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#agust d
Encontramos conflictos, guerras y juegos de supervivencia... Una vida a la que no nos podemos negar, en donde el capitalismo nos inyecta una morfina llamada "esperanza" y la coloca como un equivalente a nuestros sueños.
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balkondayim · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mortal-resistance · 10 hours ago
Agust D / Agust V
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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cant-choose-a-bias · 14 hours ago
Easily charmed
Tumblr media
Yoongi x reader Summary: You knew he was bad news, but that didn't stop you from developing a small crush for the man. You don’t know whether you regret dating Yoongi or not. It was an experience. You had been taught many lessons. Warnings: swear words, illegal activities, drugs and drug dealing, motorcycle stunt (that is dangerous if there are two people on it but anyways) being escorted to the police station for possible drug possession. Genre: angst Word count: 2.4k (2480 words)
"I already told you, I don't think it's a good idea to go see him while he's with his friends." You sighed but your friend Jiyoung insisted. She wanted to pass by where she knew her boyfriend and his friends were, but you really didn't want to go.
The reasons were obvious. She'd probably ditch you and you'd know no one else there. Also you didn't really trust her boyfriend. He wasn’t what you would call a good guy exactly. Actually, he wasn’t a good guy at all. You were pretty sure he was closely involved with drugs.
However you couldn't convince your friend not to go so you could only suffer. That day, in your mind, wasn't as bad as you thought it could go, but now as your future self you could only laugh at your past self.
Your friend spotted her boyfriend and his friends along with some girls she mentions from time to time when talking to you. They all already knew the two of you were on your way, so they purposely waited there for you. You approached the group of people and they seemed to have recognized Jiyoung because some of them immediately turned to greet her.
You didn't like how her boyfriend didn't walk up to her to greet but waited for her to go to him, but you didn't comment on it. Hoseok just sat there and smirked as she moved closer to him. She leaned up to peck his lips, whistles coming from his friends, along with some teasing words. When she moved to greet some others of his friends with a handshake, Hoseok glanced at you giving you a small nod and a smirk before turning back to the conversation he had with the shorter male next to him.
Jiyoung appeared next to you, listing the names of the people around you, but you forgot most of them as soon as she finished. The shorter male next to Hoseok was named Jimin and just like the rest of them he seemed like trouble. Some of the women around you were occasionally hooking up with some of Hoseok's friends and others were just hanging out with them for other, obvious reasons.
"Can we just go now?" A tall guy with a dimple said after a while and the rest let our choruses of 'yeah's and 'sure's
You turned to Jiyoung expecting her to greet everyone and leave with you, but she just walked along with Hoseok to his car. She seemed to suddenly remember your existence because she turned to see you standing there all confused about what was going on.
"We're just going to chill at some beach nearby, with beers. Nothing special." she said and your jaw almost dropped. What were you supposed to do? Leave? If yes then did you have to greet everyone or just leave? It's also night and you didn't wanna go home alone. She probably read your thoughts, because she said "you are supposed to come too." You assumed you'd get in the car with her and Hoseok, but at the same time you didn't wanna third wheel. What was more terrifying; third wheeling or going in some stranger’s car or motorcycle?
You saw Hoseok sighing and you read his lips that said "fuck, I forgot about her".  Yeah, Hoseok, you weren't too pleased to be there either.
Some short guy patted Hoseok's shoulder and said something you couldn't make out and you swore you saw Jiyoung's eyes widening. All of them turned to you at the same time making you raise an eyebrow at them. The short guy walked towards you and nodded towards his motorcycle. "You'll come with me," he said and suddenly you had an even worse feeling about all this. For Jiyoung's shake you didn't refuse, knowing how much Hoseok's friend's opinions mattered to her.
You simply nodded as the man got on his bike turning it on, seeing Jiyoung sigh in relief from the corner of your eye. When the man motioned, you got on the bike, your hands reluctantly wrapping around the man's waist.
"What was your name again?" He asked and you barely heard him over the loud engines turning on.  "(Y/n)," you replied seeing him nod.
He didn't speak again for a while, seeing the others start driving to get back on the street. Since he and 2 more men had motorcycles they quickly moved to the front leading the way, the cars following right behind them.
"Hold on tight now or else you'll fall" you heard the man say, before he went faster. Suddenly, he raised the front wheel to the air-what you later found out was named a “wheelie” stunt- as you let out a squeak, your fists tightly holding his jacket not planning to let go any time soon. You heard another guy that was on the motorcycle next to you laugh loudly and cheer, the woman behind him doing the same.
"You okay there?" The man in front of you asked after he stopped doing his stupid stunt. "Yeah, I'm good, I mean, I'm trying," you replied and he chuckled.
Suddenly everyone started moving slower and started acting as if they were all going to their own ways separately, driving away from each other, some stayed behind, others continued moving with the same speed to the front. Before you could even question the man about the odd behaviour of the group he spoke up. "There’s always police somewhere near here so we pretend we are going slow." He explained and you nodded even though the man couldn’t see you.
After a while they seemed to start going faster again and you eventually reached the place you were meant to go. It was a nice quiet beach. Secluded, with no one around except your group. Everyone slowly started getting off their bikes or out of their cars. The man turned the engine off and both of you got off.  You slowly moved away from the man and towards Jiyoung, who took your hand holding you away from the others so they wouldn’t hear. "Everything alright?" She asked and you nodded.
"I'm fine"
"I saw the stunt Yoongi did. Where you scared?" "A little, but I'm fine, so it's okay I guess." You replied and she nodded. She picked up her speed again, walking towards the others, plopping next to her boyfriend and you awkwardly sat next to her. On your right there was no one and you were thankful for that. You'd rather just sit there alone that have to talk with someone and probably embarrass yourself.
Sadly, you weren't lucky for long, because soon the man who you finally knew was named Yoongi sat near you. He didn't say anything to you, instead he continued talking with the guy on his right. You just sat there, enjoying the view of the sea, the small waves creating a nice ambience and the moonlight shining over your big group. There barely were any streetlights making very dark, but at least that made it easier to look at the starts.
You recognised a few constellations you knew could be visible in that time of the year. You were probably staring for a long time because you felt a nudge from your left making you turn to look at Jiyoung, who nodded towards Hoseok.
"Do you not get bored of looking at the sky for so long?" He jokingly asked and you just chuckled. You turned to look at the sea this time. A few moments later you heard a soft voice in your ear. "You like stars, huh?" Yoongi asked. "Um yeah, I was looking at the constellations that are visible now, but I couldn’t recognize all of them" you said awkwardly.
"Which ones?" He asked and you raised an eyebrow. "Which ones?" You repeated. "Which ones do you recognize and which ones do you not?" He asked and you let out a small "oh" before pointing at the sky.
"I recognize that one, Cassiopeia. But those three stars in a row remind me or Ursa Minor but I can’t seem to find the rest of it."
"That's because that's not Ursa Minor. It's Orion. Those 3 starts are the belt. The two stars on the top and the two stars on the bottom form his body" he said and you looked at him dumbfounded. "Really?" You asked and he nodded with a chuckle.
"Wow, it's the first time I actually see Orion." You thought out loud.
Tumblr media
Who could have thought that just a small conversation about stars would make you this charmed. The man had a soft smile on his face while speaking. You'd expect him to smirk and act all cocky, but he was very kind which of course made you feel some type of way. Seeing this side from a man like this.
It shouldn't have been a surprise to Jiyoung when you easily agreed to go hang out with their group again. The fact that you spent most of the time with Yoongi shouldn’t have been a surprise either.
He seemed to be able to hold a conversation with you, despite your not so similar ways of living. You knew he was bad news, but that didn't stop you from developing a small crush for the man.
He was just so charming and his chuckle when you attempted to make a joke gave you butterflies in your stomach.
Jiyoung never commented on how you and Yoongi seemed to often move a little farther from the rest of the group when talking.
Eventually, Yoongi made his move on you and you let him, which lead to the two of you dating. Still, you didn't know much about each other, but you wanted to and blinded by his charm, you saw potential in the man.
One night, again at that beach, the two of you decided to go on a walk along the beach, look at the stars, throw rocks at the sea and see who can throw it further. After you managed to throw one rock further than Yoongi, you cheered loudly and jumped up and down clapping your hands.
"I did it! I beat you! In your face loser!" you said and he laughed, enjoying seeing you act more freely around him. He continued looking at you even after you stopped laughing and you both made eye contact. You didn't speak, just admired each other's beautiful features.
Soon, he started leaning in and you did too. You glanced at his coral lips, not even slightly chapped and so inviting. You both closed the gap, your lips slowly moving against each other's. His hands slowly wrapped around your waist, your hands were resting on his chest and you continued to kiss for what felt like ages. When you finally stopped for air, you pressed your forehead against his and caught your breath.
One of his hands softly cradled your cheek making you look at him, before he leaned in giving you a small peck on the lips, his thumb softly rubbing your cheek.
"God, I wanted to do that so bad," he spoke softly and you almost whined at the sound of his voice. It was probably one of your favorite things about him. His voice, his tone when talking. When the moment was more intimate he seemed to be talking very lazily which you found so hot. When he liked what he was talking about he spoke with more energy and a little faster. Every once in a while he trailed off by breathing in, making a small sound similar to hissing with his teeth. At first you thought it was because it was chilly, but turns out it's just a habit he has when talking.
Tumblr media
However, just like all stories, it's not always all rainbows and unicorns. Yoongi was never one of those boyfriends that tried to spend as much time with you as possible. At first you were okay with it because you are a busy woman after all and needed some personal time too. But then Yoongi's behaviour made it seem as if he avoided spending time with you on purpose.
You tried not to get jealous when you knew he was meeting up with women because after all he was just their dealer, so you had no reason to, but you also knew how many of them tried to flirt to get the product on a lower price. You liked to think that they never succeeded in this.
All couples argue every once in a while, so you tried to not let it ruin your relationship, but soon something happened and you can’t lie and say that you didn’t expect it, but you were just hoping it wouldn’t happen.
You had made Yoongi promise not to have drugs on him when he was with you and he had replied that he wasn't planning on doing it anyways. When police asked you to pull over you didn't worry and you just showed the officers your IDs and the papers for the motorcycle and were free to go. But one time, they checked the cigarette pack Yoongi had on him and escorted you to the police station.
The officers thought they found traces of weed in Yoongi's cigarettes and had to check, so until the results came out the two of you had to stay there. Luckily there was nothing in his cigarettes. They were just of bad quality, but that scared you so much you decided to stop what you had with Yoongi.
"I'm sorry but I just can't take this. Feeling as if at any time of the day I could suddenly have trouble with the police. We were lucky you actually had nothing on you this time, but who knows what will happen in the future. You might forget it and I don't want any trouble because of this."
He understood you. He didn't try to change your mind. He just explained you that he couldn't change his lifestyle, at least for now, but he respected your decision to break up with him. To say you were shocked he was so calm about it was an understatement. But you were glad he was. It didn't make it hurt any less though.
Jiyoung told you from time to time about how Yoongi had been. Yoongi asked her about you too. She tried to get the two of you to just text each other every time you felt like hearing from the other, but you never did. You could only move on and by continuing to talk with him, you wouldn't be able to do it.
You don’t know whether you regret dating Yoongi or not. It was an experience. You had been taught many lessons. The most important of them was to not get his easily charmed.
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ravenmv · 17 hours ago
I’m a King, I’m a Boss
- Daechwita
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balkondayim · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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winterpolaratelier · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
“It’s dangerous for people who shine.” - Danny Torrance, Doctor Sleep.
YES I’m a BIG fan of Doctor Sleep, I watched it at the movies and got so emotional I wanted to SCREAM. So when I heard the “don’t let me shine” lyrics and the Shadow MV was out with ALL THOSE The Shining references on design, I just wanted to throw a chair at this man.
Because I’m all about tough love.
Anyway, this is one of the drawings I like most, to be honest. I was able to find my own style after quite a while testing loads of things and it looks pretty much like an album cover for a CD or even an oldschool vinyl LP  ;)
I made it available on my redbubble shop as stickers for limited time only! You can find it here: SUGA Don’t Let Me Shine Sticker
Oh, and don’t forget I’ve got commissions open and an art raffle going on! Click here for more: Commissions info + Art Raffle
Hope you guys like it! ^^
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banguser · a day ago
Yoongi users
- yoonIovi (i maiúsculo) (capital i in english)
- yoonfavi
- ygifvs
- ygitail
- mygidoll
- mygilast
- mygipet
- yoonpets
- yoongfvi
^^ levei muito tempo pensando e verificando a disponibilidade desses users, então por favor seja gentil e me avise se salvar.
^^ I took a lot of time thinking and checking the availability of these users, so please be kind and let me know if you save.
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paperfemale · a day ago
뭐 어때
스쳐 지나가면 뭐 어때
뭐 어때
상처받으면 뭐 어때
때론 또 아플지도
가끔은 속상해 눈물 흘릴지도
뭐 어때
그렇게 살면 뭐 어때
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Necesito que alguien me responda si la vida ha de ser dolorosa, si acaso existe un Dios, que me diga si nacimos para ser felices en este sistema llamado mundo.
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