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Just imagine coming back home after a long, exhausting day to find a peaceful asleep Yoongi in your room, curled up on your side of the bed, both of his hands are tucked between his thighs as always. Dropping on the floor the jacket you took off on your way there, you lean on the door jamb to admire him for a minute. He's snoring softly but he looks relaxed and healthy, you're so glad that for once he's not overworking himself but he's taking this time to take care of both his mind and body. Coming home to him is, hands down, the best part of the day. You're feeling drained lately but you can't quite tell why, the only thing you know is you're able to truly breath only when he's around, when you can feel the invisible thread that connect you, as if it was that thread that keep you tie to the real world and without it you'd be gone. He's your home. Without making a noise you reach the bed and slide behind him, spooning him. Wrapping an arm and a leg round his body, you curl up against his back. You hear him whine a bit in his sleep and, without opening his eyes, he grabs your wrist to pull you even closer to him and rest the other hand on your thigh. And he goes silent again but not without placing a kiss on your forearm first.
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
musings on regret
Ocean Vuong, Betsy Dadd, Emily Palermo, Seung Ah Paik, Agust D (Min Yoongi), Timur Akhriev, John Greenleaf Whittier, Arthur Miller
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j-hope / agust d.
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set me free. happy birthday to the most amazing human being ♡
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listen: being left behind
working for the knife by mitski / a river dies of thirst by mahmoud darwish / the waves by virginia woolf / lilithnoah / so far away by agust d ft. suran (credit doolsetbangtan) / right where you left me by taylor swift / wild geese by mary oliver / the time traveler’s wife dir. robert schwentke / october by mary oliver / night sky with exit wounds by ocean vuong
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we have ended many lives, but we never really died
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how on earth is the energy of psy and yoongi’s That That mv equal parts this
Tumblr media
and this
Tumblr media
and this
Tumblr media
and this
Tumblr media
i don’t understand it. this is a new genre
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"Inspire me, baby" — Min Yoongi | One Shot
— all rights on this text reserved by dreamypjm.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing — Yoongi x F! Reader
Genre — Idol AU, Producer/Rapper Yoongi, Smut, Fluff, Pwp (with a little plot but not really), sub reader & dom Yoongi, a little humour, adoring, intense loving, some aftercare
Age rating — 18+
Word Count — 5.1k
Summary: Casually (or not so casually..) checking on your producer boyfriend, who's been working all day, escalates a little after he told you about his current lack of inspiration.
Warnings: swearing, unprotected sex (kinda imposed but with indirect consents as it's been badly craved for a while), domintating, obey & follow the instructions, a little overstimulation, controlling the climax, teasing, making fun of you but in a humoured loving way, kinda blackmailing but with loving intensions
Another Disclaimer: Since english isn't my first language, it's possible it contains grammar and any other kind of mistakes. I apologise in advance!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You're standing infront Yoongi's studio with your phone in one of your hands and stare at the locked door. He once told you the code but also said you shouldn't disturb him producing new tapes and only use it in case of "emergencies".
Well, this is an emergency you think to yourself and tap the code into the door lock. You hear a quick clack, slowly open the door to the studio and peek through the door gap before stepping inside. It's silent and you wonder what Yoongi would be doing right now. Finally, you slide the door wide enough open to step inside the room.
Y/N: "Babe, you haven't left the studio in hours"
You softly close the door behind yourself and walk across the room towards Yoongi's desk before you realize he's not here. You sit down on his super comfortable chair and put your phone on the desk. You start to lean back and forth in his chair a few times, impatiently waiting for him to get back here.
Y/N: "He must be in the bathroom" you mumble to yourself and rotate the chair in circles a few times until you stop and stare at the computer screen. You don't know a lot about those things but to you it seems like Yoongi barely got anything done today.
You take a closer look at the screen trying to figure out what he's been working on.
YG: "What are you doing there?"
You turn around to see Yoongi right infront of you, freshly out of the shower with his lower body wrapped in a towel.
"Oh", you say in a suprised tone as your eyes wander up his body, over his lightly defined abs towards his face. His hair is dripping a little on his shoulder.
 "I didn't know you had a shower down here", you say amused.
YG: "Babe"
He walks towards you and when he reached you, slides his hands over your cheek. He grabs your chin, tilts your head a little up and leans down to place a tender kiss on your lips.
YG: "Get off that chair", he laughs and you obey. He lets himself fall into it with a sigh.
Standing beside him, you softly run your fingers through his wet hair.
Y/N: "What's wrong?"
YG: "I don't know"
He looks at you and his expression quickly changes from exhausted to a slight smirk.
YG: "Didn't I tell you to only come down my studio in case of emergencies?"
Y/N: "Well yeah.."
You blush a little and avoid his gaze.
Y/N: "I though it kind of is an emergency..", you scratch your neck.
Y/N: "And also, I've been feeling a little lonely up there since you haven't left your studio in hours"
YG: "Mhm.."
He squinches his eyes and watches you carefully.
"I might need a little inspiration..", he says in a deep, low voice while still looking at you as if you were a criminal.
YG: "Look at this"
He points at the screen of his computer. You step infront of him and take another look at the screen.
Y/N: "So? I can't see anything"
YG: "Exactly"
He suddenly grabs your hips and pulls you backwards onto his lap. He warps his left arm around your waiste and gently places his chin on your shoulder.
YG: "I kinda have a block today. I took a quick shower to clear my mind but it didn't really help"
He sighs while his right hand on the computer mouse clicks through some apps.
Y/N: "Can I help you somehow?"
You place your hand on top if his, slide your fingers between his and then take it off the mouse. At the same time you lean your head back onto his shoulder. Yoongi turns his head a little and you feel his warm breath on your neck.
"Yeah..", he whispers and kisses your neck. His soft lips on your skin cause goosebumps over your whole body.  Right from the beginning, he didn't seem to be mad about you entering his studio without an emergency. On the contrary, he seems to be glad you're here.
"Turn around..", he whispers.
You obey, get off his lap just to turn around and sit back down on the towel on his lap. He then grabs your head and starts kissing you passionately. You run your hand over the naked skin of his upper body. After a little while of making out, you break the kiss, lick your lips and look at him a little insecure.
Y/N: "Does anyone else know the code to your studio?"
Yoongi smirks.
YG: "Are you scared of getting caught and being accused distracting me from work?"
Y/N: "Mhm.. I just wanna make sure the two of us won't get disturbed while you're finding new inspiration.."
YG: "Don't worry"
He pulls you back in and kisses you again. His kisses now slowly wander sideways down your face to your neck. He presses his lips against your skin.
"You're the only one", he mumbles and continues kissing your neck.
A relieved smile forms on your lips while you kiss him back. Yoongi wraps his arms around your body and slides his hand under the shirt on your back to open your bra a second later. You quickly slip your arms out of the straps and let the bra fall out of your shirt, down to to the floor. Yoongi looks down. "Interesting.." he says in a flirty tone as he sees your red lace bra lying on the dark floor tiles.
YG: "You planned this, didn't you?"
You smirk and slowly slide your hand down his body, over the naked skin.
Y/N: "The text you've send me earlier gave me a strong feeling you needed this today"
Yoongi quickly looks away and laughs.
"What do you mean?", he asks innocently.
You raise your eyebrows, grab his chin with your free hand and turn his head towards you. A little while ago before you got down here, Yoongi had sent you a text message saying that work.. or something else.. is extra hard today.
"IT.. is extra hard today.." you imitate Yoongi's text in a sarcastic tone.
"I've been talking about work", he tries to suppress a mischievous smile.
"Sure", you say and get off his lap.
"Babe?", he looks at you confused with raised eyebrows as you stand infront of him.
YG: "Wait, I didn't mean -"
He abruptly stops as you open your jeans and slip out of them without a warning.
Y/N: "Alright"
You look at Yoongi who's staring at you suprised with his mouth slightly open. Just a few seconds later, his facial expression radically changes to a playful smile and his gaze wanders down your shirt to your red panties that are matching your bra that's laying on the floor.
YG: "Damn, babe"
He leans forward, grabs your butt with his veiny hands and pulls you back onto his lap. His hands slide into your shirt and wander up your stomach to your chest. He strokes over both your nipples before he softly grabs your boobs and starts kneading them. A slight moan escapes your mouth as you enjoy his touch. He suddenly grabs the hem of your shirt and you immediately lift your hands so that he can pull it over your head and arms. He aggressively throws it into the room and burries his face into your breasts.
"I love them so much..", he whispers against your chest. One of your hands grabs his neck while the other one leans on the chair armrest and you slowly start grinding your hips on his lap. Yoongi lets a low moan out, breathing against your skin.
YG: "Keep going"
He takes his face off your body and looks deep into your eyes as you start grinding a little harder on his body. Feeling his thing getting hard and pressing against your panties through the towel, you start placing kisses on all over Yoongi's neck.
"You know exactly what I like", he exhales contently.
YG: "And I know what you like"
His hands let go off your boobs and slide into your panties, one in the back and the other one in the front. He grabs your butt while the fingers of his other hand glide into your cleft and he starts rubbing your clit with his index- and middle finger. They intensively go in circles, again and again until you start breathing faster, let go of his neck and lean your hand against the chair's back. You softly bite Yoongi's shoulder as his fingers starts moving faster and you let out a few louder moans.
YG: "Yeah, moan for me.."
His hard thing under the towel starts twitching a little. Yoongi pulls his hands out of your slip, grabs your waiste and lifts your body up.
YG: "Take those panties off"
You do like he says, strip them down and quickly slip out. Before he lets you down on his lap again, you pull the towel off his body and look down at his errection that literally leaps out at you as soon as it had the chance to. Yoongi searches for your gaze and as soon as you look back at him, he smirks and gently lets you down on his hard thing. You moan out loudly as he penetrates deep inside you and seems to feel extra pleasuring today. For a little moment, you hold in and take a deep breath as a thought crosses your mind.
Y/N: "Babe.. the condom -"
YG: "It's alright, isn't it a safe day today?"
Yoongi seems to know exactly about your cycle. Of course he does, he's always keeping track of that incase of something going wrong, such as a torn condom and stuff. It's not like he strictly doesn't wanna start a family with you someday but it's just not yet the right timing since his work doesn't allow it yet.
Y/N: "You're right but.."
To be honest, you and Yoongi never had unprotected sex before even tho the both of you have been craving it for a long time. But Yoongi always insisted wearing a condom since you're not on birth control pills. In fact, you totally understand that. And besides the fact that he would never make you take any hormone changing pills, you would never force him going all unprotected. The more suprised you are now, that he suddenly goes for it without any warning. But well, you wouldn't complain.
"It's okay, let me feel you.." he whispers. You slightly nod and let yourself sink more down on his lap, letting out a savoring moan as it pushes him deeper inside of you.
YG: "Oh fuck"
He sharply breaths in and throws his head back against the chair.
YG: "It feels so much better like this.."
Your body gently starts moving on him as you grind your hips back and forth. Yoongi looks up at you, smiles in errection and straightens his position up. He then pulls you closer to his body and looks deep into your eyes while you keep riding him softly.
"It feels even better than I thought", he groans before he starts thrusting his hard thing into you. Both your breaths start getting faster and the both of you moan out in passion. You lean in an start kissing him roughly while he increases the pace of his hips. Pounding even deeper and faster into you with every minute that passes, you lean yourself back into his arms and your boobs bounce up and down right at his face.
"Just like that..", he says under strained breathing. The chair under your bodies starts squeaking through the extreme pressure of bouncing up and down.
YG: "The studio luckily is super soundproof"
The both of you laugh a little in heavy breathing. You lean forward to Yoongi and starts sucking the skin on his neck.
"Mark me like I'm yours.." he moans and so do you. You leave a few dark hickeys on his skin what turns him even more on. The longer you keep riding him like that, the louder the squeak of the chair gets. Yoongi suddenly slows the pace down, grabs your waist and lifts you off his lap onto the desk behind you. He strokes his hard cock up and down your labia to tease you while you bite your lip and wait for him to slide it back into you. He keeps doing that until you get impatient.
"Stop teasing me", you sigh.
Yoongi smirks but you grab his buttcheeks and pull him closer.
Y/N: "Give me all your hard work until I spill the inspiration.."
Yoongi widens his eyes astonished before he suddenly pushes his fingers into you. You moan out suprised since you didn't notice his hand down there until now.
"I can feel how bad you want me", he says as he moves his fingers in your wet pussy. He pulls them out and quickly pushes them right back into you, again and again, faster and faster, until you almsot can't hold it anymore.
"Yoongi- ", you moan his name and burry your head against his chest.
Y/N: "Slow down, slow down - "
Out of breath, you lean back onto the desk as he finally pulls his fingers out of you.
Without either one of you noticing, your elbow accidentally got on the keypad of his computer on pushes some of it's keys.
YG: "We're not done, baby"
He spreads your legs and steps between them. Then he reaches for a button under his desk and pushes it what makes the desk start to slowly go down.
YG: "It's really nice to have an automatically adjustable desk.. You can get up while working, move the desk up and continue doing ,whatever, while standing for a bit. That's good for your back."
The desk keeps going down while you look a bit surprised at Yoongi who's fully focused on that. Astonished about Yoongi who's even while making love still the technique nerd he always was, when it's about studio equipment, you giggle a little.
You love that about him.
YG: "In our case.. however, let's continue to lower it..."
While you patiently wait for him to find the right position, you adore his body that's slowly being revealed infront of your eyes by the desk, the more it goes down. It's like a presentation of a product and you're waiting for his "product" to be finally shown.
He lets it down a little lower until you're in the perfect position right infront of him to simply slide his lenght, that's now reaching over the edge, into you. He moves closer to you, presses his body against yours and starts kissing you passionately.
You softly grab his hard thing that's pressing against your lower belly and stroke it up and down a few times before you gently push it down and rub it against your clit. Yoongi moans while you're still kissing. His breath heavily blows out of his nose as you keep rubbing it down there and pleasure yourself with it. He takes his lips off yours, quickly slides the keyboard behind you aside and pushes you down on his desk. You grab the edge of the table with both hands and hold on tight, ready to have Yoongi thrust his cock deep into you. He leans onto the desk with his left arm while the other hand goes down on you, grabs his cock and a moment later pushes it into you while letting out a highly agitated moan.
"Oh my gosh, baby", he leans down to you and whispers into your ear.
YG: "You're so wet and I love to feel it"
Before you're able to say anything, he starts moving and thrusts deeper into you what makes you moan out in passion. His hip is getting faster with every breath, roughly moving back and forth. You start moaning louder and so does he, until you press your lips together and hold yourself a little back.
YG: "Don't"
Yoongi groans into your ear.
"Don't hold it back, baby.. moan as loud as you can. This studio is safe", he whispers in a shaky voice of excitement. His hands slide down your naked skin to your thighs and pull them up. You give into to it and wrap your legs around his body.
As he keeps roughly pounding into you, a strand of his dark brown hair falls into his face and tickles your nose. It's still wet and starts dripping on your face. You take one hand off the table and stroke his hair back when suddenly your body slides to the back, due to Yoongi's power.
YG: "Hey, where do you think you're going?"
He laughs, grabs your hips and pulls you back forward right on the edge of the table, which makes it possible for him to go deeper on you again. He straightens himself up, puts his hands on your waiste and holds tightly onto it as he starts taking out even further with his hip to thrust into you even harder. Everytime he pushes into you, he also pulls you towards his body with his grip on your waiste so that he hits just the perfect spot inside of you. Your body arches itself up in errection and you moan out really loud. Yoongi starts sweating like hell while he keeps going like that. The sweat runs down his face and body before he suddenly slows down and pulls you up to sit. He lays his arms on your shoulders and breaths heavily as he smiles at you.
YG: "Damn, I'm getting so close already"
He laughs and let's his head down on your shoulder aswell. He holds in like that, not moving for like a minute, just breathing deeply to calm his body a little down.
"Me too", you giggle and breath as if you've been running a marathon. He places a soft kiss on your shoulder and lifts his head.
YG: "I'll be able to create a masterpiece after we're done"
You both laugh and he gently starts moving his hips again. He keeps the pace down for now and kisses you in such a passionate way, that you feel like levitating until his tongue starts getting involved the kisses. You let out a low sigh in memory of what his tongue was able to do to you whenever he went down on you. Well, dating a rapper had it's benefits.
YG: "What are you thinking about?"
He stopped moving as he notices your thoughts drifting away since you unconsciously stopped kissing him back. You feel caught, turn away to avoid his glance and blush slightly. Yoongi squinches his eyes and smirks as he saw you blushing over his questions.
YG: "Babe"
He grabs your chin and turns your face back to him. You look at him sheepishly.
YG: "I think I know what it is"
He provokingly licks his lips while you're eyes carefully follow his tongue.
"You're tongue..", you mumble a little embarrassed.
YG: "Oh you mean.."
He smirks and disappears out of your sight as he starts licking your neck. He runs his tongue over your skin, downwards your body. You take a deep, sharp breath when his tongue reached your belly. Out of sudden, he stops, pulls you close to his body and lifts you up. Out of reflex, you immediately wrap your legs around his waiste.
"What're you doing?" you ask a little confused. He doesn't respond but suddenly walks across the room with you in his arms. He steps towards the black leather sofa that's standing on the other side of the studio and gently lays you down on it.
His hands clenched into fists, he props himself up on the leather as he leans over you.
"Giving you what you crave so badly", Yoongi whispers and disappears above you. The next thing you feel is his tongue on your belly slowly sliding down until it gets between your legs.
Y/N: "Yoongi.. "
You put your hand on his head, run your fingers through his still a little wet hair and let out a sigh of enjoyment as he starts licking you down there. He starts off gently and slow, sucks a little here and there and licks gently over your clit. You let a few deep breaths out of your nose, trying not to freak out yet while he didn't even start to put much effort into it. You try your best to hold back but you just can't resist it since he's so good with his tongue. You start moaning but a little self-conscious.
He chuckles amused, seeing you try so hard not to give in and continues going soft and slow to tease you a bit longer.
"You're so mean..", you groan, look down on him and pull his hair to make him look up to you. When he returns your gaze, he laughs and nods slightly before he continues what he started. He grabs your thighs, spreads them a little more and starts going faster.
Yoongi could move his tongue faster than anyone else you've ever known. And if he wanted to, he could take you to heaven just by using his tongue technology.
He finally understood the assignment and kept going faster and faster while your body arches itself up and down. He tightly holds on to your thighs as you're body is starting to get out of control.
"Wait-", you moan heavily but Yoongi keeps going.
Y/N: "BABE - "
Right before you were about to literally explode, he emerges his face out of your legs, quickly slides his body onto yours and pushes his still hard thing into you again. It seems like hearing and seeing you like this turned him on even more.
A loud, lustful moan escapes him as he shoves it deeper into you. He let's his whole body sink onto yours and gets so close to your face, that his lips softly touch yours. He then slides his arms under your arms along your back, places his hands directly under head and grabs it, so that he's completely holding you now.
His body tightly pressed on yours, he starts grinding his hips onto you, back and forth, thrusting faster but softer into you than he did before. You wrap your arms all around his body and grab his head aswell. Holding on to eachother so close with your lips and noses touching, you look intense into his brown cateye shaped orbs that are deeply craving and adoring you.
As he keeps thrusting into you with such a passion, you close your eyes for a moment and groan.
"Please don't stop looking at me", Yoongi whispers in heavy moaning. You immediately obey and open your eyes just to see him smile relieved and still look into your eyes with such a deep glance.
YG: "..even if you feel like floating away.. keep looking at me, please. Don't take your gaze of me. I wanna see it in your eyes when I take you there"
He pulls one of his arms out under your body and the next thing you feel is that he intensively starts rubbing your clit while bouncing his lenght into your cunt faster and faster. His fingers down there match their pace perfectly to his hips. Your moans start getting louder and more ragged with ever thrust until you can't hold it anymore and your body starts shaking underneath him. You do your best not to let your eyes fall back but to keep looking him in the eye as the tension in your body increases. The sound of him slipping in and out of you gets more slippery the wetter and closer you get.
"Inspire me, baby", Yoongi moans in a highly agitated tone as he increases his pace until he can't go faster.
When you finally give into it, your eyeballs slightly roll back and you loudly moan his name as you cum on his thickness. He keeps thrusting deep into you and his lenght starts wildy twitching inside of you.
"Fuck", he groans and watches you closely arching your back up the couch, moaning in such huge pleasure that the combination of you moaning so contentedly and cumming all over his cock, almost leads himself to a climax. Yoongi tries to hold everything inside while his breath becomes extremly ragged. He doesn't slow down at all what makes you immediatly build up tension again right after you just had one of the best orgasm you've ever felt. You start to purposely squeez your cunt to tease Yoongi and get him close to cumming inside of you.
"Fuck, baby", he moans so loud it almost sounds like a beg to stop.
"I want you to cum so hard like you never did before", you whisper into his ear with a low moan.
"I want you to cum right inside of me and fill me up", you go on in a ragged moaning voice.
"Oh damn, baby" he moans in a tone like he couldn't believe your words.
YG: "Are you sure?"
You nod and continue teasing him by squeezing your pussy more and less around his cock. "You feel so fucking good" he moans at you out of breath.
Yoongi keeps slipping his thing in and out so intense, that you feel like your next climax had to be right there any moment.
"Fuck babe, I'm so close again" you say as you scrape your fingers down his back and grip his butt while Yoongi heavily moans his soul out in a deep agitated tone.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck, Yoongi", you yell as he keeps hitting just the perfect spot inside of you. He seems to be way too close aswell to respond. Both of your moans get escalating loud and ragged as you still look at each other. Yoongi never took his glance off your eyes at any time since he's been laying on top of you. He desperately sighs your name as he couldn't hold it back anymore and finally cums right inside of you, in the highest pleasure he's ever felt. You pop off aswell as you feel him filling you up and the two of you cum together full of passion. Going through another intense orgasm under Yoongi's gaze, your legs shake so hard that he grips your thighs and holds on to them to calm them down. Trying to calm your pulse after two so fucking good highs, you close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. "Wow", Yoongi sighs extremly satisfied and burries his face into your shoulder.
You turn your head aside and stare into the studio while you're trying to process everything that just happened. But Yoongi still hasn't fully stopped moving inside of you what suddenly causes a few aftershocks intensly rolling through you.
"Oh damn", you jerky moan into the room as your body arches off the couch in torture and pleasure at the same time.
Yoongi laughs mischievously and pushes his cock a few more times deep into your soaked pussy before he lifts his hip and gently pulls it out.
He lets himself sink back onto your body and places his head next to yours on your shoulder. Still totally out of breath, you wrap your arms tight around Yoongi's body, who's nestled all up on you. You suddenly start to giggle as you remember you kind of distracted him from work.
Y/N: "Shouldn't you use the inspiration I just gave you to produce something?"
YG: "Hold me just a little longer, please" he mumbles and closes his eyes.
You chuckle. The next few minutes go by without either one of you saying a word until you raise your voice again.
"Did you really just fuck me like that?" you laugh in disbelief as you realize this had to be the best sex you've ever had.
Leaning his arms on the leather, he pushes himself up and looks down on you.
"I did", he smirks and jumps off the sofa.
He grabs a pack of tissues and your clothes and softly throws it at you with a satisfied chuckle before walks out of your sight into the bathroom to also slip back into his clothes.
You grab a tissue, carefully wipe off his cum that's dripping out of you down there and put your clothes on. You then lay back down on the couch, totally exhausted. Yoongi steps back into the room, fully clothed and lets out an amused laughter when he sees you laying there as if you've been going through the hardest sport exercises someone could ever make up. He then takes a pillow and a light blanket out of a closet and walks back to you.
He gently lifts your head, puts the pillow under it and then spreads the blanket over you to cover you up. Before he turns around, he places a soft kiss on your forehead.
"Is it okay if I stay here a little longer?", you yawn.
YG: "Stay as long as you want, babe. Take a rest" he smiles and takes a seat at his desk. He puts on some of his super stylish headphones and gets back to work. You peacefully close your eyes and snuggle up into the blanket.
A little while into listening to the sound of mouse clicks and keyboard tapping, you're about to fall asleep when Yoongi suddenly bursts out in laughter.
YG: "What the hell?"
You squint your eyes in confusion and also a little annoyed since you almost fell asleep.
"BABE", he yells in a weird laughter. You refuse to open your eyes but respond with a low "mhm?"
YG: "I guess I have my next hit here..".
He can't stop laughing, plugs his headphones off the computer and starts playing an audio through the studio speakers. A few seconds later, you suddenly tear your eyes open and hardly believe your ears as you recognise the sound of it.
"OH MY GOSH, DELETE THAT" you scream embarrassed as you blush until your face looks like a ripe tomato.
"You could've told me that you wanted to record such kind of tape", he smirks.
It seems like you accidentally pushed the recording button on the keypad while Yoongi and you we're wildly humping on his desk.
"I would've changed something in the setup first", he continues teasing you, "but it still has a very clear sound, no chance I'll just throw this away", he turns around and mischievously grins at you.
You pull the blanket all over your head in embarrassment as the sound of both your loud moans keep blowing through the speakers.
YG: "I'll keep this masterpiece until we created an even better one, hah.."
The next thing you hear is his dirty lustful laugh and a few mouse clicks.
Tumblr media
Author's note:
Hope you liked it! If you did, please leave a like, follow & reblog to help me reach more potential readers! ♡
Feel free to also leave any thoughts on it in the comments! I'd love to receive some feedback since this was only the second time I ever wrote smut but I kinda start to like writing those things and will probably do more soon!
Thank you for reading!!
- Ami Xx
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Time to remind the world of my obsession for this man's hands/arms
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family man | myg
Tumblr media
➙ SUMMARY | Min Yoongi is a family man, there’s no doubt about it. But which family is the question: his crime ring, looking up to their Don? Or you, his wife and kids?
➙ PAIRING | Don!Yoongi x reader
➙ GENRE | The Godfather!AU, 1970s!AU, mafia!AU, angst, smut
➙ RATE | 18+
➙ WC | 6.8k
➙ VOCAB INDEX | these are terms used in old-school New York / within The Godfather in association with the Italian mafia that aren’t as common presently, which I employ in the fic.
Caporegime: a high ranking member of a crime family, usually directly under an Underboss or Don
Cold Coffee: bad luck
Consigliere: an advisor to a crime boss
Don: The head of a crime family
Family: the regular kind, but can also mean a crime ring
Sleeping with the fishes: dead
➙ A/N | PLEASE HEED THE WARNINGS BEFORE YOU READ THIS! this has darker themes than any of my previous fics babes , make sure you're comfortable before you dive in.
Tumblr media
➙ WARNINGS | violence, m*rder, mentions of blood, mentions of a drive-by, explicit gory scenes, mentions of disembodiment, some gory imagery, guns, shooting, descriptions of fear, immorality, misogyny, gender roles, weapons, toxic relationship / marriage dynamics, manipulation, intimidation, fear, gaslighting, he makes her cry, scare tactics, smoking a cigarette, gun play, ring play, face grabbing, manhandling, rough sex, fingering, hickies, slight dumbification, degradation, humiliation, taunting, use of ‘bitch’ & ‘whore’, daddy kink, threat of penetration with a foreign object, primal references, breeding kink
Tumblr media
“IT’S THE NEXT big thing, Don Min. You invest now, and you’ll be reaping millions, just by the end of the month. Trust in the casino business, it’s the most reliable investment—besides brothels of course—” the man paused to titter at his joke, expecting to lighten the Don’s mood. But Yoongi’s face remained stoic as ever, piercing eyes and a head tilt his signature, “your grandchildren’s grandchildren will be set, I’ll tell ya.” 
There was a lull, silence meeting the man’s words. His excited proposition fell onto intimidating ears. Yoongi contemplated the man’s words with a hard-to-read expression. He was infamous for his poker face—the don’s steady demeanor, rarely fazed, was his signature. 
“It seems prosperable.” Yoongi said finally. The man before him physically relaxed, his tense shoulders loosening their iron grip. “What did I do to earn such a thoughtful gesture, Noto?” 
Noto laughed. “Is that a question? You’re my Don, of course. My first thought was to humbly ask for your support in this business endeavor.” He bowed his head, “I am grateful that you find value in my proposal.” 
Yoongi nods, a humorless puff of air leaving his mouth with a polite smile. He picked up the small glass of wine in front of him. “You’re right—and as your Don, I highly appreciate your respect. You know it carries weight with me.” He took a modest sip, slowly. He put his glass down, leaning back in his chair. “So forgive me if I’m a little confused as to why you already have a deal with Don Choi.” 
Noto was visibly frazzled at the confrontation. It was clear he didn’t think Don Min had any knowledge of his disloyalty—going behind his own Don’s back when he was approached by Choi’s people, after serving Don Min so loyally for so many years. Noto only wondered if the Don had any knowledge of the other deal between him and Choi…
The room tensed around Noto, pressure in the air building and pushing against his body. He loosened his necktie, finding oxygen hard to come by. His eyes darted between the caporegimes in the room, hesitantly landing back across the table. “Don Min, forgive me. But you know it’s just business, huh? Come on, you know me.” His intention is friendly, but his undertones panicked. “I’d never do anything to jeopardize your friendship. It was just, ah… bit of smart accounting, that’s all.” 
Yoongi nodded in understanding. “I see.” His hands clasped on the table as he leaned his weight forward. He shrugged. “It’s just business.” Noto nodded, keeping a nervous eye out for the other men in the room. “Of course, Don.” 
“Well, then,” Yoongi stretched his hand out—Noto flinched before he realized the absence of a threat—”count me in.” Yoongi’s expression was polite, with no hint of a smile or inviting gestures, but it was personal in a distinct Yoongi-like manner.
Noto let out a sigh of relief, reaching over vivaciously to shake the Don’s generously offered hand. “Thank you, sir. You won’t regret this, believe me.” 
Yoongi let the man clasp his ringed finger with both of his hands, shaking his appreciation. He nodded benevolently, patting Noto’s head. “I’m sure I won’t.” 
Noto bowed his head again to the Don, taking his cue to depart. He bid farewell to the other men in the room, nodding his head one by one—to Jung Hoseok’s handsomely stern pout, sat at Min Yoongi’s right hand; to Kim Namjoon’s stone cold expression, the Don’s consigliere; and finally to the youngest associate in the room, Jeon Jungkook. The Don’s newest recruit. Noto knew the boy well, having crossed paths with him at the house and the Don’s office, and never missed a chance to haze him. 
He reached over to Jungkook easily—he was sat closest, to Noto’s right—with the full intention of ruffling his respectable hairstyle into one of disarray. But his hand didn’t touch a hair on Jungkook’s head before the shots left Yoongi’s gun, dropping Noto to the floor. 
The body fell with a thud, chairs screeching against the tile floor as the weight pushed them away. Jungkook’s vest had caught a small splatter of blood, but the boy was quick to retrieve a small solution of laundry detergent from his inner pocket, dabbing at the fabric. 
Yoongi passed the gun to Hoseok, retrieving a handkerchief in return. “Shame. He was useful.” He wiped his hands clean, back to prim and proper, as always. “Traitorous bastard,” Namjoon spat. The blood pooled out of Noto’s body as the men all made to stand up. 
Yoongi didn’t spare a single glance down as he stepped over the body with his shiny leather shoes, shoes crisp to the ground as he carried on. “Find out who his contacts were. The proposition was good—he was onto something. And I’ll be damned if I let Choi get a hold of it first.” 
“Sure,” Hoseok was careful not to get any blood on his new, imported suit as he stepped around the body. “But how eager do you think they’ll be to switch? Surely that greasy Choi’s got ‘em under his protection.” 
Yoongi pushed his slicked hair back. “Make ‘em an offer they can’t refuse.” 
Tumblr media
The front door closing shut was followed immediately by two loud screeches and two pairs of small footsteps running to greet him.
“I missed you, papa.” Your daughter’s hands reached up as high as they could go, fingers wiggling to be picked up. His son was crowding his legs, next to his daughter, trying to talk over her. Yoongi scooped her in one fell swoop, but his eyes looked past the kids—and he saw you. 
You were in the kitchen with your apron on—tell-tale signs of the dinner he missed. You were busy with the dishes, but the sound of the door made you look up, spotting your husband for the first time that day. 
He saw the way you dropped your gaze immediately. How you busied yourself, feigning distraction in an effort to fend his eyes off. He could see the pout you wore deepening at his presence, a scowl forming as a result. Aimed at him—your husband who missed dinner. 
“Dad, look what I made,” your son was vying for his attention, eager to show him his paper mache airplane.
Yoongi tore his gaze away, turning his attention back to his children. “Show me how it works, bud…”
Tumblr media
Your drawer door slammed shut. “You’re always sorry, Yoongi. I don’t need your sorries.” Your robe moved as you turned around. “I need you to be here.” 
“I know.” His hands landed on your arms, rubbing comfortingly as he tried to catch your angry gaze at the floor, ducking his head. His sleeves were rolled up, his forearms on display, as he pulled you into his embrace, landing a kiss to the top of your head. Your arms stayed crossed, even as your cheek was pressed to his chest. “I’m sorry, baby. You know I don’t want to, but sometimes life’s some cold coffee. It’s for the prot—” 
“For the protection of the family. I know.” Yoongi was slightly taken aback by how you finished his sentence; even more so when you continued. “‘For the good of the family, for the protection of the family. I do everything for the family.’ I’ve heard it all, Yoongi.” You pulled away from his embrace, uncrossing your arms only to press your palms into his chest, and away. You retreated to the other side of the room, your back turned to him as you sat on the bed.
It wasn’t always like this. There was a time when you and Yoongi hardly went a moment without seeing each other, buzzing with longing if you two were separated. Before the kids, and the big house. Before the long work hours and closed doors. Before the secrets, and his rise to the role of Don. Before his father’s death. 
Yoongi was a different person back then, full of ambition and a hunger for honest-to-god, good living. He was on track to become a lawyer, or a senator. Something respectable. As the youngest of the family, this was never supposed to be his role—the head of the family would’ve always gone to his older brother when the previous Don’s time had passed. The plan was for Yoongi to lead an honest life. 
But he was a family man at heart. Showed up for his family when his brother was gunned down; comforted his grieving mother when his father passed of a heart attack. He stepped up, and assumed his responsibility. But along the way, that hunger and passion turned cold, and pivoted towards a more ruthless and unforgivable way of life. 
Though young when he’d been anointed don, he was smart; cunning. He gained respect and gathered power and influence faster than anyone had ever heard of. He was too good at his job, you always feared. And today, it was just dinner—but it’d build up, higher and higher until you were looking up at the man on a pedestal too high for you to touch. You could feel the Yoongi you once knew slipping away through your fingertips. 
“I saw the paper today.” Your voice was heavy after the lull of silence that had settled over the room. “You did it, didn’t you?” 
“You’re going to have to be more specific, sweetheart.” Yoongi sighed. 
“The newsboy, dead on Broad street. They said he got caught in a crossfire, but I know a drive-by when I see one. I heard Hoseok mention Broad street the other day, and—” you took a deep breath to calm your rising chest. “It was you, wasn’t it.” 
“Haven’t I told you not to ask about my work?” Yoongi’s voice had slipped into warning, a sigh on the tip of his tongue. 
But you didn’t stop. “You gave the order, Yoongi. To kill that boy. I don’t care what your excuse was, he saw something, he heard something. You came home … that night , and put our son to sleep with his blood on your hands, I—” a sob chokes you, your hand flies up to cover your mouth. You don’t want the kids to hear. 
“Stop it.” He crosses the room to you, pulling your hand away from your mouth. A sob breaks through, and he brushes a tear away with his thumb as he caresses your face. “I said stop,” he commanded. And you swallow the next sob—with nothing muffling you, the sounds could easily travel under the door and into your childrens’ rooms.  
Yoongi sighs and shakes his head, as if your reaction was an inconvenience. “I told you not to ask about my work.” His fingers slip away from your face, out of his caress. He sits down next to you purposefully, tilting your tear-stained face towards him. “But just this once. Okay?” 
You swallow, but the lump in your throat doesn’t go away. You’re scared for the whisper to leave your mouth, scared of his answer. But you have to know. “W-was it you?” 
He doesn’t break your eye contact, but his expression is unreadable. You search for any inkling, any hint. But he awards you none—it was his forte. After a few long, excruciating seconds, he answers you in a soft, firm, steady voice. “No.” 
You search his eyes for any other answer, any rogue feeling gone awry. But there isn’t any. You fall into his embrace in relief, unable to prevent your hiccuping cry. 
“Sh,” he pats your head. His voice is soft as he wipes the tears silently falling from your eyes. “Hey now, you’re alright. We’re alright.” He’s hugging you as her sobs shake your body, allowing yourself to be coddled and calmed by him. He was always a rock—a steady sangfroid against an ever volatile world.
“Please stop working so much.” You sniffle, looking up at him. “What’s the point of family if we don’t ever see you.” Your voice is tiny, but he hears. “One dinner. That’s all I want.” 
He looks down at you, his lips shifting into a soft smile. He kisses the top of your forehead. “How’s tomorrow?” 
Tumblr media
The office blinds are open, allowing for a shutter of light to drift in. Lamps are lit around the room, illuminating the presence of the caporegimes and consigliere seated purposefully. 
“The Kangs are one of the oldest families in New York. We should be able to trust them.” Hoseok argued. 
“The way Don Kim was able to trust them?” Namjoon shot back. They all knew what had happened to the Kim family—the old Don was shot in a drive-by by a car notably driven by the Kang family. No one was able to prove it, the oldest son, Seokjin, assuming power soon after. Seokjin had proven to be a strategist, focusing all of his efforts on moving out west and relocating his family to profit from a more authentic enterprise, cutting crime out almost entirely from the family. He’d gotten his revenge in the end, though. In the form of Kang’s youngest son’s head delivered to him on a shiny platter. 
“They wouldn’t dare try anything at a meeting on our ground, not even a piece on ‘em.” Hoseok countered, but Yoongi held his hand up, silencing the room. 
“Namjoon’s right. They can’t be trusted.” Namjoon smirked smugly. “But we can’t outright refuse a meeting. It’s a show of disrespect. We’ll send people to meet ‘em somewhere public, at a restaurant full of civilians and shit. It’s safer.” 
Hoseok nodded, turning to signal another man, who left the room promptly to carry out the don’s instructions. 
Yoongi turned his attention to the next matter, facing Hoseok. “Did you take care of that newsboy problem?” 
“Of course, sir. He’s sleeping with the fishes.” Hoseok confirmed. “I’ve got the package we intercepted safely hidden.” 
Yoongi nodded thoughtfully. “Good. And, hey. Be more careful next time, huh? Yn saw the papers, and heard you mention Broad street. I don’t need her or anyone else asking questions.” 
“He was in a rush to get home that day, sir.” Namjoon had a hint of a smile on his face, much to Hoseok’s chagrin. “His wife was ovulating.” The room broke into soft chuckles, the men’s shoulders shaking silently with laughter. Yoongi rolled his eyes. 
“Regardless,” Hoseok interrupted. “Those damn Amatas never knew what hit ‘em.” 
“Serves them right, pushing our borders like that,” Namjoon riles up. He leans forward, “I mean, what did they think—” 
“It’s bullshit,” Hoseok agreed.” 
“They’ve been eyeing our business for a while now.” Park Jaisang, a senior caporegime to the don, chimed in. “It looks like they want to use their Transport connections to somehow overtake our business by controlling our intake of goods. 
“I’ll tell you what. They can take their transport connections, and shove ‘em up where—” Namjoon was in the middle of making a fist with his hands and pounding it in an obscene manner when Jaisang interrupted. 
“Anyways, we’ll have to push back. Protect our goods without interfering with their business. Otherwise we lose our connection.” 
“Well what if we…” Hoseok started, and the room fell into discussion. Heavy “No fucking way”s and “Forget about it!”s followed almost every proposition. 
Yoongi sat quietly, thinking. The men, running through and out of ideas, turned to their don, asking for his thoughts. Park Jaisang spoke, “There doesn’t seem to be a viable way to go about pushback without losing our transport connection.”
Yoongi was quiet for several moments, his head tilting to the side as he pondered. The room fell silent as his low voice arose. “Then we’ll have to take it over.” 
More silence followed his words. They all look at the don in shock. Jaisang was the one to voice their concerns, “It’s a big operation, Don Min. Bigger than we’ve handled before.” 
Yoongi leans forward in his chair, using his hands as sound actions as he talks, pointing to various sports on the desk as he lists, “With their business, we could control all of New York’s shipments. We wouldn’t have to rely on anyone else.” His voice is calm, deep. As though he wasn’t just outlining a plan to overthrow one of the biggest shipping companies on the East coast. Almost as though he was just discussing the weather. 
“Yes, but we’re not equipped for it.” Namjoon reminded, raising an important point. 
“So. We’re going to get equipped.” His voice was definitive, uninviting to debate. The room fell into another lull as understanding dawned on the men—Yoongi’s plans for the operation were bigger than any of them knew until now. The young Don was hungry, and he had the ambition to chase it. 
“Well, we’d have to start with…” They launched into logistics immediately, taking the boss’ command and running with it, like proper caporegimes. 
Through the discussion, Jeon Jungkook had quietly gained the don’s ear, to his left, “Excuse me, Don. You told me to notify you at 7:00 PM.” 
Yoongi’s eyebrows furrowed. “Why? What’s at 7 PM?” 
Jungkook cleared his throat. “Your family dinner, sir.” 
Fuck. Yoongi glanced up at the grandfather clock in his office. Sure enough, The clock was soon to strike 7, giving him thirty minutes to get back to the house in time to sit down for family dinner. Though, the lively discussion taking place wasn’t about to end soon. They were launching a full-scale operation. It needed time, planning. It needed his full attention. 
You’d have to understand. 
“Thank you, Jeon. Carry on.” 
Tumblr media
The moment he steps into your bedroom, he knows how this is going to go. 
You don’t look at him when he calls out a greeting, eyes pointedly focused on your book. He silently scoffs, shaking his head as he goes to hang his suit jacket up in the closet. A row of neatly folded clothes and freshly pressed shirts greet him—fruits of your labor today. 
“You missed dinner.” Yoongi rolls his eyes. He can probably guess your dialogue word for word. You missed dinner, how could you, you promised, you work too much. He sighs, rolling his sleeves up. He’s in the mood, not after the day he’s had. 
But you go on, as if on cue. “You promised.”
He knows you have a right to be upset, but hadn’t you two had this conversation, at least a hundred times, before? You knew his excuses, as he knew your nags. You knew he was at work, and that he would get caught up sometimes. He was a Don, for chrissake.. 
Women. Only concerned with their dinners and clothes. Throwing a temper tantrum when their husbands get caught up with real business. So busy spending his money you don’t care what it takes to earn it. So busy raising his kids you don’t know what it takes to keep them safe. 
“Now you’re not even going to talk to me?” Your voice drifts through his tired, irritated mind, just begging to be disciplined. The lack of respect you have for him as a wife is jarring. If a husband were to come home, exhausted after a long day, his wife is supposed to first greet him, preferably with food. She’s supposed to let him relax, put the kids to bed, and shut the fuck up while he unwinds, to award him some peace and quiet. 
She isn’t supposed to run her mouth. Like a filthy brat.
“Stop it.” He turned around, his gaze sharp on your thin slip, barely covering you up. “I mean it.” 
“We need to talk—” 
He strides towards the bed, footsteps loud on the wooden floor as makes his way to the dresser next to you, roughly pulling his necktie off with a warning evident in his eyes. “Shut up.” His voice is dangerously low and steady; the calm before the storm. 
You look back at him with your bottom lip threatening to jut out, like a child throwing a tantrum. Your brows are furrowed, your gaze indignant. Several moments pass as you stare at him, contemplating whether or not to open your mouth. You seem to be weighing the consequences. But your grievances win out in the end; you cross your arms over your chest, an attempt to look strong, but it only displays how weak the wall you’d put up was. 
“You parade around like a family man,” you taunt with a precarious voice, “But you’re a fake, Min Yoongi. A poser and a fake.” 
The thread keeping his composure together was thin to begin with, but with your perfectly targeted words, it snaps like a weak twig. He reaches over, easily grabbing your arm. Your eyes widen, darting to his hand, but quickly back to his face—anticipating his next move. 
He leans close, “And you’re the perfect mother? You’re a princess,” he spits, “sitting here at home all day, wearing pretty little dresses and decorating our baby’s room with bows and frills. But you want me to be a family man. You want me to sit at home playing dress up with you?” He grabs your face. “You wanna have quiet family dinners while bullets fly through our window? Because I was at home playing house? Because my wife threw a temper tantrum?” 
The whimper you let out is outside of your control, but it only makes Yoongi’s fingers tighten into your cheeks. “Who’s going to protect you when you’re out spending my money, huh? Who’s going to put a roof over your head, or food in your fridge?” He’s getting closer with each syllable—you can feel the spit flying everywhere, drops hitting your skin. He’s a breadth away from your lips when he says, “Who’s going to fuck those babies into you, the ones you wanted so badly?” His eyes are dark as he tilts his head, trailing his breath up your jawline. “Who’s going to pump you full of their cum, impregnate you like the bitch you are?” Blood is pounding in your ears, your breathing uneven as you try to hold perfectly still. 
He pushes you away, the force making you fall back into the bed. Your heart is racing, beating loudly from the intimate moment he just broke. Straightening up, he looks at your pitiful figure, “The disrespect you show me, when I’m all that stands between you and a bullet in your head.” He tsks, looking down disappointedly. “You have no idea what it takes. But I’m about to teach you, sweetheart.” 
He grabs your hand without looking at you, making your book fall from your lap as he pulls you off of the bed to follow him. Your breath is caught in your throat as you follow behind the man, weaving you through the house, and out the kitchen door into the backyard. You don’t realize your destination until he tugs you into the stand-alone garage, and locks the door behind you. 
He leaves you standing there, taking lazy steps around, as he lights his cigarette. The silence is eerie as he puffs, tucking his hand into his pocket and turning around to face you. He looks you up and down, standing meekly at the entrance with only your slip gown. He was in almost his full suit,  suspenders and all—he’d only gotten as far as taking off his jacket before…
He ends the staring contest with your body, leaning back against the garage wall nonchalantly. “Pick it up.” He nods over at the gun laying on the table in front of you. You take one look at the intimidating thing, and back up, where a target lay ahead of you—what the men used for practice—and your head whips back to him. 
“Pick it up.” He repeats, calm as ever, inhaling more smoke. Though his tone wasn’t turbulent, it awarded you with no room to argue—he isn’t going to ask again. 
Hesitantly, you reach a shaky hand out, feeling the cool metal under your touch as your hand wrapped around the gun. You’re sure you’re holding it wrong when you lift it up, surprised at the weight—it’s heavier than it looks. You turn it over in your hand, examining it up close. There was always a distance between you and guns, whether it was in someone else’s hand, or laying around in a room you never entered. This was the first time you had a good look at the deadly weapon. It wasn’t as scary up close. 
You feel Yoongi’s presence behind you before you hear it, his hand wrapping over yours. You look back, startled. “Put your finger here–like that—” he instructs, guiding your hands over the unfamiliar object. It’s slightly difficult when your body’s quivering, unaware of why he’s teaching you how to hold a gun. 
“Good.” He praises once you get a good hold. He reaches over you, his body pressing into your back, enveloping you entirely, to retrieve the bullets out of a drawer. And a second gun. 
“This is how you load ‘em.” His fingers work quickly, the gun clicking in the fearful silence you’re standing in. Once the barrel closes shut, he shows it to you. Leaning into your ear, over your shoulder, he nods at the gun in your hand, “Don’t worry, yours is already loaded.” 
You almost drop the gun in fright, your hand suddenly running cold. It suddenly feels as though the hand holding the gun didn’t belong to you, like its master was extracorporeal, simply attached to your body. But it wasn’t an alien presence—it was just Yoongi, holding the strings like a puppet master. 
“Stand here,” he grips your shoulders, moving you roughly to stand further back, directly in front of the makeshift target. His fingers run down your dominant arm, sending a warm sensation through your body. Once he reaches your wrist, he guides it upwards, making you point the barrel of the gun at the target. “Put your finger on the trigger.” 
Your heart starts beating rapidly in your chest, and you start to shake. He isn’t really going to make you go through with this? “Yoongi—” 
He doesn’t have patience, cutting off your sentence with an exasperated sigh and moving your finger over the trigger himself. “Fucks sake.” Tears well up in your eyes as your breathing is irregulated.
“Now, you wanted me to come home, so you have to protect the family.” His voice is low, his mouth pressed to your ear. “Shoot.” 
Your hand is shaking way too much, you have to support it with your other hand, grabbing it by the wrist. You shake your head, “Yoongi, I can’t—”
 “You can demand shit from me but you can’t pull a trigger?” He scoffs, holding you tightly at the waist to make sure you can't move away. Your eyes are teary when you shake your head, and he tsks. “Maybe you need a little motivation.” 
You hear the clicking of the gun behind you before you can register the feel of the cold metal pressed to your temple. On the other end of Yoongi’s hand is the barrel of his gun, pressing into you with a threatening force. His voice is steady as rock when he breathes, “Shoot.” 
Fear pierces through your heart, and your breath stops. Your tears break through the dam, running down your face as you silently weep. You’re afraid to make a sound, unsure of what’ll set off the precarious trap. You choke back sobs as you silently plead to Yoongi, hoping he’ll somehow understand. No such luck.
“Either you shoot, or I shoot.” Yoongi delineates. You chance a look at him, your eyes darting to his face—he’s stone cold. Not a hint of warmth to reassure you. You’ve seen this Yoongi before—the ruthless don who made difficult decisions. But you never thought you’d be on the other end of his gun. 
You wanted to believe your husband was a good man—that he’d never even consider blowing a hole through his wife, leaving his children motherless. You wanted to believe that he was a family man at heart, and that the softness you once saw in him was still alive. But deep down, you’d long accepted that the man you’d agreed to marry was gone. You didn’t know what this man was truly capable of. 
Maybe it’d never be a bullet in your head, but this was a test regardless—an allegory. Adrenaline shoots through your heart as you promise to yourself repeatedly that you’d never disobey him again. And you couldn’t now, either. 
You shut your eyes tightly as your hands tremble, but you tighten them further around the gun, lest you cause an accident with your unsteadiness. You send a small prayer up to the heavens before finding the trigger with your index finger. A sob breaks out of your chest, and the bullet leaves the gun in the time it took for a single tear drop to leave your ducts. 
The loud unexpected sound startles you, and amplifies this moment, the kickback even worse. You drop the gun immediately, not at all concerned about where the bullet landed on the target. You turn around to find refuge, sobbing as you throw yourself into Yoongi’s chest. Your whole body shakes as you grasp his shirt tightly with your fists, looking for something to hold you up before you collapse to your knees. 
“I can’t, Yoongi. I’m sorry,” you blubber, “I’m so sorry, please don’t make me do that again. I’m sorry—” 
Yoongi’s hand strokes your head as he shushes you. “Hey, it’s okay. Sh, baby, you don’t have to do it again.” He holds you close, safe. You nod as your shaking body winds down to a quiver, clutching Yoongi like a lifeline. He tilts your head up and makes your tear-stained face look at him, and the cold, soulless eyes you’d seen before were replaced with a soft look. He wiped your tear away with his thumb, and you leaned your cheek into his hand, a calming feeling meeting your veins for the first time that night. 
Until, “But you still disrespected me, didn’t you?”
You look at him with wide, teary eyes, wondering what fate would befall you next. You nod meekly. 
“What kind of husband would I be if I let that behavior fly, hm?” You want to point that he didn’t let it fly, that the reasons for your tears right now had to do with him not letting you get away with it. But you keep your mouth shut. 
His hand trails down your night slip, taunting the thin fabric. You let out a gasp when he reaches your core, a criminal smirk ghosting onto his lips. You feel his fingers pressing into you through the fabric, the indent of his rings making it clear. “You deserve to be punished, right?” 
You nod again without much thought, bowing your head. He has a right to punish you, you’d spoken much too boldly. A mistake you now have to pay for. 
“That’s what I fucking thought.” 
You suddenly find yourself clutching to his bicep for dear life as he pushes you backwards, towards the table in the center of the garage. Hoisting you up, he’s quick to tug your nightgown up roughly, surely ripping some of the seams. His tongue peeks out at the sight of your panties, running over his lips salaciously. “Whatcha put all the bows and frills on for? For me?” His hand runs up your thigh, and he leans closer over you. “Wanted to surprise your husband?” 
You gulp with a weak nod, now feeling pathetic about your earlier excitement. “So you do have a semblance of what it means to be a wife.” His fingers explore your garment, finding a protruding wetness seeping through. You burn in shame as his fingers press into you through the fabric, shutting your eyes at the squishing sound beneath his hand. 
“Your body knows it belongs to me, huh?” He drawls, pushing his tongue into his cheek.You can’t handle the eye contact, looking away in humiliation. He takes your exposed neck as an opportunity, hungrily leaning in to take a bite. 
You whimper as his teeth sink into your skin, his breaths loud in your ear as sloppily tongues your neck. You start to squirm with the sensations running through your veins, but he holds you still. He’s engulfing you with his body, hands pinned to either side of you, leaving you trapped underneath him. Like a hunter, who’s ensnared his prey and begins to feast. 
A tearing sound breaks through the room, the scraps of your panties throw over Yoongi’s shoulder as the culprit. He doesn’t pay any attention to your surprised face, just takes advantage of the new exposure and immediately cups your heat. His fingers run over your folds, like he was feeling them out—like you were his property, and he was doing a routine check. But there was nothing routine about the way he started rubbing fervently, his rings dragging across your folds. 
Your legs started to shake in anticipation as he explored, teasing your clit and your opening. When he finally sunk his fingers in, it was embarrassingly easy—something Yoongi didn’t fail to notice. “Look at how you suck me in,” he taunts with a pretty smile, the devil behind it. “I own you.” 
You cry out as the ridges of his rings nudge against your entrance. It doesn’t deter Yoongi, fully pushing them in and filling you to the brim. The metal feels cool against your hot walls, and you can’t stop kicking your legs. 
“Quit it.” Yoongi huffs, snatching your legs up in one fell swoop and pushing you down on your back. He holds your legs to his chest with one hand as the other pumps your cunt, your slick making it an easy glide. “Fucking brat.”
Your legs are quivering in his grasp, but he doesn’t let up. His iron grip is strong as his fingers move quickly in and out of your cunt. Your squishy walls are unaccustomed as the protruding rings penetrate you in invasive ways. You know one of them has his family emblem engraved into the metal—it’s like he’s branding you on the inside, too. A stamp to make sure you belonged to Don Min. 
His thrusts are ruthless, two fingers opening you up. You constrict around him, can’t help the way the metal makes you feel. You feel your end approaching quickly, not sure how much more of this stimulation you can take. “Yoongi, please, I-I’m—” 
He must’ve guessed the end of your sentence because he immediately pulls his fingers out, ignoring your cries as he wipes the essence on your slip with a sneer, soiling your clothes. He doesn’t have a care in the world about how hard you’re going to have to scrub tomorrow to wash it out. It’s not his problem. 
“This bratty shit, it never ends.” He scoffs, pushing your legs away from him aggressively. “Entitled as fuck.” You open your mouth, desperate to wail ‘no, i can be good! I promise!’, but he interrupts you first. 
“First it was the disrespect, and now this.” He shakes his head, his hands falling to something behind you. “You need to start taking me more seriously.” 
You don’t know how to tell him you do respect him, you already take the dangerous man seriously. You want to vouch for yourself, beg for him to see how good of a wife you were. Good and quiet, you can do that. But once you see what he’s retrieved in his hand, you’re shut silent. 
“See, baby, my job is very dangerous.” He moves the loaded gun, nudging your knees open with it. You see it all in slow motion as he moves towards your center. “More than I think you understand.” You choke back a gasp as you feel the barrel brush against your folds, afraid to take a breath. 
“Because I’d do anything to protect you. Because I love you,” he’s leaning in, his voice hushed with a hard edge as he brushes his lips against your ear. “But you can’t even appreciate that.” Your breath is shaky as he moves your head to look at him. “Can you?” You can’t focus on his words, too busy fearing for your life as the cold metal is pressed against you. You feel your entrance clenching tightly, preparing for the penetration. But it never comes. 
You nod, answering his question. “I respect you, Yoongi. I’m sorry.” You hold on to those words like a lifeline, hoping they’re the right ones. Several moments pass as Yoongi lets you marinate in the tense moment, unsure of where your fate lies. But he gives you a small nod of affirmation, disengaging the gun and throwing it to the side. You let out a big sigh of relief, dizzy with anticipation. 
Yoongi rolls his sleeves up, evidently not done with teaching you a lesson. “Who am I, baby?” His use of a pet name is laced with irony as he roughly tugged you closer by your legs. The jingle of his belt and zipper filled the room as Yoongi dropped his pants, wrapping your legs around his waist, his endgame evident. 
“My don,” you whisper, eyes avoiding his, and instead glued to the intimidating girth he’d just pulled out. His ringed hand wraps around it, pumping himself a few times, clearly satisfied with your answer. He is your don first. 
He nudges your entrance, “And what else am I?” 
You don’t have the chance to respond as he pushes in, crying out with the stretch of his cock. The rings are one thing—a new sensation. But nothing can top the feeling of Yoogi’s dick breaking you in two. 
His hand wraps around your face, pushing your mouth open with two fingers as he repeats himself. “What am I, sweetheart?”
“Daddy!” You cry, shaking as he impales you. He leans in close as he bottoms out, licking a stripe up your chin to find your mouth. He spits a glob of saliva into your open and awaiting hole, relishing in the way you swallow it down immediately, sticking your tongue out to show him it was all gone. 
“That’s right, I’m daddy.” He growls, picking up the pace. He holds you steady as he wreaks havoc on your battered cunt, making you take it. “I’m your family man. I’m daddy. Don’t forget it.” 
You give a weak nod, the best you can do in your state. Your hole is trying to adjust to the feeling of his cock after the cold sensations it was previously exposed to. But the way he ruthlessly moves his hips, slapping into you with each thrust, makes it more difficult. The power imbalance was clear, seeping in from your life. 
“Gonna fuck a baby into you,” he pants, driving his hips into yours, penetrating deeply. “It’s all you’re good for.” The way you tightly clench around him is outside of your control, and so is the moan you let out. There’s nothing more you want in life than to carry his children. 
“P-Please, daddy.” You beg, grasping at his shirt, hoping your need comes across. He reads your desperation like a book, feels how you pull him closer with your legs wrapped around his waist. 
“Yeah? Wanna carry my kids?” He quickens his pace and you know he’s close. What you don’t know is that he’s been edging himself the entire time, waiting for the moment he’d be able to empty his balls into your cunt. “Want me to fuck you stupid and get you pregnant again?” 
“Please, please,” you chant, dying to feel his seed fill you up. “I want your babies, Don Min. Please.” 
“Fuck, you’re a perfect little whore.” He kisses you roughly as he nears his end, rutting into you inhumanly as he builds himself up to his climax. It’s all tongue and teeth, your body jostling, as he claims your mouth as his. He stakes his claim in your pussy next, filling your womb to the brim with his cum as he reaches his peak. He lets out an animalistic grunt as he empties himself, lazily rutting and working himself through it. 
His head is thrown back and he looks like a god, damp hair sticking to his forehead, eyes shut, mouth open. The light behind him gives him a halo, topping the picturesque moment that you’d store away in your brain forever. 
He pulls himself out after riding his peak, pushing his hair back and pulling his pants up promptly, re-buckling his belt. He turns around, pulling a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and lighting it, letting out a puff to the side, giving you a view of his side profile. He tucks the cigarettes back in his pocket, and without a second glance back, strides towards the door, walks out, and lets it close behind him. 
Left sitting on the table, his cum leaking out of you, you see the ruthless Don clearly now.
You now know that the newsboy had died by his hand.
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D-2 POSTERS | 2 yrs with d-2! | doolsetbangtan | ig ; twt
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365 DAYS OF BANGTAN  ♡  DAY 44/365 ↳  대취타 — AGUST D (2020)
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