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sweet-little-goblin · 2 days ago
things i want as a little:
to smell like strawberries and vanilla
to buy cute undies without s*xualization 
big, big sweaters
pretty bandaids
the baby cutlery from ikea
teddy bear bigger than me :)
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lullabylyssa · 12 hours ago
Sweetie, why are you pouting? Oh, I see. You’re feeling grumpy? I’m so sorry little one. But it’s okay to feel grumpy. It happens to everyone occasionally. You were worried that I’d be upset with you because you’re grumpy? I could never be upset with you sweetheart. Everyone is allowed to have an off day sometimes. Is it okay if I give you a hug? Of course, baby. I’ll give you as many hugs as you’d like. What can I do to help you feel better? I think that’s a wonderful idea. I would love to cuddle and watch a movie together. Would you like some hot chocolate in your bottle? Would that help too? Of course my sweet little baby. I’ll go get us some hot chocolate while you pick out the movie. You don’t have to thank me. I love taking care of my little one.
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piinktearxs · a day ago
closeted regressor culture is knowing that one cup from starbucks
and of course washing it and keeping it to re-use after
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moomis-didney-castle · 9 hours ago
Christmas Movie Time!
"Little tot, come here," calls a kind voice, "do you want to have a movie night?"
You scamper into the living room, eager to watch something festive now that December has begun. Pointing and making little babbles, you reach for the Christmas movies.
"Careful, let me get that for you," they smile, taking down The Muppets Christmas Carol. "Is this the one you wanted?"
You nod quickly and they pat your heads, "I thought as much. Come on I'll get the blankets and make us some hot chocolate, you get cosy on the sofa." They set up the movie for you and bring in the hot chocolates, yours in your bottle, and theirs in a mug. Your tiny hands curl around the bottle, warming up against the plastic.
"Ready?" They ask, setting down a bowl of popcorn to share.
You nod again and they pull the blankets over you a little more, till you're all snuggled up. The movie plays and the two of you sing along happily between sips of hot chocolate, and mouthfuls of popcorn.
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xanders-regression · 2 months ago
YouTube channels for regressors!
Pwincess smol bean.
They make super cute content! They are pretty active with there posts as well. Their videos make me feel super regressed
I only recently found their channel but I love it. It's super cute and there posts a pretty recent.
They have a bright colourful channel. Their videos make me feel smol and I love their interactive videos.
Little Kitty Space
They are super active with posting and I love watching there videos!
Boba Bunny
They have super cute videos! They make me feel super smol.
Babie Dani
I love their videos. They make alot of interactive videos for when your regressed.
I didn't mention all age regression channels but these are a few that I love. There are more out there just have to find them! Let me know in the comments if you have any channels you really like!
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age regressor culture is having to explain why you still keep toys your considered "too old for"
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littleoneaesjorna · 2 days ago
Created a mood board with today's mood and activities. Had brownies, studied until my brain hurts, danced a bit to my happy songs, watched YouTube videos, felt sad, whiny and clingy. I'm still feeling like that. Haven't received any attention nor hugs noe cuddles. This isn't fun. I want cuddles and kisses and be read to.
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>> chronic loneliness isn't fun. Being big and lonely, being regressed and lonely. No fun. Stuff gets especially harder to manage when I'm regressed. Gonna watch YouTube comfort videos. Hopefully that helps. <<
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babyspace-sfw · 2 months ago
☆ Snack ideas for different age ranges ☆
♡ 0-1 ♡
Gerber baby puffs
Banana slices
Rice rusks
♡ 2-4 ♡
Fruit snacks
Apple slices with peanut butter
Fruit by the foot
Animal crackers
♡ 5-8 ♡
Macaroni and cheese
Sandwiches in shapes
Ants on a log
Teddy grahams
Chicken nuggets
♡ 9-12 ♡
Granola bars
Chef boyardee
Pizza rolls
Pop tarts
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snailsagere · 2 months ago
Agere apps-
Please read my dni in my bio before interacting!
All of these are free and you can get them on your phone :3
My favourites- 🌸
-Kotodama Diary- you look after a bunch of creatures by descovering new words and you can keep them and customize a room for them to live in
-Adorable Home- in this game you look after a bunch of cats and decorate your house
-My Little Pony Colour By Magic- you get to colour in my little pony images while decorating a friendship museum 🌸
-My Little Pony Magic Princess- you get to decorate ponyville and play a bunch of different mini games
-My Little Pony Pocket Ponies- you complete challenges were you beat the mlp characters in the game 'pocket ponies' (this game could be a bit challenging if you regress to a very young age)
-My Little Pony Celebration- you have tea parties with two different my little pony characters every day and earn in game rewards 🌸
-Toca Life World- you get to have what's like a dollhouse but on your phone
-Toca Kitchen 2- you feed three different characters different types of food and you can cook and mke different food combinations
-Hello Kitty Educational Games- There's loads of different games you can play and then you can get points to get more levels and buy hello kitty clothes and furniture for her room
-Hello Kitty Fashion Star- you get to own a boutique and style outfits for customers 🌸
-Animal Restaurant- you get to own a restaurant run by animals and you can upgrade the restaurant and decorate it
-Good Pizza, Great Pizza- you get to own a pizza restaurant and there's loads of funny characters and you can customize the restaurant and get new toppings for your pizzas 🌸
-Otter Ocean- clean an ocean and get loads of different otters while you do it
-Like A Dino- you play a song with a cute dinosaur as the tune gets faster, then earn points to get different dinosaurs
-MySchool Be the Teacher- you get to teach a class of pretend students english and maths 🌸
-My Music Tower- play different songs and upgrade a tower with decorations
-Tsuki Odyssey- you can decorate your house befriend villagers and fish 🌸
-My Talking Angela 2- you can look after a cat and play loads of different mini games and you can unlock different clothes 🌸
-Cats are Cute- you fill up a town with cats and you can look after them 🌸
-Animal Doll Shop- you run a shop that sells stuffies, you can make new stuffies and sell them to customers
-Virtual Families 3- you look after a family on your phone and renovate their house 🌸
Elf Cake Clicker- you get to buy new elves and they make a cake with their ingredients
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