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December monthly spread in my bullet journal. I decided to try out this weekly eraseble time table. What I did was block with permanent markers those hours of the week in which I know for sure I will always have work, to then each week plan with an eraseble pencil my study sessions and other tasks. I hope that the visual method will be helpful.

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75/100 days of productivity

This morning I finally finished my monthly spreads for december in my bullet journal. After that I had a meeting with my therapist, who I won’t be seeing for a couple of months. In the afternoon I gor back in my study routine and I started with work for my museology course, which I’ll be working on for the whole week to get back in track before the lessions start again. I also got around doing a 10 minutes session of journaling, which I hope will become more of an habit.

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هذا الاسبوع حجرب موقع notion عشان ارتب حياتي بطريقة مختلفة من باب التغيير :) 💛

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this line of Work, is extremely fucking hard …and there is no pay, no shit. 

trying to get Content, of Alien’s and the dirt Going down in the world, is the Hardest thing ever you Need to Balance, Educating the world with out going too far and fucking upp there agenda ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDD THEN THERE IS THE POINT OF the vid’s and Website’s getting kill the moment you Post it or a Week Later …. 

i Some Time’s wonder if there is a Special place in hell for the fucker alwasy on My ass killing the fact’s and just Making Life Harder in General 

No fuck’s Given, the Watchful asshole’s Move n, fuck it up and Kill the Data …. i Alwasy wonder if the Fire of hell are Going to Kill there fucking Soul … 

Karma is a Bitch ya Kno ! 

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