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#age regression

appreciation post:✨

gifts that i got in the mail from daddy today, he’s the bestest🥺💗

-I ❤️ daddy onesie cus I LOVE MY DADDYPOOO

-dyed hair products because he just got my hair dyed🧜🏻‍♀️ IT SMELLS LIKE COOKIES!!!!!

-tanning lotion and tanning goggles

-spanish bebè book


-cute bra 🙈

he also orderer me Egyptian food today. it was my first time ever having it, v good!! 10000/10

thank you so much daddy @daddypooakaprincesspoodaddy 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗🥺

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New Friends!


I gots two new plushies from my Mommy 😍💙 The tiger’s name is Trent and da monster squishmallow is Tate.Today I was ats my mom’s work, I started a new med and I have to be supervised or at least around people so she had one the secretaries just keep an eye on me. I went down to the walgreens across from the hospital and got him. I weally like him. 😊 I stayed in my mom’s office for the most part, she da chief nursing officer at her hospital so she was pwetty busy but my step dad is not home ( he’s an orthopedic surgeon) and my step sister isn’t home either, she had work too, so my mom figures I coulds just stay in her office and chill. I brought some books to read, colored a bit and watched some netflix. It was pretty chills. I’m pretty tireds from the meds and I’ve been low on energy lately so I’m looking forward to sleeping soon when I take the med again tonights. Yup. I hopes yous alls hads a good day 😊💙


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iv’e seen a couple of Agere flags and i decided to make my own its not as pretty as the ones i see but i tried!! ^w^

💜= Both male and female

💛= None-binary

💚= Happiness 

White= The little space headspace

Rainbow= littles who are in the Lgbtq+

{Reblog if used}

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I hate that I had to grow up so quickly. I hate that I was always mature for my age, I wasn’t mature for my age, I was forced to be that way. But when my brother or the boys around me acted immature it was fine. “Boys will be boys”. No because I was perceived as a woman growing up I had to mature quicker and learn that because of my sex it will take more to be respected in society. I can’t get away with being immature because I will never achieve anything that way. I hate that we were taught this. Why does it have to be this way? I feel like I didn’t get the childhood I was supposed to. I want it back.

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