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#age regression
babv-bunnv · 8 minutes ago
me on my hands and knees: please sir please fnf agere content for the deprived pls
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bunbunjiu · 37 minutes ago
I’m curious to hear what happens with Siyeon’s migraines that follow her ripping herself from little space, what would happen when Minji and/or Bora connect the dots on what’s going on after repeated occurrences?
It was a stressful week that turned into a stressful month. Everyone was exhausted and Gahyeon had been regressing more than normal. She was waking up in the middle of the night, screaming for Bora and Minji, causing the two eldest members to run to her room and tend to her.
Siyeon however, was suffering from a constant migraine. Handong knew what the migraines meant, but she wasn’t there. She wasn’t there to help Siyeon manage life with the sharp, pounding pain behind her eyes and all throughout her head.
During a schedule, she would suck it up, take painkillers and do what she needed to do. But once she was back at the dorm, she was in bed, trying to block out all sounds and sources of light. The second she started to feel better, she felt herself slipping and had let herself slip a few times, only for her to hear Gahyeon screaming for Minji yet again. Causing her to rip herself from one of the few happy places she had.
Bora had noticed that Siyeon had become distant in the dorm, and when she had barged into the bedroom, she immediately regretted it when she saw Siyeon physically in pain with a bucket near her bed.
Her first thought was to take her to the hospital, but Siyeon had refused, not allowing her to worry about her like that. She didn’t want any of them to worry about her. She knew what was going on and just had to move on. She had to forget about it and focus on not regressing.
She thought she was in the clear after a week of nothing. She hadn’t regressed and her migraine hadn’t come back yet. She felt more like herself, joking around with everyone until she saw Yoohyeon and Gahyeon regressed together in the living room. She gave them polite smiles, listening to Gahyeon babble about her new toy that Handong had sent from China.
At least, until Minji and Bora walked into the room. The two littles immediately yelling for them.
“Umma! Umma!” They both squealed.
Siyeon felt herself wanting to slip, but she refused to let it happen. So she left. She went to her room, shutting the door behind her before feeling herself fall further into a little headspace. She sat on her bed, reaching for Awoo. She stroked the soft fur, enjoying the feeling as she slipped. She laid back on the bed, hugging Awoo tightly as she stayed there. All the way back to square one.
“Siyeon?” Her door opened, revealing a tired Bora. “Oh… Are you small?” Her voice changed, almost as if it was tense. Singnie nodded her head, hoping that she would walk into the room and talk to her. “Okay…” She was about to step in when another voice was heard.
“Umma! Umma! Help!” Gahyeonie’s voice screamed with a laugh.
Ultimately dragging Bora away from Singnie. Again.
When Bora had returned a few minutes later, she was met with Awoo on the floor, the curtains shut tight, the lights off and Siyeon facing the wall.
“Singnie?” Bora whispered.
“Can you bring me a bucket?” Siyeon’s voice was hoarse, causing Bora to frown. She was little seconds ago, and now she was big and was acting as if she had a migraine. “Please? I don’t feel good.” Siyeon whispered when she didn’t hear the soft footsteps leave her room.
Bora did as she was asked, leaving the room to retrieve a small bucket from the bathroom. She didn’t understand how Siyeon had been small and then was big. She never pulled herself out of her little space that fast. When she came back, she saw Siyeon hadn’t moved and placed the bucket on the floor next to the bed.
“Do you need anything else?” Bora asked her, wanting to make sure she was taken care of before she went to wrestle the littles to be quiet for the rest of the day. “Siyeon?” She frowned as she sat at the edge of the bed, waiting for her to answer. She heard a muffle and frowned when she didn’t understand. Only to be pushed out of the way, Siyeon reaching for the bucket near the bed and vomiting into it. “Oh…” She frowned as she held the younger’s hair.
“Help…” Siyeon coughed.
“I’m here. Don’t worry.” Bora whispered.
By the time Siyeon had passed out again, Bora had left the room and started to put pieces together. Siyeon was small, heard Gahyeon screaming for her, then she was big and had another migraine.
“Minji, does Siyeon regress around you?” Bora asked her the second she was back in the middle of chaos.
“Not really. She told me she was fine.” Minji frowned as she tried to get Gahyeon to stop bouncing on the couch. “I knew she was lying, but I didn’t want to entirely pry either.” She sighed.
“I think her migraines are from not regressing…” Bora frowned. “But I don’t know why she wouldn’t.” She whispered.
Minji frowned, thinking back on the last time it had happened. Yoohyeon had attached herself to Minji and it caused a rift between her and Singnie. She had gone to Handong and now that Handong was gone, she was alone.
“I think I know what happened…” Minji frowned as she explained what had happened before. Bora immediately felt terrible. She didn’t know how Singnie was, but she knew she was clingy to those she loved and cared about.
‘How do we fix this?” She frowned.
“I don’t know.” Minji sighed.
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ham-sandwiches-01 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So beautiful!!! She came in the mail yesterday. I’m slowly building my collection back. Dollhouse is on a pause for a few days since I had my covid shot and recovering.
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squirreldreamscape · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Yes I am a Baby Bunny 🐰
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littlepuppylove · 2 hours ago
You can call me pup! I go by he/they pronouns!
My big age is 20 but I regress to 3-7
I love making agere aesthetic boards and edits! My requests are always open for those!
I don’t have any little friends so I would love some🥺
This is a SFW Agere blog!
!!!NSFW DNI!!!
Tumblr media
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squirreldreamscape · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
I either like it or I don’t
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tiny-otto · 2 hours ago
Okay so I have brainrot and I’m thinking about how Andy would be a great cg to everyone
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bunbunjiu · 2 hours ago
little lua and little elly having a playdate in the living room and ends up with the two littles sneaking in the kitchen and eating all the cookies. doyeon unnie catches them and tells suyeon who gives them a little chat and then bath time and bed time.
It wasn’t rare to have two littles at the same time in the dorm. What was rare were the littles actually behaving. Haerim and Sookyung were very energetic when it came to playtime. The two were giggling up a storm as they played with a multitude of toys. They had built an entire city out of legos, blocks, books, everything.
“Oh no!” Haerim gasped, hugging her stuffed fox close to her chest.
Sookyung stood up, Elmo plush in hand as she let out a growl, stomping around the city and only knocking down a few of their buildings.
No one knew how the littles watched Godzilla, but they had and they both enjoyed it. So much that the two were recreating everything they saw on tv at that point.
“Be careful you two!” Suyeon called out to them when she walked by with a basket full of laundry.
“Okay!” They both called out, smiles plastered on their faces as they continued to destroy the city they had spent all morning making. Haerim giggled as she pushed over a few blocks, watching Sookyung use her Elmo plush to make a few lego buildings fly across the room.
“Hmph,” Sookyung muttered, looking to Haerim.
“Hm?” Haerim tilted her head, waiting for the younger little to use her words.
“Hungry.” She pouted.
Haerim grabbed her friend’s hand, both of them ‘sneaking’ into the kitchen for a snack. They knew they had just eaten dinner, but they were hungry right then.
They both looked around the kitchen, opening the fridge and cabinets to find the cabinet that was full of sweets. Both littles’ eyes went wide as they stared at the chocolate chip cookies that were sitting there, not protected at all.
Instantly they were grabbing them, sitting on the floor to share them. They were busy munching on the cookies that they hadn’t even realized that they were being watched. They let out tiny giggles, thinking they were being extremely sneaky until they heard a voice.
“And what do you two think you’re doing?” Both girls turned to see Doyeon watching them, eyebrows raised.
“Um…” Sookyung whispered.
“We hungry.” Haerim pouted.
Doyeon shook her head, walking up to them, and took the package of cookies from them. She set them on a higher shelf before stepping out of the kitchen. She walked into another bedroom, finding Suyeon, and explained to her what had just happened.
Suyeon walked out to see the two littles still sitting in the kitchen, both of them pouting. Until they saw their unnie with her arms crossed over her chest.
“Come on, bath time.” Her voice was stern and enough to make them both move quickly.
Once the two littles were in the tub, they were quiet. Suyeon wiped the little bits of chocolate from Haerim’s face, frowning when she saw the same for Sookyung.
“You both know you need to ask before you have cookies.” She pointed. “Why did you think that was okay?” She asked Haerim.
“Sookie hungry,” Haerim whispered.
“Yeah…” Sookyung agreed quietly.
“So you didn’t want to ask unnie for help?” Suyeon asked them, watching them shake their heads. “Next time, ask. Okay?” She sighed.
“Yes, unnie.” they both spoke in unison.
After they were cleaned and dressed in their pajamas Suyeon made sure to read them a bedtime story so they could really drift off. Both littles laid on each side of her, looking at the pictures as she read the story quietly to them as they drifted to sleep.
They were handfuls, but they were her handfuls.
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tiny-otto · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Here we have a bunch of age regressors
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littlepuppylove · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
🌈⭐️Here is the space theme that @the-little-fairy-garden and @little-princess1221 requested🥰🌸 I ended up making it a pastel space theme since its somethin’ I like more personally 🥺 Let me know if there are anymore requests! I’ll do characters, themes, colors, shows, animals, etc.
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cg-and-little · 2 hours ago
30 days of littlespace !!
Tumblr media
09/05 - day seventeen : what's your favourite activity in little space?
colouring books !! put on a cartoon or tv show in the background and you can just do it mindlessly without having to think about it. it's so fun and relaxing <3
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genshin-age-regression · 2 hours ago
CG Venti
continuation of the last post! - Kaeya
Tumblr media
Very affectionate and emotionally in-tune
Venti absolutely LOVES hearing your little giggles as the wind rustles through your hair
He prefers to be called Papa, but doesn’t mind any nickname you give him
He often lets you play with his hands like the curious little one you are
Loves playing simple little games with you (things like peekaboo) just to see you smile
Very doting and gives you all the attention you could ever want
He makes sure you only have the best things when you’re small
“I’ll have nothing less for my little angel!”
Often overdramatizes his actions because you find it amusing
He will do just about anything to see you smile
He loves to sing and play songs for you
He’ll often take you out for picnics near Mondstadt, usually somewhere fairly secluded so you don’t get interrupted
He always makes sure to grab your favorite snacks
You usually end up falling asleep there, which has resulted in him always being sure to bring a plushie for you to cuddle and a blanket to bundle you up in while you rest
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cuddlepilesick · 3 hours ago
Count on me (2)
Fandom: Stray Kids
Little: Jeongin
Caregivers: Stray Kids
Part 1 
 No one’s POV.:
It was surprising really how quickly Chan had been able to fall asleep with little Innie in his arms. The leader would have expected himself to stay up at least another hour, dwelling on the thought of Jeongin forgetting about his littlespace. Sure, they had all noticed that their youngest didn’t slip into his headspace anymore but they had just assumed he didn’t need it. Now he felt stupid for not asking his dongsaeng why he had stopped slipping. Being the oldest, he was always attentive when it came to the other members, so when Seungmin came to wake Jisung up, Chan woke up too. Still, he pretended to be asleep and only moved his arm a bit to cover the pacifier between Jeongin’s lips. He knew the others wouldn’t go to their schedules if they knew that the maknae had slipped after what felt like an eternity. Sure, they always babied their youngest but it was still different when he was in his headspace. Chan felt a bit selfish for keeping Jeongin to himself while making all the other members go to work but he knew that they couldn’t all miss their schedules and it wouldn’t cause too much suspicion if only the two of them stayed back, besides, now that Jeongin remembered, he’d surely slip more frequently in the future.
Grumbling, Jisung rolled out of bed and made his way over to the other two. Though he was surprised to find Chan in his room, the rapper figured Jeongin had had another of his nightmares and had sought comfort from their leader. Before he could get close enough to the bed to notice anything off though, Seungmin stopped him, whispering: “They’re not going today, hyung. After Innie felt bad yesterday, Chan-hyung texted me that he’d stay back with him and that we shouldn’t wake Innie at any cost.” That did a good job at waking Jisung up. He knew his roommate wasn’t himself lately and especially after him collapsing during practice the previous day, he had hoped the younger would open up but it only seemed like he was doing worse. “Channie-hyung also told me not to worry too much, he’s going to explain everything when we get back. Everything will be okay, yeah? I trust him to take good care of Innie”, Seungmin smiled when he noticed the older’s concerned look. Though not very happy about that answer, Jisung nodded and quietly went to get ready and Chan had to suppress a sigh of relief. He knew he could trust Seungmin and really had to make sure to thank him later.
Chan stayed cuddled up with Jeongin and listened to the commotion outside their room. He didn’t want to go back to sleep right away, afraid that somebody would check on them one last time and would notice the pacifier. As soon as he heard the front door click though and it became quiet, he relaxed and decided a few more hours of sleep couldn’t hurt him either after almost staying awake with the little the whole night. It was already early afternoon when he woke up to someone poking his cheek. Chan sat up, looking sleepy and confused, which earned him a giggle from the little, sitting on his legs. “Good morning, Innie”, the leader smiled, voice low and raspy after sleeping for so long. The younger happily clapped his hands, giggling: “Daddy!” Now that his caregiver was awake, he finally had someone to play with.
Seeing the little already wide awake, Chan had to shake off his sleepy haze rather quick and checking the time, he felt his heart sink.  It was almost lunchtime and he hadn’t even fed Jeongin breakfast. “Aww, are you hungry, Sweetie?”, the leader cooed, pinching his dongsaeng’s cheek. The maknae looked at him with big puppy eyes and nodded. Picking the little up and placing him on his hip, Chan chuckled: “Very hungry or does daddy have enough time to cook you pancakes?” – “Pancakes”, Jeongin squealed, bouncing a little in the older’s arms, who struggled to keep them balanced. The leader then got Jeongin settled at the table, so he could color something while Chan prepared their late breakfast. It had been a while since he had the time to really cook something for breakfast. Usually they were too busy and settled for something quick like toast or cereal but today was different. He had promised himself that he’d make today special for Jeongin after he had struggled all alone for so long. Sure, when the maknae came out of his headspace, they’d need to have a talk about going to others for help and not trying to fend for himself but for now, he just wanted the boy to be happy and forget about his worries.
“Innie, look!”, Chan exclaimed, flipping the pancake by throwing it in the air and catching it with the pan again. The little happily clapped his hands and waited for the next pancake to be flipped. Chan felt his heart beat faster when he noticed how impressed the boy looked and started to comment on all his actions like he was on a cooking show, which Jeongin found really entertaining. He soon forgot about his coloring book and gave the older his full attention. The little was so distracted from his rumbling tummy, that it didn’t even seem to take long till his daddy joined him at the table, setting down two plates and putting his coloring book and crayons away. Chan then also got some bananas and strawberries as a topping because he knew the younger loved Nutella on his pancakes but should also eat something remotely healthy. He gave Jeongin a few strawberries to much on, so he’d be occupied till the leader had spread two pancakes with Nutella, topping one with strawberries and the other with banana slices. Then he cut it into bite-sized pieces and lifted one to the little’s pink-stained lips, chuckling: “Oh no, the airplane needs to land.” The younger instantly opened his mouth and allowed the caregiver to feed him. Chan switched between feeding little Innie and eating a few bites himself. By the time they finished their meal, his hands were sticky and so was Jeongin’s face, so before he even considered clearing the table, he carried his dongsaeng to the bathroom to wash up.
Chan had thought the little would go back to coloring while he did the dishes but he soon felt a chin on his shoulder and turned around, facing a pouty Jeongin. “What’s up, cutie? Why do you look so sad?”, he cooed, booping the little’s nose with some foam on his finger. Instead of the lighthearted giggle he had expected, he only got a small smile. Wrapping his arms around the older’s middle and burying his face in his chest, the maknae admitted: “Innie tiwed, wan’ nap but I jus’ got up. Nuh, wan be lazy.” – “Aww, it’s okay, sweets. You’re not lazy, just really run down and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. If you want to take a nap, Daddy will tuck you in, yeah?”, Chan smiled. It had come a bit unexpected because Jeongin had been asleep for a pretty long time but the leader understood that the exhaustion that had accumulated over weeks couldn’t be fixed with a few hours of rest. “Cuddles please?”, the little pouted and Chan was quick to agree: “Sure, just let daddy finish up here and I’ll be all yours. Maybe you want to go and get your paci, plushie and blanket ready and I’ll be there in a second.” Jeongin nodded and shuffled to his room, before coming back out to wash off his paci and to collect Drippy, who had been left on the couch. A small smile spread on his lips when he remembered how the plushie had gotten its name. Hyunjin had bought it for him because Jeongin really loved goldfishes and Jisung used to move it around, pretending it was swimming around the little, and singsong: “Drippy, droppy, drippy, droppy.” To Jeongin ‘Droppy’ sounded too gloomy while ‘Drippy’ sounded cheerier, so he started to refer to the plushie as ‘Drippy’.
Popping the paci between his lips and suckling on it, he sat down on his bed and played with Drippy as he waited for his daddy. He barely noticed the door open and only looked up when he felt the bed dip beside him. With a smile, Chan opened his arms and let the younger cuddle into him while he moved them to lay down. Jeongin gave a content sigh and closed his eyes. After the caregiver had started to draw shapes onto his back, it didn’t take long for the little to doze off. Though he was glad that his dongsaeng was resting now, it hurt the leader to see just how drained his youngest member was. Sure, he knew it was bad when Jeongin almost collapsed but seeing him knocked out only two hours after getting up, was impressive and Chan was glad he had made the right decision and kept the boy at the dorm to rest. What impressed him even more was that the little’s huffed breaths lured him to sleep too. He wasn’t used to sleeping much, so he never really got much sleep even if there’d be enough time to but with Jeongin pressed against him, it somehow worked. Not for long though, at least it didn’t feel long to them when the leader’s phone rang on the nightstand, waking both of them. “Yeah?”, Chan mumbled sleepily, “Mhm. See you in a bit. Maybe gather everyone in the living room, yeah? Okay thanks, bye.” He ended the call and groaned, pressing his face into the pillow till the little started pocking his arm, curious what the call had been about.
Chan sat up and gave Jeongin a tired smile, explaining: “That was Seungmin, the others don’t know that you slipped again yet. You’re okay with telling them, right? We all really missed this side of you, so I’m pretty sure you’ll get lots of affection as soon as they’re back.” – “Minnie-hyung? And- and Minmin-hyung and Binnie-hyung and Jinnie-hyung and Jiji-hyung oh- oh and Lixxie-hyung?”, the younger beamed. “Mhm, all of them, so should we get up and maybe fix our hair, so that they won’t laugh at us too much?”, Chan chuckled, smoothing down a strand of the little’s hair. Jeongin nodded and let the older carry him to the bathroom. When they exited, they could already hear their members talking in the living room. Though they didn’t understand much, the mood seemed dull as the atmosphere was thick with worry. The maknae grew shy as six pairs of eyes were on him all of a sudden and he his face against Chan’s neck, who spoke up with a small smile: “Hey, cheer up guys! Everything’s fine, I promise, our little Innie here has just become a bit of an insomniac lately, being stressed and thinking a lot. That’s also why he collapsed yesterday, he was simply exhausted to the bone. He asked me why he never felt like this when we were about to debut. Turns out, he forgot about his littlespace and that’s why he suddenly stopped slipping. I eased him into his headspace and made sure he’d get the chance to catch up on the hours of sleep he lost. He just woke up from his nap and isn’t used to being little anymore, so he’s a bit shy but everything will be fine.”
The members had broken into massive grins as heavy weights lifted off their chests. They knew that something had been wrong for longer than just a few days but if it could be fixed as easily as having Jeongin regress again, it wasn’t nearly as bad as they had feared. Even after Chan had finished his short speech, the little didn’t dare to look up at the small crowd in their living room. Sure, he knew all of them and he had been happy when he heard they were coming but now, he couldn’t help but feel shy. “Hey there little foxy”, a soft voice spoke right next to him and though hesitant, he looked up at Hyunjin with innocent eyes. The dancer pinched his cheek, drawing a quiet giggle from the boy, who instantly made grabby hands at him. In Hyunjin’s arms, they went around to each of the other members who patiently waited for their turn talking to their youngest, so he wouldn’t overwhelmed. As soon as he had interacted with all of them, he started to feel more comfortable and urged Hyunjin to put him down, before waddling off to get Drippy and proudly introducing the plushie to them as though they had never seen it before. Jisung took the plushie and sang the small tune again, ending by booping Jeongin’s nose with the stuffed toy. The maknae laughed happily, seeming so lighthearted and carefree, before tugging on Felix hand to show him what he had colored the previous night and this morning. There were no words needed for the other seven members to agree that they wouldn’t allow their baby to lose his safe place again because his fake smile was severely lacking the spark now visible in his eyes.
Over the course of the early evening, Jeongin tried to catch up on play time with each of his hyungs, which felt impossible. He could never get enough of playing with them, feeling fuzzier than ever from the amount of affection he received. It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling though and he just let himself drift, enjoying not having to worry about a thing except for making sure to spend equally as much time with each of his hyungs. Chan could see some small changes in the little’s behavior but it wasn’t until Seungmin played peek-a-boo with him that Jeongin slipped deeper than ever. At first only Chan and Seungmin noticed because the youngest continued doing what he had done before slipping even younger, which was giggling at every thing his caregivers did. His stomach had started to ache from all the laughing a while ago but he couldn’t care less, they were just too funny. Seungmin gave him a chance to catch his breath and hugged him tight, watching how the younger started to chew on his fingers. At that point, all of them had realized what was going on, so Jisung rushed off to their shared room to get his pacifier. When the rapper returned, Jeongin sat in Changbin’s lap, chewing on the chords of the older’s black hoodie and giggling every once in a while, as Changbin pulled funny faces at him.
It seemed like Jeongin had gone completely none-verbal and only replied with other noises but his caregivers knew him well enough to know exactly what he wanted every time. Though they hadn’t spent time together like this for a long time, it still felt the same, maybe even better because they were much closer now than they had been during the survival show. The little seemed to have missed them as much as they had missed him and kept crawling from one member to another to cash in on all of their affection but as it got late, dinner seemingly forgotten, he settled in Felix’ lap and stayed there. At first the others were confused but when the maknae yawned widely, they chuckled. They really should have figured that he was to tired to constantly move between them. “Aww, sleepy baby?”, the Aussie cooed, patting Jeongin’s head. The younger whined and nodded, which should’ve been Chan’s clue to get him ready for bed but after already skipping one meal of the day due to them being asleep, the leader wouldn’t allow his youngest to skip another. Instead of taking him to his room, he picked Jeongin up from Felix’ lap and swayed him in his arms, humming: “You still need to eat some before going to bed, Innie. What do you want for dinner?” He wasn’t expecting an answer but he also wasn’t expecting the boy to get so frustrated with him for keeping him up.
Hyunjin came over and took him out of Chan’s arms to calm him down again, while Felix mashed up a banana and mixed it with some vanilla yoghurt. Hyunjin calmly sat down at the table with Jeongin in his lap, holding him still, so that Felix could feed him with ease. Since it was only a small meal, Chan used the time to also prepare a bottle for the little and when he walked off to put it on Jeongin’s bedside table, he found Jisung rearranging the pillows and plushies in the maknae’s bed to create a comfy nest for the younger. He gave the rapper a smile, asking: “Hey, is it okay if I stay here tonight? I slept so much better last night than I can remember sleeping in a looong time.” – “Sure, hyung but please don’t turn my alarm off again. I almost had a heart attack when Seungmin woke me before my alarm going off at least three times”, Jisung replied. “As if you’d ever wake up from your alarm”, the leader laughed, causing the younger to join: “Hey, I do wake up from my alarm! I just decide to stay in bed till somebody violently drags me out but I am aware of the time. I wasn’t aware of it this morning.” – “Alright, alright, we’ll all have to get up at the same time tomorrow anyway”, the older chuckled, leaving to check if Jeongin was done eating.
He was done eating but it had been at least as mess as it had been this morning. Not only would Chan have to wash his face, he’d also need to get him a fresh shirt but he could worry about that when he had the younger in the bathroom. The leader didn’t want to get yoghurt on himself too, so he carried Jeongin bridal-style and let him sit on the closed toilet lid. First, he stripped the boy of his soiled shirt, then he ran a washcloth under warm water, cleaning his face and wiping down his chest. The little didn’t open his eyes again after having to close them so Chan could wash his face. He was starting to doze off right there and the leader was just about to pick him up, when Changbin joined them with one of his sweaters. The rapper owned some massive sweaters that gave ‘oversized’ a whole new meaning but Jeongin loved them, always had, so despite having his eyes closed, his lips formed a little smile when his caregiver slipped it over him. When Chan finally picked him up and carried him to bed, he squeezed his eyes shut and nuzzled his face against the oldest’s neck. By the time, they were settled in his bed, with the little’s head resting against the Aussie’s chest, he was barely conscious anymore but still let out a while of protest when Chan took away his paci. When it was replaced with is bottle though, he contently suckled on it, almost finishing half of it when the older noticed his lips slowing and eventually stilling. The leader cooed at the cute boy falling asleep while drinking and put the bottle away, putting the pacifier back between his lips and saying good night to Jisung before they followed Jeongin to dreamland.
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pebblesss · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Day 14:
Build-a-bear or disney store?: I don't go to ether of those shops. I like to go to a toy shop called Smyths!
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carebearr · 4 hours ago
I honestly really want some more stuffies,specifically squishmallows😭
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pebblesss · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Flashy bear giving me cuddles while I drink some cordial in my bottle 🐶🍓🍇🍎🍼
Sorry, I have shaky hands 😅
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sleepy-stuffie-baby · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
♡16: Christmas. I just love the cold and the atmosphere just everything about it.
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