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Don’t stand so close chapter 14*
Summary: Anna and Starla are best friends, but when Anna meets Starla’s dad, Harry, she can’t deny how attractive he is. Unfortunately, she’s far too young for him and he doesn’t seem to be interested anyway. Then, years down the road, Harry suddenly realizes he likes his daughter’s best friend a little too much, but how could they ever make it work?
AN/Warning: I will have a * by the parts when smut is included. This warning list is comprehensive for all parts, not all contain smut or listed warnings. NSFW, smut, anal play, oral (male and female), 18+ only (as always), angst, major age gap (all consenting adults), slight DDlg, feelings & gooey emotions expressed, a close call
Tumblr media
Chapter 13*
Chapter 14*
The following morning I woke up from a dream that I was sucking Harry off and it had me very aroused. Harry was still asleep and I watched him for a bit. His adorable sleepy face, hair strewn about all over, his chest bare of the blankets that had been pushed down to only cover his lower half. I turned my head to look at the clock and realized it was only 7:15 AM, quite early. People wouldn’t start showing up until closer to 7 or 8 PM so we had all day to enjoy one another.
I brought my hand up to my necklace and opened, then closed the little book as I continued watching Harry sleep for a bit longer. He’s so soft and adorable, yet also so very hot and sexy at the same time. I reached over to brush some of the hair off of his forehead and he didn’t move at all. He was out. I snuggled in closer to him, hoping that maybe he’d wake up a little and want to fuck me, I was already horny from the dream I’d woken up from and it had turned into somewhat of a routine for us to wake-up and have sex first thing.
When I hitched my leg up over his, I felt that he had a bit of a hardon. Probably the fabled morning wood all the guys talk about. I couldn’t help but lower my hand over him and delicately massage over his length. Harry was lying on his back, mouth parted slightly as he slept and I had the sudden idea to do something that would have him waking up in no time.
I sat up and pulled the blankets down. Harry and I both slept naked so he was easy access for me. His strong thighs now on display, encasing his large dick – he looked delicious. I nudged my way in between his legs, parting them to make room for myself and brought a hand over his cock to stroke it lightly. He grew harder in my hand quickly and the sight of it had me nearly drooling. I kneeled down and licked over him then kissed his tip before spitting a bit to make everything smooth and comfortable for him once he was awake. I knew it couldn’t be long before he was waking.
I kissed up the length of his shaft, wet, open-mouthed kisses all the way up to his tip and this time, when I got to his tip I put my mouth over him and traced my tongue over his head and into his slit lightly. I began taking more of him, keeping one hand on the base of his shaft as I lazily stroked him and the other I lightly placed over one of his thighs. After maybe a minute of sucking on him and pushing my mouth over his cock he shifted and I heard a deep inhale of breath. I continued my sucking and kept my eyes on him, waiting for our eyes to meet, curious to see what his reaction would be.
I brought my lips off of him to lightly lick just the tip as I continued stroking him, now a little faster with more pressure, since I was sure he was waking up. Harry moaned lightly, sleepily and licked his lips, but his eyes remained shut. I brought my mouth back down over him again, sucking and flattening my tongue along the thick vein that ran up the underside of his dick. I gently brought a hand down to hug at his balls as I took him deeper and this time Harry bucked his hips upward causing his tip to reach down my throat and I gagged over him. I pulled back a little but not all the way off and finally caught his gaze on mine. His mouth was parted, eyes barely open but he was watching me now and he let out a groan and brought a hand up to the back of my head, winding his fingers through my hair. I lowered over him again, keeping watch of his face and lightly squeezed at his balls. Harry pursed his lips and brought his head back down, closing his eyes again.
I hummed now, as I sucked him and licked him, wanting to get his attention. I wanted him to look at me. I brought my hand up from his balls and stroked his shaft as I lifted myself off, Harry’s hand was still in my hair, though he wasn’t pushing me down over him. “Morning, Harry. Sleep well?” I placed my lips over his tip and licked as I pumped him with my hand and then brought myself lower again, bobbing now, sucking harder and keeping my eyes on his.
He opened his eyes and gasped. I could see his pupils were blown out and he bucked up toward me again, causing me to gag over his tip and he moaned. I didn’t pull off, though, I continued my work, my saliva dripping over his cock and down my chin now.
“Fuck, Anna. You’re so good, baby. Just like that. Shit…” he spread his legs a little more, bending slightly at the knees as he stuffed his pillow under his head so that he could keep his neck angled and watch. I continued sucking him off and watching him. He put one arm behind his head while his free hand stayed in my hair.
My technique was simple: take him as far as possible, no teeth, one hand on his balls, one on his shaft, lots of saliva, gagging is okay, flatten the tongue and use for extra pressure and occasionally to lick and twirl at the head over the frenulum, suck often, hum often, and keep eye contact if possible (it’s really not always possible when you’re gagging and your eyes are watering). I bobbed and sucked and squeezed and stroked. I gagged over his tip as it went to the back of my throat and hummed. Harry was moaning and his chest was rapidly rising and falling. I knew he was close. Really close.
Finally, Harry pulled me off of him by the hair he’d been holding onto and dragged me up toward him, kissing me, immediately putting his tongue into my mouth. My head burned from the hair he was pulling but I didn’t mind one bit. I lowered myself over him and fell into the kiss, my hands on his shoulders. Harry let go of my hair and put his hands on my hips and guided me to smooth my pussy over his dick.
“’nough of that. Why don’t you ride me now? Let me come inside that pretty little pussy.” He brought a hand to my center and slid two fingers up and down my wet lips, “Already soaked, baby. Like sucking me off like that?”
I nodded and smiled into the kiss as he brought a hand back over my ass spanked one of my cheeks, “My naughty girl. Love you.” I ground my cunt over his cock a few more times before lifting up to position myself over him. Harry held his shaft and guided it to my opening and I sunk down onto him slowly. He grasped onto my hips and I began to ride him once I was seated all the way into his lap, his cock settled deep inside of me.
“You feel so good inside of me, Harry. Stretching me out, hitting so deep. Ugh…” I moaned as I shifted my hips up and down over him, keeping my clit stimulated on his pelvic bone. Harry still had tired eyes but now his lips were red and wet, his pupils dark, his breathing heavy.
“Yeah? I know baby. It feels so fucking good, doesn’t it. Never felt so good before.” Harry groaned when I lifted up and slapped down over him quickly. I angled my legs to spread further apart, planting my feet on the bed, and leaned back a little, placing my hands over his thighs to give him a really good view. I slid up and down his thick cock, watching how I took him with each plunge over him. We were both looking at the filthy view and moaning. Harry brought a hand up to my clit and gently rubbed over it and it made me gasp. Now our eyes were on one another with our mouths dropped open. The lusty sound of our bodies gliding together and skin smacking filled the room as did our light moans and panting.
“Fuck, Anna. C’mere. Let me kiss you and hold you close, baby.” I quickly changed my position, back to my knees and leaned over him to kiss him. Now Harry was thrusting his hips up into me so he could assist. It took only a minute of Harry’s hard thrusting, our lips on one another, licking into our mouths, moans falling from our chest for both of us to orgasm. We both came, my naked body against his naked body quivering and releasing in bliss together.
After a shower and some singing together to the songs Harry had blasting over his blue tooth speaker we ate toast and drank coffee before squishing together on the love seat in the indoor porch to read a little. I made sure to put my things into my bag and place it in the spare room, just in case Starla showed up early. I wanted to make sure everything looked normal. I leaned against Harry’s chest as I read to him from the book I was reading. He leaned his head against mine and kissed my ear and temple every now and then.
Tumblr media
Suddenly Harry shifted and cleared his throat, “Fuck. Forgot all about the edibles last night. Was gonna get high and fuck, remember? Completely spaced on that. We’ll have to try another time…” I turned to look at him and smiled. I’d forgotten too.
“I don’t know how much better it can really be with you, Harry. It’s already so good. I think I might take an edible before everyone arrives tonight, though. Could be fun. Means I need to drink a little less, which is probably also a good thing.” I laugh a little and Harry grasps my chin to turn my head a little more so he can reach my lips and he pecks at the side of my mouth.
“I’ll take one with you if you want. We can be secretly high together while everyone else is getting sloshed. How’s that sound?” We laugh together and agree on it. I go back to reading at Harry’s insisting and we settle like that for a good amount of time.
After a late lunch and some strawberry tea Harry made, we sit out by the pool for some sun and play music. Everything is mostly set for the party. Our sun beds are scooted next to one another and we’re holding hands with sunglasses on our faces and nodding off a little. After about 30 minutes of this, Harry’s phone rings over the blue tooth speakers, interrupting the music and our peace. He hops up and runs inside to get his phone and I stay right where I’m lying. When he picks up the entire conversation can be heard over the speakers and I can hear Harry trying to move the speaker to his phone instead of the blue tooth so there isn’t feedback. I laugh to myself while listening to him struggle but I can also hear Starla laughing. I know that laugh. I sit up and my heart pounds in my chest. Is she here?
Finally, the music starts playing over the speakers again, indicating either the call has dropped or Harry has finally figured out how to switch the call audio from the blue tooth speaker to his phone. I make my way inside so I can be nosey and Harry is in the middle of the living area, leaned up against the couch with a sweet, relaxed smile on his face. She must not be here.
“Sure! Come over then. Glad you got the assignment done so fast.” He pauses as she speaks and he nods to himself, “Yeah, looking forward to meeting him. Should be a good time.” Another pause and then he looks over to me and blesses me with one of his gorgeous smiles before responding, “Alright, hon. I’ll see you then. Love you.” He puts his phone down and sighs as he makes his way over to me.
“Starla. She’ll be here around 6 with Paul. She said she felt bad she couldn’t be here to help set up and her assignment is just about done so that’s good.” Harry looks over at the wall where the clock is and sees the time, it’s already 3 in the afternoon.
He wraps his arms around me and kisses me, “Well, we’ve only got a few more hours to ourselves, baby. Want another orgasm?” He bites his lip and grins at me seductively and I laugh at his silliness. But yeah, obviously I want another orgasm.
So we get to it. Kissing, licking, sucking, and three orgasms later (two for me, one for Harry) we’re cleaning up and laughing about how horny we always are around one another. I help Harry make his bed and then go to put on my New Year’s Eve party dress. It’s a dress I’ve had for a couple of years but it’s cute and a tiny bit fancy so it’s perfect for this casual party tonight. When I come out of the bathroom dressed with red lipstick and mascara Harry’s eyes go wide and he immediately comes to me and encases me with his arms.
“Fuck. I never get to see you with red lips. Fucking seductress. Gonna have me hard with all the guests around, baby. S’not fair.” He smiles and kisses my neck.
“Mmm… yeah? Well, I like putting red lipstick on for special occasions. Maybe if we can be alone tonight at some point you can fuck my mouth and smear it all over your cock, huh? Would you like that?” I laugh a little as I speak, knowing it’s just talk. There’s no way we’d have any alone time and especially with Starla around.
Harry groans in my ear and pushes me against the wall and speaks lowly, “Gonna fuck that naughty attitude right out of you. Don’t want to hear that kind of talk coming from you again tonight in front of all my guests. I’ll have to punish you.” I pull my knee up toward his crotch as a tease and kiss his neck, leaving behind my lip marks and pull away.
“Oh, well then, in that case you’ve just influenced me to be especially naughty tonight. I don’t do well with threats, daddy. You’ll just have to employ a little self-control, huh?”
He reached up and grabs at my neck, lightly holding the sides and dips his head to meet me eye level, laughing, “Oh, oh… You’re gonna pay for it – you’ll see.” He lets go and backs up, walking into the bathroom with a hand wiping over the spot where I kissed. He acts tough but I know he’s reeling right now. It causes me to smirk and I get to work to set up a little bit.
My outfit is a knee length black dress that’s almost sheer enough to see through with a tiny delicate swirly pattern sewn into the fabric that you can’t see unless you are close enough, it has sleeves that barely cover the very top of my arms and it’s low cut, showing a little cleavage and it’s fitted, not tight, but hugs and clings to my body. It has a slit on my left side that goes dangerously high up my thigh. I will probably stay barefoot. I brought my mary janes to wear with it if people were really dressing up but I have a feeling most will be rather casual.
When Harry gets out of the bathroom he’s dressed and has removed the lip stain from his neck and I sway my hips to the music in a purposeful swing to get his attention. I’m going to be a pain for him all night. This should be fun. Though, now that I see him I realize he’s going to be matching my energy. He looks fucking hot. He’s wearing cream trousers with a light blue and white striped button shirt tucked in. He’s got half the buttons undone, revealing his muscular chest, tattoos (down to the top of the butterfly that’s right under his pecs), light tanned skin with scattered hair and of course, his cross necklace that hangs gloriously between his defined pectoral muscles. He doesn’t look at me as he makes his way into the room where I’m setting up. Instead, he wafts quickly by me and I smell his delicious cologne. His hair is also styled up on his head in a quaff that is stylish and probably easy for him to do given his thick curly hair. He hums to the music and begins to help me set up, not speaking a word to me. He’s touched up his facial hair as well, a little trim and shave but he’s left some scruff. He smells good, and he looks even better. Fuck him.
I pretend to not notice how hot he looks and act aloof and even nonchalant. I keep a small smile on my face and then go to get the bag of edibles from my overnight bag. I bring it out and place it on the table near where Harry is moving things around and he slows his movements when he notices. I open the bag and take one out. Each of these edibles is enough to get us high for the rest of the night, but we’ll still function. We’ll probably have the munchies and need eye drops but it’ll have us feeling good. I slowly plop the gummy edible onto my tongue and then I look up to Harry as he’s watching me take one. I raise my eyebrows as I nod toward the bag, indicating he’s welcome to have one. I chew as he looks at me with a squint and then reaches into the bag, pulling out his own gummy and putting it into his mouth quickly and chewing, his defined jaw working the gummy between his molars and then he swallows. I smirk at him and then pick up the bag and seal it, taking it back to my overnight bag for safe keeping. I bring out my bottle of eye drops and put them in a cabinet in the living area. I’ll need them later and Harry will too once the edibles kick in.
And that’s how it is between us for a while. Silence, searing gazes, aloofness. It’s kind of fun. We are pretending to ignore the other but it’s the total opposite. He looks so fucking fine and I can’t help but bite into my plush bottom lip when he slowly rolls his sleeves up past his elbows, showcasing his thick, strong forearms and dark tattoos. He knows what he’s doing.
Suddenly the door is swinging open and Starla comes in loudly as she’s mid-sentence, saying something to Paul who follows closely behind. Harry and I were both on opposite sides of the room so we didn’t look suspicious but we both look up at the same time to see the pair entering the room.
“Dad!! This is Paul,” Starla turns and gestures toward the tall guy standing behind her. She’s flushed and Paul’s hair looks slightly disheveled, almost like they’d been kissing before they came in. Starla is dressed in a cute red dress that’s flowy and buttons up the front. Her hair is in a tight bun on the top of her head. Paul is wearing navy slacks and a white button up shirt. They both look really great together.
Starla makes her way down from the entryway into the main living area and Harry walks to them, I follow behind Harry. Paul comes down the steps with his hand outstretched to greet Harry and I notice that Paul is a couple of inches taller than Harry, maybe close to my dad’s height, who stands at 6’3. I never realized how tall Paul was to be honest. I’d hung out with him a few times but never took note. Harry is far broader, though, who is shaking Paul’s hand and welcoming him into his home. Paul looks around and I can see that he’s impressed. It’s an impressive home and well laid out.
Starla hugs her dad once Harry and Paul have greeted one another and then Paul brings me in for a side hug, “Hey! How’s it going?” He asks me. I respond and side-hug him back and then Starla takes me in for a hard, full body hug and she kisses my cheek.
“You are the best friend! Thank you for helping my dad. Everything looks so good already! When did you get here?” She backs away and looks over my outfit before looking back up at me.
I swallow and ready myself for the lies I’ll have to tell tonight, it begins now, “Oh just an hour ago. We’ve gotten so much done already. I think Harry already had a bunch of stuff done last night.” I point toward the table and then look back to Starla and then to Paul with an awkward smile. I’m also starting to feel the edible at this very moment and become hyper aware of my facial expressions.
Starla looks at the table and then back to me before bringing her hand up to my new necklace and inspects it, “Wow. This is really pretty.” She opens the book and looks shocked that it actually opens and reads over the inscription with a confused look.
“Is this a Christmas gift from someone?” She’s still reading over the inscription inside and inspecting the gold and ruby jewelry piece and I clear my throat, shooting a glance over at Harry just as he’s glancing back at me.
“Um, yeah sort of. I bought it for myself. Thought it was really pretty.” I lick my lips as my throat is suddenly dry. I hate lying to her like this.
“Really? This looks expensive. What’s the meaning of the quote?” She drops it back to my chest and looks at me and I gulp again, trying to wet my now cotton mouth (thank you edibles for hitting at this very moment).
“Yeah, it was a little expensive but I saved up since I worked so many hours at the restaurant…” Starla nods at this explanation, making complete sense and I’m pleased at how quickly I came up with that lie, “and the inscription is a quote from a book I love. So…” I look down. Unable to keep eye contact. I’m just glad Harry didn’t put something more revealing inside, indicating he was the one who got it for me.
“Oh, okay. Makes sense. Well!” She turns and heads towards the table, “What can we do to help?”
The guests start arriving around 8. Some early, some come fashionably late, but everyone Harry invited made it.
Harry and I continue to ignore one another, for the most part. Aside from the occasional smirk or eye roll. It’s fun. The people Harry invited are all interesting and nice. One of Harry’s neighbor’s, Arthur, who lives down the street has brought his daughter and her son. Arthur is about 65 and his daughter, Melanie, looks to be in her mid to upper 30s. Her son, Brandon, is 12 I learn. Brandon is by my side the whole night. He follows me everywhere and I don’t mind in the least. Brandon keeps showing me videos and memes on his phone and I pretend to laugh and enjoy what he’s showing me but I have no clue about the stuff he’s going on about.
Eventually Melanie tells him to back off a bit, give me some space and Harry is looking over at the three of us as Melanie is warning Brandon and I’m just standing there drinking orange juice. I’m super high, though, so I’m really just not bothered. I feel now is a good time to speak to Harry, see how he’s feeling and tell him where to find the eye drops because he seriously needs them about right now.
I make my way over to him and stand casually next to him near the kitchen. “How do you feel?”
Harry is sipping on sparkling water and he makes a wet gasping sound when he brings the glass away from his mouth (he’s clearly just as thirsty as I am), “Fucking high as a kite. M’starved and kind of…” he whispers the next part as he hovers his mouth close to my ear, “… horny.” He stands back up and looks out over the table where his friends are all mingling and drinking while keeping a straight face. Starla and Paul are smushed together at one end of the couch holding hands while another couple is sat on the opposite end and the four of them talk.
“Mmm…” I moan and cock my head with a smile, “… that sucks. I feel excellent. Super thirsty. Could use some of that cheese dip right now. Oh, and the eyedrops are in the cabinet, don’t forget. You really need to use them, your eyes are redder than the devil’s dick right now.”
Harry spews the sparkling water out of his mouth when I say that and we both wind up belly laughing, crying. I don’t know where I even thought to say that phrase, probably something I’d heard somewhere but it had us nearly on the floor in laughter. Suddenly Arthur enters our space and begins to speak to Harry and we both calm ourselves but I’m still chuckling a little.
“This is a wonderful party, Harry. I don’t know if you’ve had the chance to talk to my daughter Melanie, but she’s single and,” he looks over his shoulder to make sure she can’t hear him, “…she’d hate for me to be saying this to you, but she commented on how attractive you are. So, you know, if you ever wanted to follow up on that, just thought I’d mention it.”
I feel like I should probably leave them to chat but I can’t. My legs are stone and I’m far too curious to not listen in on this. I hadn’t paid much attention to Melanie, to be honest. I turn my head and gaze around the room and I find her sipping a glass of wine and speaking with Greg, one of Harry’s author friends.
She’s really pretty. She’s got strawberry blond hair, she’s curvy and tall for a woman, close to my height. She has delicate features and long eye lashes. Her breasts are noticeably large in the low cut dress she’s wearing. She’s sexy, actually. She looks over and catches me staring and I quickly look away.
“Ahh, I’m flattered. Well, I’m sort of seeing someone right now so not sure that’d go over well with my lady. But thank you, Arthur. How are you doing?”
Harry’s response was short and easy and I liked it. It didn’t give too much away but also left no room for Melanie to think there was a chance. That is if Arthur relayed that to her. I look back over to Melanie who is now looking at her father and Harry speaking and then she meets my gaze again and we both smile. I leave Arthur and Harry and make my way to the long dining table to get some snacks. One of Harry’s friends comes up to me and starts chatting right as I’ve shoved a cracker with cheese spread on it into my mouth.
“So, you’re Starla’s best friend, huh? I’m Alan,” he stretches his hand out for me to shake and I politely place my hand in his. Alan seems nice. He’s only slightly taller than I am and a little pudgy but he’s dressed nicely and his hair is thick, if not greying a little. Even with the grey hair, he appears to be younger than most of Harry’s other friends.
I work to swallow the dry cracker in my mouth and gulp and drink down some more orange juice before responding to him, “Yes! I’m Anna. Have known Starla since we were in high school. Got to know Harry pretty well over the years too.” I smile at him and we move toward the indoor porch together to take some free seats across from one another. We chat for a bit about the basics; what I’m studying, what he does for a living (I found out he’s 39, never been married, and works as a sales rep at an auto lot). We don’t have much in common at all but Alan seems to keep the conversation going. I’m high and finding it hard to focus too much but I do catch Harry looking over at us when he’s standing near Melanie, talking to her.
Once I realize Harry is speaking with Melanie I can’t stop myself from looking over to them. She’s definitely flirting with him and Harry isn’t shy about using his natural charm. He’s smiling, dimple popping and he’s casually leaned up against the wall as he holds his sparkling water in one hand.
I know he’s not going to do anything dumb so I try to ignore the slight sear of jealousy. I try to focus on Alan but he’s kind of boring (sorry, Alan). I smile and nod at him and then I decide to start talking about a book I’ve been reading. I can tell Alan zones out through most of what I’m saying. Most people do when I start talking about books. Except Harry and a few other literature majors I know.
When I look back over at Harry he’s looking at me with a slight scowl. Melanie is saying something and then she notices he’s looking over at me and she and I make eye contact again. Her smile falters a little when she realizes Harry’s looking at me and I just smile and try to act casual. Alan asks a question to bring my attention back to him but I don’t quite catch it so I ask him to repeat and try to keep my attention on the nice man and ignore Harry as he’s speaking with the beautiful, big-titted, Melanie.
At a little after 10, I head to the bathroom. I’ve got to pee bad. I’ve drank my weight in orange juice and strawberry tea. I’m so high, though, that I don’t walk, I just float to the bathroom. I scramble once I’ve shut the door and pull my panties down fast and fall to the toilet just in time for it to catch my pee. It’s a long pee and I close my eyes. It feels good to close my eyes so I keep them shut for the duration of my pee and all while I wipe.
When I’m washing my hands I hear a light knock at the door and so I sing out, “One minute!” As soon as my voice is heard from the other side of the door the handle is being twisted and it’s opening. I whip my head to turn to the door, realizing I didn’t lock it, and in comes Harry, shutting and locking it behind him.
His eyes aren’t bloodshot anymore but they are hooded. He has a small smile on his face, “Enjoy talking to Alan?” He comes up behind me and places his hands on my hips and kisses my shoulder. It feels so good to have his lips on me. I moan and lean back into him.
“Yeah. He’s nice. Boring. Sweet guy, though. You enjoy talking to Melanie? Like her tits?” I smirk and Harry rolls his eyes.
“Yeah. She’s really funny, and very nice. Not boring at all, actually. And her tits are outstanding.” He kisses my neck and keeps his eyes on mine in the mirror. I scowl at him and push at him, but he just holds me tighter to him and sucks a small spot on my neck and I feel it sting. I try to push at him again but this time he presses himself further into me and brings a hand up to the front my neck and holds me still, all while watching our reflection in the mirror.
“You’re an asshole. I was kidding. I didn’t think you’d notice her tits…” Harry turns my face and lands his lips on mine to silence me. The kiss feels so soft and wet. The edibles are making his touch feel incredible on me but I’m a tiny bit pissed that he admitted to noticing her tits.
“Baby, everyone noticed her tits,” he laughs as he continues kissing the side of my face while he slowly rubs over my thighs, and up under my skirt, eyes still on mine in the mirror. “Doesn’t matter, though. Not interested in her or her outstanding tits.” He drags his lips down my face to my jawline and over my neck on the other side, pushing my hair out of the way so he can attack the skin to his liking. He sucks in another spot, causing the same sting as last time. I know he’s marking me and it’s so hot. I moan and lean into him.
“Only want you, baby. You’re so fucking hot. Everyone in that room can’t keep their eyes off you. Want to bend you over the table in front of everyone and show them you’re mine.” He groans when I push my bottom into his crotch and he’s sliding his hands up to my thong and squeezing at my ass.
I gasp when he slides the crotch of my panties over and begins sliding his fingers around on my pussy and then bringing them up to my clit. He watches me in the mirror as he continues kissing my neck.
I push down over his fingers and moan as I reach in between us and palm over his pants to feel he’s already hard. “Mmm… that sounds so good. Wish you could just fuck me right now.” I say in a low voice.
I begin to feel the familiar wetness pooling in between my legs at Harry’s hard working fingers and he moans, “Getting my fingers all messy. Good girl.” He moans and we’re really pushing it with these antics in the bathroom, together while Harry is rock hard under his trousers.
“We can’t though. Maybe we can wait until everyone is asleep later on?” Harry kisses my cheek sweetly and lets go of me, backing away. I turn to face him and drag my eyes down his body, his hardon quite noticeable.
“Unfortunately, you’re right we can’t right now. But I have something I need to take care of before I head back out there and start making frozen margaritas for everyone.” He palms over himself, squeezing lightly as he keeps eye contact with me.
I reach a hand out to the button on his trousers and look up at him innocently, “Want my help?” I smirk at him.
Harry is shaking his head, “Baby I’d love your help but it’ll be faster if I just take care of it quickly. Go on out there. I’ll be out in a few more minutes.”
There’s a part of me that nearly asked him if I could just watch but I knew I would probably complicate everything, and it would wind up taking longer. So, I kissed him and left the bathroom after looking to make sure no one was waiting.  
Once I find my way to the living room Brandon is by my side again, showing me something on TikTok and laughing his head off. The guests are all at various levels of drunk. A few of them aren’t drunk at all, probably the ones who plan to go home at the end of the night. Arthur only needs to walk a block to get home and I’m assuming Melanie and Brandon will go with him. Melanie isn’t too sloshed but she’s rosy cheeked and flirty. Now she’s talking to another man, of whom I can’t remember the name.
It's funny, because most of the people here do look older to me. Most of Harry’s friends are his age but they look old. Harry just looks sexy and youthful. Maybe I’m just blinded by love but I think Harry is a unicorn, an exception to the physical law.
I walk to the table to get a snack as Harry enters the room and he’s looking refreshed. His composure and swagger is something I’ll never get used to. He’s just got it. I want to fuck him so bad right now, but then Brandon is tugging on my arm to get me to look at his phone screen, once again. The kid is ruthless but I play along.
Harry starts making frozen margaritas for everyone like he said. He's acting goofy and dancing around as everyone cheers him on and watches. He tends to be the center of attention wherever he goes and he's certainly not one to shy away from eyes on him.
When it gets closer to midnight I’m sitting on a couch near Paul and Starla, with Brandon tucked at my side talking non-stop. Starla is very drunk, Paul is slightly less drunk than she is. They are cute.
“S’this your midnight kiss, Anna?” she gestures toward Brandon and Brandon’s face screws up in disgust at the suggestion. We all laugh as Brandon convulses and overreacts, but he makes no attempt to leave my side.
I peer around the room and see Harry eating a snack and talking to Greg near the table. He’s got a party hat on his head and he looks somehow, even more delectable with the cheap hat on his hair.
At five minutes to midnight Harry does his loud finger-whistle thing to get everyone’s attention.
“Everyone needs to be wearing a party hat and have a noise maker in hand before midnight.” He points to his own head to show them and lifts up one of the noise makers (we bought various kinds) to demonstrate, “I’ve got champagne ready here as well, so come get your glass filled everyone.”
Everyone makes their way up to get a hat, noise maker, and to refill their glasses. Brandon gets juice.
I settle back onto the couch near Starla and Paul and Harry comes over to where we are and smiles, asking if we’re all having a good time. As I’ve done throughout the night, I reach up and touch the necklace and look up at him and nod along with Starla and Paul.
The count down begins and I decide I’m just going to stay in my spot and use my noise maker instead of worrying about kissing Harry. Harry is standing up behind the couch where I’m sitting and Starla and Paul are curled together on the couch to just to the left. Alan wobbles his way over to where Harry stands and they exchange some words that I can’t hear because everything is so loud and most of the people at the party are watching the TV and saying the countdown along with host of the New Year’s Eve special that’s on.
15, 14, 13…
I shift my head back to look up at Harry, just to see that he’s still there, and Alan is standing there too. Everyone has their party hats on and seems to be in an upbeat mood.
10, 9, 8, 7
I adjust myself in my seat to sit upright and to prepare myself to use my clacker noise maker and raise my glass as I begin to countdown with everyone.
4, 3, 2
Harry puts a hand on my shoulder just as we all say one and I clank the noise maker and sip my champagne and turn to look up at Harry, cheersing his glass and shouting with everyone, “Happy New Year!”
There are a few people kissing, Starla and Paul are looking flushed and happy after their New Year’s kiss, Brandon is scowling and sticks his tongue out as his mom who kissed his cheek for her New Year’s kiss. That was so much less painful than I thought it was going to be. I half expected Alan to try and kiss me or Melanie to try and kiss Harry, but everyone was well behaved, despite being somewhat drunk.
~~~ Harry ~~~
Before the countdown I wanted to make sure I was near Anna. A couple of the men were eyeing her and for some reason, I’m feeling very possessive of her. I can’t kiss her in front of everyone, but I needed to stand close just in case. Alan came over to chat but I could see him moving around the couch when the countdown started to get closer to one. I got his attention by tugging at his sweater when I realized he was going to try and ask her for a midnight kiss. I’m sure it would have been fine and innocent but I didn’t want to make Anna feel like she needed to kiss him just to be kind. He raised his eyebrows in question but I just said some bullshit to keep him standing near me, and then I put my hand on Anna’s shoulder. Maybe a bad idea but Anna belongs to me. I needed to do something to stake my claim without being too obvious. Alan noted my gesture but I still don’t think he fully caught on, it did however keep him from making a fool of himself.
The guests started to leave shortly after midnight and I was thankful for it. I’d set it up so that the two couples staying (not Starla and Paul) would take the two bedrooms. Starla, Anna, and Paul would each take a couch in the living room and I’d take the couch in the loft upstairs. It worked out perfectly.
Starla was already half asleep by the time all the guests were gone. Anna was clearing the table and looking cute as hell. Paul was trying to tuck his blankets into his couch, the other two couples were long gone in their bedrooms for the night. I helped Anna put the food and drinks away, telling her I’d do the dishes in the morning. She looked up at me with her big blue eyes and smiled and I wanted her right then in the kitchen. I looked toward the living area and pushed Anna toward the corner of the kitchen so we wouldn’t be seen and kissed her quickly. A little tongue to drive the message home. Neither of us had really had much to drink through the night since we’d taken edibles. Her lips tasted like orange juice and she smelled so good. I just wished the house was empty so I could go down on her and lick all over her body. Especially being high, it would have been so, so good. But we had to behave.
A while after I’d cleaned up and brushed my teeth I came into the living room to head toward the stairs and see Paul and Starla both sleeping and Anna just getting settled into her sheets. She’s changed into a t shirt and shorts, face fresh and clean of makeup. She smiles widely at me as she slips further into the covers. I can’t chance to give her another kiss right in front of Starla, even if Starla is passed out, she could wake up.
“Night, Anna. Hope you had a good time.” I keep it simple for the sake of appearances, just in case.
“Mmm… such a good time. Night, Harry.”
I want to carry her up to the loft with me and fuck her up there but it’s just such a bad idea tonight with all these people in the house. I head upstairs to my own spot and settle in to the blankets. Most of the lights are off and dimmed but there’s a little light for anyone who needs it to navigate to the bathroom or kitchen for water. It’s distracting a little as I’m used to sleeping in the complete darkness of my room.
After some time, I nodded off, my body melting into the couch, the edibles doing wonders for me. But then I’m suddenly woken up by Anna climbing under my covers with me, sliding over top of me. I blink a few times to make sure this is real and here she is. Her body atop mine. I wrap my arms around her and go to speak but she puts her finger to my lips and gives me a warning look to keep quiet.
She sits up on my hips as I lay flat on my back and she rubs at my bare chest (I’m only wearing sweatpants). She leans in to kiss me and it’s slow and sensual. Her lips on me feel amazing, my high body and mind sensitive to every touch. I moan a little, but not loudly. Not enough to wake anyone.
Anna kisses me and kisses me, for what feels like an hour. I’m hard in my pants and she begins to grind over me with her little cotton shorts. Everything feels so good. I squeeze at her ass and help move her up and down over my crotch and this time she moans, but a little too loud so I quickly stop my movements and give her a warning look. She sucks her lips into her teeth and nods in understanding.
But then we’re back to kissing and licking and we’re too far gone now so I begin to pull my sweatpants down to free my cock and she leans up to help me push them down my thighs. Anna takes my hand and wraps her lips around two of my fingers and sucks at the same time she’s reaching over my dick and stroking me. She brings my hand out of her mouth and down to her shorts and pulls the leg to the side and makes me put my hand up her shorts and touch her. She’s already wet for me. I begin lightly slipping my fingers up and down her core. She’s not wearing panties and her shorts are very short and a little loose so she’s quite easy access this way. I plunge my two fingers into her and she keens quietly while keeping eye contact with me. But I want to be inside of her. I know it’s going to feel insane like this.
I remove my fingers and lean up to whisper in her ear, “I need you to fuck me, baby. Can you get on my cock or do you need me to open you up a little?” Anna takes heed quickly by lifting herself and opening one of the short legs and brings her wet cunt over my tip. She’s watching between us as she gently and slowly slides herself down and her expression immediately goes from soft and lusty, to overwhelmed and almost pained but I know she’s feeling just as good as me.
Once she’s gotten me fully encased by her pussy she begins to slowly ride, grinding herself over me slowly. Every bump and ridge inside of her is felt. My senses are heightened, and I can hear every slide of her pussy over my cock and tiny peep she makes. The couch is solid so luckily it’s not creaking or squeaking.
Once we get going at a slow but perfect pace (we have to stay slow so the noises are kept to a minimum) I begin to thrust up to meet her grinding down on me and she squeaks in pleasure. I do it again and she moans. I need her to be quiet but I also want her to feel good so I take my hand and place two fingers into her mouth as I fuck up into her hot cunt. She sucks and licks over my fingers and the sensation of my cock inside of her along with my fingers in her mouth is overwhelming and I don’t know how long I can hold off my orgasm.
Being high and having sex is a recommended experience. Everything is so sensitive and heightened. I can already tell Anna is about to come and it hasn’t been very long since we started. She is panting around my fingers and I’m breathing hard. If anyone were to listen very closely, they’d hear the wet sound of my cock fucking into her moist pussy, our heavy breathing, and they’d have a good idea of what was happening but I’m too far gone to care too much. We’re being very quiet and everyone is pretty drunk, so our chances of getting caught are low.
Anna sucks harshly on my fingers and nips just a bit at my knuckle. My free hand is on her hip and I’m helping her grind over me as I buck up into her. I breathe out a curse as quietly as possible and I’m dizzy from pleasure.
Then Anna starts to come and her eyes roll into the back of her head. She’s trembling and groaning lowly, but my fingers in her mouth help to muffle the sound. She’s louder than I hoped but I’m coming right along with her as soon as I feel her pussy squeezing over my cock and I can’t help it. I moan out a low, shaky breath and it’s too loud as well. But it can’t be stopped. We are in the throws of an orgasm and we’re high and it feels fucking incredible.
After the longest goddam orgasm I’ve ever had we are both breathing heavy and wrapped up together. I’m holding her down over my chest and she’s got her arms stuffed under me, her cheek smushed against my heaving chest, cock still inside of her. It’s glorious. The feeling of her on me after an orgasm and while being high.
“Love you, baby. You okay?” I whisper lowly and she angles her head to peer up at me with a lazy smile.
“I love you. We need to do that when no one’s around. Being quiet like that was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. It felt so good. So good. Mmmm…” she lays her head back down over my chest and I rub her back lightly. I hear no noises from downstairs so I feel like we’re in the clear.
“I know. Me too. We were both way louder than I hoped but fuck it felt good, didn’t it?” Our whispers are soft and low when we speak but the house is so quiet that I feel like we’re being too loud.
Finally, Anna kisses me and rubs our noses together, “I have to go back down there or I’m gonna fall asleep in your arms and we’ll surely get caught.” I smile at her and she slides off, watching as I fall out of her and cupping at her shorts to keep everything from dripping. I slip my sweatpants back up and get up to head downstairs with her. I, at the very least, need to clean up after that.
We quietly make our way downstairs and both Paul and Starla are in the same position they were in when I last saw them, lightly snoring.
We go to the bathroom and clean up a bit, Anna a little more than me as she’s got my cum inside of her threatening to drip out onto her shorts.
“Fuck. It kind of looks like I pissed my shorts.” She laughs and I see what she means when she’s wiping at herself. Her shorts have her arousal and my cum all over the crotch and front part. I laugh a little when I see it and she lightly hits my shoulder. “It’s your fault. Can you grab my overnight bag? I think I can wear something else – this will not do.”
“My fault? You’re the one who couldn’t keep herself away. You came upstairs to me, remember?” We smirk at each other. God it feels good to have Anna. I love our banter and I love that she wants to have sex with an old guy like me all the time. Makes me feel really special and lucky. I kiss her and go to grab her bag to bring to her and I see Paul rearranging his sheets. He looks at me and sees that I’ve got a bag in my hand but I’m hoping he’s too drunk to remember any of this.
“Hey, sorry to wake you mate.” I wave at him and he shakes his head to tell me no worries and then he’s plopping his head back down onto his pillow. I make my way back to the bathroom and gulp hard. I’m really hoping he didn’t notice what was happening here. Maybe he had just woken to turn over or something and I just happened to be there in that moment. Hopefully he didn’t hear anything else that caused him to wake up being that the loft is open over the living room.
Anna smiles at me and swiftly changes out of her wet shorts and into something dry and shoos me off, “Get back up there to bed before anyone notices we’re both in the bathroom together in the middle of the night. Love you.”
I kiss her one more time before tiptoeing my way out to the living room and past the couches then up the stairs to the loft where I fall asleep in less than thirty seconds.
The next morning, I wake up in the same position that I fell asleep in. I slept like a rock and I feel super thirsty. I can hear some commotion downstairs, what sounds like water and dishes clanking. I look to the clock and see it’s 10:30 in the morning. I stretch my limbs and sit up, still feeling fuzzy from the edible I took last night but thankful I don’t have a hangover like I’m sure most of the people downstairs do.
I put on a sweatshirt and trudge my way downstairs and see that both Starla and Paul are up but Anna is still on the couch asleep. I peek over the couch to get a closer look at my gorgeous girl before entering the kitchen and see Starla washing dishes and Paul getting a pot of coffee going.
Just then the couple from the second bedroom come out looking terrible. I greet everyone and pull out a jug of water and some orange juice. The couple both pour themselves a glass of orange juice and confirm my suspicions about how terrible they feel by telling me as much. I find the bottle of pain reliever and place it on the counter near the water and pull out a few glasses for anyone who needs it. I stretch again and yawn and Starla asks me if I’m hungover like she is and I just nod, pretending that I drank just as much as they all did. No one knows that Anna and I took edibles last night.
Paul gives me a look and half smiles at me and it takes me a second to remember that he was awake at one point when I needed to grab Anna’s bag so she could change her shorts last night. I head to the bathroom to take a piss and wash my hands, brush my teeth and run my fingers through my hair. It looks wild and unkempt from the hard sleep I had.
Once Starla has finished the dishes and they are sipping coffee I make up a quick breakfast for everyone who might need it. It’s an egg bake casserole with cheese, peppers, and a quick pastry dough at the bottom. Super simple but hopefully it makes everyone feel nourished. I cut up fruit and put it into a big bowl and sit it on the table. The casserole will take a while to bake but in the meantime the other couple emerges from the master bedroom. They too look awful. The last person to rouse is Anna. She yawns loudly, getting everyone’s attention and then she sits up to see everyone looking at her. She frowns and rubs at her sleepy eyes and I find myself wanting to kiss her and hold her. She’s adorable. She stretches and then looks back at everyone sitting at the table.
“What? Am I not allowed to wake up late after last night?” She laughs lightly to herself and gets up, making her way to the kitchen to pour herself some coffee. She sits down at the table right next to me and crosses her legs in the chair and cups the warm mug of coffee in between her fingers.
“We all should have still been asleep, but my hangover wouldn’t allow it anymore,” Starla puts an arm up in a dramatic pose over her forehead with a frown, “you were really sleeping heavy, Anna. I tried to tickle your toes but you didn’t even budge. Not even a little.” She laughed.
Anna squints at Starla and takes a sip of her coffee, “Really? I’m usually such a slight sleeper. I was pooped I guess.” She shrugs and then Paul looks at me and then to Anna, then back to me. His expression has me slightly worried that he knows or heard something, or at least thinks he might be on to something but I can’t be sure and I can’t confront him about it.
It’s silent for a bit as we all sit in our various states of hangover and I’m really finding that I love a weed hangover so much better than one from alcohol. In fact, I feel pretty fucking good. I can tell I had an edible last night but I have no headache, I’m not nauseated, my eyes aren’t burning, my body feels great. I know Anna feels the same, and I’m glad she and I don’t feel like shit like everyone else.
Paul finally speaks, clearing his throat, “Yeah, Anna was up kind of late. I know she went to bed after everyone. You too, I think.” He juts his chin toward me and this gets Anna’s attention quickly. She sets her mug down on the table and sits up as Paul finishes his statement, “… can hardly remember though. I just remember Anna not being on the couch for a while and then I saw you at some point walking around.” He laughs and takes another sip. Maybe that’s all the knows. Maybe he’s not giving me a scrutinizing look like I thought. It doesn’t matter much. I have to pretend to not have been doing anything unless he confronts me about it.
“Uh, yeah. I usually am a night owl. Don’t even know what I was doing…” Anna laughs nervously and picks her mug up again. I nudge lightly at her foot with my socked one as a way to help calm her a little.
Paul clears his throat and looks between the two of us again and then back down to his coffee mug before sipping. He doesn’t say anymore on it but that last little look he gave us has me very nervous in my already paranoid state. Has me thinking he heard something or suspects us. I will have to think of something in defense if it gets brought up – if he says something to Starla. Anna is aware of all of this too now, as I can tell her body language has totally changed and she’s less relaxed than when she first sat down.
After we all eat breakfast most everyone says their farewells. Everyone’s got their bags read to go. Starla is rushing Paul to get ready and Anna is dressed with her bag ready to go. I’ve told her to stay behind and pretend she’s leaving with everyone so I can talk to her, and just to be alone with her.
“Why you in such a hurry to leave your, Dad, huh Starla?” I tease at her and she scoffs.
“Oh please. You love being alone. Also, I have to get Paul back home. He works early tomorrow and I know he wants to have some downtime before he goes in.” She kisses at his hand that she’s holding and he visibly blushes.
I hug Starla and shake Paul’s hand as they are stepping out. Anna is following behind, with her bag in her hand, acting like she’ going to be leaving too. Everyone hugs and makes small talk.
“Wanna get brunch tomorrow? I think I’m just gonna lay low today and work off this hangover.” Starla says to Anna and Anna smiles and nods.
“That sounds perfect.” The two hug again and Anna whispers something into Starla’s ear that makes Starla giggle.
Starla and Paul both get into her car and Anna heads toward her Bronco to toss her bag in. She moves extra slowly so it looks like she’s heading out too. Starla beeps her horn as she backs out and I wave. She and Paul both wave as Anna hops into the driver’s seat and closes the door like she’s about to pull out as well. I stay stood on the porch and it seems to take forever for Starla to back out so Anna has to start up the Bronco for extra measure and then she puts it in reverse just as Starla is out on the road and out of sight. Anna stays in the Bronco for a few seconds longer, just in case and once she feels the coast is clear, she puts it back into park, shuts the engine off, hops out of the car and grabs her bag, jogging up to me.
I pull her into the house and grab her bag.
“Wow. You’re so sneaky. No one would have guessed you were faking it!” I laugh at her and give her a kiss. Anna returns the kiss sweetly and then she peeks out the window again to make sure Starla isn’t turning around to come back for something she’d forgotten.
“That was risky. This whole thing is. Do you think Paul heard anything? He was asleep I thought.” Anna rubs at her face and looks at me worriedly.
I sigh and close my eyes. Anna doesn’t know that I did see Paul awake so I tell her the scenario I ran into but that I didn’t think too much of it.
“Look, we’ll just have to wait and see. If Starla confronts us we can just deny it or say you were feeling sick and I was helping you get something from your bag since I happened to still be up. We’ll play it off like it’s not a big deal, okay?”
Anna nods and is silent. But then she shakes her head, “But, then that means we will be lying to her and one day when we’re ready to tell her the truth it’ll be worse because we made up lies to tell her when the truth is I was up there with you having sex. God, Harry. This is so fucked.”
I take her in my arms and consider her words. She’s right. If we deny something it can make everything worse. The pile of lies and deception we are already working with is bad enough. Were we to outright deny something that would be bad for us. For Starla to trust in us.
“Okay. I see what you mean.” I take a breath and continue, “If we get confronted we’ll tell her the truth. Whatever happens, happens. It doesn’t change this.” I point between us.
Soon we are back to a happy place. Music is playing, Anna is reading a book by the pool and I’m finishing cleaning the house. The floors needed swept badly. When the house looks clean enough I join Anna by the pool and she’s completely naked, not something I expected. Yes, there’s complete privacy but seeing her naked, lying on her tummy reading a book? I quickly remove my own shorts and join her tummy down on the lounge chair beside her with my own book.
When Anna looks at me she realizes I’m naked too and the little smirk on her face tells me everything I need to know about what she wants.
I have to say, the best way to start the new year is having the love of your life riding you on a lounge chair by your pool as she’s moaning your name while you cum inside of her.
Yeah, this will be a good year.
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elder-millennial-trash · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
(Banner by my love @fuckboyregulus also this is more than two sentences but whatever.)
“I think we need to talk, Sirius.” Remus said plainly. And those words cut through Sirius like a knife. He hadn’t been Sirius in months. He was Pads, Padfoot, darling, sweetheart, and lovingly, arsehole. But never Sirius.
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wintersldr1 · a month ago
summer sins.
dads best friend bucky! x fem reader
18+ only, minors do not interact
summary: ever since you returned from your first year of college, you can’t keep your eyes off of your dad’s best friend, Bucky. at a family pool party, you finally give in.
warnings: unprotected sex, kitchen sex, age gap (m:40+, f: 22), penetration, fingering, dirty talk, praise kink, degradation, size kink, pet names (sweetheart, princess, sweet girl), come kink, breeding kink, bucky has a huge dick lol
Tumblr media
a/n: im baackkk😊 & i’ll come up w a more creative title later hehe
The inviting chill of the pool woke your muscles up. You sighed contently, laying back and floating stomach-up in the water. Sunshine soaked into your skin. You were happy.
Bucky was also happy. He stood at the grill, flipping hamburgers distractedly while staring at you. Your breasts were accentuated perfectly in the neon pink bikini you wore, the peaks of your nipples just barely visible through the fabric. Not to mention your face, a blissed-out smile stretching it as you enjoyed the summer weather. Bucky swore he’d do anything to be able to put that expression on your perfect face.
“Buck, you’re burnin’ the damn burgers, man!” Sam shouted across the pool. Bucky cursed, looking down just before the meat caught on fire. You glanced up at the commotion, spotting Bucky, in all his shirtless glory, scrambling to get the burgers off the grill. You giggled, swimming closer to the edge of the pool.
“Maybe we should fire you from grill duty,” you teased, positioning yourself so that your cleavage was more than visible over the railing of the pool.
Bucky glanced up at you, then back down to the burgers, and back to you. His gaze dropped to your chest momentarily before forcing its way back up to your blushing face. “Har har,” he retorted, stacking the burgers on a plate. “I’d like to see you do better.”
You smirked. Grabbing the railing, you began to climb out of the pool. You felt a bit self conscious, but the way Bucky looked at you like you were his prey made all your self-doubt fly out the window. You walked over to him, drops of water sliding down your bare torso and towards your feet.
“I can do better,” you said, coming within an inch of Bucky’s personal space. “After all, I know how to handle meat.”
You shot him a sly smile before waltzing away, taking in a deep breath at the sound of Bucky’s frustrated growl from behind you. Teasing him was your favorite hobby; you’d been doing it since the beginning of summer since you came back from your first year of college.
Bucky Barnes was by far the best looking man you had ever seen. He could easily be a Calvin Klein model with his tanned torso, beefy thighs, long brown hair and piercing eyes. He was good friends with your dad. They weren’t friends when you were younger, but they began to hangout more and more when you were in high school. Even then, you had only met Bucky once or twice. You only just got to know him this past year.
And you had been teasing him since.
Whether it be at pool parties, neighborhood barbecues, grad parties, or charity events, you made sure to look your best for a certain six-foot Russian man. You didn’t miss the way the older (and very married) women fawned and practically fell over themselves to get just a morsel of his attention - but his eyes were only on you. He stayed by your side anytime you were in the same vicinity, a protective presence over your back. The boys your age didn’t dare come speak with you when such an intimidating man was standing with you.
You and Bucky still hadn’t done anything, but the sexual tension was enough excitement for you.
Until today.
You only had about a month left until you went back to college hundreds of miles away, meaning that if you wanted Bucky, you had to act fast.
You put on the bikini you knew drove him crazy and made your best doe-eyes that had most men stuttering to form a sentence. But not Bucky. He never stuttered or tripped, he just got angry.
You could feel the frustration radiating off of him from behind you as you walked into the patio from the pool deck. You didn’t turn around as you entered the kitchen, expecting to find your dad or one of the other neighbors lounging around, but it was empty.
You were just about to go back upstairs when a piece of paper lying on the counter caught your eye.
Hey honey, the guys and I ran to the store for some more snacks and beer. Might take a while b/c Clint likes to take detours to the ABC store. Bucky should be here though. See you later!
- Dad
You didn’t even have time to process the note before Bucky spoke from behind you. “You thought you’d have people here to protect you, didn’t ya, sweetheart?”
You swallowed, slowly turning to face him. He towered over you, a devious grin on his face. “Uh-”
“Thought you could get away with teasin’ me because you’d be safe around other people. But let me tell you a little secret, doll.” Bucky leaned in closely, lips inches from your neck. “I saw your dad’s car leave. We’re all alone. And guess what? I’m sick of the fuckin’ teasing.”
You heaved in a breath as he cornered you, your ass pressed against the countertop. “Bucky,” you breathed, craning your neck to look at him, “we have to be quick.”
His lip quirked into a devilish smile at your words. “Knew you’d let me ruin you. Jump, sweet girl.”
You did as he asked, his enormous hands catching your thighs with ease as he dropped you on the counter and moved in between your legs. “Been waitin’ all summer for this sweet cunt,” Bucky grumbled, tilting your head back and pressing his lips to your neck. “And I’m not a very patient person, doll.”
You whimpered when his teeth scraped your throat, your nails digging into his back at the painful pleasure. “Need you now, Bucky.”
Bucky pulled back, breathing heavily as he crouched down until he was level with your pussy. “These gotta get the fuck off,” he snarled, yanking your bikini bottoms down until your cunt was exposed to him. He heaved in a breath at the sight, jaw visibly clenching and his pupils blown wide as he admired your pussy. “So cute,” he whispered. “Such a pretty little cunt all for me.”
You nodded your agreement. “All yours, Bucky. Belongs to you now.”
Bucky seemed to like that. He gripped your hips with a bruising force, his tongue darting out to wet his pink lips. “Gonna eat you out later, baby,” he promised as he stood to his full height, “gonna make you feel so good when we have enough time. But I gotta fuck you now, okay?”
“Please, god, please,” you whined, the feeling of being empty too much to bear.
Bucky smiled, his fingers dancing across your core before slipping one inside your aching cunt. You reeled, back arching as his finger curled once, twice before another one joined it. “Oh, fuck,” you sobbed pathetically, burying your face into his neck. “Fuck.”
You could feel Bucky smirking above you, his fingers moving steadily inside you. “If this is your reaction to two of my fingers, how are you gonna take my fat cock, sweet girl?”
You couldn’t even respond, especially when his thumb flicked your clit with expertise. It wasn’t long before you felt that familiar build up in your stomach, legs beginning to shake around his waist. You were absolutely shocked; no guy had ever made you finish before, much less within minutes. But of course your dad’s best friend just had to be the only one who could. Just your luck.
“Bucky, I- I think I’m about to come,” you whimpered. Bucky didn’t speed the pace up, he simply curled his fingers with more force and did his best to reach the depths of your cunt. “Please, oh shit.”
“Fuck yes, sweetheart. You’re gonna come all over my fingers, then on my cock. Sounds good? Jesus, you’re so tight. ”
Your cries were more than enough response for him as you came hard around his hand, your cries echoing in the expansive kitchen.
“Love the sounds you make,” Bucky sighed as you came down from your orgasm, hands still clutching his back with a death grip. “So much better than anyone I’ve ever been with. So young and innocent, huh? You like getting off on your dad’s friends? Fucking slut.”
You smiled. “You’re the one who came on to me, James.”
Bucky scoffed before capturing your lips in a bruising kiss. “Because you walk around in these slutty bikinis.”
“At a pool party!”
“Doesn’t matter. You’re teasing me all the same. Now stop fucking talking, princess.”
Your mouth immediately clamped shut, eyes focused on Bucky as he pulled himself out of his pool shorts. You couldn’t stifle your accidental gasp.
He was huge. And not just huge in a way that most big guys are; you hadn’t even seen a dick that big in porn. His cock was long, at least nine inches, and absolutely dripping in precum. His thick hand was wrapped around it, giving it a few tugs and running his thumb over the engorged head. Veins popped out and you swore you could see them throbbing.
“That’s not going to fit,” you said matter-of-factly.
Bucky chuckled, a deep, rumbling sound. “I’ll make it fucking fit, sweetheart.” He grabbed your waist and gently tugged you towards him. Your feet landed on the ground and he swiftly turned you so your back was against his chest. “Bend over,” he commanded, but he didn’t give you much room to disobey as his hand found its way into your hair and practically bent you over the counter for him. The side of your face was pressed against the cool marble of the kitchen counter, the edge of it digging into your hips. You could feel Bucky moving behind you, his gaze burning into your backside.
“You’re gonna take everything I give you, understand?”
You whimpered, wiggling your ass closer to him. “Yes, sir.”
That seemed to do something to Bucky. He groaned, placing his hands on your waist and pressing his cock against your entrance. “Good girl.”
He began to press his way into you, the head of his cock slowly being engulfed by your clenching cunt. The two of you moaned in unison at the feeling. Bucky began to pump in more, inch by inch being swallowed in your pussy.
“Too big,” you whined pathetically, clutching the edge of the counter for dear life.
“Fuck, princess, I gotta move. You feel too good. You can take it, okay?”
You simply moaned in response, bracing yourself. He started to thrust into you fiercely, the head of his cock ramming into a spot you didn’t even know existed. You could feel his heavy balls smacking against your clit with each push of his hips.
“So fucking tight,” he grumbled, voice laced in lust. “That’s it, you perfect little thing.”
Your body slid up and down the counter, breast pressed into the chilled granite as your dad’s best friend fucked you like a toy. He wasn’t giving you time to catch your breath, but you loved it. He knocked the air out of your lungs with each hard thrust. There was a delicious burning sensation around your cunt, its walls stretching to their limit in order to take Bucky in. He could feel it, too: each pulse of your pussy, the drag of his veins along your walls, the slick of your mixed arousal aiding him in sliding in with ease.
“You fucking get off on this, don’t you?” Bucky asked, bending to press a heated kiss to your spine. His hand found its way into your hair, wrapping strands around his fingers and yanking your head back so that your neck was exposed. “You get off on letting your dad’s friends fuck your brains out, huh?”
“Fuck, yes, I do,” you admitted, gasping for air. “I do.”
Bucky moaned from behind you, and you swore you could come from that sound alone. “You filthy little girl. But you’re MY filthy little girl, huh? Not gonna let anyone else touch what’s mine. This-” he emphasized the word with a spank to your ass, “is all mine. Say it.”
You’d be lying if you said that his possessiveness didn’t get you riled up. “I’m yours, Bucky.”
“Good girl. And what belongs to me?”
You opened your mouth to answer, but only a string of curses came out. “Fu-fuck. My cunt. My cunt belongs to you.”
Bucky rewarded your obedience with a slick rub to your clit, causing you to arch your back into his touch and grasp the counter. “Oh god, please,” you begged. “Please don’t stop.”
“You already came once, little one. You’re really going to come again? God, how desperate can you be?”
You wanted to retort back with something witty, but you were too fucked-out to think straight, so you moaned wildly instead.
Bucky’s thrusts matched with his flicks to your clit. It felt like a tidal wave slamming into you with each movement, that same coil building hotly in your insides. Your pussy clenched tightly around Bucky, who moaned and began to thrust erratically. You could tell he was close too.
“I’m gonna come, baby,” Bucky ground out, “and you’re gonna take it all like the good girl you are.”
You nodded fervently, urging him to fuck you harder and faster. He obeyed, slamming into you with a force that was near impossible. You knew that, without a doubt, you’d have some serious issues walking later.
“Shit, Bucky, I’m coming,” you groaned, feeling that peak approach. “FUCK!”
“God, you’re s-so fucking tight,” said Bucky, whose voice was lowered an octave and came out nearly as a growl. “Best damn pussy I’ve ever had.”
You relished in the praise. Your orgasm began to hit you, causing your legs to shake and your face to screw up in a perfect blissed-out expression. You moaned loudly, uncaring of the neighbors.
Bucky hit his climax a second after yours, pushing into you in slowed, drawn-out thrusts that milked him of all his seed. He stayed in you for a while, making sure every last bit of his cum was pushed deep into your cunt.
You caught your breath, heaving in large gulps of air as your heart beat wildly in your chest. “Jesus Christ,” you mumbled.
Bucky barked out a laugh from behind you, slowly pulling out and tucking his dick back into his pants. “Are you okay?” He asked, reaching out to gently pull you up and turn you to face him. “I wasn’t too rough, was I?”
You looked into his concerned eyes, adoration filling your chest. “Not at all,” you replied. “That was perfect.”
Bucky smirked, pressing a kiss to your nose. “That’s what you deserve.”
You scoffed, unused to any form of intimacy after sex. But Bucky wasn’t like those college boys you’d hooked up with - he was a real man, and it showed.
“Dad’s gonna be home soon,” you whispered, peering up at Bucky.
He looked down at you, nodding his head and pushing a strand of your hair behind your ear. “I know.” He leaned down, plucking your discarded bikini bottoms from the floor and helping you into them. You felt your face flush at the sweet action.
You heard the garage door open, and your eyes widened. “I gotta go back outside,” you said, moving past Bucky, but he grabbed your wrist and yanked you into him, capturing your lips in a bruising, heated kiss before letting your wrist go and ushering you outside.
“Go,” he said with a wink. “We have the rest of the month.”
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cherrysofticecream · a year ago
When you watch the movie for the hot middle aged actor you have a crush on
Tumblr media
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noceurous · 2 months ago
— love and fear
Tumblr media
summary: what is love if there is no fear in it?
warnings: fluff, some self doubt, pet names [princess], daddy kink but not dd/lg, age gap (reader in twenties bucky is 40), mutual pining, idiots in love, smut, oral, fingering, hint of d/s relationships, light bondage, degradation kink, unprotected sex, sugar daddy!bucky || minors dni (18+)
a/n: waiting for your feedbacks/reblogs, have a lovely sunday🖤
“Are you listening to me?” You gulped at his question. Trying to focus your eyes on his face and not look down. His fingers trapped your chin to get your attention. He raised an eyebrow, stern looks digging deep into your thoughts.
“Yes.” Lie. You lost track when he came out of the shower with just a towel around his waist. Your mind was too busy to focus on the words leaving his mouth.
“Then what did I say princess?”
“That you love me?” He chuckled, shaking his head. You were trying your best to not watch droplets of water rolling down from his chest and how they disappear into the beige towel.
“I said that you should get ready for the exhibition. Jonah will be here in soon, and you know I don’t like to be late.” You rolled your eyes as you walked over the closet full of clothes he picked and bought for you.
You felt him watching you getting undressed, but you didn’t hear the sound he made when he saw your underwear. He tried his best to stop himself from jumping at you and keep you pinned at his bed for hours.
He cleared his throat and turned around to get dressed too. Trying his best to not eye you through his mirror.
“I’m ready, sir.” You sang as you walked over to him, helping him to put on his tie. He smiled when he saw your dress was matching his tie. With the pearl necklace he bought for you, around your neck.
A small hint of you being his to the public eye.
“Let’s go, then.” He said as he extended his arm out to you, a small smile placed on his face.
“Anything you liked?” He asked as his hand found the small of your back, resting his chin at your shoulder. You giggled when you felt his stubble brush against your cheek.
“Maybe.... You?”
“Well it seems to me that the only thing I want to take to my place and display is the woman in between my arms.” He whispered to your ear as he squeezed you in his arms. His nose brushing against your cheek.
You placed your hands on top of his, brushing your butt against his crotch. Slight enough for it to go unnoticed to public eye. “I liked this one actually, it makes me feel warm.” You pointed the painting in front of you with your chin. He looked at the painting, frowning at the canvas covered in cold colours.
“Warm?” He asked as turned you around in between his arms.
“You know, when you get back home from a bad day and see your favourite movie on TV.” He smiled at you raising an eyebrow.
“Or like when I get back from work and see you waiting for me in my bedroom, just in lingerie.” He winked at you, his eyes shining with the sweet memories.
“Yeah, in some sense.” You laughed, hitting his chest.
“I’ll go and talk to the owner and tell her we are interested in this. In the meantime you can stay and admire the artwork.” You smiled shaking your head as he gave you a kiss on the cheek. “I’ll be right back, princess.”
He promised as he got back to the owner. “Mr. Barnes, it’s lovely to see you back in our gallery.” She greeted him. “Anything you want to take with you?” She already knew the answer was yes.
“It seems like today is your lucky day, we would like to buy the one over there.” She turned her head, and saw you looking at the painting. “Looks like your wife has a good taste in art.” She joked to him, talking with her assistant. They watched him went there to put a circle shaped sticker on the painting, as you nod your head to him. “It seems like you knew how to make your wife happy.”
Bucky wondered why didn’t he correct her. You didn’t even have a ring on your finger. Maybe the words sugar baby would be too hard but a simple girlfriend would be enough for correction. “Yeah, happy wife happy life.” He murmured, maybe just pretending would make him ease the feeling. That he wanted much more from this relationship.
“I’ll arrange the paperworks and they would be ready for you to sign by the morning.” Bucky nod his head walking before getting back to you. Taking you out from the gallery and heading back home through the exit.
The driver was waiting for the two of you right in front of the gallery. You turned to him, stopping him from his thoughts.
“Thank you.” You said.
“What for princess?”
“For always taking care of me, it felt like I haven’t showing you how thankful I am.”
“You don’t ever have to thank me, remember our deal? I promised to always take care of you as long as you want me to.” You smiled, pulling him down for a small kiss that heated quickly.
You broke the kiss when you felt his hands on your butt. “You’re eager today.” You whispered on his lips, pink and addicting.
“Let’s get somewhere more private and I can show you how eager I am today.” He whispered back as his hand cupped your cheek, giving you one more kiss before getting inside the car.
His hand stayed on your thigh as he ordered Jonathan to get back to his place as soon as possible. “When will we get the painting?”
“As soon as possible. Katherine is a real good gallery owner and she loves to keep her customers happy. She will send the paper work by the morning, I believe.” You nodded as you bit down on your lover lip.
He groaned, fidgeting in his place. You knew what you did was enough to drove him crazy. “Still, I don’t think that I thanked you enough.” You murmured, as you shifted in your place, hands grabbing his cock through his tailored pants.
“Princess you are playing a dangerous game.” He whispered as he cocked his head, pointing out Jonathan. Who probably was pretending he wasn’t hearing anything.
“Nothing he didn’t hear before.” You shrugged as you started palming his already hard erection. “But if you insist...” You said as you pressed on the button to slide up the sound proof window between you and Jonathan.
You turned to him, and he smashed his lips to yours. Kissing you freely as his hand went to cup your pussy through your lace thong. “How long have you been wet princess?”
You chuckled, “Since I saw you getting out of the shower daddy.” He pressed his finger to your swollen clit. Making you moan and grind your hips to him. “It’s not fair, I want to be take care of you!” You squeaked at the end when he pushed a finger inside your hole, making you yelp between his arms.
“Then you should cum as soon as possible princess.” He said as he lifted the hem of the dress, exposing your wetness completely to him. “Looks like it will be anyways.” He said as he took off your underwear and made you lie on the door of the car to lean down on you.
He started licking your folds as his finger continued to pump into your hole. His other hand was on your chest, metal fingers playing with your nipple. “Oh, please harder, please!” Your nails dug on the leather seat below your butt.
Begging him as he curled his fingers. Sucking your clit just hard enough to drove you over the edge as you shivered above him with your release. The white pleasure run through your body and you smiled at your wetness coating his lower face.
“Good girl.” He breathed against your core, and kissed the inside of your thigh. His large hands pushed you down to your trembling knees, fingers resting on your exposed shoulders to keep you steady.
“Thank you, sir.” You said as you kissed his clothed bulge, fingers clumsily taking off his belt and unzipping his pants. You gulped when you saw how his precum made a mark on his boxers, before taking it on your hand palming him.
“We are getting close to my place, princess.” He sang as he pulled the hair just above your neck causing your mouth to open. He didn’t waste any second by pushing himself into your mouth.
You gagged around him when his tip brushed along your throat. You started moving your head slowly, trying to get adjusted to his size before he pushed himself more into your mouth.
Your hand covered the rest of him where it didn’t fit. “Fuck! I forgot how your mouth felt like.” He said as he buckled his hips, started fucking your mouth.
A smile formed on when the sound of came from your mouth filled his ears. He threw his head back and pushed your head more onto him, before spilling out inside your mouth.
You swallowed as much as you could before slowly pulling him out from your mouth. Fingers gathering the ones escaped from your lips. “How much time we have?” You asked as you pouted, trying to look outside from the windows.
“Not much, come here.” He said as he curled his hand out, watching you crawl to him, pressing your lips on his. “As soon as the car stops, I want you to get out and get on my bed, face down ass up and wait for me. Understood?”
You nodded, before you could reach for another kiss the car stop, and he raised his eyebrow. Motioning you to follow his order.
Your heels clicked on the hallway while you were getting there as quick as possible, knew he was doing the exact opposite by taking his time.
You took off your heels, and turned towards the mirror across from the bed. Smiling at your reflection, knew it was your last time to look decent for long hours.
When he finally made to the room you could feel how the air shifted. He slowly walked over to you, tilting his eyes to take a better look in the dimmed lights. “You look like you were made for me.” He breathed out, as he cupped your cheek.
His lovely shade of blue eyes were darkened and lips were still glistening with your juices. “The things I want to do with you...” He chuckled, thumb caressing the shape of your lips when you slowly bit the tip.
“Show me, and I’ll decide.” You said as you rose yourself on your knees. Fingers playing with the buttons of his black shirt. “Show me what you want to do with me.” He caught your hands by your wrists, pushing you back on the big mattress.
He threw himself on you as his hands went to your dress and his mouth on yours. While he was kissing you like there was no tomorrow you heard the fabric of your dress thorn off.
“I can always buy you a new one.” He quickly answered as his lips went down on your neck, hands taking off his clothes.
He raised a piece of torn fabric in the air and guided your wrists to the top of your head. He tied them down to the headboard of the bed. “Like I said, you look much better splayed out like this than any of the paintings in the gallery.” He said as he looked at you tied to his bed like that.
You smiled at his compliment, feeling the heat surrounding your body. You licked your lip, waiting for his next move.
A hand went to his cock and rubbed the tip along your swollen folds. “So warm, and still pulsing.” You nodded just before he pushed himself inside you quickly. Earning a loud moan from you.
“You feel like home princess.” He said as he pulled your naked body closer to his. Lips closing around your sensitive spot below your ear, sucking and biting. You knew you would be covered in marks once he was finished. He was a possessive man after all.
“That’s how I like it.” His large hand wrapped around your throat, pushing your head further into the silk pillows.
It was out of nowhere and in contrast to the gentleness he coated you with before. But you could still see the care in his eyes. He looked into yours, trying to see a hint of discomfort.
He saw the same smile hinting on your lips, kissing your cheek in return. He kissed along your face, lips nibbling the soft skin as he reached to your ear. Without stopping moving inside of you, feeling how tightly you wrapped your legs around him.
“You like being a fuckdoll, don’t you princess? You like keeping my cock warm.” His hold on your throat got tighter.
“Answer me princess.” He whispered on your lips, eyes turned into pitch black.
“Yes, daddy. I like being your fuckdoll, I like making you happy. Oh!” You moaned when he hit the sweet spot.
“Yeah, you do. Fuck! I’m gonna stuff you princess, keep you full and here all the time. Make your stomach swollen with my cum.” You could feel your walls clench around him at his words. He chuckled at the feeling. “You want that don’t you? You want to be bred like a true bitch you are.”
“Yeah, daddy! Please, I want you to cum inside me. I want to be full of it.” He licked his bottom lip.
“I will, but you need to cum first. I know you are close, so let go for me.” He pressed onto your clit, making you cum. You cried out along the waves of pleasure hit you, your chest risen as you tug on the fabric around your wrists. His metal hand continued to play with your clit, keeping you all trembling and crying for pleasure.
It didn’t last long for him to cum inside you, but he didn’t stop just after one round. He had all energy to keep you two like that for all night.
He watched you sleeping softly, covering your naked body with sheets. Your cheek was pressed on the soft pillow, a small gap between your lips. You looked so peaceful like that he knew he would be hate himself, if he did anything to wake you.
He raised his head to look at your reflection in the mirror. His metal arm’s gold coloured places shining in the dimmed lights and he felt something bitter on his tongue when he saw you sleeping next to his arm.
He got up from the bed, hearing a small cry from your lips. You shifted in your sleep and reached to his pillow. He leant over your figure and placed a gentle kiss on your forehead. His thumb brushing over your cheek bone, a small promise of coming right back left his lips. Even though you were too deep in your sleep to hear him.
He put on his pants and boxers back as he walked to the living room, taking out the red photo album from his bookshelf. There were pictures of you, and him in some. For some reason he didn’t like to keep them on his phone, he wanted to actually touch them, so he printed them out.
You mocked him out when you found it out, but he could see how happy you were when you found out.
They were from the many dates he took you, surprise vacations, and the times you spent in his bed; showing off some luxury brand of lingerie he bought for you.
The bitter taste came back when he saw a picture of you smiling at the camera. He wanted more from you.
More from your love, your touch, more of the sudden kisses you gave to him just you felt like it. He wanted you to live in his house, with him. He didn’t want his place to feel so empty and hallow anymore, not since he knew how it was like to be with you.
He wanted nothing more than to put a diamond ring on your finger, and devote his whole life to you like he wasn’t already doing it.
You should have been with someone closer to your age. Someone who wasn’t involved with danger like him, you needed happiness in your life not darkness. He was thankful for the each day he had you by him.
He sighed as he smiled at the picture he took. You were wearing one of his large tshirts, curled up on the bed. The hem of it raised just enough to show off your black panties.
“Hey?” You murmured, rubbing your eye slightly as you covered your body with the bed sheet. The whiteness of it made it look like it was a gown. And he smiled at the resemblance. “What are you doing here?” You asked as you walked towards him, standing in front of him.
“Couldn’t sleep? You?”
“You know I don’t like sleeping alone after having sex.” You cocked your head to side. “Come back to bed, I’ll help you sleep.” You explained as you extended your hand for him.
“I’m sorry princess, get back to bed. I’ll be right back.”
“I’m not leaving until you come with me. Come on.” You smiled to him, wiggling your hand out in the air for him to take. “Those pictures aren’t going anywhere mister, you need some sleep too.” You giggled as he took your hand, pulling you to his chest.
“Yeah, but they’ll company me if you decide to go anywhere.” You curled next to him, placing your head on his chest to look at the pictures.
The idea of it was enough to break his dark heart.
“That won’t happen any time soon.” You answered as he wrapped his arm around your waist.
The last three words burned your throat as you saw the light in his eyes. You didn’t want to say goodbye as much as him. But you knew love was not in his agenda.
It was enough to lift the weight off unspoken love from your chest for then. Too scared to face the guilt of doing something that could make you lose the other.
But what was love if it didn’t have any fear in it?
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anastasiabvrnes · 22 days ago
Firstly thank you for rebloging my post, your reaction made my day☺️ but with that being said 1,2,16 of the prompts with whoever you think fits best! <3
Anything for you my dear Tori💞☺️
1. “Bend over. I’m not kidding”
2. “Look at me. Now”
16. “I’m gonna die if you don’t let me cum”
Summary: you feel disgusting for the difference in you and Bucky’s ages and he proves to you why it doesn’t matter
Warnings: edging, age gap (reader is mid-20s, Bucky is 106 ofc), oral (f!), masturbation (m!), fingering, tongue fucking, mention of food, mention of squirting
Tumblr media
You had been being a brat all morning, or at least to him you had. Turning your face away from him when he leaned down to kiss you at breakfast, curling up on the opposite end of the couch from him, pushing his hand off of your leg when he placed it there in the car, it was excruciating for him, to say the least.
"Why are you acting like this?" he asks, setting his fork down and digging his palms into his thighs. Your blunt responses of 'hm.' and 'yeah' to his routine dinner conversation had pulled the last straw, and he was determined to find out why.
You shrug your shoulders in response, staring down at the untouched plate of his cooking placed in front of you that would have been demolished any other time, just not now. You couldn't tell him why, and you knew that you wouldn't no matter how many times he asked.
You couldn't bring yourself to tell him how disgusting you felt. How repulsive you found yourself and your behavior after posting a photo of you and him together and having it garner so many comments from friends and family sickened by the fact that you were with a man old enough to be your father, though only you knew he was well over your grandfather's age— may he rest in peace.
"Come on, I wasn't born yesterday." He leans back in his seat, your eyes meeting his for a flicker when you look up at him, immediately looking back down. He sighs before standing from his seat across from you and walking in slow strides to stand behind your seat. He pulls your chair back, placing his hand out for you to take but instead you shoot up to run to the bedroom, tears stinging your eyes. You get not even a foot away before his hand has a solid grip on your wrist, his large hand entirely clasped around your arm as he pulls you back. You feel your body tremble as one of the tears drop.
Turning away from him, you let the bead run down your face, transferring off of the peak of your cheekbone to the overly long sleeve of Bucky’s blood-red henley bunched into your palm.
"Look at me," he demands. "Now.". You tilt your head upward to him, avoiding his gaze entirely, instead staring at the popcorned ceiling that was oh-so interesting at the moment. He grabs your face, squishing your face up and making you look at him. The moment your eyes meet his your disgust begins to fade, but it's not long until you're reminded of how dishonored your family was to see you with him, wanting only to make them proud of you as a daughter, niece, aunt, and friend. Your eyes begin to swell with tears again and you feel your lip quivering.
"Now, don't go pullin' that shit with me. What's got you so upset, Love?" he asks, his soft gaze prompting you to answer after a few moments of hesitation.
"Does it bother you how much younger I am?" you ask, voice wavering as another tear drops, quickly swiped away by Bucky's thumb. Immediately, he knows where this is going. He'd seen some of the comments left on your post but refrained from responding to avoid getting you caught up in more family drama. He knows how much you care about what your people think of you, always having been an overachiever in the family department and even with him sometimes, though he didn't complain.
"Do you love me?" he asks, releasing your arm. You're taken aback by his question. Of course you love him, it was you who had a problem— internal conflict that made you want to leave your entire family behind, though you knew you couldn't dare to.
"Yes..." you answer, curious as to where he was going with this.
"Okay, and I love you. In fact, I'd do anything for you. I just need you to tell me how I can show you…" he trails, his focus fading from you to the wall behind you. You furrow your brows at his zoning-out, placing a hand on his chest. His next sentence surprises you to say the least.
"Bend over," he demands. You stare at him dumbfounded for a moment, chuckling a little bit.
Maybe he’s joking?
"I'm not kidding," he finishes. Your smile drops as you process what he's asking of you, a warm feeling beginning to gather in your core as you stand before his intimidating figure, wearing just the Henley with nothing underneath.
His intense gaze is more than enough to have you turning around, bending down a bit and placing your hands on the table. A hand on your back pushes you all the way down onto the surface, squishing your breasts between your body and the glass of the fancy table. You can hear him groan from behind you, not able to see anything until you see his bent knee on the ground through the glass.
You piece two and two together to find that he’s on his knees behind you, feeling his warm breaths breezing over your heat.
“You…” he starts. His hands grip your thighs, pushing them apart to reveal more of you before his tongue licks a thick stripe through your lips from your clit to your entrance, his thumb pulling one lip to the side for a better view of you. “Are going to learn…” he continues. A gentle whine emits from you into the quiet kitchen and he repeats the motion a couple more times.
“Just…” another stripe. “How…” another one. “Much…” one more. “Of a fuck…” he continues. “I give…” he nears the end, giving you one last stripe before finishing: “About what they think.”. His tongue plunges into you, massaging against your walls and creating the lewdest ambience around you.
His mouth works like magic on you as your breath fogs a patch of the glass below your face, his thumb pushing circles into your clit. His other hand, your favourite one, grabs at the swell of your ass, repeatedly squeezing it as he eats you into a mess.
“Let me hear you, honey,” he mutters from behind you before circling your clit with the tip of his tongue, earning a groan from you. A decent smack lands on your asscheek before he pulls on it, moaning onto you.
“What did I say?” he taunts. With another stripe, you moan louder, flinching when a spit-lubricated finger pushes into you, curling forward into the spot that makes you feel like you have to pee, a familiar sensation as the times before— times during which he’s made you squirt, something no other man had ever achieved with you.
You subconsciously grind back onto his face, another moan from him vibrating through you. You squeeze your eyes shut and push your thighs together when he adds another finger, not closing them very far considering his grip.
Though you can’t see him, you can visualize what he looks like in the moment: eyes closed with a gentle tension in his face, the everlasting dimple between his brows prominent as ever as he laps at your clit and company. Beautiful.
He adds a third finger, testing your limits as you teeter closer to the cliff of euphoria. Your whines become higher pitched, more provocative as you vocalize the pleasure he’s pushing into your body.
“God, you moan like a whore,” he grunts between laps at you, pushing you right off the edge. Your body starts to tense as you come up on your high before his touch leaves you. You whimper at the cut-off and look behind yourself to see him sat back onto his knees, watching your folds pulsate at nothing with lust-blown pupils.
He runs two fingers between your lips, making you flinch at the sensitivity before they plunge back into you, moving at a crazy, mind-numbing pace as he curls them into your g-spot. You cry out at the stimulation as you close your thighs around his fist in a last ditch effort to slow him down. It doesn’t stop him, judging by the pace that his hand continues moving at. You clench around him, eyes rolling back as you start to cum, knowing that when he edges you, he only ever does it once.
Or so you thought.
His hand pulls away from you, instead finding a spot on your inner thigh to spread your legs to him. A cool breeze envelopes your wetness as he blows onto you, chuckling at your whimpers. He waits a moment for you to stop whining before slowly dragging his tongue through your lips again, pulling away to suck a hickey onto your thigh just high enough to be hidden by a pair of shorts. You cross your arms under your head, resting your forehead on them as you let a weak whine slip.
He moans into your entrance at your sounds, sliding just the tip of his tongue into you as he palms himself through the fabric of his blue jeans, using his thumb to dig circles into your clit. Watching him through the glass, the sight of him pulling his rock hard cock from his jeans makes you clench as he pumps himself desperately, breathing heavily onto you.
His tongue dives into you once again as he picks up the pace, moving his thumb even faster as he thrusts forward into his fist. Your eyes follow the drop of precum running down his tip until his fist spreads it across himself, your eyes rolling back in your head as you just barely reach your peak.
“You don’t finish until I say so, you hear me?” he growls, his thrusts into his hand growing sloppier with every passing second.
“Bucky, I’m gonna die if you don’t let me cum!” you cry. A couple more seconds pass before he whines, a signature mark of his that indicates the start of his orgasm.
“Cum now,” he grunts to you, continuing his attack on your clit with his thumb as his mouth falls lax, his forehead leaning between your thighs as your body spasms, white-hot fireworks melting every nerve in your flesh. You practically scream at how hard your orgasm hits you, clenching your thighs together like a vice, trapping Bucky’s hand as his thumb keeps flicking.
As you come down, his thumb slows same as his own strokes. You rest your forehead on the glass to recoup before opening your eyes to see drips of his cum spread across the floor like art. You chuckle quietly before moaning as his hand leaves you, helping to tuck himself back into the confines of his jeans.
You straighten yourself out, fixing your hair and pulling down your pyjama top before he comes up behind you, whispering in your ear.
“You don’t need them anyways, you have me,” he says before grabbing his plate and setting it on the counter. “Now, eat,” he urges.
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jaceyneedsabetterusername · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Pairings: Frank Castle x f!reader
Summary: As a teenager, you had a crush on your attractive neighbor Frank Castle. You were there on that horrible day and never thought you'd see Frank again - until he turned up right next door.
Warnings: Smut (Frank is actually a pretty gentle gentleman in this), Age Gap, Death, Mentions of pedophilia, Teen drinking
Word Count: 8.2k (I got a little carried away... there's probably a bit of unnecessary backstory here lol)
Frank noticed the stumbling young woman on the side of the road and his brows furrowed in concern. Even though he couldn’t see your face, only your back being illuminated by his headlights in the night as he drove up the dark street that eventually led to your homes (two miles away), you were familiar. His foot pressed the brake, drawing the car to a crawling pace beside you.
Panicked when you realized an unidentified vehicle was stopping beside you in the middle of the night, your eyes darted over there and you looked like deer in the headlights. That is, until a familiar gruff voice called out your name questioningly.
“Frank?” You hiccuped, taking steps closer to the open passenger window but tripping and stumbling over your own feet.
“Yeah,” he nodded, “yeah, it’s me kid. What’re you doing out here? Are you okay?”
It was clear that you weren’t okay. Mascara had smeared under your eyes from a wild night at a crazy party. Your hair was a messier version of what he assumed had looked nice a few hours ago. You also reeked of alcohol.
At first you nodded assuredly before shaking your head and then nodding again. Finally, you pointed down the road, “‘m just tryn- *hiccup* tryna make it back home.”
“Home’s a long ways down the road. Why don’t you hop in? I’ll give you a ride,” Frank offered, motioning for you to get in the car.
You shook your head and waved him off dramatically, almost falling backwards, “No, no, no. I got this.”
Frank couldn’t help the amused chuckle that fell from his lips. He remembered being in your position. Sixteen years old, drinking with friends, testing your limits. He had done the same stuff in high school at your age. He didn’t fault you one bit but he did want to make sure you were safe and considering he lived across the street, this was really no inconvenience to him.
“C’mon. Get in. Can’t have you walkin’ alone drunk at night.” Frank insisted, now getting out of the car and walking over to you. He opened the passenger door and held his hand out to help guide you inside. It didn’t take long for you to submit to his persistence, the idea of walking home not being very appealing anyways. What began as an attempt to slowly lower yourself into the seat resulted in your foot slipping off the edge of the curb and your butt hitting the soft seat with a thud.
“Oof!” You grunted dramatically before giggling uncontrollably, “Whoops!”
Frank ignored the fall and leaned over you, pulling your seat belt across your chest, “Geez, you smell like you drank the whole bar.”
You giggled, “I certainly tried.”
He shut the door and got back into the driver’s seat before peeling back onto the street. “Yeah, I remember those days. Just be careful. Don’t hurt yourself. And always make sure you’re safe. There are some terrible people in this world that would see a pretty drunk girl and see an opportunity,” he said sincerely, “What were you doin’ walkin’ alone at eleven o’clock at night anyways?”
At first you burned hot. Did Frank Castle just say you're pretty? Then you shrugged and cuddled back into the seat, the alcohol beginning to make your eyelids heavy. “Was at a party at some girl’s house,” you began before you found yourself having to swallow hard to keep the storm in your stomach at bay, “Me ‘n some friends all went but the cops busted the place. We all ran but we got separated. I don’t know where they went but their car was gone so I just walked home.” You didn’t sound upset by this - more like it was just a matter of fact.
“Some friends you got there,” Frank grumbled, “You know, friends don’t leave other friends to get arrested.”
You just sat silently, guilt beginning to settle in. Then realization hit you, “Shit! My parents are gonna kill me.”
Frank laughed, “Maybe you should have thought of that a few shots ago.”
“I was gonna stay the night at Becca’s house!” you whined in defense and although Frank had no clue who Becca was, he assumed it was one of the friends who left you for the cops.
He just shook his head as he drove down the dark road. “What were you doing out so late?” You tried to poke at his arm but it came off as a weak attempt.
“Lisa is sick. Just had to run down to the drug store and get some of that baby Tylenol. I’m glad I did though otherwise you would’ve had a long walk ahead of you.”
You just smiled and lolled your head to the side, looking at Frank with all the admiration in the world, “You know you’re perfect right?”
Frank looked over to you with brows furrowed and a chuckle of disbelief, “Oh please…”
“No really! You’re like perfect. I mean you just picked me up to make sure I got home safe because you’re like really nice,” you hiccuped, “And- and you’re getting Lisa those special baby medicines cause,” hiccup, “you’re a really good dad. And you’re tough and strong. I mean really strong. I really like your muscles a lot. And you’re really handsome.” You babbled endlessly, all of your deepest most secret thoughts spewing out of your mouth uncontrollably.
Your older neighbor had no clue how to handle your kind albeit inappropriate confession. Frank had never been good with words, “Uh look,”
“I think I’m in love with you,” you confessed suddenly. “I know I shouldn’t be cause you're old and I'm only sixteen but I see you every day being all perfect with your perfect house and your perfect baby and your perfect wife and I secretly wish it were me instead of her.”
Frank swallowed hard and exhaled heavily. He almost wanted to pull over so he could look you in the eye but even from the glances at you he took away from the road made the lovestruck sparkle in your eye glisten apparently. While flattered, Frank felt criminal just hearing it. “I-I appreciate that, kid. I really do. And you’re a really sweet kid but-”
“You keep calling me kid.”
“Cause you are a kid,” Frank said firmly, “Look, you’re growing into a fine young woman and one day, you’re gonna make some lucky boy a happy man.”
You sighed heavily, “So you don’t love me?” It was a ridiculous question and Frank could tell even you knew that. He knew it was just the alcohol talking, making you admit things he was never meant to hear. Frank felt guilty now knowing these things that he was sure you’d be embarrassed about him knowing.
“I’m married. I have a kid. And I’m a lot older than you,” Frank explained, turning onto your street.
“You’re old but you’re not that old. You’re like, what? Ten years older than me maybe? Fifteen max!” You tried to reason with him one last time before sighing in morose resignation, “It’s okay. Why would you like me back anyways?”
Frank pulled the car into his driveway and shook his head. He didn’t want to hurt you but he couldn’t enable these feelings either. He just hoped the alcohol would erase the memories of tonight so he could pretend like it never happened and could spare you the embarrassment. Without a word, he got out of the car and opened your door. He nodded towards the lawn, “C’mon. You’ve had a lot to drink. We should get you home.”
Years had passed. You’d graduated high school and spent a few years on your own. Despite struggles, life had been going relatively well as of late. You had moved to Hell's Kitchen which, while not ideal, held a promising career opportunity and a surprisingly affordable apartment compared to some other parts of New York.
Your abode was humble to say the least, just a studio with brick walls and a stove from the 1960s. It was yours though and it definitely was better than a lot of other options, all of which were thousands of dollars a month for an apartment more comparable to a shoe box than a living space. But that was the price of living in New York, you supposed. The city of dreams and rats.
It had been a long day at work. As you exited the elevator to your floor, a tired drag in your step, you stared down your front door like it was a target and you refused to miss. You needed a drink. Or two. Alone or with friends, you couldn't care less, you just couldn't wait to take these dang heels off.
After the long trek down the hall, you reached the door. You fumbled through your bag to find your keys when the door to the next apartment opened.
You startled, used to it being empty for the last several months. The stranger's back was turned to you but you could tell he was a middle aged man, towering and muscular with a commanding presence, even without trying. His black t-shirt was loose over his denim jeans and a black duffel bag was slung over his shoulder.
"Uh, hi-" You started awkwardly, feeling obligated to at the very least introduce yourself to the new neighbor, "did you just move in?"
The tall man turned around to face the unexpected voice behind him and you both shared mutual looks of dawning surprise when you saw each others' faces. "Frank?" You asked in utter shock.
Frank's eyes widened and he looked like he was looking at a ghost as he said your name questioningly. This could be bad, living next to you. You even knowing he was alive was a risk.
“What the hell is going on?” You stammered, knowing full well his past. Knowing full well he was supposed to be dead. You had grown up right next to the Castle family. Granted, you had moved out by the time Lisa was four but you had been home visiting the day Frank’s family was murdered. You had been there. It was horrible and traumatic and you remembered every second of that day.
It was a pleasantly chilly day when you got a knock on your front door. You skipped down the stairs, happy to be home for the week, and opened it to find the Castle family standing in the doorway. Immediately, Frank Jr. and Lisa threw their arms around your waist. “We missed you so much!” Lisa squealed.
Maria laughed at her kids, “I’m sorry! We saw your car in the driveway and the kids just had to come say hi.”
You squeezed them both tightly and a beaming smile spread across your face, “Don’t be sorry! I haven’t seen you all in forever!”
“We’re going to Central Park!” Frank Jr. jumped up and down excitedly, “We want you to come with!”
You looked at Frank and Maria questioningly, “Oh, well, I don’t know. As much fun as it sounds, I know your dad just got home and I’m sure you probably want to spend time as just a family.”
Frank’s face distorted like the very thought was ridiculous, “Ah, come on. You’re practically family at this point.”
“We’d love for you to come,” Maria added with a kind smile.
You thought for a moment but once you realized that your parents both worked and you’d just be sitting at home alone all day, you decided to go. “Okay, you talked me into it. Let me grab my coat.”
You stood beside Frank and Maria, watching the kids ride the carousel. Every time you looked away, they made sure to yell your name followed by “Look at me! Look at me!”. The love you felt from and for this family had always astounded you. And to think, all it took was one drunken night in high school to form that close bond with the family that you’d always been friendly with but never this close. You didn’t even remember most of it but you’d been grateful for Frank picking you up that night and even more grateful for it making the two of your families more comfortable with each other.
Billy saddled up beside you, between you and Frank, and looked at you with those eyes that were absolutely lethal. With a face like his, he could get whatever he wanted and he knew it which was why despite his incessant flirting with you, you refused to give him it. “Hey, sweetheart, my sweet tooth is actin’ up,” he commented, looking you up and down, like you were an ice cream and he was licking you with his gaze.
Frank rolled his eyes and shoved Billy’s head, “Easy tiger. Touch her and I’ll cut your dick off.”
You gave Billy those innocent doe eyes that held restrained falsified lust behind them and cooed, “Well, if you’re that down bad for something sweet…” you got closer to him and Billy’s brows raised, sure he was about to get what he wanted. Frank looked over at you, cocking his brow with something between vague disgust and surprise. “There’s cotton candy over there,” you dropped your act and patted his shoulder in a brotherly way, “Don’t hurt yourself.”
You glanced between the two men and watched Billy laugh and shake his head, trying to play off the rejection. Frank chuckled at his brother’s failure and gave you a tiny proud nod meant just for you.
Billy was attractive, undeniably so. He looked like he was straight out of a novel with debonair danger. Still, it was Frank that had your heart. It was silly to still like him after all this time. Maybe it was the fact that you could never have him that made the flame impossible to extinguish. But still, it was always these little moments, like a tiny gesture like that nod, meant only for you, that had your heart racing. You just hoped it wasn’t obvious. If Frank ever knew, you’d probably die of humiliation and never be able to look him in the eye again.
It took you a moment to realize that your gaze had been lingering on Frank for much longer than was appropriate. Billy kicked your foot slightly, just enough to silently earn your attention. Your eyes shot over to him and he only wiggled his eyebrows once, lifting his chin towards Frank enough for only you to know what he meant and then he sent you a knowing cocky smirk. “I see,” he mused, a wicked glint in his eyes.
You tried to shake your head casually and roll your eyes as if the mere insinuation was absurd but Billy saw right through it. Paranoid, you side eyed Frank and Maria, who were watching their kids still go around and around on plastic ponies.
“I’ll be right back,” you excused yourself, gesturing to the restroom that was not too far from here. As you left, you held eye contact with Billy. As much as you despised his perceptive abilities, you had a feeling that he would enjoy holding this over you too much to actually tell Frank. Then, he lost leverage.
Turns out, going to the bathroom was the only thing that saved your life that day.
As soon as you finished and were washing your hands, gunshots boomed through the park. Your blood ran cold as ice as your knees instinctively buckled, your autopilot guiding you to partially duck behind the porcelain sink. Many more rang out with the speed of an automatic weapon.
What were you supposed to do? On one hand, you wanted to rush out to Frank, Maria, Billy, and the kids, make sure you were all safe and could leave together, alive and well. On the other, you felt like this might be one of the safest places for you and that, even in the open, Maria and the kids were safer with Billy and Frank than with anyone else.
And so you hid. You climbed into a stall, shut the door, and crouched on the toilet seat so your feet weren’t visible. With your heart pounding in your ears, tears streaking your face, and strangled muffled hiccups of sobs, you texted Frank first: Are you guys okay? And then your parents: I love you. And then Frank again: I’m in the bathroom. Please can we meet up? And then one final text: Thank you for everything.
By the time the police found you and ushered you out of the bathroom, the FBI had already had the scene under surveillance. Between the officers milling about, you caught glimpses of the Castle family on the ground, lifeless and bloody, blocked off by caution tape and being photographed by the forensics team.
Your heart plummeted, "Oh my God! No!" You screamed, trying to rush over to them but the police officer held you back. "Let me go! Frank! Lisa!" The legs you were trying to use to force your way through the officer's gave out and you crumpled to the ground in a sobbing heap.
That was the last time you saw any of them.
Frank's vigilante rampage as the Punisher had been all over the news and you had followed every story with immense investment. It was Frank, after all. In all honesty, you never agreed with the horrible things said about him on the news. You had known Frank for years and while you knew he had an undeniable violent streak, you knew he would never hurt anyone who didn’t deserve it. Despite his crimes, when news of his death broke, you were devastated. Yet here he was, standing right in front you, apparently your next door neighbor now.
Frank knew he needed to sort things out with you and fast. He put his hand out towards you and you flinched back instinctively, not because you were afraid of him but because this didn’t feel real. This couldn’t be real. He retracted and put his hand up to show he wasn’t gonna hurt you. “Look, I can explain, but you need to come inside. I can’t talk about it in the open,” he explained, gesturing towards the door of his apartment.
You looked at it cautiously, wondering if this was really the wisest decision. You had always trusted that Frank hadn’t really been in the wrong in his excursions but there was still gnawing anxiety as you thought about going through that door. But you needed to know. “Okay,” you nodded shakily and Frank opened the door again, leading you inside.
He clearly had just moved in. The pre-furnished apartment was practically as empty as it had been before a tenant moved in. Aside from the single duffel Frank had shouldered, there was one other bag on the kitchen table. You sat down on the old couch that had been worn down from the previous tenants and Frank sat beside you.
His brows seemed to be perpetually furrowed, a staple on his handsome face that showed the years of torture he had endured. He leaned forward on his knees and he ran his large hand through his hair in distress, “I know how crazy this looks-”
“Yeah,” you scoffed, “You’re supposed to be dead.”
“I know,” Frank sighed, “Look, I got a new identity now okay? You can call me Frank behind closed doors but if you see me in public, I’m Pete Castiglione.”
“Okay?” you looked at him expectantly, “That doesn’t explain anything. You were dead, Frank.”
Frank shook his head. He didn’t need this. He didn’t need you getting involved with his bullshit and he certainly didn’t need someone who knew him to screw up his chance at having a life again. “There were some bad people. The ones who- who killed my family,” there was a small pause as you both remembered that day so vividly, “I took care of it. But once the world found out I was still alive and being publicized as doin’ the things I was doin’, I had to disappear again.”
You took a moment to absorb the new information. Frank Castle, your long time neighbor turned vigilante (or mass murdered, depending on your outlook), was alive. You didn’t think too far into what ‘I took care of it’ meant. It was obvious.
“Well… you picked a hell of a place to disappear to,” you weakly attempted a joke, gesturing around the small apartment that had clearly seen better days (like, several decades ago).
Frank looked over his shoulder at his new residence, “Yeah, well, I just needed somewhere cheap. Don’t need nothin’ fancy.”
Silence settled over the two of you as you both mulled over what this now meant. In all honesty, you didn’t know what it meant for you. You were just glad Frank was alive. “Why don’t you come over for dinner?” You offered, nodding towards the wall that was shared with your apartment.
Frank shook his head, “Nah, I don’t want to put you out.”
“It looks like you haven’t had the chance to get any groceries yet and I’m telling you now that that Indian food place across the street is not worth it, if you know what I mean. I have to cook anyway so why don’t you just come over and not make me eat alone, yeah? Besides, there’s probably a lot to catch up on…”
Frank knew he couldn’t argue with that little smile you gave him, not that he wanted to. The thought of having something that resembled his life before all this pain was a glimmer of happiness that he tried to hide away because he knew it was only a matter of time before it was extinguished. But he really did want to catch up with you.
“Okay,” he agreed, “I’d like that.”
With a satisfied smile, you stood up and reshouldered your bag, “Good. Well I’m gonna go get started cause I’m starving. You’re more than welcome to come over now if you want.”
You stood beside the stove, stirring the components of the dish you’d been craving all week. The scent wafted through the air deliciously and you hummed in satisfaction when you sampled it. Frank stood opposite the little bar that also served as your counter. “You sure I can’t help with anything?”
You hummed, “Mhm! It’s almost done anyways. If you want a drink or something though, there might be wine in that cabinet.” You gestured to the cabinet to his right with the wooden spoon in your hand.
He pointed at it to double check that that was the one you were referring to and opened it, lifting down the bottle of rosé in there. He smirked at the label, “A friend of mine loves this one too.”
With a chuckle, you pulled down some plates and began to dish them up, “It’s a good one!”
“Yeah it is,” he smiled, remembering Sarah Lieberman, “Strong shit.”
Your brow quirked, “Didn’t strike me as a rosé kind of guy.”
Frank put a hand on his chest in feign offense, “Hey, I like more than beer and whiskey or whatever box you have me in in your head.”
Carrying a plate in each hand, you brought them over to the dining room table. You hustled back into the kitchen to retrieve two wine glasses and Frank joined you at the table, using the wine opener in the cabinet to uncork the clear glass bottle. His large hands poured the pink liquid with delicacy and he took his seat across from you.
You dove right in, your rumbling stomach ready to make itself a third party in this conversation. Frank took a bite too and his eyes widened. “Wow…”
“That’s good,” he said amazed, pointing at the plate, “Definitely better than the take out I eat most of the time.”
You smiled, “Well now that you live next door, you don’t have to eat take out all the time.”
Frank covered his mouth while he chewed, brows furrowing as he shook his head, “I don’t want to bug you.”
You scoffed, “Please, you couldn’t bug me if you tried. It gets lonely anyways sometimes.” You reoccupied yourself with the food, an unexpected comfort having already settled over you and Frank.
Frank couldn’t help but watch you and wonder when the hell you had become a woman. He and Maria had bought the house next to yours just after she had had Lisa. You had to have been around fifteen when he first met you but it hadn’t been until about a year later when the two of you had had any significant interaction beyond a neighborly wave if you crossed each other in town. It wasn’t until that one night he found you drunkenly stumbling home after a party that the two of you ever really spoke more than pleasantries. After that, you babysat his children and practically became part of the family. Even after you graduated and left home, you’d stayed in touch. He knew he technically knew you as an adult but this was the first time he ever realized that you were a real woman.
“What?” You questioned, cheeks burning under his gaze that had been on you for a few too many seconds for comfort.
He shook his head and reached for his glass of wine, “Sorry just… you’ve grown up a lot since I last saw you.” Frank felt like such a creep. He had known you since you were in high school and had never felt anything more than friendship for you but now he looked at you and he felt a magnetism, like his heart was pulled towards you even though every fiber of his being told him it was wrong.
The memories of the last time you saw him threatened to slip through the wall you had it hidden behind but you quickly covered it with a chuckle, “It wasn’t that long ago. I was like 19 or 20 last time we saw each other.”
“There’s a lot of growin’ that happens in your twenties,” Frank defended before cautiously continuing, “But, uh, you look good.”
You smiled sincerely, “Thanks. I’ve definitely been trying. I had to redeem myself from that terrible haircut I had in high school.” You both laughed but Frank looked confused.
“Aw, c’mon, it wasn’t that bad!”
“I can guarantee it most definitely was,” you insisted, “I look back at my old yearbook photos and cringe.”
Frank sipped his wine, “Well, I never thought it was all that bad but I guess I’m not exactly model material myself.”
You mirrored his drink and set it down with a sigh, as if you already regretted what you were about to admit but something was still compelling you to confess anyways. “Nah…” you started with a slight concealing chuckle.
After the exhaustion of the work day and the high emotions of seeing Frank again, the voice in your head that monitored your words stood no chance against the minimal wine you'd ingested. “You know, speaking of high school, I used to have a kind of a crush on you.” You saw how his eyes widened a little at your admission so you continued, waving the idea away, “It was silly, really."
Frank couldn't believe you told him. For years, he'd harbored your secret for you, one you yourself were unaware of sharing. He'd never expected you to tell him. "Y’know, I feel bad admittin' it but I actually knew," he confessed with a gruff clearing of his throat.
You rolled your eyes, totally not believing him, "What do you mean you knew? How could you have possibly known?"
He crossed his thick arms across his chest and leaned back, eyes locking on a spot on the table, finding it easier than seeing the impending embarrassment that was sure to fall on your face. With an awkward chuckle, he started explaining, “You remember that night back in high school when I found you stumblin’ home drunk ‘n gave you a ride home?”
You nodded along to his story, hiding behind your wine glass while looking over the rim at him once you realized where this was going, “Yeah. I mean no, not really, but yeah.” You chuckled, the majority of that night having been a blur of patchy memories. He gave you a look that you knew meant that you must have done what you had always fought to conceal and your face fell, “I didn’t…”
Frank chuckled but gave you an apologetic look, “Yeah… yeah you did.”
Your eyes squeezed tight and you lightly bonked the mostly empty wine glass against your forehead, wishing it could conceal how absolutely mortified you were. Suddenly, you leaned forward, both hands twisting the stem of your wine glass. “So you’re telling me you knew all these years?”
He wiped his hand across this face, concealing the heat in his cheeks and the goofy smile on his lips, “I did.”
You groaned and plopped your forehead onto the wooden table, “Ugh, I’m gonna go crawl in a hole.”
Frank rolled his eyes, “Nah, don’t worry about it. It was actually kinda cute.”
You laughed, downing the rest of your wine in one gulp. You wiped your mouth, swallowing hard, “Well, I’m glad you thought so…” This was humiliating. Maybe it wouldn’t have been so embarrassing if you didn’t still have feelings for him. It was just so cute.
“I always had an ugly mug so I can’t lie, I was a little flattered when you said it,” Frank chuckled, trying to cushion the embarrassment he hadn’t intended for you to feel.
You shook your head, “You’ve never been ugly, Frank. I could never figure out why you always seemed to think so.”
Your fingertip traced lightly around the rim of your glass as silence befell your conversation. The two of you sat in the new quietness but still, all you felt was the awkwardness of this new information lingering over the two of you. Although, technically you supposed it was just new to you… Frank had known for years.
Unable to bear the tension any longer, you stood up abruptly and made your way to the wine bottle on the counter, your back to Frank at the table. You refilled your glass, probably a little too full, and sipped deeply from it. Behind you, Frank’s chair scraped against the hardwood floor and the wood creaked beneath the shift of his heavy weight.
“Did you want some more?” You offered over your shoulder, turning towards him with the bottle in your hand only to be taken aback by Frank’s large body already towering over your frame. You jumped back, hands gripping the countertop out of instinct, “Wooh! Sorry,” you chuckled, his close proximity making butterflies flutter wildly in your stomach, “Didn’t expect you there…”
Frank’s eyes were lowered towards the ground as he fidgeted the wine glass between his large hands but his brow was furrowed, something heavy on his mind. “Look, uh, I don’t want you feelin’ weird or nothin’ about what you said to me all those years ago. I know that was then and things have probably changed after everything that’s happened. But, shit, this is probably so fucking wrong of me to say but you are beautiful. And I don’t know if sayin’ that just makes me some creepy old man but…” He stopped, unable to find the right words to say next. Maybe there were no right words. Maybe he’d already said all the wrong ones.
You gawked at Frank and his confession, your brain struggling to comprehend his words. There was no way Frank was saying those words to you. There was no way he was looking at you like that, with wide desperate eyes, hoping you would say anything to dispel the disgust he felt now towards himself.
After a few moments had passed, his face fell for just a moment before he replaced it with that mask he wore so often. He cleared his throat and set the wine glass on the counter. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I shouldn’t have said anything,” He turned to leave before muttering, “Thanks for dinner.”
You panicked when you saw him head for the door and chased after him. “Wait!” Your hand fell on his shoulder from behind and when he turned his large shoulders to face you, you quickly stood on your tiptoes and leaned up to press your lips to his. Your eyes were squeezed shut but you felt his surprise. Frank’s firm muscles tensed beneath your hands. He stumbled backwards from the unexpected weight of your body against his, before catching you around the waist with his broad hands. For a moment, he moved his head back but only in shock. He never pulled away.
His lips were surprisingly soft against yours, moving in better unison than you ever could have imagined in your teenage fantasies. Frank’s hands smoothed down your body respectfully, landing on the junction between the small of your back and your waist. When your calves began to quake from standing on your toes, you regretfully pulled yourself away from Frank.
You looked up at him, wide nervous eyes waiting to see his reaction. Waiting to watch him head for the door again because maybe he’d made up his mind already. Waiting to hear him tell you this was wrong and you couldn’t continue. Waiting to hear him say you had somehow misinterpreted what he had said.
But he did none of those.
Instead, he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you close, a surprising gentleness behind the desperation of his touch. Your hands came to the side of his face as your lips met again, deep and passionate. Years of affection for the man swelled in your heart, overwhelming your senses with nothing but Frank. Your brain short-circuited and you almost lost track of the world around you.
Frank’s large body pressed into yours, his weight pressing you backwards as he pulled your waist into his body deeply and throwing you off balance. He walked with you, supporting your stumbling weight before you butted up against the counter. Frank’s hands snaked under your thighs, encompassing the flesh tightly and lifting you with ease, so much so that it surprised you even with his incredibly muscular build. He set you on the cool countertop but you clung to him tightly still, pulling him in by his shirt and feeling his muscles ripple beneath your touch.
At this new height, Frank’s pelvis now rutted against your core with every shift and rock of your bodies. Frank groaned when you rocked your hips against his impressive bulge but then he stopped moving, his hands gripping the tops of your thighs like he was restraining himself. His forehead rested against yours and his eyes squeezed shut tight. Frank shook his head and he panted out, voice deep and gruff, “I-I don’t want to hurt you.”
You pulled back and looked up at him confused, “You’re not gonna hurt me.”
“I don’t want to take advantage of you,” he clarified, his fingers coming up to brush your arms so softly, careful as if you were porcelain that would crack under the slightest pressure.
“I’m an adult now. I have been for several years. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, I understand and we can stop but…” you paused for a moment, taking a shaky breath, “I’ve liked you for a long long time Frank, and I’d like to continue… if you’ll have me.”
He exhaled sharply and glanced at the ground with a smirk of disbelief, “If I’ll have you? I’d have to be stupid to say no.”
“Then kiss me,” you looked up at him through thick lashes that did nothing to conceal the way your doe eyes bore unapologetically into Frank’s own. You were done hiding your feelings for him. There was no reason to anymore.
Frank tilted his jaw, pressing his lips against yours with so much care, so much reverence, so much respect. Like you were the most important thing in his life. It was different from your last few kisses. Before it was hot and sudden and wrong. Now Frank saw a beautiful woman whom he cared about so deeply and who he knew understood him and his pain because she was the only other person who had been there that day that was still alive. And this beautiful woman who deserved so much in this world was begging him to kiss her.
The way Frank gently slipped his tongue between your lips knocked the wind from your chest. Never had you been kissed like this before. Never had a person held you with so much care. Your fingers scrunched against the short hair on the back of his head, pulling him close and never wanting to let him go. As you did so, you leaned your body back, using your soft hands on his face to gently guide him along but a large hand slid up your thigh and splayed across your back, supporting your back.
“Uh-uh,” he hummed in protest against your lips and shook his head, pulling back and looking down at you with furrowed brows.
“What?” You asked with concern, propping yourself up with a hand on the counter behind you though it was unnecessary as Frank had you fully supported.
His hands slipped down to your ass and used it to pull your body off the counter. Your legs instinctively wrapped around his hips and you clung to him as he carried you off to your bedroom, knowing where it was as your apartment mirrored his. “I’m not just gonna fuck you on the kitchen counter,” Frank said, his voice pure gravelly sex.
Expecting to be thrown on the mattress, you braced yourself but instead you were set down gently only to be crawled over slowly. Frank’s lips graced the bit of skin that showed from where your shirt had come untucked from your pants. His fingers released the buttons one by one, kissing each inch of skin as it was revealed until your bra was exposed.
You propped yourself up and shrugged the cloth from your shoulders. You reached down and lifted Frank’s shirt up, only to be assisted by Frank pulling it up and over his head. Your mouth fell as you saw the scars that decorated his body. Large misshapen islands of flesh, some raised, some sunken, were scattered across his chest and his arms.
Your fingers gingerly traced over what you could only assume was a bullet wound on the front part of shoulder. Just as your middle finger made contact with his skin, Frank’s hand encompassed your much smaller one with ease and pressed your palm flat onto an unscarred part of his pectoral. The weight of his hand pushing yours deeper into his skin made the thumping of his heart vivid against your palm.
He looked down at where your skin met and then to your eyes that were admiring his body, muscles and scars and all. You looked at him like he was worthy of being loved and not just like a murderer.
With your hand staying in place, you shifted up onto your knees and you pressed your lips to every disfigurement in sight, starting low and working your way up to a final peck on his forehead. Frank’s eyes slid closed, no longer familiar with such a gentle touch and desperate to feel it in its entirety because otherwise he’d convince himself it wasn’t there.
With Frank’s eyes still closed, you pressed a final kiss to his lips. He breathed you in, his hand on yours holding you tight while his other scooped your lower back to press you back down to the mattress. His knees pinned you between his legs as his lips assaulted yours. Slowly, his calloused fingertips ghosted over the tops of your breasts, goosebumps pebbling in their wake. His short nails gently scratched your soft skin as he pulled the cup of your bra down, grazing your nipples as he did so.
Frank’s lips moved to your neck, short stubble scratching deliciously against your sensitive skin. While two of his fingers gently twisted and rolled your left bud, his other hand groped the other with expertise. A high sound of ecstasy slipped from your lips.
Your hands moved to tangle in his hair, finding it too short to be satisfying so you pulled at the broad muscular expanse of his back. “Frank-” you moaned breathily.
The more your hands explored each others’ bodies, the more Frank rutted his hips against your core. It was close but not quite enough for you.
You lifted your body, keeping Frank close as you did so. At the angle Frank rose with you, you were able to twist and lift your leg over the backs of his own. In actual combat, Frank would have easily stopped the action but he flowed with your movement, allowing you to roll the pair of you so that you now straddled his body.
The bulge restrained in his jeans was clear, although you didn’t need to see it to know. Your hands moved to his belt, undoing it and pulling it free from the loops of his jeans. You slid his zipper down and he sighed as some of the pressure was finally released. He lifted his hips to help you pull his jeans from his body, leaving him in black boxer-briefs that left little to the imagination.
You stood from the bed and shimmied your own pants and underwear to the floor before crawling back atop him, running your hands over his growing erection and back down again. You squeezed him through the cotton and his hips bucked into your hand.
Frank watched you in pure bliss as you reached behind you and unclasped your bra, throwing it to the side. You sat over him, core glistening wet and ready to be adored, breasts perfect and free. Your lips were swollen and your eyes were dark when they flickered from his dick to meet his burning gaze.
Finally, you released his member, hardly surprised at his impressive size. Frank was a large man and this part of him was no exception.
You crawled up his body, knees resting on either side of his hips. As you lowered your lips to his neck, you ground your hips back, your slick rubbing along his length. Now that you had skin on skin contact, small jolts of pleasure began to spark when his smooth head bumped against your clit.
After a few minutes of grinding against his length, you reached between your bodies and took his erection in your hand. A coat of wetness that had dripped from you made it easy for your hand to glide along his skin as you pumped him. Carefully, you guided him to your entrance, rubbing his tip along your slit, teasing your own clit before lowering down onto him.
Frank’s fingers dug into the flesh of your back and it took everything in his being to keep his eyes from closing - he just needed to see the way your face contorted in pleasure as you sank down. After a few test movements, you leaned forward, bracing yourself on your elbow beside Frank’s head while your other held his face. His knees bent behind you, your ass slapping against his thighs as you picked up pace.
A low moan rolled from your throat. At this angle, he stimulated every delicious spot inside of you and your clit rubbed against his lower stomach in a way that caused your muscles to spasm around Frank.
He grunted animalistically every time your walls fluttered around him. Frank was lost in you. Your body was so soft and delicate in comparison to his, encompassing him physically and emotionally in a cocoon of warmth he never wanted to leave.
Your body began to ache. Your thighs burned but the coil inside of you had just begun to wind up and you were not about to lose it. Frank felt the quake in your legs and rescued you when his hands gripped your hips and started moving your body.
Your face twisted in pleasure and your head fell in the crook of his neck. Your hot breath came out in pants as you bit on his shoulder to restrain your high pitched squeals of pleasure. The way his calloused hands squeezed your soft ass just augmented the pleasure in your core.
“Frank,” you whined loudly, toes curling.
Frank knew exactly what your whine meant. He could feel how close you were getting and he was right there with you. “You close?” He asked, his growl breaking down any barriers you had in the way between you and your orgasm.
“Mhm!” You squealed, nodding against his skin, “‘M so close, Frank.”
He began to thrust up into you, meeting your hips as he pushed them back. All that could be heard was skin on skin, heavy breathing, and desperate sounds of pleasure. You clenched around him, driving him close to the brink himself but he held back, wanting to prolong this moment. “Let go, sweetheart,” he growled in encouragement in your ear, the vibrations of his voice in his chest resonating through your own chest that had collapsed him.
“Oh my-” you were cut off by your orgasm crashing through your body. Wave after wave of pleasure rocked through your body and if your arms hadn’t already given out, they would have now.
Frank stroked you through your orgasm but knew he needed to pull out of the vice grip that became your body if he had any chance of not busting inside of you. Once your body began to relax again, he used minimal effort to roll you over, supporting your weight as he did so, and slipped out of you. He stroked his length hard and fast, squeezing tighter at the head.
One more look at you, breasts rising and falling with each breath, your hair messily muttered across the pillows, your thighs shiny with drying wetness, your lips plump and moist, was all it took. Frank busted in his hand with a restrained groan, painting your stomach in warm white ribbons in spurt after spurt of his release.
The two of you stayed like that for a few moments, his hands coming to rest on your splayed thighs and your hand in your hair as you tried to slow your breathing. Without warning, Frank stood up, the true glory of his broad muscular body coming into full view, shining with a thin layer of sweat. He disappeared into the bathroom just outside your room and returned with a warm damp washcloth. “‘M sorry,” he apologized as he wiped his cum from your skin.
“Why?” You propped yourself up on one elbow and watched with fucked-out curiosity. You flinched a little when the rag got close to your still sensitive core but also because this tender act of cleaning you off was new.
“Because,” he started before wiping his hands off on the same rag, “I don’t know… it just felt rude to do that… y’know, on you.”
You giggled, “Well, I’d rather you do it on me than in me or on my sheets. It’s a lot easier to take a shower than it is to fix those other two problems.”
Frank tossed the rag into the pile of clothes on the floor, a problem better left for later. You scooted up to the pillows and folded the sheets down on his side of the bed, signaling for him to join you beneath them. He did without hesitation, sliding beside you and facing you. You lied on your side and looked up at him, head resting on your arm.
Gosh, he was beautiful and he treated you so well. Your teenage jealousy had been right: if he treated Maria this way, she was such a lucky woman.
“Well this is certainly not how I saw today going…” you commented with a small chuckle.
He inhaled deeply and nodded, “Yeah, me neither.”
There was a pause before you admitted quietly, “I’m glad you’re okay, Frank…. When I heard that you’d died, I was devastated.”
Frank watched as your face fell at the mere thought of losing him and he instinctively wrapped his arm around you. “‘M not going anywhere,” he reassured, kissing the top of your head.
You burrowed closer into his body, not realizing how starved for his touch you still were. Frank’s body radiated heat, warming your bare form. The scent of his cologne swirled with his own musk and the detergent on your sheets to dance around your senses, making you want to curl up in this spot with nothing but Frank and never leave. The two of you had been through so much together that, far beyond your immature teenage fantasies, it felt natural that it would come down to the both of you like this, holding each other tightly as you drifted off to sleep.
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old fashion cupcake | s01e03
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Tommy Shelby x F!Reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐘;— Tommy Shelby and Grace spend the day in the market. What he doesn’t expect is seeing his first and only love.
𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒;— separation, mentions of suicide, angst, ANGST, did I say angst, yearning and longing, mild age gap, Grace Burgess
𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄𝐒;— this was originally a fanfic of about 15 chapters. Might bring it back? Who knows.
𝐑𝐀𝐓𝐈𝐍𝐆;— T [teen]
They married when she just turned twenty, he was twenty eight. Oh they were in love. Deeply in love that the stars only shined for them on their wedding day and any day forth. So fiercely in love that the sun grew tired in the day for making such happy rays of sunshine rain down on them. So volatile that the stars and the sun had stopped doing this until the day (Y/n) Shelby walked out of Arrow House with only a small luggage and the necklace he bought her on their first date.
No, she even left her ring right on his desk next to his personalized cigarette case she made for him as a wedding gift.
Their marriage lasted four months total, but their love began when she was eighteen. She moved to town with little to no money as a librarian. She was welcomed with open arms as Polly Gray took the girl under her wing. One drinking contest, one dance, and one slap of the face later — Tommy Shelby was in love. Smitten.
But she left him in the end for reasons he knew were his fault. Secrets, lies, cheating, and… drugs. Those were the four things she was very strict against, and yet he had done all four things. Fed up with all of it, she left without a trace.
Heartbroken and distraught, he fell into bad habits. And he fell into lust with one barmaid. Maybe he would say it was love. But it certainly wasn’t close to what he had to (Y/n). No.
He searched for her endlessly at the bottom of gin bottles, in the smoke of his opium. In his dreams and his nightmares. He even thought she would be at the other end of a bullet in his gun.
No she was gone and out of his life’s
“You look to the past, but you won’t find me there,” Grace whispered and cradled his chin one morning.
He just smiled weakly, “Not looking…. Just remembering.”
Grace had no idea of his first wife. The Blinders knew (Y/n) was a very sore subject for Tommy and never said a word after she left. He went straight back into work after a week. And hasn’t spoken about her in ten years.
He kissed her gently before shrugging on his coat.
“Come, you said you wanted to go to the town market.“
Grace’s eyes lit up and trailed after him. With Grace, he was going through the movements, and every year on their anniversary he secluded into a shell of drugs and alcohol. The Birmingham Farmers market only blossomed in spring with all of the seasonal crops and artisanal goods. Grace had never been and Tommy… well he owned all the stalls.
“I can make a wonderful family dish with these fresh vegetables,” Grace came over to a stall of crops. Tommy just nodded and let her basket what she wanted as the tenders knew who she was.
Maybe he could be happy with her.
Tumblr media
She walked through the market under her woven hat with a red ribbon. She had a small smile on her lips as she picked up a silk handkerchief and held it up. Blue. It was a beautiful blue color. She held it up and the person in front of her sighed.
“Mum, really?” The ten year old boy groaned as she matched it to his eyes.
“What! You look great with this! Imagine wearing this to church-“
“I’m already dressing up enough! I’ll look like a total fop.” He pulled away and flushed.
(Y/n) pulled her son close and smirked, “No, you’ll look absolutely handsome. Please make, your dearest and most favorite mother happy with this?”
The boy turned his face into her waist and let out a groan, which in turn made the woman laugh and turn back to the tender with some money in hand.
“Come on. I’ll let you chose what we cook tonight, maybe I’ll even let you make dessert.”
Instantly his eyes looked up at her and smiled, “Fine by me!”
Hand in hand they walked through the stalls as he eagerly picked out some fruits for whatever dessert he wanted for tonight.
Tommy looked up and it was like time stopped. There she was. Just as beautiful, if not more beautiful, than the day he last saw her. She was in a white sundress with a small smile on her lips. She let out a giggle and his heart beat loudly in his chest. His hands felt clammy, his mouth was dry, and every bone in his body ached to run and pull her into a loving hug.
What he didn’t expect was her to catch eyes with him. Her smile fell for just a second before she tore her eyes away and a boy with black hair and blue eyes excitedly ran up to her. It was like the whole world came crashing down on him as he continued looking at the two. She looked up at him and nodded gently, right at the same time Grace came up to him.
“(Y/n)….” He whispered and his eyes watered.
“Tommy?” Grace started.
She turned around, arm around the boy and she left.
She left again.
Tommy stumbled slightly and he shrugged Grace’s arm off of him as he weaved through the bodies.
“(Y/n)!” He yelled.
He wouldn’t let her go again. No. This time it didn’t matter what happened, what mattered was that she was there and she had some child with her.
He turned a corner and sprinted, not caring he was hurting people until he saw her just on the sidewalk laughing with the boy.
“(Y/n) Shelby!” He said with need.
She stopped and looked at him, arm still around him.
Her eyes looked tired and he walked up to them.
“Thomas… it’s nice to see you.”
He looked down at her hand briefly, it was naked without a ring and glanced to her neck.
“You still have the necklace.”
Her hand touched it gently and nodded nervously.
“I do… I couldn’t leave it.”
His eyes darted to the confused boy.
“Mum, who is he?” He said protectively.
“Thomas, this is Byron. Byron-“
“Is he… is he mine?”
Her jaw clenched and her hold on the boy tightened.
“He’s mine. Regardless, this isn’t something we should talk about here.”
“Fine. Come home then.” He had to stay his ground, he needed her back.
“No, I have no place back at Arrow House. You know it, and it seems like she knows it.” (Y/n)‘s eyes fell on the blonde woman who rounded the corner.
He turned and Grace stood with a hard face of confusion.
“Good bye, Thomas.” She turned around and his head snapped to her.
“Don’t you fucking leave me! You’re my wife!” He grabbed her hand with desperate need.
She spun around with eyes of anger.
“I may be your wife on paper. But not by name or anything else. You made that clear when you fucked many women while I was locked up inside that hellhole, now let go-“
“I let go of you once. I’m not leaving you again.” He pleaded as tears came to his eyes.
“Let go of my mom!” Byron pulled at Tommy’s sleeve and continued to punch and kick the man. Immediately he let go. (Y/n) sniffled and pulled her son close.
“You never left me. You just forgot me….” She spat and walked.
Tumblr media
The ride back home was quiet. Grace was holding her clutch tightly, thinking of all the things in the world.
“Who was she, Tommy?” She asked gently.
His jaw was clenched.
“Not now.”
“Yes now! You openly declared she was your wife, when I’m sitting right fucking here!” She whimpered and faced him in her seat.
He aggressively pulled into his home on Watery Ln., “I’m not talking about this right now.”
“Yes you are. I saw the look in your eyes when she held that boy. Is he yours? She barely looks old enough to be a mother to him, sister maybe… but mother? What is going on.” She pleaded and pulled at his arm.
“Just stop! I have enough to think about as it is! Fuck off!” He pushed her off and stormed inside.
Grace stood there watching him. He was so angry with her. She sniffled and wiped her tears. She looked over to the house a few ways down and she headed over. Her mind was set to find answers about who (Y/n) was. He called her (Y/n) Shelby. Wife. It was like she wasn’t even there and like Grace had never married him.
She knocked twice and Polly opened with a cocked brow.
“Grace? I didn’t know you’re in town.”
“Who is (Y/n) Shelby and what happened.” She didn’t need to beat around the bush. She needed answers.
Polly’s face paled and her eyes went wide.
“How…how do you know that name?”
“Apparently she’s back in town and Thomas was yelling for her to stay. Tell me Polly Gray, he’s my husband.”
Polly stepped aside and sat down at the kitchen table. Grace followed and kept a stern look on her face.
“She came here when she was turning eighteen. Young thing, bright and too good for us. She needed a place to stay so she came here. Said her parents died when she was young and she was sold off to be married. She got away and I set her up to work at the library.” Polly looked fondly at the memories.
“She would come home with a new book every night and finish the thing before the next morning. Thomas and (Y/n) hated each other in the beginning, constantly at each other’s throats.” She laughed and teared up, “For two years they loved each other. For two years they set up a future. They married when she was twenty.”
“Then came the war. We were already on edge because she might be taken. She had gone and done nursing classes with Ada and Tommy was of age. We knew he would be called. They were so happy until he … he would leave and drink, smoke, and get high on whatever shit he came across. She could handle that. But it was the women. She left after so many nights alone, he didn’t even hide it at this point.”
Grace’s look softened.
“She was so young…”
“She was. When she left we all feared he would never make it out of the darkness. Some nights he would search for her in gin or his smoke. But when he was sober he would try his best to forget her.”
“Did you know? When she left that she…”
“She was what?”
Grace’s jaw clenched and gripped her hands tightly, “Pregnant.”
Polly’s eyes widened and she started to sob. She failed her. The girl who was practically her daughter.
“I let her go…. I let my darling go.” She cried and held her face in her hands. Both of the women were interrupted when three of the other Shelby siblings walked in laughing.
Ada had her usual annoyed look as Arthur and John poked fun at her. But stopped the second they saw Grace and Polly sitting before one another with the latter crying, sobbing.
“What fuck is going on? Is Thomas okay!” Ada came over and held Polly.
Grace didn’t want to say anything. But it seemed like Polly wasn’t.
“He’s okay… I’m not sure-“
“What do you mean you’re not sure! Why aren’t you with him!” John came over, obviously nervous now.
“She’s back, John. She wanted answers about her and Grace came to me.”
“She…. You don’t mean-“
“(Y/n) Shelby. She is, with her son.” Grace’s voice was tight and tried not to cry in anger.
“Why does she still carry his name?” She pressed.
Arthur and John sighed, “He couldn’t send papers to divorce her. We couldn’t file her dead because well… she wasn’t. We didn’t know where she was but we would know if she died.”
“Well great. She’s here, they can file the divorce papers!” Grace chuckled with annoyance.
Everyone was silent.
“It’s not like that, Grace. Tommy just… Thomas and (Y/n) we’re two of the same flame. Like that fucking Greek myth about Hades and Persephone. One taste of him and she was forever his.”
“I’m here now. I’ve been here-“
“And so has she. Not physically, but you must know that Tommy has always had something else to him,” Polly said softly and wiped her tears.
The blonde glared and stood up.
“I’ve been here. She can’t just walk back and take him away from me-“
“And what if it’s him that leaves. Hm? Grace, see pity for his soul.” Arthur had only spoken this once. His eyes were hard and his fists were clenched.
“You don’t know what she did to him or what he did to her. I get that you are married now, but did you know your papers aren’t real? He couldn’t file it because he is already married.”
Tumblr media
His hands shook as he walked down the street. He had some of his men look about for her once he got home and Grace left. He wasn’t going to let this go easily. Wasn’t going to let her go easily. He stood in front of a door that was hidden in an alley.
Letting out a deep breath he cleared his throat and knocked twice.
The seconds felt like hours before the door opened and (Y/n) stood with a calm face. She was wearing an apron, her hands were dusted with flour and some even managed to get on her face.
“I see you’ve found me…” she sighed and opened the door to let him in.
“We have to discuss this-“
“We don’t. Really. I left, you remarried. What is there to talk about.”
“MUMMY! YOU RUINED MY BATTER!” Byron yelled with annoyance from the kitchen.
Her cheeks went hot and called back out, “ITS NOT RUINED! ITS SUPPOSED TO BE THAT CLUMPY!”
Silence took over for a second.
Tommy tried to hide the growing smile on his face
“That’s what we need to talk about. That boy in the kitchen.”
(Y/n) wiped her hands on her apron and gestured to the couch in front of the fire.
“I’m not going to let you take him away.”
He just shook his head, “That’s not what I’m here for.”
Nervously, she clenched her jaw and bit her lip.
“I was a month pregnant when I left. I was always going to tell you, but you became selfish. I wasn’t going to let any child of mine be around a cheat and a liar.”
He felt his hands grow clammy as he clenched them together.
“No one knew. I never went to Polly that month. She was busy with the betting shop and Ada. Every time I look I look in his eyes, I see you.” She started to cry.
“He doesn’t know it yet, but everything he does is you. The way he talks, the way his eyes roll, his smile.”
She choked back a sob and hugged herself. Tommy knelt before her and held her hands.
“Please let me apologize. I’ll grovel and live my life on my knees if that means I’ll be with you again. I’ve lived life empty without my (Y/n). MY (Y/n).”
“Your wife-“
“I’ll hurt her. But if that means I can be selfish to get you back, then I’ll do it over and over again. It’s always been you! Can’t you see that?” He firmly held her face to look into her eyes.
“Then what of the other women. If it’s always been me, then what of them!” She pushed her hands away and got up.
“I made a mistake! But it’s only been one person. And you know who it was. YOU KNOW.”
She shook her head with a spiteful chuckle. She did know. But it still hurt more.
“Greta wouldn’t have been happy for how you e broken me.”
Greta and Thomas were a volatile couple. But she was dying and (Y/n) couldn’t leave her best friend, even if she dated her husband. Before she could get the other side of the story, she died and (Y/n) had decided to leave.
“Did you only fuck her because she was dying or because she was your ex?” She said calmly.
She looked him in the eye and spoke, “I’ll never forgive you for breaking my heart. You’ll never take him from me. I’ve established a life for me and if you can’t see that, and you keep coming here to ruin it, I’ll leave again. We’ve made it just fine and we can continue to do so.”
“Please. Give me one more chance-“
“I gave them to you ten years ago. I’m tired now and I have other things on my mind.” She was trying not to cry, but his eyes were making it so hard.
“MUMMY! WHY ARENT YOU HELPING- oh.” Byron walked in, sleeves rolled up and face caked in flour.
Immediately he came to his mother’s side and stood in front of her.
“You again. You’re making my mum upset, I think you should leave.” He held his chin up and Tommy looked at her.
‘Please…. For him.’ He would say.
She placed a hand on his shoulder, “Byron. You remember Thomas. He’s…. He’s-“
“My father. I know. I’m not a kid, I’m actually quite smart.” He scoffed and glared at the man.
“Look, Byron. I’m just here to talk to your mother. She’s been gone for so long and I want her to come back with me.”
“I think no. If she left and she hasn’t come back to you then, that should tell you something.”
He walked over and opened the door.
“Leave! Mummy and I are going to burn the pie!”
(Y/n) was in shock as her ten year old son tried to push Thomas out the door. It put a smile on her face as Byron continued to push and push, but he never moved.
“All I’m asking for is once chance,” he said and winched when Byron kicked his ankle.
“Ask my son. He seems to know what’s best.” She said nonchalantly with a sigh and went into the kitchen.
She was hurt and didn’t want to talk about it any more, but Byron had the choice of knowing his father. Sure their first impressions of one another weren’t the best, but still. If he wanted to make something out of what he had with Thomas, then she couldn’t stop him.
Byron glared at the man and crossed his arms after failing to push him.
“You’re the reason my mummy cries at night.”
Thomas kneeled and looked him in the eyes. She was right. They were his eyes.
“Your mother is the reason why I’ll never be happy again. She stole all of my joy the moment she left me.”
His face softened.
“You aren’t happy?”
Thomas shook his head.
“Mum said it’s not right to steal. She’s not setting a good example if she stole that from you. Come come, bad man.” Byron grabbed Thomas’ jacket and dragged him into the kitchen.
“Byron, your mother isn’t happy with me-“
“MUMMY! You tell me never to steal, but yet this man says you’ve stolen all of his happiness.” Byron rolled his eyes at his mother and (Y/n)‘s cheeks went bright red.
“I don’t like him. But, it’s not right to steal.”
Tumblr media
Grace waited at home, their home. His brothers and sister and aunt all said good things about her. They would never say those things about herself, that much she knew. Was their marriage just a fail safe for him? Did he actually care?
She couldn’t get pregnant, he was hardly ever with her and always working. And when they did make love, she could never get him to finish well. Part of her resented (Y/n) for taking her Thomas. But an even larger part of her resented Thomas for hurting someone so bad that she had to raise a child alone without any money or support. She was torn. Very torn.
If Thomas cheated on her repeatedly, perhaps she would have left also. Then again, (Y/n) was an adult by law but mentally… who knows. She raised a child in the years where she was to be having fun on her own.
He loved her.
That much was evident.
That much was clear.
Definitely going to need to write a part two!
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xmiloticx · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Guinevere (1999)
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daddysplaytoi · a month ago
P. O. V. I’m your granddaughter and I was just dropped off to spend the day with you. I’m a bit older now and you notice I’m becoming such a beautiful young lady. My parents tell you about my little hormone episodes, and how because I am getting older I don’t know how to deal with my hormones and I hump against things unknowingly. They tell you that you don’t have to watch me but you insist and say you’ve raised many kids before. They leave, leaving us alone just you and me. We are listening to music and I’m dancing in the living room as you sit on the couch. You think back to what my parents said and honestly the thought of your little granddaughter humping things randomly awakens something deep inside you, making you feel all types of ways. A part of you wishes you could see it, part of you wants to experience the moment with me. You sit on the couch and watch my hips sway and my tits bounce as I dance and rock my hips. You can’t help but feel lustful for me as I’m dancing quite sexually in your eyes. I lay down on the couch and breathe heavily out of breath. My chest rising and falling. I say how I’m hungry and you get up to make us lunch, I remain on my phone scrolling on it. When you come back you notice I’ve turned the tv on and I’m watching some cartoon, I have my hand between my legs and im rocking my hips while my eyes remain glued to the television.
You sit down beside me and hand the plate of food over to me not saying anything about it. I eat the food and go back to watching the show, but you stay watching me. You watch as my hand finds it way between my legs and my hips automatically start moving. You feel yourself twitch which surprises you. “Wanna sit in Grandpa’s lap” you ask i nod my head you sit me over one of you thighs and push my back against your chest and wait. Knowing it’s wrong and that you shouldn’t do this but wanting so desperately to see how my body works. I’m watching the show again for a few minutes and then my hips start moving on your thigh. You can hear my low grunts as I move my hips, you place a finger on my privates and slowly rub it. My grunts get a tiny bit louder, “you know I can help you with that feeling darling” you say in my ear lowly. I stop moving “really?” I ask. “Sorry papí I didn’t realize I was doing it again” I apologize embarrassed. “It’s okay lay down for me okay.” I nod and lay down. “Now the best way is through bare skin touch, is that okay” my youthful self not really understanding just nodding and wanting to know how my papí was gonna help me. You pull my yoga pants down and take a finger and place it right on my little clit rubbing a small slow circle on it. My legs open wider for you and my mouth opens as I look down at you. “This is the best thing to do when you feel this way, take you pants off and touch right here” you say. You can feel my wetness and it’s driving you crazy. You grab my hand and make me touch my own clit and rub it, so you can watch me masturbate. You feel your cock starting to come alive at the sight of me. You lick your finger licking my juices. “But since I’m here I can help you differently” you say grabbing me and laying down on the couch and placing me on your face wanting to taste more of me, “Now I want you to move your hips just like you were on your hand” you say before placing me all the way down. You stick your tongue out and start licking me as I rock my hips. My eyes close as I forget about everything and just feel your tongue on me. I hump my hips back and forth and your tongue enters my tight virgin hole. Wiggling your tongue inside me and flicking your tongue over me you can’t take it any more and roll us over. I’m on my back and your head is between my small thighs as you move your tongue faster on me and nuzzle your nose against my clit. You hear my breathing quicken and quicken until you hear the sweetest sound ever. A small moan escapes my lips for the first time. You feel your cock hardening at your actions and from my sounds. I moan again louder this time and you lick and kiss your way up my body. You attack my neck sliding your cock out of your pants and rubbing your cock along the outside of me need some sort of friction, I moan even louder. “Oohhhhh papí ohhh mmmmmm that feel so good papí” my hips rocking even faster and you lay your cock against my privates and let my rocking hips rub up and down you. “Yesss darling mmmmm see papi told you he could help you” you moan in my ear. “Ohhhh god papi my belly feels weird papi I can’t stop papi ahhhh ohhhhh” I say as my hips move faster up and down along the outside of your length. Both our breathing quickening. I move my hips faster and faster along you. I pick my hips up you and then down as I do so the tip of your cock slides inside me. Just the tip, as I keep moving my hips, you feel yourself enter me and tightness so new to you catching you off guard as I squeeze your tip paralyzing you in the most pleasure you’ve ever felt. The feeling alone causing me to cum all down your cock and you feel your head swell inside me at the amazing feeling only to find out you can’t pull out of me now.
Your cock entering me made me cum but then immediately clench up around you making your swollen tip stuck inside my youth pussy. You try pulling out by sitting up but I follow you up sitting in your lap as I slowly sink further and further down your cock. Your feel your self ripping me open and taking my virginity. You lean your head back over the back of the couch as my hips start moving on you again “papí this thing inside my is giving me tingles, more tingles than I’ve ever had” I place my head in your neck and moan loud in your ear hips rocking. Your cock twitching inside me, you clear your throat “bounce on it” is all you can manage to say as you try and catch your breath. My tight pussy squeezing you so tight I start pulling up tugging your cock hard and pushing back down on you making you slide in a bit deeper. You look down you can’t believe the site before you all you wanted to do was taste your granddaughters sweet youthful juices and now you’re watching your cock disappear inside her. You pull me up off you a bit and turn me around so my back is towards you. You start moving your hips up inside me. You roll over and bend me over the arm of the couch moving faster inside me. You feel yourself going deeper and deeper inside me ripping me open more and more. You don’t remember the last time you’ve fucked like this but it feel so good as you pound your hips in and out of me. You grab my hair and pull me up to your chest slamming your thighs against my ass listening to the sound our skin makes. You’re grunting with each thrust in and out feeling young again. As you look and see I’m crying from the pain and how bad it hurts. I try to plea with you and tell you to stop but you can’t it feels too good and it’s not like you can pull out anyway now until I unclench and your head isn’t swollen anymore. “I can’t stop baby we have to finish or we’ll be stuck together like this. I know it hurts but it’ll feel better I promise” you say out of breath as you kiss my lips passionately grinding your pelvis against my ass feeling yourself all the way deep in me just grinding calming yourself down not wanting it to end too soon. You push me back over the arm of the couch and hold me down and you straddle over me and thrust slow deep thrusts inside me. Grabbing me tight and pulling me back up laying on the couch with my back presses tight to your chest as you hump violently in and out of me breathing heavy in my ear. One hand on my throat the other rubbing my clit in circling as I scream moan against you. “Ohhh papí ohh papí” you feel me get even tighter making it almost impossible to move inside me you feel you cock leaking profusely inside me. “Cum baby cum on papis cock” you say using every muscle in your body not to cum yet. You feel my pussy let go and my juices flow all down you and thats too much for you, before you can even move your cock let’s go, as you cum hard inside me. You blackout due to the pressure of how hard you cum feeling dizzy as a huge load shoots out of you and fills me up. You’re still cumming as it starts leaking out of me and running down our legs pooling between us on the couch. We lay there gasping for air for what feeling like an eternity before you finally move and slide your self out of me. “I told you papí could help you” you say letting go of me. “I should visit more often I say rolling over to face you. We kiss again passionately adding tongue.
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heaven or las vegas? | ushijima.w x reader
✧ cw: sugar daddy scenario, oral!giving, boob play, age gap (18|44), virgin reader, mentions of cigarettes, sub!reader, dom!ushijima, corruption kink, squirting
✧ overview: As a young girl living on her own in highschool, you tended to struggle a bit financially. You never thought you would join an app for sugar daddies, but after matching with one of them— ushijima wakatoshi — your life had completely changed.
Tumblr media
your life currently wasn't the one you opted for. after moving out at 18, you underestimated how difficult living alone would be. bills would stack up on themselves, everytime you paid them, more would come. you could easily say that your life was centered around money. but who's wasn't? did anyone really care about anything else that didn't involve paying for things? your mom said it was a mistake, she said you should wait. but no, you were too eager to leave your house because of your mom's boyfriend, whom you didn't like. you did visit her though, made sure to give her a grand gift every mother's day, every birthday, practically every holiday. even now, you didn't have much going on besides that. didn't have any love interests, didn't have any time for just you. it was just money, money, and money.
"baby you can have it all, baby you can have it all. baby you can have the cars, the clothes, the jewels, the sex, the house — baby you can be a star.." the song hummed in the background of your house, providing you a sense of comfort as you looked for something to watch on youtube to distract yourself.. before your video played there was an advertisement, per usual, but for once you found yourself intrigued by the app it was advertising — the mention of 'sugar daddies' piquing your interest.
'cash4u'. you thought the name was a bit stupid, and the app seemed fake as hell. but you thought that there wasn't no harm in just seeing what it was. right? after putting in your personal information you realized that the app was the real deal, and you found yourself scrolling through hundreds of profiles of different sugar daddies. some were young, some were old, the age ranging around 24-60. no thank you. you couldn't be with a 60 year old man even for a thousand dollars. but one of the men caught your eye, he seemed well kept and was insanely attractive. his profile provided you all the information you needed. he was 44 and lived in a grand house situated in a gated community. his house was extremely nice, but the only thing that his profile didn't reveal was his job. now, that kind of raised your suspicion a bit, but he was hot so even if you got murdered, at least it was by him.
you decided to shoot your shot, sending him a quick 'hi' and saying why you needed a sugar daddy. hell, you felt like you were applying for a job with the way you presented yourself. you didn't think he would respond to you at all anyway, since there were plenty of other girls on the app he could choose from. unbeknownst to you, ushijima sat in his office looking at your profile. he wanted to make sure you were real and 100% committed to the role. he saw that you had recently joined which was kind of weird, but he liked that you were straightforward and said what you wanted.
you were one of the prettiest sugar babies he's ever seen, most of them were average and okay looking, but you — you were a gem. you didn't have many pictures of yourself, but had enough to let him know that you were real. your phone vibrated on your bed, and your gut felt like it was gonna explode inside of you. you were actually happy to see that he texted back, and his response made your heart flutter.
ushijima: hey gorgeous, let's set up a date for us to meet.
straight to point, you liked that. after you both agreed on meeting up the upcoming thursday, at a cute little restaurant. you were excited and nervous at the same time, considering that you've had no prior experience with any other guy before. initially you had hoped that things would go well. it was sort of hard to keep up, ushijima knew what the fuck he was doing. from what you've seen after talking to him for over an hour, you could tell he was very experienced and was a gentleman. you had no idea how he wasn't married.
the sacred day was here, and there was no turning back now. after you walked up to the restaurant that looked way too expensive for you to be there, you saw him leaned against the wall while smoking a cigarette. his face was serious and handsome, causing your nerves to rise. you didn't want to lie and say that he wasn't intimidating. look at the size of him. he was a head or two taller than you."you look prettier in person," he commented, causing you to become flustered quickly. it was mind boggling to you how he was so bold, you didn't know if you could keep up.
"oh, thank you! you look good too." you smiled brightly at him.
he thought it was cute how you were nervous, it was refreshing to see someone as young and beautiful as you, and you were already so charming. usually women his age seem to 'dry out'. they don't appreciate small things anymore and tend to be more materialistic, only giving the attention when there's money involved. obviously not all women his age were that terrible, but a handful of them were. that's why he was so intrigued by you. you were like a fresh breath of air. his compliments and effort to be flirty would always get brushed off and he would just be bored again. but you, on the other hand, you embraced everything he did, and you seemed like you enjoyed his company too.
you two walked into the fancy restaurant, arm in arm together. after getting seated at a table, you surprisingly adapted to ushijima's easygoing nature. he was just a great person to be around in general. you found that his boldness made him all the more attractive, you liked being leaded more than leading. "thank you for bringing me out here, its really nice," you smiled at him while he took a sip of some expensive wine. "my pleasure, anyway. why did you want a sugar daddy?" he set down the glass, the wine glass appearing tiny in his large hand.
"just need help financing my apartment, my job pays alright but it's not enough," you said in all honesty. you weren't particularly looking for sex, as any sugar baby would, you were just focused on the money, "but after seeing how charismatic you are, i don't even care about the money." you giggled. was this how it was supposed to be? was ushijima supposed to feel this happy? this ecstatic to be with someone like you? "what? why are you looking at me like that?" he looked so happy. even if his features were stone cold, it was obvious his heart wasn't. he looked content. "you're perfect for me, y/n."
throughout the night you both talked about many different things, ranging from "how come you're not married?" to things like "what is your biggest fear?" you both connected easily, you felt comfortable around him, and he felt comfortable around you. but the next question he had asked you made you feel nervous. "this is a personal question, but are you a virgin? probably not right?" he inquired.
"what a bold assumption," you chuckled, "sorry to disappoint, but i am a virgin." his eyes gleamed with an emotion you couldn't put your finger on. you had hoped that it wasn't a turn off. but it was the exact opposite. "you think that would disappoint me?" his tone became serious within seconds. "well uh no- but-"
"relax baby, i was just curious." he reassured you. "sorry, i just feel a little guilty that i'm not that experienced. this is even my first date with anyone," you admitted, your voice going a bit soft as your eyes avoided contact with his. ushijima softened at your sad little voice, his heart felt sad that no boy had ever asked a beautiful girl as yourself out, probably because they were too scared. but his cock was delighted that he could fuck a little virgin pussy, especially yours. he thought that you being inexperienced was a hot look on you, and his innocent thoughts soon became dirty as he thought of you whimpering and grunting as you tried to take his cock in.
he rested his larger hand on top of yours, and you felt your face heat up at the contact. "sweetheart, i really don't mind if you're experienced or not," his thumb began to caress the back of your soft knuckles, "i actually think that it's pretty fucking hot i get to ruin that pussy of yours first."
well, you certainly weren't expecting that. again, he couldn't stop gushing over how cute your face looked after he said something so bold. "w-we're in public!" you stammered, your face heating up. the man only let out a deep chuckle, admiring how cute you looked covering your face.
after chatting for a while, you both decided it was best to start heading home. while ushijima walked you out the door, you noticed how one particular woman had her eyes set on him basically the entire time. perhaps she was someone he knew, or maybe a secret ex-wife plotting to kill you for taking her husband. who knows. "do you wanna come back to my place for tonight?" he offered, standing in front of you while you were leaned against your car.
"if you don't mind," you smiled.
"not at all honey." he carried your hair, his hand then sliding down to rest on the side of your cheek. you both were leaning in for a kiss, until the same woman from earlier interrupted you.
"excuse me?" ushijima turned his head, and you could tell he was annoyed by her already. "are you following me again?" again? "no, i just saw you here with this thing. and i wanted to know what the hell you're doing with another woman already." she snapped, her brows furrowed as her lips painted in red were pulled into a deep frown. she scared you.
"it's none of your damn business who i'm with. leave me the fuck alone or i'll get a restraining order on you." the lady scoffed, "you won't do that. and this girl i presume is another one of your sugar babies? seems a bit young to me." he was fed up with the woman. you stood there awkwardly watching them argue over shit you had no clue about. and the fact that she brought up sugar babies led you to believe she might've been a previous one.
"seems like you should fuck off to me. y/n, get in the car honey. i'll be in there with you shortly." his voice changed dramatically when he talked to you, his tone going from menacing to soft within a second.
the drive to his house was a bit awkward as you didn't want to seem nosy and ask about the lady. but at the same time the curiosity was killing you.
"i apologize you had to see me like that, she's one of my previous sugar babies and she just doesn't know how to let go. i have a strict rule that if you are to be a sugar baby to somebody else, i'll have to cut off ties with you. she didn't follow that rule, so i broke it off. based off what you saw there it's obvious that she's delusional and thinks i still have to give her money." you saw how tense he was, so you did something out of the ordinary by resting one of your hands on his thigh."don't worry about it, i'm glad you opened up to me. and i completely understand why you'd break it off with her, she has no right to violate your privacy like that." his eyes that were trained on the road looked down to see your little hand on his thigh. god, he was so lucky to have you."thanks baby, i knew that i'd like you from the start." you softly smiled at him, feeling a tingly feeling spread throughout your body.
"we're here." he said, pulling into a large garage that had another black car within it. this guy was literally living like a king, his house was bigger than your entire apartment complex (well not really but you get it) and he had a large fountain with porcelain statues. it was like a damn castle. forget about normal suburban neighborhoods, this was like something out of a disney movie.
"your house is beautiful." you complimented, looking as the high ceiling was decorated with a pretty chandelier. "you're sweet y/n. want a house tour?"
as you followed him around his house, you didn't expect to be shocked any more than you already were. but that changed everytime he showed you a new room. he had a whole gym room, a mini cinema, a spa room which was something you've never seen before, and lastly, his huge ass bedroom. there was a large, sleek bed situated in the middle of the room, and across from it was a huge ass tv. then, there was a separate area for just his closet. it was shut so you couldn't see what was inside it. but next to it was a huge bathroom; there was a large shower with glass doors, and next to it was a large bathtub with a window behind it providing a view of the garden (which you didn't see until now).
"i'm taking it that you like my room," he felt pride in seeing your mouth occasionally drop."like is an understatement. can i sit on your bed?" you asked. it looked so soft and comfortable that you just couldn't resist wanting to touch it. he wished you would ask if you could sit on his face instead.
"go ahead." he smiled at your childishness. he found you remarkable, far more valuable than any diamond or gem in the world. your personality only added to your attractiveness, you shone brighter than any diamond he's seen before.
you laid on your belly on his bed, your entire body relaxing as you felt the soft mattress and blanket. sleeping there would be like a dream. you were so amazed by his bed that you didn't realize your dress was riding up your thighs, allowing him to see just the tiniest peek of your ass cheeks. he felt himself get hard again, and he couldn't help himself any longer. he stood behind you, his large hand travelling up your thigh and right on top of your ass cheek, moving the dress up so he could see a bit more of you.
"you seem to like my bed a lot, how would you feel getting fucked on it?" his voice rumbled in your ear, and you could feel his crotch press up against your ass. his larger figure hovered over yours, holding your face in his hand to tilt your head so that you would look up at him.
"i don't know i've never done that before.." your voice was quiet, barely above a whisper as your nerves got the better of you. ushijima saw this and took the opportunity to be more gentle, and act as a mentor.
"you're in the right hands for it." literally speaking, his hands were all over you; his index and middle finger ran up and down the back of your thighs, occasionally running over your ass. your breath hitched in your throat when you felt the palm of his large hand come in contact with your right cheek, then squeeze the cheek in his hand."you look so beautiful in this dress. too bad I'll have to take it off of you." he kissed your neck, flipping you over to ignite a make out session while he kneeled in between your legs. holy fuck. this was really happening. you were going to lose your virginity tonight.
your pussy began to throb after ushijima pressed his crotch into yours once more, his bulge rubbing against your clothed pussy. he lifted up your dress even further, staring in awe at the little panties you wore."i wore them for you." you shyly said. he swore he felt himself get harder at the sight. "you're gorgeous," he kissed your pussy, the heat of his mouth engulfing you. you wanted to close your legs, the foreign feeling of someone's mouth being on you made you feel so embarrassed. as kind as ushijima was, you were still new to all this. he lovingly grabbed your thighs, prying them further apart to get a good feel of you. he was laying on his stomach, his head fully submerged in between your legs was a sight you'd never forget. the look in his eye when he'd come back up just to see your face, the small blush on his cheeks made you wetter by the second. ushijima was fucking irisestible and he knew it. enough was enough, he needed you now. he carefully slid your panties off, shoving them into his drawer to save for later. "you ready baby?" his voice tickled your folds, his hot breath further teasing your weeping pussy. "mhm, think so." you didn't expect it to feel this good. you didn't expect for you to be crying out, clutching his hair as he messily ate you up. his thick pink tongue ran over your clit, one, two, too many times to count. but it was exhilarating. your breath only stopped when he'd suck on your clit, you were a dripping mess now. your wetness combined with his spit made a wet patch on the mattress you felt guilty about. but that guilt quickly vanished as soon as it came, your mind now being clouded with the thought of cumming. "j-jima, gonna cum!" you were a blabbering mess, barely being able to say his name without stuttering. he found it insanely attractive, your shallow breaths, the sharp inhale you did whenever he went over your good spot. he loved it. he loved you. your thighs squeezed the sides of his head as you came, hard. you went limp, panting after having the biggest orgasm of your life. yet it seemed like he wasn't done yet. "tired already? we've only just started baby," he caressed your hair, kissing your flushed cheeks only made them heat up more. "started?" oh how cute you looked so clueless.
"dont worry, i'll go slow on this pretty lil pussy of yours." slow wasn't his pace. nor was he usually this gentle. despite his caring and gentleman like demeanor, he was a different person in bed. but this time he'd be soft for you, be more gentle, be more slow. he fought against the urge to rut himself into you, to see his cock bulge in your tummy. but just this once would he be gentle with a fragile, tight pussy like yours. he wanted to make it cum over and over again, to make it clench around his cock only. "go faster...i'm good." you regretted saying that. because now you were a bigger mess than before, your hands desperately clenched the sheets as you felt ushijima's hard cock rut into your tight pussy recklessly. his balls slapped against your clit, his tip reaching into places you didn't know existed. is this what "fucking the brains" out of someone felt like? cause it sure did, especially with your mouth agape, your saliva dripping down the side of your mouth while your pussy clenched that thick cock of his. your thighs trembled slightly, the sheer force of him pounding into you was too much to handle. it was too much to handle especially when this wasn't the first round, nor the second. how could he have so much stamina? after round two, you couldn't get up. now you were sure you wouldn't be able to walk. but he was stretching you out nicely. the different range of positions was enough to keep you flexible and not stiff, going from missionary to doggystyle, and other positions you couldn't even name. "you gonna cum over this cock again for me? hm?" he slapped your ass, the cheek jiggling from the force. "yes, yes fucking yess," you cried out, tears forming in your eyes as you felt your release coming into you again. but this time it felt different, it felt weird. like you were going to pee. you were close, so fucking close. it was right in his grasp yet your orgasm felt like it kept vanishing and coming back. until it hit. "fuck!" you came, so fucking hard that your squirt dripped down from your thighs to the mattress. ushijima hasn't ever lasted this long with anyone before, and after seeing your pussy squirt, he thought that he wanted to go for round four, five or maybe six. whatever it took to see it again. to see you gush all over his cock again. "y/n, that was the hottest fucking thing i've ever seen in my life." he laid beside you, you were a panting mess. he was too tired to change the sheets, and so were you. thankfully he was rich so you both ended up sleeping in the guest bedroom. the morning after, you immediately got to making breakfast. you never thought that you'd find dick so good you'd become a housewife for it.
a/n: originally this story was about daichi but it felt so off to me 😢 so I changed it to ushijima. hope you guys like it ❤️
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pinkcoffeecup · 7 months ago
hotch’s daughter, spencer reid
Tumblr media
Summary: When Y/n Hotchner comes back from collage, Spencer finds himself  thinking a little too much about his bosses daughter. And despite Morgan’s attempts to talk Spencer down from pursuing the young girl, he just can’t help himself.
Warnings: Spencer x Fem!reader, Hotch’s Daughter!Reader, sexual implications (mainly flirty jokes), a lot of flirting, age gap (ten years), Hotch being a protective dad
Word count: 2582
Y/n Hotchner had spent a lot of her time growing up at the BAU. All the time her dad hadn’t been able to come to pick her up from soccer practice in time, and the only person available was poor Agent Andersson who’d always drop everything to follow Hotch’s orders. But to be completely honest, Y/n didn’t mind it all too much. She quite enjoyed watching them solve the cases and the adrenaline before they left to go out in the field.
She hadn’t realised how long she had been away, before she was already strutting down the FBI hallway, on her way to her father's office. Collage went by quickly, mainly spending her time reading and hanging out with her friends. But for Aaron, the years had passed agonisingly slow.
“Oh my god!” The squeal made Y/n stop dead in her tracks, turning around as she heard the fast clicking of Garcia’s heels as she ran towards Y/n. “I’ve missed you so much!” She pulled Y/n into a tight hug.
“Mamma mia!” Rossi’s voice echoed from around the corner, “You’ve grown so much Y/n!”
Rossi was right, she had grown quite a bit. Everything about Y/n seemed more grown-up, more ‘womanlike’. “We just got back from a case, Aaron should be here any second,”
As if on queue, the rest of the team pushed through the glass doors, their eyes brightening at the sight of Y/n. Hotch hurried towards her pulling her in for a tight hug, almost lifting her off the ground, “God I’m so glad you’re back! Come on, let’s go to my office,”
He grabbed her bag that had been neatly placed on the floor next to her, only allowing her to mutter a quick ‘hi’ to the rest before hurrying after him up the stairs.
Spencer, who had been standing behind Hotch, only now got a good look of Y/n, following her with his gaze as she skipped up the stairs. “Keep it in your pants, pretty boy,” Morgan smirked from next to him, causing Spencer to snap out of his daze, “What?” Spencer defended, “I wasn’t doing anything,”
Morgan only muttered a sarcastic ‘if you say so’ before leaving Spencer to do his paperwork in peace. Spencer made his way to his desk, trying his very best to act as if thoughts of Y/n wasn’t clouding his brain.
He had almost managed to finish his paperwork when he decided to take a break, getting up from his seat to go make a cup of coffee. But Spencer didn’t know whether or not he regretted his decision as he heard a voice from behind him. “Spence!” Y/n’s voice made him turn around, finding her walking towards him with open arms. “I never got to say hi,” She continued wrapping her arms around his body.
Spencer knew it wasn’t right, that his thoughts were just so wildly inappropriate. In fact, they were inappropriate enough to be thought of in a workplace, and the fact that his bosses daughter was the centre of them only made the matter worse. “How was college?” He asked, “Learn anything cool?”
She giggled at his words, “That’s such a Spencer thing to say! No one goes to college to learn anything,” She explained, “Well, maybe except you,”
Y/n was completely right, because Spencer couldn’t help but be stunned at her answer. As if there was any other reason one would want to go to college besides the studying, “Derek gets it,” she smiled, “He asked if I’d gone to a crazy frat party and met some guy,”
“Well, did you?” Spencer, who was just now realising how his college experience was a lot different to Y/n’s, was reluctant to know the answer. But something in him was desperate to know.
“No,” She laughed, playfully fitting his arm. Y/n moved past him, grabbing an FBI cup in the cabinet before pouring herself a cup of coffee, handing the pot to Spencer when her mug was full.
She hopped up on the counter, her legs dangling in the air. “I found an apartment here,” She told him, a proud smile on her lips.
“No way!” Spencer smiled, “What’s it like?”
“It’s not the biggest, but I really like it,” Her legs swung back and forth a little as she spoke, “But I made a bunch of plans on how to decorate it so that it’ll look even better,”
Spencer chuckled a little at her excitement, “When are you moving in?” He asked.
“This weekend,” Since she hopped up on the counter, her smile had not faded for a single second, “Wanna help me move?”
“Of course!” Spencer didn’t hesitate to accept, being genuinely excited to see her apartment. “I’ll have to get you a housewarming gift,”
Y/n laughed at that, “I never say no to a gift,” She giggled, “Do you have anything special in mind?”
Spencer had no idea if the flirtatious tone lacing her words had been intentional, but it sure didn’t help the getting rid of all the ‘special gifts’ he had in mind, none of which he’d actually planned for her to find out about. “I, uh-”
Spencer never got to finish his sentence, Hotch walking around the corner and stopping in front of the two, causing Spencer to let out a small cough to clear his throat. “Y/n, you ready to go?” He asked, oblivious to the tension around them.
Y/n nodded, hopping off the counter, “See you this weekend,” She smiled as she passed him, Hotch shooting him a confused look before heading after his daughter.
“You really are on dangerous territory kid,” Morgan chuckled, apparently being a witness to Spencer and Y/n’s entire encounter. Derek wasn’t close to as oblivious as Hotch was to his daughter flirting.
“Shut up,” Spencer muttered, brushing past
♡ ♡ ♡
Y/n couldn’t help but be excited as she awaited the arrival of the BAU team to help her with her move, being more excited to see some, than others.
She wasn’t sure what had come over her when she shamelessly flirted with Spencer a few days ago, knowing that her father would go absolutely crazy at the two of them if anything happened. Not only was her father his boss, but Aaron treated Spencer like a son of his own, not to mention how Spencer was ten years older than her.
“Morgan and Dave are picking up the rest of the boxes on their way here,” Hotch explained, entering the room. Even Y/n wasn’t used to seeing him so dressed down, only wearing dark blue jeans and a grey polo shirt, the top buttons open to match his scruffy hair. “Perfect,” She mumbled in response. To be fair, Y/n herself wasn’t fancily dressed up either, only wearing a pair of black leggings and a large sweater, her hair in a messy ponytail.
It didn’t take long for the two to burst through the door, carrying two boxes each, Morgan’s two being slightly bigger than Rossi’s. “The muscles have arrived,” Morgan announced, Y/n giggling slightly as he struggled to put the boxes down without them toppling over.  
Rossi pulled a bottle of expensive red wine out of the bag he had swung over his shoulder, “You are twenty-one, right?” he joked, handing her the bottle before bringing her into a hug.
“Dave, really? I’m pretty sure Y/n doesn’t drink,” Aaron muttered before opening one of the boxes.
Derek was forced to suppress a laugh as he knew that not to be true, remembering the times he had picked up Y/n from high school parties. Even Rossi knew about those times, “Still, it’s good to have for when you have guests,” He explained, giving Y/n a wink, earning a small thumbs up from Y/n.
Soon Spencer lightly knocked on the front door before pushing it open, “And now the brains are here too,” Morgan chuckled, earning another giggle from Y/n.
Spencer looked as nice as ever, wearing a shirt and a cardigan matched with his favourite dress pants. Both Y/n and the team had realised that Spencer didn’t ever dress casually, at least not in their sense of casual.
The five of them quickly dispersed into different rooms, Hotch and Derek doing the heavy lifting whilst Rossi organised the kitchen and Y/n and Spencer decorated the bedroom.
“This is adorable,” Spencer chuckled, holding up a small picture of Y/n, Jack and Hotch. The photo must have been over fifteen years old, Y/n only being seven in the image, “You’re so tiny,”
Y/n sighed at his discovery, not being able to avoid the way her cheeks blushed as he discovered the rest of her childhood items, “And this!” He held up what had been Y/n’s favourite stuffed animal for her entire childhood, and still was to this day. Y/n tried to snatch it from his grip, but Spencer lifted the green teddy bear up in the air, way out of Y/n’s reach, “Oh no way,” He laughed, “This is amazing,”
Spencer couldn’t help but enjoy the flustered look on her face as he continued to tease her, “What was his name again?” Spencer pretended to be thinking, even though he remembered perfectly the name of the teddy bear, “Spencer no,” She tried hiding her face in her hands.
“Wasn’t it something like, Mr Boner?” Spencer laughed, Y/n groaning in embarrassment. Ever since she was old enough to understand why it was so funny to every adult who found out, she had never stopped hearing the story. The story about how her poor father had tried to make her pick something else, but how she had been so persistent to name the bear after her pre-school teacher Mr Bonner, the only problem being that she always mispronounced his name, leading to some pretty awkward explanations from her father. “I hate you so much,” She joked.
“So, where do you want me to put Mr Boner?” Spencer asked, doing his very best to hold back his laughter, “Anywhere specific?”
Y/n looked up at him, a fake annoyed look on her face. “Where do you want this?” Hotch asked, standing in the doorway, Morgan behind him.
“Oh, uh, over here!” Y/n squeezed past her father in the doorway as she grabbed the large plant from his grip, Hotch following her into the living room.
Morgan, however, took a few steps inside the bedroom. Spencer tried to ignore the look on Derek's face by turning his back towards the man, continuing to unpack the boxes. “Reid, you get why you can’t keep doing this, right?”
“I’m not doing anything Morgan,” Spencer tried, placing a flowerpot on the window sill.
“Okay, I don’t know how Hotch hasn’t noticed yet,” Morgan began, “but when he does, he’s going to kill you,”
Derek made his way over to Spencer and the box he was frantically unpacking, grabbing an item himself and placing it on the bookshelf, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Nothing’s going on, I swear,” Spencer muttered, getting annoyed with Morgan and his prying.
Because, Spencer was aware of how Hotch would react if he found out how Spencer was making flirtatious sexual jokes with his innocent baby daughter. He didn’t need Morgan shoving it in his face too. “Alright,” Derek said, “just warning you,”
When the sun had set, Y/n was left alone in her apartment. Rossi was the first to leave, then Morgan. Spencer had tried to stick around for a while longer, but eventually decided to leave. Y/n’s father had stayed until he absolutely had to go home, not forgetting to make sure she’d be okay all on her own.
She poured herself a glass of Rossi’s wine, smiling as she remembered her father’s reaction to the thought of her drinking alcohol. Rossi sure was good at picking great wine, it was almost a talent of his.
A knock on the door made her jump, being so used to the silence of her empty apartment. She made her way to the door, being somewhat surprised when she saw who was standing in the hallway.
“Spencer?” She smiled, “What are you doing here?”
She took a step back, motioning for him to step inside. “I think I left my coat here,” He explained, “actually, I know I left my coat here,” He added.
“Oh,” Y/n glanced around the room, then remembering Spencer spent the most time in her room, she took a look in there too, not surprised to find the coat folded on her bed. “Well, look at that. Your memory is finally coming to use,”
She handed him the jacket, Spencer thanking her before turning around to leave, “Hey, do you want to stick around for a bit? I’m not used to being all alone yet,”
Spencer suddenly became very aware of his inability to think before he talked as he quickly muttered out a ‘sure,’
She took his coat back, hanging it on the rack by the door, “Do you want some wine? It’s Rossi’s pick,” She asked, already walking towards the small kitchen, “I don’t have any wine glasses, but I have regular glasses, it actually still tastes pretty good,” Y/n rambled, missing Spencer’s quiet laugh as he followed her to the kitchen.
“Wine sounds great. Even without wine glasses,”
Y/n poured another glass of the red liquid, handing it to Spencer before taking another sip of her own. “How do you like it?” He asked, taking a small look around the apartment, “Did we do okay?”
“I love it,” She smiled, “I mean, I still need to go buy some things, like wine glasses and a frying pan,” she giggled a little as she spoke, “But other than that, it’s great,”
“Mr Boner enjoying his new place too?” Spencer asked, causing Y/n to laugh, “You’re never going to stop bringing that up, are you?”
A silence followed Spencer’s words, a tension lingering around the two. Not an uncomfortable kind, there was never any bad feelings when Y/n was around Spencer.
Before she knew it, Spencer had pressed his lips against hers, tasting the wine on her tongue. But the kiss didn’t last for long, “I’m sorry,” Spencer breathed, clearing his throat, “I have no idea why I did that,”
“Oh,” Y/n said, a slight disappointment in her voice. She wouldn’t admit it, but she wished he hadn’t pulled away. “That’s okay,” She looked down at the floor, her arms crossing themselves across her chest.
“It was completely inappropriate of me, and I’m so sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable,” He rambled nervously, completely unaware of how he had made Y/n feel the complete opposite of what he was describing. “I should probably go,”
He didn’t move, searching for something in Y/n’s eyes, something that’d make him stay. Spencer was just about to head towards the door when Y/n stood up on the tips of her toes, placing her hands on her shoulders as she pressed a quick kiss to his lips. “You didn’t make me uncomfortable,” She mumbled.
Spencer thought about saying something. Perhaps it was his responsibility to tell her how wrong this was, and remind her of his age and the fact that he worked for her father. But he didn’t, instead, he just pulled her close, kissing her roughly.
He had just managed to hoist her up on the counter when he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, sighing as he pulled the device from his pocket, reading the name on the display. “It’s your dad,”
A/N: hey hey heyyy, i kinda really enjoyed writing this, so if you want a part two or something simillar please let me know :) also have a great day/night <3
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Ksjfdkkd being dilf Ari's young trophy wife and him praising you for simply looking adorable in your little dresses!!!
 mhm my dream:
𝗣𝗮𝗶𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴 | trophy wife!reader x dilf!husband!Ari Levinson
𝗪𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀 | age gap, trophy wife!reader, housewife!reader, sugar daddy!ari, no smut but dirty talk/implications, daddy kink
𝗪/𝗖 | 262
🍆 𝐃𝐚𝐝𝐝𝐲? 𝐒𝐨𝐫𝐫𝐲... 𝐃𝐚𝐝𝐝𝐲? 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐲 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
Tumblr media
You giggle, spinning around in front of the mirror. So far, this one is your favourite—the colour complements your skin, it fits you perfectly, and the material is soft and light. It's perfect for the summer and the barbecue at your husband's friend's house.
Ari is leaning against the dressing room door, arms crossed over his chest. "You're beautiful, baby. But how about the test?"
You stand upright, clutching the hem in your hands. "But, it's just for today."
"C'mon, you know the rules."
Letting out a little sigh, you bend over and the skirt lifts with the movement, exposing the very top of your thighs, a few more inches higher and it would show your panty-clad ass.
Ari hums, scratching his greying beard, "I don't know, baby. Don't think it's short enough."
You stand upright with a pout, "But I like it and I want it so badly…"
He coos, swiftly walking towards you and cups your cheeks. He's so much bigger than you that you have to crane your neck to meet his gaze, "Daddy's still buying it for you, sweetheart, but I want you in something shorter today. Just so I can flip it up and get a taste of my pussy, yeah?"
"At the party?"
"Or in the car, or behind the shed, wherever I please." He swoops down for a kiss, his touch trailing to the sleeves of your dress, slowly slipping them down. "C'mon, you get everything you want, and all I ask for is you to be a good little wife for me, your husband."
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Subjective Sins
Tumblr media
Pairing: Priest!Loki x Virgin!fem!Reader
Warnings: NSFW, 18+!! TW for Catholicism + manipulation by a priest. This fic contains blasphemy of all types, imagery of the Catholic church, manipulation, an age-gap relationship, masturbation, confessionals, fingering, oral sex (f receiving), unprotected sex (m/f) and a loss of virginity.
Words: ~7,000 
Summary: Your parents force you to attend mass for the first time in years. In clear need of guidance, the priest takes you under his wing. 
A/N: To celebrate hitting 1K, here’s a rather dark + kinky priest fic. Inspired by this post and this post and another one that I can’t seem to find 😡
I cannot believe that one thousand of you follow me. I can't even visualise that number properly... Thank you to everyone who's supported my work through a like, reblog, and especially a comment. I've had so much fun sharing my little stories with you. 
Shout out to the insanely talented and kind mutuals I have on here too. You've inspired so much of what I've posted here 🖤
Likes, reblogs and comments mean more than you know 🖤
You never liked going to church much growing up. 
You wince at the memories of leaving the warmth of your bed for the frigid air on those sleepy Sunday mornings. You rebelled against your parents at sixteen, sneaking out well before they came to wake you with the dawn. It wasn’t like you were a bad kid - most mornings you’d simply venture to the local library and escape in the stacks, exploring worlds you’d otherwise never reach. You kept to yourself, the fear instilled within you from years of Sunday School mantras. Don’t do drugs led to don’t have friends for you, intentionally or not. 
You’d managed to refrain from the echoing halls of the church for two years before you were roped back in, forced to worship if you were to remain beneath your parents’ roof. Just once a month they’d said, just give it a try - everyone there misses you. 
And so with a little monetary threat and a heavy handed serving of good old Catholic guilt, you found yourself waking with the dawn once more, sipping a scalding coffee as you dressed in your Sunday best. You didn’t bother arguing when your mother had suggested you go early with her to set up, but you couldn’t help the sinking feeling in your chest as the old stone building came into view. 
You’d been tasked with the floral arrangements, carefully placing the stems to face outwards to the pulpit. You were kneeling, focused on your last arrangement when movement beside you made you glance up, your finger pressing into a thorn. You hissed, the rose falling to the cold stone. 
“Oh,” the man said, crouching beside you. His eyes found yours, clear pools of blue-green stealing the breath from your lungs. You could only watch as he took your hand in his, pulling out a cloth to dab at your bloodied finger. “I didn’t mean to startle you,” he glanced back up, a curve to his lips. He was striking, his features sharp - pronounced cheekbones and jaw accented by the dark waves brushed back from his face. His voice was deep with a crisp accent that had you wanting him to speak more. He was clearly older than you, fine lines just beginning to show by his eyes that only added to his features. 
You swallowed, finding your voice. “It’s alright,” you dropped your gaze, finding it difficult to hold his. “I’m sorry if I scared you,” you bit your lip, chancing a look up at him. 
He was watching you with a little smile. You felt as if he was in on a joke you weren’t privy to. You wondered if you ever would be. 
You hadn’t realised he’d held onto your hand until he let it go to the sound of approaching footsteps. You moved apart as his hands slipped behind his back. 
It was one of the women from the church committee, clearly out of breath. “Oh, Father Laufeyson! Thank goodness you’re here early.” 
You looked to him, finally seeing the white collar around his throat. He gave you a little wink before turning to follow her out into the atrium. You were surprised by the tremble in your hand as you reached for the rose on the stony floor. 
You’d asked your mother about the priest after mass, immediately regretting your decision when she simply guilted you for your absenteeism. 
It was hard for you to meet his gaze during mass, though you couldn’t pull your eyes away. The few times you’d met his stare, your breath had caught in your throat, his eyes simmering with something before he’d looked away. 
Now as you waited with your parents to thank him, your heart raced, the beating of it loud in your ears as your parents chatted beside you. 
“It was lovely having you join us today,” he spoke, his warm hand covering yours. “I hope to see you here more often.” He chuckled, “we certainly could use you around here.” 
Before you could answer your mother had volunteered you for several technical projects around the church. Her nose is always in a book, Father, she huffed, suggesting it’d be good for you to get out of the house for a reason other than work. 
“Of course. Stop by tomorrow after your shift. It’d be great to have a hand with the new speakers.”
You bit your lip and nodded, catching a brief flicker of something in his glance that only added to the butterflies in your stomach. 
You wiped your palms on your jeans, cursing yourself for their seemingly perpetual clammy state. You reached for the handle of the church door, stepping inside and closing it behind you. Met with silence, you carried forward into the nave, the sound of your sneakers loud against the stone. 
“Hello?” You asked, your voice somehow quiet in the silent space. 
“Back here-“ his voice was clipped from behind the altar. He stood, brushing his hands off on his trousers. His sleeves were rolled up past his elbows, a screwdriver in his hand. 
“Hi,” you gave him a small smile, slowing as you reached the first pew. 
“Nice to see you.” He smiled back and motioned you over to his position behind the altar, your eyes falling to the large mass of wires. His gaze lingered as you approached, though he turned once you stood beside him, running a hand through his hair. “I’m afraid I’m a little useless at this,” he chuckled, motioning to the wires. “It’s all set, though it’s become quite a mess and I’m not sure where to start with the connections.” 
“Okay,” you nodded, crouching beside him and reaching for the mass of wires, getting to work untangling them. He joined you, and you could feel his gaze on you as you worked. You did your best to keep your hands steady, though you were certain he could see the slight tremble in your fingers. 
“Thank you for helping,” he turned to sit with his back against the wall as he watched you. “Though I suppose I should really be thanking your mother.”
You looked up for a moment, offering him a small smirk and a shrug. 
He chuckled. “I’m sure you have better things to do than this.” 
You sat back and pulled the wires into your lap. “Not really,” you shook your head. 
He considered for a moment. “I find that hard to believe. Wouldn’t you rather be out with your friends?” 
You bit the inside of your cheek. “I don’t really go out.” You managed to free a wire, placing it beside you before working for another. “And my friend left for school in the fall.” 
He nodded. “Are you planning on joining them?” 
You pursed your lips. “Don’t think so. I’m not really sure what I want to do,” you looked up to find him watching your fingers. “I don’t want to go into debt over something I’m not sure of.” 
“Your mother said you liked to read. Have you ever thought about that?” His eyes found yours once more. 
“About what?” 
“Studying literature. Or writing,” he rolled the screwdriver between his fingers above his knee. “Or both.” His eyes met yours, a smirk at his lips. 
“Go broke in school to be broke as a writer,” you shrugged. “I don’t know.” 
He chuckled. “Good point.” 
You were surprised by how easy it was to talk to him, finding it a little less difficult to hold his gaze after the hour it took to untangle the wires. You discovered he was an avid reader like you, and that he often used it as inspiration in his homily. 
Once you finished he stood, holding a hand out for you with a smile. You took it, his strong grip easily helping you to your feet. You followed him to the small kitchen in the back of the church where he pulled out a plate of fried chicken from the oven. 
“The church committee seems to think I’m incapable of feeding myself,” he sighed. “Suppose it’s only fair I reward you for your hard work.”
You tried to come up with an excuse but he simply pulled out a stool at the counter for you then nodded for you to sit. He made you each a plate then sat before you. “Wine?” He offered, holding the lip of the bottle over your glass. 
“I’m eighteen,” you shook your head, “I don’t think I can.” 
He smirked. “I won’t tell if you won’t.” He leaned in, “it’s not quite a sin to have a glass of wine.” 
You bit your lip before nodding, watching as he filled your glass then his. You raised the glass to your lips, your brow furrowing as the bitter taste met your tongue. 
“Not a fan?” 
“It’s different from communion,” you commented. “Better for sure, though I don’t think that’s saying much.” 
“It’s not,” he laughed. “So what do you normally drink with your friends then? Beer?” 
You wrinkled your nose, shaking your head. “I don’t- well I haven’t really drank before.” 
“Really? Not even with your boyfriend?” 
You picked at the salad with your fork. “I don’t have a boyfriend,” you found it hard to meet his stare. “Boys don’t really talk to me.” 
He leaned forward to catch your gaze. “You don’t need to be embarrassed. Not about that,” he gave you a reassuring smile. “You’ve been a good girl.” 
You smiled back, the knots in your stomach loosening a little with another sip of wine. 
You ate as you talked, discussing the books you and he had on the go. After you helped clean up, he walked you out of the church, his arm brushing against yours as you walked through the nave. 
“I’m so glad you could help out today,” he smiled at you on the church steps, the sun just beginning to set. 
“Me too. I actually kind of had fun,” you smiled back. 
“Don’t sound so surprised,” he chuckled, his hands in his pockets. “When you come back to finish the job, you can take a look at my library. Borrow any book you like.”
Your eyes widened at his offer. He’d mentioned it in passing, but his personal library sounded extensive- much better than the dusty stacks of the public library that relied on donations. “I’d love that. Really.” 
“Of course, anything for a fellow bookworm.” 
You smiled, “thanks Father. I’ll be by the day after next.” 
He nodded. “See you then, darling.” 
You gave him a wave and were off, trying your best to shake off the excitement at the pet name he’d called you. 
That night you stayed up late, opening and closing your book repeatedly, sighing as your mind wandered back to Father Laufeyson. You tried closing your eyes, but were met with his, the blue-green simmering with something - desire?
You eventually turned out your light and rolled over, though your mind flitted to the way he’d rolled the screwdriver between his long fingers mindlessly as he watched you. You felt a familiar heat building up within you as he plagued your mind. What is wrong with me? He’s a man of God. 
No matter how many times you chastised yourself, you couldn’t help but remember the way his lips had curved as he watched you drink the wine, as if he were pleased with you. Your thighs pressed together as you remembered his words of praise - a good girl as he’d said it. You wanted to hear him say it again as you slipped a hand beneath your shorts, your fingers touching your warm, slick heat. You wanted him to whisper it to you as he watched you touch yourself for him, those lips curling so perfectly around the words. And as you came, forcing your fist between your teeth to muffle the sounds of your heavy breath, you could think of nothing but him calling you his good girl over and over as he held you in his arms, still shaking from aftershocks. 
The next day passed in slow motion. Your shift at the grocery store felt like an eternity, the quiet Tuesday crowd almost entirely composed of the elderly. You made small talk, but your mind was bound to the day before. 
You were confused and ashamed by your feelings for Father Laufeyson, especially for what you’d done with him in mind. Each time you thought of it you’d drop something, or trip, or worse - when you’d been bagging a carton of eggs you picked them up upside down so they fell out of the carton, splattering all over your shoes. 
You debated on whether or not you should go back, afraid he’d know immediately and ask you to leave. 
By the next day you’d at least gotten less clumsy, your shift passing without a self-imposed hitch. Though with each glance at the clock another butterfly joined the flutter in your stomach. You did your best not to hyperventilate as you walked to the church from work. You stopped before the door, biting your lip hard before grasping the handle. 
Today you found him seated in a pew, his head bowed in what looked like prayer, though on approach you made out the paperback in his hand. 
You swallowed. “Hi Father,” you called, his head rising as he met your eyes with a grin. 
“Hello darling,” he stood, closing the book. “Thank you for coming back. I was a little afraid I’d have to figure this out on my own.”
You gave him a small smile and a nod. 
He considered you for a moment, his brow furrowing slightly. “Is everything alright?” 
He knew. Of course he knew! It was written all over your face. You bit your lip. “I’m fine. I just,” you looked down at your fingers, “I sinned.” 
He lightly touched your wrist so you met his gaze. “Do you wish to confess?” 
You weighed your options. You should confess- he’d want you to confess. But how could you do so? He’ll surely send you away as soon as you do. 
He was watching you carefully. “Whatever you tell me stays between us and God. I doubt there’s anything you could tell me that I haven’t heard before.” He gave you a reassuring smile. 
You licked your lips. “Okay,” you nodded. 
He nodded back then motioned towards the confessional. You got in, closing the door behind you and sinking into the seat before putting your face in your hands. You prayed for God’s help, guidance and forgiveness as you mentally thought through what you were about to say. You heard him enter the booth beside you, his silhouette just showing beyond the screen. 
You took a few breaths. “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.” Your voice was shaky as you spoke, pausing to take a deep breath. “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It is two years since my last confession.” 
“Go ahead, my child.” He spoke calmly and slowly, as if he were trying to relax you through the pace of his speech. You appreciated it, taking another deep breath. 
“I’ve had impure thoughts, Father.” 
There was a pause. “Go on.” 
“I-“ you took another breath, “last night, and the night before I acted on these impure thoughts.”
“How did you act?” 
“I touched myself, Father. Twice.” There was silence, your heart beating loudly in your ears. 
“And what of these thoughts, my child?”
There it was. You swallowed hard. “I thought of you, Father.” 
Another pause. 
“I know it was wrong, I know I shouldn’t have.”
“But you did, regardless. You sinned.” 
Your eyes widened, your thoughts flying too fast for you to speak. 
“Are you sorry for your sins?” 
“Yes, Father, of course.” You pressed your lips together. “I am sorry for these sins and the sins of my past life.” 
“And will you sin again?” 
You weren’t sure how to answer that, so you went with an Act of Contrition. “With the help of God’s grace, I will not sin again.” 
He chuckled. “How hopeful, darling. Though I’m sure you will.” 
Again, you didn’t speak, unsure of what to say. You’d never had a confession go like this. 
“In fact, I know you will.” He sighed. “Come here, my child.” 
You went to stand but froze, unsure of what exactly he wanted you to do. 
“Come into the booth with me.” 
You got up on shaky legs, coming out to glance at the empty pews before entering the other side of the booth. He looked up at you passively, patting his knee. “Sit.” 
You simply stared for a moment before he repeated himself with a sigh. You turned around and did as you were told, sitting on his knee between his spread legs. 
He slid his hand to hold your waist. “Rest your head on my shoulder.” 
You did as you were told, unsettled, though the feel of his warmth against you was comforting, that familiar heat rising between your thighs. You pressed your legs together, squirming a little on his knee. 
“See? I told you you’d sin again, darling. You’re already aching to, I can tell.” 
“I’m sorry, Father.” 
“Don’t worry. I’ll help you absolve them all.” His free hand held a rosary, which he brought to the hem of your skirt. “How pretty,” he thumbed the material before lifting it up and tucking it into your waistband.
You gasped as he revealed your panties, the baby pink cotton bright in the dim booth. He turned to press a kiss against your forehead. 
“Tell me, darling,” his voice rumbled through you, making you melt against him. “How did you touch yourself?” 
You bit your lip, heart hammering in your chest.
“Tell me and I’ll help you pray it away. Be a good girl,” he whispered the words to you and you shivered, letting out a little gasp. 
“Through my panties, I started rubbing a little.” You were grateful to be able to hide your face in the crook of his neck, inhaling his scent as you opened your legs wider for him. 
“Like this?” He gave very light, teasing strokes to you and you gasped, holding onto him tighter. 
“Yes,” you whispered. “Like that, Father.” 
“And then?” 
You licked your dry lips. “Then I slid my hand inside,” he stopped stroking you to slide his hand under the waistband of your panties. “A-and I rubbed at the top- where my clitorus is, oh!” You cut yourself off as he did so, his finger rubbing small circles that made you want to open your legs wider and clamp them shut at the same time. 
“Does it feel good, darling?” 
“Yes, Father, oh- oh, it feels so good.” 
He pressed another kiss to your forehead. “Did you do anything else?” 
“Oh,” your hips were rocking lightly with his circles, and you peered out from the safety of his neck to see his hand down your panties, the sight making you tremble. “I put a finger in- inside, only once. It felt weird, Father.” 
“I think we can put one in now. I’ll make it feel good.” 
You nodded, boldly pressing a kiss against his neck that made his jaw flex as his fingertips left your clitorus, his middle finger swirling in your wet before slowly sliding into your hole. 
“Oh- oh,” you breathed, your hand falling into his lap as you ground on his thigh, your fingers wrapping around his hardened length in his pants. “Father- you’re so,” you shivered, “so hard in my hand.” 
“Yes, good girl, touch me like that as I help you.” He’d curled his finger, his thumb pressing against your clit as you moved against his hand, rubbing and squeezing his length through his trousers. 
“That feels so good,” your hand shook as it rubbed him, your eyes squeezing shut as you raised your head off his shoulder. 
“Mmm, yes. You won’t need to sin any more, darling. I’ll help you get it all out,” you were both moving with each other, his lips pressing kisses to your neck. You looked down as he pressed the rosary beads to your clitorus, rubbing them around the little nub. 
“Oh! Father, that feels so, so good.”
“Be my good little girl and cum all over my fingers, and my rosary. Let me bless you, my child.” 
Pleasure coursed through you, white-hot as you let go for him, your hips grinding frantically against his hand. You distantly felt him moving against your grip as he pressed kisses to your neck, his hips freezing as he groaned. You were both panting as he led your head back to his shoulder, pulling his fingers from your wet panties, the rosary glinting in the low light. He gently untucked the hem of your skirt, then brought his fingers to your mouth. 
“Clean them.”
You opened for his finger then his thumb, your tongue swirling around them before he pressed the beads to your lips for you to clean as well. 
“Good girl. My special girl.” 
Your heart swelled with pride as he gently smoothed his fingers against your forehead. 
Eventually he led you up, and sat you down in a pew as he went to clean himself in the bathroom. He came back to press a kiss against your temple. “Come tomorrow to finish the work.” 
You nodded, “yes, Father.” 
“And I want you coming to confessional. Twice a week, around this time, unless I say so.” 
“Yes, Father.” 
You did go back the next day, connecting the speaker system as he met with the church committee for tea. 
You waited for him, reading in the pew, though you found your eyes kept wandering to the mahogany booth in the corner. You shifted in your seat as you remembered what you’d done there, only hours ago. Sighing, you went back to your book, wondering what he’d ask of you today. 
It was a half hour later when he saw out the church committee, your mother beaming to the others when she spotted you in the pew. You gave her a small smile before turning back to your book, waiting for him to return. 
The echoing of his shoes off the stone illicit an excited fear within you, though you kept your eyes on your book, rereading the same sentence as he approached. 
“Hello darling.” You looked up at him, finding him looking down at you with a smirk, his finger coming to trace along your jaw. 
You shivered. “Hello, Father Laufeyson.” 
“Any sins to confess today, pretty girl?” He held his fingertips under your chin. 
You swallowed. “None that you aren’t aware of, Father.” 
“Let’s see how long that lasts,” he beckoned you to join him with a curl of his finger. He led you through the door at the front of the church which opened to the street, locking it behind him. “This way,” he hummed, crossing the street to the rectory which was made of the same stone as the church, the large home imposing. You followed him through the front door, looking around at the warm interior. It had been very well renovated, the wooden floors and high ceilings accented with intricate crown moulding. 
He led you through the first floor, coming to a stop just outside a closed door. He motioned you through it, and you gasped at the scene before you. Books covered every shelf- from the floor to the ceiling, the mahogany bookcases sturdily holding the many titles. You stepped forward, brushing your fingertips lightly against the spines, finding many famous titles - a few that he’d mentioned last night. 
“Borrow whatever you want,” he smiled, leaning against the door as he watched you. 
“Thank you so much, Father,” you smiled back, quickly pulling out a few books you’d been struggling to find at the local library. 
You turned, ��Loki?”
“It’s my name.” 
“Oh,” you smiled. “Thank you, Loki.” 
He nodded, leaving you to pick and choose. You cut yourself off at three books, since it was the most you’d ever been able to finish in a week, not wanting to borrow faster than you could read. 
You found him by the hearth in the living room, the rain outside just starting. He was sitting by the fire, a well-worn bible in his hand. His eyes brightened when they met yours. “What did you find?” 
You showed him the three titles you’d decided on, thanking him again for letting you borrow from his library. 
“I’m happy to have someone other than myself using it,” he smiled. “I’m working on the homily for this weekend. Do you think you could help me?” 
“Of course, Father. I’d be happy to,” you approached, leaving the books on a side table. 
He stood, motioning for you to sit in the chair. He handed you his bible, opened to a passage where the margins had been filled with minuscule notes. 
“I want you to read that passage. And the other two bookmarked.”
You nodded, fingering the pieces of paper caught between the pages. 
“Go ahead and start. Don’t stop reading no matter what happens, alright darling?” 
You frowned but nodded. “Yes, Father.” 
He nodded to you and you started the passage, Esther 1. As you read, he knelt before you, his hands coming to rest on your knees. You stumbled a bit as he brought the hem of your skirt up by sliding his fingers upwards. He spread your legs then bent forward to press a kiss to your clothed heat, causing your breath to catch in your throat. 
“One moment,” he held up his hand and you stopped mid sentence, looking down at where he sat between your thighs. “Have you ever been kissed, pretty girl?” 
You licked your lips, “once- when I was sixteen.” 
His brows shot up. “On the lips?” 
You nodded. 
“Oh, darling.” He stood, his hands coming to rest on the armrests of the chair, caging you in. He leaned closer, his breath warm against your lips. Inching closer still, he very lightly grazed your lips with his. “You’re so absolutely lovely,” he murmured, pressing his lips against yours a little more, teasing you. “My special girl,” he came forward once more to give you a teasing lick, your breath ragged as he toyed with you. 
His fingers slid against the back of your neck, thumb against your jaw as he pressed forward again, this time tilting his head to lick into your mouth, his teeth dragging across your tongue and your lips achingly slowly. Your breath hitched as he tasted you, your tongue lightly sliding against his. Your head spun as he pulled away. 
“Now I realise I needed to specify a little more before,” he grinned, kneeling back between your legs. “Have you ever been kissed down here?” 
Your eyes widened, shaking your head from side to side. “Never.” You hadn’t really known it was a thing people did- sure you’d read about it in stories but that was where you thought it remained. 
“Will you let me?” 
You nodded. “Yes, Father.” 
“Good girl.” He hooked his fingers under the waistband of your panties, drawing them down your legs. “Now. I want you to focus on the passage as I kiss and lick you, okay darling?” His jaw flexed as his eyes found your slit.
You nodded, and lifted your gaze back to the holy book, continuing along where you’d left off. 
His hands curled behind your knees, and he helped you shift down the chair, so you were slouched, the book on your chest as you read. He pushed your legs further apart, then bent forward. You could feel his breath against the inside of your thigh before he pressed a kiss there, following suit with the other side. 
It was when you felt him breathe against your slit that your voice started to shake. Soon after he pressed a kiss to your clit, your voice raising as you squirmed. He pressed another, then another, your words coming out quickly as your tone rose and fell. Luckily you’d made it to the end of the passage, flipping to the next as he smirked up at you. 
“Well done, my child.” His eyes simmered as he palmed himself through his trousers. “Though I’ve yet to press my tongue to you. What’ll happen then, hm?” 
You licked your lips. “I’ll keep reading Father,” you squirmed against the chair. “I promise.” 
“Good girl. Go ahead,” he nodded to you before coming forward again, waiting until you started the passage to press another kiss to your clit. 
You started, though a sentence in he’d pressed his lips to your clit and held them there, his tongue rubbing against it as he suckled your skin. You cried out, breath ragged for a moment before starting again from the beginning as you were unsure where you’d left off. 
His lips left your clit so his tongue could swirl against your hole before licking upwards, causing your legs and voice to shake. He repeated the action then inserted a finger, gently fucking you as his tongue furiously rubbed against your clit, over and over. 
“When you, oh- oh Father,” you breathed, “make a v-vow,” you arched your back as he curled the finger, pressing somewhere deep within you that almost felt too good. “Oh- thank you, Father- oh, vow to God,” you panted as you carried through the passage, your fingers numb where they held onto the pages. 
You had barely made it through the passage when the words started to blur. “Father- oh, oh, I don’t know if I can,” you spoke, your back arched against his mouth. 
He looked up at you, pulling his lips away from your heat to grin. “But you’re doing so well. Such a good girl for me,” he pressed a kiss to you and you flinched, earning a chuckle from him. “How about you unbutton that blouse for me instead of reading? Then your bra. Can you do that for me, darling?” 
You bit your lip then nodded, moaning as he dove back in, your fingers numbly unbuttoning your blouse. Once undone, you pushed the cups of your bra downwards, exposing your breasts. You laid back and moaned as he continued to attend to you, his tongue and fingers bringing you pleasure you’d never felt. 
“Play with your nipples,” he spoke against your skin, your eyes falling closed at the vibration. You opened them to see him darkly looking up at you, two fingers now moving inside of you as you whimpered. You moved your hands to your breasts, running them over your nipples as a hiss escaped your lips. You held them between your thumb and forefinger, rolling them gently as you groaned, his eyes never leaving your face. 
“It all feels so good Father,” you whined, pinching your nipples a little harder between your fingers. “Oh- I think I’m going to,” before you could finish you froze, the pleasure thrumming through you hard. You where whimpering and shaking as Father Laufeyson continued his movements, prolonging your pleasure. 
You laid there, almost too tired to move as he stood over you once more. His eyes swept over your body, though you didn’t feel the familiar burn of shame. In fact, you only felt arousal at the sight of him admiring you, undoing his belt followed by the zipper of his pants. You watched as he pulled out his length, his hand stroking it as he continued to look at you. 
“My good girl,” he murmured, reaching to palm your breast. You arched into his touch, watching as he stroked himself faster, groaning as he came on your chest and stomach, painting your skin with his seed. You were surprised at how warm it felt, though you shivered with want as you looked down at the pools of white cooling with the air. 
“So pretty, darling.” He murmured, his eyes on your breasts. He tucked himself away before bending over you, pulling the cups of your bra up over the white. He buttoned your shirt, some of the wet showing through the white cotton. He readjusted your skirt then helped you sit up, as you pressed your thighs together at the feel of his seed on you. He noted the action with a little smirk, guiding you to your feet to pull you in for a kiss. “My special girl,” he said, pressing a kiss to your forehead. “Divine.” 
Your visits to the church became frequent, almost daily during some weeks. Your parents were grateful to Father Laufeyson for his guidance, providing a much-needed friend to their shy daughter. 
Little did they know what his guidance pertained to, your carnal desire for him and he for you only growing with the weeks to come. He hadn’t taken your virginity, only bringing you wave after wave of pleasure as he showed you how to do the same to him. It was after the second month that he’d passed you a small booklet of pills, telling you to take one each morning. 
You did so without question, swallowing one as you thought of him when you woke each morning. The following week he’d warned you that you’d be late coming home, a message easily passed to your parents with no dispute.
“Sit,” he said, walking around the church and locking the doors. He’d made sure to see you on a day with no meetings, no planned repairs, no choir practice. He told you he did not want you to be interrupted. 
You fumbled with your fingers as you nervously waited for him to return, your eyes turning to his, his expression dark, his jaw clenched. 
“Up,” he said, and you stood, flattening the almost too-short skirt you’d chosen with him in mind. He adored you in skirts. 
You followed him to the cathedra, the red velvet shining under the low lights. He sat, then pulled you atop his lap so you straddled him. “Look at you,” he smirked, trailing his fingers along your jaw. “My special girl,” you whined as you felt his cock twitch against your heat, your hips rocking back and forth instinctually. 
“Father,” you breathed, “what’ll you teach me tonight?” 
He leant back, watching as you moved yourself over his lap. He tilted his head, “there’s a reason we’re here tonight, darling.” You could feel him hardening beneath you, proud of how quickly you could do such a thing without your hands. “I needed to do this where we could most easily absolve ourselves.”
“Oh,” you breathed, understanding the weight of his words. 
“Tonight I’m going to take you, to claim your virginity as my own.” His hands slid up from your thighs to your waist, your eyes closing at the sensation. “Would you like that?” 
“Please- please, Father. I want to be yours, please.” He chuckled as you ground against him more urgently, moaning as your excitement built. 
“Patience, perfect girl.” He brought his thumb just over your clit, holding it so it pressed up against you as you moved. 
“Oh, Father- that feels so good,” you whimpered, bending to kiss him. “Thank you.” 
“Why don’t you take it out so you can feel it?” 
You nodded, stopping your grinding to undo his belt, then his trousers, shivering when you felt his hard length in his hand. You carefully lifted it out, and he leaned back so you could press your heat to him, though he stopped you. He watched you as he moved your panties aside with a curl of his finger, pulling you onto him bare. You’d tried this before once, though he’d had to stop once the tip had slipped into your hole. You’d begged him then, pleaded with him to push just a little further- to take you, though he steadily refused. 
You moaned as he slid through your folds, the tip of his length hitting your clit as you moved your hips. His fingers found the zipper of your skirt, pulling it down so it pooled around you before he threw it to the floor. You stripped yourself of your shirt, not bothering with a bra when he’d confirmed with you earlier today. 
“Such a sinful little thing,” he chuckled, his palms moving to hold your breasts. 
“I’m sorry Father,” you moaned, “I can’t help it.” 
He smirked at you, “I know, darling. That’s why I’m here.” 
You kept moving your hips, shuddering as your orgasm approached. 
He held your face in his hands, drawing you closer so his lips were against your ear. “I need you to cum,” he whispered, tracing the shell of your ear with his tongue as you whimpered. Your hands were on his abdomen, the muscles there taut as he pushed against you. 
“Oh- I will, Father. Anything for you,” you panted, moaning when he started rubbing little circles in your clit. 
“That’s it, little girl. Cum for me, use me to sin, we’ll pray for forgiveness together later. For now just focus on how good it feels to rub yourself against me.” 
Your mouth hung open as you came, a drawn out moan tumbling from your lips. “Thank you,” you panted, your head resting against his shoulder as your cunt twitched around his cock. 
“I want to see you as I take you,” he lifted your head off his shoulder, guiding your hips up enough so he could fit the head of his cock in your cunt. “Eyes on me, special girl,” he leant back and watched as he thrust up slowly, pulling you down at the same time so you were filled with him. His jaw was tight as he held himself still within you, your mouth open as you felt the initial burn dissipate. 
“Heavens you’re perfect,” he breathed. “Does it hurt?” He asked, his thumb brushing against your cheekbone. 
“It did but I think it’s better now,” you said, tentatively moving your hips. “Oh Father, it feels good,” you whimpered, tilting your hips again. 
“Good.” He looked up at you, “you’re mine, darling. You fit me like a glove.” 
You kept the pace, nodding at him with wide eyes. “All yours.” 
“Up,” he said, guiding you off his lap. He pulled you over to the pews, and bent you over the back of the first row so your knees pressed against the wood. Your hands gripped the seat before you. He pulled your panties down and angled your thighs apart then ran his tip through your folds, finding your hole and slowly pressing in. 
“Goodness,” you breathed, “that’s so- you’re so,” you struggled to find the words. 
“Deep. My cock is deep within your perfect cunt,” he groaned. He gave you a thrust and hissed, “mmm darling, you fit me so well. I’d love to go through confession with your pretty walls wrapped tight around me. You’d have to stay quiet though, do you think you could?” 
You trembled at the very idea. “I would for you, Father. Anything for you,” you moaned, arching your back so more of him reached within you. “Oh.” 
He chuckled. “Good girl.” He slid his palm up from the base of your spine to your neck. “Are you ready?” 
“Yes, Father please-“ your words were cut off by his sharp thrust, quickly turning into a rhythm. 
He grabbed hold of your hair, tugging it backwards as you groaned, the pain almost forcing more pleasure upon you. “Beg for forgiveness,” he said, his thrusts unrelenting. “Beg for forgiveness from our God as I defile you in his house, as I claim you as my own. As I pump my seed into your dripping sex.” 
You whined, “please God, forgive me- oh,” you shook as his thrusts had him rubbing against something deep within you that made you see stars. “Please, oh please,” you moaned, “I’ve sinned, please forgive me. I’ve given in to my carnal urges, oh- it feels so good. I want it- I want your seed, Father, please!”
“That’s it,” he twisted your hair harder in his fist, and your eyes shut as you struggled to hold on to the pew, the explosive pleasure hitting you all at once. “Christ!” He shouted as you felt your cunt pulse around him, gripping him tightly. 
You were incoherent as he quickened his pace, each thrust bringing you even more pleasure. Eventually he stopped, and you felt him twitch within you with a shout, your cunt still pulsing around him as he came, as if your body wanted to take it all. 
He pulled out of you slowly, and you felt a drizzle of his cum down your leg. You smiled, shakily moving yourself off the pew. He turned you in his arms, piercing eyes taking in your blissed out state. “My special girl,” he leant forward, pressing a kiss against your head. “You did so very well for me.” 
You smiled, falling into his arms as he led you back up towards the cathedra, gathering your clothes and dressing you. He sat you down in a pew, and mumbled some words of prayer as you laid your head on his shoulder, the dazed smile still there. 
He brought you some water and pulled his car around so he could drive you home. He held his hand on your thigh the way there, giving it a squeeze once you’d arrived. You gave him a kiss on the cheek then opened the door, turning towards your parents’ house. 
“Darling,” he called, and you looked back at him with a questioning glance. “I think we may need to increase the frequency of your confessions.”
You smiled. “Of course Father. You always know best.” 
A/N: Something about a dark, manipulative priest ruins me no I don’t want to get into the psychology behind that
As someone who’s only ever been in a Catholic church twice, I hope I did it justice! 
Thank you as always for reading 🖤
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cheapperfumee · 2 months ago
Warnings :D (I know yall love these)- Praise kink, soft!Dom Remus, TeacherxStudent , age gap, sorta panic attack-y, unprotected seggs (stay safe kids), oral (f receiving) , fingering, maybe a teeny tiny bit of breeding kink , creampie, library sex. Reader is emotional, very , the bitch legit sobs for like 1k words 
Summary: Your thoughts just get the best of you in DADA. 
Words: about 6k
First of all, I wanna thank my semi beta reader @bondage-poser (check out her Piano teacher fic rn)  bc she was kind enough to do so. It took me over a month to finish this AND HERE IT IS!!!!. I feel like I’m receiving some award. ALSO @lilithcromwell for her and her fics 4 giving me motivation and shit, love you Lilith, (i noticed mid writing that this might be similar to some of her work and literally debated on just throwing away this whole thing.) I quote a LOT of Mitski in this bc she’s god and yeah, hella angsty but that’s just how I like it. 
Tumblr media
                            ───── ❝ to be whole, to be holy ❞ ─────
It started like any other school girl crush, you’d fantasize, like any other teen age girl, twirl your hair, bite your lip when he looked at you and smile. You’d look at him, his blue deep eyes with a strong jaw, brown mousy hair , the way his hair would fall in his face and the way his face would beam when he smiled at you. Those arms, when he would roll up his sleeves and talk with his hands with a smirk on his handsome face.  You’d smile to all the thoughts in your head and giggle, your eyes twinkling when you looked at him from afar, listened to his smooth voice. You’d sit, just thinking those thoughts as you twirled your hair between your fingers and drift off while your friends talked in front of you.
 Your friends would have top shake you awake from your daily fantasies, looking at your rather pink face when you would come back to Earth.  They would laugh, looking at you and your flustered state, and you would giggle at yourself awkwardly , trying to brush the thoughts away. You brushed your hair once in seven in the morning when getting ready for class and drifting away to the thoughts of him, laughing at yourself in the  moment and then realizing that you will be late for your first period. You continued to daydream that day in class, looking at him , your mouth dry and stomach in flips.
 And that was only the start to this fiasco.
 The sun shone through your grey bed canopy curtains, making you rub at your eyes and get up, stretching and groaning in protest. You looked at the clock on the wall of your dorm room wall, 7:12  ‘shit’ you thought, your mind racing as you got up. You’ll be late again, you felt like throwing up, you couldn’t be late, not again, not again. You slipped on your skirt , hiking it up to a good length, putting on your dress shirt, fumbling with the buttons leaving about two unbuttoned at the top. You put on your tie (that was halfway undone), looked around to put your hair in a bun with a clip and ran out with your bag out of your dorm.
 You ran, your legs taking you as fast as they could while your eyes glassed. You were late again, why? You slept in, just say you slept in like you told Snape. But this wasn’t Snape, this wasn’t the greasy bat that thought you potions, you didn’t care for his humble opinion on you, or will you ever. This wasn’t Snape you didn’t admire him, you didn’t care for him, you didn’t make comments about his good teaching skills, or on his kindness, or dream of him-
 Now reaching the classroom, you stood before it, with its large, wooden doors staring at you breathing, your hands on your knees, breath heavy and eyes glassy with worry. From the inside of the classroom voices could be heard, chatting away with his mere voice and cheery tone. You smiled, the smile reaching your eyes as you breathed one last time and pushed the door, eyes closed and face flushed you entered the room. Now everyone was staring at you , you gulped , swallowed hard and cracked open your eyes .  
 “Miss L/N, how kind of you to join us. Let me guess, slept in again ?”.
 There it was, the voice you dreaded so much, yet yearned for it every day. He looked at you with those kind eyes and smile, shabby robes and all over the place sandy brown hair peppered with grey. You smiled at him, trying to hide it , you looked away and nodded your head shyly. He chuckled, making you sigh and get up to sit beside your friend.
“Now I know how important it is to get enough sleep Y/N but, please make sure you’re not late next time, for now its detention”. He sighed, looking at you again as you took out your book and looked down, feeling small. He looked down apologetically at you, he smiled after a minute, knowing that you don’t quite deserve it but he had to.
 You looked up at the man who plagued your dreams, the graceful presence of Professor Lupin.
 The only man who was many universes too far from your reach. From the touch of your hands and your lips, from the mind of yours to act up on its wishes and nasty wants of your body . You stole glances his way to look at him, at his handsome scarred face ,his blue eyes and slight stubble that he grew, the lips you longed for and scars that you begged to trace with the very tips of your fingers. The hands you wanted to hold you, to touch you, to put his long lovely digits in your mouth, to trace the edge of your entrance, tease you, then pump his fingers in and out of you so you cum around his fingers so he can lick all of your slick off of them.
 He continued to talk about the topic of trolls, looking your way once in a while to look at your way to check if you were ok, to his surprise you seemed drifted away. To Lupin this wasn’t something new as in his class he’d notice that you had a habit to drift off once in a while, he didn’t find this odd, he’d have time to look at you and try to figure what was going on in your mind .  
 You couldn’t count the times your hand was between your thighs in the bathrooms, hot water falling on your skin as you rubbed at your swollen clit over and over while imagining that it was your own DADA professor, teasing you in the bathrooms with his  hand on the tiles of the bathroom, a few inches over your head and the other on your entrance. Bruising your lips with his while he drove you over the edge with his fingers moving faster. He’d shush you  as soon as you’d make a sound making your climax come closer with his head on your neck,his stubble tickling the soft skin , leaving sloppy kisses on it while playing with your nipples with his other hand. When you’d have to cum he would look up, with those blue eyes and tell you to wait, calling you names and whispering nicknames and praises into your ear when you cum. He would clean your thighs, licking them clean with his head between your legs, making you climax once again just from the mere sight.  
 Stretch you out,make you scream, ruin you. You wished that he would look at you just once, turn his head and catch your sight. You wished he noticed you, that it was possible for him to do so, to once in your life make you feel special. You’d daydream that one day he would ask you to stay behind, take you by the hand and into his private rooms, grab you by the waist and put his hand on your neck pulling you close to him just once, let you ride him, let you touch him once, feel his soft skin and rough hands on your thighs. Just. Once. And you would be satisfied, never thinking those dirty thoughts ever again in your life.
 You looked at him again, his smile and approach hypnotized you. Then his eyes landed on yours. He smiled, coming over to your table and putting one of his hands on the oak. Looking worried. “Are you all right, Y/N?” your name from his lips sounded like heaven, as if they were dripping in honey when he did so. You nodded, feeling shy again under his gaze. He smiled back, a kind smile, making him about ten years younger then he was. Suddenly you felt under a spell again, hypnotized, your stomach twisting and turning as the pure intimidation of his hit you, making you squirm in your seat and your eyes turn glassy from the feeling of it. You wanted to throw up, wanted to cry, make a scene and just tell him how much he meant to you, that even if he gave it to you once that you couldn’t be satisfied, that you would crave more because he would make it worse by doing it. That- that- suddenly tears started running down your flushed, red face, now you really did make a  scene as everyone turned to look at you as you did so, making Lupin look at you with panic on his face. As you got up he looked at you, asking you if you were all right once again and chasing you to the door of the classroom. “I’m so so sorry professor, I need to go” you sobbed, wiping your tears as you pushed open the door to escape this horrific scene you just caused.
 Lupin looked at you once more before sighing and looking at the class just to tell them that they can continue their work.
 You ran out , rushing as fast as you could to avoid the pure embarrassment you just witnessed. You wanted to dig yourself in a hole and die, but now something else was preoccupying your mind, Lupin.
 You ran into the library, moving fast to lean against a bookcase in the part that was quite lonely. Your breath was deep, with audible hard breathing you looked up at the books near your head and closed your eyes, recollecting your thoughts. You just ran out of Lupins classroom, crying , because of him. Your hand flew to your hair, pulling it as you sobbed more, shutting your eyes once again and letting your sobs and whimpers fill the small space that you were hiding in, praying that no one will hear your pathetic self, crying over a teacher.
 But to you he wasn’t just a teacher he wasn’t Snape, he was much more. Since the rejection of your family he was the only person to make you feel good. Maybe you just used him for comfort, because he was the only person you could open up to, the only person to care for what you thought, to listen. Then you realized that you felt something towards him and drew back, thinking that by doing so, you could make the thoughts go away. You were dead wrong, wrong for thinking that you could get by so easily. But instead the ache became dreadful, and he plagued your thoughts and make you so miserable that you couldn’t focus on anything .  
  You loved him.
  No, no, no. There was no fucking way. You pulled on your hair harder and a croaked chuckle came from your lips. You couldn’t fall in love with someone that out of reach, you couldn’t- you shouldn’t. Your sobs became louder, making your head hurt and heart ache. It was so hard, not thinking of him. Just imagining that you didn’t made you go wild, it wasn’t possible, you couldn’t imagine the universe where he wasn’t the only thing you thought about.
 You were hopeless.
 It couldn’t get through your thick head that he wasn’t for you, wasn’t yours to have. That you were way too young for him, for his mature, kind, lovely self. You were a child in his eyes. Your eyes began to cry rivers of tears again, he made you so miserable.
 So, so miserable, that you were addicted to it.
 Your head swam, it made you sick how much you cried. How pathetic you were, how pathetic you were for him. It was no doubt that you were going to be sick after this, but on the other hand, at least you wont be able to go to class. And see him. That’s shit, you thought, you’d think of him anyway, like he’s there, in front of you. You couldn’t show up to his class after this, you couldn’t see his face, his presence, his stare. You couldn’t face it.
 You made up your mind, begging Dumbledore to change your classes, to have Snape tutor you something, just something else, something just to stay as far away from your unrequited love.
 At that moment you hated him, you hated what he had done to you. He ruined you, crushed you in between his nimble fingers. His long, graceful digits that you dreamed about, that you wished would touch you, feel you everywhere, make you moan, squirm, turn, for you to lace your fingers with them. You pulled more of your hair, making your sobs louder , more aggressive and painful. Knowing that your poor throat would be sore and voice lost in the morning you moved your palms from your scalp to your face, pressing them into your eyes as you forcefully wiped off your tears.
 You became liquid smooth. That’s all you were.
 Suddenly you felt a hand on your shoulder, making you jump and face the person who interrupted your crying session. You felt your throat tighten once again, making those tears that you just wiped off turn up again. Making your already red face wet. You turned away, swiping the hand of the intruder off your shoulder with a shaking hand. You couldn’t, you cant. The universe really hated you, huh?
 Remus Lupin looked at your trembling figure as you cried into the wet sleeve of your pretty white dress shirt. His heart ached, looking at you like that, his eyes squinting and mouth in a frown. “Y/N, I need you to tell me what has got you so upset dear”.
 You swatted your hand in his direction, letting out a sob fall from your lips as you had your back still turned to him. How dare he call you such names ? Does he know that you shed tears because of them? Because of the pure sweetness he’s made out of? The looks in his eyes and the sound of his voice?
 Remus was desperate to knowing who’s made you this miserable, to who made you cry in agony and brake down in the middle of his class, to who made you late to his class almost every single time and keep you awake at night. He reached out again, furrowing his brows as the sight tugged on his heartstrings. “Y/N please, I beg of you”.
You gave up, not trying to bare this any longer and turning to face him.
 He looked at you, his eyes searching your face in desperation. Looking at your red puffy eyes, tear stained cheeks and messy hair. “What is the true matter , love? What’s gotten you so upset?” he asked, your blood shot eyes trying to avoid his gaze. He sat down on the library carpet, moving closer next to you.
You grunted, looking away as you swallowed more tears down. You couldn’t speak. Mind racing, you looked down at the carpet. You had to tell him, you had to tell him that you…  loved him, and that you’re pathetic and a train wreck and that you’ll be asking Dumbledore to do so.
 You had to look at him now, you had to tell him.
When you did you looked at his stormy blue eyes fill with worry and pain as he looked at you. The sky blue eyes you hoped would catch yours every time you looked at him. The ones you confessed to so many times but couldn’t now somehow.
As you opened your mouth a squeak fell from you lips in attempt to say something, it was soon replaced with a sob as your eyes glassed over again in realization of what you were about to say and do.
 Remus looked at you once and got the memo, grabbing a hold of your hand and pulled you into his chest. Not bearing the pain he saw in your eyes. You closed your eyes and let go. Soaking the shirt of the, at the moment, most dreadful person in the world.
Remus watched you cry, running his fingers through your locks as he did so, feeling the pain you radiated.
“No” You choaked, looking away from him and putting up a fight to push yourself off of his chest. But he held into you with a great strength, pulling your figure to hiss chest again. “Tell me, you’ve told me before… Who?” At that you looked at him, all the pressure sliding off of you as you did so.
 Your voice broke as what you said sunk in, you just told Remus Lupin, the most valuable person yet the core of your pain and agony that showed you nothing but true care for you that he was the reason for your tears.
Remus looked at you. A blank expression on his handsome scarred face, mixed with pinch of hurt.
 He croaked, his voice strained, much like yours. What terrible crime did he commit to hurt you so badly for you to run away and cry your pretty little heart out. Had he been not kind enough, not understanding enough? Was it something he said? Million thoughts crossed his mind as he searched for a answer in your face. What had he done ??
You felt so bad telling him this , telling this poor man who had done absolutely nothing wrong that he made you cry.
 “You make me so miserable-” His hands flew to hold yours in warmth of his palms as you tried telling him why.
“What had I done to deserve such punishment?? Did I hurt you?? Tell me, please.” The man before you begged, you could see how hurt he was due to the glassyness of his eyes. His brows furrowed, blinking at you. “Had I not taken care of you? Why are you so nervous around me lately? Is it because of what I had done? Because I had given you detention? What ever it is I’m so sorry, I am painfully sorry for any and all of my crimes and if you do not wish to speak to me again I understand”.
 You shook as tears began to spill on your cheeks again , you couldn’t believe what would have to come out of your mouth.
 “No, Remus you have been nothing but kind, and loving, and supportive. B-but thats the problem! Because you are, because every time I look at you I feel like I want to explode, like I have no control over my thoughts and its painful to think of you all day knowing that to you I’m just a stupid little girl with a crush and it hurts! Because you are the only thing that is on my mind, every single day. At every moment, all I can think about is you. And your kindness, and voice , and hands , and the way you care . And I thought that all I felt towards you was just a crush, that will fade away if I forget about you and move on, but it wasn’t, I- I think I full on l-love you and its soul crushing knowing that you couldn’t return that love. These things I feel for you, I don’t want to feel them, I don’t want the thought of my Defence professor taking me and touching me in his classroom while I have my hand in between my thighs in the showers. I don’t want to feel pathetic as I orgasm thinking of you.” You let out a sob “I don’t want to want you. To cry over you”.
 “I don’t want to love you”.
 You felt weight lift off your shoulders as you said those words. None the less you couldn’t look into the eyes of the person you just  confessed your love to, trying to avoid Lupins gaze on you as you felt more hot tears flush your face.
 He was going to hate you now , avoid your look, ignore your presence in the room and never again smile at you with that sweet smile at dinner. You looked down. You just ruined the most stable relationship in your life because you were selfish , because you thought that getting it off your back would be better. It wasn’t. in fact there was a new wave of worry washing over you in this very moment as you watched Remus open and close his mouth at a loss of words. He stared at you with his icy blues, as your eyes filled with tears again.
 It wasn’t his fault you fell in love with a war.
 He grabbed your hand, his eyes never leaving yours as you felt yours wailing up.
Remus pulled you in with  his full force as you landed on his chest, face pressing against the soft cardigan he wore. He nuzzled his head slowly with yours, closing his eyes as he wrapped his hands around you tighter as if you were going to vanish within seconds.
You couldn’t process the whole situation as a gasp came from your lips. You had expected a sad look on his face, a frown and a ‘sorry’ from his mouth, not the warmth of his own embrace. He held you close, with a heavy sigh of his own he held you tighter. Placing his chin on top of your head and pressing a kiss into your hair. “I’m so sorry darling” his body shook with the heavy beat of his heart and painful chuckle from his lips. “I’m so sorry for such pain”. Your mind raced, what was he even apologising for?
Remus drew you from the warmth of his chest, placing a hand on your cheek as you jolted away in surprise. “Its all right love,” a smile reaching his eyes plastered on his face. You hadn’t expected this. The hand reached back to softly brush through your hair as you watched him bend down, leaving a kiss on each of your cheeks to kiss away the drying tears. Your face reddened, warming up your previously kissed cheeks. Remus smiled again, a deep chuckle within his chest. His own cheeks dusted with pink as he watched your expression change.
Your mouth agape as you looked at him, he didn’t- did he? He couldn’t feel the same.
Just as your mouth opened Remus leaned in, catching your lips in a kiss. It was like heaven. You felt as if you could concur worlds, like everything in the moment just glimmered. Shock pumped through your veins and your heart beat in your chest about hundred miles per minute, you could hear it. You felt his hands on your heated cheeks, as you put yours in his hair, kissing back with force. Remus leaned back as you kissed him, his lips soft and gentle against yours with passion.  You moaned into his mouth, a small lusty moan, less then audible. Remus took that into notice, licking your bottom lip slowly , you opened your mouth sloppily kissing him. It was slow and you made sure to cherish all of it.
You could feel your eyes rolling to the back of your head, moaning into his mouth once more and enjoying how his mouth tasted. You left sloppy kisses on his open mouth, his hand caressing your neck as you did so. Remus pulled away, letting you leave needy kisses on his neck, focusing on once spot and leaving hickies on it.
His mind raced, putting a hand on your head as you continued to bite and suck on his neck.
Hes bitten into forbidden fruit, Remus breathed , something that could only reach the lengths of his fantasies. But he was way too deep to stop, you loved him , he  couldn’t brake you again, leave you. It would be cruel to him and to you. So he let go.
Remus closed his eyes, drawing you up to look at him. He pressed his lips to yours again, making you now sit in his lap with both of your legs wrapped around his waist. Remus groaned, his aching erection pressing onto the fabric of you panties. He reached down, placing his hand on the underside of your thigh making you moan into his mouth. God, your skin felt so soft, all Remus wanted to do is let you sit in his lap forever and kiss your lips till he couldn’t no more. He picked you up, almost drunkenly turning around and making your back press against the book shelves violently.
Your mouth was still on Remus’ as you messily unbuttoned your blouse and softly drop it to the floor leaving you in your white lacy bra. Remus’ mouth fell to your neck as you softly moaned into his ear , your hand in his hair as he did so. “Oh yes, Remus”. Your head lolled back, exposing your chest . Remus drew from your neck, looking down at your chest as you opened your eyes. “Can I?” his voice was unsure, coming from his swollen lips as you nodded, he reached down, unhooking your bra and letting it fall to the floor with a thud as well. Remus leaned in, pressing a kiss to your chest and coming back to press his lips to your head “You are absolutely breath taking dove”.
This made you look away, turning your head to the side and blushing furiously as Remus leaned in again, pressing a kiss to your cheek and then bending down to connect his lips with the skin of your chest, peppering kisses around your breasts. Finally kissing your breasts, letting his tongue circle around the bud of your nipples , making you let a moan from your lips escape.
Suddenly Remus looked up, looking at you then around to spot a table . He carried you, moving you from the bookshelf to the table. Placing your smaller frame onto the hardwood you began to take off his tie, smiling shyly up at him and undoing it. He undressed himself, being left in his trousers. His chest was toned, just like you imagined, with jagged scars on his slim pale body. Remus seemed to be insecure of his body, looking down at it and the at you every couple of moments. You chuckled, smiling at him and placing a hand on his cheek. “Don’t worry, you’re beautiful” he smiled, pressing a kiss to your lips and a hand on your hip, moving down to trace the outline of your panties.
They were pink this time, with a matching bow on the very hem of them and lace lining the sides. It was no surprise why they were your favourite. His fingers traced the hem of them, feeling the lace that  lined them, his thumb slowly finding its way to your clothed clit and gently drawing circles around it. That made your body on fire, lighting it without a single match making your head swim and stomach twist and turn. His touches lit you , making your tummy fill with butterflies.
Remus smiled at your moans and the sight of your body being lit on fire from so little of his touch . You squirmed, as his fingers made their way to your entrance, slowly tracing lines on the fabric. You wanted him to take off the now annoying piece of underwear that was the only thing between you and your fantasies becoming reality. You reached down as Remus’ fingers still drew lines on the your panties, holding his hand as if begging him to take them off.
Remus looked down at you, pressing a kiss to your tummy and slowly hooking his digits underneath the hem of the pink underwear, pulling it down with one swift motion.
You felt free, now fully naked in front of the only person you dreaded to be. Arching your back and lolling your head on the side as Remus looked at your fully nude body. He felt his cock stiffen even more (if that could be possible) when his eyes admired you from the graceful fall of your hair on the table to the abdomen that he pressed a kiss on earlier.
He couldn’t let himself look further.
You glanced at the man before you, “Remus, please… touch me”.
Suddenly he leaned in, hooking one of your legs over his shoulder, making you look at him and shake in pleasure as Remus kissed your swollen clit, slowly making his way to lick at your entrance, his mustache rubbing across it, making you go crazy.
You moaned, feeling him eat you out like a starved dog, like he was drinking wine from you, as if you were the best thing hes ever tasted. You never thought this could happen, you, onto your professors hair as he lapped at your clit. Now all your bathroom fantasies were coming true, well, most of them.
Remus looked up at you, all distressed and messed up just from him eating you out, he enjoyed seeing you like this, with messy hair and mascara smeared on the edge of your eyes. He moved his mouth, now kissing the inside of your thighs and looking down at your puffy pussy, admiring his work and licking his lips. Remus’ glance fell onto you again whimpering form the mere sight of him , he smiled, leaning down to kiss you.
“Are you sure about this, sweetheart?” His voice was strained as he towered over you, you just nodded your head, needing him more then ever. “Please,” Remus gulped, felling his cock twitch In his trousers. He wanted you so badly,wanted to ruin you, rip your pretty shirts to the floor and mark you all over, biting into the skin of your neck. Fill you with his cum.  
His mind raced, as he leaned down and pressed a kiss to the side of your lips . Remus looked down at you form above, breathing heavily, his blood pumping through his veins. You watched him slide off his boxers and dress pants. His cock springing free and hitting the base of his stomach, leaking with precum. It made you shiver , your nipples standing straight. The knot tightening .
Remus looked at your awe, as you got up to kiss him on the mouth. His hand travelled to your thighs, squeezing the skin as he pushed you back again. Remus looked at you before he looked down at himself. “Are you really sure darling?” his voice was quieter, with pleading eyes he watched your every move. “Yes, Remus, I need you.” His blood ran cold as you pleaded in front of him with sultry eyes, your skin shining under the low library light.
Remus spat onto his hand, lubricating the length of his cock before placing it flat to your pussy. A string of moans coming from your mouth as he did so, making you roll your eyes to the back of your head. He grunted, holding down your hip and slowly pushing in, you could feel yourself being stretched, all around his cock, so nicely.
He slowly thirsted into you, throwing back his head and letting out a deep groan. You couldn’t place this feeling, being fucked by your professor, his naked scarred chest exposed to you and only you at the moment, feeling like you could stop time. Remus looked back at you, sliding in and out of you with patience, watching your every move. This was rather unusual for you, having slept with only boys your age and never going to the full lengths of sex.
You scrunched your face, shutting your eyes as you got use to the new feeling, he was big. Remus bent down again, kissing your cheeks as you looked back. “We can stop.” he breathed, not wanting to look at you, afraid of your regret. “no!” you whispered in one breath, you couldn’t stop now. He looked back, lovingly smiling at you before thirsting his hips flesh against yours. You felt full, even though there was about one and a half inch that didn’t fill you at his base.
“Oh Remus”
Your moans echoed through the empty library as he thirsted into you swiftly, in and out, the sloppy wet sound combined with both of your whimpers . You felt on cloud nine, your thighs became sore with the now rather forceful movements, sound of skin on skin and whispers of each others name on your lips floating around in the air, combined with the smell of pure sex and nearing orgasm. “So good for me darling, so good my love” he managed to whimper, countless praises coming from his one hell of a mouth while he fucked into you, making the desire for release come closer.
He suddenly stopped, sweating and panting, his cock still deep inside you bulging at the base of your tummy. Remus bent down, looking at the bulging skin and tracing it with his fingertips. He started thirsting into you again, deeper now, with something else in his other hand.
“See how deep  I am inside you, my dove, I bet those little boy toys of yours couldn’t make you moan like I do, be so deep within you. As if youre mine, to take on my bed in my sheets every night, rut into you every single night , darling, keep you all to my fucking self.”
Remus spat. His words dirty and rough, but still loving enough to make your stomach turn. But this turned it in another way.
At this point you were cock drunk, arching your back and letting out breathy moans of his name as if it was some holy prayer.
“Yours, Remus, yours, please”.
He took the thing that he held from his hand, opening the box and putting a cigarette between his swollen lips. He light it with his thumb and pointer, polluting the air with cigarette smoke. Remus put it down, thirsting into you with ungodly force, making the table shake and you whimper, the lights on the desks shook.
“You have no idea how long Ive wanted to see you under me, coming undone with your pretty little mouth open wide. Begging me to fuck you until you passed out.” he put down the cigarette, taking a hold of both of your thighs harshly and pulling them over his shoulders. Pounding into you with full force. You couldn’t handle  it for long, the force that he was pounding into you with made you see stars.
“Im about to- Merlin-” you breathed, as Remus picked up the cigarette taking another drag and turning to kiss your ankle. “Cum for me angel, cum all over my cock”.
You did just that, releasing around his cock as he did too, sloppily with one last thirst he spilled his cum into you, his face slick with sweat just like his body. You felt your legs shake more, a feeling of relief mixed in with climax aftermath washed over you like a bucked of cold water as you rode out your orgasm.
Remus collapsed onto you, holding your body close to his and peppering kisses all over your neck and cheeks. He god up, smiling down at your distressed figure. “Did I hurt you love? All good? Nothing sore I hope”.  You shook your head, smiling back at him. “Just my legs, nothing serious though, I can walk, I hope” you giggled, twirling a piece of his brown hair between your fingers. It still wasn’t going through your head that you just got fucked by Remus Lupin.
He looked down apologetically at you, kissing your lips lovingly and whispering a ‘sorry’. “Let me carry you hm? Ill drop you off at my quarters and you can come back tomorrow morning, how does that sound my love?”
You nodded,flashing a toothy grin at your lover. Remus pulled out of you, letting the white liquid spill form you onto the floor. You looked for your wand before Remus took his and cleaned you up nicely. Getting up, you looked for your panties when you’ve seen them hang from Remus’ pants pocket. You giggled, collapsing into the chair beside you while dressing yourself.
Remus picked you up, pressing another lingering kiss to your temple and getting up to leave the library, casting an air clearing charm before doing so.
You landed on Remus’ bed in an instant, felling a pair of hands wrap around your middle and a peck on your lips , a perfect feeling washed over you, like the maiden lily blooming in the thickets of the summer moor.
                         ───── ❝ to be whole, to be holy ❞ ─────
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