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pink-inkling · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It looks like the old agent 3 has been upgraded to the Captain now, and she’s got scars! Poor baby..
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2dart · a month ago
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thecreatorseye · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Update on the Agent Loboto Rig. I ended up having to model him a new coat as the otherone corrupted for some werid reason. Most of the weights are back in place now, apart from a couple small tweaks along with some face textures alterations Oh yeah, and he has eyes now XD and removable glasses :D
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thefoxybinch · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
While I’m spamming stuff, have a doodle of my new little agent Twi. Her name is Ezzy uwu
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ssahotchsbitch · 16 days ago
Prompt-ober - Day 9 - Halloween
Prompt from @prentisspoppet
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner X Fem!Reader
Prompt-ober Masterlist
"You're cute when you're sleepy."
Tumblr media
It had been a very festive day. A day of Halloween activities, Halloween, this year, luckily fell on a weekend so you could celebrate without school getting in the way. It started off with your daughter – Amy just shy of 3 – waking the whole household up at a sharp 4am. Not that she knew what havoc she was causing in her room at that time, but still.
Jack groaned as he walked into the kitchen at 7am, his dirty blond hair in a messy while dragging a blanket along with him, to perch upon a stool waiting ever so patiently for the Halloween breakfast that Aaron had planned the night before.
He’d ordered ghost shape cookie-cutters that could be used to make ghost shape pancakes, with a group of choc-chips in the places the eyes, and mouth would be. Whilst you were getting Amy ready in her festive outfit. Which included a black top with a pumpkin on it and skeleton leggings.
Once breakfast was consumed with the thumbs up all around it was pumpkin carving time. You and Jack chose to do a cat, Aaron with Amy’s help, which was mostly getting the pumpkins insides everywhere, did a scary face.
They proudly took pride of place in front of the fireplace, with a tee-light inside for when it gets dark.
Jack and Amy watched child-friendly Halloween movies, which varied from Hocus-pocus to the scooby-doo Halloween special. While you and Aaron made Pumpkin pie in the kitchen.
You were wearing one of Aaron’s quarter-zips, it being baggy on you and cover you down to mid-thigh, though you were wearing an apron to protect it from the flour. Aaron’s hands were all over you. From you hips to your cheeks when he kissed you. He’s a handsy man.
The day outside looked perfect for an autumn day, the colours of autumn blossomed in your garden, with piles of leaves scattered around across the over-grown lawn. A slight breeze, but nothing a jacket couldn’t protect you from.
Just before it got too dark, everyone changed into their costumes. Jack went as Spiderman, Amy went as baby Groot, You went as Natasha, and Aaron did the bare minimum as Steve Rogers.
With baby Groot in your arms, and Jacks hand in Aaron’s you scattered around the neighbourhood looking for sweets and chocolates.
Jack scored a lot and shared some with his sister, who didn’t have that many opportunities given that she passed out on your shoulder 5 minutes into the scavenging.
Once the 2 rascals were in bed, which took a long time given that Jack sneaked in some sweets before bed, and Amy woken up full of life, you crashed on the sofa resting you head into Hotch.
“God they are tiring.” You chuckled, trying to stifle a yawn
“Yes, yes they are.” He agreed placing his head on top of yours.
Your eyes started to flutter close, “You’re cute when you’re sleepy.” He smiled.
“Carry me to bed then?” You asked batting your eyelashes at him.
“You know that Amy has those exact eyes when she was pleading for her sweets.” Hotch tangled his fingers into your hair, “But of course, I’ll carry my sweet wife to bed.”
“I trained her to do that.” You tiredly laughed as Aaron hoisted you up in bridal style.
“The eyes?” He asked, smiling down at you, all sleepy and adorable.
“Yeah, I told her if you want to get anything bat your eyelashes, daddy is weak to them.” You smile resting your head on his shoulder.
“I am weak to them.” He smiled, “Now I need to train her to do something else, something that’ll break you.”
“Nah, Jack’s got his eyes which can easily break me.” You closed your eyes as Hotch carries you up the stairs, “Maybe it’s a Hotchner thing.”
“It’s definitely a Hotchner thing.” He agreed, gently opening the door.
Once you crashed onto the bed you shimmed out of your costume and into your pjs. Slipping underneath the white covers and latching onto Aaron, “What if…” You ponder, “We had another one?”
“Another baby?” He beamed, “I would love to.” He pressed kiss onto your forehead, “I’ll have as many kids as possible I can with you.”
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oriorwriter · 11 months ago
Things I wished I knew before writing a novel
(tag @oriorwriter_ if sharing on Instagram)
Stories are my favorite thing in the world, in any of their forms. And now that I have a finished novel in my hands, I can finally say what it's been like.
1 - If you can't write something, it's usually because you can't visualize it. Get up and act it if necessary, or daydream about it.
2- You'll need to set deadlines, and be able to respect them but also adjust them in order to do everything the best you can.
3- Your english is actually good! (English is my 3rd language and I learnt it online :) )
4- Organization is everything.
5- You'll have to pay attention to every big thing, and especially to every little thing.
6- Forgive imperfection, but require progress.
7- If the writing feels odd, it HAS to be rewritten. You're not mysterious, you're confusing.
8- Finding your voice will make everything faster to write and better to read.
9- Prepare printing paper, ink, and tissues.
10- Take your time and never rush a scene. If you need more time, make it.
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anubhavj · 6 months ago
Real Estate Careers for you to Consider in 2021
Tumblr media
Real Estate Careers
If you have negotiation skills like a salesperson, number-crunching ability like an analyst, strategic planning skills like a consultant, and can juggle multiple tasks like a manager, then pursuing one of the real estate careers is an ideal option for you. As the real estate industry in India and across the world continues to flourish, the demand for professionals equipped with domain-specific knowledge remains strong. Plus, by pursuing professions like property management or real estate law, you get the flexibility to work at your own pace and earn a high annual income. We have enumerated upon conventional and unconventional real estate careers and the kind of work you will get to do in each role-
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one-time-i-dreamt · 4 months ago
I was Cher’s talent agent and we passed a building that said “Grandmothers' Singing Society” and we could hear the grandmothers singing gospel music. Cher wanted to join them so I went and talked to their director and Cher was making a mess of things so I told her to go sit down and then got her into the Grandmothers' Singing Society. Once she was in, she was being rude to me and when we got lunch she gave me soup with watermelon in it instead of regular soup with saffron in it. :/
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pseudological · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
drew more milf during school
u wanna ask her out so bad, be honest /lh
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gingerly-writing · 5 months ago
Prompt request: Lovers to enemies. Anything involving lies, betrayal, or heartbreak. I just want it to hurt.
"Hate you?" the villain repeated softly. "No, of course not. How could I ever hate someone who has been so very useful?" They wrapped an arm around the sobbing hero, pressed a gentle kiss to their hair. "Your love is the most beautiful gift and effective tool I have ever been given. I could never hate the person who gave me everything I needed to conquer the world."
"You're the one that left," the agent snapped. "You don't get to act sad that we're over."
"You're the one that stayed," the hero retorted, cape swirling around them as they floated overhead. "The Agency is rotten to the core—everything we were doing was making the world worse. Everything you're still doing continues to make the world worse." They softened, just slightly, the line of their shoulders drooping. "You could...join me. Like I joined you in the beginning."
The agent watched them for a long, long moment. "The only way I will ever join you," they promised, voice low and fervent, "is in death. Keep that in mind next time you think about recruiting me."
"You're choosing them over me? I'm the love of your life, the greatest ally you've ever had, and you're choosing that- that scum over me?!"
"I am choosing their lives over your violence." The superhero's hands trembled behind the folds of their cape, but they forged on. They had to. "You can't kill every minor villain in the city in the name of helping me. That's not helping me, it's just murder."
"I'm saving you the trouble of fighting them over and over-"
"No. You're not. You're saving yourself the trouble of feeling jealous."
Their lover reeled as if they'd been slapped. "I- what- how dare you!"
"You're- a villain now?"
"A supervillain", their ex-lover corrected. "The only people in this city who ever got your full attention were your enemies. Well, now I'm going to be your greatest enemy of all."
thank you for commissioning these! if anyone else would like to commission a prompt set my kofi is here <3
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dimespin · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
I had shown some folks on discord an old close up painting of The Autumn Man’s eye to show the disk in a bowl arrangement of it and then decided to paint it again to see how I’d approach it this time
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zeemendoza · 6 months ago
I was curious about a young pre-scar cecil and created an abomination sorry
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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digital-phobia · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Lol. This is what I meant when I said, "I wanted to try something different"
Tried to be all manga and stuff.
Let me me know what you guys think about this?
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