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wiitchkins · 2 days ago
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leading ladies of one does not love breathing in some..?. lets say work attire.
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pizza-bug · a year ago
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wake up
aged up au: marinette has a lot of guilt about what happened with adrien and can’t bring herself to get close to him
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jeffrrandell · 3 months ago
*deals these new designs like cards* consider
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decembercamiecherries · 2 months ago
Possible Killugon prompt! Since its almost June - Pride! 🌈
Soooooooooo I've never been to pride so I apologize in advance if my perception is inaccurate! I want to go this year though so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my schedule won't get too busy.
Also this turned out kind of long-ish? Sorry (not sorry XD)
“I don’t know, Killua…Isn’t this a bit much?”
“Gon, it’s pride. Nothing is too much.”
“If you say so.”
Gon tries not to squirm as Killua brushes something powdery across his eyelids. It tickles uncomfortably. He knows he promised Killua to let him do his makeup for the parade but he can’t help but wonder if he’s made a mistake.
Not that he doesn’t trust Killua, of course! Killua’s taste in fashion is so far above Gon’s that they don’t exist on the same planet. Killua knows what he’s doing. Gon just doesn’t like the itchiness of the product in his hair and on his skin.
“Okay, done!”
Gon blinks. Killua is beaming at him, one of those perfect smiles that makes Gon’s heart skip a beat. The makeup is automatically worth it just to make Killua look that happy.
“Do I look pretty?” Gon asks.
Instead of answering, Killua grabs his hand and tugs him over to the full length mirror in the hallway.
Gon stares. In true pride fashion, both he and Killua are decked out head to toe in rainbows. Gon’s hair is dusted green while the tips of Killua’s are dyed blue. Their matching tie dye shirts compliment the absurd amounts of glitter Killua had applied around Gon’s eyes. Even the flags painted on their cheeks are bold and striking.
“Wow,” Gon breathes and Killua’s manicured nails dig into his skin. “This is amazing—you’re amazing!”
“Sh-Shut up.”
“Why? I’m just telling the truth!”
“Because we’re going to be late if we stall much longer.”
Gon snorts as Killua leads them towards the door. “And whose fault might that be?”
“Hey, you can’t rush perfection. Besides, you’re happy right? With the makeup and everything?”
Gon squeezes his hand. “Of course I am. I’m always happy when I’m with you.”
Killua unlocks the door, looking over his shoulder at Gon with a smile tugging at his lips. “Sap. But—I’m happy whenever I’m with you, too. So let’s enjoy today together, okay?”
“Okay,” Gon agrees and follows after Killua as joy bursts like fireworks in his chest.
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sariahsue · 8 months ago
Adrien: Okay, good news and bad news.
Marinette: Bad news first.
Adrien: The cat pooped on your sewing machine. 
Marinette: We don’t have a cat.
Adrien: That brings me to the good news-
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judacris · 4 months ago
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Self-Heating Hot Spring on dm29.deviantart.com
Janna changes the pool temperature by adjusting the height of her towel.
A Patreon Commission
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zukkanthis · 10 months ago
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Part 2 of this AU. Gotta have a Sokka to go with my Zuko!
(And, as always, click for better quality!)
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ask-the-clarence-crew · 3 months ago
Hey Chad, what is your proudest moment with Clarence? What happened and what made you so proud of him?
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Mary: Oh Chad hun, you're getting tears all over ya glasses
Chad: I LOVE YOU MARE!!!!!!
Mary: I love ya too, Chad
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joobshroom · 3 months ago
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inspired by @yellowvixen !!
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arteamoonstar · 9 months ago
Days as Fire Lord
Days as Fire Lord are not as exciting as one might think.
Zuko pinches the bridge of his nose as the delegates around him continue to squabble over trivial trifles. Did no one realize there are bigger things to worry about at the end of a war. There are prisoners to free and governments to be restored. There is one bright side to the entire situation: Aang didn't appear to be having any more fun than he is, and Katara had given up on the entire thing and spent her days in the hospital assisting the fire sages in healing the injured and sick. There are always more to be helped, and it seems, his friend has taken it on herself to help them all.
It's at that moment the door to the throne room is thrown open with a BANG and an irate Katara is standing in the threshold, glaring at the assembled diplomats.
"This meeting will have to continue at another time, Fire Lord Zuko is due for another healing session, and I will not have his health suffer because of your bickering," she snaps.
The various men around Zuko mutter unhappily about a woman bursting into the room and making demands like that. How back in their day the women knew how to stay quiet, but no one dares look at Katara as they do it, and after only a few minutes, the room is cleared except for Katara, Zuko, and Aang. Aang looks between Katara and Zuko before breaking out in a childish grin.
"Well, I'm sp glad you cut that off, I'm dying for some lunch," he says, "and so is Momo." The lemur pops his head out of the neck of Aang's jacket. Katara shakes her head fondly and gives Aang a gentle shove out the door.
"Well go on then," she prompts.
Once Aang has left. Katara turns her sights on Zuko.
"I wasn't joking about you needing a healing session. I can see you shaking," she says wrapping an arm around his waist to help support him.
She doesn't even ask before leading him to her room. The supplies is already set up there, and they both seem to relax more there than in the hospital or Zuko's chambers.
She sits him on the bed and starts to unbutton his shirt so she can reach the bandages underneath.
"I take it by the look on your face, the talks aren't going well," she says as she collections water around her hands and moves it to the burns on Zuko's chest. The water glows an ethereal blue as she works. Zuko is hypnotized by it for a moment.
"Each of these so called diplomats are more worried about how to line their pockets than how to help the fire nation regain its honor," he says in frustration. Katara can feel his muscles tensing as he talks and she has to work a little harder to move his chi through those areas.
"You're doing the best you can. The world didn't end in one day. It's going to take more than one day to fix it," she says. Zuko can see determined glint in her eyes and hears the unspoken "we'll fix it together", he knows she means.
"And you'll be by my side?" He asks.
"You couldn't get rid of me if you tried," she says with a wink.
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katsukikitten · a year ago
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Time spent with Todoroki.
Warnings: This is a Pro Hero aged up AU, think late twenties. Adult themes such as sex are to follow. Please enjoy
Tumblr media
Shoto was by far your favorite sugar daddy. He showered you in lavish gifts and gave you the pipe often. He checked your bank account and made sure it never fell below a certain amount and paraded you around town like the Princess you were. But most importantly he was stoic. Doing nothing more than wiping you up with a warm rag once the two of you were finished, never clinging to you with desperate hands like many other sugar daddies had. Hoping their money would make you giddy and buy your love. Maybe it would have, had you not already run out of love for people. Your heart broken one too many times by a long term relationship causing you to vow that money was your only love. 
People were just too disappointing. 
Your contracts with Shoto were medium in length, anywhere between three to five months mostly because he likes to keep his "options open." Which filled you with pure lust for him, knowing you could get away with your kinks without worrying over some man falling for you. 
Still, it was difficult for the Pro hero not to fall for you, at first he had no interest in love. Having sworn it off mostly for fear of failure thanks to his dysfunctional family. It was the main reason he started looking into sugar baby websites, he saw your profile picture and your bolded No strings attached. He liked the idea of that, loved it really and yet, he became tangled in you after the renewal of your second contract. He tried to suppress the warm feeling in his chest, he found it difficult more times than not. 
Especially now, with you on your knees with his guicci jacket spread out on the tile of the bathroom floor as your lipstick clad lips wrap around his cock. Your cheeks hollowed and your eyes looking up at him with enchanting lust. He fists your hair shoving you further on his cock. Your eyes water as you gag softly and Todoroki is just thankful your makeup is waterproof. 
The sight and the sounds make him groan while your manicured nails dig into his bare thigh. You rub your thighs for friction, moaning around his cock, it's enough to send Shoto over the edge. Hot ropes of cum hit the back of your throat as his grip on your styled hair tightens. 
"Fuck Princess…." He moans bucking into your mouth, sharp eyes look down at you. Seeing a powerful man come undone for you is enough to keep you content for now. 
"Sir will take care of you after the gala okay?" His cheeks are still a little red as he runs his hand over your hair. Lifting you off the floor before fixing himself. He gives you a light spin, making sure nothing scuffed your gorgeous designer dress before he exits the stall. Pushing back his long hair while you retouch your lipstick with a knowing smirk. 
The two of you waltz back to the party, sans his jacket, abandoning the designer garment without a second thought. The price of it was barely a drop in his bucket. It could have been half of his bucket for all he cared, his mind always swimming with thoughts of you.  He places his hand on the small of your back as he guides you back to the table, dinner half forgotten once your hand wandered towards his crotch for a tease. 
"F...find the bar okay?' Izuku asks as you take your seat, your sly hand going for your wine. Uraraka blushes when you give her a wink. 
"Just fine." Shoto says sipping his whisky. 
"So who's won awards so far?" You ask with gleaming eyes, Izuku smiles. 
"Kaachan for most villains caught. Kirishima for the safest feeling hero, myself for rescue ratio." He holds up his small little trophy, "And you, Shouto, for most mysterious." 
"What about the rankings? Did we miss that?" 
"No they are about to announce it!" Uraraka exclaims, eyes glittering with excitement and wine. Her chestnut eyes slide over to her emerald eye date, hoping for the best for him. 
The announcer steps to the stage, his sapphire blue suit catching everyone's eye as he takes the center. 
"Ladies and gentlemen, it has been a night filled with congratulations and cheer but now is the moment you've been waiting for, tonight we will reveal the top three heroes. Voted in by a strenuous board appointed by the fans, we finally present the BIG THREE!" 
Some tables erupt in cheers while the host takes his dramatic pause, when the sound dies down the host brandishes the golden envelope. 
As he announces your hand wanders again, playing with your favorite toy, Shouto's face gives way nothing as the host drags out the awards. Explaining how long the winner's speeches should be. Soon Shouto cannot ignore your hands creeping on his clothed cock that throbs beneath your fingers. He knows he can't wait through what's bound to be a half an hour. He rises excusing himself dragging you with him before you're being cornered against a wall in some random closet. 
"So impatient, princess." He bites out, kissing your throat, sliding down to your exposed collar bone while his hand ventures between your thighs. Calloused pads circling your puffy clit as you let out a loud moan that's swallowed by the cheering of the gala room. Impatient himself he undoes his pants, stroking himself with his free hand while you cum on his fingers. 
After the coil in your stomach snaps for a third time he's satisfied, kissing you as he aligns the tip of his dick to your quivering entrance.
"Fuck, Shouto. Fuck me please, sir!" You beg, making his head spin, alcohol mingling in the small dark space. 
"Be patient kitten. Sir will fuck you right baby." He grunts, sheathing himself into your soaking core.  You cry out, clawing at his back through his shirt. The smell of biting cold hair mingling with the hearty smoke of a bonfire engulfs you as you press your face into his chest. He lifts both of your legs, strong hands grabbing onto thick thighs as he fucks into you with a deadly pace. Slapping skin and lewd wet sounds echo back to the two of you, encouraging his pistoning hips. 
"Listen to those sounds Princess, your pussy sounds so pretty." He bites at your ear as you endlessly moan and whimper into his chest. Cunt clenching as he drives over your spongy spot, the head of his cock going deeper with each thrust. Soon it all becomes too much, your vision spots panting as you cry out in ecstasy, body ridged and arching to meet him. 
"Cumming on my cock already?" He coos, fucking you through your next orgasim as your legs shake around him. Toes pointed in your red bottoms as you attempt to hold onto him for dear life. 
"S..sir! You cry out, "I'm gonna...nnngghhh." 
He ruts into you, pressing you further into the wall as he frees up one hand to play with your throbbing clit. Rubbing harsh circles as he loses focus on his precise thrusts that turn sloppy. His eyes too focused on you as you cum, milking his cock. Your eyes flutter, desperately attempting to hold eye contact as one hand palms your breast and the other scratches at the skin at the nape of his neck. Your tongue lulls out just a bit as your mouth makes a sinful O shape, a few tears of over stimulation fall down your cheeks as he continues to fuck into your wet cunt. The sight makes him explode into you, warm spurts of cum causing you to whimper and clench in delight as he ruts until he is done.  He sets his sweaty forehead against yours, panting as words claw up his throat. 
"I love..." He whispers, catching himself just in time, "Your tight cunt." 
He kisses you, hoping you don't think anything more of it. 
After a few minutes, and Shouto's cock softens, he withdraws. Wiping you up with a wipe from your purse as the two of you check the other for fluids. A drunken cat smile plastered on your lips as you reapply your lipstick, wiping away the stains on his dark grey shirt and collar. 
The two of you step into the hall just in time as the doors start to open. Quickly and calmly you grab for your pack of cigarettes, your normal alabi, placing the stick in your mouth. Shouto, much like a gentleman, lights it as you inhale to keep the tip a burning ember. Gently blowing the smoke over his clothes, careful to avoid his face as you waft the burning stick around yourself as if it were an incense. Knowing good and well the smell of smoke always hides the salty smell of sex. Quickly you extinguish it on an ice cube that Todoroki provides, you toss the cube in the closet and the half of a smoke into your burkin slamming it shut just as a small group of sidekicks approach. 
"Shouto! Wow! I can't believe it was a three way tie this year! Congrats to you, Deku and Dynamight!" They drunkenly cheer, "It's crazy how that happened." 
"You're so secretive, your manager accepted the award on your behalf even though you were here tonight!"
A stream of people dot on your date as you cling to his muscular arm while you harbor a secret of your own. Cum dribbles between your thighs as you think of his sweaty head against yours. It feels good to be a Pro hero sugar baby. 
Tumblr media
"You staying the night again?" Shouto asks as he presses a cold water bottle to your palm, your body covered in a sheen of post sex sweat from a week's worth of fun. You give him a small smile as you sit up, tits bouncing as you readjust entirely. You can feel his icy hot gaze as it rakes over your body, feeling the goose flesh prick along your skin as it does with the threat of an oncoming summer storm. 
"I wanna discuss the renewal of our contract. Plus we have a final date per the expiring one." He says as he rises, heading towards the luxurious ensuite to start a shower for you both. 
"Hmmm guess I could. How much longer do we have left?" You never really paid attention to this things, always being satisfied with whatever Shouto gave you. 
"Two weeks." He returns back from the bathroom, grabbing his wallet from his bedside table. Pulling out his onyx black card, he places it in your hand. His eyes holding yours, you give a devilish grin. 
"Sir has a lot of paperwork for the agency to do today. Buy a dress I want to fuck you in and anything else you want to match okay baby girl?" He leans down to give your forehead a kiss while you giggle. Unable to hide the giddy that bubbles beneath your skin, you wrap your arms around him. 
"Thank you sir!" You exclaim, pepper his cheeks with kisses as you pull back, "Do I get to pick the date again?"
"Mmhmm." He encourages, running his hand up your bare bare as you squeal with delight.  You rush to the bathroom before he slowly follows behind. While under the hot stream the two of you make out for far too long, tongues fighting as the two of you exchange laughs before you add a playful statement that stays with the two toned hair man as he sits in his boring home office. 
"I'm going to get a dress so classy and sinful you'll fuck me on the spot!" 
His eyes wander to the photo on his desk, the one of your first date. The one you insisted the two of you take after a month of late booty calls since he paid for the "girlfriend" package. The two of you are bundled in warm coats, you cling to his firey side as you laugh and he just barely smirks. 
Looking back he thinks this is when he started to fall for you. You had never been ice skating before and insisted on going while the two of you were in NYC for important PR interviews for the cold and mysterious hero. Because that's what people did in the movies while in NYC, put on their skates at the Rockefeller rink to glide along the ice beneath the sparkling lights of the giant Christmas tree. It was busy, he opted for no skates, as he did better without but he helped you lace yours. Being ginger for the first time in his life as he helped you onto the ice, after demanding a moment of independence you had fallen straight onto your ass. Giving Shouto second hand embarrassment but instead of yelling, crying out or giving up, you laughed. Genuinely laughed as you reached for his steady hand, captivating the whole rink for a moment. It felt like magic had washed over the ice, as snow slowly danced into your hair and the colorful lights danced across your eyes. Just like that the spell was broken with a flash of light. A stranger approached to give you a small tip on how to skate and the polaroid he had taken. You thanked them with a smile placing the photo into your coat pocket leaning into Shoto to share a secret. 
"Now we have our first 'date' immortalized!"  You had giggled, gliding across the ice as if you were ethereal, hands outstretched for Shoto to join you. 
He wonders how you're doing at the shops. He occasionally gets a text or two from you. Sexy pictures of you in the changing room as you obviously buy lingerie as well. 
He fists his cock enough times he gets no work done and by the time he convinces himself enough is enough you come home. 
Wearing that damned devilish smirk. 
And so another week passes in the four walls of his bedroom. Your bank account as stuffed as your pussy as you bounce on his heating and cooling cock. 
"Fuck, baby fuck." Is all Todoroki can say as you chase your own high. His blunt nails clawing at your thighs as your tits bounce. Your mouth opens into that gorgeous O as you seek out that delicious friction on your clit. The coil in your stomach snaps as your humping becomes erratic and sloppy but still enough for your tight cunt to spasm wonderfully over Todoroki. So nice is the sight, sound and smell of you that Todoroki pumps his hips up into you twice before he paints your velvety walls, his eyes focused on you. 
"Fuck." He presses his sweaty head into the silk of his pillow case. Two toned hair clinging to his forehead. You lean over and kiss his cheek. 
"Thanks for the ride Pro hero." You wink before you dismount. Stretching towards the sky once your feet hit the warmed hardwoods, you begin to make your way towards the bathroom. Phone in hand. 
"I wanted to talk about extending your contract." Todoroki says, staring after you, "At dinner tonight." 
"It expired tonight right?" You say, looking over your shoulder while your phone lights up with an alert, "No need for dinner." 
"What do you mean?" He calls to you as you start the shower. 
"I mean, I think we should let the contract expire. Keep things fresh you know? Keep our options open?" 
He jumps to his feet and begs the urgency to die in his step. Calmly with somber steps making his way to the ensuite. He finds you already in the shower, water washes away the smell of sweat. The smell of him as your phone glares up at him. He taps the screen and your recent notifications wave at him as he stares down. 
Reading one of them in horror. 
Todoroki isn't sure why he feels this way as he looks at your phone on his vanity. As if the world fell from beneath his feet. His throat burns as he stares at the illuminated glass, spiraling as steam clouds his vision that begins to blur. He knew what he signed up for, he wanted this. 
This detached, heart hidden exchange in hopes of choking down the loneliness 
But he never expected that when this ended it would feel as if his heart had been ripped out, stepped on and crushed beneath the heel of one of your red bottomed shoes. 
"Come on aren't you joining me for our last shower iced cutie?" 
"Uh yes I'm coming." He steps into the shower as the push alert on your phone burns into his brain. 
"Kirishima Eijirou has put in an offer." 
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wiitchkins · 25 days ago
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10 years later ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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pizza-bug · a year ago
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MDC (Part 1/?)
(ALL | NEXT >)
Post-Hawkmoth, Marinette finally brings her successful New York firm, MDC, to Paris months before the Winter Fashion week. Will she mend old bridges, or forge her new way as a new threat arises?
All those aged up comics I drew from 2019 are finally getting a continuation 🥴
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jeffrrandell · 5 months ago
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decembercamiecherries · 2 months ago
Writing Update!
The last time I was ready to start posting my multichapter fic I made an announcement on here, so I decided I wanted to do the same thing this time around! ^-^ Next week (June 12) I will post the first chapter of my new killugon au multichapter fic, Waiting on You! 
I started this fic back in summer 2020 as a one shot, lost interest in it, took a second look at it in summer 2021 and then decided to fully commit to finishing the fic in its entirety. I completed writing the fic in February 2022 and have been in editing hell for the last four months lol. The fic is inspired by the below prompt:
*My friend constantly sets me up on blind dates that each end horrifically because they think I’m lonely when really I’m just a huge introvert, and you’re the waiter who stays after and talks to me after every one and I’m pretty sure this wasn’t my friend’s original plan, but I think I’m starting to fall in love with you.*
Stats and other details about the fic are down below! Also thank you to @cyberflamingo who was kind enough to take a look at this fic while still in it’s draft version at very short notice, I can’t thank them enough for their insight and support!
Title: Waiting on You
Number of chapters: 21 (this might change depending on whether or not I decide to further break up the longer chapters)
Update schedule: Every Sunday starting in June and estimated to finish in October
Word count: about 90k
Content rating: Teen and up
Content warnings: Some manipulation from the Zoldyck family
Relationships: Killua Zoldyck/Gon Freecss, Killua Zoldyck & Gon Freecss, Killua Zoldyck & Alluka Zoldyck, Killua Zoldyck & Canary, Killua Zoldyck & Palm Siberia, Killua Zoldyck & Ikalgo, Killua Zoldyck & Zoldyck Family (but mostly Silva and Illumi), Gon Freecss & Kite, Alluka Zolydck/Zushi
Other tags: Modern AU, College/University AU, Aged Up Characters, Slow Burn, Pining, Crushes, Romance, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Flirting, Drinking, Jealousy, etc
Everything has a cost.
As heir to the Zoldyck business empire, it’s a rule Killua Zoldyck as understood and obeyed all his life. But when he befriends the local restaurant waiter Gon Freecss, he’s forced to re-examine his future in a new light.
Because if everything has a cost, what is KIllua willing to pay for wanting Gon?
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sketchy-panda · a year ago
Tumblr media
for @chatonne-rousse’s fic Lullaby and Goodnight
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judacris · a year ago
Tumblr media
Fun in the Sun with Jackie Lynn Thomas
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