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forbidden-feelingsss · a year ago
Tell me top 3 things you girls admire in ✨women✨ and let me guess...:
touching you by accident
and calling you honey???
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angetm · 5 months ago
if i see anyone shipping chongyun and shenhe it's on sight. im not kidding and im not discussing it
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cloudielight · 4 months ago
Danny getting mistaken for a number of Batman/Bruce’s kids. He fits the criteria so well that he could be mistaken for Dick, Tim, and if he makes his eyes go scary Damian and boom a random civilian mistakes Danny for one of Bruce’s kids.
A Batkid mistakes Danny for one of their brothers >:3
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huzongyu · a month ago
Tumblr media
I only realized they might have more than 20 years age gap after I drew this
Anyway, Steve and Matt
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cherrysofticecream · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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nightowl-luna · 3 months ago
i have a very formal event coming up soon and can invite a couple other people and wow the urge to invite him is so strong
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todomitoukei · 2 days ago
He didnt lost an arm. Its covered in fire i think
Either way he'll never compare to Compress and I hope Touya gets to live a happy life with Compress once all this is over.
They're far more alike anyway ♥️
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bottombaron · 10 months ago
so Bucky is the eldest brother of three younger siblings, (i'm assuming sisters)
Sam is an older brother of a slightly younger sister
and Zemo is the most sterotypical Only Child ever
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millerflintstone · 7 months ago
I've never understood the attraction of dating a guy that was significantly older than me when I was in my late teens/early 20s, even though it was a norm when I was growing up. My cousin Lisette married an guy about 12 years older than her when she was 17 or 18. My Cuban godsister married an almost 30 year old when she was 16. Yes, with her parents blessing.
I was 12 when I met my cousin's then fiancé briefly. It creeped me out. I never met my godsister's fiancé. I was 14 when she got married and she did not like me so I don't remember if we were invited or not.
It just seemed so gross to me that grown men were into these very young women. I understood on some level that in both cases I described, the marriages allowed my female relatives escape their homes and benefit from a better life monetarily.
Between 13 and 14, my childhood best friend's family had a male relative staying with them. I think he was in his early 20s and was the father's nephew. He would attempt to hit on me. So disgusting.
I was 18 when I started working at the movie theater. Before Unfriendly got transferred to that theater, one of the assistant managers was 28 and dating an 18 year old. He would talk to the box office cashiers about how much easier it was to date an 18 year old vs a woman closer to his age because younger girls were easier to control. I remember he brought her to one of the employee movie showings and we all just felt bad for her because we knew what a gross jerk her boyfriend was.
I remember when I met Unfriendly I thought he was at least 10 years older due to his height and how he carried himself, but he wasn't. When I found out he was 6 years older, it still seemed like too much of an age gap though. I was 19 (and a half!). He was 25. We were friends for about a year before we started dating when I was 21.
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wintits · 10 months ago
8/19/21 - sweet-spectres → webcore-spectrez
9/05/21 - webcore-spectrez → winston-loomis-tits
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Hiiiiiii!! Welcome to my blog :>
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🤍 ↳ Multilingual (English fluent, working on Japanese and Korean)
🥽 ↳ neurodivergent & mentally ill
(Also - my url was sakuraloomis for a while, if anyone remembers that)
Tumblr media
🥼 ↳ fandoms (interested will be all over the place at times and these change frequently ) :
(Pink and bolded is a hyperfixation and I am critical of these!)
↳ The games by dino999z
↳ Homestuck
↳ Undertale/Deltarune
↳ Legend of Zelda
↳ Lucky star (getting into)
↳ Tokyo Mew Mew (getting into)
↳ Nurse Witch Komugi
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forbidden-feelingsss · a year ago
*in the mood for texting my teacher some hot shit*
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baronessblixen · 4 months ago
This may be controversial, so if you choose to not post it, I completely understand. I’m not trying to open this controversial line of discussion. I just feel like you may being sort of on the same page.
I fell down the MP and DD rabbit hole today. I find that when I do that, which isn’t often, it taints my view of DD. It makes me like him, Fox Mulder, and The X Files just a little bit less. It may stem from jealousy, but when I think of the possibility of DD and GA, I don’t get that feeling. 🤷‍♀️
I'm sure it's controversial, but so be it. I know what you mean. When it was clear that they are a couple, I struggled so much with enjoying the show. Season 11 was the worst but even early seasons made it difficult. I'd watch an episode from season 1 and my brain would go, his girlfriend was an infant when they filmed this.
I wish I could completely ignore their relationship but I can't. I envy people who just don't give a shit. Wish that could be me. But it just isn't me so I need to find ways to work around that.
I hope you don't fall down that rabbit hole too often. Enjoy the show. Enjoy Mulder. He's such a great character. Try to see DD as a Mulder vessel and a Mulder vessel only. Maybe it'll work for you ❤
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percyshipz · 19 days ago
yeah ngl I find it really uncomfy in the movies with the whole Li.z and HB thing going on.  Just because HB and Li.z have known each other since she was young, Considering he’d be 60 in the movies but physically only just out of his late 20′s, but still mentally he’d be 60 or smth even though he’s a man baby. Going off general lore she would have been around 10 when introduced to the BR.PD and it’s CONFIRMED she grew up with an adult HB. so... ugh. I just. It’s just really fucking uncomfortable. Like I adore the movies but I hate that shitty subplot. It’s just fucking weird. 
There is EVEN a scene where they kinda address it in the first movie but it’s still ew cause it’s one sentence and then forgotten. I’m probably gonna rewrite everything for my sona because I ain’t having that shit. 
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bonbongiveshell · 6 months ago
Imagine reading anything to do with Greek mythology and getting hung up about age gaps and incest
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kushiro · 21 days ago
insane. youtube people are insane
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headcanonsandmore · 9 months ago
Me, reading the first "Witcher" book: Okay, the main character is a man in his thirties, seems stoic, tries to treat women with respect and doesn't use his fame to impress women-
The main character, a thirty-something man: *sleeps with a seventeen-year-old student girl who was delivering a message to him from his friend*
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woahajimes · 11 months ago
yall ever look at a mutual interacting with another mutual and its like GOD that is such a horrible influence
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timeandspacelord · a year ago
Broke: Cress and Thorne's canon great, epic romance
Woke: Cress taking a step back and realizing she's not necessarily ready for a great, epic romance like she thought (maybe especially not with him when she's still working on getting him down from that pedestal in her mind) and they stay friends until whatever the future holds
Bespoke: Cress realizing she's aro/aro-spec and liked the idea of a great, epic romance the way it was presented in media, liked the concept of being loved and loving someone else in that way, more than the practicalities of actually being a part of one, that maybe she thought it would be the thing to fulfill her and make her happy, when in reality it was familial and platonic love that she was missing and she found it in the Rampion crew
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forbidden-feelingsss · a year ago
How to attract an older woman?
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