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ghostlessmercer3 days ago
"Who's this? Your daddy?" is the single best response to Hotch entering a room in the whole fuciing series
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ssa-hotchners-wife6 days ago
OH MY GOSH. ANOTHER IDEA. this one can be more of a blurb but like omg. ok so like hotch catches reader doing a yoga practice and like ALL he can think about is the flexibility of reader and the NUMEROUS positions that could be a result of said yoga practice 馃憖馃憖馃憖
OH MY GOD YES! 18+ only please!
The day started out like any other- well, sort of. Jack was still at Jess's for a sleepover with one of his friends and this was a rare day when he didn't have to be at the office before the sun rose. Aaron awoke to an empty bed and he felt around the covers to see if he could determine how long you had been and the cold sheets told him at least half an hour to an hour. There wasn't many days he could sleep in later than 4am so he was thankful that you let him rest, but wanted kisses and decided to go look for you.
He tossed the covers away from him and stood up to stretch, noting the cracks and stretching of his limbs as he did so.
"Im gettin' old." He mumbled to himself, running a hand over his face to wipe away the sleep he felt clinging to him still.
Once he was settled, he went in search for you. The bathroom was empty and so was the kitchen, the living room, and the dining room. You weren't in your office or the game room or the closet (doing laundry). He did find you in the garden, but it wasn't the bright sunlight that made him pause.
It was you. Beant over. Doing yoga.
His weakness.
You were oblivious- earbuds in and listening to your morning podcast as you were in the position that had you on your knees and your arms stretched out in front of you. You had told him what all of these positions were, but that knowledge flew right out the door when he saw your yoga attire.
Spandex shorts and a sports bra, with your hair in a ponytail. Different colors every day, but also the same reaction in his gut when he saw you. He did have his own way of naming the different positions you did, though.
Like the one you were in now- it was similar to how you rode his hard cock when you were too desperate to be away from him.
Downward dog meant doggy style (his favorite).
Warrior 2 meant you were beant over the washing machine while he gripped your hips as he fucked into you from behind.
Shoulder stand meant you were on the floor but leaning up against the bed with your legs spread while he ate you out like a man given his first meal in days.
Bound angle pose was how you sat in his lap in bed while he held your cuffed hands behind your back as he used you for his pleasure.
Morning yoga always meant he was getting morning sex, and it was a beautiful day to have it in your hidden garden.
Pun intended.
I hope you liked it! Google helped with the poses so blame them if I got anything wrong! Also, thinking about this made me horny so wow 馃槀
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can someone please recommend some criminal minds fan fics (emily prentiss or aaron hotchner)
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racingairplanes8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
requested by: anonymous
鉁 criminal minds headers + color palettes -> aaron hotchner in 5x07 "the preformer" 鉁 - 鈽 credit/tag me if you use or save 鈽 - 鈿擄笌 taglist -> @jemilyology @scandinavian-punk @luke-alvez @thejeidhater @suburban--gothic @spencers-renaissance @moreidsdaughter @alexandrablake @jelle-jareau @yourfinalbow @valentinespencer @ssahoodrathotchner
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marvelouspouges9 days ago
Ok like I can鈥檛 be the only one who when the BAU team is happy like anything good happens for them I鈥檓 like just in tears they deserve the world馃挄
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thewhitejournal10 days ago
鈥淭he Intern鈥 Part Six
Tumblr media
Aaron Hotchner x Female!Reader Series
(not my gif)
hey guys! i know i haven鈥檛 been active in awhile and i apologize, but i hope this final chapter (unless y鈥檃ll want like an epilogue or something of that nature) of 鈥榯he intern鈥 makes up for it. i鈥檓 so sad to see this series go because it was one of my favorites to write but we got more series, one shots, and all that good stuff on the way!
please enjoy my loves :) <3
content warnings: cursing, super fluffy and sappy towards the end
thewhitejournal鈥檚 masterlist
鈥渢he intern鈥 masterlist
The past four weeks have flown by quickly. You were out of the cast and back on your feet in the bullpen. You were helping out everywhere; between running errands for Garcia and helping out with the rest of the team, you were dead tired by the end of the day. But it didn鈥檛 matter to you. You were finally getting a taste of what you loved, even with school and classes still a part of your daily routine. You were eternally grateful for the geniuses you had on hand when you were doing homework in between tasks. Everything be damned if you didn鈥檛 take advantage of it.
A groan slipped from your lips, filling every nook and cranny in Garcia鈥檚 office. It broke the comfortable silence between the two of you, other than the sound of her fingernails clicking away on the keys at record speed.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 a matter, babe?鈥, she asked, gaze never wavering from the work in front of her. Your head now rested on your arms on the table in front of you. You let out an exasperated sigh.
鈥淚 hate math.鈥, you stated simply, earning a chuckle from her. She rolled her chair over next to yours, placing a gentle hand on your back.
鈥淟et me see it.鈥 You sat up so she could look over your work. The page was littered with dozens of scratch work equations that were slightly visible from having been erased. Most of the questions had half-completed answers or none at all. She shook her head.
鈥淵ou should ask Reid. Why do they change the way people do math every year?鈥 You sighed again as she rolled back to her desk. You gathered your book and assignments up in your arms and carried them out into the bullpen, eyes falling on Dr. Reid scribbling away on a file.
鈥淚鈥檓 glad I caught you here, I need the help of a genius.鈥, you explained, pulling an empty chair up to his desk after having sat your things down on it. He looked taken aback by your sudden approach. He didn鈥檛 say anything at first, not meeting your eyes. 鈥淚f you鈥檙e too busy right now, then don鈥檛 worry-鈥, you started, but were cut off by his stammering.
鈥淣-no, I鈥檓 not too busy for you, (Y/N).鈥 If you didn鈥檛 know any better, you鈥檇 say a slight blush crept upon his cheeks. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 the w-work?鈥, he asked you, clearing his throat and meeting your eyes for only split seconds at a time. You smiled and shook your head at the awkward doctor, letting him take a look at the papers. He quickly realized what you were working on, then tried helping you, going on ramblings about the equations and variables you didn鈥檛 understand. Eventually, you could form answers to your questions on the pages.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e a lifesaver, Spencer. Thanks.鈥, you said, flashing him a bright smile. He offered you a small smile and minimal eye contact. You just turned and left, satisfied with the completed worksheet. You returned to Garcia鈥檚 office to see Hotch there, standing over her. They were talking about something; pictures of criminals and crime scenes flashed the screens on the walls as she clicked around and typed. You froze in the doorway.
Aaron Hotchner was a wonderful boss and an amazing man; he thought of you as an outstanding addition to the team, so you had no reason to be so intimidated by him. But you couldn鈥檛 help it. Maybe it had something to do with the way you鈥檇 seen him interrogate suspects so intensely, or maybe with the fact that you had a bit of a crush on him. You鈥檇 never admit to the latter though. It was unprofessional and wrong, but it felt so right all at the same time.
Almost as if he could sense your presence, he called you in the room without ever turning to face you. You moved towards him, setting your things down on your desk. You stood next to him in the already small, getting smaller space. His body heat radiated onto your skin, cologne filling your senses. You swallowed hard, hoping he didn鈥檛 hear it.
鈥(Y/L/N), see if you can help Garcia find a connection between some of these victims. If you find anything, just drop by my office and let me know.鈥, he stated, turning to face you. There were only inches between your bodies; you couldn鈥檛 meet his eyes. You could feel his gaze looking down on you, so you looked up, ready to maintain composure.
His brown eyes looked black in the minimal light of the room. 鈥淵es, sir.鈥 You could hear your voice waver slightly and you kicked yourself internally for it. You couldn鈥檛 help but think that if Garcia weren鈥檛 here, this would be a very different story. He looked in your eyes a little longer than might鈥檝e been necessary, then gave you a smirk before leaving. He shut the door behind him.
You exhaled immediately, nearly doubling over. You hadn鈥檛 realized you鈥檇 barely been breathing.
鈥淛esus Christ, (Y/N), I鈥檓 surprised he didn鈥檛 fuck you right against that wall!鈥, she hissed under her breath, in case he was still in earshot. You gasped.
鈥淕arcia!鈥, you exclaimed, lightly slapping her shoulder.
鈥淵ou could cut the sexual tension between the two of you with a knife!鈥, she retorted. The two of you made eye contact.
鈥淩eally? It鈥檚 not just me?鈥, you asked with full sincerity.
鈥淗ell no! You need to get on that, (Y/N).鈥, she said with a knowing smile, sending you a wink. Your cheeks flushed hot red and you rolled your eyes.
鈥淕arcia, I can鈥檛 do that. You know it鈥檚 wrong.鈥 As much as you wanted to pursue anything with Hotch, you were telling her the truth. It was wrong. You walked over and sat in your seat, sighing and starting to work on your homework again.
鈥淗oney, love is never wrong.鈥, she said in that soothing and comforting voice. You knew that, on some level, she was right. You dropped your pencil, unable to focus on your work. You swiveled to face her.
鈥淵eah, cause that argument would go over well with Strauss. Or whoever is above her.鈥 She sighed. She knew you were right, too.
鈥淛ust don鈥檛 count him out yet. You two鈥eserve happiness. I think you could give each other that.鈥 You knew she was serious. She placed a hand on your knee, squeezing it.
鈥淭hanks, PG.鈥 You gave her a half-smile. She shrugged.
鈥淲hat鈥檙e friends for?鈥 She flashed you a huge smile, and the two of you returned to your respective workloads.
Nearly four hours later, you鈥檇 long ago finished your homework, and now you were helping Garcia with the workload provided to the two of you by Hotch. The two of you agreed with each other that you鈥檇 need some eye bleach after this; the images flashing on the screen were those that most people could never stomach seeing.
You rubbed your eyes, blinking afterwards. Your eyes physically hurt from staring at the screens for hours. Suddenly, a pattern caught your attention. 鈥淕arcia, do you see that?鈥 Your finger prodded the screen. She pulled her glasses so that they鈥檇 rest on top of her head, and leaned closer to the screen. She pulled a window from the top left corner so it would sit next to the one you two were looking at. Then, she pulled another picture from the fray of images and documents.
鈥淎 signature鈥︹, the two of you muttered in unison. You locked eyes and shared a laugh.
鈥淲e finally found a pattern!鈥, you exclaimed, the life returning to your body as the joy flowed through you. Maybe it was because you were new, but making a connection like this and getting one step further to a solution felt so good. Garcia chuckled. You knitted your brows, looking over at her. 鈥淲hat?鈥
She gave you a sly smile. 鈥淵ou know you have to report to the boss, right?鈥 Your heart sank in your chest. She was right. Your eyes flickered to the clock on the wall.
鈥淚t鈥檚 kinda late, do you think he鈥檚 even still-?鈥
鈥(Y/N), you know damn well he鈥檚 still in his office. If he could, he鈥檇 live here. Now go!鈥 She ushered you out the door, almost by full force, but not before trying to undo a button on your top. You swatted her hand away and left the room, the sound of her laughter fading with every step you took forward.
Entering the bullpen, there were few agents left for the night. Dr. Reid still lingered, hunched over and lost in his paperwork. He looked up when you walked in, eyes following you as you walked and ascended the stairs to Hotch鈥檚 office. Not that you knew his gaze tracked you; you were too nervous about being alone with Aaron in his office to notice anything other than the floor beneath your feet.
Your knuckles rapped softly on the door and you heard him call you in from the other side. You exhaled, trying to get yourself together. It was ridiculous, the effect he had on you. You wondered if he knew.
You turned the knob, pushing the door open and shutting it behind you. The desk lamp illuminated a stack of papers, his pen scrawling what was likely his signature on the bottom of a sheet of paper. He looked up momentarily, then his gaze fell back on his desk. 鈥(Y/L/N). Did you and Garcia find anything?鈥 The sound of your heels echoed in the room as you carried yourself to his desk. You took a seat in the cushioned leather chair that sat spaced evenly from his desk and another chair that looked exactly like it.
You cleared your throat before saying, 鈥淲e did find a pattern, a signature on all the victims.鈥 He perked up, raising an eyebrow at you. You presented your findings to him, careful to keep your voice steady and not make eye contact with him for too long. It then occurred to you there was really no reason to try to hide your feelings around him; he was, after all, one of the best profilers the BAU had ever seen. You were sure he already knew. Worth a shot to try and keep it hidden, though, you figured.
After your rant was over, he nodded approvingly, a small smile on his lips. 鈥淕reat job, (Y/N).鈥 Your heart pumped quicker in your chest at the sound of your first name on his voice. But his voice was different than usual, so was his tone. He was tired, resulting in his voice being barely an octave deeper. Which didn鈥檛 help your nerves settle.
鈥淭hank you, sir.鈥, you said with a twinge of confidence in your tone. It made you happy to impress him; his validation made it feel like you were getting better at your job every day. He suddenly chuckled, and you weren鈥檛 sure why, until he spoke up.
鈥淚 told you, (Y/L/N), you can call me Hotch. Or Aaron, if you鈥檇 like.鈥 He leaned forward in his chair more, dark amber eyes burning a hole through you. Did he ever offer anyone else to call him Aaron? You weren鈥檛 sure you鈥檇 ever heard anyone else call him that 鈥 not to his face, anyway. Other than Rossi, maybe. But they were close friends.
鈥淭hanks, Hotch.鈥, you spoke softly, stifling a small yawn. You鈥檇 play it safe for now, but the gesture itself meant everything to you. He smiled, almost satisfyingly so, leaning back in his office chair. He raised his right wrist to look at his watch, noting the time, before meeting your eyes again.
鈥淚t鈥檚 late, (Y/L/N). You should head home. You鈥檝e been a lot of help today, as usual, of course.鈥 You would never get used to hearing him compliment you. Your eyes flickered between the stack of paperwork and him. You鈥檝e spent enough time at the BAU to know that those files needed to be reviewed, signed, and done by the end of the weekend, which crept closer with every passing second. As amazing at his job as he was, there was no way humanly possible he鈥檇 finish it in time and get a wink of sleep at the same time.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 a lot of paperwork.鈥, you noted aloud. He nodded, likely knowing where you were going with the words that would follow.
鈥淚t is.鈥 His eyes narrowed at you, a small smirk playing on his face as he awaited your question.
鈥淵ou can鈥檛 finish all of that and still have time to sleep.鈥 He was silent. He knew you were right. 鈥淲hat can I do to help?鈥
Hotch just chuckled, shaking his head. 鈥淵ou鈥檒l burn yourself out, you know.鈥 Nevertheless, he passed you a black ink pen, your fingertips brushing each other鈥檚 hands in the process.
鈥淚 could say the same thing about you.鈥 He chuckles deeply and shrugs. You smile to yourself, successful in making him smile, which is a rare accomplishment for most.
A comfortable silence falls over the two of you as hours pass and the pile dwindles to only three or four files. The two of you migrated to the leather couch in his office, a more comfortable place to work on a tedious assignment for hours. You鈥檇 lost count of the yawns you鈥檇 let slip from your lips. Even Hotch seemed to have trouble staying awake. You glanced at the time. You鈥檇 been in his office for almost four hours. Your mind wandered to what Garcia will have to say about 鈥榳hat really happened last night鈥. The time slowly crept into the early morning hours of the next day.
鈥(Y/N)鈥, Hotch begins, breaking the silence. You look up at him, waiting on him to continue. 鈥淚鈥檒l drive you home if you鈥檙e too tired to drive. And a ride back to the office in the morning for your car. But you can鈥檛 oversleep.鈥, he jokes. You hit his arm lightly.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 oversleep!鈥, you exclaim, trailing off. 鈥淭hat often.鈥 You stifle a yawn before answering, 鈥淟et鈥檚 just finish these last few and I鈥檒l drive myself home. I wouldn鈥檛 want to be in your way.鈥
His mind was filled with one thought: 鈥淗ow could you ever burden me, (Y/N)?鈥. But he didn鈥檛 answer you. He just handed you a file and took one for himself, the two of you finishing the workload quickly. On your last one, it took all your strength to focus on the words on the paper and your handwriting. It felt like the couch was pulling you in. The cushions wrapped you up, softer than how you鈥檇 imagine a cloud would feel. You didn鈥檛 mean to, but your eyes fluttered shut and stayed that way as you drifted to sleep.
Aaron didn鈥檛 even notice at first that you鈥檇 fallen asleep. He continued working, lost in the papers and his mind. He got so enveloped with the case, he hadn鈥檛 noticed the slow rise and fall of your chest and your body relaxed into his chest. Once he did notice though, that he wasn鈥檛 just being used as a cushion, it was all he could pay attention to.
It wasn鈥檛 that you always looked stressed, but it was a nice sight to see you so relaxed. He kept thinking about how you deserved it, what you might be dreaming about, even. Thinking about if it might鈥檝e been him. A dread grew within him, knowing he鈥檇 have to wake you. He didn鈥檛 want to; you just looked so peaceful, angelic. Beautiful.
So he didn鈥檛.
Instead, he draped a blanket 鈥 which he happened to have, thrown across the back of the couch, in case he had a late-night himself 鈥 over your resting form. He made sure to cover you fully, from below your neck to your toes, without waking you. Another thought soon crept into his head: he couldn鈥檛 just leave you here, overnight, alone.
He evaluated his options. He could try to sleep in his office chair, which he鈥檇 done before. It wasn鈥檛 the most comfortable. There was no room to lay down on the couch, for obvious reasons. He had a couple of chairs in the office, but鈥
His gaze fell upon you again. Was it risky, waging a war with fate in the chance that the two of you might be caught snuggling on the couch together? Absolutely, it was. But he was willing to take that chance. Besides, who could tell him, their boss, that he was wrong? Sure, the two of you may never quit hearing about it, but he wouldn鈥檛 mind. And something told him you wouldn鈥檛 either.
After doing a quick scan of the bullpen for remaining agents, and finding none, he shifted his weight ever so slowly, letting you fall gently onto the couch. He stepped quietly over to his desk to flick the lamp off, then closed the shades slowly, and shut the door, careful not to let the door handle click too loudly. He shrugged off his suit jacket and shoes, draping his jacket over your already-covered body.
He got as comfortable as possible on the cushion that he鈥檇 previously occupied, slowly, as to not shift the cushions and risk waking you. His eyes were trained on you; you never moved as he settled himself down. As clich茅 as it was, he seemed to fall asleep faster with you in the room.
The sun woke you up, in a disorienting way. The simple fact that the sun had woken you was strange in itself since the sun rises on the other side of your apartment complex. Suddenly, you remembered, you weren鈥檛 in your bed. The surface you were lying on was comfortable, but not your bed comfortable. The strangest thing was that your pillow was uneven. And warm. With a pulse.
Your eyes opened, and you instantly snapped them shut. Bad idea. The sun hurt your sensitive eyes, and a groan involuntarily slipped from your lips. You sat up, stretching out all your limbs. You looked over at your 鈥榩illow鈥, putting a heartbeat, chest and a smell to a face. The blanket and jacket you were covered with smelled of him, so you didn鈥檛 need to open your eyes to know who it was.
鈥淎aron?鈥, you asked in a sleepy voice. Your eyes finally focused, the sun losing its effect on you. He was awake. How long had he been鈥?
鈥淕ood morning, (Y/N). If you want a ride home to change out of yesterday鈥檚 clothes, I can drop you off on my way home.鈥 A small smirk danced on his pink, soft-looking lips, the sun sparkling in his eyes like rays of light through a glass of whiskey. You started panicking. What if the team caught you like this? Would they tell Strauss? What if you lost your job?
鈥(Y/N).鈥 You鈥檇 broken eye contact with him. He knew you were freaking out. You met his gaze again. 鈥淣obody鈥檚 here. It鈥檚 eight o鈥檆lock, on a Sunday morning. Calm down.鈥 Regret started flooding his mind. Should he have just taken you home? You exhaled a breath you hadn鈥檛 even realized you鈥檇 been holding. 鈥淎re you okay?鈥, he asked you.
鈥淵-yeah, I鈥檓 good.鈥 You rubbed your eyes, realizing too late you were wearing makeup, smearing it over the rest of your face. 鈥淥h, shit.鈥 You looked down at your hands, laughing at yourself. 鈥淚 probably look a mess.鈥
Hotch laughed. 鈥淣o, you don鈥檛.鈥 The words slipped from Aaron鈥檚 tired lips, no thought behind them. But it was true, it was how he felt. A blush crept up your neck and to your cheeks. Suddenly it was harder to meet his eyes. You chuckled nervously.
鈥淭hanks, Hotch.鈥 You wrung your fingers through your hands. A truthful atmosphere fell over the room, it seemed. 鈥淭hat was the best sleep I鈥檇 had in a while.鈥 Hotch was a little taken aback at your honesty but flattered. He blushed a bit himself. He cleared his throat, then laughed.
鈥淢e too, honestly.鈥, he muttered in a deep morning voice. Your eyes met. There wasn鈥檛 much space between the two of you in the first place, but you could鈥檝e sworn he leaned forward to close the distance. His huge hand gently caressed your face, his thumb rubbing over your cheek. You watched his eyes flicker from yours to your lips. You could feel the blood rushing to your heart; you wondered if he could feel it running through your veins against his fingers.
His lips brushed against yours when suddenly, the alarm on his phone went off. The two of you jumped back like you鈥檇 been shot, your heart rate climbing. 鈥淛esus Christ, Aaron.鈥, you exclaim, laughing to try and hide how startled you were. You hear him curse under his breath, digging his phone out of his pocket and silencing it. He sighed, shaking his head. He chuckled at himself, you assumed.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry.鈥, he said lowly. The apology wasn鈥檛 very specific towards anything; if it was, it wasn鈥檛 clear to you. How many things was he apologizing for? What thoughts were running through his head? He was hard to read, but maybe he liked it that way.
鈥淔or what?鈥, you asked softly, scooting closer to him and placing a hand on his shoulder. You felt him tense under your hand, then relax. He looked up at you.
鈥淔or ruining that鈥︹, he trailed off as his eyes met yours. He searched your face, trying to understand exactly what feelings you were experiencing. Hopefully, he knew you weren鈥檛 upset with him. Your hand snaked down his arm, taking his hand in yours. Now it was your turn to cup his face in your hand; you felt his five o鈥檆lock shadow prickling against your fingers, but his cheek was soft as you smoothed it under your thumb.
鈥淵ou didn鈥檛 ruin anything.鈥, you whispered. His eyes were a dark brown, despite the sunlight coming in. The rays were softer now, an orange color. His dark eyelashes shone under the light. He was enthralling in every way. You felt yourself falling harder and harder for him every second, especially now, but you鈥檇 never change that.
Your thumb lightly brushed over his lips, taking him in. He watched your every move, just as entranced with you as you were with him. You felt his hand behind your neck, pulling you closer to him until your lips finally touched. His lips on yours were better than you could鈥檝e ever anticipated. He was slow, soft, gentle, like rain in the spring. Then again, there was a need behind it. A longing; he鈥檇 been waiting for this as long as you have, maybe even longer.
You wanted to kiss him all day, be in his arms and wrap yourselves up in each other. You were falling, hard. Harder than hitting every branch on the way down, harder than the way the first boom of a firework echoes in your chest.
Both of you were breathless by now, but neither of you seemed to care about the lack of oxygen. The kiss was deeper now, hotter, needier, messier. You鈥檇 thrown a knee over his lap, your hands fisted in his white button-up. His hands rested on your sides, dangerously low past the waistband of your pants. His lips suddenly broke from yours, the sound of your heavy breathing filling the room. He never stopped for a breath; his lips were making up for lost time, trailing from your chin, down your neck. He took his time with you, as you鈥檇 always imagined he would.
You鈥檇 barely caught your breath when you whisper his name in his ear. He stopped, pulling back. 鈥(Y/N)? Are you okay?鈥 His concerned eyes searched your face. You didn鈥檛 answer him with any words, just by kissing his lips again but only for a moment. The single kiss took a lot of your self-control, but you knew you were moving fast.
鈥淚鈥檝e never been better, Aaron. But鈥︹, you said in a low voice, trailing a finger down his neck until you hit the first button on his shirt. 鈥淚 want to take it slow with you, Hotch. I want to know all your little quirks and I want to be there for the stuff that you don鈥檛 do in front of anyone else because you trust me that much. I know how sappy it sounds鈥︹, you paused, watching for his reaction through your spill so far. He watched you move and speak like you were the most important thing he鈥檇 ever had to pay attention to. And that鈥檚 exactly what you were to him. 鈥淎aron,鈥 you started again, running one of your hands through his hair, 鈥淚 feel like I鈥檝e waited my whole life for you. And here you are, everything I鈥檝e ever wanted, right in front of me.鈥
How did he feel? He answered you with a kiss, one more passionate than any from earlier 鈥 if you could believe it, that is. 鈥(Y/N)...you鈥檙e everything I鈥檝e been waiting on. I can鈥檛 believe I鈥檝e gone this long without you.鈥 You chuckled, earning a small smile from him.
鈥淲ell, good luck getting rid of me now, Aaron Hotchner.鈥
鈥淚 wouldn鈥檛 dream of it, (Y/N) (Y/L/N).鈥
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Okay so I have another post in my drafts but that鈥檚 gonna have to wait because AFTER 20 min of watching Psycho Beach Party I have decided I鈥檓 not ready for that crazy shit
Help omg I鈥檓 not gonna live through this movie 馃槶馃ゲ
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Oh my gosh 6.22 is such an amazing episode for Hotch, he shoots somebody underwater !!! Plus there鈥檚 multiple shots of him in a t shirt at his sons soccer game I鈥檓 weak
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paniniqueen12 days ago
Okay damn, Aaron Hotchner is one stone-faced tough guy to sit there watching his friends cry and mourn and grieve when he knowsssss
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racingairplanes13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鉁 criminal minds icon edits -> aaron hotchner 鉁 - 鈽 credit/tag me if you use or save 鈽 - 鈿擄笌 taglist -> @jemilyology @scandinavian-punk @reesey-willow-luvs-you @suburban--gothic @jelle-jareau @dindjarinsspouse @yourfinalbow @temily @spencers-renaissance @moreidsdaughter @alexandrablake @valentinespencer @moreidism @ssahoodrathotchner @thejeidhater
requested by: @hotchgan
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racingairplanes13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鉁 criminal minds icons -> aaron hotchner 鉁 - 鈽 credit/tag me if you use or save 鈽 - 鈿擄笌 taglist -> @jemilyology @scandinavian-punk @reesey-willow-luvs-you @suburban--gothic @jelle-jareau @dindjarinsspouse @yourfinalbow @temily @spencers-renaissance @moreidsdaughter @alexandrablake @valentinespencer @moreidism @ssahoodrathotchner @thejeidhater
insp: [X] - requested by @hotchgan
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hotchisdaddy14 days ago
Okay but
that scene in cm where hotch pulls Rossi into the other room bc Rossi was being unprofessional and when hotch closed the door behind him he kissed rossi
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ssa-hotchners-wife16 days ago
Higher-Ranking Agent
Pairing: Aaron Hotchner x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 1.4k
Warnings: Talk of an injury/blood, worried Hotch, fluff?
A/N: Good evening! This is the 3rd part of @mojofun request, and I really hope you like it! I tried to stick to the request as much as possible, but I took a little bit of liberty with the unsub setup and the FBI rank. As always, my requests are open and all mistakes are my own :)
Tumblr media
"Alright, I got nothing. Rossi?" Morgan finally concedes, looking over the various files spread across the conference room table and rubbing his temple as a headache begins to form.聽
"Have we checked out past relationships? Maybe an old girlfriend that's a surrogate for the Unsub's rage?" Rossi asks, at a loss too but he refuses to acknowledge it yet.聽
"Penelope, anything?" Hotch asks, holding the receiver of the phone to his mouth as he speaks so she can hear him and reply.聽
"Nada, sir. There's no paper trail past his eighteenth birthday." She sounded defeated and it pulled at your heartstrings a little.聽
You wanted to speak up, offer some insight into the man you were hunting down, but that would blow your cover. Strauss said that, under no circumstances, were you able to disclose the information you already had. She was a little scary so you obliged and kept your mouth shut as you tried offering breadcrumbs of information so that they could piece together the information themselves. This was a case you had been on for two years and being sent undercover with the BAU was the final step to catching the mastermind behind these mass-murders on the subways of New York City.聽
"What about..." Spencer's voice trailed off as you zoned out and began to mentally go over all of the information you had collected since being assigned to this case.聽
All of a sudden, the pieces clicked on his location and you shot out of your seat to make your way to the map pinned on the board farthest from you.聽
"What is it?" Hotch asked, curiosity getting the better of him as you started pinning down the frequent locations that his phone had pinged off of in the last two weeks.聽
"I know where the unsub is hiding. There's an abandoned warehouse just outside of Brooklyn with an vast underground basement that his phone signal continuously bounces off of. It always signals one hour after an attack." You explained, pointing to the one frequent location that had at least ten pins covering it.聽
"Let's head out. Morgan, alert the detective and have them get SWAT rounded up, too. We're going to need all of the help that we can get." Morgan nodded, on his cell already as we rounded up everything and made our way to the SUVs.聽
Twenty minutes later everyone arrived 300 years from the entrance to the warehouse and formed a barrier with the vehicles before climbing out. As you waited for SWAT, everyone got their Kevlar vests strapped on and checked ammunition. Hotch was setting up a strategy when you got a phone card that you had to excuse yourself to take.聽
聽聽聽"(Y/L/N)." You answered, already knowing who was on the other side of the line.聽
聽聽"Did you find his hiding place?" Strauss asked, a faint tapping of pen sounding off as she spoke.聽
聽聽聽"Yes, based off of cell signal pings on the closet tower." You replied, eyes looking everywhere to make sure that no one was listening.聽
聽聽聽"Good. Call me when he is apprehended." She hung up without another word and you sighed as you tucked your phone away once more and hooked up your communications.
"Who was that?" Emily asked as you walked back to the group, putting in her own ear piece and checking her vest one more time.聽
"Garcia, said she was double-checking everything we covered to make sure she didn't miss anything." Emily nodded but still looked skeptical as Hotch called everyone over to begin covering the plan.聽
The plan that was supposed to go over without a problem. Except there was a problem. None of you profiled that he would've set up traps and automatic weapons that would go off if someone tripped over a wire.聽
Each team was executing their duties perfectly. They were clearing rooms and then floors of this vast warehouse, and two teams finally made it to the basement while the other two went around back to cover any exits. You were near the front of your team's formation and miscalculated one step that had you tripping over a wire and gaining a bullet to the upper part of your right arm. You shouted, searing heat rolling up through your nerves as your left hand reached over to cover the new wound and put pressure on it to slow the bleeding. Everyone became frantic, calling for a medic, but you assured them that you were fine and to continue on with the mission and that you would fall in to the back of the formation once you tied off your wound. You ripped the bottom of your shirt with a knife and did your best to tie it above the wound so the blood flow would slow down. Once you deemed it adequate, you caught up with the team and fell in at the back as SWAT breached the threshold and you all surrounded the unsub who was sitting in front of a mass of monitors and vials of liquids with unknown substances inside them.聽
"FBI AND SWAT! Hands up and step away from the table!" Hotch hollered from his stance at the front of your team, gun aimed and pointed directly at the middle of the man's head.聽
"ANTHONY WELLINGS, PUT YOUR HANDS UP AND STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER!" You yelled, your own gun pointed at the man's heart as you called him by his original name and not the alias the team knew him as. You hadn't said anything, but that's why Garcia couldn't find anything on him all of this time.聽
"Since you asked so nicely." The unsub chuckled but did as you ordered, standing to his full six-foot-two height and putting his hands in front of him.聽
Morgan did the formal arrest and walked him out of the room and back outside while the rest of you started taking count of everything in the room. The blood that you lost was starting to make you dizzy and it took a very faint "Aaron" before you were collapsing to the cement. You barely caught his panicked expression as he rushed to catch you before your head hit the pavement and you blacked out.聽
Loud beeping and bright lights pulled you from sleep and you blurrily looked up at Aaron, who was sitting on the chair to your left and the rest of your team was scattered around. He was the first to notice that you were awake and smiled small, but his eyes were full of worry.聽
"Strauss called. She wanted to know why your report wasn't finished and why you hadn't called her." Aaron said, thumb brushing against your knuckles in a soothing pattern.聽
"What did you tell her?" You were internally panicking, worried that it was too soon to have your cover blown.聽
"I explained what happened and that you were in the hospital. She said to tell you that the case was closed because they got all the information they needed off of his hard-drives. Why didn't you tell me you were part of a covert team in counterterrorism?" The rest of the team's attention suddenly snapped to look at you, shock and confusion on their faces.聽
"I wasn't allowed to. I had to go undercover when I heard that this case was going to be falling into your laps. They sent me in as a profiler and gave me strict orders to let you piece together information by yourselves and to not share what we already knew. Strauss told me no one was allowed to know my actual job." You answered, your chest constricting at the thought of having to lie to your new friends.聽
"So... you're actually higher up than Hotch?" JJ asked, a small but proud smile on her face.聽
"Technically, yes. I am a higher ranking agent but he was and still is the boss." You shot him a cheeky grin that he rolled his eyes at.聽
"I am always the boss." He pressed a soft kiss to the back of your hand that he was holding and gasps were heard around the room.聽
"I totally called it! Spence, you owe you five dollars."聽
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ssa-hotchners-wife17 days ago
Pairing: Aaron Hotchner x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Fluff, slight embarrassment, that鈥檚 about it聽
Word Count: 600
A/N: Good morning! (at least its morning for me). This is the second part to @mojofun request from earlier this week and I really hope you like it! I tried following the prompt, but sometimes words happen that you cannot control. It鈥檚 not looked over so all mistakes are my own! Send me stuff to write about :)
Tumblr media
鈥淵ou have...a lot of books.鈥 Aaron said the first time he came over to your house, his voice and his eyes portraying the awe he felt at seeing the stacks upon stacks upon stacks of books that littered your home.聽
You were rocking on the balls of your feet, a red flush to your cheeks and an embarrassed smile curling the corners of your lips. You nodded- you knew you had a bit of a problem.聽
鈥淭rust me, I know. I鈥檝e tried paring down more than once and I always end up buying more. If it helps, I鈥檝e read most of them.鈥 You tried to tell him but the smile on his face showed you that he didn't quite believe you.聽
鈥淵ou really need to show Spencer this one day.鈥 He commented, fingers grazing聽 over the various works you have collected over the years.聽
鈥淲ho do you think added all of the science books?鈥 You grinned wide, happy that he wasn't making fun of you like you thought he would.聽
Three years later, you two were moving into your first home together. It鈥檚 not to say that you slept in different homes all of this time (you moved in with him and Jack after one and a half years) but this one was yours. However, this home still聽didn't have enough space for all of your books and that posed a problem that you didn't want to face quite yet. You and Aaron had gone through almost twenty different homes before you guys decided on the three bedroom/two bathroom home on three acres of land for your two dogs. Aaron knew you were having trouble with the idea of getting rid of your books so he had been coming up with a plan to help make it easier. It was a surprise, of course, but he wanted to give you something that you had been wanting for years.聽
鈥淏abe! Can you come here for a sec?鈥澛 Aaron called out to you as you were setting up the pantry in the kitchen.聽
You obliged him, setting down the can of soup you were getting ready to put away and padded down the wooden floor of the hallway to your master suite. The thick socks you were wearing concealed your footsteps so you were able to sneak up on Aaron as he was setting up the last part of your surprise. He was in the walk-in closet off to the right of your bedroom and was holding a hammer in his hand as you announced your presence.聽
鈥淎aron, what is this?鈥 You asked curiously, heart rate picking up a couple of beats as you looked at the multiple bookshelves that lined the walls of the closet.聽
鈥淭 your library. I know you were worrying about having to get rid of some books so I thought I would give you a place that was strictly your own. I know you鈥檝e always wanted a library of your own.鈥 There was a light flush to his cheek as he set the hammer down and came up to stand next to you.
鈥淒o you like it?鈥 He asked, a bit worried at his grand gesture.聽
鈥淎aron, I-I love it. Thank you.鈥 There were tears in your eyes and your lips quivered just a little as you fought back the happy tears that threatened to fall down your cheeks.聽
鈥淭here鈥檚 another thing, too.鈥 He sounded really nervous now, which was new to you.聽
鈥淲hat's that?鈥 You asked, swiping a thumb under your cheek to catch the stray that had fallen.
鈥淲ill you marry me?鈥
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