowly reach out to grab it. As if on cue, the red crown across her forehead dissolves into nothingness, as well as the rest of her attire. Agatha silently sits down beside her, blue eyes looking intently at her. Wanda looks back.
And the purple witch feels her heart break at the sight of tears pooling in her eyes. She makes a sad sound at the back of her throat. "What happened?" Agatha's Voice is no more than a whisper. It is all that it takes for the tears to fall.
The witch grunts at the force of Wanda's embrace. Without a second thought, she firmly wraps her arms around her waist, their cups of tea long forgotten. Auburn hair tickles her nose as she buries herself in it, breathing in deeply. The sound of Wanda's sobs… Agatha can feel herself crumbling from inside out. She tightens her hold. A broken voice whispers in her ear.
"I saw them, Agatha. My b-boys," She cries harder. "They were right there in front of me, but they couldn't see me-" Wanda can't finish the sentence, which only makes the older witch cry along with her. She doesn't know what to do to make her feel better. But she knows what the redhead is feeling.
So, she does the first thing that comes across her mind.
Agatha teleports both of them to Wanda's bedroom, a tiny room in the back of the cabin. Wanda is practically sitting in her lap by the time they land on the bed.
"I'm gonna lay us down, okay?" She feels her companion nod against her neck, and with that Agatha pulls her down to rest her head in chest. Nothing is said as she lets Wanda cry for her boys, her lost lover and everything that happened in between. In a soothing motion, she runs a hand up and down the woman's back, while the other is nestled in her hair, caressing her scalp.
They don't know for how long they stayed in that position, cuddled up in each other's arms. It is only at the forenoon, when the sunlight lazily enters the room, when they wake up.
Never knew Wanda could be such a teddy bear, Agatha teasingly thinks to herself as she feels strong arms firmly embracing her from behind. Somehow they had managed to slide underneath the soft duvet of the bed, which now protects them both from the chilling cold air of night.
"Stop thinking so loudly and let me sleep..." A raspy voice breathes in her ear, the thick sokovian accent eliciting a shiver down Agatha's spine. She laughs quietly, turning around to face the younger witch. Wanda has only one eye open, a grumpy look on her face. Not once breaking her hold, she lifts a hand to try and wipe the sleep out of her eyes. A smile blossoms on her lips.
Agatha smiles back.
"Are you okay?" She brushes a thumb against her cheek.
"A little," Wanda rests a hand on top of hers. "T-Thank you, Agatha. For being here with me." She pulls the older woman closer and closer, until she's the one resting her head on Wanda's chest. The steady heartbeat almost a lullaby to her ears. Her lips curl into a peaceful smile.
"I will always be with you, Wanda. For as long as you'll have me." She feels a kiss on her forehead.
A teddy bear, indeed.
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Me: writes long essay about why Agatha Harkness is not a straight up villain.
Also me: oh my girl is nominated for a best villain award? I shall allow myself this moment of hypocrisy because SHE DESERVES ALL THE AWARDS.
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