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So we’re in the middle of math rn
And my teacher asks us which letter do we want to use for the ecuation
Someone said to the teacher that. We should use “k” bc it looks pretty
I don’t know who said it but, im,,
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sea-devilry · 2 hours ago
i love to periodically suddenly remember some horrible interaction with my sister and be like ‘hmm great haven’t laid those emotions to rest i guess’
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boostergoldsmissingarm · 10 hours ago
he WAS hot, now he's kinda old for my tastes tbh
Hmm. Now I’m getting worried because I’ve never thought he was hot but people keep telling me that he is/was.
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antiqua-lugar · 18 hours ago
i’m gonna start my own hp fandom wank which is: i don’t understand people that bash dumbledore “for manipulating a child” like he’s an evil guy doing it for funsies when a) he did not want to b) he actually fucked up his own plan by caring too much for harry even after trying to put distance specifically to not care for harry c) he was doing all of this because harry was the only way to defeat voldemort. like “oh no, he manipulated people to stop magic hitler and save lives. i hate him” d) he also sacrificed himself, he wasn’t like, sending harry to fight his battle for him
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yxngapxllo · a day ago
So I talk about how I wanna boink my manager at work a lot on Twitter. I flirt with him all the time but like in a playful way, but also I try to make subtle hints that I’m down. Cuz we’re waiting til we’re both fully vaxxed up to actually hang out. Anyways, today I fucked up cuz I looked in his eyes for a second too long and he noticed. He was like “Tyler what was that?” He said I had a look of bemusement?
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zafirosreverie · a day ago
do u know anything about dreams and what they can mean? specifically seeing the future in dreams..
Uhm...well, not really. Marina does tho. Want me to ask her something?
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youandthemountains · a day ago
This or That, Fanfic Edition
thanks for tagging @carltonlassie!!
coffee shop or flower shop • alternative universe or fix-it • enemies to lovers or childhood friends • angst or fluff • love at first sight or pining • modern au or historical au • soulmate or unrequited • fake dating or secret dating • breakup and makeup or proposals and weddings • get together or established relationship • oblivious pining or domestic fluff • hurt/comfort or crack • meet the parent or meet cute
tagging @morethanonepage @amoresophisticatedkrackel @miyagifangdo @kimurasato @firstaudrina @mimsyaf
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ambitiousanarchist · a day ago
Probably a controversial opinion but I don't think poor people who shoplift to survive and middle class people who shoplift for fun should be in the same category
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tthankstoyou · a day ago
yo wtf i’m gonna need that sam/sebastian hevans anon to come on out and write that into a 300k fanfiction 👀
give 👏 the 👏 gays 👏 what 👏 we 👏 need 👏
dude ngl i can so see that becoming *the* hevans fan fic... like it would be what atog is to klaine & acitw is to kurtbastian
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carnalove · a day ago
my GE kept replacing the word “women” with “feminine-presenting people” and if that’s not sexist then idk what is. idk how to tell y’all this, but if we’re talking about how women are treated at work, it is not based on whether they’re feminine or masculine. masculine women receive the most overt misogyny because they’re hated for not conforming to what is expected of them. they’re not following female gender roles, and they’re viewed as less professional because of it. in no way, shape, or form are these standards somehow only applicable to those who present themselves femininely. women who are more feminine actually receive superficial benefits, but, as they are women, they still are not treated well and do not advance in the workplace typically; they just tend to experience “benevolent sexism.”
also, how can you define feminine presenting? I personally do not feel feminine, yet I am identified as that by everyone else because I’m female. It doesn’t matter that I don’t wear makeup; don’t shave; don’t wear dresses, skirts, and heels. I am still held to the same standards. is it because my hair is shoulder-length and not a buzzcut? is that the reason I fit into the supposed universal plight of all those who are “feminine-presenting?” no, it’s not whatsoever. if I cut my hair would I no longer be subjected to misogyny? again, no. if anything, people probably would be more quick to identify me as the lesbian I am and target me more as they do with GNC women. 
when a man is feminine-presenting, he is going against traditional gender roles and is usually discouraged to wear makeup, wear traditionally feminine clothes, grow his hair out, etc. also, feminine-presenting is not synonymous with woman or female; it is much more subjective and it makes it seem like men, who may wear lipstick as a form of expression, somehow have the same experience of women who are expected to wear foundation or they’ll be viewed as unkempt and risk losing their job. not to mention “presentation” doesn’t necessarily align with one’s identity. so, how is this phrasing woke? how is this politically correct and fairly inclusive? 
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