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#agere aesthetic
hunnykin · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I fell in love with this little husky so i had to get him 💕 Or is it a wolf? Either way.
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hunnykin · 19 hours ago
If you're an age regression blog and/or post KidCore, please interact. I need more people to follow !!
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cglre-adoption · a day ago
Little Application
Name: j
Sexuality & Romantic attraction: straight
 Polyamorous, Monogamous, or no preference?: (romantic):monogamous but open to trying new things
Does the idea of a little family appeal to you?: (multiple littles or caregivers):no
 Appearance:(can describe, attach a pic, or ignore) 5’4 black hair brown eyes brown skin
Location: Atlanta
Contact info: (Tumblr required, others optional) here or ig lil_j350
-Typical you-
A trait you like about yourself: caring
A trait you dislike about yourself: overthinker
Pet peeves: rude/obnoxious people
Hobbies/Interests: drawing, painting, reading, watching tv
Extra Info: pronoun she/her I’m mostly sfw like 80%
-Little you-
Favorite pet names: angel/bby girl
Age range?:4-7
Do you also have a petspace?:no
Do you consider yourself a brat?:sometimes when I get comfortable
Why do you need/want a caregiver?:to take care of little me when I can’t and because I’m lonely
Little Interests: coloring,playing watching cartoons, and arts and crafts
Personality as little:shy,nice, and mischievously times
Do you need clear rules?:yeah
Little gear owned/wanted:(I don’t have any) pacis,stuffier,sippy cups coloring books
Are you uncomfortable with any little gear?: yes diapers
Any mental or physical illnesses?: (feel free to ignore, even if you have either) anxiety
Extra info: I’m shy at first
-Looking for-
Type of relationship looking for: (friends, platonic caregiver, romantic caregiver, Daddy/Mommy/Either, Nanny, Babysitter, etc) romantic caregiver
Are you okay if they have a physical or mental illness?: yes
Are you okay if they are a switch?: no
Age range: 18-22
 Personality/Caregiver type: (strict, caring, gentle, firm, silly, etc) caring,firm, and silly
Location Preferred?:Atlanta or Nashville
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xoxolittlenikki · a day ago
Hiya! Other rant kinda (^~^;)ゞ
I've been kinda sick the past few days, but I'm proud that I managed to get things done tht I needed to for adult stuff.
But I've been really needy. I've been needy when it comes to attention and needy to be held and told that I'm a good pet.
I've been wanting to dress cute and cuddle and giggle and play w my stuffies or...just play card games and board games like candy land...but I can't.
I'm too sick to really dress up and I don't really have anyone to do those things in person. Then, I get upset cuz I Kno alot of people in my DMs wouldn't mind giving me the attention or being w me while I'm little...but still. Most are strangers and I'm still scared of that cuz I can't always be vulnerable w them.
I've just been feeling needy and wanna be cute w someone...and not even in a kinky way... Stuffs been going on around me and I just want some attention ig to make up for it.
Just someone who'll be gentle and sweet w me....and give me the reassurance I need rn....
Ig just for a little so I can feel safe....
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