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teachercrushm · a year ago
I just want to lay on your chest and listen to the sound of your heartbeat.
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rendezvous-ramblings · a year ago
how did you get together if you don’t mind me asking?
I graduated almost 5 years ago now and it was honestly a very slow burn process. I was never an extroverted student though my school was very small. E technically knew me since my junior year but just likely by face. He didn't teach me until my senior year and I didn't actively start talking to him or got to know him until towards the late middle of the school year. He cracked a joke at my expense in front of the whole class and I just couldn't let him get away with it 😂
It was an inappropriate joke because he was showing his high school yearbook photos to the entire class. All the girls were drooling over how "hot" he was and all the guys wanted to be him. They asked him how he got all the girls during high school and he said it was "sweet talk." The class clown started cracking jokes and was like "Hey S (my crush at the time/guy friend) does that to A all the time!" I don't know what possessed E to look all the way to the back of the room and dead set into my eyes and in a serious tone asked "What?!? A, are you cheating on me!?!" The whole class was hollering with laughter because I'm so quiet and the super academic type (nerd!). Maybe it was revenge because he noticed how I got his yearbook took a glance at it and just shoved it over to my friend to gawk at. He was my favorite teacher but the fact that we were taking up class time for that got me a bit annoyed.
After that diaster I just started going to after school to annoy him because people couldn't let go of the joke for weeks. Even the day after he cracked the joke as I was leaving class he teased and said "I'm watching you now." That's essentially how we became friends and E would never crack a joke like that again. To this day he realized how stupid that was on his part at the spur of the moment. I've always asked what possessed him but he has never given me a straight answer. He's old and likely forgot...kidding 🤣
We got closer throughout the year and getting to know him backfired on me because I developed a crush on him so quickly. I usually take a long time to develop crushes on guys and all my previous crushes were guys I was friends with first. I always knew E was funny and charming in class but outside of class even more so. I know now that E also realized I was developing a massive crush on him but he always kept things professional (after the joke) and prioritized our friendship. I have a lot of asks scattered throughout my blog about memories and moments we had when I was still his student. I usually tag things related to him with #E💕
After graduation we kept in touch for the entire summer. Eventually he invited me for coffee to see how I was adjusting to college. I had received a full scholarship and chose to stay home and commute. That's a pretty popular choice for students in my city. I'd say about half decide to dorm and the rest stay and attend nearby unis. Well, that simple coffee "date" ended with him asking if he could kiss me because throughout the entire conversation we ended up inching closer and closer together. He was my first kiss and he was shocked when I confessed that after we were done with a French kiss that evolved into a heated make out session 🙈 He's an amazing kisser and it felt so natural and fluid with him. I just acted instinctively when I kissed him back.
Unfortunately, things sort of went a bit downhill from there since E felt guilty after the fact. He wanted to remain friends and even though he "fucked things up" as he put it he said he wanted to remain friends and in touch because he deeply cares about me. He wanted to support me at any capacity he could regardless of his role in my life. Essentially, he was fighting his feelings for me and kept encouraging me to meet and date boys in college. This back and forth went on throughout the rest of my freshman and sophomore year (of college!) though we would still meet for coffee occasionally and text to keep in touch.
At this point E didn't have the filter he once had when we were still friendly when he was still my teacher. We matured out of those roles and at times I even got into arguments with him (text and in person). To an extent as a senior in high school I did put him on a pedestal and I wasn't aware of the flaws he had as a person. The "flaws" are nothing unforgivable or unacceptable but I was obviously becoming friends and getting to know the real E without his teaching persona.
During my third year, E started getting more comfortable with his feelings and the flirty interactions we had became more frequent and serious. That translated over to when we would hangout because he began kissing me again. We started having deep conversations about what would happen if we hypothetically got together since he wanted to make sure I wasn't pausing my life or rejecting a reasonable partner my age for him. I was never genuinely interested in anyone from my school and just made friends. We officially started dating later in my junior year of college.
That's pretty much the cliff notes version of our relationship. Haha, it was an emotional rollercoaster with him sometimes before we made it official. We both didn't date anyone during the in flux period of our relationship, but I'd imagine that would have killed our chances or dragged out our relationship from happening.
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forbidden-feelingsss · a year ago
*in the mood for texting my teacher some hot shit*
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am-i-musical · 2 years ago
I still look for him in my bed. It’s a weird thing to say, but it is absolutely true. Somehow I forget every time that he will not be there. (PSA: He’s never been there; I’m just stupid.) A large enough part of me believes that my mind is able to conjure up a realistic enough image to satisfy my aching heart and put the object of my desires in a black tee and shorts in my bed under the covers.
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too-tc · 2 years ago
Long time no talk
Hey guys! This is gonna be a quick update, but yeah I’ve been in college for a while now. Life is good and fun. There have been rough times, but that’s to be expected with life. I’ve had a lot more physical experiences than I did it high school and it kinda makes me wonder if I even like boys ya know. Idk. I don’t think I’m gay but I also really well could be ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Sometimes i stalk my old tc’s twitter and he’s still pretty cute in my eyes. Sadly no cute teachers at my school this year :/ there are some cute ones I see in passing but I don’t have any as my professors. I have so many experiences I could share but we’ll see ;)
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musikaporti · 2 years ago
And I'm waking to this aching
And it's breaking me in two
All the space
All the waste
All the distance between me and you
January 7th
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25yr-agegap · 3 years ago
Being in love with a married man sucks!
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madsteachercrush-blog · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
the picture above is of me and my former TC Gray (short for Grayson). he’s 38 and I’m 22! we have a 16 year age gap.
I graduated from high school a little over four years ago (c/o 2014🎓)
Gray taught me and still teaches high school history classes and is a football coach.
We’ve been dating for 3 and a half years now!
I used to have a TCC account many years ago, but I deactivated it. I decided to make a new one!
Feel free to ask me any questions! I was in your all’s spot once, so I can give advice.
I’m also going to be sharing my story and experiences with having a TC and being in an age gap relationship.
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cupidvstheworld · 3 years ago
Send me your age gap-blog recommendations
Plz 😊
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teachercrushm · 11 months ago
TC UPDATE #36 (7/11/21)
hiiii everyone! first of all, i want to apologize for my absence. i’ve been so busy with work and school, but i finally got some motivation to post on here and give you all a well-deserved update pertaining to M & i.
so, unfortunately, M & i are not officially together at the moment. in fact, it’s been a while since i’ve seen him in person. maybe it’s because we’re at different places in our lives rn, and while i’m at college, we’re about an hour and a half away from one another. i’m thinking about reaching out to him and asking him if he’d like to grab food somewhere and catch up. i miss seeing him everyday so much.
also, i’ve temporarily turned off anonymous asks. i’ve been receiving a lot of anonymous hate (most likely from one person), and i figured if you are going to bash my life or make false assumptions about my life then you should be brave enough to show your true identity. one blog tried to start drama with me, and it is all false information pertaining to photos of myself. it was a mistake to ever show who i am, and i regret it and now realize how unsafe it was. i’m choosing to ignore the hate/drama and keep doing what i love. to my supporters, i love you always!!
i’ll keep you all updated on M. i might end up texting/calling him tonight!
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rendezvous-ramblings · 9 months ago
Hey! I used to read through TCC posts a lot like 5-7 years ago, but I haven’t in a while. I had (have?) feelings for one of my former teachers, let’s call him X. I was super into him in high school and thought he was 100% the one for me, but then I ended up going to college and dating someone for over 3 years and really falling in love and kinda forgetting about X for a while. We broke up a little over a year ago. Now I’m back into seeing X somewhat regularly, every couple of months we’ll get coffee together or dinner. He always pays and is still so adorable and sweet. We have a 22 year age gap. He’s not married. I don’t know how he views the relationship. Any idea as to how I am figure this out without being completely open about my feelings? Because if he’s interested in only friendship, I’m more than happy with that at this point. (For some background, I’m graduated from college for two years now, have a full-time job with benefits, etc, so I’m hoping he doesn’t see me as a kid anymore).
I see how this could be a tricky situation. If you're comfortable maybe you could open up a conversation about relationships in general. You both could share your past experiences and maybe you could bring up hypothetical scenarios (like an age gap relationship!). I've had casual conversations with guy friends about the qualities we would want in a partner.
If you've also read other posts on my blog my co-worker (8 years older), B, has a crush on me and he once asked me casually how I felt about kids. Turns out when he was in the process of mulling over giving me his number that was something important to him. Since it turns out he has a young daughter from a previous casual relationship. He was feeling the situation out before he expressed his interest but he did so in a way where I was not suspicious at all. That was his follow up question when I explained to him that usually work at summer camps with K-5 prior to the pandemic.
I would just find ways to tactfully have him describe what he wants out of a future relationship, the kind of partner he wants, and maybe you could reminisce with him about your past. You could bring up nostalgic moments from high school and see how he reacts. If you draw a comparison to who you were before vs. now depending on his commentary it could give you a good indicator if his perception of you now.
Good luck!
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forbidden-feelingsss · a year ago
random memory: you're wearing the green coat and it's raining and as we walk I'm feeling like in a movie and it's so stupid but I'd do that again
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am-i-musical · 2 years ago
All day I’ve been imagining lying in bed with him, his arms around me and my arms around him, tangled and twisted in the sheets, wrapped in warm blankets, tangled and twisted in each other’s arms, wrapped in warm love.
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too-tc · 3 years ago
I think I’m starting to like older men? Idk. Recently I’ve just been finding older guys v attractive
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musikaporti · 2 years ago
ah, the classic torture of malls trademark
>age gap couple comes into café
>it’s fine, the usual, we hurtin but no big deal
>used to the pain by now, i see a lot of age gap couples in malls big as the one i was in
>the height difference 🥺🥺🥺😤😤😤💕💕💕
>they decide to leave, not ordering anything
>see them HOLDING HANDS outside the café
>chest pain trademark
>think i’m in the clear haha boy was i wrong
>crying inside trademark
>I’m gutted
>power ballads blasting directly into my earholes really don’t help😡😡😡
>eventually they leave, saying they’re „going to walk around for a bit“
>cue peter b parker crying in the bathtub as me
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25yr-agegap · 3 years ago
March TC Challenge
First of all im like super late on this but I think it will be a nice way to get myself out there and find my people.
1. Has your TC ever helped you with any personal issues?
- Yes! That is how our relationship started actually. We bonded over weird family situations that we both experienced. The Summer before my senior year I found out that the man I thought was my biological father isn't actually my father. soo that was fun and traumatic. But I needed to talk to someone about it because kids at my school were making jokes about it. and he was there for me. 

2. Have you ever embarrassed yourself in front of your TC?
- Oh yes a shit load of times!!! but that's part of life and we goof around with each other all time. of course there is going to be embarrassing moments! Just live in the moment and laugh with each other. 

3. What was your most memorable moment with your TC?
- UMMMMM I have too many to count for actually. I think one of my favorites would be my first kiss/ our first kiss on my 18th birthday. It still gives me butterflies just thinking about it. 

4. Have you ever thought of getting over your TC?
- I could never. Im too in love. 

5. What song would you use to tell your TC about your feelings for him/her?  
Me and him are forever finding songs to express out love for each other. 
This song from him
and this was my song 
there are manyyyy more but there were some of our firsts. 
6. What would be the perfect way your TC would admit his/her feelings for you?
- well we are already past that part but I can tell you a brief story. It was a little over a year ago. December 21, 2018 right before winter break he told me he liked me and thats all she wrote! let me tell you I was shook and not expecting it at all!

7. What would be the perfect way you would admit your feelings for your TC?
- Mine came out about the same time. Over winter break all we did was text and FaceTime. it was awesome. We just talked and talked and talked. but I was still confused honestly till like February. 

8. What is the one thing that made you fall for your TC?
- His thoughtfulness and kindness towards me. He was always willingly to help me and talk to me. He would check up on me all the time. 

9. Has your TC ever given you something as a gift?
- Yes tons of them! for my 18th birthday he had like 7 days of gifts it was so freaking cute!

10. Is your TC in a relationship? If yes, have you met their girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband/etc.?
- This is where y’all are going to start hating me... He is in a marriage of 20 years. He is struggling with getting the divorce. And I have no control over it. we have had plenty of talks over the pace of it and I told him it was going to take forever and he's just now realizing. 
But anyway yes I have known his wife longer because she was my middle school principal. but I didnt  get to know her till recently. 
11. What quote best describes your feelings for your TC?

- Do the things you love, with the people you love. 
12. What type of man/woman is he/she?
- A beautiful one. A very big softy sweetheart.  

13. Is your tc married/has children/has pets?
- Yes yes yes and its getting on my nerves. and no to children. and yes to pets he has two beautiful cats I love them!
This concludes March 1- 13 it was thicky!! but I am now going to queue my next answers so you guys have that TEA! 
If you have any questions please ask!
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madsteachercrush-blog · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Life is an adventure with him! If you all have any questions for me or Gray, please feel free to message me or send them to my inbox💘 I’ll be posting more about my TC story and experiences later on.
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666dumbthiccbitch666 · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
you like my panties ,dada??
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teachercrushm · 3 years ago
I don’t want a boy; I need a man.
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rendezvous-ramblings · 11 months ago
You said it took a while for you and E to actually get into an established relationship and things were pretty strained at times due to his reservations. Did you always have hope that you two would end up together, or were you content with just remaining friends at the time?
For our situation I always had hope that we would end up together because there were a lot of moments where E would step forward before taking a step back, if that makes sense? For example, how we shared that kiss when he agreed to meet to catch up during my freshman year of college, but he quickly reverted back to telling me how I should meet someone in college. He would also always say things like "Maybe in another time or place" or "I just wish I met you in another life time ago." Sometimes he slipped up and his words or actions would momentarily contradict his reservations about us. I was still content with getting to know him outside of the power dynamic we once had. Since he stopped filtering our conversations and his behavior through his teaching persona plus the former professional boundaries we had to respect. It was a frustrating emotional rollercoaster at times and it felt like we were in a limbo stage of "will they or won't they get together?"
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