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I have nothing clever to say here, this is just what happens when you let an edgelord be in charge of rainbows.

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Pride options: 

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Genshin Impact ​​​🗡️ Aether Pride Icons

> Gay / Bi / Pan / MLM / Aroace / Transgender / Nonbinary / Demiboy / Agender

Many more Aether pride icons can be found here! (and also some more down below)

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i’m so lonely. i smoke alone. i drink alone.

i don’t want to be bothered

i just want to get better and live.

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Today’s gender is- That shape between a T and an F that you tried to use when you didn’t know the answer on true false questions.

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Call for Submissions for March 2021: Surveys

The Gender Exploration Carnival is one of several blogging carnivals – an event where a host blog puts out a theme for the month, participants create content and share the links with the host, and the host posts a round-up at the end of the month. For more information, you can check out the FAQ page [1].

For March 2021, the theme I have chosen to self-host on the Gender Exploration Carnival WordPress is “Surveys.” In past years, the Gender Census (@gendercensus) has started in February and gone through at least the end of March, so I thought it would be an appropriate time to ask survey related questions. (Clarification: This year the survey is currently slated to close on 10 March 2021 [2].) I’d like to remind participants that the following prompts are suggestions, and you are not required to answer one question (or all of them) in order to participate as long as your submission is connected to the theme. You are also not required to fill out and take part in the Gender Census in order to participate.

Suggested prompts:

  • What do you do when a survey doesn’t include an option for your gender?
  • How do you answer when questions assume a gender that remains unchanged as a genderfluid, genderflux, and/or multigender person?
  • Have you heard of the Gender Census already?
  • Would you like to share your thoughts on some of that survey’s questions or past results? (Identity words, titles, pronouns, and the like.)
  • The matter of age and where you hear about a survey when sharing something like this online. Do you have ideas for how to spread a survey, not necessarily restricted to the Gender Census, to more places and people who aren’t already on certain sites (like tumblr)?
  • For those familiar with making and analyzing surveys: Do you have any experience you’d like to share about being on the other end compared to those of us who solely fill them out?

The deadline for submissions is midnight EST [UTC-5] on 1 April 2021. I will post the round-up around 2:30 am EST on 1 April 2021 and will accept late submissions until then. You can submit an anonymous entry for this month by emailing (the post will be self-hosted on WordPress), or you can leave a link to your submission in a comment on the WordPress Call for Submissions [3]. If you have an idea for a theme and would like to host, please leave a comment on “Volunteer As Host” [4].

[1] genderexplorationcarnival . wordpress . com/FAQ
[2] smartsurvey . co . uk/s/GenderCensus2021/
[3] genderexplorationcarnival . wordpress . com/category/call-for-submissions
[4] genderexplorationcarnival . wordpress . com/2021/01/20/volunteer-as-host/

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aroace agenders are very poweful

gender: no

sexual attraction: no

romantic attraction: no

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Anon asked: Agender Angie Yonaga Icons

Here they are, I hope you’re satisfied! If you want then without the yellow filter (or with any change) drop another ask!




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- Mod Shuichi

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