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Dude, I already love you. 

I am immensely open to a great different number of fic tropes and/or artwork, so there is very little I do not like. Feel free to drop into my in-box and ask questions/open dialogue under anon. But really, do what floats your boat! Give me complete AUs (i.e. where both Peggy and Steve are FBI agents, or something). Or give me missing scenes from the movies/Agent Carter (i.e. where they are secretly making out in tents during WWII, or whatnot). Or give me slight AUs (i.e. where alternate reality Captain Rogers comes to visit Peggy just before Skinny!Steve undergoes the transformation, or whatever). Give me sweet and funny, or dark and angsty. I really do love EVERYTHING about this pairing, so take your pick.

As far as ratings, I am good to go with whatever you’re comfortable with. I tend to write and read higher ratings more, but that is absolutely not a criteria. 

I love Agent Carter Season 1 a lot! (S2, unfortunately, not my cuppa tea - but maybe you gotta fic idea that will make me love it?!) I love all the Captain America movies and Endgame an obscene amount. I love the relationships between Peggy and Howard, Peggy and Jarvis, Peggy and Angie. I love the relationships between Steve and Natasha, Steve and Sam, Steve and - pretty much everybody, honestly. I am a firm believer that Peggy and Tony would have gotten along smashingly, just like she did with Howard.

Things to avoid: character bashing, non-con, and death. No other ship bashing either. No A/B/O, if at all possible, as I’ve recently learned what that is. Also, no sad endings, please?

Other than that, I reiterate: I already love you, my secret Santa! I hope you have fun with this!

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“Keep your helmet, keep your life, son
Just a flesh wound, here’s your rifle
Crawling up the beaches now
“Sir, I think he’s bleeding out”
And some things you just can’t speak about

With you, I serve
With you, I fall down, down
Watch you breathe in
Watch you breathing out, out
Only 20 minutes to sleep
But you dream of some epiphany
Just one single glimpse of relief
To make some sense of what you’ve seen

–– Epiphany”, A Song by Taylor Swift.

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Wintertime is magical. Or not. I don’t know. I’m just your intrepid reporter.

Let’s take a look at some appropriate winter activities.


Peggy builds a snowman. Lovely.


Ana reads Obed a book. Wearing her swimsuit. Odd choice, but okay.

You know when it’s not a good idea to wear a swimsuit in winter?

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Okay, but just two things

Steggy but it’s frozen— kristoff is Steve and Anna is Peggy— Michael is Elsa and Hans is Fred wells. And you know things ensue alright

Second, steggy but it’s the 12 dancing princesses and I haven’t thought this one through as much but you know I think it would be cute and stuff alright

That’s it that’s the post do with it what you will

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28. Smoke

a/n: this is the last of my november prompt asks, and i know i said they were closed but theres still 2 days left in the month so if you guys want anymore of the nov prompts send em in! ill make sure to get them all done before dec 1 too :) here’s the list

“Oh, I knew I shouldn’t have left this up to you.”

Jack looked up from his position in front of the oven. He wore oven mitts, but that would do him no good with the amount of smoke protruding from the oven. He gave you a shy smile. “I think I burnt the turkey.”

“You think?” You laid your things down and moved into the kitchen.

Jack stood, rubbing the back of his neck with his mitt. “I don’t know what to do now.”

“Well,” you walked over to him, taking his oven mitts, “let’s get rid of this turkey first.”

Carefully, you pulled the burnt turkey from the oven, being careful of the smoke. You set it down on the stove before removing the gloves and opening the kitchen window. You turned to Jack.

He raised an eyebrow. “What now?”

“Did you start on any of the other dishes for dinner.”

Hesitantly, Jack shook his head.



You nodded. “Come on, hotshot. Let’s go find somewhere that’s open hopefully. We’ll try again tomorrow.”

“But it’s Thanksgiving! What about tradition?”

You grabbed your things from where you had set them down before. “You really want to try and cook some more after that disaster?”

Jack looked where you pointed at the burnt turkey, smoke billowing out of the open window. He turned back to you. “Where’d you have in mind?”

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