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#age of calamity
echogekkos-writes · 46 minutes ago
Miphlink/Lipha Week 2021
Doing another post here because the miphlinkweek post was not showing up in any of the tags. -- Yes yes. The time has come to host a Miphlink/Lipha week for 2021! This is not the official announcement, but rather an interest check. Dates have been planned, and prompts are being discussed and finalized as of this post. Writers, artists, composers, editors…any and all creative works will be welcome!
We’ll come back in two weeks to announce the starting date and prompts for each day. If you are wondering about timing, the official announcement will be a month away from the first day to ensure there is enough time to work on prompts.
If you have any question, do not hesitate to ask! And a reblog to spread this around would be deeply appreciated.
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thatoneanimefan · 4 hours ago
I just realized that Mipha is the literal definition of “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”
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magicalshitposts · 9 hours ago
Hyrule Pride Week 2021
Day 2 - Spaces for Aces
“Please Revali. You said you would!”
“You tricked me! You filthy researcher!”
“Oh barely. I said, I need help explaining some stuff to people, this is some stuff and those are people!” Purah pointed to a brick wall which held an audience the other side.
“You are evil, Miss Purah.” The bird crossed his arms and turned away. Purah felt like she may have overstepped a mark.
“Director Purah to you.” She sighed deeply, “I’m sorry Revali. I just got so excited at the idea of educating people, I knew you’d say no so…”
“So you lied?” Revali’s face turned to that smug self-righteous look. Purah could deal with the arrogance, other people could not.
“I like to call it bending the truth but, sure whatever works for you!”
Revali despised that he didn’t hate this researcher “What would you even want me to say?”
“I dunno? Talk about you’re experience or something, that’s what the rest are doing!”
“The rest?”
“Yoo-hoo Darling girl, we’re ready!”
“Yeah Miss Director! When can we start? Shaka!”
Purah turned to the two behind her, “The rest!”
Mija and Hestu stood proudly, the Great Fairy donning the asexual flag and the overly large Korok wearing the aroace one around his shoulders.
Revali couldn’t believe it.
“Oh… Wow, I never knew that there were others.” Revali looked towards to two, taken aback by the joyous smiles and demeaners.
Purah paused.
“Revali darlin’? Why do you think I’m here?” Her face warped into a disbelieving smile.
“You said it yourself, you like to educate.”
“Oh baby… I’m organised this hoo-ha because I’m Aspec. I’m Aromantic. I wanted to educate people on something I am and identify with and thought others might too.” Purahs voice turned into that of a guilty child, “As I said, I may have got an itsy-bitsy bit caught up. But if you don’t wanna do this you don’t have to, love.”
Revali was turning soft, he rolled his eyes. “No it’s fine. You’ve already dragged me out here, I may as well now.”
As Purah jumped and Hestu danced, Mija beckoned over the bird.
“You’re too kind boy. I can tell the director is grateful.” She tried to lean down to his level, but alas she still towered over him.
He scoffed, “She better.”
Mija laughed, “You are a bitter bird. Come now, lets dress you up dear.” She spoke up so the two – who were still dancing around – could hear “You too darling Director.”
“Coming Mija!” Purah grabbed Hestu’s arm and bringing him over to the fairy.
Purah grabbed the aromantic flag and tied it into a sash around her body. She stopped infront of her collection.
“Revali. What are you again Darl’?”
The bird stood awkwardly as everyone around him prepared, “Demisexual.”
“Here you go Birdie!” She handed him his corresponding flag and ran off.
“You look confused! Can I help?” The korok jumped around Revali, shaking his maracas (which Revali noted were beautifully painted in the aroace colours)
“I’m just not sure what to do with it…”
“Well I’m wearing mine like a cape, Miss. Director has got hers like a sash and Miss. Fairy made hers into a top! It’s whatever you wanna do!”
Revali pondered as was so common when any problem arised for the bird. He decided that his champions scarf could be taken off for now. After wrapping himself up in the flag in it's place, he went to go stand with Purah, readying himself to leave the room protecting him from the stares and beration of others.
“I’ll be honest with Director, I’m scared.” Revali did not look towards her, his gaze remaining fixed on the door, “Not many people know about this side of me… or any side for that matter.”
She gave a smile, she was grateful he trusted him enough to speak to her about this stuff.
“I get it, but y’know out of all the people you need to be nervous around. Our friends are the least of your concerns. Their too kind or too dumb. You’ll be good.” She lent of Revali, leaning up to put her elbow on his shoulder, “And anyway you got the rest of us.”
Mija and Hestu came up behind them.
He took a deep breath, this was it.
“You’re quite right.”
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winterserpent · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Yeah I don't really like Age of Calamity...🙄
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queen-nothing · 17 hours ago
I mean they kinda a lil
Tumblr media
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squares-self-blog · 18 hours ago
other than what's in botw do you know anything else about the legend of zelda?
Hmmm... not too much!!! I got another link game but apperently its harder than I thought so I uhmb.. havent really touched it a lot fkgkff
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wildsleepyhero · 22 hours ago
king rhoam?? slaps?? in age of calamity?
i did not expect his Old Man form! pretty funky. but you're still a piece of shit
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magicalshitposts · a day ago
Hyrule Pride Week 2021
Day 1 - Gender Neutral
(TW: slight swearing, slight transphobia (not under the cut))
Maybe it was a bold guess, but from the second the two royal researchers met the knight, they knew. Robbie called it instinct, Purah called it seeing Link flinch a little every time anybody referred to them as a term that did not fit.
It was the first time Robbie and Purah had met the champions (Bar the  and Purah’s sister of course), so like the man normally does for both him and his boss, he talked pronouns.
They went in a line, starting with the researchers,
“I’m a cis male, go by he/him.” Robbie clicked his fingers in the direction of Purah.
“Oh, you guys can call me whatever, but I lean more to she/her! Revali?”
“This is ridiculous, I’m a man.” The bird spoke, rather harshly.
“Doesn’t answer the question feathers.” Robbie clicked his tounge, waiting for the Rito champion to say something different before Purah jumped in.
“And with an attitude like that darlin’, you’ll be ‘a man’ standing outside while the grownups work”
Robbie smiled proudly, goddess he was lucky to have a best friend like her.
Everyone looked expectantly towards him, so Revali had no choice but to soften up, “I guess that means he/him, yes?”
Mipha was next, she smiled widely, “I use she and her pronouns!”
“Urbosa, I don’t quite uh… get it.” Daruk looked to the other person in the group who might be as lost as him. She was about to answer when she saw the researchers jump at the chance to educate.
“Go on then.” She grinned towards them, “She/her please, by the way.”
“Thank you Chief.” Purah winked to be met with scolding looks by her sister, “So Daruk, pronouns are a set of words that a person -Terrako beeped- or thing uses to be referred to as. So, there are two types of pronouns, pronouns and neopronouns, and there are two type of people who use them, cisgender people and Trans folk.”
Robbie jumped in to continue, “The difference between Cis and Trans is this, I go by he/him and I was born a guy, that means I’m cisgender and I use pronouns that were assigned to me at birth, if you take my apprentice as an example one of them is Trans, means she was born male but was just a girl trapped inside a male’s body. She was born using he/him pronouns, but found out she was she/her instead.”
Purah went on to talk about neopronouns, “Lets take Terrako – She picked the little guardian up and placed it on the table – Terra? Do you like to be called him?” A small movement of the top part of its body signified a no. “What about her?” The same thing. “So when people refer to you, you like to be called it?” A happy flurry of beeps exploded from it. Purah looked back to Daruk, “Right so, Terrako uses what we call neopronouns, it uses it/its which isn’t ‘officially’ seen in the Hylian language as a pronoun, but their Terrako.”
There was a small silence as Daruk put the pieces of information together in his head, “I… think I get it.”
Robbie gave an understanding look to the Goron chief, “Hey it doesn’t matter if you don’t get it right away, the fact your trying is great.”
Daruk’s eyes crinkled under the smile he had on his face, “Thank you Robbie. So I am a cisgender man who uses he/him pronouns?” Daruk looked around expectantly for feedback.
“Perfect Daruk, well done!” Purah grinned, moving on the next champions.
“Are you kidding?” Impa spoke coldly when eyes landed on her, “You’re my sister and my nuisance, you know my pronouns.” Robbie grinned slightly, time to be even more of a nuisance.
“Tough luck sweetheart, I asked, so cough up. Pronouns?”
“You are the bane of my existence.”
“So what do you not know them? Hey if not that’s fine, everyone has to find themselves out at some point!”
“Oh my goddess, stop it!” Frustration was rising in Impa.
“Stop what? Wait you’re not being like the bird are you, think you’re ‘too good’ for pronouns, eh?”
“Robbie. Fucking stop it.” Impa looked up to the researcher, fire flooding her eye.
With an awkward lean back to Purah, Robbie whispered, “found her limit.”
Purah rolled her eyes, god was she unfortunate to have a best friend like him.
“This lil’ munchkin goes by she/her, for those of you who don’t know her.” Purah put her arms around Impa’s shoulders pushing her back next to the princess.
“Your highness-“
“Are you being serious?” Impa interrupted her sister, “The princess is clearly-“
“Impa. Please don’t. It’s my place to speak on my identity.” Zelda stood straight, preparing to talk. “I am a woman and my pronouns are she/her.”
“Thanks Princess.” Robbie winked kindly towards her then turned his head to the last one, “And you, buckaroo.”
“Oh Link goes by he/him”
Alarm bells, the smallest of signals, Robbie and Purah knew something was off. Maybe Link winced their face on purpose for them to notice, most likely it was just a natural reaction.
“Can’t they tell us?” Purah asked looking towards Link and seeing their face immediately soften in confusion.
“Link is mute, he can’t speak.” The princess stated, looking sombrely towards them.
“Oh, well I know sign language, if they could sign it to us?” Purah looked towards Link with a kind encouraging expression. They lifted their hands, hesitant on what to sign. They were scared.
“Purah,” Robbie stood behind her, hands on her arms, “Maybe we should just trust the princess.”
Purah saw the relief in Link face as she said, “Yeah you’re right. Sorry your highness.”
 The meeting was over before it started. With Robbie discussing the Devine Beasts with their pilots and Purah talking about the Sheikah towers the meeting felt like a blip in a long day. Time goes fast when the researchers talk about what they love. The Champions had been gone for a while now. The workday was over and Robbie and Purah sat in their apartment above the lab. Loud music playing and a beer in their hands.
A knock at the door.
“Come in!” Purah shouted, not bothering to move. If it was a guest, they were uninvited.
Link opened the door and coughed slightly to get the residents attention. They waved when the two people looked at them.
“Link, right? Come on in.” Purah waved her arm to usher Link closer, “What can we do you for Linky?”
Link smiled ever so slightly at the nickname. They brought their hand up and signed ‘How did you know?’
Purah and Robbie smiled at the knight. 
“About the whole pronoun thing?” He asked.
Link nodded.
“I don’t know man- Robbie quickly caught himself- pal, the Princess said you go by he/him and you flinched. Me and Pu have had to deal with questioning and closets before so we really just kinda realised.” Robbie shugged towards the knight, smiling, “So you’re trans? She/her or?”
‘Non-binary. You guessed right the first time.’ They signed all to apprehensively.
“Well your safe with us Hylian.” Robbie winked.
“And if you want us to call you he/him around the other champions until you’re ready we most certainly can.” Purah added, tapping on the seat beside her. Link sat down.
“We’ll wait on you Buckaroo.” Robbie got up to get another can, “For now though, wanna drink?”
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gerudoshrine · a day ago
As grateful as I am for canon Zelink in the Spanish version of Breath of the Wild, there is something that Spanish translators have done that really pisses me off.
I am talking about the "Little Bird" thing.
I think it is absolutely adorable how Urbosa treats Zelda as if she was her own child, to the point of calling her "little bird" despite her being royalty. In one of the memories from the Champion's Ballad, Urbosa explains why she uses this name and emotional.
Let's not forget that we are talking about the Princess of Hyrule. Such coloquial treatment would not be accepted if they were not as close as they are. Also, the fact that the reason behind all of this is the influence of Zelda's late mother makes me emotional. In brief, this makes Urbosa and Zelda's mother-daughter relationship a real thing.
However, in the Spanish version, they totally destroy this concept. All the tenderness is taken away. Not only does Urbosa just call Zelda "your highness" or simply "princess", but the "little bird" conversation is never brought up. It completely ruins the mood in that one scene from the dlc, where Zelda simply asks why Urbosa is so protective of her. Then they talk a bit about Zelda's mother, but at the end of the day the treatment that Zelda gets from Urbosa is that of a protector just like any other soldier, not that of a mother.
Nonetheless, in the Latin Spanish version, they translated little bird into the cutest name. In this version, Urbosa calls Zelda "my beam of light". Isn't that adorable?
So I'm curious, what does Urbosa call Zelda in the other non-English versions?
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manilalbahiram · a day ago
Below Aging U.S. Dams, a Potential Toxic Calamity - Eos
Below Aging U.S. Dams, a Potential Toxic Calamity – Eos
This article was originally published on Undark. Read the original article. 1 June 2021 by James Dinneen and Alexander Kennedy. A multimedia version of this story, with rich maps and data, is available here. On May 19, 2020, a group of engineers and emergency officials gathered at a fire station in Edenville, Michigan to decide what to do about the Edenville Dam, a 97-year-old hydroelectric…
Tumblr media
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omgimsuchadork · a day ago
augh i forgot how lynel-heavy the later challenges are. i’m already tired of them, and this is only my first run-through. i gotta do all this three more times!
with the rupee buff, countdown timers are irrelevant and count-up timers are almost so (basically: don’t take an hour to finish). all i need to do is clear the board with a handful of KOs -- and with everyone in the 90s they can all give and take beatings, despite the decrease in max health -- which means the boards aren’t hard, they’re just obnoxiously repetitive.
the first dlc drop (tuesday?????) is supposed to bring “newly added challenging enemies” so, what, like, gold lynels, i guess? ¬_¬ i’m OVER it
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What’s your Robbie’s theme song
Good question.
Alright, well, for Robbie, Rob From Texas by The Vespids (I’ve mentioned this before) is a great fit. I mean it literally is a song about a tired guy named Robbie.
Next up is Wolfgang (sort of, Robbie’s ‘dark side’ [see pinned post]) who I have yet to find a super solid pick for, but for now I’ve settled on Gypsy Woman by Anarbor. (I like the mention of “she’s a liar” and “I can’t untie the rope she’s got wrapped around her finger”— who “she” is… really depends on who you ask.)
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magicalshitposts · 2 days ago
The reasons I love you
TW: slight swearing
(If you wanna read over on A03, here you go.)
The night was cold, crisp, and beautiful. The stars travelled over Hyrule, gracefully lighting up the grass below. The moon was piercingly white and astronomically large, no buildings could disrupt the view. This was the most open field in Hyrule, Robbie made sure of it. Robbie knew this view was a near once in a lifetime opportunity, he knew that the supermoon above him should be getting far more of his attention, but alas. Link sat beside him.
They were enamoured with the moon that sat above, their pupils nearly as big as the sky rock itself. Without taking their eyes off it they reached over to Robbie, grabbing at his jumper to get his attention.
“Yes?” Robbie tried to flush out the fondness in his eyes, as not to look too sappy.
‘This is the first supermoon since the calamity. It’s nice to see a moon so large yet so white, I’ve been so used to red’ Link signed, finally looking the man sat next to him.
“Damn, has it really been that long? I hope Purah’s looking out at it.” The thought came naturally to him and like with many thoughts, Robbie didn’t get a choice in whether he verbalises it. He felt bad, no matter how much he tried to make nights just about him and Link, her name would pop up.
Link’s movement caught Robbie’s attention, ‘Me too. She’d love this.’
That. That right there was one of the reasons Robbie loved Link so much. The number of failed relationships that stemmed from his and Purah’s one wasn’t a nice number to think about. He’s had far too many people tell him that their relationship isn’t normal and he should go fuck her instead.
In hindsight, maybe they weren’t good people to begin with. But Link? They were so completely different. They were so accepting of his and Purah’s weird comradery. No not weird, different. Link was the one who kept reminding him of that. There was no way Link would ever care for Purah as much as Robbie did. That was just a fact. But for Robbie to finally find someone who cared about them both and their happiness while also understanding Robbie loved Link so emphatically. It was a nice change of pace.
Robbie finally had an urge of confidence he had been waiting for. It came like a truck driving into his stomach.
“Link… uh” Link looked towards the researcher, “can I hold your hand?” Rip of the band-aid… then let the blood pour out. “Obviously you don’t have too and of course you can let go and stuff to sign or just in gener…”
Link realised that their left side was facing Robbie. In most cases, for most people, this would’ve been fine. But link didn’t know how comfortable a cold Sheikah built hand would be to hold, so they got up and stepped over Robbie’s lap to the other side, taking his hand as they sat. They looked to Robbie, a look on their face that says a mix of ‘thank you’ and ‘you’re ridiculous’.
They sat like that for a while, a harmonious silence that Robbie was still getting used to. Life had never been this quiet for him. As a child being raised by hundreds of people meant there was never a dull moment. As an adult, he met the most obnoxiously loud person he could possibly be blessed with and then was launched into war. It’s safe to say that silence was foreign to Robbie. He tried to stay in it as long as possible but it soon became too much. He didn’t realised at first but Link looked to him in concern, then to their hands which were white-knuckled.
“Shit- Link I’m sorry.”
Link took their free hand, ‘You ok?’
“Yeah…” Deep breaths. In and out. In and out. “Just got worked up over nothin’ is all. Sorry.”
Link took in as much air as they could, “You’ve been off tonight.”
Robbie still got caught up every time words left Link’s mouth, but he coolly played it off.
“I- uh- Have I?” He stuttered through the two-word sentence then scolded himself because that wasn’t playing it off as cool.
“You’re acting too…” Link chose their words carefully, “normal.”
The scientist looked confused. It took a minute to realise what the knight meant. He then began to laugh, bringing his and Links hands up to his face to hide the smile.
“What so you’d prefer me to act like an eccentric twat?” He asked, the laugh still in the background of his speech.
“It’s not acting. It’s you Robbie. You are an eccentric twat” Link’s voice ran dry with the laugh that followed. They enjoyed talking but knew it was back to signing for now. Lucky for them, Robbie knew how to talk someone’s ear off.
“You sure you ain’t gonna regret this Hylian.” Robbie leaned towards the knight, an eyebrow arched on his face.
Link just smiled softly in return. That was enough for Robbie.
Link prepared themselves for the onslaught of guardian knowledge that was about to come their way but instead was greeted with, “You’re gorgeous you know that.”
Link got whiplash from the compliment, it being so far from what they expected. They looked to Robbie confused.
“Every part of you. Like your eyes. Every time I look at them I see that hot spring up on Herba. The place you took me. The blues are the same.”
Link’s eyes crinkled, that was sappy.
“And your hair, how it shines. Seeing you on a sunny day, I may as well be seeing a deity with how much you glow.
“Your ears. How they're so different from mine. How they move ever so slightly. Half the time it’s the only tell you have. I find that so fascinating about Hylians.
“Your height. I don’t know what to say about that one except your really short.”
Link laughed. They walked right into Robbie’s trap. Trying to get Link to laugh was one of his favourite things to do.
“Way to ruin a…” Link brought their hand up to their neck, their voice was still sore. It put a somber look on their face, Robbie saw this as an opportunity.
“Your voice. Hearing you speak still brings me butterflies, even after this long.” Link smiled sadly, still with their hand on their neck. As slowly and gently as possible he took Links hand and brought it down to their other.
“Your scars. Every one of them. From the one on your neck to the one on your wrist.” Link them looked to their prosthetic hand. The researcher didn’t let the look linger long, cupping Link’s face in his hand guiding Link’s stare back to him.
“Hell, I think if I counted every scar on your body, I could connect each one to a reason I love you.”
Link took their hands from Robbie’s, ‘I have a lot of scars.’
Robbie smirked. “I have a lot of reasons.”
The knight chuckled. They lent over, landing a soft kiss on Robbie’s cheek. He wasn’t expecting that.
Link internally laughed. For a man so flirty, Robbie really did short-circuit with affection. It was cute.
They lent back, their hand back in the scientist’s grip. The moon really did shine brightly tonight.
“I love you too, Robbie.”
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loz-the-noob · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Here’s the full image of whatever the heck’s going on in my pfp. I made it a while ago and it’s probably the lowest quality image in my cameraroll. I don’t know what happened. 
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