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jkieth · 2 days ago
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𓍯안주는 안 먹게 되네 뭘 집어넣음 토할 거 같아서𓂃
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like or reblog if u save. ♡
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s96ngyoun · 2 days ago
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Min Yoongi
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amoc94 · 4 months ago
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My Yandere BTS Fanfic Recommendation.
Read the warning carefully. As with any yandere story, expect some gore or non con / dubious consent in some of them.
Everything here has plot, I'm not a fan of PWP, scenarios, text message stories, or reactions.
I don't favor incest either, so I won't recommend it here. (Pseudo-incest is okay.)
For non yandere recommendation, check full Navi here.
1. Allurement , Yandere Namjoon. Series of Drabbles, Slick and deceptive yandere CEO Namjoon.
2. Beloved, long oneshot. Yandere King Min Yoongi - My all time favorite, if you like asian historical dark romance, you'll love this.
3. Excitus Acta Probat, oneshot. Soft Yandere, Mafia Yoongi, feat. OT7.
4. The Tarot Series, A Collection of yandere oneshots based on Tarot Card.
5. Charming, oneshot. Cinderella AU, obsessive Prince Park Jimin. This is very beautiful the way the author describe the scenes and everything.
6. Ultimatum, miniseries. Yandere Sugar Daddy Taehyung, feat. Jimin.
7. Case Closed, miniseries. Yandere Detective Namjoon.
8. Boys Don't Cry, miniseries. Yandere husband Yoongi, feat. Hoseok.
9. Beastly Gods, oneshot. Yandere hybrid Taehyung, feat OT7.
10. Level of Restraint, long oneshot. Office AU, Yandere Jimin and Namjoon. BDSM undertone.
11. Something Wicked, series. Yandere CEO Seokjin.
12. Let The Villain Win, oneshot. Yandere thriller writer Namjoon.
13. Baby Mine, oneshot. Yandere mafia Yoongi with OC.
14. Poison Apple, mini series. Yandere Taehyung feat. Yoongi. This is not for the faint heart. Proceed with caution. Hard non con.
15. A Dangerous Game, Yandere Mob boss Namjoon x reader. Long series, there is sequel. Hard non con in one of the chapters.
16. Bloodline, oneshot. Yandere Jimin feat. Taehyung.
17. Money Shot, oneshot. Yandere mafia Yoongi, bank clerk reader.
18. The Devil's Patience, oneshot. Yandere sugar daddy / CEO Taehyung.
19. Solar Eclipse, long oneshot. Yandere Hoseok, time travel / after life AU.
20. The Stranger, long oneshot. Yandere Doctor Seokjin.
21. Persephone, long oneshot. Yandere mafia leader Namjoon.
22. Bad Guy, ongoing series. Mafia boss Seokjin. This one is not really yandere, per se, but the way Seokjin loves the MC is quite you know...obsessive.
23. Addiction, long oneshot, yandere student Jungkook x reader. He was insanely lusting over you and just how much he was willing to pay for it?
24. See No Evil, long oneshot. Yandere ghost Taehyung, feat. Namjoon.
25. Nightcall, oneshot. Yandere Taehyung, mafia au.
26. Lovesick, oneshot. Yandere Taehyung is your sister's ex-boyfriend.
27. Trigger Happy, oneshot. Yandere mob Jungkook, undercover agent reader.
28. Visitation of a Lover, long oneshot. Yandere ghost Taehyung, feat. Jin.
29. Until I Saw You, oneshot. Yandere mob Namjoon.
30. Fucked Up, yandere OT7. Polyamorous - Idol AU. This is actually a series, look in the author's masterlist. The full version is in author's AO3. (Beware tho, the long version is just like the title says, pretty fucked up, lol.)
31. Choices, oneshot. Yandere kingpin Namjoon.
32. Illicit Photography, series with a sequel. Soft yandere Jungkook with reader as his teacher.
33. Promise, long oneshot. Yandere boyfriend Jimin.
34. Break My Mind's Eye, series. Jungkook as mob boss x fashion designer OC, yandere undertone.
35. Every Breath You Take , oneshot. Stalker Jungkook x reader, feat. Namjoon & Hoseok.
36. Butterfly, oneshot. Your stepson, Yoongi, fucks you in the kitchen while your husband eats breakfast. 
37. Actually, The Devil Wears Gucci, oneshot. Wicked CEO Taehyung with assistant reader.
38. Positive, quite long oneshot. Yandere richman Yoongi, waitress reader is pregnant.
39. Forbidden Fruit, long oneshot. Jhope as mafia member, reader has inability to feel fear.
40. Predator, oneshot. Vampire Jungkook stalked on reader. I felt goosebumps reading this, nothing too gory tho.
41. Brother Knows Best, ongoing short story. Yandere Jungkook, reader is his step sister.
42. Tea For Two, oneshot. Yandere Prince Namjoon x reader, arranged marriage AU.
43. Isolation, short oneshot. Idol AU. Yoongi x reader.
44. Falling for A Lounge Singer, oneshot. Yandere mafia Taehyung, reader is a singer.
45. Black Swan, long one shot. Swan Prince Jimin x reader as a Princess. I'm not usually fond of story about faeries, this one is an exception. Hard to describe this, along with the hair that stood on my nape and that tingling feeling of fear and excitement while reading this. A truly masterpiece.
46. Allegiance, oneshot. King Jungkook x farmer's daughter reader. Almost all stories from this author left me spellbound. She is one talented writer.
47. Killjoy, long oneshot. Jungkook kidnaps you, after stalked on you for quite a while. Keyword here: plot twist. Kkkkkk
48. Making of A Lover, yandere Jungkook with his assistant reader. It's short but darkly entertaining.
49. Expectation x Reality, oneshot. Jungkook x reader, Taehyung x reader. Some hard dub con. With plot twist. 🤭
50. Delphinium, long oneshot, King Taehyung x queen reader. Soft yandere, angst. Beautiful with, ... again, plot twist.😈
51. In The Pain Of The Roses, long one shot, yandere king Yoongi x princess reader. Beautiful, poetic narrative. Read the tag warning, because it's really dark.
52. Anti Hero, long oneshot, yandere Yoongi x idol reader. Not many yandere story in idol universe, this one is not only one of the few, but also oh so so good.
53. Broken, oneshot. Seokjin x reader. Some dub con borderline to non con. Proceed with caution, because it's quite dark. I read this like a year ago, but everytime I read it again, it never failed to give me a shiver. It's on AO3.
54. Infatuation, series of one-shots. Light reading, darkly entertaining. Always fun to reread. It's on AO3.
55. Cardio, long oneshot. Personal trainer Jungkook x rich wife reader. Infidelity, angst, thriller. Very well written.
56. War Lords, miniseries. Namjoon x Detective reader x Hoseok, both men were crime lords. At first I'm not sure whether to put this story under yandere list, since the MC wasn't exactly forced to be with them. But the element of manipulation and mind games, dubious consensual and heavy bdsm sex scenes had me to put it under yandere instead. Heavy angst, very well written. Totally NSFW! You probably soak your panties in front of your colleagues or classmates if you do read it during work.🤣
57. Deviant Affairs, long one-shot. Jimin was your stepbrother who was crazy in love with you.
58. Motive, long one shot. College AU. Jungkook x reader x another girl. Angst, thriller, love triangle. It's hard to describe the complicated feeling when you read this other than it will keep you on edge dragged by your curiosity before 💣💣 boom! There it go, the plot twist.😂
59. Still With You, one-shot. King Jungkook x servant reader. Soft yandere (for me), nothing much in the tag warning, but very enjoyable.
60. The Mansion, long one-shot. Jimin x another man's wife reader. Very good, give you those old house horror scenes vibe.
61. Énouement, long one-shot. Doctor Taehyung x trophy wife reader. It's a part of interconnected stories with other members. Look at the author's masterlist. This is the one that I like the most.
I'll reblog everytime two new fics are up.
These are all the ones that, you know, really give me some impression, goosebumps etc.
Very good.
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Let me know if I mistyped the tag list on author's name.
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dee-ehn · 5 months ago
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MYG x Butter
Got the right body and the right mind Rollin' up to party, got the right vibe
-for personal use only -let me know if you use it! -do not repost without credit or claim as your own.
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sherwynphilip · 8 hours ago
IN THE SOOP BTS Version: Season 2 Ep. 2 Oct. 22, 2021
Yoonmin cutely bickering makes for the funniest moments. But it's moments like these, big slices of honest tenderness, that endear them to me beyond words. I love them. 💜
#BTS #방탄소년단 #인더숲
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aqualimitsart · 25 days ago
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Drawing Yoongi is always so soothing 🥰
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