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anauro · a month ago
how come y’all hate remadora because of the age gap but ship lily with andromeda who’s like 10 years older than her?
Hi anon,
Age gap is not what bothers me in Remadora. I think Tonks (and Luna btw) is so obviously and painfully queer, I cannot process her in a relationship with a man. I personally ship her with Fleur.
Also I am a Wolfstar fan. I don’t read fics about them anymore, but these two are just an assumed couple in my mind.
Furthermore, Remadora ship was not at all developed in the book, JKR just slapped it on and turned Tonks into a depressed weakling.
A badass female Auror.
Depressed over a man.
This is an insult to any woman who has ever achieved something in her life, just to then be reduced to her assumed societal role of coupling with a man and producing an offspring.
And then there’s the whole matter of Remus suddenly becoming a coward because of the pregnancy.
Who had it uphill all his life, with the lycanthropy and all.
Suddenly scared of stepping up.
Come on, his entire character got erased and like, what was even the point? It changed absolutely nothing in the entire plot.
My problem with Remadora has nothing to do with the age gap and everything to do with how utterly shit that ship was.
Also I don’t know who you mean by “y’all” cause as far as I’m aware, nobody ships it except for me and the anon who enquired about this.
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winter-tc · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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unwanted-crush · a year ago
okay but like, are you attracted to men twice your age or are you emotionally stable
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dominik528 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rare footage of Andy Warhol and his long-time boyfriend, Jed Johnson.
The two had first met in 1967, when Jed and his twin brother, Jay Johnson, arrived to New York City at 19-years-old, and joined The Factory. When Warhol began recovering from his gunshot wounds following Valerie Solanas's murder attempt, Johnson moved in with the artist--initially as his caregiver, before they fell in love. While the relationship lasted for 12 years, it's been said how emotionally distant Warhol could be, afraid to express his own feelings, including privately. What really caused them to fall apart, however, was the wild party scene Warhol indulged himself in, contrasting with Johnson's preferred more idyllic domesticity. With heated arguments growing ever more frequent, Johnson then chose to move out (which brought a mixture of sadness and relief to Warhol). Both men would share joint custody of their pet dogs for the rest of their lives. Jed Johnson tragically died on the TWA Flight 800 disaster in 1996.
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shady-figure · 8 months ago
I don't see the problem with a big age-gap in a relationship? Like, if the minds and souls of the people are compatible it shouldn't be a problem?
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no-shame-blvd-41482 · a year ago
Birthday Girl
Tumblr media
Birthday Girl
Y/N Hates Her Birthday With A Passion. Will whoever sent her roses with a card saying: Does your Birthday Wishlist include “Sex”? Because that’s what I got you. Happy Birthday. I know that you like me, so why not act on it. Change the situation?
Reader and Ashton Irwin
Warnings: Adult Situations with a Fucking Hot Aussie Drummer, Smutty Birthday Sex, Sexy Times, Mentions Of Fingering and Oral Sex
Author's Note: April 14th is really my birthday. Kind of the inspiration behind the story. Today, I turned 39. It's a long story behind how come I hate my birthday. I'd be happy to give an explanation and also write a part two if it's requested, I get some feedback. Enjoy!
It was April 14th which meant one thing; other than Black Friday it was one of the other days’ dread and hated with a passion which was her birthday. She hoped no one at her work would remember what today was since she did not need a reminder of the fact she was a year older and a step closer to gulp 40. One short year anyway. Y/N had hated her birthdays after her seventeenth when everything bad seems to want to occur on that date. God must have seriously planned for her entry into the world and had a sick sense of humor about it. Y/N sure as hell did not find it the least bit funny.
Knowing her luck, someone would remember her birthday. Hope they were ready to be decked because that is the first thing she would do. Ok, might not be such a good idea considering half of the majority of the clients were celebrities. Seriously, when was the last time someone famous even remembered the receptionist’s birthday?
Y/N walked into her place of employment which was the YMU talent agency for sport, business management, music, drama and comedy, and entertainment talent, but one in a particular client had her fancy, and seemed to star in her dreams. God would she love to have that for her birthday, but it was not meant to happen. Ok so far so good, no one had approached her to mention her birthday. No way to bring or draw attention to herself that was until she neared her desk when she saw a large bouquet of Salmon-colored roses. That just screamed it was someone’s birthday or anniversary. Whoever sent her the roses would be in deep, deep trouble. It only made Y/N speed walk over to the Receptionist's desk.
She slowly lowered her bag off to the side while she slipped into her chair to notice a card attached to the roses, good a clue as to who was on her hit list as of now for making it a bit obvious to her co-workers it was a day she would like to completely forget. She took a quick look around to make sure the coast was clear before she slipped the card off the roses to read.
Does your Birthday Wishlist include “Sex”? Because that’s what I got you. Happy Birthday. I know that you like me, so why not act on it.
Your secret admirer.
A secret admirer? Y/N blinked while she re-read the card to make sure her eyes were not playing tricks on her. Who could possibly have a crush on her? Who could possibly have a crush on her let alone known she had one on him? The only two people who knew about her crush were a few of her co-workers and friends who were in a different department. They obviously were behind the roses. Y/N quickly booted up her computer since she needed to know some answers here. She glanced at the roses from the corner of her eye while her computer continued to boot to life at the same time, she flipped open the schedule book for that day’s appointments.
She at least could be prepared and do her job while she plotted how to murder the person behind the roses and get away with it. Y/N quickly scanned the book while she now multi-tasked signing into the computer. Y/N continued to think while she signed into her Samsung S9 group friend chat that she had going on with a few of her friends. She saw her two main suspects were already in there perfect she began to type.
Y/N: Alright, which one of you two decided to send me roses?
ANGIE: Roses? Now who would want to send you roses on your birthday? Oh my God is that today?
Y/N: Please don’t even remind me. I know one of you two sent them.
KATHRYN: Hey, you’re the one who told us not to make a freaking deal out of your birthday. I didn’t send you roses.
ANGIE: I didn’t don’t look at me. Did they come with a note?
Y/N: Of course, it came with a note. You twit.
“Good morning Y/N,” one of the four male Aussie accent-filled voices she began knowing well said which only startled her out of her focus on her phone. She nearly jumped and fell out of her seat at the realization that all four members of 5 Seconds Of Summer were standing there watching her make a fool out of herself while she ranted to her friends via a text message chat. Slowly, Y/N turned her body still in the chair to face which member the voice belonged to, which was Ashton who seemed a bit amused by her behavior and demure. She almost came on the sight of him as she saw this morning, he had on a pair of jeans, with a black short sleeve fitted t-shirt which displayed the classic 5SOS Tally mark Symbol on his outer left wrist and some detail of the Snake Tattoo not hidden by the sleeve of his shirt displayed on his upper right arm. It looked like Ashton had not shaved for a few days which made him have a few days’ worth of growth and stubble. He of course had on his signature “Brothers” symbol chained necklace and gold hoop earring.
It was like an image that had come to life from one of her daily or nightly fantasies she had about this guy. The man had no idea how he would be the death of her or what he was doing to her inside. “Good morning Ash, what can I do for you and the guys this morning?” Y/N calmly asked while inside of her head she was screaming something entirely different and very inappropriate. Ok screaming something entirely different, very inappropriate, and mentally undressing him in her mind in her own bed. Something that Calum, Michael, and Luke likely really did not or should not ever know let alone hear.
“We have an appointment with Joel and Peter first thing this morning . . . I’m sure it’s right there in the book,” Ashton slowly trailed while his stare never left Y/N. Right the appointment book that is lying flat open. Y/N’s eyes quickly darted down in the direction of the book to flip to page two where 5SOS’s name was printed in a big, large black font. An audible buzz from the text message from the phone sounded which startled her again. “Are you going to answer whoever that is who is anxious for you to respond?” Michael chuckled.
“I uh-yeah of course. I’ll- I’ll call Joel and tell her you’re here,” Y/N stuttered while her hand shook to reach out to grasp the office desk phone next to her computer. Oh God how freaking embarrassing God take me now. Y/N quickly punched in the number her finger nearly fumbling anxiously waiting for the phone on the other end to be answered while the shrill of the ring grew louder and louder each time in her panicky-filled ear.
KATHRYN & ANGIE: Y/N you still there?
ANGIE: What does the note say?
Y/N took a quick glance at her phone’s screen to read the messages while she turned to look back at the ringing office phone in her hand. C’mon Joel answer already before one of your four freaking, hot Aussie clients drive me to an early death by orgasm. Y/N squeaked and jumped startled when finally, Joel answered. “Hi Joel, I just thought I tell you and Peter that you’re 8:30 appointment is here. 5SOS is standing right here waiting to be sent it,” Y/N nearly squeaked in a rushed tone. “I’ll tell them to come in then,” Y/N answered after Joel had given her an answer after a quick laugh. Still, with a shaky hand, she dropped the phone back into the cradle before she looked back over at the group. “You can go in now. They're ready for you.”
Ashton chuckled his trademark laugh which only made Y/N blush. “Thanks, who sent you the roses is it like your birthday or something?”
Lie Y/N, say something other than... “Yes, actually it’s my birthday. Some secret admirer sent them to me. Kind of funny not sure how this person even knew, roses were my favorite type of flower,” Y/N admitted.
“They’re beautiful, just not as beautiful as you. Oh, Happy Birthday to,” Ashton answered still with a smile for her before he and the rest of the band walked off in the direction of Joel and Peter’s office. Y/N could only stare before her trans was broken by another annoying beep from the text message.
ANGIE: Y/N! What does the fucking card say already?!
Y/N: Does your Birthday Wishlist include “Sex”? Because that’s what I got you. Happy Birthday. I know that you like me, so why not act on it. Love, Your secret admirer. You two are the only ones who know who I like. There is no way in hell he even knows I like him.
KATHRYN: Ha, ha Y/N I think he does know. Especially how the way you act and react while he graces you with his hot Aussie presence. You have a point though; I seriously doubt he would send you roses.
ANGIE: Hey, aren’t they supposed to come in today?
Y/N: Yes, they just did, thus the reason I was deadpanned on sending a response. I was talking to them, he saw the roses and wished me Happy Birthday aaah my day has gone to hell.
Y/N texted while a frustrated filled sigh escaped from her lips. God, now she could not wait for this day to end and to be able to go home to take a long relaxing bubble bath before she curled up into bed to fall into a deep sleep.
ANGIE: Where’s the sexy Aussie now? Is it clear to even talk? He didn’t see what your screen saver on your computer and phone lock screen, wallpaper was did he?
Y/N: Yeah, they just went into Joel and Peter’s office leaving me and given me time to do nothing, since I already have everything done for them both. No, I had it hidden with an open word document and the text messenger screen.
KATHRYN: So did you make an idiot out of yourself in front of your walking birthday wish? You gotta think that we know you better and know that if you could have anything for your birthday and one birthday wish it would be to have Aussie Drummer in your bedroom.
Y/N only softly laughed while she nodded since they had a point she remembered how one night they all were talking over drinks about fantasies that involved men. Something she wished she would be able to experience if God had planned to let her. God just let that intimate experience be with Ashton Irwin.
Y/N: I guess we will be killing time by talking about ways we want to screw Ashton if we had him in the position in our bedrooms.
Y/N typed while she looked down in the direction of Joel and Peter’s office where Ashton sat. This was pathetic she just saw him a few minutes ago and was already anxiously waiting for his walk back past her desk. God, I need to get a freaking life.
KATHRYN: What was he wearing? You did catch what he had on long enough before you turned into a puddle of Jell-O?
Y/N: Oh God, I think he tapped into one of my daily fantasies and picked out that outfit a pair of jeans. Had on his “Brothers” symbol chain, the gold hoop earring. Has on a black fitted t-shirt, has not shaved for a few days. Oh God, I need to have an orgasm badly!
The day only seemed to drag on after 5SOS’s appointment time slot had come and gone. She got to enjoy her sexy Aussie Drummer eye candy and made a freaking moron out of herself to entertain him long enough for the band’s next appointment to see Joel and Peter. Ashton seemed to be the only client of theirs who was able to make her act like she was still a teen in high school and end up falling into moronic-like behavior around the hottest guy at school. For Christ's Sake, she just turned 39 less than 12 hours ago and the guy was 3 months and 7 days short of turning 27 and he could turn and make her act like that? It just seemed so freaking wrong.
For some reason, Ashton seemed to enjoy the walk back past her desk since he decided to tease her with a sexy smile, which only made it worse for her. She could not breathe the moment he seemed to be or was around, almost stopped breathing when he decided to take the leisure upon himself to stop at her desk after Calum, Luke, and Michael all stopped for a moment to wish her Happy Birthday. She sat in her driveway still behind the wheel of her car as she recalled every minute.
“So, Y/N how old are you today?”
“Well, let’s just say still within the fucking thirties. Mid- fucking thirties,” Y/N answered while she forced her brain to operate. Just let him keep guessing what her real age was. He only smiled since the game she had started to play between them seems to become interesting.
“Mid-fucking thirties huh? So does this mean in order to find out how old you are I’d have to go find your driver’s license or I could go ask either Joel or Peter?” Ashton joked which only made her lightly smile.
“If you did that, I’d have to sleep with you then kill ya,” Y/N joked back with a soft laugh. She stopped in mid-laugh when she saw his reaction to that suggestion which was a sexy, wicked smirk.
“Oh, I wouldn’t mind that, I happen to like older, crazy women. Is that an invitation to join you in your bed to celebrate one of your mid- fucking thirties age birthdays?”
He had to be shitting her right? Yeah, that is it, Ashton did love to joke and kid. “I uh- don’t you have like a girlfriend or someone you’re seeing?” Y/N stuttered while she fought hard not to sink down low in her chair.
“I’m pretty much not taken at the current moment,” he casually responded. “Your birthday is only one day a year. You got something crazy planned for tonight with some friends?” Ashton smirked, he enjoyed watching her try to not come apart right in front of him.
God she would love to have him included in her birthday plans if they were not self-deluded thoughts of being alone in her room to ponder what the hell was wrong with her life where it was heading or going as she neared the fourth decade of her life. Like a distraction of sex with him would do much help or wonders. She would kick herself for what she was about to tell the man of her sexual dreams and fantasies. “No, I was just going to go home, take a bubble bath then fall asleep. I really don’t have any plans or had any with friends since self-wallowing doesn’t need the assistance of anyone else but myself.”
“You’re too beautiful to even be alone on your birthday. You do not even look like someone in their mid- fucking thirties. If you change your mind, you can always call me and I can take you out get you drunk, have you revealing what your real age is. Then like you said you can fuck me then kill me afterward.”
It was a hell of a way to end her workday having Ashton Irwin try to pick her up. She grabbed the vase of roses at the same time she shook her keys around to find the house key to unlock the front door. That is when she noticed a shirt-sized wrapped box propped up against the door. She normally would have been a bit pissed off, but after what had gone down today, she would make exceptions. Someone clearly wanted her to know they knew it was her birthday and they gave some type of damn.
Just who seem to give a damn was what she wanted to know. Y/N bent down grabbed the box while she shifted the vase into the other free arm to turn open the doorknob open the door to a half-dark-like house. It was a few minutes after dusk and was getting dark. It was one of those moments where she wished she had someone that she could come, too. A man or a dog either one it would have not mattered.
Y/N closed her front door behind herself while she locked and secured the door’s lock. She did not bother with the lights while she walked straight down the entry hall made a right turn ending up in her kitchen. She placed the roses in the middle of the kitchen counter right before she turned her attention towards the wrapped gift box in her hand. Now, who sent her this gift? She quickly ripped into the box to come across the Victoria's Secret logo. Her interest now fully perked as to who would be sending her lingerie.
There had to be a card somewhere maybe, buried within the contents of the box, She hoped while slipping off the lid to unfold the Victoria Secret logo tissue paper. Her curiosity now seemed very piped and very intrigued maybe to the point where she worried if she may have a stalker on her hand. Oh, that would have made a hell of a life script ending the day she turns 39 she learns she has a deadly stalker who murders her in her sleep. Oh, how fabulous.
The tissue paper moved out of the way she saw silky white material. How the heck did this person even know what color she should wear? There sat a Birthday Card on top of the neatly folded lingerie. She started to notice that whoever the “Secret Admirer” was seemed greatly determined to gift her with “Birthday Sex”. It could not be more subtle when the front of the card design was a “Birthday Checklist” and the checklist items consisted of “You, Me, Birthday Cake, Sparkling Cider, Birthday Sex”. Without hesitation, Y/N unfolded the card to read.
I hope I picked out the right color and size. I want you to wear this tonight after you take a bath or get ready for bed. Just do as I ask and you’ll see why and will greatly enjoy what you get rewarded for following and listening to rules.
Your secret admirer.
“Ok what the hell is this person watching me or something?” Y/N asked out loud while she looked around the kitchen to see and get a vibe to feel if anyone was secretly watching her. She did not feel as if someone was watching her, but the note sent a bit of a chill down her spine. “I better not die at 11:20 tonight by a serial killer or some psychotic stalker,” Y/N muttered while she placed the card down on the counter while she grabbed the box taking it upstairs with her up to her room.
She questioned herself again rather or not if she should follow the directions of the note or what the heck her reward would be if she followed directions while she slipped her purse, she still had dangle off her shoulder near her dresser. She should just follow the damn directions and see what happens what did she have to lose nothing really oh what the hell just follow the damn rules. The first thing she had to do was to take a bath before heading to bed. She seriously needed some time to shave since she had seriously neglected her legs and other areas of her body.
Without hesitation, she quickly stripped out of her clothes while she turned on the water for her bath and allowed the temperature to adjust to the heat she liked. She grabbed her can of shaving cream along with her fresh razor while she slipped into the warm bath while she froze in her spot for a minute. It suddenly felt like she was not exactly alone, but just knowing she was only being a bit too paranoid. She locked all the doors and windows, no one could easily break into the house or gain entry.
Y/N shook her head while she just fully decided to just stick to the note and shave her legs and whatever else she needed to remove hair from. She continued to shake her head while she grabbed the shaving cream to shake the can a few times. She squeezed a good amount in her palm for her first leg which was the right one she had rested on the rim of the tub. The large tub she now occupied seems to be one of the main reasons she had even bought this house since she loved big bathtubs. She mainly spent a lot of time in there rather it be reading and getting lost in a good book or doing something seriously naughty that involved thoughts about Ashton.
That suddenly made Y/N rethink about giving Ashton a call. Was he serious about coming over to fuck her or was he seriously just kidding? Her cell phone sat nearby since she always placed her Galaxy S9 nearby. Maybe it was not such a good idea to call him while in the bathtub since his voice would likely get her into some serious naughty filled trouble. Just shave your legs and whatever Y/N then just put some lotion on and slip on the lingerie. Once again, the feeling of being watched washed over her while she carefully slipped the razor upward from the start of her ankle to not cut herself with it.
Ok, it started to seriously feel weird as if one of her fantasies she had that involved Ashton was not about to remain only in her head or thoughts. In the same fantasy, it had started out with her in the tub alone getting ready for bed, shaving while some lingerie waited off to the side to be slipped on. He would be in the other room in her bed anxiously waiting for her to get out of the sexy garments. Oh, how she would love for that to come true. The thought made her quickly finish off the leg and shave the other one before she worked on her underarms then in the area in between her legs.
She may not have anyone in her life, but it did not stop her from wanting to feel sexy for herself. She was not a prude or some sexual naive who locked herself in a closet or denied herself life’s simple pleasures that one’s hand may bring. Y/N was done shaving before she knew it and quickly discarded the razor into the nearby garbage can while she reached off to the ledge to grab a towel to dry herself off. The feeling of still being watched by a voyeur still would not leave while she dabbed herself dry with the towel before she stopped in front of her sink to grab a bottle of lotion to put on. The Vanilla scent, she had chosen to put on was by an organic company called Loma, which she carefully rubbed onto her arms, legs, and her stomach.
The scent was strong and sensual enough, but not so strong to overrule the senses and to knock out oneself or someone else. Y/N had allowed the lotion to dry on her semi, warm, damp skin before she went over to the toilet seat where she had dropped the box that held the lingerie to take out of the box. She nearly gasped when she pulled out the first piece which was a beautiful, cream-white sensual-looking chemise that fell a few inches above her knees. The straps were spaghetti thin. She had worn the same thing in her dreams she had to wonder how this person even knew this.
There was a matching pair of white silky, sexy panties in the box just enough to leave to the imagination yet enough to look virginally sexy. The pair of panties was cut low enough to be low hip style just what she liked. She had no trouble whatsoever to slip into the panties and slip on the chemise before she quickly focused on styling her hair. Y/N grabbed a large claw clip twisted up her hair into a simple styled French twist which allowed a few strands of her medium mocha balayage color hair to fall loosely around her face. Ok, she liked the finished look and product she just hoped that she followed the directions of the note.
Y/N stared at herself in the mirror she felt confident and sexy, sexy enough to enter her bedroom. She snapped off the lights in the bathroom while she headed into the other room. Odd, she thought was not her bedroom dark when she entered the bathroom nearly thirty minutes ago? The room was practically lit up by Vanilla Scented candlelight. The flames were scattered around the room each flickering in sync. She had to blink to wonder very confused was this even her room or she even belonged in this house. Her reaction while she slowly scanned around the room was to lightly bite at her lower lip which received a soft Goofy childlike-sounding type chuckle from the middle of the room.
That laugh sounded so familiar, which sounded Australian only could belong to one person. There was no way in hell, he was in her room watching her from the darkness or direction of where the hidden chuckle came from, her bed. I seriously must be dreaming or am too tired. She continued to bite at her lower lip while she looked down at the floor to see a trail of soft pink and peach-colored rose petals led a trail to the foot of her bed. She silently gulped while she took a few steps toward the darkness that still hid her bed from the view of the flickering candles.
Her bare feet brushed against the surface of her carpeted floor at the same time the sides of her feet brushed against the silky petals which released the sweet perfume the roses contained. The sweet scent softly assaulted her nostrils. A few more steps toward the foot of her bed and she was able to see or make out a barefoot. From the size of the foot, it clearly was attached to the leg and belonged to that of a man. The leg was clad in a pair of jeans. Slowly, Y/N allowed her eyes to work their way up the length of the denim-clad leg that led upward to a toned bare chest that displayed a small Sugar Skull below the right side underarm. That all-familiar snake tattoo was on full display with no shirt sleeve blocking any details. His toned belly that was on display showed a trail that led down which wickedly hinted what was contained in those jeans belonged to her tonight.
A good hint if the set of hazel eyes did not give away that contained a sexy glint to show some of their intent for the evening along with his sexy, fuckable smirk of his. His white teeth gleamed in the dark. His other hand rested flat on his side while he was half propped up by the help of the dozen pillows half lying down. The fucking sexy few days’ worth of stubble made her lower regions just swoon in a thousand orgasms.
The breath caught in her throat while trying to find her voice while she stopped in front of her bed. “Ash?” Y/N’s voice squeaked out while she found her voice which only received another soft chuckle. “How did you get into my room? I-I mean how long have you been in my bed and house? I mean not that I don’t mind,” she stuttered out with a slight blush.
He smirked mostly in relief to himself that she didn’t seem to be too upset with the idea of how she found him in her room. It was a good time where he could be honest how in the first place he got into her room and her house. “With some help and isn’t it a bit obvious why I’m in your bed? I’m your secret admirer,” he answered while he looked over what stood before him. Fuck, she was beautiful, breathtaking, and seemed crazy about him. Her reaction to the word “admirer” made him amused since she appeared a bit tongue-tied.
“You- you were watching me the entire time I was taken a bath?” she asked while she tried to find her voice again let alone her train of thought.
“Was so tempted to just barge in and take you in the bath, but it appears good things come to those who wait,” he replied while never taken his eyes off of her. “You know I’m getting kind of lonely in your bed alone. Are you going to join me or just stand there all night?” he teased.
He is right, but this is my room and no dream. I can jump him in my own bed, Y/N gleefully thought while she made her feet move off to the side of the bed. She slowly slipped onto the bed while she tried her hardest to make sure the chemise did not inch up her thighs. She had him where she would always want him but had no clue exactly where to start.
She could not move while she froze in her spot sitting on her knees while she looked him over. She took in every inch and detail of what he looked like. “I’m your birthday gift, so unwrap me Birthday Girl.” Oh yes, that is right there had to be a good reason as to why Ashton Irwin lied under her half-naked. He smirked while he observed her slowly crawl forward nervously while she licked her lips.
“Say that again,” Y/N said while she shifted her stance to be able to straddle Ashton’s lap at the same time, she faced him.
Ashton smirked while he felt Y/N settle in his lap. Already, he could smell her arousal and feel her wetness. She barely was around him and already she was sexually aroused. He leaned forward while he placed his hands against her shoulders, close enough so he could smell the delicious taste of her lotion. “Birthday Girl,” Ashton murmured right before he made his move to kiss her.
Fuck I think I just cum! Y/N’s eyes softly fluttered close at the contact of his lips against hers. She softly moaned while she felt his stubble scrape against the sensitive area of her chin. She would never think of the word “Birthday Girl” the same again without the urge to orgasm. Suddenly the room felt hot to her, or maybe it was the fact Ashton’s kiss turned out to be scorching hot. Hot damn he knew how to kiss.
The only sound Y/N could hear besides Ashton’s soft chuckle was the sound of her heart loudly beat and pound in her ears. “It’s all about you tonight, let me grant your deepest, darkest fantasy,” Ashton continued to murmur while he placed soft kisses against her lips.
“Mmm. That could take all night.”
“I got the time,” he softly said while he shifted his kisses place along the side of her cheek. She could only moan while she shifted her head noticed a long stem pink colored rose rested on the table. Was he about to plan what she thought he would do with the rose? “Fuck. You smell delicious.” She shuttered at his words while she felt his hands and fingers shift to grasp the thin fabric straps of the chemise. “Can I have a taste over and over?” he purred seductively in her ear.
Y/N whimpered; she could not even speak while he worked the straps down her arms past her shoulders the touch and feel of his callused fingers while they caressed her skin made her tremble. Her heart beat faster pounded harder against her chest. The nervousness of not hidden behind a piece of clothing or behind her desk increased the anxiety she had that started to build the moment she saw him in her bed. His fingers followed the same path as the chemise had only to stop right at her breasts.
He stared her straight in her eyes while he allowed his hands to stroke and caress her breasts as if he strummed and played his guitar which besides the drums was the reason behind his sexy callused fingers. His thumbs made slow circles against her nipples while he used his thumbs and forefingers to row them into hardening peaks. It was clear she had reached the stage where she would burst and explode into a flame underneath his touch. “You like that Birthday Girl?” he huskily asked while he continued to look Y/N straight in her eyes. “Want me to go on?”
Of course, she wanted him to go on. Her first response other than the fact she showed Ashton he had her completely tongue-tied. Without any hesitation, Y/N arched her back forward and slightly back to allow Ashton’s hands to be able to grasp her breasts get a bit more of a handful. The movement of how she shifted caused her to brush against him a slight reminder to himself that he was hard. The roughness of the denim rubbed against him. He hissed through his teeth.
He caught the look she gave him while she looked back at him with a look of concern as she continued to arch her back to press into him. The last thing she wanted was for him to be in agony. Her arm inched and moved in between them to rest at the button of Ashton’s jeans. A soft gasp escaped from her lips when she felt one of his hands softly grasp around her wrist, she used to try to undo his jeans. He shook his head while he bought that hand up to his lips. “No, Doll tonight is all about you,” Ashton softly said while he placed a soft kiss there.
“B-but,” Y/N softly replied right before he used the same hand with one of his fingers to place it against her lips to silence her.
“Let’s take care of you first, then focus on me,” he responded now as it became his turn to shift while he laid back to rest and prop against the pillows behind him to have her sit on top of him her back still arched with her offering him her breasts like an offering type sacrifice.
She did not protest this time while she silently took his answer while she felt one of his hands rest and softly wrap around her left breast while he placed his other hand below her breastbone to slowly move down her stomach. “God you are so beautiful,” Ashton murmured while the hand that paid attention to her breast softly caressed her flesh. Goosebumps started to form and pucker from the mixed reaction to the cold air and the touch and feel of his fingers.
She loved his accent she softly continued to shutter underneath his touch and contact of his hands. She loved the slow pace and control he used now to go slowly with her. Did he seem to know she still happened to be a virgin? Is that why he wanted to go slow? Not that she complained or had anything against guys who still wanted to be civilized with chivalry.
She pushed the issue to the back of her mind the moment she felt his other hand continue to inch down her stomach stop at the hem of the pair of panties she wore while she felt the warmness of his breath against her skin.
Slowly, he flicked out his tongue to lick and lap at her nipple that started to harden from the foreplay he had used with his hands the few previous minutes before. He enjoyed her reactions to his touch which made him anticipate the next reaction she would give the moment his lips slowly closed around that hard rosy little peak. “Ooh,” Y/N moaned the moment she felt his mouth seal around her nipple. The feeling of his mouth and stubble against her sensitive skin caused her hands to move to the back of his head press and tangle her fingers into his messy hair. She only seemed to encourage him to go on while she felt his other hand slowly start inch down the front of the silky material.
A soft gasp escaped from her lips as his fingers had made their way down further below the hem of the panties and brushed against her damp skin. She almost jumped out of her skin while his thumb lightly brushed against her clit. His fingers could feel how wet she really had become which only increased the amount of pressure and pace of his mouth. The wetness made it easy for him to allow two of his fingers to enter her allow him to feel how tight Y/N was. Her hips slightly lifted to respond to buck against his two fingers with a low moan that had escaped from the back of her throat. What he did next almost took her over the first edge of the night as he used his teeth to lightly nip and pluck at her nipple.
He adverted his eyes up admired her face in awe which only turned him on more while his thumb continued to massage against her clit the fingers only increased their pace while they slipped in and out of her unexplored and unclaimed territory. The material of his jeans started to feel tight and restricted while the rough material cut into his skin to the point of chaffing. He quickly kissed his way over to the other breast to pay the same amount of attention as he did to the first one right before. Her heart really increased in speed while pounding harder and harder against her chest. The faster her heart seemed to beat the faster Ashton’s fingers move in and out of her with the same great speed.
He could feel her walls tighten around his fingers which only made the perfect time to quickly remove them from inside of her. Y/N whimpered at the loss of his fingers buried deep inside of her while she felt Ashton’s hair lightly tickle against her sweaty, damp skin while the same time his lips brushed underneath the swell of her breast. He slowly slipped his drenched-covered fingers from her panties while the one that paid attention to her breasts slowly moved up her chest, up her neck to stop at the nape of her neck.
He slowly bought one of the drenched fingers up to his mouth slip into his mouth to taste her. The other finger, he slowly moved up to her lips. She could smell how strong her feminine scent was while his fingers lightly brushed against the swell of her mouth right before her tongue lightly slipped out escape licking along the length of his finger to taste herself. She received a groan while his hand found the grasp of her hair clip unclipped her hair. His finger still rested against her lips while she slowly parted them open slid his finger into suck with a soft moan.
She had never really tasted herself before nor really had thought she would be sucking on one of Ashton’s fingers that had been slipped inside of her body a few moments before. This was so freaking hot even for her while she watched his face as she continued to suck and lick his finger. Ashton softly moaned while he finished the task at hand to unclip her hair. She watched as her hair fell around to frame her face and to settle a few inches below her shoulders. He used that same hand to lightly run his fingers through her hair while he dropped the clip off onto the side. What she was doing with her tongue just made him wish she were sucking on his tongue instead of his finger. She slowly released his finger from her mouth the moment Ashton had a lust-filled look fill his hazel eyes. Should she be scared at what he was thinking or planned to do next?
Ashton felt her breath catch in her chest while he started to kiss down her rib cage, down her stomach. Her fingers tightened and grasped within his hair while she softly moaned. “Ash, you’re gonna be the early death of me.” Y/N softly moaned while he softly chuckled as his mouth stopped at her navel.
“Might as well die happy right?” Ashton softly murmured while he placed a soft kiss on her stomach.
“Mmm-hmm,” Y/N softly answered while she watched his hands move down her sides until they settled on the waistline of her panties. He looked up at her silently ask if it was all right for him to still go on with what he had originally planned for next. She silently nodded which she watched him begin slowly slip the panties off her and down her legs. His fingers softly caressed her legs while they made the path down her legs. His mouth remained right there at her navel his stubble continued to tickle at her skin while he snaked his tongue out softly thrust in and out of her navel. “Ooh God baby,” Y/N softly moaned she felt him smirk against her belly while the panties had reached her ankles which allowed him to quickly yank them off. Ashton quickly flicked the discarded panties over his shoulder right before he moved his hands again to the top of her thighs.
She sat naked in his lap as she finally realized that little factor. He sat there for a minute to admire her. His mouth still hovered above her navel. “I want to taste you, Ashton murmured while he placed a few soft kisses on her stomach. She had no idea what to say or think while he quickly shifted to sit up lay her flat down on the bed. His hands were resting right there on top of her thighs. Ashton slowly inched his fingers down lower on her thighs slowly part them open. He deliberately had this all planned out while he continued to kiss his path down lower on her body until he reached the junction in between her legs.
Seriously, she was dripping wet for him already, and had been for most of the evening they both were in her bed. She shivered as she felt his warm breath against her skin her fingers only tightened and tangled deeper into his hair. She did not want him to stop he had gone way too far to just stop. Y/N silently watched while Ashton slowly snaked out his tongue lapped at her clit while with his other arm, he reached out grabbed the long stem rose. She softly moaned her first reaction at the first time someone ever went down on her. He started to lick and lap at her clit at a slow pace while the hand that held the rose rested up the top of her breasts.
He continued with the slow pace of his tongue while the other hand slowly moved the rose in between her breasts the softness of the rose petals felt incredibly sexy against her nipples. They harden against the touch as the petals felt as if Ashton’s tongue were moving in between before the path turned to move down her stomach. He could tell he was driving her crazy which only made him continue to move the flower up and down her stomach while he added his nose into the mix and action of oral. “Mmm, yes,” Y/N softly moaned at the feeling of his stubble against her sensitive folds with the roughness of his tongue. Her back slightly arched up while Ashton slipped in a few of his fingers into her once again. “Ashton ooh my God!”
Ashton smirked while he continued hungrily lapping at her clit like a dog he felt her walls start to tighten around his fingers once again. He felt he had given her enough foreplay with the use of the rose, his fingers, mouth, and tongue. This may have been round one, but he defiantly had a few follow-up rounds on his mind. He slowly sat up which left her gasping from the shock since her body neared orgasm and screamed for him to finish what his seductive, wicked touch had started. Now it was time to get down to full business he thought while he slowly slipped off the bed to stand at the side.
Y/N did not say a word while she seemed to enjoy the view then who would not if they were about to see a form of sexual heaven. Ashton still had the rose in his hand, her favorite flower she would never look twice at the same again without thinking about the sensual, sexual act he had just performed on her. He noticed her eyes advert toward his hand with the rose which only made him smirk. The smirk never left his face while he slipped the stem of the rose in between his teeth. She only could softly laugh while she watched both of his hands now free to be able to undo the button of his jeans. She snapped a mental picture in her head while she sensually used the tip of her tongue to lick her lower lip slightly while she sat up a bit against the pillows.
She stopped licking at her lower lip long enough where her breath catch in her throat for another moment that night while Ashton slowly unzipped his jeans. Just like she had thought, he had let his inner sexual, freakish, kinky side take charge of the night and had gone commando. She could not help but squeal while she turned her head away in embarrassment. A second later, she slowly turned her head back in Ashton’s direction as she heard his jeans hit her bedroom floor with a soft thud. It was the “You can both look and touch the Aussie Stud” moment she had dreamed about doing so ever since she became a fan of the group over 8 years ago.
He softly smiled at the squeal of delight reaction while he slowly slipped back into bed wrapped his arms around her waist which pressed her closer against him. She clearly could feel his hardness press against her and feel what she had caused him to feel and want. One hand found its way like before to the back of his head while the other slowly started to touch and caress up and down his spine and back before her fingers found their way up his broad shoulder blades to do the same thing. Her fingers felt so erotic as they touched and caressed at his skin. Would, being inside of her feel this good? “Do you want to be on the top or the bottom?” Ashton softly asked right before he bent his head down to softly kiss and to softly pull and tug at her bottom lip with his teeth.
“Mmm,” Y/N started her response while her head tilted up to return his semi, sensual, erotic type kiss by a slow slip of her tongue lightly trace his top lip. “I like you on top of me. I enjoy having your eyes look into mine,” she answered while her right leg shifted to rest and brush up against his bare hip to rest.
She seriously had put in some serious thought about this special night and how she planned to lose her virginity, and he had to admit to himself that he felt a little damn special that she wanted to give a little piece of herself and her soul to him. Could that what made her have this very sexy allure he could not exactly explain? He just slightly nodded while he returned her kiss. “Whatever the Birthday Girl wishes. Are you ready?” Ashton softly asked while he looked into her eyes to give her a chance to back away if she chose so.
“Yes,” she softly replied back while she watched his arm stretch out across to the table again grabbed a squared foil package. He came prepared from the looks of it, which only tugged at her heart. Ashton had sat back up while he carefully ripped open the foil slipped out the rolled-up latex. He looked over his shoulder to catch her eye while she watched him. She tried so hard not to blush and he knew why. This really had to be the first time she ever saw the opposite naked let alone sexually aroused. She did not seem so very sexually naive. Her reactions just made her twice as desirable. She clearly did adore him.
He slowly inched toward her so that he would not overwhelm her. He fought so hard not just to take and bang her, this time was meant to be savored for her to enjoy. He slowly lowered his weight back on top of her while he grasped her thigh rest and wrapped her leg around his hip. He slowly inched her up a bit up the pillows and looked down at her. “Hey Doll, you probably have already figured out that I know that you are still in possession of your V-Card Status. It has been how come, I have been going slow, not to scare you. This may hurt a little. I’m sorry in advance,” Ashton apologized while he bent down so that he could softly kiss her. She silently nodded while she watched him raise his hips while he got ready for entry.
Y/N braced herself for the sharp pain as what was left of what could be considered her barrier was about to be broken. She stared straight into his eyes as he slowly pushed his way into her doing his best where he did not hurt her. She nearly sat up about ready to scream as his mouth came crashing down on hers. He held still which allowed her to get used and adjusted to this new foreign item that had entered her body. He continued kissing her while he slowly began moving in and out of her. Her hands had resumed their lively activity of touching him. She continued to touch him if she did not cling onto him as the tempo of his hips slightly increased.
Ashton had become slightly brazen while his pace had picked up. Seductively he had slipped his tongue into her mouth. Their tongues slowly started to mate and dual as any last forms of Y/N's restraint had melted away. God, she was tight, Ashton softly groaned while he went faster and faster. He pulled himself away from their kiss while he looked down at her. Her lips appeared swollen from the steamy kiss, her eyes close to misty blue. She was so close.
She softly whimpered as she felt his hand slip in between them to pay some very intimate attention to her clit while his mouth began an attack at the side of her neck to kiss, nip, and bite. “Ashton,” Y/N whimpered while her hips nearly bucked off the mattress. So close, so damn close. Her nails quickly reacted and responded by digging into his shoulder blades to the point of drawing blood. Ashton grunted in response the speed of his on her hand increased the same time his hips had. They both were not going to last much longer.
Her vaginal walls quickly started to close around him as the reaction to his hand and thrusts triggered her orgasm. “I oh God!” Y/N shouted as the feeling of complete sexual bliss washed over her body. She shuttered while she clung to Ashton. He continued to piston himself in and out of her before, her walls had snapped close around him.
“Oh Y/N, oh fuck!” Ashton grunted while he grasped her by the hips rode out the intense feeling. He grunted again right before he exploded inside of the condom while he collapsed on top of her. Ashton felt as if his lungs were about to explode while he gasped for air. His head had landed on Y/N’s chest which heaved up and down in protest from the lack of oxygen. He looked up at her when he felt her fingers lightly run through his hair. He slowly sat up still breathless while he leaned forward to kiss her.
“Thank you,” Y/N softly said which took him by surprise.
“Thank you for what?” Ashton asked her a bit confused.
“For tonight, it was one of the best birthday gifts I ever had,” Y/N answered receiving a smile from him.
“You’re welcome. Can I tell you something?” Ashton asked while he moved up to her ear. “You don’t look 30 fucking 9,” he softly said with a soft chuckle.
Y/N gasped while she sat up to lightly push him away. “How- how the hell did you know?”
“Simple, I asked both Joel and Peter, plus your friends told me your age when they told me about your fantasy that involved me,” he answered back now with a smirk.
“Oh, you!” She grabbed one of her nearby pillows and whacked him with a soft laugh as she thought she owed a few people a large thank you tomorrow morning.
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Let me introduce myself :
My name is Angela but the name I hear the most is mom..
I am 27 years old & my favorite color is blue . I’m a mom of 3 beautiful kids & a bonus mom to 11 other kids .. I have 2 young kings and a princess . My kids ages are 4,2..& 1
I am engaged to my 46 year hard working 6ft giant . We have a trucking business together . I pray we reach a billion dollars in revenue & we become owners of a 20-30 fleet . My fiancé been in the trucking world for 20+ years . He enjoys it . I love learning from him and educating myself on the business .
I desire:
To be a luxury realtor
To be part of the 1%
To be wealthy
Own many rental properties
Build private schools for young girls
Start a charity to invest in young entrepreneurs or help pay for college
To be a sports mom . I love football ( Let’s go Birds 🦅)
To own vacation rentals in the Hamptons, Florida, California, Jamaica 🇯🇲, & in Nigeria 🇳🇬.
Days filled with free will to do what I want
To own a private travel to travel when I want
Personal chef & trainer
A nanny thats fluent in French or Spanish to teach my children
To travel with my kids and allow them to explore the world
To own a G-wagon, Lambo truck , & rolls Royce
To maintain a social but private life
To be members of a country club
Be invited to private events
To have a group of friends that are like minded
To have everything I want
There’s so many things I want out of life . But most importantly I want to be happy and give my kids a life they don’t have to heal from . I want to break many generational curses .
I have so much to write about and to tell . I’m just trying to find myself again . I’ve been a devoted mom & now fiancé for the last 4 years and I truly don’t know who I am because my life revolves around my man & children .
But let me stop writing .. just follow me & keep up . & help me find who I am besides a mom & fiancé .
Tumblr media
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“Andromeda first met Ted at an LGBT youth shelter she ran off to after her parents kicked her out. They were one of the staff members there and despite the substantial age difference between them, they’ve hit it off straight away. At the beginning she often wondered if she was only attracted to them as her parents would have been outraged at her choice. Now, just over ten years together, Andromeda could truly say giving Ted a chance was one of the best decisions in her life. Allowing them to name their daughter on the other hand might have been one of the more lamentable choices. “
Introducing a new character to the Drugs and surgical scrubs universe! ☺️ Probably the only positive paragraph in the whole chapter, but meet the non-binary Ted Tonks!
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Let's start normalising CONSENTING age gap relationships, May-December couples exist and should be treated with the same respect any other relationship gets
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Maybe another year’s worth of emails, then can I have you? <3
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Famous Last Words ~ chapter 3
word count: 2,719; fic rating: R; warnings: age gap relationship, slow burn, this chapter is mainly about Sy and his whole backstory. I hope you come to love this version of Sy that has come to me. I also need to note that in the first chapter the reader notices the burial flag on Sy’s mantle. I need to change the dates on that to make this story work better, because I wrote that little tidbit into the first chapter without thinking that it’d be important to Sy’s backstory. Sy decided otherwise, so RIP Bryce Svyerson, 1990 - 2009, With that being said please enjoy this story and I look forward to hearing what y’all think!
- a reminder that my blog is strictly 18 plus -
Tumblr media
also I’ve chosen Reese Witherspoon, as the facclaim for Sy’s sister. 
Tumblr media
Sy stares at his phone, a crooked smile on his face as he rakes his eyes over the picture that you send him. He frowns as he opens his camera and plants a smile on his face before snapping a picture and sending it off and telling you to “Have a great day, Bug.” He can’t seem to keep the smile off his face throughout the day as he goes about his business. From the hardware store to the farmer’s market, his thoughts work their way back to you in his t-shirt sitting across from him the morning and it makes him incredibly happy.
But when his brain flashes back to you in Mallory’s abandoned shirt, it gives him weird mix of feelings in deep in his gut. It crosses his wires and he’s not sure that he like it one bit. Part of him regrets giving it to you and he hopes that it won’t become part of your day-to-day wardrobe. His phone rings, breaking his thoughts. He smiles when he sees his little sister’s name flash across the screen.  “Hey little sister, to what do I owe the pleasure?”
“First of all, I’m only 10 minutes younger than you. Second, I was wondering if you were free to get lunch.”
Sy chuckles, “Still my baby sister, 10 minutes or not. I’d be down to meet for lunch since I’m already out, meet at the diner?”
              “You’re never gonna let me live down those ten fuckin minutes are you?”
He grins, “Nope, see you in 15?”
              “See you in 15,” she confirms, before hanging up.
Sy backs out of his parking spot and heads towards the local diner. After finding a parking spot out in front of the diner, he heads inside to claim a table for himself and his sister. Selecting his favorite corner booth, he nods politely to the cook behind the counter and peruses the menu even though he knows it by heart. The door opens and he looks up, smiling when he sees his sister come swishing into the restaurant. She swipes her gaze over the customers before landing on him, she smiles and playfully flips him the bird before hurrying over to join him.
Tumblr media
He slips from the booth and opens his arms to her as she approaches.
              “Hey Sy,” she says, letting him wrap her in one of his bear hugs.
“Hey Will, how ya been?” he asks, dropping a kiss on her head before letting her go. The twins sit across from each other and Willa picks up a sugar packet and stary to fiddle with it in her hands.
              “I’ve been good, but guess who called me this morning?”
Sy shrugs, smiling kindly at the waitress that brings him his mug of coffee and takes his sisters drink order before leaving. “I don’t know, who?”
              “Miss Ida,” Willa says with a shit-eating grin.
Sy groans, “That ole gossip? What did she have to say?”
              The waitress brings by Willa her milkshake and she smirks at Sy before taking a sip. “that you had a lady friend over last night.”
Sy scrubs a hand over his scruffy face. “Would it kill that woman to mind her own business?”
              Willa makes a small squeaking sound. “So it’s true?! Oh my god, who was it?”
“No one you know, Will, besides, I don’t know if it’ll go anywhere, she’s too young for me honestly and I already fucked up.”
              Willa furrows her brow at him. “What did you do?” she asks, voice low.
Sy groans slightly and drops his face into his hands. “I gave her one of Mallory’s shirt to wear today so that she didn’t have to make a walk of shame.”
              Willa’s jaw drops open. “Two things, big brother. One, what the fuck? Two, why do you still have that bitches things at your place? Take that shit to the Goodwill.”
Sy fixes her with a stern look. “Don’t call her that.”
              “Sy, I will call her whatever I want to. She left you while you were at your lowest. While you were grieving,” Willa says, sipping her shake again.
“I know that, Will, but honestly I understand why she left. I was a mess and there was no light at the end visible at the end of the tunnel yet. She didn’t know if I was ever gonna snap out of it, neither did you.”
              “Yeah, but I didn’t give up on you like she did.”
Sy shakes his head, “Can we not hash this out again?”
              Willa sighs and rolls her eyes, before sitting back against the back of the booth and crosses her arms. “Fine, so what are you going to do about this little fuck up?”
Sy scratches the back of his head briefly. “Well, she doesn’t exactly know that I fucked up.”
              The waitress comes by and takes their orders, makes some small talk while she refills Sy’s mug and then heads off.
              Willa sighs, swirls her straw in the melted remains of her strawberry milkshake. “Big brother, I don’t know how you are gonna fix your little fuck up besides being on with her, but besides that I’m gonna say one last thing about the whole Mallory thing, alright?”
Sy acquiesces with a nod.
“I don’t know what you have to do to get it, but call or text Mallory and get some closure, because you can really move on until you do. Because it’s freakin’ weird that you still have some of your ex-fiancée’s clothes 10 years later. If you want there to be a chance that things move forward with your “lady friend”, you need to make sure the door with Mallory is resolved.”
Sy huffs and scratches at his beard, “I think you’re right, Will.”
              She frowns at him, “Of course, I’m fuckin right.”
He shakes his head and flips her off before finishing off his fries. They sit for a while and talk, catching up for a while before they go their separate ways.
Later That Night
Sy is sitting on his couch, scrolling through his contacts. His sets his phone on the coffee table and stares at his phone, clenching his jaw as he considers the number on the screen. He doesn’t know if Mallory has changed her number, he doesn’t know where else to start to contact her. He runs a hand down over his face and lets out a deep sigh, then picks up the phone once more and dials the number. It rings which is a good sign and he impatiently bounces his leg as it drags on. Finally, someone answers.
              A melodic voice dances across the line and Sy feel his heart twist. “Hello, this is Mallory.”
Sy freezes for a split second and then clears his throat, “Uh, Hi, Mallory. It’s Sy, uh Wyatt Syverson.”
              The is silent for a beat, “Hi, Wyatt. It’s been a long time hasn’t it?”
Sy hears a door shut and imagines that she’s shut herself into a room. He reminds that seeing her wedding announcement in the local paper a few years ago and he feels guilty all over again for making this call. “Sure has.”
              “So why are you calling, Wyatt?” she asks, voice low and soft.
“I was just wondering if you’d be willing to, uh, maybe meet with me and talk. I’m just looking to get some closure because I think it’s about time.”
              She sighs softly. “When are you free?”
“Ugh, does tomorrow night work?” he murmurs, heart in his throat.
              “I think I can work that out, same place as always?” she asks, quietly.
Sy wets his lips with his tongue. “Yeah, sounds good.”
Silence takes the line once more and Sy swallows thickly before speaking again.
“Uh, Mal,”
              “Yeah, Sy?” she responds.
“Thanks for doing this,” he whispers, running a large hand over his buzzed head.
              “It’s the least I can do, all things considered.”
He nods, “Still I appreciate it.”
              “Alright, well, I’ll see you tomorrow then. Have a good night, Sy.”
“You too, Mal.”
              The line goes dead and Sy drops back against the couch, rubbing a hand over his face.
He picks up his phone, shoots you a “good night text”, then shuts his phone off and goes to pour himself a drink.
The next few days go by quickly, Sy spends his days texting you more than he’s ever texted anyone, but he finds himself happier too. He finds himself looking forward to your texts with silly little emojis more and more, so its fair to say that he’s surprised when his phone rings and your pretty face lights up his screen. He smiles as he swipes the screen to answer the call.
“Hey Bug,” he murmurs, smiling to himself.
              “Hey handsome,” you say, softly.
“To what do I owe the pleasure?” he asks, pushing up from the couch and padding to the kitchen to get himself a beer. Popping the cap off the bottle, he takes a sip as he heads back towards the living room and settles into the couch with a sigh.
              “I just wanted to hear your voice,” you admit, voice low and soft across the line.
He smiles to himself as his chest fills with warmth. “Is that so?”
              You hum in confirmation and he hears a sniffle.
“Bug, you cryin?” he asks, softly.
              Another set of sniffles come across the line.
“Bad day, bug?”
              “yeah, it wasn’t good,” you whisper.
“What can I do, darlin?”
              “Will you just tell me about your day?” you ask.
“Of course, what do you wanna know?”
              You sniffle and then let out a small scoff, “Is it too corny for me to say everything?”
Sy smiles crookedly and takes another swig of his beer. “Not at all. So, the first thing, I did today was go to the gym, got a good workout in there then I went to the coffee shop and tried one of those drinks were telling me about and as I told you earlier, I felt like my teeth were vibrating that drink was so sweet bug,” he starts, smiling wider when you giggle a little bit at the mention of his visit to the local starbucks for a Frappuccino. He continues to talk with you until he hears you yawn, and your breathing start to even out as you drift off. He leaves his phone on the call for a while, making sure that you don’t wake up before he whispers a good night into the line and hangs up before crawling into bed himself. As he lies awake in his bed, he feels slightly guilty for not telling you about his drink meet up with Mallory tomorrow. There’s a part of him that doesn’t want the pain of what happened to him and Mallory to touch you or taint your image of him, but the voice in the back of his head tells him that he should’ve just been honest about it with you.
Friday Night
The bar is crowded, the jukebox is blaring and Sy is nervous. He’s on his second beer and contemplating having shot of whiskey when he feels a tap on his shoulder. He turns on the stool and meets the eyes of the woman that he was once going to call his wife and his stomach drops. Even after all these years she looks the same. Her hair is longer, face fuller but her eyes are still just as blue as he remembers. His voice dies in his throat as she smiles at him.
              “Hey Wyatt,” she says, sliding into the seat next to him.
Sy clears his throat and signals the bartender, “Your drink still a gin and tonic?”
              She nods, putting her purse on the bar.
He orders her a drink and a whiskey on the rocks for himself, before turning to her. “Thank you for coming.”
              “Of course, Sy,” she says, touching his arm softly.
He swallows thickly, heart clenching painfully at the gesture.  “So, I just wanna start by saying that I understand why you left. I was a mess, there wasn’t any light at the end of the tunnel in sight and I know that it couldn’t have been easy to live with me during that time. But that shit destroyed me, I didn’t feel like I had anything left to live for after that.”
              Mallory sips her drink and nods, “I know that it was awful of me to do that no matter the situation, but it’d been a whole year since Bryce died and I didn’t know what else to do. Was it selfish of me? Absolutely, but I knew that Willa would take good care of you and I had to take care of my mental health too.”
Sy sips his whiskey in silence for a moment.
              “Did you get the help that you needed?” Mallory asks, softly.
Sy nods, “It took a few tries, but I did, saw a therapist and anger management counselor. I was cleared for duty about 4 months after you left. Willa picked up the pieces while still grieving herself and everything turned out okay.”
              She gives a small smile, “I’m really glad to hear that Wyatt.”
“What about you? I remember seeing your engagement announcement in the paper a few years back, how that is going?”
              She wets her lips, “Matt and I have been married for 4 years and we have a little girl named Hannah, she’s two.”
Sy gives her a small smile, “And you’re happy?”
              She nods, “Very much so.”
Sy nods once more and Mallory clears her throat.
              “For what it’s worth, I’m deeply sorry that I hurt you Wyatt. You have always been a good man; you were an amazing partner and I hope you find as much joy as I have because you deserve it more than anyone I know.”
A lump forms in Sy’s throat and he swallows it down. “Thanks, Mal, that means a lot.”
              Mallory lifts her drink and tilts it towards him. “To closure?”
Sy nods and lifts his glass of whiskey. “To Closure,” he repeats, clinking it against hers.
              The two of them share a smile and sip their drinks, unaware of the watchful eyes that were lingering in the corner and the shutter of the camera that was drowned out in the din of the bar.
              Mallory sets her drink down and makes a sound of surprise. “I almost forgot!”
Sy watches her open her purse and rummage through it for a moment.
              “I brought this back,” she murmurs, sliding a ring across the bar to him.
The lump returns to Sy’s throat as he closes his fingers over the ring.  “You kept it all this time?”
              “It was your grandmother’s ring, Wyatt. I wouldn’t have just pawned it. I’m not completely heartless,” she murmurs, eyes soft.
“That’s not what I meant; I’m just surprised that’s all.”
              She nods, “I know, I should’ve just left it when I left but I think a part of me thought we might have still had a chance and then by the time I met Matt too much time had gone by without hearing from you and I was just waiting for the right time.”
Sy’s bottom lip quivers, “Thank you, for returning it.”
              She nods, “of course. You need to give that to someone who truly deserves it and you someday.”
He smiles and turns the ring over in his fingers. “I hope I get the chance.”
              She smiles and pats his hand, “You will, Wyatt, I know you will.”
He looks up at meets her eyes. “Thank you.”
              She gives him a genuine smile, eyes crinkling around the edges. “You’re welcome. Don’t be a stranger. Now, I hate to cut this reunion short, but I need to get home to put Hannah to bed, she’s very particular about her bedtime routine,” she mentions with an affectionate chuckle.
Sy feels a wave of jealously rush over him for a moment before he nods. “Alright, have a good night, Mallory.”
              She pulls her purse over her shoulder and smiles, “You too, Wyatt.”
Sy watches her leave and then turns back to the bar to finish off the last of his whiskey before slapping a few bills down on the bar and heading out.
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cloudylo · 7 months ago
Do you long for me, my fire, my world? Do you late at night fantasise about all the places our bodies might touch? Are you hungry for the feel of my soft lips against yours? The burning feeling of two desperate people pressed up against each other in a moment of adoration, do you want that, my dear? Because I do.
- i long for you
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thatluxegirl · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
how i’m tryna be🥵😈
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raisingwoods-est-2019 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I think it fits🥀
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prxttytcc · a year ago
brb forming unhealthy attachments to middle-aged men
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speechlessxx · 2 years ago
Cherry Chapstick - 3 (Chris Evans x Reader)
Summary: Jealousy rears its ugly head and tests Chris and (Y/N)’s relationship. 
Warnings: AGE GAP (reader is 19, but feel free to imagine her as whatever age you wish), language, angst, jealous feelings, a lot of feelings, I made up a character for plot.
Word Count: 3.8k
Cherry Chapstick Masterlist
Thank you all so much for 3,000 followers. Thank you for all the support and the love.
We’re nearing the end for Cherry Chapstick! 
Hope you enjoy it!
Tumblr media
You tried to reason with yourself.
Rumors are part of the job. It’s part of dating him. You told yourself. It doesn’t mean anything. They don’t mean anything.  
But every time you’d go online – especially on your Twitter – you’d be bombarded with numerous postings about the “flirty” exchanges between Chris Evans – your Chris – and a 33-year-old, singer from Boston named Christine Darling.
It all started with an interview with Christine where she explained that one of her songs – titled Blue Eyed Boy – was written about Chris Evans. She gushed in the interview about how much she “adored” the actor and wished that she and Chris were friends – and jokingly said, “maybe more than that.”
To which, Chris responded with a tweet. “I’m honored.” (He simply meant that he was honored to have a song written about him, but of course, the internet took it in a different way). And ever since then, Chris and Christine had been tweeting at each other – sometimes about Defending Jacob, other times about Boston, throwbacks from the 80s/90s, and even Dodger.
And the tweets from both increasingly became too flirtatious (so much so that you were even tempted to block them).
In truth, it made you feel insecure. They had so much in common – not to mention their age difference wasn’t a whopping two decades. They wouldn’t have to hide anything, and everyone already thought they were a perfect match.
But you tried to push that feeling down.
Because at the end of the day, who’s he calling at night to talk about his day? Who tells him “I love you” before falling asleep on the phone?
That alone should’ve been all the reassurance you needed.
But you’re young. You get insecure. You get jealous. You read into things and – though you hate to admit it – you jump to conclusions.
You felt like an obsessive girlfriend – which you convinced yourself you were not. You were merely just curious. You were simply lurking looking through Chris’s tweets and you’d find the very public – borderline provocative – back and forth between your boyfriend and the singer. To say the least, it ruffled your feathers.
Your agent and publicist, Roxane, pulled the phone from your hands just as you read Chris’s latest response to Christine’s tweet – which entailed something about how Chris was “the perfect” boyfriend material (he was. You would know). His response was You’re the whole package yourself, Christie!
“Focus, please!” Roxane scolded as she stashed the phone away. “You’re going to talk about what during the interview?”
“How lucky I am to be a part of Marvel,” you droned on as if you were a robot. A frown found itself on your face as you felt the heat of the styling tool. You were traumatized by how many times you’ve burnt yourself while doing your own hair. “And about future projects outside of Marvel.”
“Okay, good. And they’ll also be asking a few questions about yourself. Just to get to know you more. You’re still pretty new to the industry.” You hummed in acknowledgement. “You’re frowning a lot, sweetheart. Anything you need to get off your chest now before you go out there?” You responded with a no – afraid to shake your head with the tool so close to your scalp. Roxane sighed, “you know I can’t protect you from things you don’t tell me about.”
“I know,” you said. “But seriously, Rox, I’m fine.”
It was a lie. Roxane knew that, too. Your past few days in L.A. contradicted that statement. You were all scowls and furious typing on your phone – or simply had an angry expression on your face while on your phone. But she knew better than to press. If you weren’t ready to talk, you weren’t ready. She hoped that you’d confide in her about your problems (she did care about you). She just wished that whatever was bothering you wasn’t going to blow up into a scandal that could ruin your still new but very promising career.
“Her energy’s off,” read a comment.
“She doesn’t seem like herself,” read another.
The interview had just been uploaded on YouTube and all anyone could talk about was how you were acting strangely. Many were even pointing out that in many of your recent interviews, you weren’t your usual self. You weren’t bubbly and you weren’t as charismatic. Some said you looked forced to be there and that your mind was obviously elsewhere.
Which is the reason why your boyfriend kept asking, “are you sure you’re okay?”
And for the millionth time, you responded with a simple “yeah.”
Chris knew something was off the moment he clicked one of the interviews. Your smile didn’t reach your eyes and when you spoke, you had a frown – which was something you never did, especially during interviews. You pride yourself in your energy. He knew how much you loved when people complimented it. He also knew how much interviews meant to you – you’d tell him it’s a small way to let your supporters get to know you.
“Are you sure?”
“How many times do I have to say it?” You snapped at him through the camera. Your face was contorted to show the obvious anger that you were trying to bottle up. You took a deep breath trying to stabilize the bubbling rage.
“I’m sorry,” Chris muttered and let out a sigh. “But you know if you want to talk about something, I’m all ears.”
You sucked in your cheeks and bit on the flesh as you nodded. You didn’t want to snap at him again. You were afraid if you pushed Chris too much – if you acted too much like a child – then he’d get fed up with you. He’d have no time moving on, the ugly voice in your head told you, hell, he probably wishes he were talking to Christine Darling right now instead of you. You internally groaned. (Why would you do that to yourself?).
“(Y/N)?” he asked.  
You released your cheeks, feeling tears pricking in your eyes. (Why were you getting so emotional?). “I – I’m fine,” you choked out. “Hey, I’m really tired. I’m going to bed.” You didn’t even give him a chance to respond – no I love you, no goodnight – before you clicked the giant red button on the screen.
You felt as if Chris didn’t need to know about how insecure and how jealous you were feeling. You told yourself that he was a grown man and that he had no time to deal with the drama. And it wasn’t as if you didn’t trust Chris either. You trusted him. But much like how you were afraid that telling him I love you would chase him away, you were afraid you were going to lose him because of the age difference.
Against your better judgement, you went on Instagram. You convinced yourself to scroll through your feed to help lull you to sleep – though you knew you’d find yourself on the app for hours.
What a mistake.
An hour into your Instagram scrolling, your curiosity got the better of you. You didn’t follow many people on your account – simply old friends, your family, and a few co-stars both from Marvel and non-Marvel projects. So, when you made it to the end of your timeline, you found yourself typing in Christine’s name in the search bar and quickly found the singer’s verified account.
Her feed was the usual artist feed. A lot of photos of instruments, music lyrics, her in the studio, and pictures from her latest tour. She was nothing short of gorgeous – which didn’t help your jealousy. Her hair was a fiery red and extremely curly. She had freckles and emerald green eyes paired with long lashes. She knew she was beautiful. Her confidence was in her smile and she posted many makeup free photos.
She also posted an Insta-story. You told yourself not to click it. You’re not lurking, the ugly voice argued with your sensible one. You’re just… looking. So… you clicked.
What a mistake that was.
Your heart dropped as a selfie with Chris – your Chris – popped up on your screen. He was flushed red, a consequence of the beer in his hand. Christine had her head on his shoulder with a big smile. From what you could tell, the background was Chris’s house. The photo had a caption with it. Getting lost in my private void, I’m falling in love with a blue-eyed boy. It didn’t help the fact that the story was posted only fifteen minutes ago.
A choked sob escaped you as you threw your phone across the room. You heard the screen shatter, but you didn’t care. They look so normal… They belong together, the ugly voice sneered.
You couldn’t stop the tears that rolled down your cheeks – your face was undoubtedly going to be puffy tomorrow, something you’d have to explain to Roxane.
Your chest was tightening as you felt a strange panicked feeling – a feeling that you hadn’t felt since high school (though it hadn’t been too long since you were a student). You honestly weren’t thinking.
You weren’t thinking when you got out of your bed and found your shattered phone. The screen had cracks all over it, distorting the Disneyworld selfie that you and Chris took only a month ago, but it still worked somehow.
You weren’t thinking when you opened your messages and clicked Chris’s name – he was the second name right underneath Roxane’s message that told you to get a good night’s sleep for the shoot tomorrow.
You weren’t thinking when you texted Chris, I don’t think this is going to work out. I’m sorry. We have to break up.
“What?” Christine asked him.
“My girlfriend just … broke up with me?” Chris said though it came out as a question. “Hold on,” he put down the beer as he tried to call you. It went straight to voicemail. He tried again, then again, then again, then again only to get the same result. Had you blocked his “What the fuck?”
“Wait she broke up with through text?” Christine’s eyebrows shot up, a small chuckle accompanied the reaction. “What the fuck. How old is she?” She took a sip from her martini. Chris didn’t answer. “Wait, rather how young is she, Chris?”
“Doesn’t matter,” Chris muttered, shaking his head. 
“She that cute little thang on your wallpaper?” Christine joked. (She wasn’t well versed in the MCU, so she didn’t quite know who you were). 
“Yeah,” Chris huffed. He ran a hand through his hair in confusion and frustration. He didn’t know any of your close friends – no one really knew that you two were dating – so he couldn’t reach out and ask anyone. He thought about reaching out to Roxane. He could get her number easily through his connections, but then he’d have to explain to her why he had the right to be concerned. Neither you nor Chris talked about how and when to let everyone know (though you did tell your parents and they reluctantly approved the relationship after long conversations, trying to convince them to).
“She’s young, huh? Not a minor?”
“I’m not a creep, Christie,” Chris snapped as he fumbled with his phone. He could call Sebastian, but Sebastian was in New York. He wouldn’t know if anything was wrong with you. He could call your mom, but then he’d have to face the wrath of your mother’s over protectiveness. He let out a defeated sigh.
“Maybe she’s just going through something?” Christine suggested. “Stress, school? Maybe a boy her age is in the picture?” She wiggled her brows teasingly. Chris shot her an unamused look. “I’m sorry!” She giggled. “Hey, what about you go surprise her?”
“She just broke up with me.”
“Okay, maybe, it’s because she misses you… And I know the rumors aren’t exactly helping. It’s just fun to tease the public, but if it’s affecting your private life, Chris, you need to fix that,” Christine said. “I’ll 100% cool it with the suggestive talk if your girlfriend’s upset with you about it. But go to her. Demand for an explanation. If she’s younger than you and the relationship is serious, she should know that you don’t dump someone over text.”
“Right.” Chris muttered. “But I don’t want to push her…”
“Chris, she needs a push. If she wants to be in a relationship with an older guy, she needs to communicate. And so do you!” Christine pointed at him. “If you didn’t tell her the tweets are just jokes and this,” she gestured between them, “is strictly a friendship, then that’s on you, too!”
“You’re right,” Chris nodded. “You’re right. Booking a flight now.”
“You better not be joking, Evans. I’ll beat your ass for the mystery girl myself.”
Chris wasn’t joking. He was already looking through flights to Los Angeles.
 “What the hell happened?” Roxane asked as you got out your car. Your eyes were still puffy, bloodshot red, and had dark bags that ringed around them. You shrugged in response, brushing past her and into the building. You set your damaged phone down and then accidentally knocked it over when you hauled yourself onto the vanity chair which elicited a frustrated groan. “Woah, woah, sweetheart!”
“What!” You snapped at her.
Roxane’s eyes softened as she bit her lip, analyzing you. In the nicest way she could put it, she said, “you look like a mess.” You scoffed in response. Roxane felt a twinge of guilt. Perhaps she had you overworked you with photoshoots and interviews? But you didn’t live in Los Angeles full time – so she had to book you for as much as your schedule would permit. “(Y/N), did you even sleep, sweetheart?”
“Does it matter?” You asked her. “I’m here. I’m early. I’m earlier than hair and makeup. The photographer isn’t even here, yet. I did what you asked. Just get the shoot over with.”
“I don’t care about the shoot!” Roxane snapped. “I care about you. I care about the wellbeing of my client, of my friend. You’re like a daughter to me and if something is bothering you – if something is hurting you – I want to know so I can help you fix it.” You rubbed your eyes as a soft cry escaped you. You spent the entire evening crying and the activity seemingly carried itself to the morning. Roxane hugged you tightly, pulling you against her body, trying to calm you down. “Okay, okay… you know what? Shoot is cancelled. I’m gonna call everyone. You go home. Go eat something. Go sleep. Can you do that?” You didn’t respond. “Can you do that?”
“But – but the shoot – “
“Can you do that?” She asked again. You shrunk beneath her stare before nodding. “Okay. I’ll check in around noon. You have a safe drive, okay. Call if you need anything.” You nodded before heading back outside to your car.
You hated this. You hated the fact that the shoot was going to be cancelled because you were being a crybaby. You hated putting your personal life before your career, especially since others’ livelihoods – the makeup, hair, photography crew, Roxane’s – depended on you being present and at the top of your A-game.
You tried your hardest to present yourself as a professional adult. You tried to carry yourself with feigned maturity in this old business where young, naïve, fresh faced starlets were propped up on stages and screens only for a short time. You took the industry by storm and your fame was slowly rising. Everyone was rooting for you to succeed. A lot of people depending on your success. But at the end of the day, you were still only 19.
You ordered a pizza to your apartment after you changed into sweats and a tank. Unbeknownst to you, Chris was parking in the guest lot of your complex and ran into the delivery guy just outside your door. He asked the man to give him the box and even bribed him with a handsome tip. He knocked on your door and heard light footsteps approach.
The door swung open and a soft gasp left you when you looked up to meet his eyes. “Delivery for a Miss (Y/N) (Y/L). No tip necessary. I just want an explanation.”
“So, you came all the way from Boston to L.A.?” You frowned at him. You didn’t widen your door to let him in. You made no gestures, no motions, that suggested so. You simply stood with your arms crossed at the door.
Chris’s jaw fell slightly when he looked at you. Although you were a sight, you were a tired sight. You looked exhausted and worn out. Hair was unmaintained, uncombed, and frizzy. Your eyes were shrouded with dark circles. And they were bloodshot red and puffy… Chris frowned. “Have you been crying?” He asked. “Don’t say bullshit about your dad’s cat.”
You deadpanned. “Can I have my pizza?”
You reached for it, but Chris maneuvered it out of your way. “Not until you explain to me why you’re crying and why you broke up with me through a damn text, (Y/N).”
“So, you’re gonna hold my pizza hostage?” You asked. Chris nodded defiantly. “Fine.” You huffed, slamming the door in his face. That surprised him.
“I’m staying here until you tell me!” Chris yelled.
“Then stay there!” You snapped back. Your stomach growled and you cursed it.
After a few minutes of a back and forth, Chris finally snapped. “Stop acting like a fucking child and talk to me!” He expected a response, a retort, anything. But he heard silence. Silence that was followed by a sob. His heart dropped to his stomach in realization. He had made you cry. “(Y/N)?” He called out, knocking – pounding – on the door. “(Y/N), c’mon… talk to me.”
On the other side of the wooden panel, you were slumped up against the door. Knees pulled up to your chest with your head resting on top of them. Tears were staining your sweatpants and you watched the puddle grow.
There it was.
You were just a child – a child that wasn’t good enough to be dating Chris. An immature, stupid, insecure child.
“(Y/N),” Chris called out again. “C’mon… please, talk to me… I’m not going anywhere until you do.”
“Please,” you finally croaked. “Please just go…”
“Chris – “
“I love you so much and I know you love me, too. I know you didn’t just decide last night that you didn’t love me anymore…” Chris said. “So, I’m begging you… let me in. Talk to me about this because I’m not just letting you go so easily.”
A man had walked up to Chris. He eyed down Chris pointing at him before saying, “you’re Captain America.” Chris nodded shyly with an awkward, forced smile on his face. “So great to meet you, man… But umm… we’re getting complaints about the yelling. I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to either get inside the apartment and have the conversation there or be escorted out.”
“Well, she won’t let me in.” Chris sighed. “And I said I wasn’t going to leave until she talks to me.”
The man smiled. “That’s adorable…”
“Help a lovesick man out, pal?”
“Unfortunately, I won’t be able to…” The man knocked on your door. “Hey… Miss 41A, you need to let this man in or else I’m forced to escort him and the pizza out.”
You reluctantly got up from your spot on the floor and unlocked the door. An audible click! was heard. Chris let out a sigh of relief, nodding a small thank you to the man, before letting himself in.
He set down the pizza on the table before walking up to you and engulfing you in a hug. “Hug me back,” Chris begged with a hushed voice, but your arms didn’t move. “(Y/N) – “he pulled away from you and cupped your face in his hands. His thumbs gently brushed away the tears that rolled down your face as a worried frown settled on his face. “Talk to me.”
“I’m just a kid,” you finally said. “I’m 19 you’re 38 –“
“It wasn’t a problem before?” Chris shook his head. “And it’s not a problem for me now…”
“But Christine’s 33,” you bit your lip and shook your head. You moved your hands to his wrists, prying him away from you. “You guys look so good, so normal together…”
“Is that what caused all of this?” Chris asked, softly. “Christine? (Y/N), I’m sorry… We’re just friends. We met because of Scott and we just became quick friends… I’m sorry if we made it seem – Christie just likes to joke and likes the attention and the rumors help her. It’s good for her music career.” He sighed, trying to reach out for you again, but you took a step back. “But it wasn’t good for us, baby… you should’ve told me it was making you uncomfortable.”
“You should’ve said it was for show,” you snapped.
Chris agreed with a nod. “I should’ve… and I’m sorry that I didn’t. But we need to talk to each other about these things. We’re not always in the same city – we won’t always be together physically. We have to trust and communicate with each other, okay? No jumping into conclusions, no assuming. If we have a question, we ask each other. We don’t trust those ‘close sources’ from the tabloids because the closest source we have is each other. Alright?” You nodded. “Okay, now, c’mere. I missed you.” He opened his arms and you walked into them, hiding your face in his chest. He kissed the top of your head. “I love you, princess. Okay? Nothing and no one will ever change that.”
“I’m sorry for the drama and overreacting… I was just insecure and reading into things too much,” you muttered, voice muffled.
“You don’t need to apologize,” Chris shook his head.
You pulled your face from his chest and nodded. “I do, though,” you insisted. “This is a serious, adult relationship and I shouldn’t act like a jealous, insecure teenager. You didn’t ask for my teenage angst, so I shouldn’t burden you with it.”
Chris scoffed and shook his head again. He tilted your head up gently with his hand and gave you a gentle kiss. He then pulled away to kiss your forehead. “I signed up to love every part of you. Angst, jealousy, insecurities – all of it.” He whispered. “And I wouldn’t have gotten into a relationship with a 19-year-old if I couldn’t handle a little drama.”
“I love you.” You said, pushing yourself up to your tippy toes.
“I love you, too,” Chris returned, leaning down to kiss you again. He meant every word.
A few seconds later, your stomach growled loudly, demanding attention and satisfaction. Chris smirked into the kiss as your face flushed. “Let’s get some food in you.”
“You always knew the way to my heart,” you smiled. 
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matty-murderdock · 8 months ago
I think the BuckyNat age confusion thing is a combination of the movies altering her age, and the comics themselves not always being clear about her age. While I think they mainly keep to her being born in the 20s, not all writers follow this, or some artists. And of course, there's the overall confusion of Marvel's sliding timeline that just makes one weep at sorting everything out. Or maybe that's just me. In short, I think it's one of those things that just gets lost in the mass of stories.
That is certainly possible. I just suppose I find it doubly odd because a lot of the Black Widow runs I’ve read either deal with something from her past or reference it in some way which always shows just how old she actually is. Looking younger isn’t the issue - she has the Infinity Formula, after all - it’s the acting much younger that is. I understand the sliding timescale can make certain things confusing, but there are some characters that will always be immune, and the Infinity Formula was created to grant her that immunity in the first place. She’s in the same camp as Fury, Jacqueline, and Namor (just to name a few) in that regard.
Hell, Jacqueline even ended up breaking up with her younger boyfriend who, while looking physically her age, had been born in a much later generation, because the age gap just wasn’t working for her. Nat, by contrast, has more of a history in getting involved in relationships of such a nature. Which isn’t a bad thing - I’m not passing judgement here. Age gap relationships are perfectly fine so long as they’re both fully consenting adults and there’s no grooming or imbalance of power, and none of Nat’s relationships with younger men have had that problem. I wouldn’t ship them if I did have an issue with it. It’s just something I think bears noting because it is an integral aspect of her character and yet I see a subset of the fandom disregarding that.
Maybe I find it so odd because it is one of the first things I learned about her and it doesn’t take much more than a cursory perusal of her wiki to also understand that. Nat, in many ways, has a similar story appeal when it comes to relationships as, say, a vampire. Her Black Widow moniker becomes so much darker with the realization that she will outlive most of her lovers and will continue to stay physically young as they grow old. That’s not a fun position to be in. Bucky now with the Infinity Formula, has his life extended, but that is not the case for two of her other biggest relationships - Matt and Clint. The tragedy of this fact is something that weighs on her and one of the Black Widow runs I read dealt with that to some degree. It was cool to see that explored, even though the art style of that run was a real turn off.
Another thing this subset of the fandom is missing is that many of the age jokes the two of them make are ten times funnier when you take into account the fact that Nat is decades older than Bucky and that they’re from the same generation. For instance, that joke Bucky makes about being too old to learn cryptocurrency is actually kind of hilarious in context, but you miss the actual punchline if you wrongfully assume that Nat isn’t as old as she actually is. Their respective ages actually do play into this aspect of their dynamic as well and it’s a shame there are people who are still missing that the actual butt of these jokes is both of them which is objectively so much funnier.
Anyway, sorry for my ramblings here. This isn’t a complaint against the fandom at all, just something I’ve noticed that I find odd all things considered and thus wanted to address.
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theblondeoneswife · a year ago
You deserve me
I can’t help myself when it comes to angst/fluff my favourite genres to write about, honestly. 
Anyway another gamerverse Black Widow oneshot for y’all :)
Tumblr media
Y/n blurts out to Natasha that she loves her, as they argue. Nat, ends up telling her that those feelings aren't 'real' because she doesn't believe that anyone could love someone like her.
Prompt/s:  Prompt/s: 'I have been in love with you since the start. So don't tell me that my feelings aren't real.' and 'I want to be with you'
Readers age is 24 (mentioned that Nat is older)
Warnings: mention of kidnapping & swearing (like one swear word I think)
You were supposed to be preparing for the next mission to do the the tachyon rifts tomorrow but you just couldn't focus. One of those reasons was because you couldn't stop thinking about a kiss you shared with a particular woman a week ago. It had been eating you alive, the redhead had also been avoiding you like the plague and that upset you more than anyone could know.
Kate had been trying to get it off your mind for the time being, being your partner in the HARM room instead of Nat and also being your partner during missions when in a group. To be honest it worked for at least three days but then Nat kept coming on the smae missions as you.
You mostly go on missions in a group with Kate, Clint, Cap and Thor but the redhead had been filling in for Clint these passed days. Of course, there was those odd missions where you'd all go together but otherwise that was your team, mostly. You were grateful for Kate being here for you, the two of you were quite inseperable to the point you poured your feelings about Natasha to her over beers in Clint's old room on the Chimera.
But tonight was different, Kate had gone on a mission with just Clint and you felt rather alone. Of course you could go talk to Tony or the others, even Kamala but you just didn't feel like it. So just sitting around your room was the only option. Playing (favourite band) over the stereo attached to the laptop on your desk.
Trying so hard to distract yourself from your own mind, although you were rather hungry and the lounge/kitchen area on the chimera was looking like a good place to be right now.
So, walking out of your room you headed straight for the kitchen...only to be greeted by Natasha who was busy making herself some sandwiches as per usual. You wanted to say something to her, atleast start conversation but she took one look at you and completely turned herself around to face one of the SHIELD members that were working on here for you guys.
Saying just a simple 'hi' was clearly not an option but all you wanted to understand was why she had been avoiding you. If she didn't mean to kiss you why the hell didn't she just say anything, sure it was in the heat of the moment...you missed when she cared about you, you missed the way she held you close after that mission but clearly that was all just nothing to her.
Hearing her slight chuckles talking to the SHIELD member really made you upset to the point you thought about just walking away and crying alone in your room. But you had to be strong, you had to get all your feelings out.
Out of nowhere you grab Natasha' arm, yank her towards you. The older woman let out a gasp but she didn't even fight it. Dragging her over to a quieter place on the chimera, which was a small room in the hangar where nobody could really see the two of you. You let her go and tried to contain yourself from punching her by putting your hands to your side, fighting the urge.
"I am sick of you avoiding me, Romanoff. I feel like I've done something wrong to you. Why the fuck don't you just tell me whats going on?!" The tone in your voice was a very clear indicator that you were indeed very pissed at the woman and you had every right to be.
Natasha stood there with her arms folded, rolling her eyes at the younger woman who she had obviously upset...she cared but she didn't want to show it in case something bad could happen to her, she didn't bother to speak a word. "I don't understand why you've been avoiding me? We're both adults why can't we talk about this? Us" you continued.
Natasha let out an irritated sigh keeping her mouth closed "why won't you just talk to me? What the hell did I do to you?"
"I don't want to get too close to you! You were already injured once for just caring about me, when AIM had captured you I knew that I can't be near you again because they-
"Are you kidding me? I am apart of this team anyway so either way they would of caught me just for having powers to! It's too late Tasha you can't walk away from me just for that! I'm fine aren't I?" You yelled at her and this time was pretty sure the small group of people working in the hangar could hear the whole situation.
"Yes but if you get killed- And why can't I?"
You sighed, trying to calm yourself down as best you could. "Because I'm in love with you! And I don't know about you but I know you love me to! I don't care if I could be a target just for being close to you, I'm an avenger and also inhuman Tasha, so either way I'm a target regardless."
You were trying so hard to not breakdown in front of the black widow, you couldn't let yourself do that now but the fact she had hurt you this passed week just made you so vunerable. Silence crept over the two of you for a good few seconds. Nat stood there rather speechless. You were scared because nothing came out of her mouth.
"Please say something" you felt as if you were about to cry, that this was it. "You're not in love with me, you can't be. This...it's not real." Thats all she had to say? Oh you were even more upset than before.
You tears run down your cheeks but you weren't ready to give up just yet you could tell that when she said those words it hurt her to by the tone of her voice. You knew straight away.
"I have been in love with you since the start. So don't tell me that my feelings aren't real" you yelled out to her, tears down your face as you said those words. Expecting Natasha to just walk away from you...but she didn't.
"I want to be with you" you added as you cried "I want to go back to the way things were between us, I want to wake up with you by my side when we just fell asleep in your room, those conversations, the HARM room and partners on missions. That smile when I make you laugh." Trying to wipe your tears away was proving to be difficult when all you did was kept crying.
"I don't deserve love, I don't deserve someone as amazing as you. How could you love someone like me?" You couldn't believe that she would ask such questions, of course you were very aware of her past, what happened to her and what she did but that wasn't who she was anymore.
You approached her, grabbing her hand "Tasha, don't say that. You deserve love, you are amazing, so caring and as for 'how could I love someone like you' I love you because you're you, I don't care about what you did in the past because you don't do that anymore. Your a better person because you right those wrongs by choice...And I love everything about you, Natasha Romanoff."
Nat looked at me and smiled, she nodded her head "I love you y/n" she replies.
"And I love you Tasha, now can we just-"
Cutting you off she pressed a kiss to your lips, her forehead placed gently on hers “don’t leave me” you add. 
“I never will”.
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